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Repetition of a word or sentence happens a lot in musical lyrics. For example in the Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get It Started song where they repeat:  "and the base keeps runnin' runnin', keeps runnin' runnin', and keeps runnin' runnin''"...
it is okay to cry to feel sadness it is okay to stop and take a deep breath and restart it is okay to be sad to want to give up it is not okay to 
Inspiration is all around It's in the clouds it's in the air It's even in a curious babie's stare It's loud and it's small It could be nothing at all It's a feeling inside
  The hooper one The joker one The smart one The popular one The hype one The happy one  The helpful one …
Depression.  I'm trapped, I can't get out of bed, I don't have any motivation. Why am I like this?  I never chose this, I just want to feel happy. "Don't forget to take your meds" they all say.
River, my soul-the boat carrying me away River, flow down 'till the day drifts from noon to night River, let this dance between us stay for eternity River, you make me feel peaceful when times look bizarre
There are times that we need time. Time to think. Time to be sad. Time to laugh. Time to work And time to be with the family. We need time for everything. Sometimes it goes fast
“Am I enough?” I ask the beach. My hopes and dreams float out of reach. My future gives no guarantee;
A little wink, A loving scold, A hint to stories yet untold.   The Sage brought about by age, They sing of their glory days. A lot of wisdom, So little of time,
One tiny little person Sitting there all alone Going to a person Someone she’s never known   Two tiny little people
Some girls say that they’re not pretty,  and staring into the saliva, mucous, and broken down bits of food swimming in the toilet bowl like fish in a porcelain fishbowl 
Some girls say that they’re not pretty,  and staring into the saliva, mucous, and broken down bits of food swimming in the toilet bowl like fish in a porcelain fishbowl 
Some girls say that they’re not pretty,  and staring into the saliva, mucous, and broken down bits of food swimming in the toilet bowl like fish in a porcelain fishbowl 
Within the eyes of my peers, The ones I have known throughout the years, Have given me strength; have given me hope. Without their presence, how could I cope?
Looking around me and seeing people struggle  That is what  inspires me You have the drug addicts The homeless
Looking around me and seeing people struggle  That is what  inspires me You have the drug addicts The homeless
  Past. Present. Future. Nations. Worlds.   Write.  Draw.  Paint.  Sing.
I’m gay, and while you might be from another generation,   That doesn’t give you the right to tell me that I’m    Disgusting
In which a person holds another, in a time of need, or any time at all. In which a spider weaves its web, small, elegant, graceful. In which a baby laughs for the first time, her mother smiles in return...
Little do they know,  As they march along the streets, bearing flags upon their shoulders— As they raise their banners high with faces strong and filled with purpose—
In the summer's heat of a dying light, the faintest of heart, the heaviest of breaths. Not as though, that one would delight in a trial so demanding; Enjoying every hardship that comes with seemingly frivolous tasks.
In the summer's heat of a dying light, the faintest of heart, the heaviest of breaths. Not as though, that one would delight in a trial so demanding; Enjoying every hardship that comes with seemingly frivolous tasks.
If the Lorax speaks for the trees,  who speaks for the teens? It can't be you or you 'casue you know nothing about me. It can't be our mothers and fathers because they don't know every teen.
the woman on Jackson and Clark that sings hymns to the pigeons that coo with every psalm. my neighbor three doors down who comes home looking tired and defeated
I had no clue   I kind of figured   I don't care   What the hell is wrong with you   I will try and remember   Whatever  
T is for the traumatic experience that prevents my nose from smelling and my eyes from seeing all of the world   B is for my brain that stalls out while my peers continue on  
When Dionysus was born he was wrapped in a pink blanket and laid in the nursery among the girls   A bastard child born of an affair he was hidden away from Heras wrathful eyes  
I dream about a girl   And I dream of her livid eyes   Livid, the color of blue-grey eyes   The first thing people usually compliment about her and the first thing she likes about herself  
Humans  Isn't that what we are? all of us, humans. Abused, Stereotyped, Misuderstood, Judged, Robbed, Betrayed. Loved, Chosen, Related,  Respected, Wanted, Admired.
No matter what stage, problem, question, or wall Thats in your life, someone is always there waiting.. if only  your willing to take that step into that almost impossible concept,
It is something always planned but not foreseen. Many are excited for it.No one ever knows what it beholds until it happens.  Caution.
I am unpredictable. I soar through the world in fragments, each being meaning seeming like something apart from myself   when in reality,
If you think you know Do you know the day when your mother was a virgin? If you think you are Wise Can you write on water? If you think you are arrogant Can you have lunch with the sun?
We met by chance, Made friends by nature. That was indeed genuine of the kind, For nobody succeeded in putting us asunder. Togetherness guarded us, Joy circumscribed us And the world affirmed,
  motivation and creativity flow out of the porcelain mug filled with Inspiration   Inspiration   a lot of power resides in this single word but what does it mean?
Did you really depart? Did you have to break my heart.You were like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.Beautifully soaring the blue sky in the month of June.
Did you really depart? Did you have to break my heart.You were like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.Beautifully soaring the blue sky in the month of June.
Dreams are like the sun. It looks pretty from distant, but faulty from close. Some, only some, again the "only some" dares to burn in the heat and get their feat.
Because of Love   Because I love you, instead of having dreams of my name in lights in Carnegie Hall, I want my name written next to yours in your old rustic diary with glitter and henna designs.  
When in college, life gets really tough. When in college, keeping up with relationships gets rough. When in college, sometimes you feel like you aren't enough.
Once I was eating lunch with my friends  I told them I wanted to try out for the football team, they were shocked  They said that girls don't play football and it was for boys 
Short hair, shoulders wide, kinda short, narrow-eyed. More stubborn than anybody else in my whole damn life! Stop talking to me like, that. Walking up to me, When my mother's right by my side,
I am scared  I am anxious  I am tired  I am sad I am lost I am frustrated I am darkness  
Unity in Diversity Separation. Rampantly ruling the modern world. Black. White. Muslim. Christian. Countless wars waged on misconceptions and prejudices.
Because I love you, I want you and only you Because I love you, I respect you Because I love you, I will never be ashamed of you Because I love you, I hurt when you hurt
What do you do? When you have a piece of paper in front of you?   You could write down your feelings about today's young people. and how brilliant they are becoming.
(please imagine 8 in chinese in place of the / \'s, as powerpoetry does not accept chinese characters)   I walked along the shore and left eight prints, all / \, / \, / \, / \, / \, / \, / \, / \, 
Poor ugly little girl burn your lips with perfume you mistaked as lipgloss Poor naive little girl just because he said how beautiful you were  you have him the key to your now broken
Words. Words have power. Words shape our world. In a book. In a speech. On a street sign. In our language.   Words. Words give us the ability to express our innermost feelings.
We frolic in our rapture In our end of times When the world will cease And our crimes Forgotten.    DO NOT THINK
We frolic in our rapture In our end of times When the world will cease And our crimes Forgotten.    DO NOT THINK
I stare upon the face of you Your shiny glint obscures my view Cold Metalic Yet somehow safe Industrial in your design Canvas filled, a thin straight line Hardened Resolute
Her eyes lit up As she discussed What she had learned Throughout her life.   She decided 
Her familiar voice A whisper amid dark tar Thick and sticky Words stick to me: You are capable You are powerful You are intelligent
you are love, love is you, simply existing   smiling eyes glistening with delight, 
Hello… I don’t know you-- you don’t know me. How about we bridge the gap of strangers?  
She saw one hundred years pass. The grass grew And died down. She saw the sun, The moon, The stars. She saw the birds peck at the worms by her roots,
Where's my seat? Oh, I know you! You have a card? I do too. Where's my seat? Piano sounds, it's time to sing. Turn around Where's my seat? Do, Re, Ri. Up the scale.
Blue ButterflyIn Memory of Lou
Human   Young. Old. Of how much life bestows. Learn from the best. Or the worst. I thrive to do what's right. To stare on the stars. I awoke alone. A smile came on me.
In a time where skin color was everything White versus fear and the fear controlled everything.
carbon flooding our lungs, flooding our blood carelessness causing everything to rise, rise, rise if we could just open our eyes  we could see that we’re going to die  
Today I’m talking about the experience of growing It’s hard. Learning to evolve. Learning to be strong But I am vital. I am loved. And today, I am glowing.
 As I lay down I wonder what will I become. As I lay down I wonder what will be my legacy. As  I lay down I drift into sleep. A whisper comes in. Dream baby girl, dream baby girl, dream. You can become anybody in this world.
Over 30% of females in this group will attempt suicide before the age of 20   And almost 50% for the males.   8.6% of their teenagers have tried to end themselves in one year alone.  
dear homeless, I see you, standing at that same sidewalk everyday- begging for a few cents, just for something to eat.   I see you
Thy heart carries on.   Why can’t you see me? I call out for help to you yet you hear silence. I cry for help through my laughter. I cry for help through my conservative words.
And when the leaves have held their last And winter settles like snow There it will lie, long forgotten Forevermore Of bittersweet January And sorrowful June Words unspoken Forevermore
BOOM BOOM BOOM My inside drum has its own sound It can be ear splitting or barely heard Or every noise in between But it’s special and unique and only mine
Christmas just around the corner. Holidays both near and far. Celebrations everywhere now, So why do I feel so left out? Don't have anywhere to go, Feeling lost and all alone,  Oh what can I do,
I know you think I’ve forgotten  The days of yellow peril Your fear of Asian invasion My Asian persuasion  The massacres of Rock Springs
When I was younger, the word was foreign I knew of toys and candyland, monopoly and littlest pet shops  As I grew older, the word became a faint whisper  because at that time, my oldest sister was going to college.
Eyes of shining gold moves bold at the begingin of it all before the fall Inspiration struck Get me out of this muck A child's mind  Inspiration struck Endless thoughts to bring
What if we all walked with our eyes closed? Would we lose our social standards or would we find new ways to call each other ugly? Would our skin tone still be juxtaposed?
It was not meant to be Wrong place, wrong time Together but apart So I trudge on Erase you from my memory What an innocent crime
I want to be the kind of girl people write songs about The kind that strangers fall in love withwhen they see her on the bus The kind who inspires paintings, compositions, books, poetry
My inspiration  is not of human creation.  My inspiration is not something I can find.  My inspiration is built by the divine.    My inspiration  does not spur a materialization. 
5:30 am.I pretend it isn’t, so I can rise. Read. Run. Remind my burning thighs(of their burden).6:00 am. Already, I am tired.
This is for the picker uppers. For the “I got it, don’t worry”ers For the fixers
My sister, oh how I miss her, for she is so far away. All that I can think about is her everyday. My sister, oh how I miss her, and how we used to play. All that I can think about is her everyday.
Your bright smile enlightens the world. Your silky hair weaves a rope for those to climb. Your soft skin is kissed by the stars that are infinite.
When the world keeps rolling and the days keep coming and your routine stays the same, but the challenges persist and you're lacking courage and you're only just starting the game,
I wasn’t good enough for you. You were the king and I was the jester, you were the tree and i was the soil, you were the sun and I was the clouds.
Mirror Mirror of my dreams Show me my inner beauty Why?  It appears that my outer beauty does not favor me at all  
~Some dreams are happy Some dreams are sad Some dreams are forgotten just like…snap.   ~Some dreams leave you speechless Some dreams leave you questioning
Life for you Life for me Life is Love   I call for you you don't call for me life is Melancholy   Melancholy for you Melancholy for me  Melancholy is Death  
Ode to Averageness.   Oh to be average, how comfortable and sweet, never first never last but always at the meet.   Oh to be average, what would I do without your bounds,
Do you remember when you said you wanted to go to the pride parade as much as you wanted to go to a KKK rally?   Because I do.   Do you remember when you told me that people made fun of you and you were normal?
I am poetry.  My back is the spine.  My arms turn into the cover.  My fingers smooth into pages.  The prints printed on my thumbs bleed words.   
I see my nieces I see my nephews I see the future of my sister's children. I see the future of my brother's children.
Of course you do. I should've known. I get half your attention. 
How do I be kind to myself? Should I stay and fight the fight? Is it really worth the fight?
Poison in the air. 
Arise, all peoples of the world and take your place in society.  Be the light to those in your community who are living in the dark; the light that lights the way to the truth. 
Hands    holding hands in a nervous embrace   Hands    holding hands in a last prayer to god
The advice from Mímir was surrounding, supportive, consuming and debilitating. The feeling of a sentence derived from admiration.   With the seeds of ideas planted,
(Her)a  Her, The queen bee, The popular girl, Dating the popular boy, She has everything a girl could ever want,
I have gone to this place my whole life. I have sat and watched the good be forbidden I have listened to the lies and truths   I never tried to speak my mind about this place
A brush of foundation paints over her spotted face, a streak of contour sharpens her too round cheeks  a stroke of eye shadow  brigthens her dull eyes as a smear of lipstick
Attacked on the steps of my own church,  I sought the guidance of god. She granted me protection,  A shield turned weapon, to turn the head of any attacker,
When I was little I used to believe that the good guys always defeated the bad ones My mom used to tell me stories as the blinking stars arose And in the end, the graceful princess would always get her prince
Oh America the great ,  I hope it is not too late  To say this to you  Please don't sue  but I've come to sate  We need you oh America the Great  For our greatness is overshadowing our humanity. 
Is it because of Martin Luther King's dream of racial equality, Harriet Tubman’s leadership in setting our people, Malcolm X’s fight against the self-hatred,
I’ll never leave the fantasy of The life I’ve always wanted: A bird become free, as I can see; Yet is a world never imparted.  
Thor God of thunder Long red hair Tied upon his head Strongest of all the gods Plays spike ball with his college friends  Protector of mankind Involved in the meme community ”YEET!”
Leave her be To polish her scales Hear her screaming The hiss of her tail.   She trembles her rattle Not of a child, not again They had been stolen, By the peacock, by the hen.   A youthful nightmare, A bogeyman of doubt The people scream now The
Red.  All I see is red.  Everything, everywhere.  Everything is Red.    Nothing moves. 
Hair swept back, lighting just right, phone in hand, Camera on, portrait mode enabled. Click, click, click.   Walking in the street, waiting between commercials, standing in line. Anywhere, anytime.
Am I pretty No. Because society says that I don't have the perfect skin, or body That I'm not skinny enough to be pretty And that means I wouldn't be liked or loved by anybody
Courage is the boy going to the new school Courage is the boy asking the bully to play with him Courage is the student that tells the truth... even when he knows he's in trouble
Mercury is fast Lightning Mcqueen is fast Speed is what Mcqueen calls himself Mercury feels the same way. Maybe these two correlate, maybe they are one. I am speed is what Mcqueen says
they say he died of drowning because the wax of his wings melted. but that isn't true. he died from the cold. the ice gripped and clawed at his wings weighing them down
The hood, there’s always a lot of noise but yet it’s at peace The hood, it’s not how they see it  All the anger and hurt it let’s me release 
Yesterday,  I decided   to count my shoes.   I looked to my closet,  calculator in hand.   I'm bad at math,  but I took all honors classes  in high school.     If you asked me  
There was our table It held many secrets Mama fed us there Papa ate his food there Brother did his work there
  The ocean is slowly dying But it gets better if we keep trying We’ll reduce our pollution And together we’ll make this a revolution   Spread the memos We’ll be alright!
The woman waits As she picks up her knife The woman waits As she contemplates her life The woman waits She checks it again The woman waits Nothing happens, then The woman waits
Can we take a moment to just stop? Just stop. Stop and think. Think about people. The people in your life. How your life is with those people in them. How your life is without those people in them. 
Medusa. Medusa. cruel soul, or a scorned heart a troubled girl, or a cry for help   punished for loving punished for Living
Dionysus, the man of greed The king of ecstasy The queen of mead Dionysus, Dionysus, the graceful drunk The dapper playboy With charm and spunk
Peck. A stolen fire. Rip. Humanity’s freedom. Shred. Your salvation. Tear. My Heart. Scratch.
At a point in your life god is gonna be a word No different than mustard, couch, bagel At a point in your life god is No longer gonna be a word No different than love mercy justice prayer
Two years ago. Two years ago, I was giggling and laughing with my friends on Valentines Day, Sharing chocolate Joy Happiness.   That evening, two years ago, Tears fall from my eyes
Two years ago. Two years ago, I was giggling and laughing with my friends on Valentines Day, Sharing chocolate Joy Happiness.   That evening, two years ago, Tears fall from my eyes
Machinery screamed, but not so loud as the voices in his head. See, a man had once dreamed to be happily wed. Arranged was the marriage between him and a goddess.
Being born a female doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you yet, The reason i say yet is……. Because when we get old enough we realize reality
There are dragons in the mountains Just watch and listen You can see the trees sway Though there's not a breath of wind   There are mermaids by the seashore Just watch and listen
Walk, don't look behind. Wait, she's far behind. Hope, she'll follow behind. Stop, don't look behind. Walk, you hear her steps. Wait, don't see her steps. Hope, those are her steps.
to think he made himselfwithout the helpof an Olympian Godwho molded men from clay.  nor did he risefrom bone and ashor the fires of Hell. he did not comefrom the seawith a pod of vengeful whalesfor an army. he was not bornholding a silver spoonor
Carelessly drifting My mind on my soul The music takes me away. Desperately seeking My mind on the journey And the thought of finding the way.
Atlas you fool,  let go of the sky   The night carries on , and shines thousands of lights  Or so they said, millions of years ago Won't you, young God, just let go though?   Be a new being
It’s a good thing there is a such thing as family Because family makes everything better It’s less lonely with them And you’ve a place to go
Hi, I'm Sunshine. I'm a perfectly normal person.   I love helping people,  I raise rabbits, and I enjoy watching the Arizona Cardinals on Sundays with my dad. I'm a perfectly normal person.   
You’ll never love me again   You’ll never love me again because  I made mistakes   You’ll never love me because  I made us break   
I look on the scale  I see three simple numbers I see those numbers that most people would think are just numbers   But to me
Deep down beneath the oceans, there is a diver Observing life as we know it From sea to sea From shore to shore He pushes the waves and talks to the fish
She calls to me Her sweet melody Sweeping through the aisles I hear her song Ringing in my ears Her voice so angelic She calls to me As she belts her tune And I am on the edge of my seat
The killer, the executioner, the hunter, the slayer Ostime, the one who was kicked around by many For no reason that the child could comprehend Ostime, the one who tried to be kind to everyone
Mirror Mirror on the wall Who’s the fairest of them all? His reflection so pretty everything has to Stop Drowning in beauty Choking on ego   Narcissus sits at the top They kiss his feet
Myths and legends are alive and well all around us.   Apollo lives  in the steady hands of a medical surgeon In the voice of the newest, hottest star
Finally, the chains are lifted  I am now able to capture all of who you are   Excitement fills as I wait 
Athena lives on.   I hear her battle cries through girls who fight for social justice every day. They fight to be heard, to be seen, to be cared for. They fight to be equal.   Athena lives on.  
Knowledge, oh knowledge, it is knowledge I seek I went to a tree and hanged at its peak To discover the runes my knowledge is deep Knowledge, oh knowledge, it is knowledge I seek
I try to see what you think in this world right now It's just full of all these things which could bring us down Don't you say I don't know what is real or fake It's all ruled by faith in the brain and it's no darn game
texas.don.g.nutt59,poem.kiss,a kiss i give a kiss i get ooh she loveing an feeling this all of me she kisses me so unconditionally kiss to me with love the feel of the kiss caress her mine invades her heart intercept her heart holds her soul the k
The art of betrayalIs cheating It is secretsCan be sabotage too!A good or bad thing?The art of betrayalIs judging othersBeing disloyalCan be violating too!A good or bad thing?The art of betrayalIs abuseHaving revengeCan be lying too!A good or bad
Crystal View
I stand on the edge of a chasm Wide and deep  but I need not jump for death is already upon me.   The flames of doubt and despair scorch my mind, 
  Fear Nothing   Women rise, worldwide Inexplicably, yet powerfully. From the top of the King of all God's heads,
I don’t speak, I feel I don’t scream, I feel I don’t whisper, I feel I stutter, but I still feel-- This suffocating weight with its hand around my throat When did my tongue become too heavy to form words?
The girl with silky smooth hair The girl with a messy bun  The girl with no hair at all She is in all of us    The girl with designer clothes  The girl who wears hand me downs
I’m also human, not a bedpan I deserve to be adorned with pearl not merles I’m a girl, a skirl I am not ment for kitchen because I’m not a lichen, I am not meant only for the bedroom
My mind is loud,         but I am not thinking My eyes watch,         but I am not seeing I am alive,         but I am not living I can move,         speak,         breath,
It’s just a little rain in paradise Sometimes we don’t have things go our way And I guess that day’s today
Oh Lord, may I ask why our rivers run red? Its crimson hue reflecting my dishriveled skin But oh my Lord, I'm thirsty Why does our water run red in these Israelian Rivers? Why plague us with the blood of our own?
In my dreams, I run my long, thin fingers through your caramel colored hair.  The prettiest shade there is. And, I laugh because my words come out perfectly. They come out so perfect that my tongue rolls and words slip.
