The Year I Broke

I used to think that I was invincible

Until the day I lost all of my principles

I always thought that my dad was my hero

Until the day I saw him hit ground zero

My dad broke me until I hit the ground

Nothing could heal me, nothing but a sound


I heard the laughter, that he had exchanged secretly

Hoping that no one heard, but secretly hoping that they did

I never knew someone who had loved so deeply

Ruin everything they had built, with the loss of temptation


His love affair broke me, showed me how not to love

His actions taught me that I cannot trust anyone, unless they're above

I stooped so low, that I could not bare to survive

I wanted to do nothing, including not being alive


Twenty sixteen was the year I could not wait to leave

I was blessed with good things, except when my dad decided to over-achieve

He did not over-achieve in anything but sex

Believe it or not, the rest just became a huge mess


I am not able to be happy in the relationship I am in

All thanks to the person I thought to be my best friend



This poem is about: 
My family


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