What is Imagery Poetry?

Imagery is the process of using vivid, descriptive words to give the reader a detailed picture of what is going on in your writing so that they can easily picture, or visualize, it in their own mind.


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I really miss my mom, and I never see my dad; he's either workin' or too busy- can't do nothin' 'bout that. I'm just so used to it; pulling through this. Dad argues, Mom defends, everday, like it's planned;
Splashing, dashing, swimming, the swaying, cool breeze, warm sand under my feet, people laughing, clusters of seagulls everywhere, waves, and a glittering against the water.  
I hear a thumping sound beating out of my chest  Unsure if it’s the music in the distance or an adrenaline rush  Feels like an eternity waiting for my wristband to get scanned
A night with a shining moon Surrounded by stars all around When there was silence and everyone was sleeping No noise or any kind of whispering Suddenly a voice, I heard I was astonished and totally feared
We take showers in the morning to wash away The dirt from yesterday’s sin The water a transparent veil  Dismisses the impurity within
Before the day even begins, I am desperate to escape to the other side of my front door I stumble to put on my shoes, fumble around for my favorite jacket
Sitting in a sheltered home 
The taste of saltiness spreading through my mouth My eyes wandering around I am speechless Something is burning inside of me The white landscape  is all I could see Tiny soft white flowers
A truck sails along the road,           insignificant existence. Past the corn and barley,
You were happy when I climbed on your lap. All soft sounds and soft hands and a cheerful, bubbly voice Nudging my toddling figure away from the patio’s edge.
the mingled stench of green seaweed and salty waves  cascades the nostrils of the adolescent girl.
The Weak And Caring Queen  Whose queen is that? I think I know.Its owner is quite sad though.It really is a tale of woe,I watch her frown. I cry hello.
To walk with no shoes on thick cold ice, It's the feeling of been stabbed over ten thousand times. What were to happen if you were to slip through, to see into into the abyss.
What is your inspiration? She's always there when I need her to be. Even though we have disagreements from all the frustration. I know she always care and that one day she will be my key.  
I was lost in the silent world A graceful sound came to me Through one's beautiful performance Touched my heart deeply I am in a melodious world I am like the shining sun
Everything has already been said about love.  Even this. I know, but it’s true.  Who am I but a lovestruck child finding my place in a world that is real?
“Hi I’m Gisselle! What’s your name?” “I’m izzy!” “I think you’re really pretty can I have your number?”   The first interaction with the girl of my dreams. You saw me through the sea of rainbow flags, 
humans, in fact, were not made to be "poetry" or at least not in the way you think about it i didn't understand the difference between a heartbeat and a sunrise until you pointed it out to me
humans, in fact, were not made to be "poetry" or at least not in the way you think about it i didn't understand the difference between a heartbeat and a sunrise until you pointed it out to me
I strive to know more.  The Future is a dark abyss. The unknown motivates. 
The human race is very upsetting. The gallons of blood, sweat, and tears must stop. People make mistakes they start regretting. Humans take everything over the top.   Wars against ourselves are pessimistic.
Sometimes, I see it in their eyes. Their irises are green, like a spring day And their pupils black, like a midnight sky.   When they are awake, Their irises are the color of green grass,
For years, his love grew in me as a lily In the wild, Making my heart sublime and mind focused on what solely was mine
I let you in. Now, I'm vulnerable. Standing up to you is so hard. 
I see kindness and love. Then, I see black, pitch black darkness. 
2 months ago We fell asleep talking to each other And today I don’t even know how to say hello to you.
Is it a lynching? Is your body hanging like low, strange fruit Is your family strange fruit with you too On that tree, is there fallen leaves? Can you breathe?
My canvas is stained with memories  Ink seeping from its white sheets like blood Pooling into puddles of thoughts, feelings, expressions The red rage that builds up inside me
Speak For those who cannot. For those afraid of what will happen next. So they hide in their closets with their siblings, telling them, “Do not speak.” As dad hits the walls,
Somber and silent. That's how she liked it. That's how I had to be. My mouth was closed.  Her smile was wide  she said "come follow me" The sky had darkened The lights had faded 
Today I faced a problem, a growing,      moving,           suffocating realization,  that stopped me in my tracks. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself.
It feels good to have Our Ancestors watching over Us. We have Our own land, Treaty, Constitution & By-Laws, and many more historical documents because of Our Elder's timeless progressive thinking. I love the People of Warm Springs.
There are moments in My day when I know We're both thinking of each other, connecting Us on Our private frequency. Our Spirits intertwine & it electrifies Me to the core. You invade My thoughts, taking My heart 💓 hostage, captivating My soul.
Ptah, that’s my name, I’m the grandest of the rappers and I got a big game.   Once, I made things just by speaking
Aspirations failed me A world of black and gray and brown Puddles of old paint splattered  the dripping cobbled streets
Although no one could see her  straight to the eye,  Medusa met someone once upon a time, 
She leans forward in her chair;sweaty palms and flightful eyes.Her focus is all on                                  the screen in front of her.She doesn't blink as the blocks fall down,The piece she desires
Èṣù, I remember you incited my triskaidekaphobia after striking me as I stood, dead  center, in a vacillating road On the eve of my thirteenth birthday.  
A path of blood began to flow From a dark creature long ago. Conjured from sin and pain and wrath, Darkness began its vengeful path. It took a silhouette like shape
Dionysus, man of moderation and fidelity:   Business Owner of a winery Industrious at his craft Red tie, Black coat, No wrinkles Workers that admire him, Companies that compete
Icarus, A little boy, One day wished For wings to fly. Daedalus loved him, Far too much To tell him no. So, made him  Out of metal things, An airplane that gleams.  
As the scorching sun set, And He gazed upon his Kingdom, A stern demeanor, His unyielding attitude Across the Styx A captive queen Covered in jewels   A newfound power,
I picture me and you   as an everlasting tattoo   to exist, to bear, to will   endlessly... like when we first escaped to the sea   waves rolling towards the never-ending sunset  
Eyes diverted as she passed, cast down towards the linoleum. Lips were tightened into thin lines, the type of expression received from a cashier at the grocery store. 
My body is tense, my muscles feel like cold steel, I feel a knot in my throat, I can feel my heart rate rapidly increasing as I look at the eligibility requirements; I am in the top of my class, my GPA and personal achievements qualify m
            Since blossoming from the florid queen of death herself,there has always been an exquisite beauty in aesthetic variance.The floral goth contrast, the inharmonious perennial dance with darkness
9 Muses were the foundation But she was the key They fit together like a lock Holding life intricately
 Dancing Queen only a teen Aphrodite struts through the hormone driven halls Captain of the cheer team stereotypical things whispered about her timeless beauty   A goddess whom can not be matched in beauty
The Opaque Empress came from beyond the air 
There once was a queen Who was very mean Amara was her name Tricks were her game Her tricks were sly And she could fly She was above the rest For no one good best her
Any fleeting semblance of reason was lost when the humans hid in isolation beneath the earth. A global putrefaction followed by lawless flames, the few who lived are those that ran, forgetful of their past lives.
The time was 3 am. The beginning of the freeway was empty. His big hand gripped the wheel tightly, The other was on the volume nob turning up the volume.
Warm water rushed up the bubblegum walls of a room I called home to the age of 14Ethereal creatures, niveous nothingsColubrine eyes staring soullessly forward Waiting, wading into water 
Thursday October 10,2019     Your fighting demons and having flashbacks of losing best friends, Everything has changed nothing will be the same as before , because you're still fighting your inner demons by yourself.
Many have heard his name before Could be because hes been pretty famous lately Been on movies, books, shows, and some believe hes even alive Thor may be a myth but he has been talked bout for years
In the distance, a hearth Drawing me A beacon solely A tailor fitted solution To cast worries and inabitions Tips froze, paralyzed   A cacoffiny of loneliness but saftey  
Yesterday, I saw your face on an actor in a movie. When I saw that his eyes were the same as yours, deep-set with the same intensity. My eyes glued to the screen.
   A Summer’s Daydream   For shall I say nature is intriguing, Welcoming new life in every aspect. Flowers vividly in the light shining,
Loneliness drowns my sorrow thoughts away, Numb and hopeless feeling no emotion, Question myself worth every silent day,
Someday; her jewelry will be gold Her hair will sparkle And she will grow old She'll smell the peonies And feel the petals With her hands, so soft
Someday; her jewelry will be gold Her hair will sparkle And she will grow old Shell smell the peonies And feel the petals With her hands, so soft
The tears don't fall on my cheeks no! they fall inside my stomach I swallowed them whole however much my eyes are sore my stomach suffer the pain Tears hurt   Don't ask me why
Look at the trees clothed in vibrantly green leaves, Leaves that not only give beauty but life in all its glory! White flowers with no spot to dull its petals’ eaves.
See the light of the rising fire; Watch the scarlet as it grows ever higher.   Our devotion and our strength can be a guide, Like a beacon lighting the air in the sky.
Feelings overwhelm my body  I don’t know why  The reasons aren't exact  But as more and more days pass These feelings grow and grow  
The hounds of Ulster Were set loose once again Upon each other;
Imagine us Under the moon We ignore its beauty Artemis gives light   In our days of old Respect was common The moon is our companion Not just a figure, but a friend  
You were young  and dumb.   A  man from Juárez, driving around Aurora.   Banda music blaring  from the speakers,
Midnight, quiet night No sound in the neighborhood Everyone asleep...   Morning, they awake The children walking to school
What is a 'Karen'? She's a mother, nurturing her baby in bloodshed. She goes on constant war paths to protect her baby, an entitled parent some will say...
Some think that killing yourself is just suicide. It's also a kill. I have a lot of confusion on its meaning, suicide. Suicide awareness is a motionless statement. It freezes me into a state meant to be understood.
Context: the story goes as the story goes, but with a twist: Medusa is immortal and does not get killed by Perseus.
Concepts spurred within the birthing grounds Many withered before they had a chance to spark But one stood out amongst them Due to the speed of her growth The ancient gods quickly took notice
Heroes are myths or truth From Superman to Ironman But they are just stories and myths There are heroes in life  Military, police, and firemen
Heroes are myths or truth From Superman to Ironman But they are just stories and myths There are heroes in life  Military, police, and firemen
Thor likes sandwiches Eggs, bacon, and cheese  That is his fave
Storms and rain race thy heart Chasing typhoons day to day Quickly Poseidon must depart Whirling winds are his prey   Gales slowly whirling around Whistling rushing past his ear
Philautia Love of the self   The glass screen flickers Its blue light harsh, blinding Burning retinas too dry for tears
I gaze upon her, day by day I wonder, could she ever feel the love? for I have loved her through all, her heart as delicate as a dove, yet her feelings as tuff a brick wall, we started off hiding,
Searching for love is a mystery in disguise  Unrecognizable and sneaky through the night A man in search of a journey at sea  Must be aware of the magic he might see 
Ruins are what build the integrity Of a man destroyed by love. Though the red glass of his heart shatters, The golden sinews of his character tightens To create a new person. 
Standing in front of a big iron gate  Waiting for you, waiving at you  To return home from long journey  From far, far foreign land away   Here you are, standing in front of me 
Walk with me, under the great pine tree.  Their branches swaying in silent ecstasy.  Be careful, step lightly.  Keep your hands low, don’t swing at the Buzzing bee. 
My name, Thanatos, resides on all their minds.  Death personified right into its living and breathing form, finds itself in a graveyard as a gravedigger, greatly confined.
The smell of creosote reminds me of the place I live, but the salt air here reminds me of home. I see the way people change when they look. Really look.
Snakes are all around me. And, it becomes harder to know who to trust. I want a friend, but are you just using me? You say you'll change for me and you are.
i have watched my best friend fall in love 3 times   the first time as she talked about him i saw her eyes crinkle up at the the corners like the sleeves of her favourite sweater  around her wrists
The droning of the engine reverberatesDawn draws to a close and eyes dilateAs the stop and go cycle but replicates
Rest now little brother do not make a fuss.  Learn to know you words and speak with a leveled mind.  This world will be harsh and will not change its ways. 
I often wonder what passes through your wandering mind.  May God help me appease my lonely pondering mind.    For what lies hidden beneath  your surface so well. 
Hey little jazzier girl..................        Dusky skinned with lil curls        Elated, intrepid and demure Plethora of dreams, intentions pure  
Do you know how it felt when i was there with you sitting under concrete at the couch on that day. Do you know how it felt when you were saying those things about me and how I look.
Alarm rings, It’s time to wake up. I view myself in the mirror Why can’t I look better?   My head is a war zone.
Mat Ga Trong, the Sun Goddess of Vietnam. Is now, the most popular girl at school. Her long black hair flowing freely against her back, Her eyes filled with a flaming passion,
I hate these clouds The clouds block the night sky That's okay I know where the stars are.   I wish i could say the same for you That I could find you by memorizing a pattern
They all hold me back They don't  know what it's like At school or at home They don't know this rush this high the way it helps my breathing and the way I eat
The Last Flight Have you heard of a story about a boy name Icarus, who use wing of wax to give him flight
  My body didn’t shiver against the stone cold  Ice It was below zero yet I wasn’t cold I was oddly numb  I didn’t feel angry from the snow falling as I once had 
Some people think we should move past racism That as a people we should embrace the future Yet that future is blocked Pushed back constantly by our elders
Some people think we should move past racism That as a people we should embrace the future Yet that future is blocked Pushed back constantly by our elders
To my love, i am like a king with no crown a knight with no honor a warrior with no praise a smith with no hammer, a child with no toy, a brain with no thought, like a woman that is childless.
Texas,Don. G. nUTT.
Texas,Don. G. nUTT.
Chronos was a god. A father. One who destroyed his daughters and sons in a fit of fury. Swallowed them up like the gargantuan terror Of ill and disease
Dull stardust dims the light that no longer reflects the Sun.Night reigns eternal, silent and dark,Echoes sounding off to make sure they aren’t alone.This was the Queen of the Day’s before she vanished,
The sting of a ray, its yellow gleam in a deep egyptian valley. The suns ray is not from the ocean, but exists anywhere and everywhere. searching for its next victim, to claim.
life highschool youth thats me what i have, going to school everyday seeing sad faces depressed kids everywhere why? they have their own problems drama family issues
Look at the way she Dips and curves Like smooth music on a sheet How she rises and falls  Like the rise of the Roman Empire  And the fall of Pompeii  The secrets she holds
Surrounded by natural beauty, God’s greatest creation… In the absence of urban ruckus and cacophony… Crickets lull us to sleep, whippoorwills herald the dawn
I been moving mountains, an probably never won't never ever stop if you not moving mountains then just keep it pushing.
I heard a sound
Hot water deeper than the length of my hand. Three false candles illuminate the darkness. Like a dealer with cards Pandora shuffles.
I will end your night if you happen to forget about the way I look at dusk I will twist your fingers the way your tongue twisted inside of me The open wall that you touch with the tip of your tongue I won't wait for long
Flip to the left, flip to the left All these girls blind me.  I want a bad girl, I want a hot girl! My wife is a bore, my kids’ is a chore
I wanna see you shine I wanna see you breathe life into the universe Cause lately it feels like it’s falling apart I got your name tattoed on my heart
First date, forced and bad. Drove her in his black chariot, Didn't talk at all, didn't like him at all.   Second date, forced and awkward. Dinner at his black mansion,
bones hollowed and aching for ascension they run and run and run discarding all mortal tethers to achieve glistening, golden dreams that shine oh so brightly in the distance   upon arrival
"The sun kisses my soul first thing in the morning as it peaks through the blinds draped over my window. Im only truly awakened when your lips kiss my skin while your eyes peek through the window into the depths of my soul. So gentle.
"Touch me. Feel my paradoxical, innermost thoughts pour from my scalp, cascading down my back in a raging waterfall as dark as my eyes.   
"I am terrified of you.   
I am a single particle of soil.    I am soiled.    I am dirty.   
Good and evil, Heaven and Nevaeh, Amorous and grotesque, Brother and brother, Cousins alike, Ares and Hephaestus.  
I sat with Death in the front seat of my car  Under the old rusted street lamp down the  street from my home. I found him sitting in the shadows off the 
You are the apple Highest on the tree. I've been waiting For you to fall for me. You are the air That I always breathe ; Smelling like nature And love indeed !
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,baddest chick,the baddest chick she supermodel tight digging her so right liken her vibe she reap the west side you know how we do it up an down pancake four coners three wheels up like im free wheely pop another dellia be
The heart follows the flow collecting grip of each artery and capillary. The silent drum pacing a beat like a cloud staying still. Will it ever be still? With the smooth blood flow,
I knew there was life inside that box. A box on each side, colored in red, blue and white with fifty stars in the top left corner. It so happened I fell inside it, gracefully landing to the halls of smiles,
jones cuddy texas,don.g.nutt,59,poem.cuddyb love ooh ooh girl you my cuddy love next to my mike jones cuddy buddy roll ya thighs this way stroll yaself my way pull over so close right an next to me you are my special kinda cuddy love rubber dubb d
Hark! they whispered, those dryads in the trees And all throughout the woodlands I felt disease. Plucking little white flowers, I twirled them between my fingers
Moonlight shines bright; white like the stars on Ole Glory. Dark blue firmament resembles Her for field. Spattered are my clothes with red matching Her strips. As in the aftermath of battle there is an unnatural calm.
apollo would be gay he would dance with his sister playing on his harp or lyre emmitting sunlight from his skin  he would eat grapes and speak in poetry and  all his children
Changes sweep through my fog . Their light so bright . It only reflects into the ethereal distance. If the world would only use the dimmer switch. Please turn in the low beams!!!
When beauty shows itself in this world.  My mind always defaults to her. Maybe it’s not the beauty you’d imagine? Octogenerians holding hands..... A chem trail fading with the sun..
Honeybees Bursting in fields of gold Ripples of jasmine filled the warm air. Wild and bright Flowers bloom Sun~kissed hibiscus wandering in fields of lilies dancing among
spring days pass.the moon orbitsreturning each night to caress the opened soul of the eartha gentler facet of harsh sunlightthe clouds carry their rain to the barren field
Don’t say you love me, When you have the crave of lust in my image.  Not the love from within  Yet, the lust of expiring moments.
Waves crash gently upon the shore as the tide roles in-n-out. A semi powerful breeze cools the air Standing 4,081ft up, I open my eyes to a 360° view of the Green Mountains. Wind rustling the leaves of the trees.
as I close my eyes and took a deep breath.
“will you marry me, Hera?” “no means no, Zeus. i’ve seen how you are with other girls and i’m not interested.” he smiled at her
Zeus went here, there and around He went anywhere to reverse his frown The year is 2019 and so downward he lept To find where all the happiness was kept
What is forgiveness  Well it is love, trust, and just a mix of emotions Belittling who you are for one to get another chance An excessive pattern to man kind, but a pattern one can not get right
POEM TITLE: LARKSPUR VERSE 1 Oh, how I admire the flower larkspur Anytime I sit on the greeny meadows in despair ! Larkspur, a beautiful, lovely fragrant flower thou art with other flowers I compare.
POEM TITLE: LARKSPUR VERSE 1 Oh, how I admire the flower larkspur Anytime I sit on the greeny meadows in despair ! Larkspur, a beautiful, lovely fragrant flower thou art with other flowers I compare.
I took a moment and then take a seat do a survey around me   People are trying to find someone good but they aren't trying to be good to someone   So here i'm, i can give you
Catch quick a cold, succumb to a fever Latch quick to a lover, create snowflakes in the ether That's how winter came to be She, a farmer's daughter in August He, an executive in Necropolis
If I confuse his lies with faith, and let my soul be his to claim, That's gasoline in the water that leads to the fruitful tree and then the branches will burst into flames; Confusing light for the pale horse,
She was at the beach today. It was one of those Hawaiian spots. The secret one that no one knows . Needless to say it was packed. Everything was very very Aloha.  
The gods are still among us, Hiding in plain sight Athena marches with others, Protesting to have equality for all Apollo accompanies everyone, His music blasting through earbuds
The heart, that craves the taste of being intoxicated but by love, The poison, is it the cure or the end? The taste of insanity it remembers so vividly, my flesh, my strings my bones, my veins
Norse god a great help, Everything with his old tool, Mjolner it is! Cool!  
I’m a suicidal freak I don’t know what to think About myself anymore Just go away Close the door
Baby, I love you   “Baby, I love you,” a phrase I hardly ever heard,  I mean I came out of your womb ma, do you even love me anymore?
The shirts aren’t always bright,  faded and off white. Is that the best that he can do? A simple question , it’s rough to   comprehend.   On her side of the bed. Thoughts
The grain on the flooring flows smoothly much of time.. Sometimes though , they know why it’s Naughty Pine.  Sitting in a rocker , she likes to while away the time.
An old wooden gate on a gravel  dirt road. The hinges are rusted and squeal with each wind gust. The adolescent boys hatred is locked in his jaw.  His mother is gone , can’t wipe the things he saw.
