You Won't Torture Me

You aren’t ready to hear what I have to say

But I wasn’t ready to find out, so I’ll tell you anyway.

The past decade has done nothing but brainwash my heart and my soul

I did nothing but what I was told

But I’m older now, I know more and have seen it all

Go ahead and build your walls but don’t look at me crazy when I make them fall.

I’m not insane, I’m not a bad person like you said I was

You don’t have the experience nor the right to judge what a person says or does

It isn’t me who’s bad

It’s you that’s sad

Telling me lies about myself while boosting your own ego

You planned a pretty picnic, but are you ready for my weather though?

I used to seek nothing but your approval

Preaching about stacks when you out here living frugal.

I don’t need your advice, I need to listen to myself

Then maybe I can find a way out of Hell

I know my worth and I know my mind

I’ve had a steady diet of fresh lies since I was nine

You will not continue to bash my father and lie to me.

You will not help shape the person I will be.

I’m proud of myself and that’s all I care about

I can’t wait to see how I’ll turn out.

I saw the world through foggy glasses and blind eyes

But I’ve wiped off my lenses. Now who’s surprised?

I’m not intimidated by you.

I see the lie in everything you do.

You can break apart my family, you can take away my things

But never will you take away my newly spread wings.

You lowered my own self-esteem to make yourself look immaculate

You talk out of the side of your neck, but I never see you backing it.

You aren’t big or bad, you aren’t confident; you’re mad.

You want to ruin my life and take away everything I had

But I won’t let you, I won’t give you that power

I wouldn’t waste my last breath on you if it were my final hour.

I owe you nothing, you gave me nothing, never cared nor called.

For the last ten years I’ve wanted nothing to do with you at all.

You can say whatever you like about me or my lifestyle

But over my dead body will you treat my mother in a way that’s demeaning or vile.

My family has done nothing to you, if anything you’re the stranger

Because you put me in a situation in which my life was in danger.

You lie about what you do to other people and try to sound wise

“Oh, I’m perfect, my record’s immaculate, I’m clean” you tell them more lies

But I know better than to believe all that brainwashing you do.

Keeping up this act must be impossible for you.

Don’t act surprised when one day I just leave

Because you will not torture my family, and you won’t torture me.

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My family
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