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My Works ... Poli - TRICKING ... !!!!! They're Tactics Are SICKENING ... !!! They're Using Their Power ... To Make People ... "cower" ... !!! It's ALL ABOUT This ... The Usual OLD Tricks ...
(Pt. III) ... After the 7/7 bombing ... This is the 3rd part of a Trilogy of poems to remind people about where some of their, " Anti-Islam Rhetoric ", started from ....
Why Do People ... " HATE " ... ?!? Because of Someone's Race ... ? Because of Their Religion ... ? Or Because Someone's ... " Gay " ... ? I Don't Believe In HATE ... !!! But Hate Is Getting GREAT ... !!!
Why Do We Have MOUTHS ... ? If We Cannot Talk ... !?! While Those Who Should SHUT IT .... !!!!! Are Building A FORT ...
Let Me Make This ... ... CLEAR To You ... !!! I'm NOT PREACHING ... That's The TRUTH ... !!! You DON'T Have To Read ... If You Don't Want To ... !!!
The sounds of joy during the holidays The warm climate, nothing like the cold december i know Music bounces from walls to walls Kids laughter laced with nothing but joy They who don't know what a christmas dinner is What christmas presents are or
Silver sheets pour from the gutter, Changing all to brown and blue. Yet one person sits alone, unmoving, Stringy grey hair obscuring her view.   Rain in rivulets runs off her face,
How I felt: Dad's was yellin' at me for just 'bout everything. Spoiled brothers used their mouths to get just 'bout anything. I had a biased, critisizin', alcoholic stepmom,
Everyone at school is in a masquerade. Wearing masks everday till the mask behaves. Your problems are still there even when memories fade, because the mask you wear will only last a school day.  
Ya Know I Use It Like A ... ..... " Nine To Five " ..... But That's NOT My Line ... !!! I Don't Plagiarise ... !!! These Words Were Inspired ... By .... Inity Fire ....
I was only seven, in beautiful Orlando, Florida when my mother met a man from Columbia. Too young to comprehend. In a school with a koala mascot I worked and studied as a habit,
Dad says on. I turn on. Mom says eat. I eat. Dad says now. I go now. Mom says clean. I clean. Programmed to do what my parents say. One small error leads to a big dismay.
Have you heard of the smishimilash? I've heard they like to smoosh and smash! They like to splish! They like to splash! They don't care what actions total in cash. Each dollar to them is a penny in trash!
My parents left me yesterday, they left me near the sea, with children near and far away for a new family. On a bus we come and go, and pass a familiar shop. We're lined up into three, neat rows, then off to the next stop.
It's HARD To Stay ... " Cool " .. When Police Act The FOOL ... !!! They're USING The Bomb ... To Make You BELIEVE ... That WE DON'T Belong ...
So ... " Who Do You Believe " ... ??? MP's And Their War Stories .... ??? Cos' When It Comes To Speaking TRUTH .... Their Talks Seems ... " Pretty Cheap " ...
Pt. II of 3 Poems) After the 7/7 bombing ... This is part 2 of a Trilogy of poems to remind people about where some of their, " Anti-Islam Rhetoric ", started from .... Well ... HERE WE GO ... !!!!!
I've Heard These Words ... Throughout My Life ... "TWO WRONGS Virge, DON'T Make A Right !"
Your limitation is a figment of the imagination. You hold the key to break free.  You are a flower, taller than a tower, with an unstoppable power.  You rise above the skies with your immesurable size. 
Let Me Tell You Something ... !!! My Nerves Are Near .... .... COMBUSTION .... !!!!! Cos' These Days People .... Seem To Think it's Cool ... To PUSH My Buttons ... ?!?
After the 7/7 bombing ... This is part of a Trilogy of poems to remind people about where some of their, " Anti-Islam Rhetoric ", started from .... (BTW ... I am NOT, Pro-Islam)
"Soon she's coming back" That's what they tell me, Are you really coming back? why don't you call and tell me? You are so near yet so far, 'Cause now I know where you are, Gone.  
People PLEASE ... !!! Just Be ... STRAIGHT UP ... !!!!! Honesty's Easy ... It Really A'int Tough ... !!! If You're Gay ... BE Gay ... DON'T Try To Play Games ...
So WHO Do You ... " Trust " ... ??? And Who Are Your Mates ... ??? Cos' People These Days ... MOSTLY Are Two Faced ... !!! They Talk With You ... Like Everything's COOL ...
I've Just Read A Poem ... About ... " Child ABUSE " ... !!! It's Touched Me So Deeply ... !!! I'm Now Feeling ... BLUE ... !!!! It's Filled Me With SADNESS ... And FILLED ME With MADNESS ... !!!!!
Inspiration  Many people believe that inspiration,  Can come from a presentation  Or a simple explanation.  But for me, the foundation 
Cold skin, open arms The warmest I’ve felt in years Unwilling to fall for such common charm  I could fall for anyone near   Dangerous to be so close to me
I wish you’d know How close you are to my heart Or how you and my thoughts never part Or how you made me realize that love is one beautiful art. To explain this feeling how do I even start?  
I wish you’d know How close you are to my heart Or how you and my thoughts never part Or how you made me realize that love is one beautiful art. To explain this feeling how do I even start?  
"Let's Just Be FRIENDS !" NOW Those Are Words ... That KNOCK Most Men ... !!! IF They Come ... From Their Girlfriend ... !!! But When We Men ... Hit Girls With Them ...
