Poems from kearstin___

hello, my name is kearstin - also credited as k.g.w. or kgwpoetry. i have a lot of feelings and most of those feelings are turned into poetry. i hope you enjoy my work and i am able to inspire you in one way or another. please credit me if you use my work with the hashtag #kgwpoetry on any social media. critiques and comments are welcomed and appreciated greatly. ~currently in the process of cleaning out a bunch of old, not so great poems.~
Broken people  Are your specialty. That is why  You loved me. I was your project For a short time. Until you fixed me to the point  Where...
Her eyes were made of constellations, Her hair the Milky Way. Her skin lit by the moons glow,  Her words the galaxies edge. 
Are you missing, Or did you want to go? An adventurous spirit, Or a lost soul?
Whisper secrets to me That will make my walls fall And my shy soul melt with confidence. Tell me the truths I’ve wanted to hear all along,...
Your fingerprints are stained  On my worn heart. No matter how hard I try, I can never truly be rid of you.