Year In A Life

Last year was a big one for me,

I turned 18, finally hit maturity.

Voted in my first election, a pinnacle of imperfection.

I wanted a different outcome, but I was disappointed.

I felt my voice was pointless, my feelings became poignant,

I was unsure of what I was supposed to think.

But I wrote my own script, a dumb and funny flick,

I go to college for this stuff, I mean, who'd of thought of it?

A kid from Arizona, wanted to become a cool, big actor?

There were so many different factors that kept me from going on,

The fact that I wasn't rich, or talented, or so I thought.

But my thoughts turned into hopes, and my hopes turned into reality,

When Chapman called me up and said I could come,

In actuality I thought that they were kidding, a misfit finally winning?

But now I go to school for acting, no more giving

Up on my dreams, I wrote this script, here it is!

I'm starring in it, a director, look at this kid!

The thought that I'd succeed, something that'd never cross my mind.

But now I'm at Chapman, everything is falling into line.

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