What Is It With ... ... " Modern Women " ... ??? That Makes Men Want Them .... ? Cos' Women These Days ... Drive Men Round The Bend ... !!!!!
Conspiracy ... ??? Theory ... ??? Or .... REALITY ... ?!? This Is A Dilemma ... That Needs CLARITY ... !!!
I've Been TRULY SURPRISED ... !!! In Fact ... " MESMERISED " ....... !!!! By The Volume of People ... Who ... Tell Themselves Lies ... !!! These Acts I Believe ... Give Liars ... " Relief " ...
Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about growing up. I used to be a carefree kid but now I'm an adult and I have responsibilites and bills and the like. But I find solice in knowing all those who have gone before.
What is inside me 
Let's Make This ... ...... " Official " ...... !!! Most Poets These Days ... Have Become ... " Superficial " ... They Now ... " Love Themselves " ... ?!? Their Show's Got ... ... FOUL SMELLS ... !!!!!
What ... In This Life ... ? Is It Right To ... " Expect " ... ? Well One Thing FOR SURE ... One Day YOU'LL BE DEAD ... !!! Morbid I KNOW ... !!! But We've ALL Got To Go ...
Do You Believe In ... ? Freedom of Speech ... ? Freedom of Thought ... ? And Freedom To Teach ... ? Or ..... ? Freedom To Do ... The Things That You Please ... ?!?
You Know I Need To Pick Bones ... In These Damned ... "Comfort Zones" ... !!! Do You Think Yours Will SAVE You ... ? ... If You're ... ON YOUR OWN ... !!?!!
I am success With a face of struggle Raised without rest Working shitfts in double Never had a bublble to burst What you call hunger & thirst? Butterflies came from the dirt
These Days Let Me Tell You ... I'm TIRED of Driving ... !!! But HELL NO I AIN'T Riding ... !!!!! Cos' When I See How Some Drive ... It's Like They're ... IMPROVISING ... ?!!!?
When You People See ME ... Do You Start To Feel ... "SCARED" ... ?!? If You Do Let Me Ask You ... " ARE YOU PEOPLE FOR REAL ? " What Is The REAL DEAL ... ???
People Like To Argue Sometimes I Wonder ... WHY ... ?!? Cos' When I Have An Argument ... My Brain Cells Start To FRY ... !!! SOME Arguments DO Lead To ... DEATH ... !!! This IS NO WAY To ... " Die " ... !!!
The Thought of Communities Interests Me ..... Because Communities NEED ... UNITY ... If They're Gonna SUCCEED In Keeping The Peace ... !!!
This is a story of trial and strife The silent killer and the bloody knife But this story is not all that is seems No, you must look deeper into what it truly means.   The darkness within that consumes a soul
Why Does My Appearance Offend Most Folk ... !?! I DON'T Sell Coc'... !!! I'm NOT An Ignorant Bloke ... !!! I DON'T LIKE ... " Crack "... !!! But Sometimes ... Like A Smoke ...
What's With People These Days ? Societal Decay .... Is On Constant Display ... !!! So What Do You Stand For ... ? At The End of The Day ... ?!? Do You Stand For ABUSE ... From Ignorant Youth ... ?!?
Some Youth Are SO RUDE ... !!! Their Language Is Crude ... !!! And Most Have A PROBLEM ...
Life its a style, Keep it on a low profile spittin, sittin, crazy with the poems they don't know me so you not a homi Focus, Focus, Focus Hucus pocus magical despire Focus,
Life its a style, Keep it on a low profile spittin, sittin, crazy with the poems they don't know me so you not a homi Focus, Focus, Focus Hucus pocus magical despire Focus,
People Are Funny ... !?! They Now Make Me Laugh ... You Talk ... They Don't Listen ... ?!? MP's Keep ... "Restricting" ... IGNORANCE In People .... Has Now Become SICKENING ... !!!
Why Am I Here ... ? Well THAT's A BIG QUESTION ... !!! I'm NOT A Schoolteacher ... You're NOT IN A Lesson ... !!!
Kids Seem NOWADAYS ... To Be .... " Impolite " .... Well Me I Was Shown ... That This Just ISN'T Right ... !!!
Fake or True ... ??? Which One Are You ... ? Are You Simply A FAKE ... Who's Just On The Make ... ? Or ... Are You EVEN WORSE ... ? A Snake On The Make ... !?!
What is with ...... All This ATTITUDE ... ?!? It Seems The In Thing ... To Simply Be RUDE ... !?! People In The World ... Are Now So Crude .... !!!!!!!
Redundancy Is ... A Horrible Thing ... !!! But ... Who Are The Ones ... ? That Most FEEL THE STING ... ?!? THOSE Who CONTROL .... The Employment ... " Bullring " ... ?!?
    It’s 5:30 so I wake up To a day I know is going to be long   The T.V is on and all is going on wrong. Breaking news, but it’s not really news:
I came into this world not knowing not knowing how life would be like to not have you by my side.  My mother who the one that gave birth to me is no longer to be seen
A Spoken Word Poem ! I'm hearing that some people think New Poetry's ... " TOO CRUDE " ... !!! Now i'm not starting a poetry feud ! But ..... "Come come old boy, that views old news !"
So ..... What makes these stupid blacks think that crime and selling crack will get them out the ghetto ? What makes these fools think that ?!? And ......
Protect your neck minstrel man while you  still have a chance.    Protect your neck minstrel man be more than a song and dance.     