Every kid wants to have candy for breakfast I am allowed to do that now Every kid wants to have cake for breakfast I am allowed to do that now
I live in a world where everybody lies I live in a world where if you do anything you get despised I live in a world where I do everything alone And I've made it this far so look how fast I've grown  
I had always been the extrovert The center stage and pose for the camera little darling that would make parents wonder how they were raised I loved it  
They say lead, don't follow                Why did no one ever tell me? They say trust no one                Why did no one ever tell me? They say keep your eye on the prize
As a little girl, I always had trouble forming close friendships. Maybe it was due to my inherent shyness, but two or three buddies were the cut-off for the fellowships, because of a strange shortage of kindness.  
It’s the sigh of relief after you hold your breath. Growth. Suffocating because I chose to be rooted to my problems. Growth.
Burning Simultaneously   When I knew I wasn’t a kid anymore August 2nd, 2015, 3:00 am.   How can one learn to forgive a mother?
growing up as a kid you always think the world is rainbows and butterflies nothing can hurt you no bad can come upon you your family is going to live together for the rest of their lives nothing's going to ever happen until...the one day that you
In order for me to Glow up- to Grow up I learned that no matter how people see me Or how they glare at me, or whether darkness surrounds me
When I was 2 my sister was born and I was no longer a baby. When I was 4 my brother was born and by then I could change a diaper. At 8 people always said how mature and grown up I was, what a help, a second set of hands.
It’s been awhile since I’ve been here most of the people no longer look sincere. This tiny town is falling apart and every person who leaves takes a piece of our heart.   It’s been awhile since I’ve been here
Growing up is realizing that not all people stick around. The people who promised to stay will have to leave. The people who said they'd always support you will disagree.
is looking down at the stupid cute eyes of a kid wide with admiration and knowing that you have to live up to the  cool big kid you are in their eyes.   Growing up
Peter Pan, Peter Pan, why won't you take me back?Growing up has just turned everything black. Peter Pan, Peter Pan, this has to be a mixup,I simply never wanted to grow up.
  Everything is packed in the car No leg room No personal space This is my life
i have never really felt enough of anything, just mere bombardments in the pit of my stomach relinquishing all things glorious 
"mamá,  i’m not a kid anymore!" she raises her right eyebrow in disapproval— the look.  clack... clack...clack...
Realization hits unexpectedly in a point of life When there’s little of play time and, chill time is a waste of time… Time. It is of the essence of something so beautiful, precious, and sacred
As if it were in a week of wonders,  My field of daisies has vanished  Chewed, swallowed, enveloped  Consumed by the mass of woods, the mark of high winds Points of realization about the cusp of the world
Growing up?     There is not one specific sign, Nor moment, Or definition.  Everything is gradual.  As time moves on, Things change; People change.      Gradually,
I realized I wasn't a kid anymore when the airplane flew off and all the familiar faces I once knew faded  When the piles of sand I was familiar with looked like lumps of brown 
A bitter, fuzzy memory in my mindfive years since you left Arguging was part of the daily routinehe walked out of the door and time went stillhappiness didn't exist anymore
Dying in its own name the act seems to push others away but to tolerate now means something new. To tolerate is to discriminate against those you see fit, I was called many things when I was growing up,
Barbie dolls Makeup phones Princess gowns   Gone   Plastic friends Cell phone bills Hospital gowns  
summer - fall the sand sifted through crevices in my toes while the soft breeze lifted my salty hair  the symphony in my head played while my golden fingers whispered and swam -through the air outside my car window
Should of kept how I felt inside. Should of never believed I could tell you about the dark places in my mind. .
We were young then. Pushing from where we were, to where we needed to go. Out all night, didn’t have a care. Not so much now.   We were young then.
Bodies are just bodies Skin stretches, teeth can be pulled Bodies are all different sizes, but each our own We have to learn to love, or there is no home This is my body New and finally feeling mine
Yes, I’m scared. Yes, I’ve always hated change.  But it’s time. Independence, growth & a fresh start is on its way. A brand new state with no one I know in sight.  A campus I have only been to once.
and here I sit, rehearsed some times before tears fall on cue, you brush my hair away no one is perfect time again you'd say i didn't know you meant you wern't too sometimes I'd fight sometimes I didnt try
Sometimes I wonder If I ever was a kid. I'm no Benjamin Button, sure And I've not toiled like so many others had to But I've had my own struggles, too. Sometimes I wonder 
Mama told me to prepare for war But how do you prepare when you can’t see the enemy How do you sit in silence for so long How do you ponder over what everyone must carry
time goes drip drip drip like molasses out of a faucet slowly, slowly, it passes me by burying me, swallowing me I move slow, I think slow, I am slow
I was driving, for what seemed like forever Why is the cemetary so far away? Maybe so we don’t have to think about it Think about her. Her. 
My first memories, My first memories are of the sea. My first memories of my own father and his boat, All on a tiny fishing boat From the mouth of the Little Norway River.
Old joys where gone. Old dreams vanished Old friends drifted Old memories seemed like the only reminder of who I am   New hobbies became comforting
Growing up doesn’t happen to you all at once. Changes happen all the time, But not the big ones, The important ones. Those, you only get in moments.
At seven years old, taller than the rest. Quiet, shy, obedient, I look into the mirror and see, The eczema dripping on my skin,
Before I was 12 I listened, And believed my parents' words I looked at them, and thought, "Smartest people I've ever heard"   Before I was 12 I was biased, I believed in a giant lie
A bird’s journey starts outside the nest From Fledgling to mature thinking back to before it could fly What lies beyond the branches will show the bird best.   With the winds of possibility beating against the chest
  There was once someone different in there. Someone I loved. Someone who I looked up to through my rose-tinted pupils;  
Going on trips, having toys, and having fun was all I saw as a child Having zero cares about reality  Living in my bubble of rainbows and unicorns Making new friends and hanging out with them Wow! Ain't life grand.
There are times I wish it would always be the middle of the night. Everything is calm, still and you can hear everything beyond your door if you listen well.
First breath First word A baby's firsts Sights to behold Seconds and thirds and each instance beyond Lead to new firsts as time goes on First day of school First new friend
I woke up to the feeling of my feet touching the baseboard A feeling that I'd often ignored.  But this time it felt different.    I strode over to my closet grabbing my favorite shirt. 
I'm a child Short but mighty Pulling my mother out of bed I'm a child  Smart and witty Cooking for my children who are my siblings I'm a child  Sneaky yet aware
Right now I am staring down Barreling  down Hurtling towards The same story and the same mistakes I have made for the past four years I know how it ends but I don't know 
I started as a young girl,  wondering what I would do with my life.  Would I be a doctor, a teacher, a crazy scientist? Would I be a writer, a lawyer, or a real estate agent? I started as a young girl,
Ba ba Ba ba I yell to the Mama Ba ba  Ba ba My words just fall flat Ba ba  Ba ba Dinner is served, Mush is ate Ba ba Ba ba I find I can speak more Hello
All i wanted was a life that i wish i had  all i wanted was the ability to feel sad all i wanted was the desire to be mad what i wanted was to be me what i wanted was for someone not leave ne
All i wanted was a life that i wish i had  all i wanted was the ability to feel sad all i wanted was the desire to be mad what i wanted was to be me what i wanted was for someone not leave ne
All i wanted was a life that i wish i had  all i wanted was the ability to feel sad all i wanted was the desire to be mad what i wanted was to be me what i wanted was for someone not leave ne
When was the moment I realized I was an adult Maybe when I no longer could place the blame and say it was someone else’s fault Or maybe it was when I could mentally make sense out of certain childhood trauma
We were all of each other firsts,  we loved each other with everything we had we changed each other, cried with each other, laughed with each other, but this day was when we left each other.
How many more newscasts before we decide it's enough? How many more broken parents and friends before we choose to make a change?  How many more children need to die before anyone can say goodbye? 
I was a kid I sat on a blue rug in my class every day I was a kid I had to respond to my teacher when they said "hey" I was a kid I worried about being able to read a book I was a kid
I was a kid I sat on a blue rug in my class every day I was a kid I had to respond to my teacher when they said "hey" I was a kid I worried about being able to read a book I was a kid
The day he threw me on the rocks, I remember how I had carried each one of the damned things to the side of that driveway. The first hit didn’t hurt as bad as I had thought it would. The second-- that one hurt worse.
Once a little girl that was curious and proud Once a little girl, a good girl Next a young child that was stubborn and loud Next a young child, a bad child
I see the world differently. I grow taller and everything is smaller, But truly the world seems bigger And badder. The world is a mess. How can I do anything to make it better?  
I remember the Cinderella dress and slipper shoes that I used to use I would dazzle myself in jewels that would shine once the sun reflected onto it
Time. Time is such an important thing, you never realize that you have to consider.
When the highlight of my day was that really good stretch I got in right after I woke up, When my father started asking me for help lifting what he would typically lift for me,
heartbreak is him watching you cry him squeezing your hands before he tells you goodbye   heartbreak is trying to put the pieces back together realizing that your best friend is gone
Little feet little feet Pitter patter pitter patter Little feet big street Does it even matter Little feet skip a beat.      Fall and hit the concrete     Little feet get back up         
Poetry is emotion incarnate,I am emotion incarnate.  My first encounter showed me my expression ,Human expression clear to the soul.  Showed me the way to cry. I hadn’t known the way in a long time.  I felt a twinge of pain in my heart,Threatening
Power  It isn't held within those who can afford it  Power  Is being the one to stand up when no one else does Power 
My outlook was blurred My life skewed New environment New schedule New people
Welcome to the old me where days of freedom were abundant where was I free to do as I pleased where I was enveloped in disregard for other’s opinions where I was more of myself than I was of them  
Ever so lightly, I called upon the angel 
Laughter fills the air. All that mattered Was what was fair. As we all gathered, Nobody cared. Nobody judged. Nobody compared.   Today, silence.  Tablets, phones,
And thus shall I have my bread. And shall have it no other way but knead by true Egyptian feet. For I find nothing able to suit my bread save it be danced upon, trod heavily upon, by feet meticulous.
The melody no longer rings the same, and no, the harmony is not to blame. It’s the years spent in an orchestrated song filled with root beer chords, where the days are long.
Growing up was less about growing out of my shoes and more about growing into my sense of self-worth.   As I matured, I realized a number of things that I had overlooked earlier in my childhood.  
Our 2018 Freshman Maid is... Let's rewind and talk about this biz Vote for me the Girl on Fire! That's me Alyssa Smokes. Your one and only desire I am not a child and you will hear what I have to say
summer was a loud season,with joyous screams and laughterfrom adventures at the beachand shenanigans with friends.  
My Mother was never here, she hoped I can understand. If only she knew the pain and troubles she’s left us in our hands.   Raising 2 at the age of 10, with ever no luck left in sight.
I discovered self love I experienced hate  I observed unity  I saw destruction   I overcame insecurities I felt false hope  I heard you’re not good enough  I learned women can be anything 
I am a star in a galaxy, But who cares about me? The constellations are brighter. The planets are bigger.   The blind cannot see me,
At any moment— He’ll come strolling down the hall With a half-smile on his face Staring off into blank space Striding with his special grace. At any moment— He’ll stride into this wide room
Humans are imposters: They are just rosters That are wearing a body and skin Some humans consider themselves a kin. But really they are objectionable
She is blessed to see the world beyond her eyes the moment she is created and she grows older with laughter without the slightest worry in the world because she doesn’t need to, yet.
I just knew at 5. I was to be a cowboy. Strong, Patient, and Free!   I thought I needed, Strength to fight “the enemies:” Cattle-Rustlers.    Yet, I found myself,
Cyberbullying must end. Cyberbullying is a terrible by-product of the 21st century we live in, in which the Internet and social media is accessible at the click of a button.
They arrived in their numbers   By bus and by car the people came The people came and they stopped   In a field they saw a hardworking lad A straw hat covered his head and a smile his face,
The bag sits the corner of my recently deceased sister's room The bag full of pills Full of drugs The bag that kept my sister all drugged up 
There once was a boy who cared what people thought. He thought about other people’s thoughts quite a lot. What he really wanted, the boy struggled to know,
Rattles, Plushtoys Chewtoys, teethers   Playthings.   dollhouse, toy cars Barbies, legos   Playthings.   Money, iPads VR Headsets   Playthings.  
My mother carried me around the same way she carried her purse; Right by her side, hanging off her shoulder. The only catch- you can't be emotionally available to a purse.  
Yeah, feeling new again but different Same old & brand new new friends but different Got social anxiety, that's different New plans, new challenges, I'm different My faith in God sometimes seems too different
Crying, crying, crying. Looking straight at the barren white wall. My roommate was nowhere to be found, So I knew I could let it all out.   But why, why, why Was I crying so damn much?
there is the playground
I’m no dancer I want to be but... It’s nice to think about but... It’s impossible for me to be a dancer I wish I could create things like my idols can
Beliefs of masculinity   Filled my head;  Drowned my creativity  And left me for dead.    Fueled by tradition,  It was society’s mission  To restrict my expression;  And keep me misled. 
The orange gas light flickered on the dash.  At least it’s not the Red light, Roxanne.  I drive my Subaru to pump two.  At least it’s daylight. I get out and my pink dress sways in the wind.  At least I’m mostly covered. 
You can’t do it, they will say. How are you going to succeed in the arts? Frustration, failure, hopeless 
One Day One day we were kids playing with dolls One Accident One accident forces us to grow up One Year One year to spend with a loved one as a caretaker One Responsibility
We’ve been through a lot, Haven’t we? It’s been pretty hard, Don’t you agree?   One friend for many years, Belitting, Dismissive,
When I was little,I went out to play as if nothing mattered.When I was volunteering,I went out to do my job as if every step mattered.When I was little,
Mom, Why is my sexuality wrong? Mom, Why don't I want to mate? Mom, Am I a failure? Mom, Why do I have to try it to know I don't want it? Mom, What's wrong with me? Mom,
growing was slow, then sudden like tectonic plates drawing near, then clicking together, leaving a trail of collapsed buildings in its wake-
My mind is the enemy  I can't seem to shake off all my demons  I'm my own worst enemy  When will this madness end?   I'm my own therapist Can't talk to anybody how I feel 
There once was a girl Who smiles so wide It makes you forget The darkness that lurks inside She seemed so happy So carefree and relaxed But her demons were waiting Were ready for attack
  Dear former self, you have come so far To give up now would be like taking out the strings of an acoustic guitar It would be useless
When you make salad With the same ingredients Every single night For your parents   You don’t always think Cutting off carrot tops
I am a girl, but i don't play dress-up. I am a girl, but I play in the dirt. I am a girl, but I don't like pink. I am a girl, but I love me some jeans.  I am a girl, or am I?
I’m pursuing the career of an actor, anyone can say that However, as time goes by you have to work harder And you must stay consistent with it   I became lazy
No longer HeLPleSS No longer UsEleSS Time to have purpose Time to contribute.   Not enough time Nor not enough energy Pushing through to create And inspire the world.  
They judge to hurt, They don't judge to help, They want to discourage, They want you to feel weak, So they can feel strong, It's sad, That they have to do that, It's sad they think it will help,
Nights like these last forever, Or so you want them too, They live in your memories, So some place, Some time, You can remember the nights where you were crazy, Where you were free,
I'm always stuck in my mind, Wish I could stay there all the time.   No one understand me here, They all think i'm kind of weird.   No one knows, How much it hurts, It only gets worse.
Well I saw The 'boys will be boys', And I protested in the streets Because they weren't the innocent   And I saw a culture Based on fairytales And God above, And I waved my hand at it,
Veggies are gross and don't look yummy, There's no point if it doesn't settle my tummy, Blast from the past, I need something fast, It needs to be healthy, It has to be cheap, I'll make it myself,
We are all fragile and we will fall But there is strength in numbers and together we stand tall We get hurt and we will bleed Yet we will rise to our knees
I am from Clarksville, Tennessee Where the summers are hot  But the winters are not.   I am from Minglewood Elementary
  So it begins. The temperature rises. Everyone's running amok Willing to do whatever it takes To make the loudest sounds Find the one, Reproduce,  Die,  So the ones after me
Nobody listened “Nobody” heard Nobody ever said a single word. Nobody asks Nobody feels Nobody tries to help me heal
My clothes do not determine my consent. Yet my clothes reek of your scent. I  went to a a girls day at my church one breezy afternoon and they taught us the importance of saying no. Sounds easy enough right?
Little mixed girl, I believed I was born into a world so cruel. I was always too much of this or too much of that.  I was too happy and too sad, too black and too white
I was ready to give even what I did not haveJust for you,I was willing to follow the devil his stepsReady to lay down the weaponsAnd give my soulTo follow you eyes closedYet you did not see it
When I was young I went over the hill with my dad We laughed and played Until the hill came down
Face to face, body to body, that's how I wish I could look at you. The articles describe some sort of  traumatic scar. The pyschologists diagonse an empty hole in the center of us.
I fear I have lived far too much life in far too little time. In my 16 years I have loved and died and been revived more times than one could possibly count.
Growing up is something we all fear of encountering in our lives, and it's the way the circle of life is intended to be.
I know what it means to be heartbroken. To feel like you’ve got nothing left; To feel like your world has turned completely upside down; And you believe that everyone has moved on, But you cannot catch up.  
Mothers, talking the bottle warmer or the nob that starts the washing machine. The mothers Brickell, Clorox queens, mattered with milk stains, skin dry and calloused from work but glowing faintly, loud over their children’s cries.
When I was young, I lived life to the fullest No worries No pain Just freedom   When I was young, I played games
Once upon a time there was a sad little girlwho sat at the swings alonewaiting for someone to occupy the empty swing next to herso they'd swing togetherand she'd feel a little less lonely
Tick Tock Tick Tock Time is slowly wasting away Tick Tock Tick Tock No time to work and no time to play Tick Tock Tick Tock Right now is yesterday, future, the past Tick Tock
I saw myself when I saw what I could be I saw the desires and abilities to seek them out I saw the dark, that horrible black hole that should never be known I saw it I knew it And I shut it out
I will undress my soul writing for you, And in between poetry I shall live Dreaming of you. The moon will be my accomplice, And Dawn will be my faithful companion. My lines will be written with indelible ink,
What is going on with you? Why are you poisoning yourself with this endless overthinking? Why are you constantly grumbling about your repetitively miserable life?
The roses are dead The roses are blue The roses are sad Call me a liar, you know it's true The roses are withered The roses are black
Highschool. College preparation, scholarships, grades Weed, alcohol, making out Living up to every non expectation Stereotypical, but the polar opposite It wasn't when I found myself walking through the gates
I'm sorry if I'm not enough. You never said anything but instead, you just left me hanging. It was really tough, It was really rough though I know I have done enough. I'm sorry if I'm not enough.
“It’s not rape if you like it” a sentence created from arrogance ”it’s not rape if you like it” a sentence formed by the uneducated  “it’s not rape if you like it” do you mean arousal non-concordance
You cannot evade energy It's like dodging God Or the universe in dodgeball  With the constant pitches of balls, flying towards you direction.
There's something different about todayMaybe I'm the only onewho'll notice itbut it's better than nothing  
You don’t know this now, but you’re in the middle of a hurricane called life.You don’t know this, but you're not who you are, you’re who you think you should be-nothing but a stereotype and a false image printed in your head.
“Ugly, fat, unwanted” Like a music box on loop These words plague my mind They ricochet through my chest Bouncing off the bruised walls “Ugly, Fat, Unwanted”
What’s worse than not playing sports, being lame Sports are played on Earth. It’s also called land There is a sport called the beautiful game One can play this almost anywhere, grand
On Thursday I turn 21. And it's weird because I remember turning 17 and graduating High School and starting college - and when I tried out for the dance team and the MDT 
A family member, a friend, a cousin Alone, desperate, looking for a place to lay her head A job, a home, a bed KASEY A lie, a betrayal, a death The kind of death that creeps into your veins and lives there
A family member, a friend, a cousin Alone, desperate, looking for a place to lay her head A job, a home, a bed KASEY A lie, a betrayal, a death The kind of death that creeps into your veins and lives there
Then   he took the respect she had for Herself  and the wonders from the earth around Her he took her her kindness  and what seemed, the air from Her lungs he took Her curiousity 
Who she was dwindled away as the years went on, I didn't really notice then she was gone,  She decieved me, As her eyes crystalized and her words heated me,
You're lost in this world You're curious and seek the answers to everything You ask basic questions from left to right Hoping to understand these phenomenons around you   But then we grow up
what I see now as i look through the mirror the difference from then to now the little girl i once was seems to change everyday i wake up what i see now when i talk to my parents and everyone around me  
I thought I was a man when I was 13 Lil hair on my face, voice got more bass I thought I was grown when my height kicked in Started feelin weird around girls catching feels like a chase
I thought I was a man when I was 13 Lil hair on my face, voice got more bass I thought I was grown when my height kicked in Started feelin weird around girls catching feels like a chase
Pauses in breath, the spaces in between, nooks and corners unseen--what does invisibility mean to me?  
There are dreams within dream within dreams, so it seems. I learned this last night in bed. Layers of dreams  upon layers of dreams, all fitting inside my head.  Once, I thought I woke up, but I was back in anther one. Dreams within dreams: it's b
They say stand up for yourself when someone makes you feel small. But, then they tell you "Chill out". All of a sudden speaking up shouldn't be an option.