Since the widespread industrialization In every town and home Someone is chained to their life
Could I find it in myself to write my heart desire without stumbling upon this fascinations about my than life, why don't I realise my potential but I do to which extend can I pull myself too wards the were I'd love to be, always this panick of pa
Oh, how quick they were to try and suffocate the flames On the sacred, seasoned, sanctuary known as Notre Dame.  Oh, how the people stared and sobbed and frowned and asked God why 
  By: Emily Riggs May 28th, 2018, was the day my heart began to beat for you, the one and only time I felt the truth. As days went by, I fell for you more, you were always there to adore.
Hello You don’t know me well because you can’t see me But I’ve watched you grow up since you were little From the moment you were born 
When I was younger, I did not really care about school. Now that I look back, I see that I was a fool. That all changed one day When I heard my sister and parents talking in dismay. That conversation opened my eyes
He couldn't stop crying Prying into his soul, that was now bare. It felt like he was dying. His love could only stare. She could hear the noises of the birds
Once there was a time When I couldn’t walk So I crawled When I couldn't talk So I babbled When I couldn’t read So I imagined
  Money is impossible as a musician, people say
I lay on the grass, Face pressed on the earth Above your marble urn And let your soul Flow up through my body- Leaving my skin tingling  
I have never done this before.  It's a calm autumn afternoon in my high school foods room. I'm volunteering for a children's cooking class by helping them cut their apples.
What am I doing here? Where am I? Who am I ? Looking at a pair of eyes in where they stare back at me in the mirror  The look she gives me She daunts me with her smile 
You wake at dawn. You dress; every piece by layer. You move accordingly to what you only know. 20 years, no stop.   You leave saying bye.
You wake at dawn. You dress; every piece by layer. You move accordingly to what you only know. 20 years, no stop.   You leave saying bye.
As I tapped the time on my drumsticks  I tapped into my memories  Of when I stood in front of a section leader As a much younger me  Younger and naïve Stubborn and rebellious 
A Dreary Twist My thoughts are in a continuous loop There is no end or beginning to this. It is impossible to tell how it came to be. This cycle of mine is similar to someone’s life  With no change, stagnant.
We all came into this world unknowing  with the thirst of desire and discovery, but I was always known for throwing my passion of love for recovery.  
From Playdough to glitter And from glitter to Twitter I saw my childhood friend grow up fast Because her dad asked
Untouched and pure, your bright serenity Is beauty, shining rays of special gold. This light is you, the newborn entity, A piece of Universe’s light made bold.
Zoom! New York City Streets New home Honk! Suburban boy meets Urban jungle Zip! College is real No one to save you Alone in a sea of people No-body to talk to but God
Me? growing up? Absolutely not, the idea was something I never thought would happen.  I enjoyed riding in the backseat of the car, closing my eyes and waking up at the grocery store or the car store. 
From the moment you were planted, I felt our spirits touch one another.  Just like me, you are made of Moon, under the constellation of Scorpius; we are Water. Fresh to death and free-flowing, we speak the same language. 
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I will search for you      in every sunset. 
I had always run like a storm crackling with anger fueled by thundering defiance at the world a five-kilometer point to be hammered home. I had always run like an engine anxiety the stuttering starter
The Odyssey.    I. Remember when we first walked the halls as freshmen Calm and cool and Collected?
It’s an empty pit where my stomach should be blurs my vision, streaks of light passing my gaze i wonder if the night sky sees me laying awake back against the cold sheets
I looked in the mirror. My eyes were blue, My hair is blond, A baby face is all I see; An innicent child looking back at me.   I looked in the mirror. There I saw eyes that were bright,
Red and blue, red and blue, red and blue the deadline for our life was due the sirens’ song was drowned out by my screaming thoughts “It’s over! It’s all gone!”
I come from an Old Farmhouse and Woods that the 6 of us ran through for 7 acres I come from Raspberry bushes, Tall oak trees and tapping Maples in the Fall
I was always a colorful child growing up My favorite color wasn’t consistent My mom wouldn’t trust me to dress myself most of the time
Crusing down the streets Late at night The clock struck past midnight Although I can't quite see your face, I love the way you look at me With the streetlights glowing in your eyes 
  i pass the mirrors in my bathroom. and i never fail to notice every fault of mine, stretched out in front of me.
Hands shaking, palms sweaty You just said, “It’s over”, but I’m not ready The people and noises seem to disappear And suddenly I can’t see so clear I blink a few times and try to grasp
This word is so hateful, Explosive, And inflammatory. So sit back and listen to my story.   I remember being called one,
How could I have fallen so deeply, for a soul so phlegmatic now? As you remain impervious by the atrophy of our love,
O beauty, stain my childhood. Violate my young mind with the unobtainable feats that no girl can reach, yet she will always die trying. In youth, I never knew My features are carried from
O beauty, stain my childhood. Violate my young mind with the unobtainable feats that no girl can reach, yet she will always die trying. In youth, I never knew My features are carried from
Stereotypical caterpillars emerge from their standardized cocoons So beautiful is the process to the outsiders that see the before-and-after pictures
snow white, petals of death tiny yet simple they call to her a whisper of sleep something to ease the tension her eyes flutter shut the bottle tips a milky orange caught in the faint light
On that long day, The sun refused to set. Assualted in broad dayight in plainsight like prey.   There was a child left alone-
How one looks back At the clouded idea of what has happened Defines how the future will unfold Pain That used to be scraped knees Or a break up with the one you thought was "the one"
Don’t worry time moves fast  That’s what I always hear  When I tell some one my problems  It’s not moving fast enough 
Sand at my feet, pocket full of brocken shells, each wave a rythm to a different beat; This is what life could be. The sand the wave the sea. How far is my reach, from here on the beach?
One looks upon early life, visions of success, one looks upon elder life, visions of regret. Visions of the future, so full of hope, visions of the current, soaked in tears.
One World, Another By: Sehrish Khan   In a world where it is fertile and green, In another, withered trees and life nowhere seen   In a world of rejoice, happiness and born,
The older you get the more callous you become Yet magic started for me at 23, Balloons and bubbles were a thing at 30 At 60, my heart became wide open ratting me out for every feeling; little tattle tale.
Walk a little straighter, You have a dripping sensation coming from inside, You’re growing up girl and nobody knows what is happening inside, Your pace is picking up, as you see the school restroom,
Caught between my thoughts and  what is real I look up to the starry skyAngels don't use Wings to flutter they only fly,
For every wish you make It costs you a little bit of hope Once hope is lost...  You’re left with only you So you lay in bed and stare up at the ceiling 
Sparkling, room for any shape.Held aloft, transparent and hiding nothingAt heights it seldom viewed, higher would it be. Not yet.Too far from any sight too cramped for any plant.
Childlike ecstasy of existence, Excitement playing across fingertips as fingertips Themselves Play across the surface of paper, And dance with my feet
Childlike ecstasy of existence, Excitement playing across fingertips as fingertips Themselves Play across the surface of paper, And dance with my feet
playing outside with my neighbors all day laughing my lungs away My shoes would always come untied but I couldn’t get the bunny ears just right  Always thinking I was ready to be grow up 
First , I have to give a friendship bracelet to my new best friend. Next, I have to .. move and leave her. and cry. Then! I get to have my very first phone! Now! I can listen to Rap? Hip- Hop?
Lurching from side to side, the winds of culture, education, and relationships washed my little mind to and fro.   My little mind, asail at sea,
Swollen legs and chunks of lash glue covering my eyelids were suppose to be the problems after prom.  Instead, funeral arrangements and mournful phone calls to friends and our principal marked the day. 
The eye exists to capture the ingenuity of every encounter. It is the passage into one’s soul that identifies earnest emotion.
  A storm rages in the depths of the emotions I bury It lingers as the avoidance persistently accumulates Eventually there is no room left to disregard the
  A storm rages in the depths of the emotions I bury It lingers as the avoidance persistently accumulates Eventually there is no room left to disregard the
When I was a child, I thought the world was a sidewalk and that I was a lone dandelion seed trying to take root in concrete. My parent's divorce, the man that molested me, and the murder of a father figure so close to me
My hair texture is like a confused bush.  
Downtown San Francisco, it’s not bare. Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell, Union Square. Westfield Mall, Gucci, Couture, Louis Vuitton.
Being me, I would say was the greatest thing, Despite these days when I'm pained, Back then I knew I could do anything, These days I'm just watching the rain, Used to spend hours and hours reading,
I know some people see me as a successful human being, And thank you, but I just want you all to know that I just keep believing. My childhood was the same but also different,
Try When I was a child I was innocent I was free as the leaves I chased I was living in wonder. but Childhood leaves us.
The monster. It always came back to me, haunting me. My own mother cruel as she has always been Pushed me closer to the monster.
As a child i could be weird i could be silly i could be me with no one to tell me otherwise.  I couldn't wait to be an adult!   As i grew older i was told - to be more Lady Like,
Why do we hold material things So close to our hearts That they get smothered in the loving Why do we need to feel special The need to be more unique than others To have others worship what we say or do
Depression is a black cloud That hangs over my head And follows me everywhere I’ve tried to run I’ve tried to self medicate I’ve tried talking it out I’ve tried crying till my tears dry up
I just want to be left alone To wallow in my own misery of self-hatred I don’t want others to feel my pain Or my negative talk and actions I just want to go to bed And stay there with the door closed
Talk to me about depression And what it feels like to be lost and hopeless Where loneliness exceeds all expectations Where darkness is smelled and tasted and felt Around you like a very wet heavy blanket
On Wednesday's there is a place With food, fun and friends astray I call it the Farmers Market. There you can find all sorts of things
Terrified female of the iron wrath With forceful hands shoving her down the drain. Naked body slips in the metallic bath. The naive virgin, constrained, by silver chains.  
 Do you not sympathize for my deterioration? Do you not see what you are doing to me? My surface is cracking from the droughts that tear me apart My air is hard to breathe in 
The Door… Always that Door… Taunting, chilling, mocking. Heart racing, hands sweating, panic-stricken. Handle turning, hand on my back, gentle but firm push, through the Door, closing click.
The clock is ticking, Echoing, both fast and slow. Each tick adding palpable nerves to the room. Suffocated by the smell of soap and bleach, I twiddle my fingers, scratch my neck, bite my lip, and wait.
I am from the 90’s to 2000’s R&B jams and the “ I don’t wanna love nobody but you” ~ Kirk Franklin From PS4’s and Iphones
A debt to the universe, to everybody who didn't get to be a child. Quiet for the rest. Time grew with the bodies of flesh, onto the long list of the dead.
To love you now is to love you then; adopting a ticking time bomb and calling it my best friend. Forgetting that the fuse was lit,
The Journey   Sometimes life feels so hard and heavy Maybe even sad. It happens... Maybe you take a drive to the top of a mountain - and get out and breathe in the air that
Love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection. Hope is defined as     a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.   A fathers Love is what a Son needs 
He keeps me safe I trust him because I fear him And he’s all I need and more He has a power over me he can’t control He makes the birds sing
Confidently lost in a world of regrets.Where birds sing sweet melodies of the butterfly effect.Searching through the cosmic skies of my demise,I see the lullabies of lies that crave the attention of the midnight vibe,And as I look into its eyes i
Night sky, blue eyes, new lies These aren’t just words,  Now it’s bright as day but the past was the night sky Do you see now where the stars lie? We used to mean something back then and stick outSo many stars came in and then dul
I'm standing alone, in the searing hot basement of my college's dorm. My hand is sticky from the outside of one of my Tide Pods. They're not Tide brand. No one else is down here, and for a second,
תשובה (Teshuva)   The truth is, I am not sorry. I will not apologize For the skirt that hangs above my knees Or the lipstick tinged with feminism. I will not sit shiva
I am alive.
Pale, dusty clouds ripple and swirl like brush strokes on the painted canvas of the sky: a sunset of lilac, turquoise, and guava.  
  Reddy, you are beyond doubt mine Valuable like a gold mine For with time you have emerged To be victorious composed
Thru times on the streets and no food to eat I realized I no longer take life for granted Thru times of no A/C and no shoes on my feet I realized I can smile thru defeat
Long hair gets in the way as the guitarist starts to strum, eyes closed, nails long, nails painted, mic close she’s mine, i’m hers, honey, darling, baby, love me and i’ll love you
I was 15 years old when a boy told said he liked me to my face for the first time. It was the day of the homecoming festival. Music blasting in the background and everybody dancing. It didn't fully register to me until I got home.
"I am the master of my fate, i am the the captain of my soul" -Invictus. Throughout highschool i had my ups and downs. Just as anyone else i have made mistakes and choices that will effect my forever.
                         The wounds from the past have healed,                            Today will be bright.                            The  angry storm has left,
I walk into a new land The land of hopes and dreams Those that one always wants to seek The kind of land that derived the human in me   Once a step inside this place
I was born in July Just as the Earth started to melt under the Sun Just as everything started to evaporate And that damp sky met me, and covered me Enveloped and nurtured me August came and went
We are made of glassNow your shards rest on my skinMy heart is so sore You said you loved meBut I was never enoughAll the screaming and fighting
Fire under my skin Climbing up my legs My spine My arms Glowing coals of hate Incendiary suffering Deep inside my bones  
Disclaimer: I wrote this poem about a traumatic event in my life: my father's abuse and arrest.  I hope it impacts and reminds you of the atrocities in this world, especially for young girls. 
On a warm Saturday in late May, I drove to pick my friends up in my little Corolla, I was ecstatic as soon we were going to get our nails done for Prom.
Beauty from the ashes Beauty from the choas In dolourfull darkness He'll kiss your lost soul Soul of bard fading away My destination is far away Let all these wounds burn Heal me and take me away Thorns in the roses Roses in the thorns Beauty in d
Beauty from the ashes Beauty from the choas In dolourfull darkness He'll kiss your lost soul Soul of bard fading away My destination is far away Let all these wounds burn Heal me and take me away
Beauty from the ashes Beauty from the choas In dolourfull darkness He'll kiss your lost soul Soul of bard fading away My destination is far away Let all these wounds burn Heal me and take me away
Today it rains, the rain drops are from the tears that were shed for you by the ones who loved you.  Today it rains, the sky is grey from the gloom of losing such a beautiful soul and person. 
I became old when the honeycomb becomes too waxy to eat When the queen bee becomes a tyrant And you start to feel bad for the bees When I got tired of swimming through the land of milk and honey  So I drowned But I couldn't afford the medical bill
I believe my vote doesn’t matter. You’d rather register a person with a gun license Than my student ID number. You say you need a picture, which I have,
It was in the mirror That girl you so desperately hate Even though you can’t hear her And it’s getting late This might sound bad but I can’t help it
There it was, The spark that which ignited the gas, Why does this always? , seems to differ. does this hearing sense require a transfer?  I felt despair from the cotton comfort,
Everything was fine Until that cold body went To that chilling grave  
Feather light touches, blink and they’re gone. I used to watch flowers in the early Spring bloom, unfurling the curl of their petals in a yawn
Grey skies overhead. Blue seas below, waving. Green trees, hoping for a chance to start anew. Red fire giving trees a chance. Grey skies put the fire out, the sea ceases its spread, the trees start anew.
Endless ocean of stolen tears Only the waves know your fears Crashes and ashes and waterfall gears Irrelevance fades as you soak up the beer
sun illuminates the sky  and these golden maple leaves  as i'm looking up at you and these october fallen trees  thinking of the pumpkin patches  and the bouncy house before 
sun illuminates the sky  and these golden maple leaves  as i'm looking up at you and these october fallen trees  thinking of the pumpkin patches  and the bouncy house before 
  Oh Lover-Boy, Come to me in my dreams and then by day I shall be well again, For so the night will more than pay, The hopeless longings of the day, My Black Stallion riding so high,
I grew up small in a Connecticut town, where everyone knew everyone else, and I knew them too.   I was blue eyes, blonde braids,
A mother’s laugh, a child’s tears Today we are gathered here in Respect of the last jovial Society that has fallen in
First came humiliatingly loud pink papers that gracefully draped our front apartment door screaming , “EVICTION NOTICE” every day after school Then came doors kicked in
  there’s this girl i used to know. her name flows blue inside of me- she was so afraid to show, who she once was in front of me-  
The way it moves It moves softly, Swiftly, with speed   In one’s eyes, It’s actions
I go back to my first school.  Heavy gates at the front squeaking.  White brick walls in desperate need of cleaning.  Little classrooms, filled with little desks.  Playground covered with laughing kids. 
I hold my breath in the calamitous steam, and smoke Every pan was burning, and my throat starts to choke A dumbshow of absolute horror, and wonder
The story begins at my school. I began to sound like a fool. My voice started to crack; I heard a loud quack, Why is puberty so darn cruel.      
The Creative arts, They reach out to her They tell her she’s not alone. The Empty spaces, They reach out to her
Times where I never thought I would grow up Times where I thought everything would stay stagnant  First high school Now college, what is next ? My mental change is what's next 
You were a wanderer, curious of all the wonders of the world. As you take steps, one after another, have you noticed it? You were traveling for ages, have you not saw it?
With a disappointed glare at the floor, A musician came to confess. Just another one of his many mistakes.   A rusty trumpet sits idle in his hand, It wheezes desiring one last song;
So there i was, out on my own, away from my parents, not even a phone. could say i was alone, but to me I was free. Independence, and autonomy, were just a few gains. I had paved a new path, my own lane.
This view reminds me of a Norwegian fjord though I’ve never seen one in my life. The magnificent rocks
My fingers trace the vinly table tops Eyes peeking out over the tops of too big glasses Sitting in a too big room The teacher keeps talking
Where are the pleasant disruptions? The ground shaking thumping of footsteps upstairs The harsh noise of fighting cats The rhythmic knocking on the door daily
Look at my Mother! Look at your Mother! Let set aside what we see physically. Open your mind; deep inside tell me what you see mentally. Is it similarity? or a view of distinctive variety?.  
The phoenix sun combusts- A burning jewel Settling into Its rocky crown.
Time is stopping as each thought is threaded from its undertone and I wonder why it has brought me here,  standing alone in a pool of surreal rain and lessons I continue to seek. 
On to the next place she was on to the next mistake another man who promised her the world.   As her dreams came crashing to a halt did she wonder what would become of me?
The air was cool that morning, Matching the sky’s lavender and peachy hues. Vehicular white noise And the wind’s quiet whispers Lulled the peaceful baby to sleep.
We all are were provided by At one point or another A parent Mom and dad Or a relative Or friend Gave us something in return Whether it was knowledge Love Support
Swing sets and sand castles All tied as one memory One single drop of rain was All it took to make me smile And now it takes a lifetime To make me crack a grin Maybe I'm too old for games and toys.
First comes a heart, as pure as streaming waters. So daring and content, with Nature´s wonders.   Next comes a brain. As sensitive as it seems, it is the enemy of all.
White snowflakes covering the night sky Red poppies in the green meadow Bright pink waterlilies floating in the blue lake Orange wilted leaves scattered on the edges of a gravel road
Words of the wind A phantom life Did he ever actually exist? I cannot recall his face His passing is engraved in my memory though. .    .   .   . One sad Wednesday Of a certain year
I used to dream in the world in my head, let my imagination take flight as the buildings went by.   I could dream up wild elephants from Africa, or starships from space 
As a kid I could have been Anything I wanted It was all in my head As I laid in my bed One day I went to bed No more dreams of benign an astronaut No more dreams of walking the moon
Mirrors, They reflect. They reflect on the natural appearance of being human, being real, Of being alive, of being loved. Sometimes they show us what we don’t like to see.
Here I am.   grass tickles my legs i breathe in the sweet air bliss after an eternity in the classroom   in my periphery
I want you to kiss me… Not one of those halfhearted pecks, The type that makes our souls soar and toes curl, I want you to kiss me like you’re telling all of your secrets.
We soar through the heavenly fields with no barrier between us, no men with shiny pedestals, or people with devilish horns You know not of my intentions but I know what lie
If they left, they were never with you 44 you was my friend you was their friend too well, that's what I thought and now you're dead only 16 never got the chance to live out your dream
Faint light shines, So pure yet so dim, Calling from within.   Smoke and mirrors, A facade for my true self, Still so small and preoccupied, With the minutia of daily life.  
I am a survivor At least I am for now The fear of being consumed By that wretched death For a second time Makes my hands tremble
It was him who found me. The giant with the calloused palms I was simply a form Clumsy in my gargantuan new body Horns piercing from my back;
Over the hills and through the trees. The feelings I feel to finally be free. Through the swamp and the creek. It feels as if I've fallen asleep.
warm sunny mornings to cruel endless nights: a sleepless zombie, living in someone else’s body.   joyful tears to pessimistic sobs:
Dear Itzmir, We started out as friends, then we became more than what we started out as. Our relationship was texts that went on all night, we would be on the phone for
Of all the people I tried to understand the most. The man in the mirror was the hardest to read. Although, I know it is me, but it isn't who I see. He's making the same movements, thinking the same thoughts...
So to say, your words clatter like thunderSpellbound, my thoughts cannot gatherSwept up in the cresting tideDisplaced by another of likemind
Bus people really have a lot of time to think.. Weary, they are always on the brink of knowing what's it's all about. Bumping, heaving,  sleeve-to-sleeving their way to work. Yearning to be back in bed, learning they are spiritually dead.. And all
there is a monster that lives in my bones it has sharp claws, deep roots, black-hearted and empty-stomached it sucks at my marrow slowly slowly   its roots are not contained: they spread
With all due respect Am not a failure Failure is an event Not a person in fact To be precise its a line  Of graduation right below pass And its not a virtue    I sat down in that class
Knife carving into the soft squishy flesh; blood dribbling off the plate. Letting out a faint subtle sigh, admiring his handiwork.  