Blind to the consequences Deaf to her warning, fighting in my sleep Tired of waking up each morning I can feel the hunger, can't stomach the pain Consequences for putting poison in my veins, loosing my family I dread
I miss the simple things like my ex-girlfriends kiss ! The touch of her lips and her SHAPELY Tits !!! But I don't miss THIS ! Emotional tricks just to give me a kick
Why do young boys run their mouth ? Probably cos' ... They've got nothing down south !!! So let me explain what i'm talking about
This cycle, it never stops. Look around, where’s the clock? What time is it? Can I go home? No response, I’m all alone. So I walk.
I'm sick now of hearing This word ... " Compromise " ... !!! While they tell us lies why should I disguise the truth from their eyes ?
Breaking glass shatteres on the floor, My life I can feel no more, every action a stone, every tear alone, thundering evermore. I try to escape, to drown out the hate, to undo what I have done,
I AM TRYING.. You went into another world Leaving me alone here.. You are calm and happy now But what about me ..?
I 'member dem early days, being thursty for da durty thurtys. But..... tasty, no longer is she, for her stern beauty has no mercy as she covertly steals Your Soul.
You know how you know something's wrong with your life? Everything seems like perfection. The "it can't get much better than this" mindset Turns out to be a devastation. Perfection is impossible, 
Everyone expects you to be someone To somehow make a difference, But you just feel so overrun Like a stampede in the wilderness. You're expected to accomplish greatness: Go to school, marry, get a job,
Respect is dying everyday ! The old dismay cos' the young display a lack of respect in their crazy ways ! So ... Pay close attention this isn't wordplay !
A rural road is filled with holes By a field where wheat stalks grow   Windblown grass will dance and sway And Cerenox come out to play   Children of the grain and night
My dear's a deer what a novel idear having a deer not a dear makes me a bit queer but what's really quite queer
I'm sure you've heard of Athena vs. Arachne The infamous rivalry and it's kind of wacky If you have or haven't make sure to keep reading This story is nothing like you've been believing
Sandman’s Dilemma By: Nehemiah Avant My wonderful seeds have spawned anew! But why do I feel so blue? My seed—Media!
The water roars and the earth shakes, The wind blows harsh and the thunder crackles across the sky. 
Echo, the beautiful cheerleader, loved to talk And once she had the last word, away she would walk. During cheer practice, Hera passed by looking for her boyfriend
I'm dying, and no one's noticing  I'm broken and crying, but still Praying and hoping, I'm fucked up, But people expect me not to mess up; Tired and depressed, Lying and loveless,
You better howl if you wanna be heard, wolf, Sing it even if it sounds absurd, wolf, Change is everything—now watch her turn, wolf,
  White & Hollowed   Kū Haʻaheo E Kuʻu Hawai’i   The strive for greatness has been the talks
Gawain was his name He loved to play a game He went on noble quests Before he went and took tests He went before the Green knight During the dark of night He loved his classes
Maaaannnn ... I don't give a fuck ... !!! People these days Like to ... Pass The Buck ... !!! Problems now appear cos' most live in fear ! but fears not my problem my position is clear !
They told me not to open the email, but I watched as the numbers had grown. It started at 0 and now there was 50 alone. They told me something bad would happen, If I let my curiouslity grow
I bring about the darkness that you see as the end you go to bed and shield your eyes  from pains you put me in   I bring about the darkness  the one that sends you off
Athena the goddess of Wisdom and War,To me the "queen bee" of Greek life and more,A virgin woman warrior, strong and superior is she,A natural representation of what women is to me.
I wander through the woods at night my cellphone is my only light  I’m trying hard, with all my might, not to make a single sound.  
Helios always said that he would one day write a book Of all the things that he witnessed in a day. Up in the sun chariot he watched and he took Notes on too many tales to relay.
There once was a man named Daedalus Known as a dentist of excellence He sampled some Vicodin Now he’s imprisoned in A habit of common excrescence   A habit which started with booze
As she stared into the mirror It became clearer, as she walked nearer There were cuts on her thighs The monster told her lies She saw the mask she wore She did not know who she was anymore
A master programmer, No coder like her, Arachne, the code entrepreneur.   She weaves new sites, pictures and videos with delight, a sight to satisfy one's appeitite.  
I was walking When I saw a pug With a person Holding a mug   They looked sad So I gave a hug To the person
I try to run, but my body won't, I look away but my head don’t, I really need to detach but my heart won't.   I hate that I need you, I crave and have to have you, I love when I taste you.  
You know it seems that through life Propaganda and Lies are fed by those guys who wear corporate ties So ... DON'T be surprised if your life seems contrived
Since the invention of the airplane, There was no end to his migrane. The world heard his cry  "No more peaceful night sky"  Only pests in his domain             
Ya know I hardly choose to ... Party ... because of those parties who don't act smartly so party darkly instead of ... Calmly ...
I have come to this world thinking I'll live a luxurious life and everything is fantasy.   Thinking life would be easy because of America is as bold as if it holds millions of gold.
Leaving London... ? I Can Understand Why... !!!  Cos Things Aren't Safe... On Streets At Night... !!!  MORE Gunfights... As Children DIE...  Why..... ????? 