I am seven when I learn the world is not fair. One day at my summer day camp, we are all able to tie-dye shirts  and buy snow cones from a colorful truck that lets you pour your own flavors.
I used to wonder why the sky was blue How much wood could a woodchuck chuck And how many licks it took to get to the center of a tootsie pop
I felt stronger than ever before My head was clear and high A smile was cemented on my face   I felt comfortable My ears were filled with laughter
o dear shame Where did you hide your name Now everyone fingers one another Everyone gives one another blame
it's been a Cold November September-December-July-August-May This year - more than last Or maybe less than last Sometimes it's hard to remember Recall-commemorate-memorialize
What love is not Love is not cynical Love is not unkind Love is not controlling Love is not blind   Love does not harm Love does not boast  
A new planted sapling takes time to grow. With care and with patience it learns to grow strong. The wind beats against it,  And pushes it down, But that little sapling will forever push on.
  I wasn’t a kid anymore the day you walked out the door. I stopped playing dress up and started cleaning my mess up. I stopped playing pretend, said goodbye to all my imaginary friends,
I love my body I love My legs That stretch for miles I love The rocks of muscles And the strength I carry With them   I love my milky skin My gigantic smile
Were we human? Yes, once we were. But not now. Not now.   Now we are more. We are one. Unity.  
Childhood depression is hard to describe you haven't skinned your knee everyone loves you -  why are you crying?   I never knew why I didn't want to exist in the body I had
I am from comic books, From Au Naturale and Shea Butter. I am from the blue and green colors on the walls, With flowers, pictures, and giant clocks. I am from loud noises from the outside,
I am from comic books, From Au Naturale and Shea Butter. I am from the blue and green colors on the walls, With flowers, pictures, and giant clocks. I am from loud noises from the outside,
Rolling up, almost past the barrier. Stop! Brakes Squeal and cars jerk in place. Stop! My heart beat is still in a race! Stop!
I can't remember much of my childhood,But I remember her,Never. I'll never forget.There was a time we were great!Two years. Never apart. Invincible.But all the board games and banter couldn't save us.
Would you just stop talking already? Today, I learned that stress can kill your cells. I had my suspicions.
Your sister can’t know – Don’t confuse the kid. She probably knows already You don’t like boys.   Don’t confuse the kid – Sexuality is not fluid. You don’t like boys
With young eyes I saw the world With innocence I stood by My father took care of everything My mother by his side Life was simple in its extent Life consisted of obedience With fresh eyes I see the world
Nothing in the mind, blissful Now I am often forgetful I seek to remember that I can reach it but for some reason college has a boundary around it. I was read that it was all up to me but they miss detailed it.
As a child Everything seemed perfect The grass was always green Family was abundant Nobody seemed to be upset But As time progressed There was death There were trials
When I was younger I was afraid of growing up I didn’t like the thought of Getting wrinkles, Sunspots, Grey Hair;
When I look at youI don't see"Bad person".I see someoneWho needs support,Who needs help,Who is hurtBy their pastAnd hasn't healed yet.  
I'm done. You crossed a line that you can  never come back from. You led me to believe that I was in the wrong when in reality  i was right all along. I'm done playing games.
Lies. often times they are used to hold you together. They give you hope that maybe, just maybe tomorrow will be better than  today. Lies are the glue that allows 
As a best friend then brother, now potential life partner   These feelings… These intense, powerful feelings. As infants grow to become teenagers into adults… A typical crush grew to become infatuation into love.
do you remember the times we laughed / do you remember how we danced | do you remember your hand in mine / do you remember our love divine |  do you remember the stars of the sky / do you remember how we thought we could fly |  sometimes i think o
What if we change who we are. What if started to appreciate what we have. What if we showed people we do care What if  
IPA’s and a stolen gaze make me drunk and insecure Never forget, I told you from the onset that we were meant for more than this   I promised you, I would take you to every place that you belonged.  
Honestly, I fell for you; I fell for you hard, like nothing else mattered. You were on my mind day and night and everything in between;
I shall crave A sandwich, With layers of flavor. But I’M NOT HUNGRY.   To remember something that’s good, The taste of a familiar scenery,
Dear Future me,   How do you do? Tell me what is knew Tell me what is the same Tell me about myself Are you happy?
Fear corrupts those who let it in.  Letting fear concour an individuals insides is the task most people have yet to accoomplish. Fear seems to seep through the smallest, most vunerable cracks. 
Sitting, playing, not paying attention to where I am. Watching fish swim under my vibrantly colored sea turtle boogie board. I feel the water move me up and down, still not noticing where I am. 
On the water there A petal breaks the silence, suddenly submerged lungs aching for breath, alone, more words tumble from the mouth. Mirror, mirror, As I speak to you the petal finds a break
On the water there A petal breaks the silence, suddenly submerged lungs aching for breath, alone, more words tumble from the mouth. Mirror, mirror, As I speak to you the petal finds a break
Suffocating. My chest tightening, My mouth drying, My hands shaking, My heart in my ears - pounding, But I am not even running.
At any given moment, I just might break Fall to my knees, head in my hands kind of just might break Fear in my eyes, regret on my mind kind of just might break Why am I alive, how did I survive kind of just might break
A nigh of mischief, an adventure, a nightmare.   Speed up! No. I'll crash, I'll fall, the world will spin   But the night is young.   Under the full moon
I might not be prettyI might not be the girls of your dreamsBut I ask this one thingPlease dont judge meIf you love meThen I can think I'm beautiful. With doubts about the small things,Tell me I'm prettyTell me I'm beautifulMake me feel special in
I want to tell you that i love you, but it's not like you care anways. Wait. Yes you do. Because that is the only way you can boost up your self-esteem. 
"You need to losesome weight." These emptywords, they are everywhere- my mother's touch,my doctor's lips, fear in my throat when I swallowbutter and sugar and fat.
It’s another project, but this time, it’s personal. Those are the worst kind. Do what you like, do what you love, follow your passion! Well, what are you grading me on?
They watch me Like predators hunting prey They approach me In an intimidating way They scare me With the meaningless words that they say.
I stand alone in a sea of swirling faces, unsure of what to say, what to do. I feel their penetrating gazes on my back, judging me for my timidity. I bob adrift in the current, waiting for an anchor.
I'm still afraid to make a move That others may not approve. I'm still afraid to be myself As I'm not like everybody else.   I'm still afraid to reveal my heart Because I can't let things fall apart.
I see in her eyes insecurity. Oh, how many times must you ask? Am I pretty? If you were here now, I would not care how many times you ask me, Seven or seventy seven times,
Because your future Is all you can to provide Because your state now Is worth less than currency   Because she called you ugly,
I always sat back and listened to you yell I never liked it but I was shy as hell  I watched you punch holes in our wall I would be so scared I wanted to call 911  but you told me to never tell.
Sometimes I wish words were never spoken, but those words can't be erased. Sometimes I wish there is no one around me, but people will always stare. Sometimes I wish my voice would make a sound,
So, you think you’re hurting? Well.   So am I. Not from sadness, Not from stress, Not from my relationship, Not from my family.  
Hands hold firm on mine my past nature entails fear loving again.   My heart forgives all My brain forgave none Lest I feel again, I feared I'd come undone  
The thoughts in your mind can consume your life.  They can cause more damage than a gun or a knife.  The difference between thoughts and weapons,  Is one ends it all and the other, you have to live with. 
The thoughts in your mind can consume your life.  They can cause more damage than a gun or a knife.  The difference between thoughts and weapons,  Is one ends it all and the other, you have to live with. 
Fear is being an advisory member of Art Honors Society. Fera is getting an A on a play-writing assignment, then having to perform it. Fear is being accepted to a student leadership program in D.C.
What is real? He stood trembling like a reed in the wind It felt so real, too real, was it real? It felt real It looked real It appeared real What is real?
Like most, I fear many things I fear bugs, I fear being late for class, I fear getting lost on the subway, I fear extraneous heights, I fear pain - even the littlest amount
Pacing the hallway back and forth, I feel my breath quicken with each step. I receive the signal to enter the room,
I know that that is not them I know that I am not acting myself Standing in this room surrounded I feel alone   Face Forward
How far will you go To accomplish your goals? They say go to college. Get good grades. Apply. So I try. I apply with hopes high Only to recieve a rejection letter. How can it get better?
I am scared But I will push through I fall As they say I can't possible go far I am scared But I will fight through I am battered, torn and bruised They laugh as I crawl
The Fear Within Me   There's a fear within me that won’t let me grow A fear so big that can shake me to the core There’s a fear within me that stops me from being with you
Fear is not a tangible thing It is not something that can bully you  It is not something that can bring you down It is not something that can cause you pain Unless YOU let it
You may have me shackled in dreams you once had Regrets from your youth, leading me to your path Authority of the father, I could never surpass You may be powerful, but you're not strong  
A gifted talent no one's found Watching a TV with no sound Eating chips that crack too loud No verbal contact, I'm too profound To hide behind your lies and hold truth You're subtle but I have no proof
Mommy. I’m sorry I’m not more like my sister. I failed my math test today. Mommy. I’m sorry I’m not more like my brother. I didn’t win a medal today. Mommy. I’m sorry I don’t always make you happy.
Numbers and lines defined me for years.   The scale dipped and rose in waves But, it never settled flat.   Each year,
You have left imprints upon my heart, Distance may be there, But we cannot be torn apart.   People say it's a chance for a fresh start,  But the past always makes us aware. 
While time has aged the memories are still sharp in my mind. I feel your presence in the shadows, lurking while hiding.  You belong there. Hidden from the light. Knowledge of your sins kept only between us.
The lights, they beam down with powerful visibility. The stage, outstretched and lonely as far as I can see. The audience, physically unseen, but I’m conscience of their stares.
How old must you be to experience this “true” love?     They say one doesn’t experience true love until much later in life…   But can that actually be true?   What is “true” love, anyhow? 
If you are going to live, live for the day. If you are going to walk, walk with hope.   If you are going to love, love with all your heart. If you are going to fall, fall in love.
How would you feel if what discomforts you the most was inside you? Not only is it internal but it is around too. You can not escape it
Listen! Slip right, then jab. Follow up, keep it straight! Remember! Cover yourself! Don't let him land another! He's big, too big! His hands are like stones! He's quick, too quick!
Silence. For years, only silence. And fear… no song.   Never testing the limits, Never pushing the envelope, Never hearing the song.
Fear chains my mind to mediocraty. Fear blockades my mind to the status quo. Fear rules my mind with idleness. Thy kingdom collapses under this demonic foe. Whence anger comes from, out forth regret
Fear,My biggest challenger,my greatest weakness.For many years,I've been its captive,I've been its slave.Yet, now,after everything,it's losing the battle,losing its hold.
I fall down Hopeless? Hopeless.   Was it the control I loved so much? That makes this feel all the worst?  
I had met that sweet soul that stole my heart,Those bright eyes that had set me blush,That beautiful smile which had shined besides mine,The amazing mind that wasn´t being understood,
you're four and pocahontas is your world. mommy and daddy don't understand, 'you want to marry the princess? you can't.' (they don't know why you're confused.)
She would tell me I am beautiful. She would do her best to convince me of this,to build up my self-esteemin relation to my bodily self,because I guess I seemedtoo self-conscious.
Every morning, You awaken to another grueling day A list of expectations occupies your way An image you’ve created for everyone around you
I am afraid that my mouth is a tomb in which only dead things live   I have written 38 poems, that’s 32,862 words 175,292 letters, and I can't tell you what the have done. My teachers always told me words have power, 
Night falls and the air feels still Breath feels heavy and shallow Time feels like it's come to a hault Change feels like conforming....yeah conforming  Life feels like joy that's witholding  
I stand trembling. I step into the lions’ den. I open my mouth to utter three small words They won’t come out. I’m terrified. But I’ve got more anger than terror.
Fear -    False Evidence Appearing Real  let that soak in  You can’t eliminate it You can’t avoid it  You feel everyone and everything is against you.
There is no doubt in how much I love you; even despite how much you utterly confuse all the same.  
Prosthetic      A piece of me,  piece of you.  Blithe memories, laid in ash.   The lethal dance of death illuminates your skin  An aggressive cold--  
There are too many words in my head That I’ll never get to say aloud. No, I can’t, but I want to say it, Want to scream from the top of my lungs.
Baby I’m thinking about you like Hands think about Holding Like Arms think about Hugging Like Lips think about Kissing I just don’t want to say goodbye... I want to hold your hand so tight and never let you go...
The first The first time I experienced  A touch that makes me sink Eyes that make me dream I can’t even think, A smile that beams To steal those kisses
I cannot get it any other way Here I can breathe the way I can’t there As I watch the surface shimmer away   Please let me come back to the light of day I do not need this, I do not care
Repeating what I've done once before,Recycling "hello" and "goodbye" pricelessly.Rethinking my decisions isn't needed, thisRealistic world I've grown used to, I want toRedo the world in hopes of something better.
My little brother has a mass in his brain they said it was cancer he looked up to me expecting an answer  3 weeks later  he can’t talk 3 months later he can’t walk 
Growing, changing, Chaos was my organized thought.   Guessing and imagining— through the cloud of others’ opinions, who I wanted to become.
It has been months, waves of adversity hit the shore of my life. My mind and heart :nonchalant, that I've been seen as someone who is unbothered -by life ,by unsolicited advice,by adversity-everything.
I fear the inside of my own brain. How twisted a thought is that? I have accomplished many things in my life but the pursuit of my own happiness. 
“Your hands held my hips. You pulled me closer. I asked you to stop. You looked at me in a way... nobody had looked at me before. You forced a kiss on my lips. I let you kiss me. You paused. I moved aside slowly, so you wouldn’t notice.
Hello my name is Michelle Rivera-Steinmeier I have a juvenile dependency case out of Riverside CA, I have had this case Sense 2015.
I don’t know how to write about you and tell the truth.   Bare bones, hands shaking, nothing left to do but fill the page. I don’t think I’m at that stage.  
Fear.   You bring no comfort, only uprooting my present, my now.  Insidious insipid-sweet lies,  Crushing like a bricks till I bow. But I, I will no longer be your puppet, your poppet, your dear. How can I wear chains when Christ conquers fear?  F
*this is a uncomfortable topic for lots of people, something that is sensitive for people who have experienced this. To all young women out there, don’t be fooled. The only person who knows your worth and beauty is you.
my family is a framed picture                      sitting on your nightstand my grandma is flawed  but takes care of it all always there for him and i she’s the frame that holds us   
Fear is a part of life, but fear can't control you if you dont let it. When you avoid your fears, they grow and you dimish. You  avoid happy thoughts, your soul contract a little more leving less space for light
Fear is a part of life, but fear can't control you if you dont let it. When you avoid your fears, they grow and you dimish. You  avoid happy thoughts, your soul contract a little more leving less space for light
call me an ice queen. call me the baddest bitch from hell. call me your worst nightmare. call me a whore a slut a fucking piece of shit. call me what you want but I am what I am and I always will be.
Fear is not what one might expect. It is unpredictable. It is often terrible. However, every now and then, Someone finds a way through it.   To defeat fear is never simple. It takes vigor.
Can I be afraid of change  if I am miserable where I am? Years swept past me and I let myself rot, until I realized the role I play. Should I be afraid of leaving the only thing i have ever Known?
Huntington Beach, California, isn’t the most exciting place on earth. Aside from the beaches, the city is just a collection of suburban homes.
I ask for your trust To know my clothes didn’t reply With a yes to his hands, When my own rights he denied. I ask for you to realize,
I remember that morning you left me. It was almost as if you were happy. I cannot forget that beautiful smile on your face.   Although my sun was lost, I knew I could paint brighter tomorrows.
This is the story of me Of a rose Of a man.   It was years ago, I met a man. Or was it a boy? A toy; That’s how he treated me, Me and my rose.   A flower. A red rose.
Dear Brothers, I know that you are blissfully unaware of the extent of my pain, of the depth of my despair. I know that if I opened up to you that you might not drop everything
How much are your words worth? An effortless contraction of muscles, A minuscule wavelength of frequency.How much are they worth?
If I were afraid of the woman behind The whites of my eyes, I could kill To get away from that feeling. If I were afraid to be myself, I would carry Pepperspray and hold my own hand
I am a rose You may brush against my lips and find they are soft That may be enough for you to stay I am a rose
Oh! alas that you were left behind, poor dear maid! Whilst upon this lone rock on the sea you were laid.   Oh! gone is your Theseus, that era is over, You’ll not be some thankless Athenian’s lover.  
What You Stole   I see your hand prints I see their traces on my skin, Unwanted finger tips caressing my thigh
Inexplainable color schemes drip, drop; a faint drizzle slowly turns to peaceful rain.   Inexplainable color schemes you would talk and talk and I listened to the pitter patter
I will always rememberThe rhythm of yourFeet scaling the steps as you came to dinner.   I will always rememberThe rhythm of your Respirator, making sure you stayed alive long enough for me to say goodbye.   I will always remember Your legs move as
Eyes                Swollen like a training runner’s feet                Red like the blood pooling from a rose pricked finger                               As the too-familiar dense liquid collides with her Mouth
Standing alone I think. As our time begins to shrink. I fear our certain demise, but many would think it’s not wise. Having this fear,
I’m a prisoner in my own city. With handcuffs and a target on my back. One can’t even walk down the streets without thinking a bullet will pierce through our melanin flesh.
The sun and I, Are one.   Both receiving gifts from the other, Gifts that pulse through my bloodstream.   The sun and I are one,
When you are having a really great day And you want your hair to sway Cause there are birds chattering The flowers are blooming The sun is shining And everyone is singing imaginatively
Shorts onSmiling wideDown the sidewalkStrolling, strolling In the distanceHe treasured herCalling, calling
I fear that the cycle continues That poverty runs behind me for most of the race But always ends up the winner I fear that the cycle continues
         SONGS OF A DRUMMER BOY Drummer Boy Drummer boy Oh remember the words of the Elders, “However long the night, The dawn will break” Sitting at the banks Of Osun
  for so long i was torn between             faces & places and not being able to choose what to do or where to go that would please others [please me] i wanted this and i wanted that
So I told him I liked him I thought I knew what he would say back Which is why I put myself out there After many days of contemplating  
Aching. Longing. Praying. Unnoticed and unheard "Nevermore!" Crows the lonely bird. Plunging over the edge, Falling to despair, Weeping in the deep,
You were always such a happy kid She said in conversation That's nice, Mom, but you seem to have forgotten  How when I smiled, things were great  and we would get along just fine. 
To You My Son
These bed sheets are arms, Holding me, Eating me alive. They moisten with the pressure of clandestine prayers, Breath a ghost, The ghost of you,
Yep, I am Melanin  In fact, I am a beautiful Melanin My hair is everything from nappy to kinky even the straightest strand doesn't qualify to be straight but I am not upset Why? because I am beautiful
You said that you loved him, i asked you for the meaning of love. Yesterday i walked past him and his friends, Your name was mentioned, so i slow walked instead.
I remember I couldn’t reach my pants They were far away in the night My back hurt from lying on the ground under your weight; you the boy
I'm sorry for the things I did I'm sorry for the things I've yet to do I'm sorry for how I am I'm sorry for what I will be soon But most of all
9 PM last night I burst into tears I hyperventilated I shook    My eyes were drowning in water and my lungs were gasping for oxygen    I locked my door So no one would come in
This is my ninth year of studying like this I give up time for myself, my family, and my friends all in the hopes of getting a college degree  because that will help me get a career and i need a career to make money
Five meets Two.Two meets Five.Five senses a connection,But it's so strong,That is scares herTo believe she's found such treasure,Only for it to dissipateInto the dream world
    Soft Skin       Our nation's youth are fragile. They are formed by cracks on cracks on crevices,
Another failed attempt. I already regret my weaknesses. my heart sinks. my head listens to the mocking sea of voices; Down Down Down Drowning Drowning Drowning
My skin crawls, wtih anxiety. My stomach churns, with stress. My heart beats, with discomfort. The thoughts of you, make my hairs stand on edge. Not out of fear,
The popular 80’s hit has a tempo of 100 beats per minute, which is the same tempo at which one should give chest compressions during CPR. —The American Heart Association   My
She was beauty set in stone -    I couldn't move her,       she wouldn't moan. She was beauty    black and deep. She was beauty,    she was sleep. She was beauty    held at bay;
telling people i’m in therapy is like telling them i’m terminal. not for me, but for them because apparently telling them i seek help for restoring good mental health warrants shocked reactions and many concerns. 
1st April, 2017, Saturday morning around 8 It was a moment of grief and sorrow For the first time in forever, she lied to us Requesting the doctors and begging us to take her home from the ICU ward
To the love I never had Thankyou for not being there when I needed you Thankyou for pushing me away when all I needed was a a hug Thankyou for rejecting me Making me feel as if  I wasn't good enough
There’s a lot of silly silly thingsTo be talking about There’s a lot of willy nilly thingsThat seem shocking right nowSilly things
     Here I am, dripping with insignificance again. Pretending like I matter when someone else's life is tattered, and I'm acting like these shattered piece can't be put back together. Truth is, they can be; with love.
One chance to change your life; to make a friend to invite someone in, before it's too late. One chance to change your life; to not hold back to tell them they're getting hurt,
  What if my mission is to disturb the comforted  and comfort the disturbed? What if my mission is to sadden the happy  and excite the sad?