The cold whirled into the room, The breeze freezing the poor mans toes.   A sigh rattles in his chest, His fingers strum the strings of his guitar.
I watched the light fade from her eyes. She left this world as but a whisper in the wind; being forgotten in an instant. The cosmos opened up to her and welcomed her home,
Everyone told me to work hard. So I did. The past blended into the present into the future. It was once rough to the touch, like a potato sack. Now it's faded, a green-gray expanse of old sunbeams and bitter stains.
By : Brianna Garcia   1,2,3 hey little Bri  Everything has changed  It's not how it used to be  from a shy little girl  curled up in her head  to a full grown women
It's Snowing In The Forest By : Brianna Garcia   Theres ice in the water it really goes deep  Theres fire on the stove theres salt in the sea  It's raining on the leaves
Waking up on Saturday mornings for the sole purpose of hearing Elmo squeak about something new on Sesame Street, has long been overruled by new responsibilities.
I hate wearing the color blue Eating mushrooms and carrots Driving across bridges Being lied to How my parents say “I told you so”
Training wheels   "Hold on tight!” “Don't go too fast!” “You have your helmet on right? “
I was willing to risk it all, Yet you left me to fall Into the abyss of doubt and wonder,
In a sea of stars, My head was a constellation of chaos And mindless insecurity. In my universe, There was no lack of striking entities.   You were so down to earth, I was up in the sky
Y’all think am weakBecause I choose not to speakBecause I let my ink dripMy artAnd sometimes my heart out,Because I choose to loseBecause I hide my hurt and painBecause I choose not
Even after years of salvation, I am stained with chains and marks of a past life full of time well served. Even after sufficient treatment, I can still feel the burns.
  I grew up seeing the world as something beautiful The crystal blue sky And the warm bright yellow sun
When I was 6, I was told to wear my scariest costume for Halloween day at school And for once, my parents wanted to spoil me, So while everyone at school became witches or skeletons or furries
Today is frozen in blue and white we live to stall upon a blank page This picture, now a photograph In black and white
                                                 "Still.. Still.. Still.. How I wonder  How I wander Drill, Drill, Drill Stay in line Stay with time
ever the Gentleman you grabbed me by the hair and took me to That Place Locked away and Scared you Threw me on the bed bound my arms and legs and forced yourself Inside.
How to get through The Bad Year   Come home from school every day and cover yourself with blankets
We sat togetherfingers intertwinedlegs swinging overthe ledge,the edge of abyss(of bliss?)no space between
Being A Hispanic was hard The black sheep they say, the same but different  Looked at ashamed by the ones we call our people  looked at different by the country we said was united
I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when I discovered I was Mexican Of course, I always knew But snippets of realization Sprinkled into my lifetime of 16 years
We the oppressed people Are much more than a waste of space Boomerang Maltreatment and Injustice One win, Two losses   Silenced and painted over
They sit by the window watching the snowflakes land on the large pile which was once luscious, green grass.
Blinded by the darkness of my own cocoon, the shades of immaturity and impulsiveness cloud my mind. Unable to see past the shell of adolescent struggles,
Blinded by the darkness of my own cocoon, the shades of immaturity and impulsiveness cloud my mind. Unable to see past the shell of adolescent struggles,
Let me tell you of the week I grew up. No, not physically but mentally and emotionally. The physical age does not matter; what matters is that the week before I loved candy.
See the wetty lips that run dry amidst the drought yearning for the sporadic drips craving for the incessant draught that washes all the loneliness held wanting and acheness that makes her lost
See the wetty lips that run dry amidst the drought yearning for the sporadic drips craving for the incessant draught that washes all the loneliness held wanting and acheness that makes her lost
I wanted to say…That not all paintings are simple.When I look at you,I see stars for eyes,Flower petals for skinAnd faults and flaws all at once. But I see perfection in those flaws.
School during day, sports at night. The village is always non-stop. children and teens running around, hanging around and chilling out. When blue skies show, campus gets loud.
As I look around  at all of my fingers and toes  I begin to see  Me.    Truly thriving in life  Watching  Observing Listening  Hoping to begin my future 
Bullies and bruises Grades going down the drain One day it will be okay
The mind is such a simple depiction of what reality imposes the heart and soul. Giving your heart a reason beat while still wondering about the advantages and stepping stones of life.
Weep not at my grave when I am dead, Sing me not the dirge of cold nights, Sing instead the rhymes of the Willows, Chant all day the lullabies of the pixies
Here we flutter, soar, and fly Abuzz, for all to see, an iridescent sky Our pride, with which we manage, Asserting our presence, flags raised high,
I am a nonconformist.
I open my eyes and see food, so much food. Carnes, postres, y mariscos. Pasteles, helado, galletas.
Every thread, stitched by my hand, can unravel, I think Every step carries potential falls I’ve draped myself in the guise of a fan-favorite Covered my face with unnatural colors
Dear Fear, I know this won't reach you but I'm writing this letter as a means to an end   Once upon a time I loved you dearly
With words that burn and bite and sting, they creep up on your mind and ring until you no longer sleep at night.   There are sounds and smells that remind you of days passed,
The world never saw him Or so he thought But this is how he felt Black and white in a world of color Overlooked and unimportant
     I opened up, I let you in  No matter the mistake nor sin  I sacrificed my dark nights and long paragraphs, My giggles, “scuffs”, and laughs,  for someone who might not last 
Bold, large, and beautiful red hot air balloon the twisted art of twig underneath my feet silver string attaches my wicker basket and I am high enough to touch a cloud   
You’re a curious thing, With pink and yellow polka dots and Stripes of grey, The ocean is your home but it rises above you, how pelicular.
there is something pressing down on me this wight in and on my chest. i think i may be six feet under the rich black earth and i am suffocating as i try my hardest
Overcoming The Fear Of A Tumor An original poem By Abbey Moran   I awoke from my rest To the lump on my chest My body had crafted a secret disaster That revealed itself this morning 
It’s scales up the spine Looking for a place, a new To inhabit  Some get lucky and through it  Before it eats them Others do not It consumes them whole Eating away 
No one warned me about the struggles of life Life doesn't get harder, it just shows its true self once we get to know it What's something that so many cherish and adore?
I stand on the edge of a cliff the roar of the waves beneath me and stare into the night sky it is raining now I scream into the void all of the pain of the past I give it up to the ocean and sky
What is fear?   The feeling of being simply not enough.   You've put everything on the table. Left it all out on the field. Put your heart and soul into it.
i wander, alone my heart is quiet the first few drops fall, then  the sky turns yellow & i too am falling. i reach, plaid feelings extending, feelings unpeeling like an apple,  
My heart beats faster and faster My legs shake and burn more with every running step How long have I been running? I can't remember. Its been so long,
Whispered words not to be heard, A secret pact between you and yourself, Your thoughts hardly heard or understood as they slip into the darkness of the night.
Training hard, working through pain into the arena, a gladiator  fear and anxiety remain.  Victory or defeat matters not but doubt creeps in and two opponents emerge. technique and skill abound
Some of you may say I'm a nutter My tongue is smothered with peanut butter Like a newly-shined shoe, no area is left untouched However, this coating should have stayed in my lunch
       I try to see a light that does not seem to exist The pain is deep and I’m trying to resist Smiles is what they see
It’s 12:47 AM. You’re asleep, all tucked in bed  your head resting against the pillows of feathers plucked from white geese. 
  it came to me under the guise of well-meaning concern for my body, my chemicals, my family, my voice, my potential future lovers
Looking back no more looking back haven we all had enough of that looking back  no more looking back looking back is like revisiting  our past  most past brings fear
These fears swarm me Causing me anxiety I cannot fight them But oh, how I want to be special I want to grow! But something restricts me Furthermore into my sorrow   What is it?
My mind is weak Like a lost sailor I can do nothing, nothing as the waves of anxiety swirl through my head Get up, time for school I cannot go for I am a fool
    seventeen years old with ambitious  but my clear vision began to not be so vivid I listened to a boy that fed me lies those words were soon  my alibys I forced myself to think he loved me
I was used to falling and burning over and over again but nothing quite prepared me for the fire you spread over my soul.
I had it all, never thought it could crumble apart Crumble apart, crumble away as if my life became equivilant to stale bread.  Who could have known he could have been dead. 
Fight. Kick. Reach the surface 
The creature inside her cage So small Suspended in the deep end She flutters Cage half glass half metal Frozen Her limbs are frozen Sunlight Cold sunlight
the poison of your words has done nothing but strengthen my stomach, the muscles taut beneath the skin. the powder on my tongue from the pills worth the retching and trembling bones,
In the dark, our thoughts gave light Through that spectrum we perceived the night The night of light with our sight When birds sung and gather When stars run and went further_ We saw hope in that tunnel
  They say ‘Just Do It’ But I say Contemplate, For fear is not bred by unwillingness; It is simply a product of such. Never cease to prepare yourself; Get up early so you know who won the day.
Your flame-seared name... It burns... When I learned of you, Dear Flame, The games you play, The hearts you slay, When I found this out All thoughts of you Just went away
  Life is a funny thing   How can we stand for a flag Never made for us   A nation built on our back, The majestic red bled from our souls
When you had to go I would wait all day for you When you said Goodnight I would wait all night for you When you said that things were changing between us I’d wait months for you
In the cold, dusk evening A man comes to you in his dark silky cloth You can see the pale white hands  On one and he's clutching a sort of pamphlet As you look closely you see your name written on it
In the cold, dusk evening A man comes to you in his dark silky cloth You can see the pale white hands  On one and he's clutching a sort of pamphlet As you look closely you see your name written on it
यादों के झरोखे से नन्ही.. मासूम आँखों ने...झांका, जब नीले आसमान की तरफ..... उड़ कर छू लेने की चाह ने....दिल में गुदगुदी सी की... तो पंख फैलाने को तिलमिलाई.... खोली उसने जब बाहें.... पंख फडफडाने शुरु ही किये थे....
A rapid heartbeat is pounding excessively, as I approach the critical door of horror with all sensitive eyes on me. Questioning every move and the sentence I make. But this art piece wants to show its creation.These detailed words that can fill a
Funny that he goes by love, because he has none His long hair is a whip I pull His face changes as I slowly slip away His mind freaks as I tell his story. He is narcissist himself
The news blares bright and gaudy. Full of fear and sound. yet in the warmth of my grandmothers living room golden light filtering  through her paisley curtains  it feels  far away
Fear, anxiety, speech. Nothing can be said to someone without words, seems easy for those who speak and love to. But those of us are not always as lucky with your ability to speak.Speak our ideas, our dreams, and our hopes.
A drive in the dark holding a stick Shifts up and down   This new thing Fumes a Fear, Fumes a Fire running me down at dark   Do I dare continue with my life on the line
Some days our meadow is peaceful; The daisies sway with the breeze  And our river sings a tune. Some days our meadow is on fire; Burning the grass with such passion No one else could ever know.
The darkness swallowed me whole I was drowning, struggling to breathe I reached out trying to grasp onto something, anything But my hand simply went through the empty void I opened my mouth to call out
My brothers marched as one today They never saw it coming And I have never seen such pain Or so many people running   With dead set eyes and shaking hands, 
The Grass browns and the flowers fade The trees leaves wither and the winds blow colder
The princesses stare at me with looks of innocence Each tempting as pieces of candy One cherry flavored taffy The others blue raspberry gummies I stared back with apathy and anxiety
There are some days when sometimes is too often.  Where the tethers of my mind restrain me from ever making progress.  Where I feel trapped in my own mental illness. 
Stars shine in moonlight Disappearing in your eyes Night reflects wonder.
Can Inbe the one you call when you dealing with the toughest shit of your life Could I be the women that you’ve longed for  That women one day you plan to make your wife
I woke up at dawn With crickets tuning loudly To usher in the new day But I still hear this Voice in-side of me And I wonder what to do   I tried closing my ears But they are invinsible
You were my fighter and protector. When I grew you became my best friend. I always felt I could count on you. Then my first day of school came. I started to notice things.
My car is my escape Where I can play my music loud Where I can recline back and think My car is my escape With a turn of the key and I am on my way With a tank of gas and I can go anywhere
The mirror speaks, You see a weak young girl, And the mirror sees a conqueror, With beautiful vines climbing up your delicate temple marking peace and health. You see insecurities,
Kids on the street, suffering from pain. The only thing to ease their mind is to join a gang. No more playing tag or hide-and-seek, only inside, playing games on T.V. Not a lot of smiles of happiness, just sadness and loneliness.
The ice is thin around here. I’ve learned to watch where I step. One wrong move and I’m done, Never to be seen again.  
Imagine blacking out, scared of this unfamiliar place  and unfamiliar faces. At the age of five,  I met a new friend. Beep Beep. I found out my new friend can talk to me!
Don’t tell me that I’m beautiful until you’ve seen the marks etched in my skin; the scars I have on the inside and on my heart that I hide.  
07/20/1945  I could not see the sun setting over the sea  as my windowless cage of armor raced over Bornean sands, but I knew as I loaded my Colt’s magazine with bullets and counted down the miles to the jungle
the rope ladder was frayed, waxy ends waning, dancing, in summer storm song. she climbed up, treehouse toes pushing against sky storm drain shuffling, and she
Standing up there too scared to look down I can feel all the stares my legs impared, i'm a shakey mess Longing for something to grab on to so my wrists i tend to bound
vacant    The car parked abruptly. Lungs, ached with pain. I miss you ugly As the sun came to an end, Embrace my figure one last timewith fingers curled into my hair; 
Self Portrait as the Weeping Willow   Reservoir in my eyes, current of my heart, snapped the twigs of my veins.   The fear, I feel. From My head to my toes.   
Mom always worked, leaving me in care of a grandmother.
When I was young Maybe three years old I had a dream Went on a coaster Went upside-down I fell out Coaster ran over me Determined to face my fear I decide to try
Everyone has the same vision of angels  Pure white robes, wings and that unforgettable glow But one thing that people forget is that angels were once mortal like you and I Before they had wings and were flying in the sky
It takes hold of us one by one With comfort and complacency by its side It never stops hunting to find innocent pray To smash dreams and take the awe and wonder away To trap longing hearts in the home of used to
Lies that I Lie With By: Bethany Tisza It’s like a waterfall in my mouth Sometimes I shut it off But when it’s on
One day, One day at a time. Well, that's what my mom used to say. Midnight we go, Midnight we came. All we saw was lights. Light from cars, lights from the sky. Heard music, heard crying.
When I was thirteen I took a plane over the sea Under the clouds To my grandparent’s house   Even now, years later
Among this setting we're heading to Armegeddon Unless we start pressin' and getting answers to all these questions Stressin' the truth within the message Blessin' and recollectin' the days to the seconds 
FIGHT THE FEAR AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE Fight the Fear of DiversityExpress your INDIVIDUALITY.Exhibit your ORIGINALITY.Embrace your SPIRITUALITY.Be daring and BOLD.Don’t struggle to fit the MOLD.Let your unique story be TOLD. Fight the Fear of Chan
It's hard to feel alone in the world A piece of you missing but no one knows No one sees inside you to that terrible hole The hole in a space by your heart The one that screams out for a hand
It gnarls its jagged teeth towards me "Dare you step this way?!" The booming rasp of the voice nearly struck me down Shivers crawled up my skin It's just a decision.
Pride is not simply hubris Yet it still can make us shudder Pride is not the weight of an incubus Which lies on the chest of another  
For lack of better words     You instill and distill my love      Like alcohol in a glass. Bitter and dangerous, But still on these streets. You use me like a drunk And I’ve got no choice.
The empty arena is pitch black. I step into the ring, As I tighten the straps on my boxing gloves.   I lean back into the ropes, Sweat stings my eyes,
An ordinary glance transfixed onto an ordinary clam soft bud rigid, plain but interesting curiosity runs throughout an intricate brain the touch feels damp though the shell is just as others
  The world is full of a wide spectrum of color frequencies I am the yellow sun, the blue sky, the green grass, the orange to yo kool-aid, and the gold beads from Mardi Gras.
The wind murmurs through trees A whispered warning on her lips The whole world hears and stills Blackness rolls towards the piers   The reflective glass darkens With just a spark the stillness shatters
We will have peace, Whether we are in Eden, Or Gethsemane.   For we will rise with the sun, And we will eat sweet fruit, From His vineyards.   We will go to the water,
tip-tap, in this silly rain for the lonely me inside this tomb who cries out without words for the blazing flame
I crave a man I’ve never met with soulful eyes, I may never forget the ache in my heart’s full of regret that my words come out unremarkable.    And yet when I think of souls fit together as one,
Let’s pretend there was a time where life was always easy where love never became a war, and hope would never leave me.   What does it look like?   How does it feel to never be afraid  
To talk of it is easily done, But To feel it coarse through your vein- That is a much harder task, And to the Universe I want to ask: Why am I so crippled? Why am I so blind?
A tight emptiness in my throat A quick consideration of options but endlessly told to say nothing Youth does not hide the terror in trying or the knife swallowed as i do nothing
 I hear the music play: A loud chorus, a strong voice. Funnily enough, I am the chorus;But I am the strong voice too?
The day was ordinary. The sun shone upon me no brighter or darker than it does on a regular day. The wind caressed my face and pushed at my back no more gently or rough than it normally does. I was walking forward, reflecting back.
Pay attention to the sunlight, the sunlight is the most warm, visible radiation of all. Down, down into the darkness it goes- the hot, the tender, the close.  
The rain is begun, drippity droppity ploppity… The wind blows through our windows like a zephyr that knows the way… I speak your name and send it on the wind to you… My voice echoes across the distance between us…
I shower twice a day Hoping that maybe I can wash off my stubborn filth Because every day, I look in this mirror Only to see the mistakes that I’ve made
I shower twice a day Hoping that maybe I can wash off my stubborn filth Because every day, I look in this mirror Only to see the mistakes that I’ve made
Your heart’s my artForms my whole partWithout it,Empty is my cart. Your heart’s my artMy life flowchartWithout it,I’d lose before start.
The wind brushes across my face Blowing my dusty rose hair  His dirty blonde hair flying    Along the sidewalk We walk hand in hand  Wathcing our dogs ahead
She fell for you Like how a leaf falls when the wind blows, and all the colors turn grey And she fell for you Maybe too soon and unknowingly fast, never asking why
& he told me love me while I still want you  
i’ve seen people in my own mirrors come and go like seasons   and just like summer  soaks up the heat of spring,
Why? Because one little tablet, something so small, it could fall down the drain... -clink- through your fingers, puposefully or not,  changing not one, but soo many, lives.
You know what I want to be when I grow up, I want to know it all, and that’s enough. For me, it’s not about what I want to be, It’s about “What is that” and “Where are we”
Oh, ice cream on a sunny day you keep me cool Like jumping in the swimming pool You drip on the sidewalk And even on my flip flop.  
Percs and molly in my casket so I can roll in heavenGet a bad bitch up out of Magic, need a ho in heavenI need me a TEC and I need me a stick, have a shootout with the devil
A - Aching D - Demons D - Dictate I - Internal C - Circulating T - Turmoil I - Intertwining O - Oblivious N - Numb
O Here rises the morning sun!The grass sprouts for the sunrise;The trees dance as the wind howls;Primroses and Cowslips bloom with joy.  
Do you believe in miracles? he once asked me riding our bikes around the Han River
In the eighth grade I Was heading to the subway I heard my name as I ingested Arizona tea “You got some juice, b” “What do you want” was my reply
Looking at you sideways. All I see is rage. The burning affection you once felt for me slowly fading away with the mist
shot, they scatter wildly across the Windex-dipped tables each: soaring suddenly into the third dimension unruly with no regard for the black hole that is me
for all the queers out there still figuring themselves out   Priapus a Greek nude in chiseled marble standing tall and erect in the sea of museum-goers on their phones  
once flesh then ivory and finally marblepygmalion, who did you pray to?i was human once once upon a time there was a princess singing downy tones in a dark nursery and her eyes folded at the corners and filled into two sightless concord crescents
I look at the doorway in which the only light in the apartment pierces the abyssal hallway. I look at the tattered shower curtain that lay on the white tile.
Your hair is like the January Embers My heart burns there too YOUR eyes so dark Like the deepest corner of the ocean I’ve drowned myself like those lucky Differently shaped rocks too YOUR cheeks so soft
1. The waves are thick with seaweed, soft and baubled with thread-like strands. The waves are green and glassy, tipped with bubbles of smooth white foam. The waves are roaring against the shore, powerful, pulling in and pulling back.
1. A missionary trembles in the pulpit, exhorting you with tales of the fire of God, of kings and coals, of a man who had seen angels and thought they omened his death.
The time is exactly 3:30 Amin the morningI was Burning my midnight candlewhile nature was springing back to lifeafter the long strifethrough the dusk
Old habits die hard, Robert Frost and dying stars, Those are the things that made me.   Cherry blossoms now in bloom begin wilting on the stem.
