Poems from Bailey Reynolds

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Hey I'm Bailey and my poems are about my life,the world ,and I want to use my poetry to engrave into your brains a different way of thinking,and I want hopefully I will become someone's hero.
I was Jack the Ripper a mile back until I evolved from a squrtal to a zyocath
Like loki used to say we can be connected through one of any other way
I dabbled in a little vedu and selatro look up at the sky and pull out my sickest Moto it goes like sorry trump my country is occupado.
All white police state stuck in my dreamscape there's no the escape from the reaper who hunts me down to take my pain away as the Valkyrie...
Sitting taking a dump smiling and its got me feeling like I'm somewhere on a island playing hanky ball easy wipes will have you singing all...