Young Love

They say the good die young, and I believe that's true.

Ever since you passed away my sky is never blue.

Always reminiscing of the times that we had,

All of them were good not one of them was bad.

You're the one that kept it 400 and never let me down.

Always kept me feeling loved and never did I frown.

I wish that you were here on Earth with me,

Cause boy I would've treated you like royalty.

Spending our nights always talking on the phone.

Why did I keep you so long in the friend zone?

I can still hear your voice in my head

Telling me how much love you had for the color red.

No matter what happened I was always by your side

Ha I guess we can say we were the modern Bonnie and Cylde.

January 16 you became an angel,

but now you're always by my side keeping me away from battle.



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