It hurts to think, Just how long its bin, With my head in a spin Oh where did all this begin? The Pain, The Hurt, Too confusin
Love comes knocking   at the worst of times, so, I never answer. I’m always fearful of what I might see. Love knocks and knocks, begging me to let it in, but I don’t.
I was twelve years old when the Sandy Hook shooting happened. 
Your eagle stands proud, Crowing over these brown rubies sprawled. But my boy's in a shroud   Everyone has bowed, Neglecting their duties while their wounds remained raw. Your eagle stands proud.
My eyes started to shut down  My body painted with red and blue  I can’t feel my legs, I try to stand but I fall again  My hands are useless, I’m afriad    There he goes again, being the coward he is 
There are Parts of me with preachers Parts of me at home  Parts of me with teachers and  Parts of me alone  I just want a place where all the parts of me are shown
Many voices are heard Around the world. The politician cries for war, While the activist calls for peace. The poor cry for recompense, While the hounds sniff for plunder.  
Bouts of laughter, Gaggle of hecklers, Strangled words chucked Nonchalantly. Victims left with no armour, Naked to the outside world.
Social justice Equity It is a necessity For me and my community who are all in need of unity Because I am a Muslim and a woman but I am not violent or oppressed and I
I used to hate my eyes becuase I thought they had no color; The emotionless black marbles that sleep inside of my skull were always a blight in my head, no matter what my mother said;
Despite race, Love is love Love sees no color Love does not profile Love is love   Despite gender, Love is love Love sees personality Love does not see pink or blue stereotypes
Some would say that the world's greatest weapons are guns and nukes but guns and nukes are temporary  BOOM! BOP! suddenly you're gone hate is the greatest weapon of all
I yelled today and I’m not proud of it   I yelled Not at my neighbor, not at my teacher, not at my friend Not at my brother and definitely not at my mother
How many times, Do we have to die? How many times, Does our blood have to fall? How many times, Will mothers bury their children?
UNITY   I was weary Of the police shootings Of facebook live videos that showcase the death of my people Of feeling misunderstood in a raucous family
There’s a winding River in my country. A River that’s red.  Muted screams rise from its dark waters. Screams of the dead. Darkness hovers over the River. It makes it hard to see.
My name is Aliya and I am black excellence. That's how we take attendancein the Black Student Union.On Wednesdays,the fifth-floor cafeteria lights up with the bright smiles of black bodiesCongregated together as if packing into pews at church,Agre
Saudade By: Sydney Johnson   A feeling of melancholy, longing or nostalgia   It seeps into
why do you expect me to be okay? to be okay with your actions, to be okay with what you say i'm not why do you expect me to forget? the words you told me, the words you said i can't
It never works, And I'm an idiot for trying. I feel like you've unpopped the corks, 'Cause I'm suddenly crying.
He walks into the room, immediately I get stiff. For I know that the words are coming. The words that cut like knives, The words truly do break my bones,
If only he knew how much I missed him, how many times I’ve cried. If only he knew how much I thought of him, and how empty I felt inside. All the moments spent thinking of his love and embrace.
closercloserclothes, hertake off her clothesor bring hercloser
Pick up your guns, lad And right how they've wronged you For they taught you fear, and that violence will fix it   Pick up your guns, lad And take away your pains
A voice broken and in despair Now risen from the depths   The depths of a landfill A landfil of shattered ideas   He is a voice rebuilt He has become Recreated and empowered
when is it my body? when you’re reaping the color of my skin reducing my culture into a category that only accepts squinty eyes and figures so thin
I am chewing off my wings and putting them in a bowl for the morning. I am a vicious posture of body fluids. I am president of all flying things and pockets full of sea shells.
Remember me, A black woman, Of West Indies descent,  Remember me, A black woman, With billows of coarse kinky hair,  Remember me, A black woman, With the body of an enchantress ,
How Can It Be? Lying in the dark most literally  How Can It Be? Being judged every day How Can It Be? Well i don’t know I’ve never experienced it any other way How Can It Be?
Black is serious and mysterious Just like my friend Jariuos. Black is the color of a suit, A Businessman would use. Black is what you see
Once upon a time there was A girl.   Perhaps this should be the end of the story, Some people certainly think so,  
Enough is Enough  I’m weak I’m hurt I don’t know what I want  You are suffering, You are depressed Every morning you have to put on a mask to go to work, to go to school,But every day When you get back home from work or from school You get back  t
I am an activist because women have no say, because kids think abuse is normal, because suicide is a game; a twisted version of a competition where killing yourself is a form of entertainment.
"You Breathed First" Written by Mikayla Stiff   The air I breathe you breathed first. Trees soak it in as it escapes me.  Their oxygen nursed my fiery lungs, When my body foresaked me.   
My brothers and sisters, Related by the shade of our skin. My brothers and sisters, Targeted by men who can’t fit in. My brothers and sisters, Running from the pigs that harm our men just because they can. 
Say hello to the boy with broken glasses Say hello to the one who holds the conch He is coming into the spotlight Getting off of his couch  
The feelings goes in and out like a snail. It is scared of even just a small sound wave.  They say that stress kills OCTOPUS!! Then what about us humans. Why is it that the society looks down upon depression?
I am not a statistic My favorite kind of candy growing up was watermelon vodka. It burns at first but it dissipates and all that is left is a warm belly and the stale sweet taste of watermelon candy.
Am I Gay? "It is a genetic flaw, which needs to be eradicated." Teacher says. Am I Gay? "You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination." Religion says. Am I Gay?
Age of Numbness   From the second that you’re in this world, They tell you what is “fair”, Age of numbness, The questions you’re allowed to ask,
Sense September 7, 2018 ~ Friday Little lips Little bits of me, the tips Of where all words begin and end Little place to hide my insides
Divorce   The word divorce is defined as the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body, But that’s not all it means.  
One step forward and two steps back, Always improving but never enough. Dance for yourself,  They always say...   Your legs are well stretched! Not good enough-
I used to know this man, A friend of the family. Kind. Sweet. Helpful.   I used to know this man, He would always be chummy. A smile. A laugh.   I used to know this man,
Shotguns ring Light beams  Sirens scream As I watched his body bleed This piece of love Who watched his daddy’s black body swing beneath a rope hung from a tree This piece of love
Walking slowly, earbuds turned all the way up Running quickly from the mentors in my head, chasing me. The bad Decisions, the good Decisions. Anxiety yelling I'm never good enough-
I will write Through every trial and tribulation I will write Until I can hear the angels singing in heaven Or until my pencil is out of point seven
One too many can ruin it all, Sadly she had to learn that the hard way. went out that night with friends And you went and took that memory away
the blinds are drawn, the heavy-duty kind that when fully extended, are impenetrable against the sharp and prying rays of sun threatening to spear my long-term dilated pupils, Red. And… Black.
whenever someone asks me who inspires me uplifts me encourages me  and supports me its them  always there always aware even in death he finds a way  to brighten my day
I hate when someone gets bullied Even though I stay out of the arguments I have a personal exception  When people are bullied for being smart Often referring to them as nerds or punks
I have nothing but my music, violin, and nerves. Orchestra: My favorite class, My home away from home, My de-stresser and relaxer,
In a decade past, in a distant land,  in a book in the hands of starstruck child, six canisters washed ashore on the golden sand. And, to fight against the vicious wilds, strode six heroes from those silver pods. 
the people paused, mulling over history's words, then asked, "and what is the sun? does it die at night when our cities collapse and our people smother it with their own versions of history? or does it 
the people paused, mulling over history's words, then asked "and what is the sun? does it die at night when our cities collapse and our people smother it with their own versions of history? or does it 
Red. Lines slash my skin, Knives break the words apart. New. Ink stains my canvas, Removing my scars, Replacing them with smooth skin. Removing my scars. Ink stains my canvas -
You hurt me, you abused me Yet you made me stronger. I hid from you, I wanted to die because of you Yet you made me bolder. I used to laugh with you, now I cry because of you Yet you made my skin thicker.
You hurt me, you abused me Yet you made me stronger. I hid from you, I wanted to die because of you Yet you made me bolder. I used to laugh with you, now I cry because of you Yet you made my skin thicker.
The call came, This is what we had been waiting for. Mom answered, “Hello?” she said into the phone.
“That smile how do you do it everyday?” “Love” was all she said. The smile that went through hell and back. The smile that has been at a breaking point.
I felt like a leaf tumbling through the wind where I had lost hope in myself, lost hope of whom I wanted to become and had lost sight of who I was.
i know i shouldn’t be mad at the sick for being so. He is the victim of His world and earns my undying pity,
Hammers of Hope     Appearing out of thin air Capturing me in your chords   You are always there In the elevator, in the car In my head Whenever I need you
Sorry it's been almost a decade since I first played you before giving you this.  I'm learning to draw. I can't yet make my drawings lifelike, and it's a shame I can't bring them to life, but I can still make art worth making.  I'm learning to pla
Its been quite the journey, hasn't it? My first words, calling out for dad My first steps, becoming your double  Its been quite the journey, hasn't it? My first tears, watching that never opened door
You taught me that it is okay not to be okay.  You inspired me to chase my dreams. You encouraged me to keep going.  You showed me how to be strong.  You helped me find my confidence.
Her eyes they watch me, with their glittering blue Her white tufts of hair made a funny hairdo  Her wrinkled skin and her twinkling eyes They shone with her kindness, her laughter, and pride  
O Social justiceWhat do you mean to meFor I am just a student with stage frighthaving to practice linesfor projects multiple timesalone in the night  
A teen girl over one hundred years ago  chose to keep the child she did not ask for.  She didn't know her baby boy would be the father of four. She didn't know that ten grandchildren would fan a flame
The tide rises and falls, they say, Wiping the steps from the sand. Yet those powerful and sure will stay.  
Everyone's afraid of you.  I'm not.  No one wants you.  I do.  You've taught me so much,  To know what success is, to not be afraid.  But it wasn't always this way. 
It is true when they say, “the good die young” For I witnessed the passing of the most wonderful soul Her melody prematurely unsung The strength that she left behind
Goodnight, goodnight to you. Have the moon weave you a blue wool blanket,
Love  Love is  Love is patient  Love is kind Love is slow to anger Love is foverever Love is helpful Love is wise Love is mine Love is Love
There are angels who bathe in colors Painting hues of sadness and drops of courage Upon a blank canvas waiting to be explored Marked by the handprints of babies learning to crawl
i sit and see it in your eyes, a mirror of mine, a want to find Home to be free, a want to leave home and to be set free.    i sit and see on your face, 
Mom, You inspire me to be a stronger individual. When I cry, You are there watching over me. When I am feeling uncertain, You remind me of I am capable. When I feel insecure, You pick up the broken pieces of my beauty.
“Oh no girl, you’re too big for that”  No I’m not I am beautiful  I am God’s creation, he took his time on me 365 days I am beautiful  I am filled with sweet sweet sugar that taste so good
Almost 7 years   7 years and yet I still lay in tears. I never really had the life where my dad would hold me and tell me everything's alright.
Almost 7 years   7 years and yet I still lay in tears. I never really had the life where my dad would hold me and tell me everything's alright.
“Have you ever thought “bout How what you say affects people?” Words leaving your lips Hold a potential that you must understand Potentially forcing someone
Brown. The complexion of my flesh is loathed by so many chauvinist beings daily because of their upbringing. Coils.
Is it worth it? To not be fully awake.
           Get Out Of The Rain               Started to get tired of the same old routine, The same old you, the same old me. For years I've been wanting to get away  Escape from this Terrible place
Society tells me I don't fit in. Where will I go, where will i blend? When will they learn,  That I'm just like them? So I'm turning my back,  letting no one in.  
Society tells me I don't fit in. Where will I go, where will i blend? When will they learn,  That I'm just like them? So I'm turning my back,  letting no one in.  
O captain O captain where are thee Is that you up there at the top of the tree  O captain O captain where have you went I don´t know what I´d do if if I ever lost your scent  O captain O captain I need you here
Curse freckles, and the way they covered the face of a man that was my happiness, my pain my love, my loss and the only source of Christmas spirit that I have ever had.   Curse freckles
My wings lie into my sides Not fully understanding why they have to hide Don't push me away just yet You say you fell in love with me The day we first met
My Buddy. He's gone. My Pal. He's gone. My Coach. He's gone. My Example. He's gone. My Support. He's gone. Cancer, I hate you. His Pain. It's gone. His Suffering. It's gone.
Sometimes it feels like I’m in a ring, and it knocks me down. Its kicking and yelling, “Can’t get up, can you?” Other times it feels like I’m drowning, and it suffocates me. Its pointing and laughing, “Done, yet?”
Choose.Which one is “good”?   Which one is “bad”?This one. That one. Choose.Which do you like? Which do “they” like?This one.  This one.
You come to me when I’m on top of the world You come carrying songs for the elite For the elegant and strong   You come to me when
She showed me how to look on the bright side. She showed me how to change the tide. She showed me how to appreciate my fullness. She showed me how to adore the darkness.
WHO AM I, MY BACKGROUND, MY STORY This Poem briefly summarizes what makes me, me. And who I am as an Individual.
 For everyone it means a different meaning To have the sucess  But becuase it is different  That is what is making it unique  The most eligible things Can make you feel success 
Coupled with fear and doubt, I muscled up the audacity Prancing and dancing about, no knowledge of how or where or why New to me it was, and a danseur I certainly was not.  
I am young and I have an interest. You said, that’s exciting! I am young and I say, I still have an interest. You said, research it. I am young, I researched it and I still have an interest.
This feeling within my being Thoughts of never being enough Countless ideologies Of self worthlessness Had me in a cuff   Those lonely nights Those fateful sights
The wayward road that leads me astray Somewhat led me to this heaving Slander Where the moulde'ring heap of knowledge  Flustered not astray   A woman she was brave and humble
You are always there for me, Even when I have done wrong and can't see my mistakes. You are always making me smile, Even when I have the worst attitude towards you.  You are always loving me, 
And when they asked me what i would do If i knew i would go i would cry and say Leviticus 1822. I hate you. because you see in my life I've done nothing but try.
O Librarian, My Librarian When an insecure young child I had been, my imagination you did expand Because the kindness of your heart gifted me a haven  as your soothing voice took me to different lands
Just because I am a darker skin color I am not ghetto I am not out of what's "acceptable" I am not white washed I am more intelligent than you think Just because I am nonexistent in your household
I see myself in you daddy From your strong mindness, to the way you walk. I see myself in you daddy From the powerful eyes you have, to the way you talk.
You say pay attention to school. You say stay out of trouble.  You say watch your Brother. You say be yourself and don't worry about what people say You say 'You can't be like us.' 
School, nobody likes it We appreciate what it does, where it takes us, and still We treat these glory years with disrespect, but one day, you will look back, and Thank those twelve plus years
Tubes in my arms, tube in my throat to help me breathe Hurts to talk, hurts to move, hurts - just hurts Kids all around in beds just like me With tubes and beeps and machines and tents. It's scary. I am three.
You replaced me. 
Anger bubbling bursting within me Why can't I understand Why can't I comprehend One equation after another My heart sinks with every wrong turn Physics is a trap, Algebra a snare
Her name was Unacquainted. She was only 5 years old, for she was unacquainted with the world around her -- reality. She had a permertant smile laying upon her face and loved making her parents laugh.
The Player   Just yesterday, I was the player - The participation award Which the bench built in   Just yesterday, Fallouts were commonplace, And they who fell
They are bouncing off the walls,                how do you contain them? They keep me up through the night,                how do you make them quiet? They keep me company through out the day,
Here's to the people who cry themselves to sleep because they've lost someone dear to them. Or the ones who stay strong when everyone else is weak, even though you feel just as weak as they do.  
I started losing weight again. Because I started throwing up again, Because I started running again, Because I stopped sleeping again, Because the thought of you keeps me up.   I stopped smiling again.
Help me, I feel like giving up. I need something worth living for. Because I'm running out of luck   Help me. I'm done. things I once loved,  No longer seemed like fun.  
I'm not okay. Really. I'm not. I fight to make it through every day Even though you don't see that I'm distraught.   I'm not okay. No matter what you might think. I'm scared and I'm confused.
   A place of sorrow. A place of tears. A place of death. A place of inspiration. A place of hope.    A place where human courage was displayed with two simple words – “Let’s roll.”
My lungs. Burn.  My legs. Ache. Yet I could not imagine anywhere I would rather be.  My stride carries me along, but it's the mentality that gets me across the finishline. 
I am the voice inside your head. I am anxious and stressed. I wonder why I feel the need to be perfect. I hear my own criticism. I see my imperfections. I want freedom from the impossible standards.
Fridays mornings bring hope and rejoicing at the thought of the end, Of release from the various prisons that hold you,
You hear the old house settle,the mouse squeak in harmonywith the kettle on the stovejust beginning its humming.You hear the thrumm
Listen! I want to say something! When I was so tiny I couldn’t move myself by myself You put slices of pears in my mouth;  And sat me on your stomach and laughed, Showing up delighted in the pictures mom took
My Influence is that of a bird A bird whom leaves its nest to live My Influence is that of whom could fly Whom could soar high above the rest My Influence is that of a Believer
The rain can stop, but The rhythm won't. It's my heart, and Its always shown, the love for you Continues to bloom Your image in my head, leaves no room.
I am often expected to write for someone A loved one A best friend The black race girls I can’t say yes, or no to any of these.
every noise crash snap or shout   followed by a jump or a yelp or a flinch
Wayward students bobbing aimlessly Wanderers, idle, unfocused, undisciplined “heads up keels down; keep your bearing” Vigilant and watchful - ever watchful
To my dearest sister, Being eleven years apart in age is difficult Although this age gap never got in our way Because we were facing new experiences together Just, not quite the same type of experiences
Depression taught me,  When you’re going through troubles You can’t depend on anyone but God  Depression showed me  Weeping may endure for night, 
The fear of not knowing, The fear of know growing, The fear of not showing How great of a person I can be. Fear.   It’s what multiplies me And makes others see
By the time you heard it was too late A man is dead the bullets didn’t wait His eyes are closed, his feet are cold, and his life is no longer connected to his soul
heart shape bruises and late night kisses this is what we are we are greedy and selfish with each other’s time. we are vicious and demanding of the others body we fight and kick and scream
heart shape bruises and late night kisses this is what we are we are greedy and selfish with each other’s time. we are vicious and demanding of the others body we fight and kick and scream
I'm tired of the lies AND misconception Long to be held, seeking attention Covering up my discontentment I've ran out of makeup and forgotten how
misinterpreted by social context and ignorance overlooked and shunned its brilliance is all too commonly mistaken for hate feared by those who are weak but if you could just open your eyes and truly see
You are an alcoholic and drug addict That's fine, I'm glad you got help You are getting divorced That's fine because even though I'm six I know all marriages don't work
The shattered glass of minds broken The shards glitter, twisting, falling Lost eclipses previous triumph And the chime of mourning bells renew
I’m going to tell you a story But bare with me Because it’s one I’ve heard so many times That the chapters bleed together  
Starting from nowhere you rose up, You wrote your own music, yet you were criticized, You tell us how you cried, feared, and felt lost, Thank you for your honesty.  
Oh you who speaks, But does not breathe. Oh you who teaches, But does not learn. Oh you who moves, But goes no where.   Imagination holds power You said long ago
“If you can speak you can sing,And if you can walk you can dance,”She used to say.We all would laugh behindOur handsAnd raise our eyebrows, neverBelieving, because we wereToo clumsy,Too busy,
Search high and low, no matter where I go, there will never be another.   I run, You pursue, I cannot escape a love so true. I do not believe in me,
I cried out to the wind so wild,   "Save me, save me, from this terror!"   But the wind then answered,   "I shall not, I shall not,   For I am but a breeze.  
Mr. Sean, you are the coolest person I know. When I met you, your hair had a streak of electric blue and it was the most badass thing I’d ever seen,
I used to cry myself to sleep then you came along. I would wake up in the middle of the night then you came along. I thought everything would go wrong then you came along.
My mentor, my dear mentor, How terrible you have been to me, And yet I must thank you.
I owe everything I am, to my parents and my close friends They have made me who I am today
I would like to thank the words, Words upon the page I read, Read on a screen, Screen of a computer, Computer so bright and free.  
dear mom, thank you for loving me before I could love myself, so I could grow into the woman I am today. dear mom,  thank you for showing me what you've been through in your life, so I didn't have to in mine.
My insides are ugly All filled with gore If you came here looking for beauty Go out the door. Deep deep inside nightmares lie Piercing screams fill the void I scream, scream, scream
Thank you, depression for always keeping me safe, making me too scared to say hello to anyone.  You have always protected my pale skin with your cloak of sadness always keeping me inside and sad.
Old and wise or young and inexperienced, Religious and spiritualistic or atheist and agnostic, Homosexual, bisexual, or otherwise not straight, Male, female, or transgender, Rich and famous or poor and unknown,
They say marriage is a game  They all do it for fame In my community, Thousand will get married because it is a dream But they are two steps away from the truth  
The Older Boys   I had always felt younger than all the other boys. My pretty pink Strawberry Shortcake bicycle, and long dirty blonde hair.
