Yet They Say

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 22:49 -- mazabm

Yet They Say

Maya McCollum


I am a revolutionary

Jesus was a revolutionary

and yet they say we do not riot

There was a man who once said

“The revolution will not be televised”

And I heard that and I knew that there is so much in this world

That can be changed

Be made anew

I’ve learned some systems are built flawed

A fraud of justice

There is no fixing them

there is only breaking down



I am a teenage girl

Joan of Arc was a teenage girl

And yet they say we cannot be saints

I do not mean a martyr

No sometimes those who die do not die for something

they are murdered

they breathe their last

but their memory should still be honored

they can be saints

I want to be remembered

Its my dream

saintified in my own light

on top of my stage



I am a bisexual

Alexander Hamilton was a bisexual

And yet they say that we are a flaw

there is something so damaging

growing up in a society

where i can not say who i am

without people claiming i am invalid and invisible

love is love and sex is sex

and I am who I say I am

And no one can tell me I do not exist any longer

I am a human being

I am a human being


I am a black woman

Maya Angelou was a black woman

and yet they say that we do not belong

They once said that being one of us was a double negative

for being two minorities

does not make you anymore liked

they just have another reason to hate you

but I have learned to stand tall

and spit strong like my namesake

Ain't I a woman

Like the truth i speak

I am


I am a hero

A future revolutionary, saint

And yet I say that there is still so much I am

So much that I could be

So much to do

So much that I would need forever and a day

To tell the world the truth that I am

a minority

a woman

a black

a bisexual

but I am so much more

I am a revolutionary

I am a saint

I am a hero

And yet they say

yet they say


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