The year is 2019 and the world is modern. Most have lost the beilef that the world is flat, though some still often wonder. We account for illness and celestial beings with science
Scars to your beautiful  funny concept isnt it  when they tell you that beauty comes from  a life changing liquid  They see what I show them  Then I take off the veil  and they may see a phase 
Scars to your beautiful  funny concept isnt it  when they tell you that beauty comes from  a life changing liquid  They see what I show them  Then I take off the veil  and they may see a phase 
Come close, for I have a story of a monster to tell you.   In the world among us lurks a shadow of black It slithers through the woods and soars around clouds
When I was a child I had dreams of great feats. Dreams of big things, with the ones I would meet.   I stargazed and wondered, how my life would turn out. Unsure of my future,
God of the Sea, an old being and title, something that he used to be A powerful trident in hand, trnasformed now into what we most commonly see A fork, yes a fork, that metalic bond of power in the times of hunger
You don't like it when I'm right Your exasperation is intense My behavior scintillates a fire  And rage will then commence Your words chewed my soul and spit my spirit out
  Does time bug you to your nerves? What more can you do that's absurd?  Oh surly time is not curling around your every move because time is just a sign away from the truth.
My dear Ampelos, To him we say adios. Lost in the tragic days of yesteryear— A proud boy with no fear. He hitched a ride on a wild bull, Set the tides of faith on the pull.
Though legends of old Are filled with tall tales So many are cold Dead in their graves   Yet one lives on Through tales of war
My mind is filled of fantasies untold Of witches and monsters and heroes of old The world slips away while I’m here in my bed 
I used to swim by Scotland's coast. Gliding carefree, quiet as a ghost. It's the serenity I miss the most. They called me the Lochness Monster.   They'd run away when I would splash.
All I wanted was a little attention All I wanted was a little fame Under my Sisters’ wings’ all my life I had lived All I wanted was my own name.
Bragi the bard, a name well known. A voice and skill so graceful, it could reach any tone. His soundcloud success, has gotten him far. His talent best exhibited when his fingers grace a guitar.
Bragi the bard, a name well known. A voice and skill so graceful, it could reach any tone. His soundcloud success, has gotten him far. His talent best exhibited when his fingers grace a guitar.
Because a man didn't cover his wound, because he let his blood drop, that cause himself and his wife to drop. Into a pyre, Returning one to the earth, and another to the fire.  
My, my in 2019 who possibly could Poseidon be? Apologies, don’t mind me, 2018 was the Aquaman movie. From guardian of the sea to directed in scenes, Not too bad since Jason Momoa is the man of MY dreams
I’m beside myself I don’t know what to do I’m caught between beating Heart number one and Heart number two People say with love you just know
There were two men Pirithous and Theseus Known around town As sexual deviants.  
A Latin American Urban Legend Or perhaps a misguided truth. It is a merciless beast according to those who speak, Preying upon lames, upon sheep. It watches from the bushes in the cloak of night
There once was a boy Who was quite short He wasn’t tall enough To play any sport   His classmates all laughed Never gave him a chance
Go outside and play enjoy your day life is mountains and boulders  so learn the game   Ride bikes on trails live life on rails when your time is up you'll enjoy your tales
A man A poet the one whom will put thoughts together I am a stoic. but what I am not is how I create shift swirl change and re-make. only my input will increase my stake.
Micah Gayman She's overwhelmed with emotions often when she feels hopeless drowning in her depression who saves her when there is no savior?
The gun goes off The sound of thunder rushing through my ears Adrenaline running through my arms, hands then feet Sour and sweet
I will not fear my name, cowering in the shadow of traits and opinions,
spit nasty like sum gross shit you wouldn't wanna taste it hand over ya mouth i know i kill metopors awe the mind point still extremely blatant
He wants the one whose Whistle blew,To lynch him and to beat him blue. The donald never stops to think,He neither reads & has no Clue. His Fall will come and Soon and Swift. We will soon have a Seismic Shift.The donald then, will be exposed,He
Zeus, a player, god of Olympus, user of Tinder...? Alas a new age the gods will not hinder to the age of tech, love, and splendor. The gods above get hip to the trends
Wherever she goes, the moon nips at her heels Night crickets sing beneath her chariot wheels; For the uneasy women her headlights shine on bright And banish the wanting creatures of the night.  
Another day. Another stone Another potential boyfriend gone  Meeting face to face won't work for me  Because those I meet tend to freeze
Crying holding my head in my lap Gain enough strength and end up falling back Unknowing of where I am and then realizing I've fallen into Black Not speaking on my Melanin ’cause the complexity of that is something you lack I'm speaking on a pain,
Women die to violence, warranted by their gender the flashing headlights don't warn her of imminent death never looking in the backseat, so naive, so tender car in park, death's arms, a man's arms, steal her breath
waiting for the time, watching the hours passing by. I’m in between of this, Believing, disbelieving.   This pointless struggling pushing me back. I can't run from this
Slipped away from existence Wondering if they were ever true Isolated from men These women never saw the color blue Against war Men were the enemy Dominating places Dominating society
You aren’t ready to hear what I have to say But I wasn’t ready to find out, so I’ll tell you anyway. The past decade has done nothing but brainwash my heart and my soul I did nothing but what I was told
The team floats into the back of gym, passing the torches that burn with a bright red flame, lyres and violis sing harmoniously, signaling the start of the ballgame. 
Slim and coy Pier Shonks was the name Nefarious good boy Nowhere was safe One day he stopped in fright Yelled, "Oi!" At the dragon's ghastly sight The man riding it said with delight
Replace a with e and c with d, T to k and o to p. M’s will all be changed to y’s And b’s will suddenly be i’s.   A simple poem with simple rules, Yet follow them and chaos ensues.  