Dear faceless words, You've given me so much.  Your voice changes with what you say,  An echo of your many names. As a wandering traveler, you taught me to see beauty.
It's an empty promise. A temporary bliss. But blissful nonetheless Scaring my worries away Even if just for a few moments. But the thought to let go is terrifying
I'm always delayed, Heard, most common word to say. Only leaves you betrayed, In the end.   Sorry.   Selfishly regaining your trust, Only once and that's enough,
Him. Me. Tranquility.     I feel safe but strange, it’s not my game.                 My chest feels small
I dont think words could simply express how much I want to thank you  Thank you for how you've taught me that I can't get everything I want Thank you for teaching me that I'm not meant to stay up until 3am reading short stories 
A mentor is someone Someone who is a hero to you A hero doesn't have to be someone you know Just someone who has made a difference A difference in life overall My mentor is my mother
Can you hear me? Are you listening? Good. I just need to say thank you Impossibly high social standards, Cookie cutter people Who try to force me Into a cookie cutter shape - A simple square,
Pain   I trip and fall. I feel pain.   A crush tells me that he does not like me the same. I feel pain.   I get bullied and ostracized on the bus. I feel pain.  
You look at math problems in your free time.  We laugh about it but inside we know how rare it is to have a teacher who gets so excited about their subject.  You make us go 'Calc Caroling' around the school. 
Author's Note: I wrote this the day after the Stoneman Douglas Shooting on February Fourteenth, 2018.  
In an era where the only feeling is time That nurtures a budding, all-consuming longing A never ending cycle of living, “Should it end?”
Thank you for this life A life where shadows sing Where losses are seen as gains Where I can have a vision for everything   Thank you for this life A life where notes can speak
​Your smiles got a way of chasing my frowns away, Your voice got a style of seizing my heart like dove, Epitomizing an everlasting marathon of joy, You idolize what I’m ever searching; happiness!
​Your smiles got a way of chasing my frowns away, Your voice got a style of seizing my heart like dove, Epitomizing an everlasting marathon of joy, You idolize what I’m ever searching; happiness!
I don’t want to feel blue anymore. I’m tired of crying the same blue tears I’m tired of only being the one listening, with my own two ears
You're you and I’m me There’s no one else I’d want you to be Why can’t you say the same of me   I came flying out You came crashing down
I am not my hair! And yet in this world It can define me, But I love my hair and it's abilities But I don't like that society tells me
I wanna float on Lighter fluid, I want to watch the fire dance around me, I want to be lighter fluid, Cause the mess I'm in is heavy.   Life doesn't slow down, Won't slow down for anyone.
I have seen the glismpe of love I have felt it on my skin I have heard the whispers of joy How it hurts me deep within
Four months ago From the beginning you were mine I was yours It was perfect We were perfect You were perfect
My, how I wish to dream. Not the flighty, incomprehensible fairies of sleep. Not the droughts which form gaps in your memory.
my dad and i sit in the car discussing the parkland shooting and he says to me, “the media did a good job this time making sure they got all the kids upset.”“the media?” i ask.“yeah, it’s not like you guys were gonna do anything.
Do you ever think of how often you escape death’s clutches, and you don’t even notice?
Sitting in my 6th grade homeroom, 11 year-old bored of the pencils and the notebooks, Fiddling with my hands and fingers Wondering how long this boredom would linger
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl. This girl had eyes as deep and flawlessly flawless as oceans that men would gladly dive into. This girl had a voice as smooth as silk, that men would gladly envelop themselves in.
have you ever tried to put a band-aid on a bullet wound? i mean i’m bleeding out here so why do i have to pretend like i’m not, i mean
A Message to the Skeptics: I’ve reached the point in my life when people are no longer asking me where I want to go to college, but what I want to do with the rest of my life.
One said that a false step is never ever taken back, While one said I would begin to love life as I grew older, One said to take the wheel in a world of piercing pitch black,
It started As a hole I wasn’t sure How deep or dark           It will get   Doubt gets Trapped and soon
It started As a hole I wasn’t not sure How deep or dark           It will get   Doubt gets Trapped and soon
Poetry is uncovering the perfect words to describe the undescribable. It is the smile shared between two past lovers turned strangers. Poetry is the intimate hug after months of seperation.
sometimes you understand the reality of the worldhow its stupid infuriating and not worth the effortyou see the endless struggle that you call a lifeand only get greeted with dirt as your prize
Dear Poetry, Do you see? There she goes that innocent girl, a rule follower and honest to a fault,
when I found you I remember feeling full of sadness angry at myself, angry at her voiceless no one to listen, no one to care you were an outlet a way to say what I kept bottled up in my heart
Again and again and again and again. Every two steps forward is one step back People fight until they’re no longer standing, And no one stops to help them up.
                                                                     Words    Words on a page are so much more, Helping us see a world to explore. A new adventure, a fantastical dream.
Everyone wants to be heard in some way or another The world is rushing so fast that no one listens Does anyone hear me? Does anyone hear you?
Wisdom. It is the key to success for some. It is the driving motivation for others. It is the difference between all knowing and foolishness. It is not something aquired in a day, week, or even month.
I remember being on a boat on a cold winter's day. My heart had just been broken so the water was dark and murky, not showing me the way.   I tried to peer beyond The world my eyes could see,
Thou who weeps their tears to form a river of torment, Art thou who know they can live through everything. Thee who shook hands with the demons who lye dormant,   While sinister grins from above emit subtle rings.
(Intro)   So, tell me how you really fell, Just tell me what you want. Afraid of falling for you, Could I be your only sun? Sick of playing wicked games, -And sick of playing of the part.
A cultural prime in the dark ages of mentality Arose the ridged slums of arrogance sparking general vitality Within each artery clogged any reasoning and peace Seasoning open wounds with salt and deceiving to say the least
from words and sounds with many diferent meanings to thoughts and ideas that moves our hearts.   Poetry has changed my life helped me find meaning  In this unfair world people call life.
Words full of meanings, Expressing messages, emotions, and feelings,Messages, emotions, and feelingsAbout life, experiences, love, and fear. Lines full of thoughts, Lines charged with decisions and dreams,Dreams  that make us choose, Choices that
Dear Poetry, Have YOU ever felt alone? The feeling of being alone Even when you are sitting home, Surrounded by Family? Loved one? Friends? We question is it real
The words It blurs My eyes are watering.   The words It jerks As it shakes in my hand.  
To those who stand on ivory towers, To those who knell for they cannot stand, To those who breed life from words, Hear my Breath   For I cannot write to those who stand, Nor to those who knell,
I don’t crumble like the average cookie… My version of crumbling was telling you that you can just ‘hit my line’ whenever you got the chance and I would be there. I accepted the fact that I was no longer of any importance to you.
You see him sitting down across you. He was wearing a flannel shirt, red and black stripes crossing his upper body frame. The sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. His face tilted to the side giving you an open view.
In those times of need, you might not find comfort from people. In those times of assistance, you might not find happiness from assurance. In those times of agitation, you may never think you'll be okay again.
Poetry has taught me That I am lucky to be free. I am lucky that I may speak, That I may sleep, That I may breathe.
Resilience Resilient. Tough. Strong. Euphemisms for life having gone on. Because every morning I paint on a smile And tell myself I will be okay after a while.
Browsing the shelves of knowledge that I have retained in my mind, I take a moment to reminisce and bring to light what I gathered from every life experience.   Love.
Erase, erase, eraseAs the saying goes,Practice makes perfectErase, erase, eraseGosh everyone knows,But I can't collect
Life and living, No one knows the differences between the two. Endless nights with spirits in hand or standing in the church pew. What defines life or living? Praying for acceptance, or be the exception.
As the room becomes smaller, while the silence pierces my ears with its cries I see the crowded emptiness consume me as the walls close in
Dancing, weaving, and flying The currents of a fantasy Poetry is an artform That can be of love or tragedy   Blossoms bloom to life Rose pedals wither and fall Always breathing and yearning
I am tired of them. The overused similes, the underused authenticity: Poetry. Except, When I hear of the tree of man (the one that was never quiet)   I am pleased with them.
I feel. I feel too much. I feel nothing. I can't control what I feel.   I wasted my childhood worrying about how people feel. I wasted my preteen years wondering what people thought of me.
She was toxic. We were blamed For simple things, Like internet going out, And traffic. Things we couldn’t control. She was toxic. Manipulation was her superpower. Always at her disposal.
People are looking too far left People are looking too far right People can not see what is in plain sight   Children are kind Children are innocent
I need you. I’m filled with anxiety. Things seem to be okay when you shelter the floods beneath me.   I need you. I think you blessed me. Just one drop and my body becomes a sea
Freedom That is what a poem brings Creativity That is what the author breathes To write is to be released That is what the words taught me That is what poetry brought me
Sorry I decide one night That I’m finally going to go a day without Saying Sorry Sorry Oh Sorry I apologize and it loses its meaning
Sorry I decide one night That I’m finally going to go a day without Saying Sorry Sorry Oh Sorry I apologize and it loses its meaning
Introduced as a child Dr. Seuss and oh the places you'll go Shel Silverstein and where the sidewalk ends read with room to learn and grow a secret language; a bridge to understanding.
A sigh, a groan, "Mom I don't wanna go!" Reluctance in my every step,Mumbling and grumbling under my breath, I shed my PJs and dress the boys, "Come on, lets go!" I snap I don't want to go.  
Did she hide because she was scared? What was she scared of? Did she even know? Was she jealous? Of what? What do I have that she doesn’t?
How? How are you crafted so? How could you be crafted so thoughtfully So that you’re so soft and rough. Your surface is comforting like a massage of the hand
Ever since I first laid eyes on you I knew you were the one I know that sounds cliche but it seems like cupid got me with a hit and run I remember approaching you so nervously, my body all shaking
There was a newspaper headline a few days ago ‘America Is Weeping’ All I could think was So you chose to join the party?
The words run into a wall blocking my throat  clogging it    (am I breathing right?)   My hands twitch the words overflowing  filling my skin ink between my fingers 
I come from a little town in the western part of Mexico A pueblo called Santa Anita in Guadalajara, Jalisco From dreamers both my parents and I Who came to seek a better future until we die
I would not Stop For Freedom. But it proudly fought for me.  Through the fields of foreign lands, And across the raging seas. In the valley of uncharted territory.  Or the land just beneath our feet.
It's me, your big sister, well second big sister I know you don't know me but I love you   I'm sorry I couldn't be there to
Once more I read Once more I writeOnce more I see the beauty When I read I see the pathWhen I write I walk the sightWhen I see the beauty I finally realize
Distance and sarcasm are things that we play We use these to push others away for we are evil creatures of darkness unlocked and non-behaved
That fire did start with a match didn't it? A single flame that led to charred forest Or was it a single word that had turning severed that forest?
My love is a mathematician always counting. My love is a predator always lurking.
I have these two friends... In school, they both have goals and dream. Both got pregnant at eighteen. Sweet girls that fell victim to all of the lies- Of “Love” they thought they had from other “Nice Guys.”
I am slowly stepping instead of falling for her. I never learned how to love so instantly. This feeling is far from what I prefer.   She is like the seasons of winter and summer,
One o'clock strikes A time of night not many dare seek Weary limbs move Begging for rest   Two o'clock strikes Another hour gone by 'Why oh Why' she cries Rest is far  
Hidden are these words. Within these words Lie true meaning Of the world In front of us. One may live a life  Without living. To live is to learn One learns more Through thoughts
I wanted to write a poem about music, but I understood that it is better to write about something true rather than something you feel good about. Now. My mother, she, she has always been there for me. In the highs and lows of my life.
Squeezing Squeezing Squeezing this person until there's nothing left for them to give. Where do you get off?
“Do you think you can forgive me?”   He asked me this while there was still blood between my teeth.  He asked me this while I held my own right thumb, because
Although the day was loud all she looked for was a place with muted sound.  Although the day was loud she went top to bottom looking through her house, to find a space clear of disaster. 
1…2…3… 1…2…3…   Will you sing for me Sing me a song where The lyrics hold me tight   Will you write for me Write me a poem that Makes fun of my dreams   1…2…3…
Poetry is me To be a poet and free I always remember to be   Poetry is a beautiful idea though often laconic expresses deep emotions through simple words often read through rhythms tympanic
Four years ago we cried, Cried for the young man murdered by his brother, Three years ago we cried, Cried for the kid who had ended his own life, One year ago we cried,
I love you Did you know? I see you every morning  Between my eyelids  Right before I forget  My dreams  You lie next to me Smiling  Into my pillows Pillows I never use
I learned how to fly With words on a page. I learned how to laugh With dancing letters. That’s all well and good for me I love and adore it Am amazed by the passion And life
My dear friend, I’m sorry.   I’m sorry that it’s come to this Where you feel there’s no escape   I’m sorry that you can’t go on
Tears threaten to fall But I push them back   Screams bubble up But I push them bac   Words sit at the tip of my tongue
My chest tightens As the bile rises up   Hurtful words pass my ears And echo in my head   “I'm too ugly”
Prejudice Itś the thing you did without knowing her story It is where you told your son to ¨be careful and keep your things close¨
The world is dark  Not a single spark Here I sit on a bench in the park The Earth seems so boring and stark And I wonder what the world is like up there   Among the stars Playing on Mars
The heavy metal became the pedal for the pedestal at the federal level. The ones who control take the toll of soul, painting black. The ones who've yelled pull to the man in black,
Silence is deadly. The silence between these 4 walls, talks. but it doesn't tell me what I want to hear instead, it screams the truth to my face.
Everything bottled up. So many frustrations all in one.  "Give it up", they say. So should I get the job done? Trapped in a dorm room.. more like a jail cell. I am here. But what is my purpose? 
Poetry kept her safe; Poetry kept her sane. When words pile up within her brain and Threaten to explode, She turned to ink and paper. Poetry gave her comfort; Poetry gave her an escape.
I write with the gentleness I want through others support,  I write with the reassurance I want when I feel I fall short.    Poetry can listen in ways people cannot, It is a written way to organize a thought. 
I have seen I have heard The lies and the truths About our world. One says hate The other says hope Whether fleeting or steadfast Both impact The way we see each other.  
The words flood my senses. Beautiful bright colors envisioned in my mind. The words flow against the white of the paper. The world seems just a little bit brighter. The colors are vibrant.
masturbation hallucination in philosphical explanation politicians drink my wine come and smoke my tea we all tend to disagree from all the demonic mockery painted fences with reckless advances
“My brain hurts” The average teenage anthem In a pantheon of suicides and fried Kids Well Swell, I suppose, when everyone
Self-deprecation; I am too mean Self-love; A girl can dream Self-esteem; not even growing Self-destruction; I'm slowly eroding Self-harm; one wound just isn't enough Self-hatred; there is far too much of this stuff I have so much love in my heart
The hatred, it's untamed and pervasive! It's stronger than the discrimination We face, because it's invasive. You and I feel it in every bone in our body-
When I was 11, I started starving myself When I was 13, I started cutting myself When I was 15, I kissed a boy who had a girlfriend When I was 16, I made a lot of mistakes When I was 16, I decided I needed to change
With the internet at our fingertips (at our disposal never leting us breathebreathebreathe) it is easy to see everything (wrong with the world) like
Why do we hold these things inside? The little things we’ll never say. Is it because we don’t want them to know?
Show me a stage and I'll find a player greater than any act I could follow. Show me poetry I can see how lines become symphonies within the eyes of those wiser than me
Patchwork stitching stars in the sky: Blue, green, indigo, violet. Thread is scarce so you have to use mine.
Poetry is not just words put together. What I see is an experience Told with feeling and emotion. Through a window of words I learn of their struggle, their dreams, their life. To live is to learn. 
She is mellow, creating what I saw as ordinary; The loving, ebony colored tree tugged tenderly at the velvety skin of my collar. She whispered gingerly in my ear as I clung to my fragile and flimsy, tattered journal.
I wanna cherish the new day, I wanna sing with the sunshine. I wanna dance with the wind and The stars in the nighttime. I wanna live. I wanna laugh. I wanna love my God and people everywhere--
There she was, Young and broken and afraid. Hiding behind a mask Built to save face.  
How well do you know her? Is he suffering? Would you know? How did we get here? In this cruel world, Where happiness is the most we can wish for? Will we ever recover?
Someone once said to me, "You have a pretty face, You should smile." So I did.   Someone once said to me, "Freckles make your face look dirty, You should cover them up with makeup."
Ruby. Red. Garnet. Crimson. Crimson. Crim son. Crime son. There’s crime, son. Blood.  
I hear the sound of water,      gurgling, flowing, breathing with life The sound of water slapping stones,      pushing past the verdant reeds I hear the water join the song of a child,
I want you to remember this time. This time you felt like you were falling, And no one was there to be your wings. I want you to remember this time, So that when you see someone else falling,
I'd like some pie please... What?... GIVE ME PIE OR YOU DIE! All I want is pie. Sir I understand pie is in such high demand Sorry to be rude, But dude, I can't wait Anymore for just one slice
You know, I have dreams where we're friends again. Dreams where you laugh at my jokes again. Dreams where we're the best of friends again, But you won't listen.  
Sticky sweet jolly rancher kisses I realize that I´m going to miss this  We say our goodbyes and I pull away But something really urged me to stay Every rib in my chest breathes in for a smile
Do not tell me Do not tell me to go to sleep That is was just a nightmare Do not tell me Do not tell me I’ll feel better when the sun comes up
He tasted like mangosi couldn't place it until the next daywhen his lips were no longe
Get out of  my head.   Get out of my head because it's what's best for me. Get out of my head because it's what's best for you.  
For the time has come, I am to leave the nest that once was created by Mother Bird.   Ready to take on the world And unaware of what is to come.
Gimme a Pix o' PIZZA I want a Pix o' PIZZA Hungry for a PIZZA Waiting for a PIZZA Hurry for ma' PIZZA If you want a tip a' Hurry with ma' PIZZA
I am too I am way too please            help me                               because I                                     am too    
I need you.   I need to run my hands through your hair. I need to kiss your lips and your neck and your chest and your skin. I need to draw shapes on your body with my fingertips.
Heavy breath Sweaty palms Beating heart Trembling fingers Racing mind
Nothing ever matters in the summertime The sun melts our minds and dries our throats We need something to drink - but what? Last year, we stuck to lemonade and soda. But we’re older now. We won’t settle for anything that won’t get us in trouble. W
Let her fight   You stand out there alone. Is there no fight in you? Don’t you want to fight? Is the fight buried somewhere deep? Are you on a flight to worlds unknown?
I may be lonely, but I'm not alone I may not be liked, but I'm loved I may not be remembered, but I am not forgotten I may be sad, but I have joy I may not have any friends, but I got Friends
obsessed.   my dwindling eating habits started in an effort to punish myself, hurt myself. the meals dropped and dropped; three meals a day, two, one. an apple. an orange.
I love him so muchthe way his words fall off his tongue and hitmy haunted wispersthe way his demons play with mine,what cute little whiskers he sayshe tells me of secretsI promise to keep it itsinsane how many times he runs through my brainI want
Well, it's 10 o' clock and lights are out. My roomate is snoozing, a lump of blankets. Through the dark, I hear a plane, soaring overhead with it's last passengers.
Indians, they smell like curry,  they move their heads when they talk. Chinese people are good at maths, Muslim people are all terrorists. American people are all fat, Doesn't anyone understand?
Walking through the talking woods, looking at the reflecting water, I see a bag of old goods and empty bottles underwater.  
Dear mind, I’m sorry she cannot use you to your fullest potential, I’m sorry you’re forced to  such negative thoughts that pollute and illude your perspective of life, and of her.  
  Dear Dad,    They told me Time heals all wounds. They told me the stinging feeling I get in my eyes Every time I think of you
Alyssa, I miss you so much I miss how you wouldn’t care if you had to put your stars up all alone how you didn’t count calories
Dear Future, How long did it take you to forget about your roots? How long did it take you to let go of childhood dreams in hopes of making adulthood so much more than it seems?
dear depression, you have never been just sadness it could never be that simple you are an entire ocean of complexity too much for myself to swim through you are broken promises and restless nights
Dear James my other side  friend Have you been good to me  with all the wishes  you've gathered  for me?   I saw the 11:11 curfew at 1pm the joke of unknowingness
To Whom it May Concern, If the world was a place where happiness could perserve Then why do I always hear about mass homicide, or suicide, Or a genocide of an entire race Every single time I turn on the T.V.?
Dear Yester-you, I know that I have disappointed you. I built up a gilded life only to shatter dreams.   Your dreams were doomed to fail.
Its crazy right? People would tell you one thing and Turn around and say something different Crazy how people don't care about anything but themselves
Its crazy right? People would tell you one thing and Turn around and say something different Crazy how people don't care about anything but themselves
Dear whomever, “Dear” can’t encompass you. My greatest, most foolish love Dear isn’t nearly enough Not for you God help me
To the ruthless killer that changed my life,  
How insane must one be to love me Words on screen said one thing Your eyes said one more to me At first glance it was insufferable to digest To trembling of fingers to heat on cheeks
Dear Darling, You know how I feel. When will you feel it too? Will you ever?   Dear Darling, I'm starting to dream of us. How one day we could rule the world. You are my prince;
Dear M,
Dear girl,   Why are you living like tomorrow won't come? Why are you running from what's already here? Like you're running out of time
We are the minority. They act as we can’t achieve The same things, But grow And don't let it break you And define you.
