A yearn for liberation and tranquilization

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 04:17 -- pixxxie

Why do I write?

It is my truest voice

Why must I write?

I have no choice

It is My vice 

My crutch

My calling

I have to write 

It's my way of coping.

You hear me now, 

I am now the voice

Inside your head

Would you listen as well

If I spoke instead?

The perception of myself you have of me

Comes from your own insecurity.

But these words from me are not what you see

They to me are what it means to break free.

The key to the lock of the caged bird inside me

I write words to be sung

To ring in your ear

I express my inner voice

Unknowing and in fear

They have been trapped in my depths

Screaming high and low

Happier now,

At ease and with a tear

Filling the void 

Writing makes it all clear.


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