You Never Stopped Giving


You gave me love

and that was enough

yet you continued to give me smiles

loads, miles, even piles

My words, you enlightened to make me whole

everlasting shine that filled a bottomless hole

When I had no friends to lend me a hand

and I was engulfed by sadness that no one could understand

My heart was cold and dry

but you inspired it to thrive and not cry

You gave me your warm shoulder

thus no longer would I get colder

You allowed me to put my words on paper

and made talking to girls much safer


The years have come and gone

and at my side I have the the woman whose heart I won

My true love you helped me gain

I never look back towards all that pain and heavy rain

I see my future through the dark curtain

but alas it always remains uncertain

But I dream of reaching my goal

of mending my love's soul

Perhaps you'll do the same to her as you did to me

and allow her heart to ease and see

See that life is wonderful and not full of pain

but happiness that is to gain


May you keep on inspiring

and keep the flames from expiring.

I thank thee


The End







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