Dear shadow of a man I wish I know more, Dear man who loved too much that it couldn't be contained in his body, Dear shadow of a shadow of a man who had to hide the truth of my family all my life,
Push. Push. Toss. Catch. Turn. Smile. Point. Breath. Don't let your feelings get the best of you.
Dear Millennials and iGeneration, Known for your Apple product addiction, Known for your supposedly advanced technology, But are you also known for your contribution to humanity?
Dearest executioner,   In our last correspondence You asked me “what I think” Of what? Of everything Of the assorted unfortunate occurrences That led me to this predicament.
Dear Jade Anthony, I thought we were perfect – I believed you could do no wrong. I should have known though… I should have known from our first kiss. It felt forced and hollow, But how was I to know?
Dear Father,
Dear Nations,   We sincerely thank you for corrupting our world.   For deeming race a crime and accusing those who are a shade darker than white of atorcity.
I C. I see how your heart is a diamond- it is not neat, rather rough- but all the world’s light is found inside it. I C.
Dear School, I don’t remember what it’s like to be refreshed. To wake up in the morning with a smile on my face And a can-do attitude.  
Dear Sherry,  
Dear brown girl,   They don’t know why You are dripping in melanin And honey and cocoa butter. They don’t know that
Dear IT Department,  My PC is dead. It no longer whirs and beeps Its CPU is void of warmth An amateur's cheap creation
Dear Brian,   In a perfect world we’re perfect for each other, But this world is damaged.   So many obstacles stood in our way. Left us no choice but to walk away, But there was another choice.
i slept to escape reality, but i was left trying to escape my sleep.
To you,   You’ve haunted my life. You’ve caused so many problems.   You’ve interfered with my family, My friends, My loves, My relationships, And all because of one thing.  
Dear high school seniors,   It's sad because we have so little time left with the people we've been taking for granted for so long. It's sad because it feels like it will happen so suddenly
There are buffets for those willing to pay. There are hotels and resorts for those with enough currency. There are stores to purchase the biggest and brightest of technologies and gadgets.
Dear Papa:
You are one who I admire. Forever you inspire, The choices & decisions I will forever make.   You are my role model,
You begin to walk, you begin to listenEvery step is a chance to glistenAs you learn they explain these rules“Why must I follow these rules”, asked the foolWith delight the answer drew“Because I said so!
They say life is unpredictable That saying is correct You never know what can occur Or what will happen next I never predicted this coming You left me in a rush Now when I call your name
Kyle,  I was sitting today, in a room full of hearts,  When the subject of music arose amid the smatterings of abstract conversations. 
Dear Earth:   I know you and your friend, Mother Nature, have been through a lot. I know we don’t make it any easier. I know you are getting sicker and sicker.   I know the fault is ours.
Dear Ani,   Ani ohev at. Hebrew for "I like you". I struggle at learning languages, Illiterate until the end of second grade, taught myself to read, taught myself to write.
i do not want to know what your hands did, tremblingly steady, doubtfully certain. i do not want to hear what You left behind,
To my First,   I remember the day that I witnessed your impressionable smile and sparkling eyes. I remember the tiny flutter of my heart, that feeling that you were going to mean something to me.
 Dear Alexis Muñoz: You are a special friend to me. Even the way we met was special, it was after a soccer championship about two years ago. We were going with the flow.
I am the boy who wakes up every morning, Only to see the girl in the mirror mocking him.   Her round face. Her curves. Her breasts. All knives thrown at me, Trying to break my bones.  
Dear Mother, You choke on the hot breath of our gas guzzling, air snuffling, motorized genius Products designed for our own convenience Greasy, grimy, slippery oil Seeping into your velvety soil
Dear My Love,   Thank you for appreciating me. All my life, I’ve felt as if I was invisible. But, then there was you.
dear megan,   if i wanted to write you a letter to finally say everything i wanted to say if i ever saw you again   i guess  
Dear One, I miss your smile I miss your laugh I miss your spirit and your craft. When I started this letter it was too late,  I should have written it before this date. You taught me kindness
I know life can be uneasy. It's not what it's always deemed to be, But you know that it can be, see, Your parents taught you all that you know, 
Dear girl Woman I know I can’t Her? But you’re a - Dear Woman, beautiful, beautiful Woman
To my recent heartbreak—
  Never have I ever broken a bone But a elevator pass and a signed cast Makes it sound really tempting Oh my son thought he could land a backflip
I love to talk. I may talk to you, or I may talk on the phone (yes talk, not text). I may even talk to myself. For me, talking is one of the most amazing things people get to do in this world!
Dear bully, I wish it'd been enough to have me hiding in the stalls. I wish it'd been enough to write those mean things on the walls. Was it really necessary to throw my bag out in the rain?
I am what I am.   I am outgoing and I am quiet. I am boring and I am full of surprises. I am joyful and I am sad because I have learned to laugh in life's lows.
Dear me, If only I could’ve warned you If only I could’ve taught you For there are things you’ll lose and never find For there is a pain we have that I no longer mind   Dear me,
To those who read poems in your spare time:
Duncan,   I’m thinking of you tonight Because the moon was always full on nights like these Fog filled nights Starry nights
Dear You, I want to hold your hand But you just want to hang out. I want to kiss you But you just want to make chit chat. I want to be your everything But you want everything else.  
Dear Pa,               Never wrote a letter ever.             I’m told e-mail’s just not the same.             OK, here goes.
Dear Watcharin, We weren’t ever supposed to meet.
The abstract art of writing Some with a rhyme and a rythym Others with- no. beat at all Splashes             Of
Dear Hopeless,
Dear Mommy, I made new friends at lunch today. I shared all of my snacks with them.   Dear Mommy, Another girl took my seat at lunch. My friends invited her.
silence is golden, says everyone yet they never are. silence is a space of quiet,  air that is not full. silence is a person,  who is honored yet never speaks. silence is a powerful wind
Dear Society,    
Dear non-native, I'm a village girl Surrounded by fried bread, cutting fish and alcohol Family of a million, I don't know who you are But it's okay, you're my cousin
dear dad,   you look at me when i am a woman, pretty pink dress clung like a leech sucking content from my skin.
I met a friend named Ed He whispered in my ear I’ll make sure you never get fat And that was my greatest fear   He held my hand through it all
Google Translate ‘yaya’ from Filipino to English: governess, nurse, maid (show less translations)   i cannot remember the first day i met you,
You're like a tattoo but those can be removed You're like a disease but some can be cured You're like that loving text I sent you but that can be deleted You're like the people I care so deeply for
dear nicholas and twila,   when i was so much younger i was sad and often cried i always felt alone no matter how hard i tried  
Dear younger self,   Fear: Consumes you. Doubt: Entraps you. Uncertainty: Freezes you. Pain: Controls you.   Please, learn   Fear: Face it.
You The eater of despair The breaker of vows The creater of obsession The lonely queen   The new purpose The dim light The falling star In a sea of stillness  
Dear Dude, When I took those first steps... Not into the world, no Into your life. Who did I look like? I refuse to believe I didn't remind you of anyone. Perhaps... an old friend?
Dear History/Past/Demons,  
Dear “The Other Side of Me,”   Why have we been fighting lately? I honestly think it’s my fault It’s not you It’s me
Dear God, Hi. It’s been a while. At least, probably longer than it should have been.
Dear Depression,       it’s been a long time, hasn’t it? The past months of traveling and working have made me breathless. I’ve listened to new music, ate new foods, and 
You brighten the lives of the angered You lift the lowered lips of the sad You attend births and marriages You share laughs with us You remind us of life’s simplicity You comfort those who walk in shadows
Dear Richard,   Will we see the sunshine?   You are the sun and the moon. Not a twinkle or a glow, You are radiant rays of warmth.
Lo mismo Un angel maldicho una prostituta debil un rey mudo una silla en medio del bosque un coche sin manejador
I am a flower, never knowing when the rain is coming or if I’m going to thirst for it  one more day I am a flower, hoping for the warmth of the sun but fearing the day I’ll see it
Dear System, You tried. You tried your best to squash me down A square peg into your row of round holes. You tried so hard you overlooked
Dear Evil Man, I dont think it's fair. Not at all. Why do you acquire happiness? I think to myself, "Why? Why is he given a family? And a loving wife? Why is he worthy of living?"
Dear Love,I know you will come somedayBut it's hard to wait for you.I know I will be happy somedayBut it's hard to see that now.
Dear you,   i guess i wasn’t enough. i knew what was coming. i knew i was drowning, slowly sinking deeper and deeper into the waters.
Dear Parents,   Thank you for your patience. Your diligence and love, For the money you wasted on me.   Thank you for staying by my side when I needed it most, But when I desired it least.
It Wasn't On a Test   Dearest professor, Ask me about math  And I can recite  Formulas Solve equations Even imaginary numbers   Ask me about history
It Wasn't On a Test   Dearest professor, Ask me about math  And I can recite  Formulas Solve equations Even imaginary numbers   Ask me about history
Dear Dance,   For all of my life you’ve beaten me up, and bruised every inch of my body. I’ve broken bones, strained my muscles, and even pushed through pain others couldn’t, all for you.
She wrote me a note, telling me that she wanted to be a bird. How she wanted jump out of trees and not get hurt. She said that she scraped her knees, and that it hurt like heck.
Me. It's my turn. My turn to tell my story. The story of my contract with loss. The Suffocating Emptiness growing within me.   Stuck. I can't stop. These are my new self.
I was strong throughout my past three years of high school. I worked well, study well, got good grades. And then senioritis hits me. But it’s not because I’m lazy.
The sun darkens my skin differently wherever I go I don’t always like how it turns out, but I’m glad You planned it that way
Dear Death,   It's me again. I know we talk a lot these days. I'm back to ask the same thing as always. Please don't take her from me.   She's so young. She's so kind and sweet. She's talented and ambitious  And so very strong.    But she can't ke
Dear Daddy,   I am so, so sorry, but I can not give you what you desire.  
I couldn't save you, My friend. Whose smile was big and great, your eyes peeking out over the moutain of cheek. Your short hair that you tried so desperatly to grow out.  
Rumors passed around school with everyone knowing about her But no one can help her, they don't understand The girl is nervous from all the eyes on her, the long gazes and quickly averted eyes
My love is a lie. A terrible, wonderful lie, but a lie all the same. I have no passion, therefore I have no love.   So why do I love you?
O`u es-tu, Mon ami perdu? Tu me manques. O`u es-tu,  Mon ami perdu? Je ne peux pas te trouver Es-tu ici ou es-tu la-bas? J'appelle ton nom, Mais tu n'es pas venu. 
Dear child on the city sidewalk, You aren't defined by the rags this world has given you. The cold bias with which the street regards you Is not what you deserve. You are more. Dear teen on the bathroom tiles,
Did you know that anything is possible? Did you know that having confidence is okay? Did you know that life is what you make it? Did you know that everyone in this world who claims to be uniqe is the same as you and me?
Dear Humanity,   The lips she used to kiss  Her same sex lover with,  And the binary she dismissed Made them all loose their mind 
I am from bright, red berry bushes in the front yard and tan, cold tile when you walk through the front door. I am from a house full of needy pets. With two golden retrievers and two tabby cats as wild as zoo animals.
Dear Adults,   Do you remember the feeling of standing two small steps away from the myriad of doors-- each opening to a different hallway
Dear You,   The one that left me without self respect The one that never thought to show me... To show me that I am not the bad guy here
At the bottom of the food chain This was the beginning of my campaign and the start of my reign   Soccer was my passtime I begun the climb Meeting friends and was in my prime  
I refuse to go unprepared Like a curse I can't go without a plan I demand a plan I work hard in preparation, feel nothing but desperation
You know, my friend, a better friend might care a little more-- An honest friend, a selfless friend, would want to help me soar.
Hurt and bewildered. Are what I felt, When I found out about your existence. Hurt and bewildered, Are what I felt, When my ‘father’ died
Dear person I've known for years, For years You´ve been a part of my life, My life wouldn't be the same without you, You have been the light in the dark wich guided my eyes,
Dear person I've known for years, For years You´ve been a part of my life, My life wouldn't be the same without you, You have been the light in the dark wich guided my eyes,
Dear Child of Mine, I can't promise we won't fight I can't promise we won't yell I can't promise we will agree on some things I can't even promise you my patience  
Dear men You do nothing but let me down Dear men You are supposed to always be around To catch me when I fall To wipe my tears when I bawl Dear men You never fail to disappoint
February 1, 2018   Dear World;   I saw a headline today. A sad truth typed across white canvas. Staring at my screen, the fluorescent sun of my singular universe, I urge the words to float away.
I was a young girl Confused with the things I had experienced and seen I was too curious I tried to experience love So imaginative
Best friends are those who are in the bad and the good, despite the bad. Those that make you cry in laughter and emotion at the same time for any reason. Those are the good friends, right?
Wishing... Wishing for someone to notice me Wishing to be #1 in someone's world Wishing to find that perfect someone for me Wishing for things that I know will never come true   Wishing...
Wishing... Wishing for someone to notice me Wishing to be #1 in someone's world Wishing to find that perfect someone for me Wishing for things that I know will never come true   Wishing...
Before Leaving before you as though any of it mattered   we genuinely love the treacherous descent in the dark they're only scratches on a page   an outlandish immaterial
Dear Brain, I see that you have stopped functioning properly again. I am sending this letter to you in hopes that it might wake you up. You have begun to do this when I want to get my homework done.
my dora,   i wish i could tell you i didn’t care that you were just some sweet girl i knew some sweet summer who kissed me too fast like you knew  time was  runningout
Dear Failure,   You do not define me. I don’t care what you are or the power you have. The pressure you give each and every day. You may trigger fear of the future at every waking moment but
Do you think about me the way I do about you? Do you reminisce about the past we once shared? I await the day when I can hold your hand again and smile because of our love Do you think about me, too?  
Poetic at its finest. You can call me your highness. As I tried to sleep, can't get you off my mind. Thoughts in my head, so I try to stay awake. My nightmares are real, sleeping is a dream.
Dearest Mom and Dad, I am so sorry Sorry about my naivety as a young child Constantly, aimlessly wandering about with your knowledge The multiple times I scared you The many encounters with towering strangers
Dear Sanity, Why did you go? You promised me love, success, power, freedom, friendship, Love. When the love you promised died And the shadows crept across my mind You were there.
salut, mon petit! that's how i greet you since we're both french minors and we're both multi-ethnic and we grew up in the same hometown and we were born 11 days apart
To My Dearest Beloved, I want to start by saying, I’m glad you’ve stayed this long. I don’t think anyone else would have. It’s been five years, Since you first hesitantly said, I love you.
You're the air that I breathe, The words that I speak,  The blood in my veins, The beat in my heart. You're the thought on my mind every day, every night You're my darkest nightmare
Hey,  It has been a while A while since you have sat down and took a breath. You are reading this because you feel burdened,       maybe by something self-afflicted,      maybe by a matter of circumstance.
Dear Mrs. Buquoi, You don't know how grateful I am For what you have done for me. You helped me speak. You helped me see. You helped me fight. You helped me fly. You're an angel sent by God.
Dear Old Wise Man, I have a question for you. Is it possible to fall in love with an idea? Excuse me, an emotion. Is it possible to fall in love with an emotion? It's so ironic, honestly.
  I remember days When i should have danced, Even if i wasn’t good enough, Even if i felt i wasn't enough.   The days
“Carpe diem.” “Seize the day.”   One time i wrote on the car window “Run away with me” When it was foggy.
You are, you were. You were, you are. You werequiet, soundlessYou hid in words unspokenYou are, you were.
Addressed to the twisted child Dear twisted child, My mother always told me I hold people too close to my heart - I never listened So I have to suffer the deep painful wounds
Shout out to the people that goes out to all Even if you feel big, even if you feel small Shout out to the rich, can't forget about the poor God blees the greedy, who always want more
Aware That money is short That money is spent relentlessly That money is robbed   Abused My parents don't listen
Dear vehicles I drive,   Why?   First, you were the oldest of them You were sturdy and strong You held through my inexperience My unsureness My fear
What do you see yourself in five years? That’s the question I fear, I begin to think and think About so many things About college, about life
  Call it what you must! I dare you! I dare you to use that tongue to dirty the air.       Let its  smell spoil,your words decomposition    what you said has expired, in this persent.
Dear God, Family, and Friends, There are days when I feel alone I have made mistakes that have lead them away from you But I will just change my tone
  Eyes that mesmerize   Fangs masked by smiles   These are all the makings of a cold-blooded feline  
My dearest little one:   What words are there to say? To pass between strangers, Stranger, my very flesh and blood Between an expectant older sister And Heaven's smallest saint?  
his arms burned                                                                               my skin. i can feel his wet lips against                                               my skin.   he had branded me.
Dear Mommy,  I wish that you hadn't left. I know you had no choice. But I wish you were still here.  Even though I wasn't old enough to remember you, I still have as much hurt as anyone that was. 
Dear stress,
To You,   Maybe one day, Months, Or even years from now, You will realize what You lost. And You will search for
Dear Conscience,
To my 18-year-old self, I know you are scared Because it took you forever To admit to yourself That you might be gay.   I know you’re confused Because you’ve liked boys before, too
  Dear bà ngoại or Grandma, I'm sorry I didn't take the time to learn Vietnamese to tell you how much I love your cooking. I'm sorry I couldn't express how proud I am for you learning how to say "Apple."
Dear Tommy I don't know where you're from or who you are But you are tearing me apart You have the money, the ambition and the motivation But maybe not the action Your drive is what strives you to success
To the boy on the bus, with the thick brown hoodie and the old running shoes and the wireframed glasses and the ripped jeans that started at the knees when you bought them but strecthed to your lower thigh.  
Dear May, your flowers are so full with sunshine and light weren't I not with dear Jan I wouldn't be so wrought how can you still be so far away? you call to me my May your sunshine your light
   New Home,New Faces       Past  and Present, blur together       Voices echo, All is the Same yet it has changed
Dear 7th grade English teacher,Thank you for telling me I should give up on writing
You know you're beautiful, You know you're kind. You know you're kinda cranky at times. You know your strengths, You know your flaws.
Am I proud to be a Bulldog? I always used to be. Am I proud of how my school values sports  Over academics? No.  Am I proud of how no one cares about the success of  Our music department
You keep me cautious You keep me stable But, more often, you consume me You steal my every last thought You are the reason  I hold back
Dear B,Once on eight year old legs, grinning with a gap toothed toothed smile that showed only youth and innocence you told me that you’d seen people who looked like us- but older.
here is the thing:
Dear Teayer,  Looking into your eyes is like looking into a black hole I can not see what is going on, but I just can not stop looking, Trapped by the pull of gravity Trapped by the deep, endless black
Dear Stereotypes,  Black bear looks in the mirror, what do we see? Black bear, black bear scary as can be. I look in the mirror what do they see?
Dear Depression,  
dear patricia, it was a cold saturday last time i saw you in october. 7 years has changed everything. the world spun 7 times, i grew 7 more inches aged 7 more years, dad cried for 7 days, brother was only 7.
to the girl who was always painted red:
Why won’t you just leave me alone? I don’t want you around - I never have. But apparently, I can’t get a restraining order against my own mind.  
Pause in the mirror Stare into the heart attack waiting to happen  Smack flab lost in the caramel center  Drunken slurs slosh and slip from innards thrown outwards
Dear Abuse, I heard it I heard it even with the blood rushing to my head The anger  The Abuse The tears  They were bursting their way through the front door
Pitter patter drip drop Rain unending  Rain never stops And just when, just when  the gutter overflows, and grass rapidly grows Just when  dark clouds loom 
Love is love.It cannot be contained;Love is love.It has no boundaries, no laws;That the government tries to press on us;No social constraints;That others turn their backs at lost causes;
Why do they love her city? A place they’ve never been. Some believe its hype while, others believe it’s all a dream. Allow a native to express
I AM FROM I am from that WOMAN over there And  from the place where CANCER forms I am from   I am from where black lives MATTER
Dear Mother Earth, I am sorry for the way we have treated I am sorry for the garbage we have thrown in your seas I am sorry for the pollution we have put in your precious air
Dear Papi,   On January 8th you were given a little bouncing baby girl that has so much growing to do. I'm sorry you will not be there to see that.  
And in the light with time will you love again? Do you find yourself wishing they would've stayed? Longing for that happiness you once knew, starring in the mirror, will you love again?
Dear Heather,   I dream about you still. I wish That I didn't, but it is always you. You And your smile, you and your grimace. You and your hands. Hands like evergreen trees and sweet apple rot.
Dear Friend,   You are a gift, a joy. I treasure you.   But sometimes, I remember that I am always the first to text.   I am the first to ask how you are,
Dear Life,   Why must you bore me? Why must I fill myself with blasts of RGB from a screen just to have purpose? Why can't you satisfy me? Why must I let you make me such a mess?
My Love, When I first saw you,  I knew that I loved you. The way your eyes capture the starlight  It proves that our love is so bright. My Love, When I first heard your laugh, 
Dear J: Your reality is perfectionism. Sounds like an amazing trait to have. Continuously driven. Continuously productive. Continuously perfect? Maybe continuously desperate.