Alas! I mourn the fading light That overcame man's tragic fate That floods upon the victor's gate Of which the night knew no respite
The weight of the waves relentlessly presses down Crash after crash, no air left in my lungs Petrified, no energy to lunge No other hope but to drown   But even the air of the deep
The Glass reflects upon who i am. Thoughts and opinions cram into my soul as i look up at the Cold brown orbs that stare back at me in Pain. Smile, stand up straight, this
There’s a road, it’s leading Somewhere. I can’t see the end, just curves, and bends. I’m taking this path, into the unknown. Where a choice must be made,
One of today’s biggest controversial issues Has got parents and children running out of tissues.
the words that are spoken, lay heavy at one's grave. longing for rest, so it sits and waits. blessed is the man that is not stained with blood, for many our found guilty in their cover-ups. it kills one and revives two.
I am here standing in the darkness. It is pitch black and cannot see a thing.  I stretch my hands feeling for something, anything. I hear a blood-curdling scream that sounds like a high pitched whistle. 
Feet dragging, limbs hanging, eyes distant in their sacks. When old women's families send them here there is no looking back. They heap their sorrows, pray for tommorows, The halls are dark and dumb.
 Sitting before me,  Is this red and blue monster, Menacingly tall and long.  My dad is going, As I am debating, I don’t know what to do.  Suddenly, motivation strikes,
I was born Of a European Yew. Its mighty bough had grown Twisted and encrusted With moss In the garden of my great-great grandfather. As he left his house for the final time
March, march, march, marching to the beat The rhythmic pounding of a hundred feet. From porch to mill, making no profits The sharp, stinging, rattle of empty pockets.
dear lust, You were standing right there With those cute blue eyes Staring at my destiny Plugging it gradually With those sweet looking Fingers, dazzling like the Moon and stars
some days it feels as though my absence,  would hardly cause a ripple.    but my presence triggers a hurricane  destroying those in my wake. 
Chants of slurs follow people down the streets through the halls in jobs in home. Places supposed to be sacrad and safe Turned against them.   Nobody woke up and asked to be called 'Fag'
In times past the ground grew nothing barren dark soil uneven beneath shoe soles not a cloud seen through hopeless eyes the fear of being burned  without a shield from scorching rays, 
Don't be afraid to conquer your fears; Hold back your tears In life your fears are there to make things clear, They don't hurt they make you see what needs work in you
  I went bowling with my mom once. It was 10 o’clock on a Saturday night in the middle of September. I think this was the first time we’d went bowling in about 9 years, but
I never cherished how precious you are Until you left and never returned to me I never valued our time together Until I started missing you badly I never thought I'd miss you this much
lost my belief near river streams waters were splattering my elbows by stratosphere beaming grin I said some things left your eyebrows in Jupiter promise you'll send doves to me
To hurt, to love, to live. It’s all part of life right? But what is this so called thing “life”? we all compare things and say “that’s life” what is life? Is it the fact that we breath. Is it that we hurt?
What's perfection, without a little imperfection? To the outside the US is a safe haven, a home, a melting pot, but inside we see the flaws. The discrimination, the hate, 
I was touched, touched by a man of sin. A man who continued to strip me apart with no mercy. He touched me. It was as if he didn’t understand no.
  I don’t know why I am sharing this For so long that cat has held my tongue And I refused to reach for it  But by speaking I know I’m cutting his nine lives down a bit     
I look back on the memories we’ve had sometimes agoWhen life was free for every one of us, both young and oldWhen hiding in dilapidated buildings wasn’t a survival techniqueAnd death was from nature, not a man-made epidemic
There is an unspoken fear Of the fear that lies within. Of the fear boiling in my veins, Of the fear peeling back my eyelids at 1 a.m. I say nothing.
There is an unspoken fear Of the fear that lies within. Of the fear boiling in my veins, Of the fear peeling back my eyelids at 1 a.m. I say nothing.
Painting in the wall that may soon fall apart    Sculpture who soon shall leave without a doubt    A painter weaves his bruh through the canvas    He grieves in great madness  
The sun is gone   The moon has taken its place   The stars have disappeared   The sky is no longer lite up    The darkness consumes my soul   
As i sit still/ in d belle of d beast In ma country in Africa /were d youths only knw defeat In d claws of d leaders is were we all dwell A better hope 4 a future I say farewell Dey suck all d wealth 4rm d oil
i would not say that i am an open book.  in fact, most days, i am not only closed, but i am bound by a lock with the key thrown away and buried 60 feet under on a deserted island. 
The blood oozes out of the deep That I have created on my wrist. Adrenaline rush, Sends a temporary bliss through my body. I clean the blood drops off the floor, Then I wrap my wound.
I, travelled amongst the jungle Searching for a rare species, Which people would call em' the blue bird.
30 pieces of silver
Just Breathe but how can I breathe when I'm drowning? Drowning in every thought shouldn't think In every tear, I long to shed In every cut, I itch to make How can I breathe when I can't control myself?
for my whle life its just been me in my own little world. neverletting anyone in. if i ever tried to explain it would just come out a jumbled mess. no one has ever gotten
I am not who they say that I am I am not The smart girl who is always happy. It is not rrue that nothing brings me down.   I seem happy because I let everything out into my pillow.
The journey speaks to teach,to breed the minds resurrected from addiction conquering fear whilst paranoid
His assurance gives a distance  The spaces of solar lights and magnitude  reflect off my eyes, only wanting to gaze  Energy of his presence radiates in my movement  I hold grasp 
She glides in white light As i look down, nothing speaks to me more  Simplistic, symmetrical My worries spread into the water  Its almost a sign from God  In farther distance, becoming clearer 
The white pawn Forever loyal on bended knee Sacrificed right to be free But he fights doubts dusk till dawn  
Roses are red Violets are blue The sugar was sweet Just like you So bright  And so beautiful Yet with venom for me And a love not to be full My roses turn red
The first breath is full of tears and smiles,Awoken by a beam of light.It is cherished by many for a lifetime,Allowing more than million wonderful wis
Calloused hands Strings of Gold In three bands (or so I’m told)   Jet Black Studs Turquoise Hair
the carbon hardens after sinking farther into the dustthe earth compresses and turns a mess into a value of lustby forming a stone that can survive intense temperatures
At the verge of losing control, a dagger, enters my chest, sent from his eyes, filled with indifference, one tear, no feelings, poison gushing from his lips—   Breathe.  
Behind a screen you may be safe, yet brave. Mind you, actions have results, be careful Of these happenings, you take to your grave. Coming to haunt you, despair is awful.  
You’re usually not that blunt. It’s usually sewn in with threads of: motherhood, divine goal, dating advice, dances, I usually just   don’t exist.  
Now I’m gonna tell a story. Of a black man who was manipulated to be What society labeled all black people to be A black man who tried to restart his life
Can we close the gap between Love and Hate?So I can worry more about tests than being shot for a mistake.Can we close the gap between Friend and Foe?So I can tell a secret without starting a war.
"NO!" "STOP!"  Don't let them see Don't let them hear you cry I know pain is the only thing you can feel inside Flashbacks replaying nonstop in the back of your mind "Mommy, Daddy, where are you?" 
Life isn't fair We don't know when and where  But we know for sure that we'll be sent up there Life's taken left and right  It's all hard to bear  But some people just don't care 
Through the hollows, into the grey Across the rolling hills of pain Run all night till the darkest day. When shadows behind the mists play Charge forward to the silent rain
Saudade By: Sydney Johnson   A feeling of melancholy, longing or nostalgia   It seeps into
You stare at your wretched hands, Blaming yourself for all the waste you threw into the ocean, For all the animals you scared away, And for all the flowers you crushed.
Guns. They have become the sleepless immortals in our country. The instrument leading to too much blood spilt. The goodbye 17 students never got to say.
The smell of burning wood floats in the air It's a nice smell A smell that I grow to miss My moccassins settle on the floor Where those who came before me have settled My regalia acts a hug
The smell of burning wood floats in the air It's a nice smell A smell that I grow to miss My moccassins settle on the floor Where those who came before me have settled My regalia acts a hug
As I struggle throught this land Of hopelessness and fear, I pass a sea of faces- Ones that hold no cheer.   I cross the sea of betrayal And over the bridge of doubt, into the desert of despair.
I just wasted yet another check on magazine subscriptions: Teen Vogue, People, In Style, Essence  Those celebrity tips to get skinny, the plastic surgery ads, look at those models so pretty, thin, and slim.  I wish I could look just like them.  I
I got focus on my craft just to make a difference Sure it's all authentic when i make a sentence It got hard i used my smarts to create my interest
  The sweet salty smell of the sea. Gives my heart a gentle reprieve. From memories that no longer comfort me.   I walked down the shoreline a child.
  The sweet salty smell of the sea. Gives my heart a gentle reprieve. From memories that no longer comfort me.   I walked down the shoreline a child.
She burst in and broke  up our confidence and fear English and coffee
red faced offender... whistle toned disrespect stapled to my thighs,, left from before,, no, this is not your invite.
I want to master the skill of only having to flail my arms backwards and have my skin come off, not that I already posses it or anything.  Instead of piles of laundry there will be piles of skin all over my room.
The Picture Society Paints   Rape culture It normalizes abuse Objectification glamorizing assault
Rotten souls Destroyed bones No happiness at the bottom of the bottle Alcohol doesn't end the pain Only temporarily pleasing the brain. A false reality,  An unstable mentality,
I don't think i need a partner necessarily to be happy- i think if anything i need more self love.
Black History. An idea of substance, of value, of culture. But some prefer to see it upside down instead of right side up. Violence, discrimination, hatred, unjust laws seem to be our new culture.
5 silhouettes stroll through a white town alone the sight of them causes residennts' mouthes to foam 4 jagged stones are thrown aimed to shatter the dark kings' destined thrones 3 skins ripped to the bone
“When a school bell rings!” RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! There goes the bell for the first period of my high school monotony Yet, with each shattering clang of metal, my heart beats faster
Someday, someday, you get a thought that processes through the mind
What does it mean to be a black man in love? Does his fist uncoil for the hand he dreams of or does his chilled heart melt away because of the fire within her eyes?
They say it’s too late Why didn’t you speak out sooner?   Well sometimes it takes a while to realize our truths And when they finally come into clarity They choke us up
For   I am a young woman of poise and rationality but there are times when I'm nothing but scared.   People pass and go but surely they'll never know
Kinky they say,  Too curly to be cared about.   But the coil is my culture; Constantly defined unattractive,   Under-appreciated efforts, Tragically tainted tries.  
As I wander, lost, alone, desperate for company,My heart grows icy and numb, my eyes go dim, and my soul gets weak,As I wander forlornly, I yearn for love, lost out of reach.My mortality is evident in my mentality, and through my actions,Which are
We admire the reckless beauty of the overgrown fields, overrun by explosions of sunshine-yellow blooms and tall grass, swaying in tune to the gentle wind,
Thick feathers protecting soft down Feathers muddy brown reflecting sunlight Sky’s scent absorbed in flight Piercing eyes knowing secrets Eggs in unstable nested in an unstable world  
Thus the Reaper picked up his tools, He took to his hands the metals forged in blood, He reached for the scythe with anger and wrath, According to his oath he upheld his mantle. Looking towards the foggy moors,
DNA from the donor is wiped clean and the desired DNA is inserted. After performing the tasks the cloning process begins, But something has been lost as well as gained.    
so when Geoff sings “here’s to this year I never thought I’d make it through” I put my arms around someone else who did make it & swayed along as the clock swung itself past midnight at the end of December
Life counts down like the clock Heart pulse is life's expensive time Life too weird to live Time too rare to seek Time is illusion After every heart pulse;can't be reversed
We met in school and we became cool  we started to hang out  trying to know what each other was about  we spent a year together then she left and said she would not be gone forever  we found trouble together
Lips so bittersweet kill me in my sleep A taste so heavenly leaves burn marks on my cheeks Scarred by our romance the heavens bleed Onto silk white sheets  
Thank you for the scars that litter my brain. Thank you for the tourniquets to brace the pain. Thank you for the reminders of what I’ve lost and gained.  
If there was a river Where I could drown my sorrows fine If there was mountain Whose shield would never shine A mountaintop of treasures As she protects it all   Standing tall As Valor
I see that you're on the move again, always in a rush  Never one for simplicity, constantly on the run  I ask if I can come along, to which you aquiesce  Hopefully we can be successful in having fun for ourselves 
I sometimes sit and wonder What death would be like. If you can feel everything, hear everything. Every smile you’ve ever seen, Every thought you’ve had,
From a world of different cultures, there is a shelter, warm and tender.Displayed from the blessed rains of Africa,
  Shy, introverted She taught me how to break free The shell has been cracked
My hands move methodically Like I’ve done many times before. This time is different, it’s history I push and pull the needle more.  
    We start conversing but I become unlink Coughing, looking at his teeth I must pray.
How come there is nothing to write When I’m not in pain Nothing to lose A whole world to gain I’m glad for the cease-fire Shelter from the storm But I miss weaving fine silk From my cobwebs
waves of desire. stormy days and his ocean eyes, and a world of hurt being left to decipher what I did I did wrong, what put me so far away from what I wanted even after I wrote you a song
The maturity of love is in all Whether you’re a dragon, a wizard, a massive cat, or a mountain wolf goddess Love grounds us and molds us into the people who we are today
It hurts knowing you're smiling with her  It hurts knowing you are looking at her the way you used to look at me It hurts knowing you're texting her the way you used to text me  It hurts knowing that you are kissing her 
Her name was Blue. Not for originality, her parents were too clever for that. It’s rather for the reflection of her eyes, displaying our earth, our universe, our entangled minds.
The rain falls steadily on  the waxy leaves. I smile and feel the drops fall gently on my face. The birds are only slightly bothered by the water; they twitter with annoyance
I searched for it -  In the pieces of my broken heart, from the hollows of my soul You see, being comfortable with myself isn't something that I know But I try.
Hello Daniel  I could still remember the first time we met  You were 5 and I was six  My father nervously adjusted his lips and posture to introduce us, I was too young to understand the label “stepbrother”
Yellow Roses    For you to be so at peace, but for me to be such a wreck.   You were like warm Yellow rays; humming down into the quiet meadows. You were the Yellow Sun setting
She is the one who showed me the way to this world. On how to survive, be liberating and know the worth of my every inch. She is the one who taught me when to swallow my words and when to have long pauses.
    Eliezer Wiesel  Ruta Sepetys  Kids who suffered  Was 13 when Romania was invaded  
The Race I came to wear old jeans, I was racing, I completed the format.   I hold you to a higher standard.
This is beauty. The stars in your eyes study me, soft pink rose pedals lay gently blanketing either side of your grin. Crimson skys and a salty sea breeze surround you, I wonder if you would let me in.  
I welcome you, brothers and sisters To the island I call my home The place of diversity Filled with courtesy and charity  
Every person draws from what they see. And hear And taste, so delicate, so fine and free.   Every person is a conglomerate of their feelings. So from that
There's a song that replays in my head And it sings of you The entirety of your everlasting beauty Your unforgettable love   I can not change what happened
He is my ghost writer The one who wants to see me ranked up higher. Helps me put in the work so I don't stress later No matter what I did he was always a fan never a hater.
He is my ghost writer The one who wants to see me ranked up higher. Helps me put in the work so I don't stress later No matter what I did he was always a fan never a hater.
My life, my soul, my heart, my whole is claimed. As long as day precedes the night it's here. It plagues me, saves me from a worser fate. As long as night precedes the day it's near.  
Just as the wind directs the sea, My father directs me. For so long, he went unnoticed Yet he stayed so devoted. Never did he waver
I fall The precipice just dark enough that no light penetrates Just deep enough where my shouts aren’t heard Down there, there is nothing, nothing but me
they smiled just not long                                                                       5 before the tears her heart was bitterly taken by the gunning
Black coffee, dirty nails, Calloused hands open a morning paper. Smeared ink, mirrored print, A gloomy world must be brightened somehow.
When I was young, Living in a world of hate, My mind created a cage. It was told that love has chains, Love must be restrained,
Ezekiel. (ee-zee-kee-yuhl). A Hebrew prophet from Babylon, known for his faith. Name Meaning: “Strength in God.”  
I couldn’t continue. The responsibility of life weighing at my shoulders.  I was young, falling back into the pressure, But I felt a hand, Reaching for me, and only me.
Mrs. Waters  Beautiful kindred spirit, Lived my life before my breath. You sail with me through it all. My captain, lovely and wise.  
I look up to see nothing but a blue canvas, dangling, threatening to collapse over me. Existence stalks me as a gust of nothingness reminds me of my
To see you in another world… To think I can! To know I will! A world that holds the greatest mem’ries Of laughing, loving, And of you, my
My sister always tells me, jokingly, as she always does,  that seeing as she’s my older sister, she’s known me for literally my entire life.   She says, “You don’t know me,
Speak beautiful words to me. Let your love be the sun I need to bloom. The comfort of your hands shall be the water I need to stay alive . I am the art piece everyone wants.
A mother is pushing a stroller with a week’s worth of food and a child inside , whom she adores , she has a man but she knows he is one she can't depend on, so alone she walks ,Independence is now her middle name, and Pride is her daught
Words. Us. Crashes. Bus. Fire. Burns. Screams. Urns. Funerals. Who's turn... Is it? Gun shots, and bullet wombs. We're killing ourselves.
Living, breathing, exposing ourselves to one another, I wanted more than anything to feel, touch, express like the others. The one in my life existed but they didnt, They could stay up all night with me whereas
As the rib cage rips for the heart opens. During, that moment as the heart is becoming broken the mind remembers. Then, forgets devotion & numerous emotion.  - D.J.T. 10.13.18!  
My mentor is the weighty, wheezing breath at the top of a steep hill  on days when I already know I’m late for first period. It's the carbon dioxide my lungs won’t let out in a sharpie-smeared bathroom stall
She hangs the flyer: "Sale: baby shoes, never used." Later, a gunshot.
"Honey, that's so cliche."You mutter those words as I tuck your hairbehind the ears that never fail to listen.
A part of your life Best,beautiful,emotions and lovely moments..... It'll never come back again. A parmanent mark onto Our soul,mind and life.... Memories is the one with which
As long as I can remember, my parents have been my role models. They have always had high expectations that molded me into the persistent worker that I am today.
He had a pig heart not the whole heart but the aorta (a replacement when the old one no longer did the trick) It would be years until I saw what that looked like
along with dusty and rusty road i'm travelling through my path those wicked ways i've encountered are those obstacles, which I need to pass so,
They see me I see them  they go towards the future and I while I try figure out time Its a wave till it reaches a shore  Reach is the definition of time  With time they are able to see me 
Overhead planes flew Screams, guns, explosions That’s all I could hear I saw feet of my friends running And ships exploding. My mouth was like a desert My stomach tossed and churned
As summer dawns, our love is delicate like the sunflowers swaying gently in the breeze As winter arrives, our love is wholesome – it’s the fire crackling to keep us warm  
My love starts unfolding at the shore. Beginning at the rocks surrounding the flame pit solid, impenetrable, guarded, grounded but prepared for ascension as it harbors in the warm light.
*Chapter1*I stood still,Never thought of being' shaken, taken for, coz love was granted.
I hear your roar as I toss you high into the sky. I feel you cold in my hands yet so familiar with warmth. Your colors can been seen from afar, Beautiful, Intimidating, Graceful, Forceful.
Why does the moon  absent? She must be tired of faces She decided to be absent To get what she is worth To know how she evaluates As she tired of looking down She tired of seeing the earth She tired of looking to the face Who hate himself and his
 My black son even though your fearless, I'm not I pray you come home everyday. My black son you may be cluess about what's going on around you but I'm not I'll guide you to knowledge.
arcoiris all the colours of the rainbow, are there for us lgbt kids to glow
American made behind bars of bone Freedom buried deep in the marrow Huddled around a trove of syllables rather left untouched
sometimes i feel so close to the earth captivated by the beauty around me the flowers glow, calling for attention ahh they're vain, pretty things and the trees stand tall, magnificent and imposing
Coffee colored roots burgeon up from the hazel chocolate soil that has been dispersed throughout the thing we call time.   As the roots and stems begin to develop, an alluring plant is born,
She sits still, her voice cracking from the fear of the hideous creature before her. Any slight movement and she will be killed slowly and painfully. The girl grows rather querulous waiting
The leaves of autumn spill and fall. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, its rhythmic sounds. Early Morning symbolical verses and rotting leaves that reflects my aching brain.
Before grit or tears When life was lived in a misty cloud of pink and baby blue You were the Gondolier Who swept me safely away
Trapped in my own tempest You guided Becoming my hope to safeness I sailed Turning my darkness to light I travel
Sometimes, there is a burning in the back of the throat I always wonder why, but then I remember We used to share the same air Breathe the same smoke
This tale is true, and mine. It tells How I almost lost the light I was certain I would lose my way For it was dim at the end of the tunnel I was imperceptive
A face of beauty that bewilders- On and on did it kill her. He shouted that she’s only his,
Dear mom and dad,  I know you always wanted the best for me. Giving me everything I always need, so I try and make you proud. Living your dream through me, graduating from college and having all I need.