I had declared it would not fall in love, But the goddess Aphrodite took it as a challenge. Still, I was so sure I could manage.   One day I met this man who asked me on a date. On my way to work, I said no.
Whispers throughout New York’s streets echo Of a mysterious being at a certain financial center; The origin of other harrowing beings that can barely be called people:
Before this pyre we stand my son, Within this hallowed shrine. Gods, let the flames be seen throughout Hispania one last time.  
With the sky as bright And the clouds in their flow The bird is in flight Going where no one could know It’s beauty is mixed with the colors of the world
They cover up who they are, You can't see that far,  With the powder and primer, It doesn't matter if they're a minor. They hide in videos gone viral,  Then get caught in a down sprial, 
Red and blue lights All over those beautiful, broken walls Dad never showed so I’m staying with my mom. My friends ride their bikes to the park, as do I.
Chasing live vessels filled with blood Hissing rabidly into the night Under the moon, hunting heedlessly
I’m Icarus, And I’ve always wanted to fly! That’s why I went to flight school And tried my best to apply!   They didn’t like my grades, though, All except science. My dad’s really, really smart
Of darkness he grew tired - his Dark World, not enough. Forsaken in a land of shadow, he longed for morning's dusk.   His heart was filled with sorrow though his people loved him so.
There once was girl  Oh, so bright Who used to smile each day She’d smile in laughter Smile in joy And even smile when grey   For smiling was her safety blanket  A cover for the pain
Game day had fallen upon the land The hiss, the boo, the cheers, the joy incoming  And with the audience in his hand Was Hercules a football star upcoming   With a mighty golden lion as his mascot
Soft cheeks. 
The epitome of cool when I was nine. I kick the road behind me. I never had the motivation until now. I go faster, faster, faster Til' I wobble,  But I stick with it If I crash, I don't mind 
Deep below the Earth's surface, Fire erupts into gulfs of flames. A castle of obsidian awaits The arrival of the King Back from the human world. In his arms is a girl with the gift
The following was inspired by the classic myth of Icarus. He had his youth, and Icarus wished, To fly with the planes and big rocket ships. But he was a boy, a being without wings,
Don't you know  We let you go So you could forever flow The eternity  It's killing me Too late to turn away No matter where we sway We come here, always Back to the tasteful music
As night falls I must return Before I scare my mother silly And yet I cannot pull myself away From this coffee shop called "The Lilly" Oh, how the city lights glitter The wet pavement so bright
Let me tell you this story about a boy name Jake  I believe he was around the age of 15 I think As he walk down the halls kids started laughing 
Ares, the god of war, grew weak and lazy. Fighting battles was a chore but efficient killing was crazy, but he found a game online. This game had both war and crime. Ares found this game divine,
The Metropolitans, the Royals in a clash for the ages Pitchers throwing the balls like rockets in the night Players lining up to hit the batting cages But no one knew that all was not right  
Orpheus & Eurydice    The two are tangled in the web The web that we call love The two walk by the riverbed The bed that lies above 
The loyal hound He stood his ground   Waiting for his master Hoping he'd rush to get home faster   The three collective heads Had torn the death god's couch to shreds  
The year is 3005, The year that we fear only God will survive. We need a savior in this time of technology.  For this blasphemy, my sincerest apology. My God, is this the return of Jesus?
You must carry the game on Cause God wants the next generation of black men to be strong It won't be long before the bell is Tolled If you don't pass it on How can we last? God made your age a teacher but
Everything is valued For what people say it’s worth The roads are made of pavement About as valuable as dirt   Anything can make a road
I’m here to tell my story About the hateful man and I About how he took my dignity Made me scared, made me cry   He hurt me on the insides
She wasn't hunting deer anymore. She was searching for the mortals who were like her. Society said they were only part of ancient lore, But she knew they were real, she knew they felt hurt.
The siren of today doesn't lure men to death, But instead uses it for good, until her last, dying breath. Her ocean is polluted, her lungs filled with muck, She has to admit that she is now stuck.  
Once upon a midnight dreaming a lady ran by me screaming; screaming “BLOODY MURDER!” I was dreaming the lady screaming had found a body streaming; streaming bloody, gory murder.
Soon you will return, I'll be by your side I know you will be gone as soon as you arrive 3 months spent far away, another 6 out farther Maybe spending 2 more years before a chance at forever
The Old Man was a landlord Rich and formidable Electric part of his hoard The tenants were miserable   Raven knew this truth
Lydia sat sad on her bed As the likes on her Insta ran through her head Her last post’s hearts were no more than 3! But as she lay there consumed with self pity
Lost in a maze  that only exist in my mind’s case i don’t know what to do  I have zero clue dont know how life will be ar any surprises left for me all I know I should be strong 
One bump, two bump, and a loooong neck Ol' Nessie saw John by the old shipwreck John was wandering, looking for the nearest Pokemon Gym Nessie found herself falling in love with him
Lover, that makes me stare Ivory skin and ebony hair Lover, forever fair  You have come and answered my prayer   Lover, that makes me stare
I'm very scary, or so it seems; I'm really very sweet. Look past my writhing snaked and look at me: my beauty, my grace, my kindness inside. Ha! Now I have enchanted you forever with my Medusa vibes.
