Zig Zag

Do you feel like a zig zag?

All zipped up in these leather jackets lined with fleece…

Containing all the warmth of a living human

How does one, all zipped up, unleash the warmth unto others?

Oh, it’s ordinary to be bundled up through snow and wind

Rather than be stranded in the barren loneliness, unzipped.

Unzipped, giving your brash warmness to be used and carried by all those passing through the shivering, shattering teeth inside your dry mouth containing protest lined gums.

Frozen, in time, we’re all wearing jeans that harness our thighs in cold surprise to the fright of growing up.

Maybe it’s time to seize ourselves in a moment of unnatural bliss, and move toward motivation in hesitation.

All these dreams that never really filled out but were formed. The application desired but never sought. That guitar that once was bought for me still sits in its’ case unloved. Dust gathers around abandoned projects and the ambitions die hard.

Involvement in the group, and the madness tingles worse than shingles provided by the latent chickenpox diseased attention-seeking mind. The chills creep and creak into the wooden panels on the floor and the stains from water circles cannot remedy the schizophrenic mess of a broken portrait looking for anywhere and anyone to release the voices. Onlooker, defined under: me, helps until wilting into a sea of depression and incapability to solve the severity of all the sadness that I see.

Winter comes and the tint of summer sunglasses becomes the view of the sky. Dark and skewed, I’m waiting for that bus to take me anywhere.

Naturally stained, how do we get by when the jackets cling?

Addicted to being conservatively liberal, containing reservations in fear of judgment….

Under it all, the tears fall at the smell of peppermint. 

That CD placed in your car radio erases what they’ve done.

The windows can’t be put down but your heat radiates all within the car to those who you carry with you on this travel we go through on the highways leading to ‘career’ and ‘social life’ and ‘status’. 

Closing eyes, unzipped from the collarbone to the heart. 

Ready to start again.


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