The lenghth of a beat and the sound of a voice With melodic tone and soothing wave a rest here, a rest there, an eightenth note run a crowd may applaud the success  of the singer in that sparkling dress
To most people, a mentor, is a person Mother, father, brother, sister family or friend Rarely are they anything else My mentor neither lives nor breathes; She does not speak or sigh,
A small Alaskan town Enveloped in a calm, magical mist Where everyone grew up on a steady diet of Chocolate brown X-tra Tuffs, playing outside until dark descended, and rain that never stopped
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To whom it concerns: To everyone who has taunted and teased me: For the color of my skin. For the texture of my hair.
Waves Mama, I’m sorry. I could say those words so many times
The trees sway With the wind so strong The sky turns gray  There was nothing among Dead silence sweeps  Through the woods so deep A little girl stares  Through the midnight air
The trees sway With the wind so strong The sky turns gray  There was nothing among Dead silence sweeps  Through the woods so deep A little girl stares  Through the midnight air
A coal tar is dark, It takes the form of an ancient rock, it can never get old, A Melanin is a brown gold, the sweetness of it's chocolate can cure diabetes, so it's very rare to be sold.
  Throw the ball.                Don’t be nervous. Catch the ball.                Don’t drop it. Game at 9,              Time to grind.
Dang! look at those white marks in the sky  I bet they are made by a jet. nah is most likely a commercial plane Society: just Stop talking  what's the point of you dreaming ?
Lost At Sea; Found On Land   Time has passed  And my mind with it, Like the wind on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  
You’re a Pisces, they say, that means you’re artistic and spacey and imaginative, You love the Water. The family goes for a vacation, a trip filled with excitement, joy, and laughter,
The sun is finally high I can breathe, sinews is restored to the body that is mine I needed life And color is now an addition, An accessory to my life.
Drowsy, tired, and sleepless, Lost in my own mind, What did I do yesterday?   Scared, fearful, unchanging, Lost in the halls,
    Every time, every day that I see those flowers I think of you. Why did I choose to keep them?  
Why would you leave me?Why would you forsake me?How could you lift me up, then drop me?Pour your heart into me Then pour it back out for all to see?Tourment me with evil thoughts
Breathe One, two, three I am a happy daughter Who loves her mother Not a hint of loathing to be found Exhale That was a lie The breeze feels so much nicer Smile so much...wider
It was just the fall of October when the skies were still sleepy The sun had pulled its blankets, yet the naked trees looked creepy Amongst the golden rays lies a mysterious yet recognizable shadow
I am a lotus, once grown in the dirty, filthy mud A flower that resonates with the sun and the northern mountains filled with flood I am a buffalo who is big, stubborn, dark-skinned, and slow
water drips from the sky like blood staining all the land it hits the ground without a sound there is nowhere safe to stand
Baby Baby breathing Baby breathing for the first time Baby born October 4th 2002 October 4th 2002 Happy birthday baby Woman Woman crying Woman crying for 2 reasons
Thank you for what you do for me A blessing in diguise Loving you I've learned the key You truly mesmerize You've taught me how to build and grow Through experiments and stories
Each moment goes on With no encouragement to begin or end. Life goes about its business taken no Time to ask for your assistance. Take a Breathe….. The sunset and the moon will rise
The air filled with sounds of chatter and late night melodies, as the dj synthesized Patrons shared stories swayed to the beat Drinks of all sizes and varieties
Dear Black Girls,
The scars are on my arms as I wash away fresh tears. "How long?" She asks, "Way too long" I respond. I am wearing a baggy sweatshirt and pants. Underneath I am sore, beaten, dying.
7th Grade. Pouted lips. Black eyeliner. Mouthing off to my teachers.  One called me out And told me I was valued. I believed her. Since then Kindness tops my list.
  I want to see God like my mother does. She welcomes Christ like an old friend, and loves Him as family, but all these saints are strangers to me.  
The sun scorches on the fine, coal-black sand Sitting there are many birds popping in orange, red, dark periwinkle, and green This is my cousin’s beautiful and tropical homeland
“Don’t fear the dark” is what I was told I sit in bed covers to chin covered fully I look left and right playing Look-See I am sweating and shaky, I don’t know why My room is dark as I lay with the shadows
                                                                                                       All souls have color. And mine is yellow. It is because of you. You brighten my soul.
Dear Pryce,It's the summer after 6th grade...And you just left for Texas,Leaving the crumbling mess called my life behind.
Sea foam, like veins in the giant body of water, Contrasts against the muted colors surrounding the shore. Sand, like skin to the nearby train tracks, Clothes a suitable shield to the nuts and bolts.
The tree on the corner was ancient. She sagged under the heat of the sun, but when it rained, Her canopy became a weathered shield. Steady, tested, and true.
I thought I was drowning Who was there to save me? I'd sit and stare but the walls only echoed the loneliness I felt there Even in the cold bitter air of October I still felt like I couldn't breathe
  As I travel down the cool summer road, with the moon piercing through the cloudy sky.
When the darkness comes Creeping in through the open window And under the cracks of doors It settles over the room and hums Its haunting lull-a-by. Like a crow on soft and silent wings It moves.
Heart teeming with love, liver soaking in booze; rough around the edges, tender to the core: the dichotomy of you.  
Wide awake yet deep asleepInside my mother it had waitedInside my mother, just skin deepNothing it wants but just hatred
it happens every other time you see yourself in the mirror you feel like a ghost trapped in a cadaver sometimes tied down limb by limb
You speak to me while you drink your poison And inhale the chemicals of dust Dying down like the sun And hanging from a thread Of dreams  
Her life becomes a mess of Red lipstick defenses Red lipstick state of mind  Look but don't see Look but don't touch
This is a letter I refused to write best emotions hiderThis is a letter to myself but I'm not feeling suicidalI write what I feel try to not add fuel to the fireI've been an extroverted introvert since I was a child And honestly I feel only two th
Jasmine rice and everything nice Jade, onyx Blood diamonds Slithering snakes, Sun dried Tomato paste Take a taste Tell a tale Lives for service Smiles for sale
Rosie You was there when life had me defeated Even when I dropped my head and lowered my eyes, you knew I couldn't be cheated As a child I sat on your bedroom floor and admired you as you watch t​he soaps
I wish to be a sloth     they carry along.     Swinging branch to branch Seeming in a trance
This is His home,   It’s the little red house down the dirt road, where the paint is chipped on the inside, and the windows
A flawless and impeccable woman who strives for nothing but the best. Who has a determination and never settles for anything less.
There are stained glass windows illuminated by winter memories purged The dust dancing on sun colored air
I take a puff from the indo while watching my surroundings from my project window I see pimps,thugs,tricks,hustlaz fiends,gamblers and jackboyz who'll touch ya' been this way for generations
I am alone It wasn’t always this way it wasn’t always so drab and grey It used to be full of bright colors flashing lights  
Sweet like honey and hot red. Warm sand stuck on wet sunscreen on our skin Call me baby Make me a thousand promises, tell me pretty things.
Silent nights, without crude shouts of drunkards. And useless merry making of neighbours, is a rare occurrence these days. But I think, even fate is on my side tonight. It's my favourite kind of night,
Clinging against the walls of blood loss You're dying, though you're not living Killed; tiredness was you, babe Premature, open wound You are the baby You are silent You are born No breath
What do you see when looking at me from afar? Staring at me with those stones in your eye sockets. The lava pours over the top and out my ears.
You ain’t never lie about me.. call it how you want it. Speciality drinks is what deserves me. All that rich shit comes within life within imagination. All the cars of society to picture it like you made it.
the slendor of night, makes it seem so wonderful, such is a delight that makes up this moment. 
A woman   A beauty in an embroidered frame The master of embassy, its creator That mirror beckons her name, playfully
A woman   A beauty in an embroidered frame The master of embassy, its creator That mirror beckons her name, playfully
Before I was a bright star I was a meteor   Floating            Floating  Through an endless dark home.  I was surrounded by silence,  Not knowing there was a way out
Words drip out of the pen A realization begins to take shape Onward With the pace of a shark that has picked up the scent of blood in the water
9 to 5 living plus school afterwards Life feeling in a rut Keeping eyes on the prize When they aren’t forcing themselves shut   Outlets keep him sane in an insane world
9 to 5 living plus school afterwards Life feeling in a rut Keeping eyes on the prize When they aren’t forcing themselves shut   Outlets keep him sane in an insane world
Looking up at the sky I remember the timeWhen I received those wings and took flightUnbound by the earth and finally freeI thought maybe, I could fly higher
Fluttering sense in the pit of my stomach fills Overwhelming heart captures this feel Mind and body like one  The feel of the rising sun The downfall of rain  Opening all this pian Gotta stay sane
I lie in bed all day with my blinds pulled shut, motionless in the shadows of my own despair   everything feels pointless: the world the people in it my very own existence  
Poems incarnate the abstract, putting in place our deepest thoughts No need to retract; We can then take shots at the thoughts that make us rot.
For those dressed in long draping sleeves on the sunniest of days, quivering as they walk wincing subtly with each step   For those with lilac bruises outlined by hints of yellow
Poetry is the balm that soothes all wounds, The rose colored tint that paints over the windows of the soul.   In poetry, life can be construed in any which way,
Learn Between the Lines Scholarship Slam Power Poetry Poem Title   A cryptic poem With poem casualties.   I sit here, write here, and believe that the spirit will change them.
I was writing a poem as evening dawned, keys clacking away as I wrote about Jackie Robinson. I was writing a poem for a contest to win two tickets to a Pirate’s baseball game.
I used to believe that I couldn't do it.  I used to believe cause I wouldn't do it.  I used to believe that I could not be.  But I couldn't see what they could see.  They said I could do I just had to try.
I once fell in love with her.. Not only for her beauty but also for her personality.. I dont know whether she felt the same or did she thought that is was a game... Still I had nothing to complain for it would be lame...
A meek mouth releases gentle plumes of cool, peaceful air from the same source a warm, a curling whisper takes delicate flight. Fragile lungs exhale weightless, graceful sounds, released by lips pink, chapped, aware, of 
Soul Able Animal Celestial Bodies Functioning Skeleton Brain Blood and Bones  Material Light Forming Being Spiritual Physical and Mind Bodies
 Poetry....... a simple yet inquisitive word, filled to the brim with intrapersonal meaning A space where my soul, emotions, and humanity have important meetings 
                               The Unforgettable Hero                                        By: Bryanna Danielle Parkoff Oh!Poetry I don't know what I would have done without you if you were nonexistent
At first the words made my lips bleed. They took like a blade to my tongue, acid to my eyes. I looked upon the page like a predator at prey, I seeked to devour each letter and understand.
I fell in love with a beautiful stranger.. For long I wished we could be together.. Share our love forever & ever
... She has this beauty which when put together forms imaginable beauty
I am from rides in the back of an old Ford pickup truck down a bumpy dirt road From Carousel rides on horses and unicorns And the tears after being pricked by prickly thorns.
Will you be my umbrella when it rains? My warm embrace when I'm afraid Will you be there for my smallest victories and biggest catastrophes? When I'm unhappy will you be my circus clown?
I can feel her force like a tsunami. Her crashing, all-consuming presence around me; Leaving me breathless and my lungs aching for air... I drown in her.
A gentle warmth surrounds me, a familiar scent. It's sweet and warm, it smells like home. It's mama's perfume. I open my eyes and I'm lying in mama's closet amongst her fancy sweaters. Where is mama?
i know wandering and weeping poetswith hardened eyes but gentle souls,and i know happy poets who tookthe world and gave it a heart, somebroken poets who healed up well,some who don't want me to write
i can fake a smile  i can fake a laugh  whatever it takes to convince you that im not dying inside becuase when i let my soul no one seems to care so ill my pretend im ok 
You feel it You crave it You wanted it. I feel, crave, and want You have it and I don’t You can not force Love  
Through the dark and vile came the light awakening a brumal beast. With hands like fire, virtuous fingertips graze upon the unrest of the cosmos singeing all connections that once restrained it as human.
Wear my heart on my sleeves I tend to get my arms cut off. Take my kindness for weakness They see me as soft.
Here you are again  So sweatly clinging to those stairs again  but you just might  swear that you  have got something  to prove. 
Look up to the sky, what's beyond  what you can see?  Are there angels  struttung, spilling and tripping  over themselves as we do? See around.  Who's beyond what you can see. 
I thought you would be there for me to catch me when I fall well, darling I have fallen for you tremendously and now it seems like you never felt the same way
I guess we living paycheck to paycheck. Apartment 1A3. House smelling like weed and smoke. Little kids with no shoes on . Mama yelling "get yo behind in the house !" Daddy coming and going.
I waved hello to an old bent tree Unsure where the journey would end. I never expected that, waiting for me, Was a wooden and wonderful friend.  
Enid Ibarra Human: A Lesson   When I was fourteen, I pressed my hand against A stranger’s chest and learned that a heart Has four chambers and cannot feel
That kid you see sitting quietly doing nothing. You know he’s unable to use his words to express himself. Scared of things he could say,
A poem, Read with silver tongues   Can be baked into warm, whimsical swirls   Or gardened to bloom in each ear
funny how perspective differ sleeping on some concrete to seven figures a poet made empathetic taught me ethics think I really have to give them credit  never had to swipe meals no debit
The thermosphere is showered with stars Sprinkling the inky infinity with transcendent luminescence Deep crimson to brilliant sapphire, they radiate Forcing even souls of malice and anxiety to eternal serenity
Right, veering right,Left, swooping left.Orange cones, white lines, speed bumps Preventing me from zooming so fast.But I wouldn't because... I know me.
The magic sweeps out of me as my hand glides across the paper, Images and words flowing out. In the end, a beautifully crafted poem rests on the pages. Poetry, hand in hand, led me down the path of introspection.
I am curvy and nerdy Self-esteem a little sturdy Hmm. can't even count how many times I've been told I have a body that people pay for But how is that supposed to make me feel good, when those people are always shamed for
When I look in the mirror, who do I see? The girl of my dreams or the one I wish to be? Society wants me to be perfection But I have an addiction to wanting to be intellect, So remember nobody's perfect.
It's like a blade that never stops twisting in your heart. When you fall in love, you fear everything about them. Their very existence is your foundation. You love them so madly you're blinded by it.
When I think of the world I'm afraid to look at what it has become. People struggle through the darkness that has risen all through out the pastures of their very land.
My life is a different world Uninhabited, wrong place. My mind is a cave; Imprisoned in herself. If one day in my mind you got in, you would understand. If the walls of my cave talked, they would tell endless stories.
I don't know where we are going but I hope its forever. I don't know what we see but its blinding. It's insanity. It's pain, but its so desireable. I look into your eyes and just forget what hurts the most.
the gold and crimson spilled over the grass                         flowers bloom through the snow the sunset was one of the few beautiful things there                         a rural area
See what am seeing,Are you feeling what am feeling? Despite freedom of expression I'm not allowed to express my feelings,See them, registered thieves, registered criminals.  So many times I wanna stand on my feet,But Mum called me, my Son!
while waiting for this, too, to pass-- i count breaths, count heartbeats, count waves of nausea. i steeple my fingertips one by one, pretend
I can see it but I can't say it, I can feel it but I can't express it,I tried shouting,Some didn't hear me, Imagine that!  I tried to display,Some didn't see me,Just like the second coming,W.B.
Wake up! Can you see? They're falling down on their knees, Lying on the ground with blood falling down their cheeks.   Listen up! Are you deaf? From a distance, you can hear them.
My heart is pounding. My head is racing with every single outcome in my head as my phone sits in between my palms with a decision to make that wouldn’t be easy.
My heart is pounding. My head is racing with every single outcome in my head as my phone sits in between my palms with a decision to make that wouldn’t be easy.
I haven’t been getting much sleep lately my eyes look as if it was ready to pop out, so i’ve been sleeping in between class.
Day in day out, I'm staring at a TV, but never did I notice someone looking at me. Scraping on the glass gave my heart a leap, as two glowing eyes look to flea the heat.
I stand behind in the abyss watching the dehumanization of my people. We are called the lesser, not considered a human being, animals. We stand in fear, frozen. We stand in sorrow, defeated.
Everyone is different with contrastive thoughts and problems, As I read through the minds of others reaching for a release, I come to this conclusion repeatedly,
My heart started racing when his name popped up on my phone’s screen. I flash back to the many nightmares of him hunting me. I'm caught in a state of fear, attempting to read his mind,
Dear Men, I can't even remember the first time I was catcalled as it happens so frequently it now feels like a routine.
What has peotry taught me ? Where could I  start , it all starts with a song that flows from the heart. We have all been taught to read between the lines, all of our thoughts within  our minds 
    Each one of us is like a distinct geometric figure, Bounded by its boundaries, bound in its apparent isolation,
I am a song of myself. I make beautiful songs kissing on every note. I float gently in the breeze relaxing with a drop of smooth clouds. I am spring radiantly shining with unbreakable words that no one
It all started with a purse. A beautiful deep plum crossbody. Embossed with a household name. Kate Spade.
Nothing matters except the pen and paper, how the ink flows so smoothly on the paper.  Every word that that paper embrances has meaning.  The words drip from her mind through the ink. 
Whiskey is like liquid death in a bottle. The man is excided to see the newborn bottle of whiskey in his hands His addiction is uncontrollable when the bottle is empty People find that he smells of death itself
Medications whisper their spells in my ear Doctors did not believe what I saw in the mirror I am a monster of their magic At night I am released from their magic spell Only to be taken again in the day
If you are a dreamer, come in Come into my hauntings We have much to talk about Running, closed doors, alleyways, and storms Come, come you are welcome in My hauntings are my dreams
What happened to my sister? Smart, beautiful, loving, and caring. Long brown hair, pretty blue eyes, 5’5. Pink and black jacket, jeans and black D.C.’s. Kaitlyn.
I Spoke To Her & God Today , I Cried To Them Both , I prayed for my family that they would get through this , it wasn't no Joke
I’m an ambitious man. A tool of destiny, a puppet of fate, transcending all of humanity. Cunning and charismatic, I seek
I bet you’ve never heard the tale Of him so slick and sly. You turn your back, and poof he’s gone! “He was no good,” says I.   One day I looked into the coop And there he stood, so cool.
Hush!   See that glowing of the river-nymph, skin lit with the sun’s admiration? Trust the slow glide of the wind’s tresses to lead her back to home. She dances with a flame that sears
I am studious and inquisitive, wondering what life has to offer.I wonder about my future family, what kind of mom, wife, and grandparent I will be.
Breathe, in and out Curtains closed, Slowly open Smile, Bigger, Happier Don't shake, Don't show your nerves   Move, Grace, and poise Children watch and Dream One day it will be them
tick tock teardrop second hand falls minutes pass poring pouring through the hourglass
The wind rustles the trees today the same as it did yesterday; I trust without willing so, that it will tomorrow. Her company I hope to keep, and practice the faith and love
I'm afraid of heights, but that's not all. There are no ropes in case I fall. Now that I'm an adult it seems, the only escape from anxiety is in my dreams.   I would love to wake up one day,
All it wanted to do was express itself in a way nobody had ever done before. It wanted to be revered as the artist that would bring creativity back.
The breeze sighs throught the reaching arms, leaves rustle at the tips.  The grass sways as the breeze fight the rising heat. The need for a pool or a lake rising.
I once held hell in my heart In the same place I reserved for love It singed what remained of my compassion Silently Violently Losing myself in the eyes of a dove My soul imprisoned
I have known the empty seat. I have stayed in the back—and front of the room. My mind dancing faster than my tapping feet.  
The child stood, standing in the shade of the forest. Dense leaves blocked the sunlight, which the Sun ordered it rays to strike the forest floor.
Here's to another century, wow you sound old,Luckily you still look half your age, better than more.So here is my Dad, who's more optimistic than me, Striving every day to make our dreams succeed.He say's he wants to be a Treasure Hunter, who know
There is no more hiding when you can feel your hand,writing away from the thoughts that are cemented in your head. They are no more fake smiles when you are secure of yourself,knowing that you have found a new hobby that clears the thoughts you ar
The stick-together families are happier by farThan the brothers and the sisters who take separate highways are.The gladdest people living are the wholesome folks who make
Life is not a box of chocolates. Life is an endless ladder that each of us have to climb. It is nothing but an empty dream.
First of all you dont even know me. I live so many different lives That you can’t see inside Of me anymore. I am not a girl, I am a woman,
How will you do this? Where is east? Where is west? The fist fits in the hand and the four corners touch only here. the witch's finger, the little chef, the frying pan
 I see blue and gold when the sun sets.   Sometimes the gold isn't always there, Sometimes it doesn't come back. Sometimes it is brown, or even black;
All I want is to be free. free of the demons that haunt my nights Laughing in glee as my eyes droop down. His face fades into place like the cheshire cat.
I’m not okay. I’m sitting on the bathroom tiles, Crying, Screaming, Hurting. The blade glides merrily across my arm, Slice
You wanted to screw me over? Tear me open to tear me apart. Well, guess what? You’re the only one getting that part. I’ve got wit, class, skill, Ready for the kill. You’ve got charm, lies, an arsenal
Face downIn the waterI drownedWith the liliesAnd the rocksHit rock bottom
I stand upon this venomous peakToxins swirl and knock out my kneesAnother victim of the insidious diseaseAs I crumble to the torture of the quarry
  Hey, what’s your name? I’m so charming, i’ll leave a bad taste in your mouth. But don’t put me to blame. I’m the perfect fit for you.