I didn't believe Love at first sight until I saw you for the first time I noticed the sun touching your beautiful golden skin adding to your natural shine I rubbed my eyes with confusion
Oh, how Patroclus wished for a chance... To be heard and to be glanced. By no one else but Achilles, the strongest man on the field.   
Flowers fill your hair, the smell of pomegranates fills the air. I don't know why you talk to me or give me the looks that you dare.   Your mother hates me, no one can blame her for that.
I’ll always remember your kind loving heart, hoping fate will never tear us apart.   Looking back all those years, great love and everlasting tears.  
When ignored, what can i do but grow? My power is from those who wish not to know, At first a bother, Soon becoming mortal foe,
  “You’re not supposed to be doing that.” His feet are in the seat of the swing, Grub fingers squirmed around chains, pitching back And forth like a marionette on breaking strings.  
There was a consul long ago Who sat beside a river's bank And with his cry, "The die is cast!" He crossed it, seeking higher rank.
Odin set his last pawn on the public table  And waited to share the Fable.  It being the story of the world  Which he would've willingly unfurled  For a single game of chess  Odin would answer any yes  Or no question.  He would share every lesson,
Don't it ever get better maybe it won't all I spit is raw material never felt the pain you caused been going krazy y'all despicable why bother to care letter to lisey saw a treasure island deep inside you until our addiction came to haunt us knowi
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem.southeast southern boy from around the way never ever fraud hood hard the best to be put to test known to be just me whatever it do been from the tex bar no flex southern southeast coast to coast still better then most ave
texas.don.g.nutt.59,poem,darkness,total darkness no return lights off no where to go nowhere to see the darkness blinds me hold  up wheres the light i need to see somebody turn on the lights i need some daylight in my life ooh.my god anybody is an
“Chronicles of Narnia”, wardrobe to enter life on other side brighter even in winter slow fiction, better life fixing Dream of royalty and reality mixing
Ok! So we clashed in town… …and he was looking at me like a clown even with a lot of bold hairy beard I could still see he was bothered with fear; that is weird!
By Malkyah Angelique   HI, I'm Dionysus Might as well dive right in No point in delaying this   My wife says I need rehab. I'm the god of partying Is my drinking habit that bad?  
1,000 friends in a life time you could make. Unfortunately; most will turn out fake. Only a few will prove themselves true. As you do them, they care about you.
How does one fight for fairness without keeping score? If you have the answers , please , please say more. This rumbling and rattling in a vacant brain ... It’s enough to make one wonder if they ever were sane.
Dionysus the god of wine, madness, and parties If you got in the way of his fun, oh you would be sorry At beer pong he sure was gnarly
You’re fast asleep under the covers of my bed,  I lay down next to you, lightly stroking the curls on your head.  one snore, two snores, three I’m counting your breath, hoping it never leaves. 
Medusa wasn’t always a viper. Medusa was approachable, likeable, and even flirtatious. Everyone noticed her golden-brown locks when she walked to her cubicle. Sauntering. Swaying. Doing her thing.
Do you hear:  the faint cry of  an old man's fear? Cast in the dark, set sail at dusk, his return marked with desperate musque.   Do you see:  he challenged 
  I don’t really care anymore I wanna get out of this place Run off into space If you haven’t noticed,
texas,don,g,nutt59,poem,i like,i like her she like me we like each other liken the way liken the why liken the is liken the like liken myself love liken the likes of me which could are should i be this way that way my way i know they like me i lik
texas.don.g.nutt59,poem,fact, im a fact just like here i go here i be thats the truely fact about a man like me fact to be is im am im is a fact you know about the facts of love no scrubb no trial an tribulations the fact i prove the fact that you
One Moment   Imagine if I was given one moment just a single slice of my past. I could hold it close forever and that moment would always last.   I would put that moment in a safe
texas.don.g.nutt59,poem my lady.lady you are you is from the way you is the special typa woman of a mans life pull you close stand right next to me look you in your eyes theres no reason to cry to have fears your my lady your man is so close an so
The colors of our world commence the drain,Instead of smiles I perceive pain...Ricocheting off my ears rings pain...I feel pain.Violence is a bullet,Puncturing us to the fullest,
Thick sunglasses hide her deadly gaze as she seaches the streets on hot summer days for evil to catch, to stop, to freeze and with the blink of an eye they're caught with ease oh thank gods medusa is on our team.
Podeidon, king of the sea. Realm of fish, crustacions, and cephalopods, but humans? Nah, not for thee. I offer you lots of fish. But, I have one simple wish. Stop dumping your toxic waste.
If you fall for god. You’ve fallen forever. Being nasty in the internet. Mortals aren’t that clever.   Words though ..... Now they’ll stand up to time. Not clever , or slick-
Coveted above all things I am looked at night and day They listen to me talk and sing In front of me they stay   Even when it's nice outside They don't go out to play
Asclepius had decided being a doctor was what he wanted to do with his life.  He studied for tests, stayed up all night. He stayed in the library, until they turned off the light.   When he graduated,
She falls slowly onto the floor Red puddles form on the ground Rose petals all around The blade falls in her clenched hand Her dry tears feel like sand She starts losing feeling in her toes
Shakespeare wouldn't tweet a sonnet, But you know what he'd do? He would start up a blog, Just to share his thoughts with you With Tumblr as his social media, The weirdness wouldn't end
He's so Ginormous that he dunks balls over seas.  He's the Star Player  with all the basketball teams. He takes his team east, to restore his sight for us.  His eyes shine brighter
Bow held high, head held higher Inside her mind there is a fire Her voice speaks louder than her arrows Dusk, she rises like the flight of a sparrow   Though it be dark, she will rise
She is endless Every possibility A woman free of time Not granted that stability Feared by some Though others find tranquility She is everything and nothing Known for her changeability
At school you thrive if you're smart, in gym, mathmatics, and art. No one would be, as perfect as she. Athena, ready to start.