Of all men Stands tall, proud A statue of stoic narcissism "Impressions matter," The words of an impressionist  
I am graduating this year and you won't see it. I will walk down that aisle, I will accept my degree I will take a step forward and then I will take a step down. I will bow to the past and face forward to my future,
Dear Coffee,  You are the start of my mornings,  the end to my evening slumps.  Sometimes you come with sugar and cream,  sometimes you do not.
Dear Grandpa, I remember your voice Comforting and clear The last phone call Sing for Me I hear  
When you are hard on yourself, you cannot escape Running through your mind, from these thoughts. Your mind constantly drifting, lost at sea. Some dark places can be found, some bright places too.
to the person i can’t forget,   the sun sets, taking my happiness with it. the same way you left, taking parts of me with you. and i realize, after you left,
Dear Ian,   Why is it… That every time I hear that word I think of you The three lettered sound That others can own
There is somewhere a glass castle. Towering pillars and windows seen through clouds, The stairs go beyond anybody’s reach. There is somewhere a glass castle. Each piece a memory, each stair a kiss.
I think it was love at first sight  I liked you before but seeing you again  today,  it was like seeing you for the first time, if I didn't love you before, I definitely loved you now
Dear December 2014 Me, You’re in your first semester of high school and finals are going well But suddenly you feel as if you’re falling apart
Dear blue-haired girl, working at the movie theatre in Bloomingfield, Indiana, I hope the tattooed name on your wrist does not become a stain on your skin.
Title of poem: Miracle  Dear Mom and Dad,  When you first saw my eyes, I was a newborn Born at 23 weeks premature, a miracle As I grew, my parents were lyrical “Look at this baby, she is a miracle!”The doctors were doubtful, my parents were artful
Eight times counterclockwise, sixteen more that morning, she drew in breath like a delicate thing, held it preciously behind her breast. (beast beast beast) she whispers.
I’m a woman, and I am angry.   I am angry that I have to do more, Learn more, Pay more, Work more, Take more.  
Dear Sister of Mine, 
My Love, Do you remember our last week together? Do you remember swearing in? Do you remember our first day apart?   We graduated, hiked, danced, rode roller coasters, and stargazed
Us girls Us powerful girls So full of life Our futures are ahead of us And our minds lead the way To an infinity of happiness
to the boy who took away everything he once gave. to the boy who took advantage of my trust in him. to the boy who played with my feelings. to the boys who could not grow up. people often say, "boys will be boys",
My summers used to consist of waking up to the sun high in the sky, riding bikes around the neighborhood, and slip n slides.  But as time went on, and I got older, the neighbors moved aw The water fights, replaced with my phone.
Empty Pages   Writer’s block is like thinking you’ve met a man you could give your all to at the stage of his life when his ego is inflated like the dollar
It's the color that warms her face, The color that gives her so much grace. It's the color of her feet standing in the cold, The color that makes her feel oh so bold.
There are many reasons why I love poetry I find the rhythm and sophistication refreshing And I thoroughly love reading and writing.
I no longer wake up to the “26 reasons why you love me.” Do you remember the bright red poster you made me? Red was your favorite color.
I'm Sorry Dear Friend- I'm sorry that I hurt you, that you feel betrayed None of this would have happened if my attention was still payed. I'm sorry, I never thought this would happen to us
Dear Sweet Nothings:   Hi! My name is innocence Naivete You remember me Held your hand as you laughed, As you cried,
A letter to those who are like me. If you've ever felt you're someone you didn't want to be, Who make resolutions every global revolution Just to fail miserably. If you've ever lost a friend
HARMATTAN (by Irusota) harmattan oh harmattan! why did you wake me up from sleep this morning, with so much gaze? stretching your hands towards me as if to bless my cozy face harmattan oh harmattan!
Dear Older Woman in the Grocery Store, I am your cashier. I scan your cookies, your cakes, your medications; I make polite conversation, delicately choosing my words As you delicately chose and scribbled each item
Dear Little Sister,   When you kick the covers off your bed Onto mine, When you whisper my name Shrilly to wake me up in the morning,
Dear past me,               He told you, so you thought               “I'm not good enough”               She said so, so you thought               “I look too fat in this dress”
To My Crush,   I have a crush. A elephant pounding, butterflies floating type of crush.
  Dear Stutter, You’re far from dear to me    Why did You have to show up? Can’t You just hide away when I’m nervous?
Dear society, Thank you for being such a great friend. Thank you for telling women that they are worthless unless they have double-d breasts and wear a size zero. Thank you for telling African Americans that they are only beautiful when they don w
Dearest You, I didn't leave because I didn't care for You  I didn't flee because I didn't want You  I didn't disappear because I didn't love You  Absolutely perfect You  Seemingly seamless You 
Dear Stutter, You’re far from dear to me             Why did You have to show up?             Can’t You just hide away forever?
Dear brother because I love you I should tell you that that boy is not your friend That that boy is trying to ruin your life and your letting him win. You deserve more than that temporary boy.
Dear Christina,   Why? Why didn’t you think? Why were you so mean? Why were you so harsh on yourself?    
Times when you smile with me How glad my heart always be Times I feel you're with me How strong my heart always be
Dear my past self, this is long overdue, but... I Am Sorry... I Am Sorry that you grew up thinking that your life wasn't worth more than dirty pennies.
Dear Past Me, I know its so hard to let go. The world isn't against you like you always thought it was. The world is just the world. And You are just you. Be. Be awake every morning.
Endless pain comes and go My friends never understand The amount of pain that I  bear The  amount of pain that I  inflict.   I try to do my best but it hurts  to hurt you and them Endless pain.
Dear Me, I know it hurts right now, The pain in your eyes grow as you look up at me and ask,"how?" One more step I say, You stand slowly and continue on towards nowhere, 
To whom it concerns…   Thank you. Thank you for being there when no one else was. Thank you for being my light in a room of darkness. Thank you for giving me hope things do get better.
dear someone dear to me please tell me what is it like on the other side of the world restless feet traveling the well worn path of regret.   dear someone why is it that
Dear Mom and Dad, I love you both You've clothed me and fed me before I could do it for myself You've helped me through all of my problems You've stopped me from doing things I shouldn't You've raised me
What Happened?   She used to be so sweet  they'd say, Nice to everyone she meets Little do they know she's fighting inside Futilely trying to hide The anger rushing through her blood
Dear Evan, It's been 3 years and 4 months since the last time I saw you. Many things changed, I grew older, I changed as a person, I made new friends. I met Amazing people and I wish you have done the same
Adjusting the disgusting bra on my chest, I flip ratty, old dress over my head. Glancing in the mirror, I feel so wrong.  
Dear Kajsa,             Yes, you.  The girl hiding behind her Mask of the Day.  I’m talking to you.             It’s time to be done.             It’s time to be done hiding yourself from the people around you.
One year older, Another year lost. Another year waiting, I paid the cost.   One year of dysphoria, And hiding from the summer sun. One year of being ignored, Stuffed under the pink rug.
i get scared on the longer days,   dear and you, inquisitive, know the blush…       ...the blushing reason why   i get scared
We are competitors Everyday at the mark of 7:10 AM, the bell chimes for our competition to begin We compete for the front seats to take better notes We compete for the back seats to sleep discreetly
Because I am not who you want me to beYou criticize, chastise, and punish meCurse me to the end of the Earth,And throw your religion in my face.  
Too much:
In the land of the free In the home of the brave, We are no longer The ones who save.   When our flags burn And our hearts despair,
The truth is, my darling, that no, I don’t love you. And no, I don’t really hate you either. You were simply the missing piece. The missing piece amongst a junkyard so wide I confused for holy ground.
In times of pain I start to feel All the wounds That never healed In times of pain I start to see All the things I’d never be
Dear Anonymous, My armor was strong and unbreakable Walls piled high with an all-day guard Somehow you dodged my protection And found your way in and slowly but Surely my armor fell down around you and I
Dear mother,  I banged on your bedroom door with a bleeding heart you pretended to be asleep I hate you  I came home and found a note on my bed, in which you wrote
Dear Robot Wars,   Here’s to you, Robot Wars! Here’s to your hosts, house robots, hazards, judges, and competitors. Here’s to your specials and your special place in my heart.
She's always surounded by people, but she's always lonely. She never runs out of energy, but she's always tired. She's always trying her best, but sometimes her best isn't enough.
Dear Women of the 20th Century,    Women you are stronger then this  Women don’t let men down-size you  When you have all the qualifications but they turn you away Be soft as a rock 
To: My Heartbreaker I've had a lot on my mind, and if I hold it in any more,I think I'm going to burst.You don't know this but
Oceans rise Oceans fall Who are we to change the oceans? Oceans create Oceans destroy When did we change the lives in the oceans?
I was a lilac sky  And you were an ocean blue. The glistening color which sparkled in your eyes  made me go to cloud nine.  Those eyes which only sparkled for purple
dear future me,    what the future holds, i do not know, for there is still so much to learn i know of so many feelings that i have yet to yearn 
Monday: long brown silky hair,          Dark black eyes, drowning Me inside of them, my reflection Dimmed yet clear to see. Who is, she.  
It feels good to be sad I snap when I'm awaken There's a beauty in being alone That in groups is overtaken My words become their words I get nervous and don't think
Butterfly, Butterfly If I had your wings My dreams would get bigger the places Id go but knowing my luck I'd be caught in a net So I'll turn off the light and crawl back into bed  
Dear Doctor,   Since day 23 of the pain, my body has been new land. You have colonized me, in every way known to man,
Dear Feminism,  I've heard about you before. About how you've helped so many helpless Women in the West. Let them vote, let them work, let them speak.  And how you're helping so many helpless Women
To the person I will share my first kiss with:   When I have my first kiss, I hope it’s gentle and passionate all at once.
Why? Why must you spurn me so? Your words harsh and cold. Why must you abandon me? Leaving me lonely and melancholy. Why must you taunt me thus? Childish insults stripping my confidence.
Dear me from five years ago,   I know it’s hard. And I know that you haven’t been sleeping.   I know you haven’t been eating
Dear Ashlee,   The people you hold in your heart, Love you have accepted, Seeds that you have yet to sew— Your fate you have neglected.   Ashlee, "The Up-and-Up"  
drip, drip, drip. it shouts from across the room. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. wrenched down by the thoughts as they swirl.
Everything you went through, It is okay, All the pain, the feeling of being worthless, It was okay, Sitting in the dark drowning in your tears, It is alright, Hurting yourself to ease out the hurting,
What a sad life it was when sin tore us and God apart What could we do to be saved from His Wrath? Nothing, because God had a plan to save us from the start
you grew flowers in my lungs, and although they were pretty, I could hardly breathe.   you’ve built parts to me I didn’t know could be built but now that they’ve been torn down,
I leave the world with my most prized possession. My heart. That beats to the rhythm of all caging their feelings selflessly forgetting its own purpose.
Choices Maleek Mayers Is it one or is it two? What da hell should I do? In my head rush all these voices, For I got too many damn choices...
Hello! I am the narrator, and this, is my story. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Her name was May.
No, no I recognize you I met you last year I remember that night.   No, don't come closer I remember you You speak in cliches, And i fell for it, i mean you  
A beautiful creature With a mane full of snow Silently sits Though she always knows   In the dark nights When no one is near He comes The only one to hear  
Funny Funny how people scream and shout, opinions that were not asked for.   Funny how people are rude, yet hypocritical when treated the same.  
So close.Close enough to admire the part in your hair, Close enough to study the creases of your face, From years of laug
Let me tell you a story
Of her heavy mind that cried 
Every night to the moonlight
As she always questioned why.
Let me tell you a
Dear Old Friend, It has been a long year, hasn’t it? So much has happened, but I would still rather be taken back to December.
Dear depression I don't want you anymore These gloomy dark days you give me were never fun Yet you continue scarring me  so now I don't know if it's you or me in my bathroom mirror
And these words fail to make it out of my mouth, the words that are impecably perfect in sllybals and phrases. These words are the things i cannot expalin these feelings and these emotions
Dear Life, The hand of cards you dealt me. It's been tough  Anxiety, panic attacks a hospital visit for it Why can't I be normal? Is it that I'm so smart that I should have these flaws?
My room is my sanctuary a place I can go to hideWhen im hiding from my demons because they know that im aliveMy room is my safe space a place I call my own A place I go when everythings turned left and i feel all aloneA place I cry my tears and a
Dear me, Stressed? I understand Worried? I understand Disconsolated? I understand  No more? Of any? I've realized all good things take time  Stressed once of 365 days
Dear brother,  Where are you?    I look to my left, I look to my right and you're not there...    I remember all the memories we made growing up,the good, the bad and the ugly.
Do you remember me?
Dear Donald Glover,
Dear you, It has been awhile I know. My heart has been hurting and my bones are becoming dry.   Dear you, I’ve ignored your cries, I’m sorry.
Dear Dad,             When the house is filled with nothing but the sounds of my breathing,             I miss the unsettling noise that your oxygen tank made.
To my doubt, Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a life free of you and to have a heart  unburdened with  thoughts of worry and woe. Have you ever wondered
Dear Best Friend,   Have I ever thanked you truly? Do you know what you are to me?   Well, you are An extremely kind person, Complimenting my art All my work
To Be A Slave. To Be Owned By Another Person As A Car, House, Or Table Is Owned. To Live As A Piece Of Property That Could Be Sold -A Child From Its Mother, A Husbad From His Wife- 
Dear Anthony,   I’m fine. Am I? Yeah, I’m fine. Miss you. Miss your laugh. Miss your smile. Miss you. I go to school, Work, Eat, Sleep, Miss you.
I stood there, to be crucified Against the Holy Jesus who had no faults to hideThe crowd they scream and yell"The Son of God should go to hell"
Can I have a nigga that makes me think about him all day? I'm talking EVERY DAY. The kind of nigga that when he text me "Wyd" I instantly smile.
Dear World, I made a choice, I chose a chance A chance for freedom freedom for all For immigrants, for natives For love, no hatred. Hatred is a weapon A weapon I will not use.
A Letter to My Mom: Mom, did you know? Did you know it was your time? You couldn't let me know I wouldn't see you when the sun shines? You couldn't call me to your room and ask me why dishes were in the sink?
I thought I had everything, but I took it for granted. A princess to the throne, a world filled with magic. I thought I was high in a world victimless of lies. In truth I was blind to the darkness taking form as light.
Today I let go,  I move pass this, No longer feeling like I need you, The apology isn´t going to change the past, So I forgive you.. After all the lies, I forgive you.
So you think I am a screw up. Do you know I get all A's? You told people I was a cutter. Do you know that made me insane? You'd mock the plumpness of my lips. Do you realize l felt insecure? You told people you'd never change. Do you realize your
To the girls that always want to touch my hair: “Can I touch your hair?” is a question you ask too often. You look at my hair as if you’ve never seen such a sight... I ignore you.
Dear Happy   Let me find you in the little things   Taking naps on rainy days, and laughing until I can’t breathe Happy without reason, Happy by just purely existing
Dear III,   I fell for you, Blind. You were something new, Something different, And I felt something I'd never felt. I wasn't supposed to. We were headed down separate roads
Dear “Meant to Be”, I'm sorry if you're no longer in my life because I shut you out. I'm even more sorry if you're currently in my life, trying to show me some sort of affection, and thinking you’re failing.
Who knew It would be the last time calling him “babe”? Who knew It would be the last time holding his hand? Who knew It would end today?
I am trapped in the closet, Such a scary place, With monsters around me, About to bite my face.   I hold on for dear life, Day after day, Waiting, just waiting, Will I fade away?  
She always said the leaves were                                                   t                                                        u                                                             r
To my fifth-grade Language Arts Teacher,   I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for everything you have given me! Thank you for how you treated me!  
I crave those moments When my deepest senses — of every corner, and of every edge of my entire being — are touched and awakened.   I crave those moments When my deepest senses
Sometimes we take a breath, Breathe in the clean, crisp air of possibilities, Sometimes we breathe in deep, Lungs full of water, six feet deep.
Am I not human, For having the courage, To stand up, And embrace who I am?   I am no different from you, We eat the same food, Breath the same air, Is it just because I wear a binder,
Dear Attention Deficit Disorder, I would appreciate you more if you were further away, If you were something to march for, Not something to fight, It's not fun to live this way, I want out.  
Dear Fellow Peers, Criticism is a hot knife to my heart And a chokehold on my soul. I wish I were overreacting. I wish I were "dramatic" Or that I just "wanted attention".
a l i v e                    the anticipation sitting on the stage bow in hand but trying to escape
I thought that if I gave you your stuff back, then your ghost would leave me. And I thought that if I flirted with other guys, I'd forget the words you told me before. But the truth is, everything I do makes my heart ache more.
Dear Lost but Not Forgotten, My ears cease to listen to your voice There is no sound of your talking because there is no you left to speak My eyes cease to look at your bodily figure
Look at the world, You sinner, Look at the world. What do you see, You sinner, What do you see?   I see a family mourning
Dear Giver of Life, You brought me into this world and you let it have its fill with me  you were a rolling stone and I a growing child looking for you you left me out here alone and cold people were asking questions
It's all  so much So  much to do so many  expectations so many priorities So many people  demanding demanding  demanding
To My Mother: You have hurt me, You have raised me, You have loved me, You have frustrated me, You have taught me, My beloved mother, My caring mother, You love and you love,
I wake up in the morningAnd alreadyI don’t know where my day has gone.I run to the bathroom,Slap some makeup on.
I am strong yet vulnerable. I was a wrestler, bumps and bruises littered my body. That was not why I cried. I was a dancer, I suffered strains and sprains, aches and pains.
16 years now we are 16, we made it. juinor in high school. at 13, we did not want to be here, it was not what you thought life was, but, you stayed, thank you, past megan,
November 16, 2017 
Dear Grandma,  i took the wrong turn into the ER. “go to the red lot.” they said “that's where they die.” i thought no that's not where they die -
In the past, I have been hurt, lied to, cheated on, beaten, and bruised by men who have dated me in the past, As you may know, I do not come with an presage, Most people don't, so I made one for our future relationship,
Life is the friend you never want to leave behind. Life is also the friend who you have a hate love relationship with. It is a thrill and some of the hardest things you will experince 
Breathe in Breathe out  He can’t get in, no need to doubt You have control your brain shouts Breathe in  Breathe loud  He’s not here to say your not allowed  Listen to your gut, breathe proud 
“So why are you with him? You could do so much better.”Nods of agreement are shared around the table mused with their own opinions. “He just doesn’t seem like your type from what I’ve seen.”Type?
Because I love you…   You don’t love yourself. I’ve never learned the proper ways to love myself And because of that I dot it to you.  
I met her in the most unexpected way, I loved her when I least expected it.
Should I let you loose or should I tie you down? Little marionette doll whose red strings happened to intertwine with mine, Strings which I long to take hold of, Strings which I never want to let go of,
Should I let you loose or should I tie you down? Little marionette doll whose red strings happened to intertwine with mine, Strings which I long to take hold of, Strings which I never want to let go of,
I want you to know I love you. I know I lied, and I cheated, and I hated I cried, and I used, and I baited I ran, and I screamed, and I fled I hit, and I slapped, I mislead But I want you to know I love you
I love you Those are three words we all hope to hear It means they care about you It means they trust you It means that all they want to see Is you truly happy I love you I want to see you grow
“Because I love you,” you always say to meBecause you love me you can control my lifeAnd because I can't love myself I let youYou've got my self-esteem going rock bottomLike the bottom of my shoesExcept I can't feel it in the soles of my feetIn my
You don't need to utter those words I love you to the moon and back. You don't need to tell me I miss you more everyday. You don't need to remind me I care about you so much.
Sometimes I have prophetic dreams Where I see something before it happens Exactly the way it is, no surprises I like it that way
You’re sorry because you love me. You’re sorry because you’re scared of being alone. You’re sorry for overreacting. “I just don’t want to lose you” you say.  
Sometimes, the world rocks. Rickety, rackety, never a halt, Kissing in the hallways, Gripping each other’s hands, As if time is on the brink,
A relationship is a balance  Like in chemistry, both sides result equally  For if the values added up  Do not match  The relationship  Is unsatisfied   
All is still. But is this an illusion? A cricket chrips a lullaby.   A tree branch rattles my window awake. A dog bark slices through the night time mist.
There are things even a photograph cannot capture. The moments preceding. The moments after. Both the backstory and destination left to be told with a snippet of time.    In this portrait, 
I stand by the window Looking at the cars passing by. Why can’t I stop one I ask my self Again Again Again
You are not him He told me he loved me But didn’t show it You don’t say the words But I know it   You show me you love me
Because I love you, I swallow your sins,
  Because I love you I think about you 24/7 without a single bad thought about you in my mind. Although times can be tough among us to, we always manage to come back together in the end.
l o v e   to have someone to hold while you sleep, arms and legs tangled with each other in a way that is so kind and so pure. to cry and have someone there
Because I loved you, and maybe I do, I sat with you when you got angry. Because I loved you, and maybe I do, I held your hand and told you to take deep breaths. Because I loved you, and maybe I do,
All the signs are there. The signs that this isn’t it.   Pay attention to when he asks for the passwords to your social media accounts. He’ll use it to download your entire Facebook data.