Inside When you see rain you can't feel it You can't feel the rain kiss your face Or the water build up around your feet You can't feel the water seeping through your shirt
I love how I don't need explanations. People do what they want without hesitation. Yet all my life, people had me waiting. Give me a moment of silence for all of the realization.
just one failure to watch  one fateful soft misstep  can bring a building down  cause chaos to erupt    i looked around for someone  i’m still not certain whom relief flooded my chest
Everybody has heard  The moving to another country for a better future It isn't easy is what they say But they were still on their way Huffing and puffing on their journey through
His fist was her feast Each night the sun sets, His hands were the shackles She couldn't find the keys to When they cuddle her in pain
A light at the end of the tunnel; A breathe of fresh air in an oasis of dry land, You were the rock; the helping hand. You fed me your wisdom and filled me with passion,
The lights of our lives will always shine Even brighter than those at Christmas time. One to worship on a glorified shrine, Ignoring this light would be a great crime.  
Diving into a world unlike any known. You delve through with no known limits. A place that you can call your own. No fear or concern to withhold my words. Gazing at the beauty that only I can create
I live life with no REGRETS I always speak my mind and shown  RESPECT But for the last 4 years I feel nothing but NEGLECT I feel like my mind just needs to RESET  
Amidst the brashness of the rain, And the vultures screeching in vain, I heard a little chirp, Acting in usurp.
Tall…   What a ride it’s been I swear you really had me fiddled You had me wrapped Like a pig in a blanket Son of a bitch…  
In daylight I was addicted  proud as a marble statue  painted the emotions as vacant  Until the colors shifted night sky brings tenderness 
Poetry has taught me to voice myself Letting it out is necessary at times Pain oozes out of my body As words come out my mouth I am able to experience freedom as a result  At last I can have fun again 
He tells me I'm lucky to live here That we’re safe and welcomed by everyone here That we have a future full of fortune and success
Lucky me..
Come to life My beautiful reality That keeps me sane With its artificiality   Savoring Every taunting promise
Come to life My beautiful reality That keeps me sane With its artificiality   Savoring Every taunting promise
Red and white striped in a shape of a wheel,  a wheel that can drive me craving for ones loving feels, From the middle it is all pink dyed,  as though it can describe my deep hurt feelings from the inside, 
Because I loved you… Let me correct myself - Because I love you Present tense, not past because now you consider our love to be completely in the past It hasn’t changed for me…10 months later
Feeling so lost In a place full of roads Everyone is on board While she's stuck Waiting on nothing Yet She knows that her time is burning Not knowing what to do Join the plane or train
It's a struggle My body squirms every time my thumb hits the blue arrow Reveal too much and I become a slave, she's the Jew's Pharoah Conceal too much, she may turn away, This is my conflict, my new peril.
One step at a time My feet pad toward the flagpole near the horizon Nothing stirs in the flat land surrounding me Nothing crunches under me shoes on this dirt road
Being a poet, I've learned to... Express my emotions On a piece of paper Confess my devotion To all that I love and stand up for I have a voice that must be heard
A Poem, a poem, What is this thing? Poetry, a thought That is the crowned king.   If we could see The world truly, We would know that All things are poetry.   
I'll tell you the story of how I killed a Phoenix A Pheonix of the brightest red and orange colors Colors that burned and flamed and lighted up the night, but One Night this bird and I would collide
In my eyes  I see no sunrise breathing for the last time How much time before I hit the ground and  flat line Pictures from my last ride marriage  to a undead bride
The sting The pain The tears All because of the blade Its my weakness My Enemy Its My key You think it hurts Nope! Its just a tiny sting. I say just one But one turns to two
The sting The pain The tears All because of the blade Its my weakness My Enemy Its My key You think it hurts Nope! Its just a tiny sting. I say just one But one turns to two
Bibiana Before your stone, I stand a prodigal This creed of despair is all- All that is left of my grieving ink You our dearest rose Found it fair to wither So the will of God could blossom
I will climb up my tree of poetry; Onto the highest branch, Far into the leaves Where the birds will sing the thoughts I, once, could never focus on.
Here I am, again, alone, Wondering what to do. Should I talk to myself? Or watch movies in lieu Of the time I wish I had To spend here with you. Here I am, again, alone, Wondering what to do.
The inner light of diamonds seen Saphires  of the clearest blue The different shades of emeralds green
You propped your torso above the sweaty mat, resting on tense arms, arms rippling and sculpted and wrapped in serpentine tattoos I'd long stopped crunching my body into a pretzel
Smooth wooden handle 6 inches, nearly 10 when flicked open to reveal stainless steel The blade marred only by a few oily fingerprints and a speck of brown   It smells of dust and of dried blood
Lights... Camera... Action Line by line Scene by scene rehearsal after rehearsal The characters interactions The set, the props, the costumes The director's cuts The blocking, singing, dancing,
Can’t feel anything in my legs because  all I feel is numb My mouth is taped but I feel like swallowing a gun In all my 17 years  I'm just trying to be the one
There are some things, people do, When they can only feel blue. They take the silver, make it rust, For they feel that they just must. People see, but do not tell, Scared of what hides behind the veil.
Its been long night for my heartA long day for my soulIts burning desire to know what can’t be seenA mooring breeze with the sense of the fruitful cherry blossom  Oh its beautiful, the savory flowers of spring and its sense of eternal youthfulness
On a warm summer day, a young child was walking with her parents through the New York City shops. A crisp 20 dollar bill was clutched in her hand, ruffling in the slight breeze as she skipped happily about.
Dead on arrival  feeling suicidal I’ve  never killed anyone but I'm always on trial I'm no liar if I am hit me with a piledriver
A world filled with terrible things amok, Where people are rigid and getting stiffer. There lives a man who refuses to be stuck, He is known as the runaway drifter.
Pitter patter of the rain on my head Sends the fears straight to bed,  In the things gone unsaid.    And the crackle of the thunder Sending all the pain asunder Taking respite in the clouds
What is life? Life can be full of emotions or pain It can sometimes bring you down that you feel weak By years go by, you start to over come those emotions
Leaving lather on the floor is the best way to leave the shower tonight. Water beads, down the drain, but her hands glide. She speaks few words, and quivers her lip, so heavily in this night. I love your skin, you simple fool.
"My love why do you keep me, i am ever so tinyI may not be a babe or even that whiney...but I am so small yet you make me feel so goodand you protect me despite the whole neihborhood
Your smoked filled eyes Holding the thing in your hands, Precious, you say. Your smoked filled eyes, Holding the lies you told me “Friends”, you say
Too many hours were wasted as a child  scrubbing away at my mud colored skin.  Too many prayers were spent questioning God as to why I was given the “bad color”. Because that’s what we were taught black was, right? 
The stars glisten in the night sky Shining like diamonds The fire burns a hot blazing red Warming even the coldest of nights Fireflies lighting the dark sky
“I love you”s and “me too”s suddenly become silent under the weight of it all. The pressure seems too great for one person to bear, but there are more hands waiting, waiting for the plea for help.
I just want to be  remembered for what I’ve done But lately I feel like I'm going numb No one understands where I come from  I just want to levitate in the sun  
Mediocrity was the only one we ever cared for. The fear of mediocrity; being questionable, no longer normal - entices us.Every breath a little louder till the coming storm shadows its wings. 
If love was in my veins And love was in my blood The way the thunder rumbles As the lightning strikes six miles away
When he took over my thoughts He did more than just manifest In my brain He became the heartbeat that kept me alive
Luscious lips Long locks Liberating legs She was He was They were
Some say that all they need in life is someone  to love and cherish forever To hold tightly in their arms and express their undying love for each other but, let me explain to you, that's not me
My mind is always m   o     v       i         n           g             y         e       l     l   i n   g s              c
Our hearts are wild creatures, perhaps that is why our ribs are cages; I think not. For they are the silly crazy foolish little things that go about slipping and sliding, and more dangerously, falling in the dark.
tell me that you want a tree, an Apple Tree. the fruit you desire, it will produce but, if you, plant it first. the tree will give you many years but, if you, will give it drink.
    I  sit here with my decision split My head wants to stop but my heart won't quit   I don't even  want to talk about the fire I lit
Everything comes down to thisThis is where is culminatesI'm taking off this suitI don't need it to play a saint
This is the hardest part I've  ever written  That's why I keep my distance while I go itNot all heroes wear capes I wear a maskI would do what I need to hell my  heart is already broken
Swinging back and forth life is on  meditationI'm sitting here going crazy  sucide  contemplatingYoung & hungry heart made of iron trading  places Why do I fight to the death when the angels are waiting
a pristine splotch of fuschia / a flawless splatter of ruby / the radiant smudges of sunlight pure as a virgin / the poignant aroma of rose petals /
There’s a soft patter of mice in the attic, as they rummage around in cardboard boxes, opening their eyes to the brilliant streak of sunlight
Kill me like criminal justiceDo you need help take a seatWhen I die examine meHave my blood flowing in the streets
can  you be my guidance? the one who leads me through the way the one who clears up my mistakes  if i were to go back and say this again  would you still wanna be my guidance ?
I do fear darknessI fear what it showsI fear what it does not show I do fear darknessWhen it highlights what I amWhat I am notWhen it enlightens me:There are things I cannot do
My footprints and fatal errors in the past are drowning me. Killing me with such guilt and preventing my breaths. I wore an armor of thousands summer.  
  Instead of giving me a necklace Made up of his hands   We sit in his Grand Cherokee And listen to our favorite bands  
“what do you fear?” she asks. i ponder. i think deeply. what do i fear?i look at her. her bright eyes gleaming into my own. her lips magnifying, pulling my metal heart closer and closer to her.
these thoughts haunt me endlesslybut your spiritual presence projects a thick barrier, reflecting theseattacks back into the darkness of my walls
I've learned how to live comfortably in the chaos. I breathe it in like oxygen. I let it wash over me like a summer rain Soaking it up like sunshine It's built itself up around me Four walls and a roof
As the leaves turned west and the trees covered the trail and the roots grasped the sky and the thorns stroked the bare the overwhelming flow of the universe filled up the scare.    
   Beware, beware, be skeptical, of their smiles, their smiles of plated gold, Deceit so natural, But a wolf in sheep's clothing is more than a warning.
Like the angel you are,You laugh, creating a lightness in my chest:Your eyes, they penetrate me.
To my Teachers:I am the student who "changed"The "bad influence" in your class,The "lazy" student,The one who never does their workAnd just puts their head down on the table    In reality, I'm just depressed and stressedand awaiting the "future" I
Judas stood besides him gave him a kiss and took him to the world he painted him with guilt just for 30 peices of silver he was arrested, beaten , spat on and mocked he stood before the concil of the ungoldly
Dear You,  i could never blame you for what you did to me, you were a tumultuous storm the roar of your thunder sent others in the opposite direction but not me.
Dear Heart, Prosaic to poetic, you are my greatest symphony. Potential to kinetic, your beats are fading vividly.   Suddenly, your strings are frozen. Even the winter has whistling tunes chosen.  
Dear future,       If only my eyes can wonder into the unknown and unlock the mysteries to be known. Why, you are a master at keeping secrets and a bad person at letting them go.
  Dear Anxiety,   Looking into the barrel of a gun, I take one last breath. No last words. No pleas. No “tell my family I love them.” I am paralyzed by fear;
Dear Atopic Eczema, As you take away barriers of my skin I have built up walls around my heart Before I knew that I was Pangea, You break me into continents
Dear dreams of mine,   You are as fickle as the changing seasons, Why won’t you do as I reason?
Dear anxiety - There's so much to tell you and this isn't me in a postcard writing after months of no word but the isolation is just the same. I have so much to tell you
Dear Brother,   Now I don’t mean to be misperceived, because I’m white and you are black, it’s something we all can see.
Dear Little One, How are you? It has been only a few years since I last came home to find you waiting
Dear fellow dreamers yearning to satisfy their wanderlust,   I wish I could always be traveling,                                        Adventuring striking royal ocean waves.                              
It’s 4 PM here in Georgia, And I’m enjoying time with my friends We’re studying and laughing together, As we enjoy diversity through our peaceful lens.  
My Dear Love,   Not long ago Flying high on a dream I realized A hole at the seam Unfamiliar with what it should mean This obsession over a broken stitch  persisted as an uncomfortable itch
dear night time lurker,
Dear First love, I met you in my chemistry class and we hit it off right away, but you left me broken, so I made you this:
Flower child: child of a flower child and you've let your thorns grow wild and I want to know why   Flower child, was it something that I said? Know that I wish I were dead
Dear My Prince Charming,
Dear Taylor,
What a lovely rose Petals as smooth as fine silk Yet the thorns may cut
When all I felt was trepidation and blindness I looked up at you, And you, you shine and glow, And seemed to live up in that endless Black universe of infinite possibility and space. And not just space the place,
Dearest You, You who glides on water You who is rapid as a dart You who do not think in matter But strikes quickly at the heart   You who flies around me Yet still out of reach
To my dear depressing thoughts,   You’ve been apart of my life for so long. Living, breathing and hurting inside of me. Its been awhile since I’ve felt you. I’m sure you’ve come back to open my wounds again.
Dear mindless zombies also known as society,
As I awake from slumber in my tiny room, I look outside and see the flowers bloom. Summer is coming just around the corner, and making everyday warmer and warmer.
I try to speak, The words of my heart, Yet, they seem to turn to bitter ash, And I choke on them, Before they can touch, The clean, outside air,
It just sucks to know that in one flicker of a moment your life could get better or worse. Normally, that thought would be so comforting and it would give you Faith, but in the circumstances of a pessimist, it's so God damn terrifying.
Dear Mr. Ghost,
Oh love, You asked me once if it was me that was using you Or if it was him. Not him, I said. Me. And you stayed silent.
There are no big memories, Because I can't exist in the small. Im tired of walking in between the two, Trying not to fall,   I can walk a million miles in an inch, Because my world is so small,
Dear reader,   Against the Earth I wonder a curious thought, That haunts me to sleep, As the moon hangs above my sorrows at bay.  
Dear deity of pure judgement,   I see something, and I am scared. I am pretty sure it is a monster. His eyes are dripping blood,
Dear Eagle Rock High School Auditorium,   I was a mere seventh grader when you were renovated. I was afraid that the 90 years of history Would be lost. I guess that’s the thing about theatre. It vanishes.
You made it into college; it's easy. Your highschool teachers lied. What's hard is being alone.  Finding yourself is harder. Learning how to "adult" and being independent is a challenge. 
In the chthonian cacophony of this Fast-paced world, that never stops, never halts Always turns, always runs, Coffee drinking, Not really thinking
Dear Self,  Sometimes when it's late at night and I feel like my room is the only vessel drifting through a black spacious ocean with the constellations above, some bars of light will begin circling around
To the Artist Who Painted the Portrait of a Heavy Heart,   Your frayed brushes with shattered, splintered handles devoid of paint
Maria,   My darling girl, I dedicate every song to you Every sunrise and every sky full of stars All the colors of the rainbow And the gold leaf on the painitngs you so adore
Dear Anxiety,I wish I could say that we have grown apartBut you like to visit at least once a day.If not every day,then every week.We sit together, late at night,talking about all the things I don't like to hear...No one likes you,Why would they?Y
Dear God,   I saw the stars in you, as I found the constellations in me; a secret unfolded for my eyes to see. A lifeless old being, no,
As I stare into the dense, forward mirror embroidered with the pearls handed down from my mother and her mother's mother at the reflection of a bronze, well-kept woman who glances down out of uncertainty immediately as eye contact is revealed- I r
Dear ------ -----:   "You just have to say it. Tell him. Trust me, you'll feel better." I wonder if it's really that easy.
Water so dark So thick, like paint. Sky so bright So blue, It hardly has a color. Through the tunnel Spiderwebs overhead Rust lining the tube.
Tender Dearest of the firefly nighttime Please go to the dying embers of night. No wanting nor wanning of the moon's sigh Will make me move towards these dying love's light.
We had no plans and began to drive Into the small town that had tried to hide   From a paper map, hung on the wall it would seem to be fields that only stretch on  
  Dear Snowflake,   oh Why Did you Leap from the Clouds, my Dear Tiny angel? Were you tossed For being cursed with an icy
Dear closed minds,   Pastel palettes far too often used to neutralize Blemishes in skin when skin is only a disguise Complexions of perfection should be make believe
Dear other half,
Dear mom, goodbye was never said When i woke from my bed And you were already gone. I sat and cried And tried and tried
Dear Creation,   I am at a crossroads with myself a sinner with high standards believing that someday I’ll find happiness with someone
leave no trace hear the chest rise and fall the laugh echoing underneath the soles of feet camouflaging as pulses and hiding as dust
Dear Fleming Family,   It was the year of 2007, The 3 of you moved into my retangular, wooden being Boxes touched my hard wood floors and soft carpet,
Summers were once dull, Full of light yet no shine filled me like the society I observed.  Winters flourished with productivity and absorbed my mind,  Creating a practical monstrosity.  The colors are gloomy and drear, but still give me comfort.  
Dear Flirts, My heart is broke Is it him or is it me just let me know Cause I don't know whose hand you'd rather hold Or who you'd rather cuddle when it's coldd I didn't ask 
Dear Standards of Society,   My entire life, I grew up being told to be more feminine. To dress and act like a lady.
Living day by day Seeing beauty in everything Connecting my day with the days of others I see the meaning of life I endure the beauty  I connect with my peers  Life brings me inspiration 
  Everything has began to implode when the sight of your green eyes were set on her blood red nails. My beating heart, My empty words, My hopeless life,
Dear Earth,   Your rolling fields of amber grass, Cerulean waves of primeval, And skies painted with ripe orange, bubblegum, and perfect aubergine Are no longer as beautiful as they once were.  
Dear one, I never thought my life could change  As suddenly as a sharply drawn breath An unexpected run in with duty after desire Tight words spoken in the dark Betraying the turbulent, hidden emotions 
Dear 1:00 a.m. memories,   I close my eyes to visualize music as it’s melodies create visions warped into my being, seeing what I thought to be essential  A little girl confused as to what she hears 
Dear John,   Did you know it was spring when I first met you? Remember field day, the way the leaves moved ever so slightly back and forth in the breeze,
He was different. But what came with different Was a handful of arguments Mixed with the worst feelings.
To the bystander, What is the use of a camera when it tapes a man falling? Or when it films a woman drifting to her doom? As her limp body breaks as she breaks the waves beneath
Twirling in confusion and inert anger,my introverted self can't continue in this loophole,It was seemingly inevitable that this would all crash at the roadblock,Consistent trials have all been deemed futile.
I pray to Him, I wonder if He even hears me.   My routine: Alarm set to wake me up at 5:00 A.M. After I awaken, I play some tunes. I like J. Cole, Kendrick, Tupac, Jay, Nas…
On the Day of the Sun, I heard Democracy talk about Shapes and sizes, Spite and spleen, Color and cologne Word and litter Hair and lip.
Dear Daisy I think about kissing you I wonder if you think about it too We were waiting outside to go dancing I was high and
Just stay I’m not ready to give this goodbye  It’s been one day  I went to bed without you by my side  I woke up without you, it's something I can't deny  
Dear hands, I think about you a lot now and I just wanted to say I'm sorry I'm sorry for biting off your nails and peeling off your skin when I'm nervous
Dear life,   The .9mm Beretta seemed to fit in my hand As if it were a natural phenomena And not something created by man
10 years ago there was a fire It started to burn so much higher It burned all thee trees He burned them with ease But now nothings left but desire
You fickle thing, You keep on looking,  For your reflection in others, Anxiously sending out, Clouded rays of light to broken mirrors, When will you see, That the light reflected,
to my dearest, i remember seeing you for the first time i remember falling for you for the first time it was like jumping off of a cliff & not worrying about the fall
The Cherry Blossoms began to bloomTheir beauty was extraordinaryA young girl with a big puffy sunflower dress Giggled and danced by the tree
Tune in, turn it loud. Echos scream through every empty room. Silence. The broken things we've become.
Just a young boy coming straight from the Bronx need to expect life always comes with some knocks this story's pretty tough don't know where to start maybe it's watching my family fall apart child abuse such a scary situation having to be quiet wi
Dear Anxiety,   Please leave me alone. ( Why?) You do not need to constantly question every action I make (Are you sure?)
To the soul that left me lost,   I've been writing to you for quite some time, but never got around to actually sending a letter.  
Streaks making up your black sharp shape are filled with darker paint from my throbbing, aching heart.   A tight shut beak making up your direction
dear scared,   you are tucked away   you hide in a shadow you quiver with fear   unknown means terror bold you are not   not time to stand
When time dies, people still enjoy the misty nights alone When time dies, people still discover ways to move on. When time dies, I still see the look in your eyes Nobody witnessing my death before the attempted suicide.
The moon smiled at me and I smiled back All the stars  twinkled brightly too Like the face of the sky, it warmed up just for me And I could see it as I tried to return the smile
To my son.    My baby has blood on his hands,  dripping red fingers smeared across oceans and continents.  Imperialism breeds imperialism and the apple doesn't fall  far from the tree. 
