Your Vows to Me

This is a warning.
When I love you too much
The things I will say
Will express the opposite.I am positively insane.
When I seem to be neurotic,
It is because I am.
When I go into manic,
I mean to say:You are the love of my life.
You are the reason I write.
You are my inspiration and muse.
You are all I want
And everything I need.
If I push you away,
It is because I’m afraid.
I’m afraid that you will never love me
The way I love you.I will not offer you my heart
For it is not mine to give out.
I refuse to take yours
For stealing is a crime.
But since I am in love with you
And you with me,
We are just like Bonnie and Clyde.Our love may not shield us from bullets
But I am ready to die if it means
Taking my last breath with you.You mean more to me
Than the stars in the sky
Because the twinkle in your eyes
Is even brighter.
I change my mind.
I do not love you
For that is too simple.
To put my love for you in words
Would be like describing the rainbow
To a blind man:
Impossible.You are not beautiful.
You are the definition of beauty.
Your smile shines on the darkest parts
Of my hollowed out chestYou are my love.
You are indescribable
Therefore, my love for you cannot be defined.