To be so in love with someone, Truly in love with someone, You love all their flaws and battle scars. Their laughs and mood swings. Their hopes and dreams. To be in love with their history,
She stood before me, blue eyes glowing with amazement She stood on her tip toes, trying to see how I created such beautiful, moving magic
Love is not accidental. The instrumental use of love is detrimental.  The common yet complex characteristic of someone to be complemental  All becomes remiss  
Don’t tell me to starve myself And tell me you love me in the same sentence. Don't tell me you love me By pressing bruises into my skin, holding me down,
Because I love you, Love is scary. The whole time worrying; Who’ll see us? What will they think?   Because I love you, Love is paranoid. The whole time questioning; Is what we’re doing wrong?
One day during English class, you began to screw open our heads and remove our brains.   At first, we didn’t notice.  You whispered to us, but we never listened.
I keep time aside for you, I want you to feel important, I give you attention you deserve, Because I love you. I don't leave you hurt, I ask what's wrong, I fix what's broken ,
Every thirty seconds, two people fall in love.   At least… they might.   I’m not really sure, because we have never been very good at defining love,
Love my friends Love my family Love my face Love my fantasies Love my funniness Love my failures Love my falls Love me forever And I will faithfully do the same
I love you on the good days The days when we dance In the kitchen, making breakfast   I love you on the bad days The days when we wake up exhausted To the blaring of an alarm  
Because I loved you, I chose deep conversation over deep sleep. I didn’t mind being trampled by my own thoughts   Because I loved you,
Because I loved you, I stayed longer that I should have. Because I loved you, I didn’t acknowledge all the red flags. Because I loved you,
Because I loved you, I chose deep conversation over deep sleep. I didn’t mind being trampled by my own thoughts   Because I loved you,
Pain  I feel it  from the bumps on my face that spread down to my back Pain the way one's looks at me as if i'm that hard to look at Pain the way I feel pressure flowing through my brain and back
  He scarred me Without my consent Waking up in the middle of the night To someone inside of me
They. They would accept my issues and be there when I cried We.
Because I love you… I will never let anything come between us I will never let anything hurt you I will never let you be alone
You smiled at me when you saw me in the halls. You brought me my favorite food on my birthday- He butted his way in- You chuckled at my really bad jokes.
Because I love you, you should do what I say. Because I love you, you can't hang out with your friends. Because I love you, you can't wear that. Because I love you, you should stay home.
  Why are our minds always on what we could get and not what we can give? Demanding every time but not ready to help those in need Making money our priority and forgetting our duty to humanity
Trust, simply put, is the basis of all Love.   Without trust, there is no communication. Words mean nothing, are nothing. Without trust, arguments arise. Emotional blockades are put up. 
I know you want me back I can hear it in your voice you beg, you say, “it will be different this time” Just like it was the time before and the time before that.  
Love, the most puzzling emotion of them all, Never ceases to find ways to appall. As transient as time; Yet as strong as stone, The many manifestations of love will remain yet unknown.  
He says:   I know you’ve wondered, I’ve known for quite a while, You wonder if I love you, Since I act so juvenile.  
At first you were my enemy You always sent words of hatred and discouragement my way It was so easy for you Easy for you to call me fat Easy for you to call me worthless Easy for you to call me unloved
One heart is all it takes to love someone, but every day, people kill each other with their love more than their bitter hatred ever could
Ok. It does not matter what I give you. Roses, Chocolate, Backrubs. Meaningless honestly.   It does not matter what happens to you. Dream Dates, Walks on the Beach, Rom Coms.  
It takes a fraction of a second to open your mouth and say "I love you."  It takes a lifetime to recover when he didn't really love you.  But you love him,  he plays you against yourself because
Because I love you is not an excuse to touch me there Because I love you cannot be an invite to peel my clothes down Because I love you should never mean the door should be locked
Even though we never have enough money, I tell you we do, all because I love you, Even though I despise going to my job, I work from 3 to the dead of night, all because I love you,
The true feels of a healthy relationship is one that brings out the best in you. They build you up, not bring you down.
He compliments me Even on the days I wake up looking messy Or when I don’t feel confident in my own skin I ask why, he says
Asking them, "Baby, am I too obsessive over this?" And taking their answer as constructive criticism.
Asking them, "Baby, am I too obsessive over this?" And taking their answer as constructive criticism.
Some nights full of tears Others full of tossing and turning I've put all the code in my brain to fall asleep But I can’t.   I can’t stop remembering
You would know when you understand. And you would understand when you feel it, If It’s the real kind of love, The love that gives you freedom,
I clip your toenails I twist your hair I pick your nose Because I love you   I guide you I hold you I keep you warm
Love Enters Reality Someday.   Previously, it was me before you.   It’s now lost time.   Seeing you hurts.   It is necessity.   What is “it?”
I know this hurts. I know pain is here. I know you cry. The forest between us doesn’t exist without pain. The forest dies without the pain of our love. Our love hurts, it thrives, it dies.
  I needed basics: Respect, compromise, patience, compassion. Bare necessities to hold what was already crumbling   It was wrong to ask for them.
You can’t fool me. I am not six years old Hiding from bedtime monsters on my own “Because I love you but don’t think you should be scared of the dark anymore.”  
So commonly we hear young children ask a simple question: Why? To which they receive a simple answer: Because. But why? Because. Because it is in their nature to be curious.
To go far away To a place you are not. To leave far behind To be long from where you’ve got.   To see your eyes, To think the same thoughts.
Desdemona, how did you do it? / My own Othello went insane / because he thought /I wasn't faithful. / An untrue thought led / to violence, / to constant put downs, / to threats. //  I knew not / why he’d hurt me.
Those nasty words You use against me  Don's stop hurting  Because you "love" me.   Your threats of death If I go,  Is not okay Because you "love" me   My wrist in your grip,
Because I loved you, I gazed up at the stars, Wishing for that fairytale ending you promised. Because I loved you, I went to bed at night,
Because I love you... I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not I don't have have to smile when really I feel my world slowly collapsing around me I don't have to meet false expectations
He bares his own arms to the cold and wraps his coat around her shoulders as they sit on the bleachers. Why did you do it? His eyes rake the crowd for notice.
i love you i'm not allowed  i'm not allowed to love you because you are the same as me two hearts two boys but both boys not allowed but in love anyways    
I'll wrap you up in linen blanket, the one with your favorite pattern. I'll turn on the channel to your favorite show, the one with the blue haired guy. I'll bring you home a candy bar, the one you eat too much of,
I love you But it doesn’t always show. I love you But you may not always know.   I don’t always see your clothing
I love the way you're eyes soak up the morning sun. I adore you're passion for adventure and reckless fun. The way the moonlight sends glimmer through your hair. I notice because I love you.  I notice because I care.
Because I Love You   “Because I love you” Is a beautiful phrase It means more than life And it should never be used in vain   “Because I love you” Should never be said
Because I Love You, I can trust you.   I can smile and laugh and know you will be by my side today, tomorrow, years from now.
Because i love you,  i'll never forget you because i love you, i'll always cherish you like the wind in the summertime breeze  and the snow in a winter rush you were once my sun on my happy days
Because I love you,  I ask Did you eat ? Because I love you, I kiss your cheek. Because I love you, I ask Did you rest? Because I love you You're the best.
Because I love you, I let you in my lifeBecause I love you, I opened up my heartBecause I love you, I accepted you for who you areBecause I love you, I gave you all the freedom
When I met you, you were different When I met you, you let me plan the date When I met you, you were polite When I met you, you showed interest in all that I do
Yeah, You might not see this, But I want you to know that I'm here for you. I saw how she treated you, and its's ok to express yourself through words, and not violence like she taught you to.
Because I love you, what a wonderful phrase Because I love you, used so often these days Because I love you, how the meaning has changed to manipulate minds and bring about pain  
Because I love you I can smile, as I tell you about my day, letting my worries melt away  
Because I love you, I always feel safe. From the warmth of your hugs to the softness of your touch, I am calm. In fact, because I love you, our whole house is calm.
Love is looking ahead. But patient. Love is energy, a burning flame. But kind. Love sees ability in others. But doesn't envy. Love is sharing your accomplishments, but not boasting.
I LOVE YOU I remember the first time I ever said those words I was four years old Talking to my mother I later said it to my father Back then, those words
You asked me why do I keep annoying you, I tell you because I love you.   You asked me why do I keep embarrassing you in front of your friends, I tell you, because I love you.  
Because I love you! I have found myself And want nothing else But to be with you, To have a connection Of love so true. Because I love you! I listen and do not speak,
Love is providing back-up when the platoon needs it. Your Platoon. Love is pushing one to do better and go farther than even the person receiving the love thought possible.
No secrets, No locks without keys,Because I love you, I will always hear you out,No drama, No pointless fights,Because I love you, we will work this out  
  Because I Love You means want Want to do things for you Want to see you smile Want to see you when I don't have time Want to make sure you're happy Want to make sure you're okay
I will be honest with you I have not known love That flutter of the heart, flight of butterflies, plight of the soul Some people have an innate ability to see the good in people
From that warm feeling in your chest to the "text me when you get home safe" to the person who brings out your best   Fom the "I'm so proud of you" to all the butterflies in your belly
the first goodbye is hardest and the second is easier once you get used to leaving walking away is numbed   but i was never the one to walk away just watched you leave so each goodbye stings
Because I love you, please don't hurt me Through my eyes You are rays of sunshine glisinting  Through my window. You are my light, my lover And what holds me tight at night Because I love you, please
Love isn’t thunder and lightning, Electricity coursing through your veins, Fire burning you from head to toe. Love is warm and safe, Sinking into a hot bath,
Because I love you, I said hello and we began to talk.   Because I love you, We exchanged our phone numbers.
Dear Sophia, I love you. Because I love you, I'll text you in class, although Mr. Roberts isn't very fond of it. Because I love you, I'll cheer for you at tennis practice, even after coach blows the whistle.
I admire your work ethic, your patience, and your selflessness Your ability to be honest in the most compassionate and beautiful way And how you love me in the light and from all angles
      I admire your work ethic, your patience, and your selflessness Your ability to be honest in the most compassionate and beautiful way And how you love me in the light and from all angles
When days are dark, and you push me away  I stay, because I love you When you feel like you can't go on, and you cant be loved I stay, because I love you When you don't believe in yourself 
It's because "I love you".. I said I would never stop chasing you, but started walking the other way as soon as things didn't go my way It’s because "I love you"
     The days are getting shorter and shorter, and I just don't know how much longerI can hide it.
I lay here and think that you love me, that you'll hold me forever I'm blind. Like flipping on the bedroom light in the morning after a long night out. I had my doubts.
Because I love you he says.. He says that the reason he kissed your cheeks with his fist, Your tears and screams only motivate him to cause more damage. Because I love you he says,
I talk When you Don’t have the words, Because I love you.   I listen When you Have news to share, Because I love you.   I smile When you Lack the strength to,
“Mommy loves you,” she said to me I was five years old and confused I wasn’t quite sure what that meant because five year old me didn’t know who mommy was
Hurt, to cause physical pain or injury. Well according to Google definition. To me, hurt is more than just a google definition.  To me hurt is physical and mental. Hurt is an emotion. Hurt is a feeling.
It is because I love you,  that these very things I do are all for you. When the lights are dim and your watery eyes too unfocused to see what is right before you
I messed up this morning. I couldn't sleep last night and I missed my alarm I'm sorry, I was tossing and turning and laying there, so desperately, pitifully awake at 3 AM.
this is not love: feeling not enough for what she wants feeling like just another person to kiss not anyone special this is not love: "i don't want you to see the bad parts of me."
Because I love you, I chose to drown in the sorrows of this pain- To observe the light from afar Because I love you, I've finally found true love The smile of two people, Bound to tomorrow and
Love they say! That's what Love is! But that just proves they don't know what love really is... Love is you still being up at three AM dry out of tears,
Not because you're unbearably funny 
Because I love you, he says as he makes me cut class Because I love you, he says as he isloates me from friends Because I love you, he says as he breaks my phone Because I love you, he says as he pushes me against a wall
Because I love you, Because I love you I saw more for you than I did for myself I let go of my success and marked the path for your access.
We were a team once Back when I first infiltrated your life One pull of a trigger and I became the enemy Yet you still said you loved me Yet we still marched in time
When I'm with you is like paradise, an unexplainable feeling  I smile when I think of you, your hugs Is that love? Does love really exist? You’ve learned to gain my trust You’ve treat me with respect
Because I love you I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do I won’t force you to try something I like I might push you a little in the direction But I’d stop as soon as you say no  
"Because I love you.." That shouldn't be an excuse, for the daily physical and mental abuse. NO. On the contrary, these words should symbolize the unity and support that we bring to each other.
#BecauseILoveYou A healthy and happy relationship in life requires heartfelt feelings to make things amazing with your husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or wife  It's love that we need
Are you willing to wait for me? I don’t know if it’s right to abuse you like this   This is my fault Retching at pictures at everything you do the moment we kiss
He says “I love you” You pause “What do you love” Your curves and breasts Your sexy smile Your eagerness to please
Love flees the selfish, In its place Lust is disguised, But Love finds the pure.   When Love finds the pure, Their sorrow will cease to be, For Love gives comfort.  
Everyone deserves to have a healthy relationship wether it's with a significant other or a friend, it's something no-one can pretend. Even through hardships and struggles that relationship should never end.
Because I Love You…   I do not take advantage or mistreat you. I hear your words and I listen. I recognize your boundaries, and I respect them.
I didnt know what love was until i met him. I only read about it in stories and dreamed of it.   I dreamt of a happy ending   I didn’t know at first.
                                   I Have Everything To Be Thankful For   I wanna thank The Lord Above for Making the Earth I wanna thank the Lord Above for allowing me to gather these words
Laying outside under the night sky counting stars, This is love. Talking about our future and how we wish to be wed, This is love. Consuming my thoughts in the best way, This is love.
Because I Love You   because I Love you wear your seatbelt study for your test get some rest meet my family because I Love you    because I Dont Love you  leave your friends
I start to confess my true feelings Because I love you   I laugh at your jokes  Because I love you   I fight back anxiety whenever you're around  Because I love you
I always thought a mile was short, That I could run and run and never come back. I never knew I would meet you. You, almost two hundred and thirty-three miles away.  
It’s not perfectBut because I love youits imperfectionIt is the very definitionof perfectionfor me   A gentle squeeze of the handis sweaty  
Because I love you ill tell you every day It doesnt matter if the sky is gray on my back ill lay and tell you i want you to stay ill love you forever it doesnt matter if its strange 
    I will go to the highest heights. I will traverse to the lowest depths. I’ll do anything for you, And it is all because I love you
loving you is giving you the benefit of the doubt, who's to say nasty and hurtful rumors are true, unless you do loving you is trusting that you're being your best self, because even when we're not in each others presence,
In a real relationship, we would love each other.   I would look for you, and you would look for me. We would spend time together. I would want to be with you.   If I loved you,
Because I Love You... I will show infinite amounts of effort to keep you happy, I will support you through every triumph and adversity you face in your life,
Happy couple. Blessed and together. Two children young and tender.   Heaps of love. Pictures and memories. Move to Wisconsin,   slew of fights. Fading memories. Couple happy, but separate.
I can see the moon,dip and hide behind the trees, and it feels like
from the marriage of our hearts to each stride carried and breath in my youth and in my old days shall i love you even in death in life's prose and heaven's ryhme i shall love you until the end of time.
Because I love you, I waited months until I could first hold you, To see your swaddled body in the hospital room. Because I love you, I stroked your curly dark hair as gently as I could because
Because I love you I'll make sure the dishes are done when you’re having a stressful day at work  Because I love you  I’ll take care of you when you’re not feeling well, whether you’re sick or simply, 
The perfect partner for me  Their is no need to speak,  they know all. Two of the same clay perfection so no pain ever Love as sweet as sugar Discusion not needed
Because I love you, I’ll be your mirror, reflecting that gorgeous light that you shine when you can’t see it. Because I love you,
Because I love you, I’ll be your mirror, reflecting that gorgeous light that you shine when you can’t see it. Because I love you,
Because I love youThe sound of your laughter fills my heartBecause I love youYou’re smile brightens my dayBecause I love youI feel like I can conquer the world when we are together Because I love youI am always here to talk about your dreams and f
Fluffy black hair cut short and eyes like a does, Feelings like a chocolate fondue fountain, it flows No letting it go, what we have I feel is true It grows but breathes, my love for you.
Because I love you I let you hurt me  I let you walk all over me abuse me and use me  because I love you I can't say no  I give in and do what you say because simply you tell me to do so
Because I love you I let you hurt me  I let you walk all over me abuse me and use me  because I love you I can't say no  I give in and do what you say because simply you tell me to do so
There was a knife, who stabbed all things, Be it the heart, mind, or soul, It mattered not, For it was a knife, it knows no right or wrong.   There was a man, who stole from the masses,
I love the tingling in my stomach when I get close to you  with you I never feel blue I love the way our hands fit together like puzzle pieces With you my heart rate increases  I love how you understand me 
       “Because I love you” Because I love you, I devote myself to you to through my loyalty and enthusiasm. Because I love you, I commit myself to you through a binding of our hearts.
I would do anything for you I'd fight a dragon  or go on some magical quest Because I love you.   I would turn up at your door,  For nothing more Than to hold your hair when you are sick
Because I love you, I tell you about my day... even though I you leave out parts about yours. because I love you, I stay even though we argue... like everyday. because I love you, I trust you wont do me wrong...
Because I love you… I want to make you smile, I want to make you happy on a cloudy day, I want you to succeed.   Because I love you...
Because I love you, I give myself; I'll tell my secrets and my fears, I'll share regrets that no one hears.   Because I love you, I'm here to stay; I'll stand by you forevermore,
Empowered by the essence of longing, Controlled by the thoughts of searching, Understanding the definitive feelings and reasonings of the soul,
Because I love you I have lost myself and yet I have found me, for I love you  but I cannot love myself.   I fell for your smile, the beauty of your eyes, the warmth of your words.
The boy three summers, a full lifetime, ago, Would not let me leave, Let me live, Let me fly. And so I was chained to him at the bottom of everything. I could not save him, not even close.
A healthy relationship is a love that consumes us, It deepens and grows every day, It is loving a person as we have wished to be loved. “Because I love you” should be: Enough to separate the ocean in halves.
Don't, for today will be the last time you give me this excuse. Don't, because i'm not sure it is an excuse. Don't, for I don't know how I feel, or how you feel and it scares me.
I didn’t know I could love this much.   Give me your hand, And I’ll hold it close to my heart. Your soul brings light to the dark.   I could never forget the way your dimples crease,
Because I love you, we share our food and our shoulders when we're down, Because I love you, I make sure you always smile and never frown. Because I love you, I'll never leave you alone in the rain,
Love Is Powerful, Love is true Love crushes people, Love may not be for you With all love comes hate It's up to your heart to find the right mate
Love is a raw word. A word that is exposed and a word that is rough, Open and whole in a way that other words just can’t quite touch. There are many ways the word can be filled out, marred, and stuffed.
Patient Kind You never stop pursuing You do not wear out of forgiveness You do not keep count of wrong Pure and equal
your fingers gently skim my skin, burning a trail that will never be forgotten. i love you. you smile down at me, eyes crinkling at the edges and your nose scrunched. i love you.
I can hear screaming, no theory of where its coming from,  or where the sound is streaming. What is this meaning? Why is there a dismal sound 
Nobody loves anybody for anybody, Only for the things they receive from them. No body? That’s a shame Because the body is the first thing that comes into
Love is a strange feeling. Some people seem to think love is one thing, while others seem to think it's another. Honestly, it can be interpreted in so many different ways and seen from so many different perspectives.
A heart that’s wounded  is worse than one that’s broken. You’re stuck in a nightmare And can’t seem to be woken.   How can there be trust
Because I love you... I will make sure to always respect you, I will treat you like my princess, I will spoil you with books and treats, I will keep this secret love between our phone's screens.  
Because I love you I won’t harm you like the others did. I’ll accept you for your flaws and not treat you like a little kid. I get that you break down, and I’ll be there to pick you up.
When we hold hands We step to the same rhythm Your fingers interlocked with mine I can feel your heartbeat through your wrist And I hum along to it This Holding hands
Look, I am not a rapper, But I could rattle off a million rhymes about the way you look tonight, The way your "messy" hair hugs your face as I would love to with my hands,
Because I love you, I know you like the back of my hand. Because I love you, I know you will always be honest with me. Because I love you,
It is not easy to say the words but still we do it and expect nothing in return when we don't want to be alone we say i love you and feel at home  but when the tears run down our faces
It is relevant to find who you are, Where you stand and who you are not.  Me? I am like a star, 3 billion miles away,  just there, never seen,  only a thought.  
there comes a point when she'll wake up with red, puffy eyes instead of her smile crinkling them as she reads good morning. they won't look at you the same way-- the butterflies in your stomach 
Because I love you  I accept everything about you both good and bad.   Because even with beauty there's always a little bit of ugly.   Because I love you I desire to love myself.  
Pain, gaping hole in my chest, torture, All consuming, obtaining me Screaming, dying, depressed unchecked With my clenched fist, white knuckles Gasping