                                  Dearest wanderer of sorrow,               Possessing the weakened bones which quake of agony;
I'm obsessed with that cool new air and that apple cinnamon smell of those burning candles slowly dripping wax down the side of them.
I was stretched, stretched out so far that you could see the future far beyond me and the capability of my flesh. I was drained, drained so that rather than hearing the sounds of me again you would hear the strum of a guitar.
The vibrating sound of the machinery rang loudly throughout the room. I took great pleasure in listening to its penetrating music as I watched her small statured body wreathe against the blood-stained straps
My legs crossed themselves together as the sharp pieces of grass scratched against my limbs. The cooling air passing against me sent a deep chill throughout my relaxed presence.
My Dear,   There was a time when we used to write. I was obsessed with letters And you were obsessed with me. We told the stories of our lives
Dear Life,
Keep Ya Head Up
No matter my size, I've got this power of voice, So you can disregard the opinion, Or absorb the knowledge, your choice, But its ripe, Its moist like fresh brownies from the oven,
Dear Self,   i fear for you.  i fear that one day you will do the highly thought action that crosses your mind everyday. 
Dear Anxiety,   It seems strange to be writing to you When you feel just like another part of me, An extra appendage that I can’t amputate
  February 2, 2017   Dear Person Whose Life I Tried to Make Perfect,
A candle has many forms. Curiosity exploring a dark place, Spooking the eyes with it's erratic dance A holy gateway fighting the darkness, Burning bright to show the way. A raging passion,
To what I've left behind,   When the wisps of clouds are icy waves Breaking on a beach of muted blue, And golden streams of dulcet light  Pour down the distant mountains, Return to me, return to me;
Take a look inside my disconsolate mind,And what do you find?Thoughts so evil and dark,They leave an everlasting mark.Are you afraid now?
Dear God,
Dear Claire, Life has a unique way of showing us lessons we never imagined we needed. Life’s lessons came to me in the form of your Father’s funeral, which was The First One for me.
You see life passes by day by day; people going through their routine like bees in a hive. Sometimes we need an incident to make us feel alive.  
Can you hear me? When I sing songs of my love for you. When I melt the snow as drops of selfless ice drip. When I crush the shutters Break the windows Only to see through the little moon that hides you.
I once paid bargain price for a ride on my River Styx It was a deal with the devil, not with my soul but with my spirit It was good economics   Life’s edges display on the coast and I am sure
    I just wanted to let you know That you are loved and cared for That anybody who hurts you. Fails to see who you really are
Beautiful deity of the sky and clouds above,  Sparkling with the night stars and glistening in the morning sun. The human eye could never absorb your grace,  for it would be overwhelmed by the light.
I watch my sorrows as they bleed Through the history of need We took a chance,a chance did we?   And now we still haven't won. So now our work is almost gone. We weren't smart to play the game.
Dive into my thoughts.See if you could swim, or drown in them.Reach the shore, or sink to the very bottom.Fight the stormy seas, or get swallowed by its waters.Ride the waves, or get slammed by the tidal crest.
Dive into my thoughts.See if you could swim, or drown in them.Reach the shore, or sink to the very bottom.Fight the stormy seas, or get swallowed by its waters.Ride the waves, or get slammed by the tidal crest.
Dona Julia Ama, I think of you everywhere I go. I feel you in everything I am.
Dear depression, you have thrown me around beating me Throwing darkness in my head right before I went to bed Playing with my emotions, driving me insane
To: Stepdad, “You can’t take your money with you when you die.”You left nothing here and it made you the bad guyScattering pennies in dreams of my mother being able to afford groceriesEating peanut butter jellies every night before i lay down in m
Needles stabbing my skin The freezing wind I needed to clear my mind And this is where it brought me To the place where you asked me “Will you be mine?” Yellowed fingernails Black lungs
It all started one night under the stars I was walking for so fresh air from the busy streets of South Korea Away from the fast paced walkers and cars
As I walk into the bookstore I immediately head towards the cash register I always order myself a medium hot red tea
Sorrow is always perceived as a genital emotion that is felt by many They say that it is an simple emotion that lessens over time An emotion that is a cousin to sadness that is felt by plenty
I met you one day in the Spring I was minding my own business reading in a cherry blossom meadow You can up and sat down by me and started to sing
Awake and ready to leave early in the morning I walk out into the dim light and head towards the forest with a book in hand.
It was a day like every other day that my life was like Just another school day of eighth grade and not knowing were there day will take me
My love, When I am laying close to you I concentrate your voice; Not only the context. I feel the sound vibrations tingle through My toes up to my legs, All the way to my fingertips,
His brown hair. His Night Black Bushy eyebrows. The smell of Alcohol on my clothes. The anger in his eyes was something unimaginable. A Burning Furey. The clothes on the floor of the shed along with the ability to move. At a loss for words.
Life is a blessing. We are blessed each day with the gift of waking up. Yet some, some don’t wake up.   That’s why we should appreciate.
I love the way the sun seeps through the blinds and the warmth dancing on the small wooden surface of my coffee table. I love the smell of homemade coffee and expresso beans in the morning.
The last bells of the school year ring, and pools of children pour out the front doors of the New York City public schools The first fire pumps of the season are uncapped,
Slap!  Her world stopped.  Everything she knew was lost.  Her face burned.  A hand print was etched onto her face.    Slap!  Her heart broke. 
Upon the high cliff lies a flower. It is more than any ordinary flower. This flower bleeds with every color of the rainbow, Stars of crystals dotted on its petals and glistening in the sunlight.
I hear myself say it too often. I probably just fucked up again. Maybe you broke me, again.   Perhaps it's my astonishment, quite possible since I'm great. Until you tell me I'm not.  
Failure,   I want to say thank you for always being there. The fear of you keeps pushing me forward. And even though I’ve fallen into your opens arms before,
Charming man full of pride, With handsome lies on the side.Nothing but the moon as  guide,He believes love to be a lie.Tears that strain,Wrapping him like a chain. He fears to be dear,Loves a nice clear,He knows love can disappear;He’s cursed with
  Fatigue and pain lure me to the bleached white hospital bed.All of my joints creak like a rusty swing set, I limp over, and throw myself on the bed.I stare at the clock,My mind says,It’s much too early to sleep.But my body disagrees.This feud ma
The Quiet, Gentle, Comfort and Strength of a Butch
  I. The universe existed for more than billions of years. Planets came and left. Stars burst and lived.
Part 1- To Destiny Sometimes the world twists and turns, and engulfs you in a whirlwind.   It tears you,
So, look at me. Look deeply into my blue-green eyes and See me, see over the ocean that is my mind and, Touch me, put my body in your hands,  
Dear Automaton,   Slave to the numbers on a pearl-faced dial How much machine do you want? How much human do you need? These are the questions that run with me As gears click on, mechanical
I dream of rivers looking back At us: a look which will do crack My face, for all of me is flawed, And all that’s fair is but façade.   I dream of wind embracing us, Though in moments cleared of thus,
The rising sun is when mom blossoms from the bud that contains her sorrows She hops around the kitchen with problems of yesterday crashing with tomorrow’s
Upon reflection There’s a madness that resides Where an emptiness used to Thinking back on the kites that lead me by the wrists through the past
I wish I could tell you that I didn't drive for years.I wish I could tell you that even the thought of getting in a car made me sick.I wish I could tell you I shredded my license.I wish I could tell you all of that,
Dear No One, I address no one in particular, though I address everyone this cross's paths with. We have the same desires, do we not? The desire to watch the palm trees  dance in the wind, 
Away.   I want to go away.   Not “away” in a sense that I want to go out and explore the world or try new things.  
dear Me in the Closet, imagine a sunrise that goes on for forever,the radiant colors staining every inch of the sky you see.beautiful, right?
To whom it may concern, (present tense)....                   The wind's blowing as your soft words caress my face. As the leaves break
Dear Summer,   Why, oh why have you gone so far? With your luscious-filled trees of green? Why have you ridden on top of stars,
to the oppressed: In a world, so dark and cold where all hope is lost good and evil right and wrong are throw away like paper however plenty there is not
Dear Madam,   I hope that this letter may find you (and glad that it never will) Because you may never know How beautiful you looked at Perkins Park On November 9th
The memory I have of you is like wet crystal in the sunlight; Your color defined ever so gracefully you shape so is precise I close my eyes to catch a glimpse of you but sure enough you fade;
I view thine eyne as scorching flames of hell, Yet hell itself is sweet in fiery well;           I pray the worldly pleasures to provide Me with thy presence, and thou be my bride.  
You are still my muse. When i don’t know what to write i turn to You. You are my fountain of youth; You replenish me. i’ll never forget what being in love with You felt like
you left rain clouds as this dark night comes to consume me i can’t think of anything more fitting   i once had enough words to fill years of space your room in overflow as we spoke
On the 22nd of January, we lost you to cancer The family and I could never quite find answers  Why did you have to leave so soon?  How could this possibly have happened to you?
Dear Sasha,   Today I walked along the edge of the harbor In Medemblik, the Netherlands, With my grandmother's arm in mine. I noticed a boat among the others That looked like nothing extraordinary
Dreams of love,I'm not alone,I sit and ponder on my throneSadness, I am free ofThe end of warm arms
speak, i dont know how. Praise you through every test and trial, teach me now. when i break, when im lonely, your there to hold me. When the enemy comes to make me feel like im not loved, your spirit like an army, stands up.
Small hands, and impressionable Eyes dance. Meeting of history, cobblestone and brick. Work imitable   In the heart of young girls. Boots scurry
Dear Unopened letter, This is an ode to an open letter one that starts with Dear Friends, and ends with we will meet again an open letter isn't always open  it can be closed or broken
To Those Who Wonder Why I No Longer Trust:
Coffee slowly dripped into my soul, A scent I once detested became my greatest comfort. Your smile wrecked havoc upon my mind. Clutching that cup as if it were your only lifeline,
Dear Lover I lost, I’m a doll crafted from scraps of paper. I’m small, I’m delicate, and I sit patiently in silence.
Dear divinity.   I have many questions for you That I'm not sure you'll ever answer Because over the last few years of my life My fealty to you Has grown less and less steadfast.
My fingers are itching to pick up a pen and start writing; my heart is jumping at the thought of my favorite activity; my brain is yearning to pour all of my thoughts out in lines of poetry
Dear Hunger,   Please stop knocking at her door. You turn her stomach into a thunder storm but all she can do is ignore.   She tries to use an umbrella to resist the rain
Dear axiety ,          You've took a toll on me . You told me you would let me be. Wow how stupid coud i have been? Your a diesease that just took control of my whole body.
the pill that changes me  takes over my personality taking it everyday  its all ways the same you might even call me lame you only take so why not take this feeling of regret away from me 
Dear Those Who Think My Life is Perfect, I go to sleep at night with one thing on my mind, what if I'm not good enough? What if I wake up tomorrow, and no one likes me anymore?
Dear love,
Dear, world You told me I was stupid for the color hair I was born with, You told me how unhealthy and skinny I was, You told me how "unique" my eyes were but how weird they were to everyone else,
Remember me? I'm the one that keeps you awake at night. I'm the one that keeps you on the run. I'm the one that keeps you locked away. I'm the one that keeps you at bay. I'm the one that makes your demons stay.
You are never alone, You are always being followed. An elusive entity That is connected by a thread.  
To that tree on the hill On that lonesome hill That saw me fight My spirit killed That saw me rise And roll through my free will  
Love,   I didn’t know, That you were always there; In the touch of hands between friends, In the embrace of family.  
  She wanted to be like them The ones with all the men With soft pink cheeks Instead, she was one of the geeks She had brains and wits
Dear, XXXX You know who you are.  There is nothing in this world you could ever do.               N                 O                    T                      H                         I
Footsteps, shadows of doctors I wait in pain, punched in the face by reality   The floor, filled with imprints of visitors Fluorescent lights A pulled out couch with uncensored tears,
I am downstairs watching television by myself or, at least, I was. That was before the storm came. It’s the kind of heavy weather that weighs down my eyelids like stones wrapped around my ankles in a body of deep, warm water.
The world is suffering again;For the little girl made a mistakeNothing was allowed to stand in her wayBrown sugar caught her soulSizzling in a blackened spoonful
Lucy,   Green eyes smiling, the same color as the warped kitchen floor, or the grass that makes your toes itch   Golden freckles dancing,
My anxiety hits me in waves like the tides that crash on the beach, Hitting me hard and unrelenting and then Suddenly gone. Comparitive to the low tide when the waves are pulled back and reveal a soft and new beach.
Dear broken heart, The comfort of childhood friendships ripped away by the appeal of high school recklessness and self discovery. As you seem to find yourselves,
Dear Anger, You tear away at the best of me Cloud my eyes and all I see is you Nothing else in front of me comes through You are the demon inside of me Ruining the love I found
I met you two years ago, but I never knew your name.   I was a waitress at a food kitchen when I first met you. I instantly saw your pain.   You looked no older than twenty, but you had wrinkles like an old man.
Dark skies, Fiery eyes,  Why Zeus?  
He isn't in those bushes He holds up his mama like crutches and wishes she doesn't have to wash dishes to pay tuition so he inches Closer and closer t
What’s it like to walk in others’ shoes To live their life and see all their views What comes to mind when you think of field workers   We see Hispanic people and hardworking earners
I always wanted to be there. Helping with homework on a Tuesday night. Getting to hear about your day. Haven't got that since your mother took you away. Not just to one town over, but next to Dover.
Dear mom,  Dear best friend, Dear my love, There were parts of me scattered all over the floor. Sharp edges cut those who tried to pick up the shards,  sS they left them. I was no longer me anymore.
Dear Unfair World,   I reside in a deamland of waving stars and gentle hearts of willing ears and ignited tongues of hands reaching towards the cotton candy sky and grasping onto a cloud
Dear Younger Me,
Dear San Sebastián,I walked along your white Boardwalk made up of thousands of little white pentagons overlooking the sea
So elegant, the calm glow brushes delicately over my face. Gold, Silver, rich tones of Blue, all shades of a comforting moon. A solace I had never felt before overcomes me.
The wind blows softly, guiding small snowflakes on their dance through the sky.
Dear Grandpa   Do you remember when i came home from school when I was 5? You sat me down at the table for a snack and told me my dog Tippy died.   Grandpa, Do you remember when
One Night turns to six, six turns to thirty, thirty turns to ninety a sleepover turns into three months in a basement. A look in the mirror you see your clothes shrink.
I want to know the rhythmic beat of lust, The unstoppable wanting for more. Feeling the warmth of your body radiating against mine, Pulsating in perfect harmony.   I want to know the world with only you,
You gave me a starry night and an empty journal And said write down your beautiful thoughts. Shoot them across the universe. Plaster your words onto someone’s heart, It will adhere to another’s.   
Waves rock this boat as I sit contemplating the day. Every heave reminds me of the question not proposed. Every creak is the whispers calling me out. The sharks are there to bite me when I fall in. The whales yell at my weakness.
  The sun rises over a glittering ocean, With rolling and cascading slopes reflecting, Light beams of incredible colors. Colors that dance and swirl,
Oh my darling,What the world has thrown youWhat mother nature has cursed to youHow your beautiful mind has turned on youFor it is a rose flourishing in an endless supply of knowledgeEveryone could see its beauty
Dear Hands, I’m sorry for how I used to treat you, Like disposable gloves. Creating permanent reminders of what has been and was.
to my friend,  I hope, oh how I desperately  long for this letter to  find you well, and prosperous and  healthy and all those things the world holds dear,  because I love you,  my friend. 
I lie in this bed waiting for the dreams to start. The waking dreams begin and as I glimpse the chaos, I breakout in a cold sweat.
I am the fish you won at the fair a week ago Do you remember the joy and love you had for me on the first day? How about the bright smile that shined on your face?
IHer bright blue eyes glow,While her short blonde hairBlew in her face like a curtainFor a show.II.She was small for her age,Tiny and slim.Not too slim.Not too tiny, but just enough.
Mom, You are my literal everything,  My entire being exists because of you. You taught me that I don’t need someone else to define who I am. You taught me that
  The quiet soundness of the house softly rattled the chimney's hazeful smoke-clouds, which consumed the house full of loving emotions, compassion, and meekness. The
I wake up I breathe in relief When I see your messages You’re still here: One text Two snapchats And an instagram notification
I needn’t be The chains that Bind you so Alas I fear I’ve Unknowingly Become your Keeper
Dear Gardner, Water swam along my leaves, Rays of Sun like scorching flames shined on me, You placed me by your favorite window,
we find out that there’s a hijacking in the middle of dinner or while at work or watching TV in the living room   we know who’s on that plane
Dear Past Self, I know what you’re expecting me to say. That it’s going to get easier and don’t give up. Or maybe That this is only the bottom of the mountain And you have much further to climb.
You bit me when I was tenderbecause you knew i was easy prey.Knowing i would fall weak at the knees on the cogency of your wordsKnowing I was soft as the petals scattered on the bathroom floor.
my head was Swimming with all the onerous Demands i had to face completely Overwhelming all of my senses and commanding my Undivided attention.   my Thoughts and Feelings started to Mix together
Pure white blankets the city Egg shells waiting to be walked on Red coats the street with muzzles to silence anyone who dare to crack
Pieta Pieta The death of your son fulfilled time. Your praying face shows the peacefulness of the moment. Mighty is your love,
The pain is like a cold, sharp knife It is twisted, stuck in my heart; The pain is like a frozen land The frostbite sears right through my heart;
Oh, man in the mask,  with your perfect disguise, that sly smile, nice hair, and piercing blue eyes, you spy. You, who rips deep within, without even asking if you are allowed to come in,
Dear All, I am everything and I am nothing. A creeping shadow in the black, abyss-like corners of life. To gaze upon my cloaked, physical form, That of which was comprised from a stereotype and guesswork,
The morning's gentle sigh, held me in my sorrow. Cloaked in shame, bathed in longing for love unborrowed.   Words fresh and foul. Aching to run, to flock, to howl.  
Winter has whispered it's gentle song, above and below, like an ancient tongue.   The streets are frosted, much like her eyes. I can't find her, not even amidst the blue suburban skies.  
roses don't look like sunflowers yet I think both are beautiful when I see them so why am I mean to myself  because I look different from them why can't I call myself beautiful as easily as I can to them
My head’s underwater Hissing salt and white noise An ocean veneer distorted Bruised heart’s asunder A quiescent catharsis It’s the epitome Of a shipwrecked masterpiece
Dear Black son:   In school you pledge allegiance to the flag  every single day. “Liberty and Justice for all”   But something just doesn’t seem right about those words.
August 23, 2017   Dear Mom, Please read this entire letter through and don't skip around; read this before opening the email I sent you. Please keep an open mind. I love you!
Life is tiny! Human hearts' are shiny. Waiting for that moment of joy And there aren't any pirates who say Ahoy!   Life is a Struggle-- With various kinds of Bubbles.  
Carnage raging through the streets Bloody, murder sheets Hate burning in the hearts of man Blood shed by cruel hands   No one stands up for the many without a voice
You sunk your teeth inside of me It was painful at first, But I guess I conformed to the pain. Your Venom, Slowly familiarized itself with my blood, They become acquainted,
The azure world, Refusing to blend. Separated from darkness.   An image
Tedrick. Theodore. Tommy. The three names your mother and I  Narrowed down. See the world might not have known of your existence   But to your mother and I 
Dear 2018, I hope to God you're doing well Because when you do well, the world follows suit We haven't met yet, but we will tonight
Dear you,
I know you'll never believe me, But it meant something. Laying in your car meant something To me. Staring at the stars meant something To me. Playing Pokemon Go meant something To me.
To my Former Angel,  
I see the cormorant soaring far above with wings of obsidian swimming through the crisp air. The bird’s enthralling eyes
Even if I pass away, The world will be spinning, Wrapped around the sun, As dusks falls, And morning comes.
The dark gray graphite snapped Against my freshly torn notebook paper Donald J. Trump is now the 45th president of the United States  Instinct kicks in and I Panic Worry Wonder
To all young people considering returning to a boy who forfeit his right to be called a boyfriend I have some advice  
Dear Love,  this isn't a romantic letter nor one of resentment. It's one full of confusion aligning itself to form peace. A peace of mind, a balance inside
The Chill A wooden desk A wooden mind A stone-cold soul Suffused with lies A throne upon which I die
To the girl whose life resides in the empty void: I've discovered that life is not predictable enough for a forecast. It's partly cloudy with a chance of rain and some days it sprinkles
Dear Teenage Society, On my thirteenth birthday, I stumbled to your feet Curious and excited, I climbed in your backseat You took me to a dim place, one I’d never seen before
  Dear Moonchild,              You Will Never Break Me.   I knew I was playing the game I signed up for it the moment you texted me.
