The Yellow Rocking Chair

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 17:40 -- naomi98


Children had hidden their identities for the night. The young adults had a reason to soak in vain. "I dont like getting free candy." said the boy who stayed home that night. The boy so bored with life... He sat in a yellow rocking chair facing a beige wall contemplating the meaning of life just to pass the time

And just when he thought he had solved the question that puzzles many... He gets distracted by a small blemish on the wall, a little dent in the perfect surface. The gears in his mind had turned to the thought- Why must there be imperfections? Why can't everything be perfect and uniform and

And happy.

For several months he sat in the chair, his eyes staring but never looking.

He contemplated this aching thought as his finger moved slowly across the black surface, in a sense speeding up his encounter with a particular friend he had not met yet. His finger examined every edge and curve. He was reminded of the struggle and great lengths he had went throught to obtain this heavy piece of metal. He breathed heavily as he brought it up to his head. In a flash of courage and desperation he pulled the trigger back. 

He was happy to finally see the image of his friend, nothing like he imagined. He greeted this new friend with a smile, " I've been wanting to see you for far too long."

His friend, not capable of expressions, motioned the boy inside his long black cloak. 

This boy finally found his happiness, which to him could only be achieved by darkness. But with his profound joy he left the ones he loved a feeling of emptiness as the yellow chair stopped rocking.

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