Beauty and grace, that’s all anyone could see.  But beneath her surface, there was only a poisonous personality.  She played games, acted selfishly, men and women walk away in pain,
It seems you’re always butt hurt any more. I didn’t mean to make you sore . Never bothering to digest my words. Emotional about the things you heard.   Butt hurt all the while , your wall cloaks my denial.
Have you seen? Have you heard? There’s a monster in the mall. She slithers through the wishing well Waiting for pennies to fall  
Zzz... Everyone knows his lore Everyone knows his snore And everyone knows Hypnos The classmate sleeping with his pillows. Zzz... People are giggling He is wiggling
Medusa .com yes she's caught your eye You're hypnotized and you don't know why. She controls everything and has you in a trance All of your friends are doing the stone-faced dance.
she swipes left she swipes right her beauty wasted on a phone screen light once the goddess of beauty shining light on all those who were pure her talent brought on nothing more 
Never leaving time or space; Always evolving but never a race. We see them for their fabled powers, But inside us their strength flowers.  
Orpheus, guitar extraordinaire, the King of Rock, and Apollo’s heir. His music loved around the world,  though, he only cared for the love of one girl. Darling Eurydice, the love of his life
Te amo... The words meaning I love you, What is the meaning I love you? To some people it is a chemical in the head that shows attraction to a man or woman,
माँ, क्या लिखूं तेरे लिए जिंदगी तूने जो लिखी है मेरी.. क्या कहूं तेरे बारे में, तुझमें ही तो जान छूपती है मेरी..
Like a dog who chases after his tail, I chased after you.  I know it was something different for you but just like you, I was scared too.
Two jobs, a car, insurance, and high school Balancing clubs, volunteering, and friends: Grandma making food, to not be cruel, I duck dinner, but jump to make my amends
When did life become this way? It seems as if my life has paused With no reason for a causeI see no incentive to go onMy goals as still as a pond I see no light in the dayNo flourish of creativityGiving me my right of wayNo serendipity Oh how I wi
What is my future? I thought I knew. I thought it over, through and through.I sold Girl Scout cookies and camped in tents, I played T-ball and jumped the fence.
I don't remember the day I just remember how it felt Like everything I'd ever known was just beginning to melt   I flash back to age 7 and I'm walking up the stairs
I don't remember the day I just remember how it felt Like everything I'd ever known was just beginning to melt   I flash back to age 7 and I'm walking up the stairs
You won't realize it 'till your already there College awaits, but you're unprepared! Like a bad nightmare You start to despair, the only thing I lean on now Is faith, hope and prayer.   Lord, I feel weak 'Given my all' so
Take a moment and think 28800 times a day we blink 28800 memories a day we miss Irrecoverable, lost in life’s abyss   The maddening rants of our elders Whose words stored away in cellars
As I ran towards the water and my feet were met with salty splashes of the ocean, 
I wish I would have made friends with the monster under my bed,instead of building a prejudice with the atrocities people had said.All the years I spent, running to my bed,
I wish the grass was greener on this side. I wish it wasn't too hard for my mom to provide. I wish there were no cops that could care less in front of my eyes,
Growing up in this world is Like metamorphosis.  Our small bodies evolve into five feet tall humans
The crinkle of an old book opening Shining light splits the night. While everyone else is sleeping the world around me shines so bright. Finally, the book is finished, it is time for sleep.
Like a small seed beginning to sprout from the soil A story of many chapters begins The plot of a life's story cannot spoil As the small, naive child widely grins  
I’m walking down the aisle as My parents sit and wait, Watching me from front row seats. It’s time I graduate.   I have on me a cap and gown, There’s music in the air.
Voice what does it mean It can be communicated through a song, or a scene When feelings come out through our art our voice gets the chance to be heard and it’s not reduced to just a few words
Broken and shattered Left on the edge My world has turned 'round Left me feeling dead For my life changed before my eyes Is it a surprise? From playdates to homelessness From fireworks in the sky
As a little girl the world seemed so clicheI would spend time with my uncle and playAs I got older though, the situations changedAnd the melody of my family’s happiness, became estranged On a simple Thursday where the rain droplets tapped to the t
Growing up was a slow type of thing  There was no sudden ding  It was slow like the gradual rise of bread Steadily I began to shed  I went ahead and broke out of my mold 
I knew my childhood was fleeting the moment I came home from school one day. My mom was holding back tears and just staring at me, no words to say.  When she gained her composure, I learned my cousin had died. 
When I was nine everything seemed fine. I had many friends of all colors because back then everything was bliss. I didn't know the darkness of my skin could cause so much ignorance.
I was once young, I was once foolish For I didn’t know where life could lead me I was naive and I was weak, and I didn’t believe I could succeed  but life she kept pushing life she showed me
I’ve always felt like a child Now the age of a young adult From home my grandparents’ styled
I hate running. I hate the way my legs ache after I push myself really hard. I hate the way my lungs and heart speed up when I pass someone. I hate the way my stomach feels when my friends cheer for me.
