You Are The Gun

There’s a beauty in loving you knowing you’ll never see me

It’s like a cancer to my heart

Its killing me but you’re my drug

Knowing you’re happy is all I need to get me through

I see you and it’s like I’m in a quiet tranquil place where my heart is happy

Your smile lets me know that your life is good

Your laugh tells me there’s joy

Your eyes show me the promise your life has and the hope you have for life

I watch from my window the boy I love longing for you to see me the same

But it’s like loving the gun housing the bullet that will kill you in the end

You are the gun and my heart is the bullet

You send it off but it’s the bullet that will initially kill me

And that’s the beauty, right

Loving something that will eventually kill you

But knowing there’s no one else you’d rather love


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