You Are What I Would Change

English was never my best subject

(Although I'm very good at it)

So writing this poem is a little tough

But you asked me what I would change

And my answer would be as such:


I would subtract less writing ability scholarships

And add more ones regarding math

Because give me some problems

And I will quickly be able to solve them


Things like writing essays and poems

Get me stuck and confused

Sitting for days trying to find some inspiration

When I could just be solving a linear equation


Abilities do not just stem from you're ability to write

Math is, also, in your everyday life

So why is it okay to judge a person's ability

With how much fluff they can make up and put into an essay

When you can give them something like

2 x 3 + 2

And it's plain, simple, and easy to do


Hopefully you don't take this poem to harshly

Because I hope that this scholarship is awarded to me

But, you did ask me what would I change

And, well, I'd change scholarships like you 


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