You were always skeptical of the future, uncertain of it all. You were never eager for another day, at times you wish they’d never come. Locked up in a room, sleeping for hours, even the best thing never seemed interesting.
  i learned to forget what my voice sounds like through gritted teeth i grind them, still, at night my habits melt like leather off a cow’s back
I am the lift in the wind, and the flame in the fire I am the shift in the earth, and the hope you aquire I am the drops in the rain, and the mud in the grass
Dear Anorexia, Before we met, my favorite color was blue. What once resembled the shade of the ocean and sky, Became a reminder of all that I had been through:
Dear Mrs. Lisa, I hope I never let you down, Though I know I could be quite a handful back then. I remember when I was just a kid
Dearest Captivity,   What is about you that is so enrapturing? Is it the sparks? The flames? The way you blaze?   Are you a reminder? Or perhaps...
If only you knew the lengths I would go to be able to tell you how much I love you. Or the amount of pain I would endure to spend another night falling asleep in your arms.
  She is the most beautiful thing in my life. The only thing I did right. But I worry for her, she don’t talk to me, so I don’t come home so I don’t bother her. It pisses me off.
SLAVERY(by Irusota) Through the North they came And fled through the South Through the dancing Sahara Across the shores of Africa They came with horses and raid our land Taken us to a foreign land
Soothing aromas and sweet flowery scents hang in the calm, cool morning breeze sweeping across the city, to the point where one can almost taste the pastries and coffee nearby. The park is a tranquil paradise looming in pure silence.
it still rests, unsettled, in my mind what really happened behind closed doors, the story gets darker a truth, only you and sarah hold you'll have to share with me what your purpose was,
People are around them, shouting, yelling, pointing, screaming. The screaming is like a symphony of sorrow; prevalent and doleful in a way no man is meant to hear.
It's interesting how you look at me: You nose turned up, Your lips scowl.   Do I look funny? Is it my hair? Am I in my underwear?   What is so repulsing about me?
The soft white blanked Covering the sleeping Earth Drifting down form the Sky, Each flake different Non the same, The  Soft day, all at Peace, No footprints, yet All soft and Peacful
Whoever said words never hurt, surely never encountered the likes of you. There are times when you speak to me, that your words give me life. I feel I can do anything. Then there are those times
I heard a song today and I immediately thought of you. I closed my eyes and I swear I was there again. I'd heard this song for the first time that day. What a beautiful song. 
The first thing I saw when I met you Were your wings, held close behind Tucked and folded, neatly hidden A stifled source of pride.   I loved you for your wings, Though I knew they would be your demise
I was always told you can't buy into the fantasy So I decided to just rent it for a while Because my mind was a mental canvas
First day: I wore a pair of shoes that broke the barriers of a kindergartener’s mind of Conformity.   Jet black and gray sneakers
Night The darkest part of our soul All hope may seem lost, but hope can always be found. Hope is as if a star in the sky only shining brightest in our darkest night.   Day
Dear 'Kira, It's been a while since I've seen ya. You... You left my life a while ago.
Stale smoke, It clings to the threads of his jacket, Yet i've never choked, Our relationship is stuck in a brackett. Oversaturated Old Spice,
Dear any and all, It starts with a search. “I think I might be sick,” you type, fingers hesitant because each word, each letter you feel like, is crying out to the world, with the quietest of voices. Look at me. Look at me.
Dear Doubters,       I want to start first by saying thank you. Because of you, I was able to find myself. I found the person I had been searching for. I found the fight. I found the will.
Dear Doubters,       I want to start first by saying thank you. Because of you, I was able to find myself. I found the person I had been searching for. I found the fight. I found the will.
An artist stuck in his works that he's studied for the longest From his depression to his anxiety to his love for poetry, to his love for creativity to his love for writing out his own stories without a care in the world.
does flowers shine? and and stars bloom? touch the souls of the broken. your fear is loud, your heart never spoken. your bones are lovely, so why do you say, no one loves me?
Oh, how these past few months have been filled with tears. Losing you was by far one of my biggest fears. You made me face it, with your sadistic, evil ways. And now we haven't spoken in days. Thank you,
Grey nose, white tail. Soft feet hop down the trail. At the end a light. Shining in the night. Who sits there at the end? Grey nose, white tail.  A girl covered in a black veil.
IF I COULD CHANGE THE PATH I DECIDED TO FOLLOW    what a fool I was;  i exposed  the depths of my soul to you  on dreary cloudless nights when the moon was high  and the only thing 
I stare out in the space between Into the darkened air dimly lit By the overwatching presence of a sole candle’s flame Lying in its wrought iron blanket
Stranded I sit,  Waiting for you. Alone I wait,  Thinking,  Knowing not what to do. I cannot move I cannot say. I cannot live I cannot stay.
To the boy—the boy laid low, boy laid low, by the blows of life and the lack of hope. He says he wants to go but everyone screams no,
Birth, it happens everyday Just like a blessing happens everyday Blessings, can be a mircle even like the ones you see in movies The child in your womb prays it's like you can hear what their saying
Dear child,   Unravel me. I am lost, a spider embedded in her own web. Push, fidget, scratch, claw Fingernails on their death bed. Gnawed by fear, gargled by pain, Spit out by forgiveness.
Carpet, I’ve lain on you all these years Yet you still hold me up I’ve cried my anger unto you Yet you still soak it up as if it never were Through my highs and lows You’ve seen it all.
Who am I What am I Who am I suppose to be Where am I suppose to go These are questions I have always prolonged to be told Happiness has always seemed so far away A smile has seemed so hard to hold
To a boyfriend from long ago: Looking back on things, you were foul You spouted lies,  Painted false pictures with black and white  when you knew I preferred color.
Hi- no, hello! I always wondered if I asked if you came from above,  I’d be told to take a hike and that you came from below.    Please excuse use my constant staring, I just so happen to fall into caring-
Alice’s army, Topsy-turvy, Too pretty to fight. Their skirts flow in the air and swords impale the ground; Battle-torn scraps float on the breeze,
I am seventeen, you are ten asleep in the faded-oak bed, visions of sugar-plum demons hovering between your hair   Sheathed in fairy-petal sheets, guarded by legions
I found gods in humanity Eternal power glistening from immortal eyes
Tragedy in the modern world, I️ can’t help feeling that I’m gonna hurl,
in my art class, this color soiled itself, through the way it crawled from the ignorance of people with fair skin. like the teacher, spewing phrases like “drab,” “ugly,” and
he was an empathetic poet, who saw romance and beauty in the sway of the hips -- through flaming skin and straining muscles but he’s gone
The first knock at the door, curiosity. Gold stars badges with an unfounded look of grief, Wait a minute, isn’t your job to save the day?
I am here. In this second. Without beige and honey paint stroke Bare boned flesh in disguise, hidden behind deliberate smoke Crackle peach lips, scar hips, skin ripped
jumping on the bandwagon with the Promises that have been given. worry condenses and tries to pulse through. the bustling street, blurred images and colors, an aurora of figures.
​Dear Boy, I Met One July,   Remember that time, When we lay there. Watching the last embers of the last flames of the sky Flicker out before us.
To My Dark Side,
Dear Music Lover,   Music is a mystery,  a blessing from God, crafted and refined  by his marvelous hands.   Music is God's creation. It flows and moves,
Money is like drugs abuse it too much and die learn to control it  
she’s so beautiful, her eyes a color i can’t describe. they're not blue, brown, grey; they’re somewhere in between- it’s a misty haze.   she’s so precious, her smile greater than any mile wide.
Dear Life,   I’m falling up, I’m falling down, Left and right and all around. Where, oh where is my solid ground?
Dear mama what's your favorite drink I'll mix it up for you throw in a little love and cyanide What's your high is it my smile or the smell of booze
Dear mama what's your favorite drink I'll mix it up for you throw in a little love and cyanide What's your high is it my smile or the smell of booze
Sleep has deserted me leaving me dazed I need a light to guide me home I’ve lost my vision, I’ve gone blind My sanity has wandered off, I feel like hell You are what I need, my sanity
Thrown out of my own home Out into the cold So young, yet so old   Wisdom doesn’t make you stronger Holding back tears doesn’t make things better All I wanted is to live peacefully together  
Dear Self,   Time travel is real I know what you're thinking she is crazy but it is definitely real it's hard to find though
A mother's milky skin never keeps you awake for long My mother is cold, so I am always satisfied by a goosebumps embrace, a quiet good night My mother has tightly curled hair, it smells like apricots and long nights
When should i tell you That the young girl smiling at you across the table Kissing you between popcorn kernels and movie scenes Is made of glass And when she falls for guys, she always cracks   
They say home is where the heart is So I built us a house of cliches Cut out the electricity, Because they say love is blind
Everyone said they hated slavery but my brothers and sisters we still beat on each other not with whips and chains but bullets to the brain knifes to the vain.
And there was a simple time Much unlike now Whereas she who cried Was surrounded by people Then came along something that Suffocated her mind and body Left her for dead and sung deeply
CoryHow time flies byI can't believe it has been 10 yearsSince the day you died I used to be upset with youAnd wonder whyBut now I understandThat it was easier to die
Dear whom ever you might be, I am the offspring of nature and the sun My parents call me their son/sunflower. My parents are exotic, foreign,
It's 11:25. I am sitting on my laptop in the Dark. I think about you. What are you thinking about- Probably nicotine. The image of you taking a drag pops up in my head. I watch a fruit fly crawling
As I stare into the mirror, I see a reflection, but the face that stares back at me is not my own, it’s the face of mankind looking straight through my soul. His eyes have seen many deaths, and witnessed many tragedies.
As the silence becomes the forest a waterfall flows upward Up up up to the sky You reach and reach for the heavens hoping for a hand to latch onto yours
Dear ­­­_______,
Is it perfection you're looking for, huh ? A big painful circleEach point,perfectly aligned from its centre. Aren't you tired of,practical people-saying dreams are foolishand life is long
I’d rather be standing on my stage with the people I love, living someone’s hilarious story. I’d rather be playing kazoos shaped like trumpets with the most effervescent gals I’ve ever encountered.
5'11" with long hair, head bigger than the kitchen chair, big dreams to accomplish, one more year to be there. What Is My Name? I am a Black African american  who is trying to succeed in
There’s a new you in town In my neighborhood On my street Too close for comfort   'Registered Sex Offender'  
You are the Moon I am the Northern Star   They need you close to pull their tides to change their course and light their nights.   They need me far not to light their way
Mama be praying into the night, kid in the room engaged with porn Society lays down regulations, we live by no norm I made some real promises a couple of years after I was born 
I burn the pages of my oldest notebooks, erasing the ages that have passed me by. I remember the old days, and cheerful jokes told paired with a longing gaze, and my calloused fingertips.
Dear Heart-beat,
Dear boy in the back of my English class, I think of you when My hands shake And when the train stops for the pedestrian
Dear Beauty,   I wish I would have known I wish I would have known That you are just a shapeshifter that turns into the nightmare shown
Dear Girl in the bathroom,   It was third hour when I heard you I knew it was something much worse than a meer flu Why must you quietly weep in a moaning cry
 The color they are painted says a lot. The gray, the light yellow, the dark yellow, the light green, the dark green, and the pink. They all have different stories to be told.
Dear Daddy,   Do you remember that day out on Tiana Bay? I was four years old, Big brown eyes, twig legs, and abounding joy.   We went on the boat,
Dear 15-year-old Bellla, College is rad. College is bomb. I am having the time of my life at Arizona State. Why did I have to wait? My classes are going very well. My friends are swell.
Dear Love, you were the calm before the storm, you were the topping on a cake I knew I wouldn't like, but I ate it anyway. You were the thorn in my side and all the wrongdoings I've ever done.
To whomever - I wonder, sometimes If others feel it too When there are people who 'care', But not the right 'who'. That one can feel empty,
Do you know that feeling? That terrible, awful feeling when you wake up and Panic because you have no clue where you are? Do you know what it’s like to wake up like that everyday for 10 days straight? White walls.
Dear Estefany,
"I have sorrow,my heart knows no longing for tomorrow.If only I could make myself go away,then all my pain would dissipate.Into the blacken of the void,my fears and tears would be destroyed. Says that voice inside my head,always calling again and
I ate a booger last night. I admit it, you’re probably right. It’s nothing terribly bad. It makes no sense why you’re mad. I ate a booger last night.   Its tenderness was sublime and just right,
Dear Me in my careless mind set, I know that you’re now full of unrest Because home used to glow like the only light left although dim
I used to dream. I used to dream about you, I used to daydream. I used to daydream that one day we'd end up together,   One day, One day you left.  You left. 
Through the silence, I listen. Your soft breath caresses my ears, With a feathery whisper. Your presence lingers Even after you're long gone. Ashes to dust, To dirt you fall deeper,
Cherry-red lips Stretched hips Hormones on full throttle Lusting Craving Begging For attention
Dear She, A door dividing us, me and My Love; for years, I wait in patient zeal for her to someday know and free me like a dove; the door will open, that I am sure.  
Dear reader,
Dear Depression,   Are you enjoying yourself? This is another day. Why can’t you just leave me! You rest on me like dust on an unused bookshelf. You bring nothing but distaste; I wonder what it must be
The beaches have always held a special place in my heart, for the way the water glistens, and the way the shells all gather like military soldiers in a line at the shore. Today, the beach was especially beautiful.
Let us think back, you and I, Todays when candles lit the sky And breezes sang throughout the trees; Remember ow the laughs we'd share. We were such a mismatched pair Of foolish dreams an misty eyes;
The running in a game of hide and seek has started. Do you not hear the drumming as we chase up the stairs, and look over our plum color shoulders to watch the shoe fall from my foot?
I beg of you, Mainstream Society Do not underestimate my intellectual talents Do not take one look at the melanin of my skin and assume that I am less than good enough
They  lied  to  you  
Her smile never dies like her beauty never lies, She is sick and she needs love to heal. She pretends to care even though life is not fair, I miss the Smell of her hair,
November’s fires heat my face to flushing- the glow of autumn awakens the cinders in my heart and whispers a lullaby to the ants beneath my skin.  
Daring Anti-hero Rough around the edges Excellent fighter Devilish Edgey Valorous Intelligent
Walking down this path Left on my own Getting darker with every step Away from what I've known   Break my chains Free from what holds me here Stealing my breath Clouding my head with fear
Love can be hard. Hard on the heart, hard on the mind, hard to find what real love is. I have welcomed so many wrong loves into this heart that I cannot tell a hand to hold from a fist. Harmless turns
When a sunrise is in your chest and the colors spill into your eyes and the violet and pink and warm orange fills your gaze, When a snowfall sparkles fresh and new over harsh words
Love is the gentle flutter when you see them. Love is the tug on the heartstrings when you hear them. Love is the light tint of red, lightly brushing against your cheeks when you speak to them.
Two brilliant lovers, Oblivious to their own magnificence, He was a neutron star, and she was a neutron star.   They floated in a different kind of space than the other people and planets,
Because I Love You, we are not perfect and that’s just perfect Dirty, mortal menaces we are Constantly staining our white cloths,
Ask me why I love you, And I shall tell you what I love most about you. No lies spill passed my parted lips, Only truths that swell from my heart and fall out my mouth.   Ask me what makes our love healthy,
I am trying to love myself It is a long and hard process And yes, sometimes I relapse And yes, sometimes I don’t like the packaging I came in And yes, sometimes I don’t even like the present inside
Dear Future Husband, I didn't know you were looking for something, easier to swallow But For years I watched my father walk over women
He smiled and charmed you, he was nice to you in the beginning, but then he started to get violent, he apologized and bought you flowers and said  "I Love You"   Two weeks later he hit you,
Warmth. Drowsy. Burrowing into your chest, arms around my back. And then, like a gunshot, shaking. And tears. And disassociation.
"LOVE" A four-lettered house Exquisite design Transparent innocence building Four walls Of Trust, Communication Compassion, Respect   A foundation of stone Honesty
Clouds drift above our head Drops of water cascading Different these days
(Examples of what I believe are signs of a healthy relationship, and how the words "I Love You" can be used in a healthy way)   Oh, my love,   Because I love you I will build you up,
It took us years to build this trust The cornerstone of our love; Brick by brick we've gained the strength to rise over and above. But trust is not the only thing that kept these walls from tumbling;
Love is a tree that bends in a gale, but does not break. Love is a second chance, but not a third. Love is a hand that generous, but accepts repayment. Love is self-sacrificing, but not a scapegoat.
Love.   A crazy little thing. It sets our hearts aflame, makes us brighter, radiating stars in the crowded galaxy of existence.
My thoughts are chasing themselves in infinite circles. Everything circling back to you, The one who loves me, and whom I love
The cool wind subsides and a warm light filters into the room. My body melts into my bed and I bring myself to consciousness. They are also just now waking, and squirming under the covers.
I stood there as you broke my nose. All you wanted me to do was pose. My blood drips. Covers my hands and slips. Submission under recognition.  
I've loved you all my life.   For the luminous teeth that reside in your mouth and for the bloody tongue that rests upon them.
Your eyes. Your adorable, honest eyes met mine. On Water street, beneath the foggy, dark sky, blurry, dim moon,
Butterfly kisses up and down your neck Sweet nothings whispered at 3 A.M. Arms wrapped around each others waist loving each others  warm embrace. I keep you so close because I love you
Because you love me, you know when to be patient, gentle, forgiving, uplifting. Because you love me, you know when to take one step back and let me b r e a t h e.
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On the way to my home On the dusty sidewalk I see a goldfinch Oscillating in an attempt to fly on broken wings   What would you do
Because I love you You should feel safe. I am an open ear, A shoulder to cry on, And just a phone call away.   We can talk for hours. Even if we don't say a word,
Because I love you,                               I went with war on my lips and death in my eyes the love sickness coursing through my half-starved veins.  
I once dreamed of the stars, thinking about their lives, and how they lit up the sky.  but why couldn't they light mine? I loved so hard yet I was pushed so far. Our hands didn't clasp.
Because We Love Amanda Aman   Love is conflicting like April weather An incessant downpour sequenced by rainbows and delicate sunrays Like love, the sky surrounds us and knows no boundary
Love rains from your sunshine eyes, Happy Beautiful Wonderful. I cup my hands, Love flooding over
On a cold night, while I sit alone, I wait patiently and think of home. A gentle kiss on my cheek awakes a spark in me, breaks me from my thoughts. He speaks to me in a quiet and steady tone,
The Earthly Angel The dying blue planet, his home, without True Pink Had not one to love him, not one to form a link.  
#BecauseILoveYou It’s cool and early in the morning And the sun is peeking over the horizon I slip on my shoes And skip down the front steps
Love: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. Love a four-letter word, one syllable, and it makes me think of you.
Stars aloft, strung up high Falling gently, and with a quiet sigh Nature basks in the radiance Without Knowing  Why  
  Because I love you, I will always be there to patch up scraped knees   Because I love you, you will always have a shoulder to cry on when you’re in need
She enters my mind with a whirling simplicity the likes of which I could never have imagined. She enters my ears through subtle yet joyous sounds, barely audible to the untrained young ear.
When you turn and look You see me Not my body, not my beauty Just warmth   When I look towards you I see you
  Dreams Of Tomorrow I have a dream, do you? No matter the hardship I still have a dream I have a dream of white and blacks holding hands together, do you?
You were not fallible, just full of fiction  You wished things that Heaven did not forget  Where the angels slept, you created a war Still you laughed when the sky fell   When the girl embraced the lion, they both transformed into dust Th
In my heart I've searched for love my entire life, but when you turned and looked at me in Chem class, I felt my heart beat for the first time. 
Age spots your hands and veins line your wrists, and your crow-feet’d eyes lie smooth against silk. I smile ‘round teeth that have slumped and have stained,
She keeps staring  With her sapphire eyes  Her pupils engulfed in white flames  Her skin cascaded with true colors    Hands and feet buried in smoke  The doves above her wailing in agony 
I am a dandelion Wild and free Not to be noticed upon first glance; It seems I lack the chance To belong in a boquet   They look on in disgust With selfish and hating eyes
My past is permanent ink on my skin; cuts that scar my body.   Pain flowing like an endless river, always fading to gray.
To be honest with you, he didn't know what he wanted. He didn't know what love was but just as an excuse to hold you hostage. I know you think I'm just like all the rest, "Oh, baby I'm different",
You’ve taught me The world will always be beautiful No matter who we’re standing next to But as I’ve grown the realize Because I love you
There is love in an ordinary day We learn from each other We argue and disagree But we find common ground Watching TV He flicks my earring Repeatedly I turn to him and demand him to stop
Are you having troubles baby, Is there something in your eyes? Are those tears of a lonely girl, Trying to say goodbye? Well I don’t have to tell you.
It’s okay if I’m not the girl of your dreams, or the one you dance with at prom.
A body fashioned in all directions When it glides across the wind Filled with the white drops of hope Pain; love. You were broken free of worry Holding chaste lips against yours As you flew,
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Teens from over the world need to hear this You might think school is stressful, but really it's bliss 12 year of learning, but that's still not enough So you think about quitting, because it's too much
"I love you" once sounded dirty to me.
My eardrums wait in silence Aching for a moment of connection Between a melody and a piece of plastic Love me the way my ears love music Love me the way they ring when the volume is turned up too high
Have you ever seen a hummingbird cry? Those crystalline tears dripping down iridescent feathers. Perhaps that is why it's wings beat so fast. A vain attempt to dry the dreadful drops before the blooming flowers see.
I had become accustomed to the monstrous features beneath his surface - The claws that grasped my hands; The cold lips that touched mine; The fire that burned in his eyes.