Seeing the world as a child is a game paved with joys masking what lies behind. As a child, I could never understand what stood in front of me, to the struggle I was blind.  
Turning eighteen and running away is how I "glowed up" and that's sad to say. Trying to act grown, I moved four hours away. To be hurt by a man and that was not okay.
Growing up I was innocent Just a young lad Unaware of the world around me Didn’t know what it meant to be sad   Had a loving family And a bunch of friends too Never thought I’d live unhappily
As far as I remember, I’ve always been shy.  I never could directly look people in the eye.  “What am I so afraid of?” I sit and wonder.  Maybe it’s because my self esteem is so far under. 
Cold morning sombers, Sippin on my coffee cup Reminisce about days of old Hot summer, hold up Life never shimmers like it did back then, with that halo of gold  
Fighting in my household was a normality  However, the love my parents had for each other was a formality  To protect me, they stayed together as long as they could 
Education is not so pink and white, It takes a alot and is a solo fight, You reach highs and lows, but are blind by strife, Until we reach the end and forget to breathe, We do not think we are a whole bean, 
The greatest struggles of our time begin with the mind, I remember when I couldn’t see a future, When my third eye was blind,
My parents split up Couldn’t handle each other   My coach came hungover Didn’t care, didn’t bother   My idol’s a bigot
Lost. Scared. I didn't dare. Helped. Hopeful. Light as air. Now. Forward. To somewhere.
I used to despise you, because you made me miss everything. You kept me from my friends, from arts and crafts, from parading around in ruffled pink skirt,
Sweet Ghost—   Remember the mornings? When we watched rainbow rangers, And conquered with them every danger. When pill bugs would ignite rapture,
   My memory is marked by a beating of the heart One beat stay alive, yet one beat to shut it down When I think back, every memory is in blue
Growing up always seems lightyears away No kid ever realizes that in reality, it is right around the corner and here to stay Acquiring independence tastes bittersweet As the changes a child faces are quite a feat
Thy boy I once was grew his limbs, his hair, and never thought anything to be unfair. Now, According to Time, we are here, like the boy was there.  
I remember like yesterday, when I was small and helpless; today I hear people saying I'm so tall and selfless. Watching as my dearest friends are walking across a stage all dressed up;
I never once considered the pain, Of losing someone, but yet again, I was so young, so naive, it's true; So I never thought once of losing you. I was then shown, at first hand,
My change is recent I realized I have to treat myself decent I got rid of some toxic people from my life And from new ones, took subconscious advice It is okay to put myself before everyone else
  she wants to love in this world     but has to put herself first  want to love in this world   but have to see her self worth 
Every winter I pull down my sleeves Portraying the mask of my scars' identities  What once the pain summer brought, My heart was filled with nought No longer afraid to show,  The struggle I once woe
Childhood was a time where imagination soared, A time when we were never bored. We lived our lives with joy in our hearts, And each new day had its own golden start.
                            The Birth of Adulthood                 6/23/19 Looking back into my murky history My personality was an illusion of mystery
A glow up formally know to society as, Straight teeth.  Thigh gap.  Lack of back fat.  New hair.  New style.  No brains.  Got game.  Ran three miles.  Look at these smiles. 
Closing the cab door was the start  Walking across the stage made the mark  But where did the change come from?  My heart used to pound with anger  but now all I feel is the desire 
Freed from shackles, freed from chains I won’t allow their freedom to be in vain  I proclaim my emancipation And with no need for written expression 
Who am I? My childhood has passed by College in two years what, how did I get here? Did I disappear? I still feel like I’m twelve years old
Father’s day, I don’t know it so well More familiar are glass barriers and iron-barred cells More familiar are fractured promises, the truth, you never told 
I’m an angry black woman And? How about you stop trying to Get in my pants? I work those long hours, Undervalued,
we stop and we go like a yellow light, moving slow only touches to keep us high  you’re a night owl flying away when night chooses to die
I'm not you, For you chose the path of being everybodies stooge, Everybody knew what you did but me, And yet you still had the audacity to deny it when I can see, I can see you for your true colors,
I sit working on homework My friends all laugh and play Their ability to gossip is astounding I hope they don't lose their way
How about a princess mama? That will be way too much drama How about a rock star? I hope you won’t be wearing a scar.. How about a lawyer?
In my youth, I only care for popularity, forgetting how to show sincerity. Friendships, real or fake that's all I wanted to make. My mom became my foe, always insisting me to grow.
Didn’t you know boy’s like skinny girls.  those with their jutted out boney hips. That only anorexia can fix.  Don’t you understand?  Those hips, these thighs.  This hurt, the lies. People say it’s all about your personality.  But I don’t believe
I feel so much better Better than before, The hate I endured Surely had no cure, The way I looked The way I spoke, No one knows The pain I took, Amongst other things A financial burden,
Young teen in the streets, looking for love on empty.  Mother's love wasn't enough so she had to leave.  Then she met you, bright eyed beauty. Never knew she was special Late night convos, a late night session
“People will talk”, my mother said, “About your overripe dancing in that dress” “You are not the same baby I raised and fed.” She is right. I am a seventeen now, still dancing like no one is watching.
I was invited to a movie night out with my friends It was Friday, it would do none of us harm. This was our time to have fun and forget
When I was a boy sometime ago I faced a problem and wanted to let go. I felt scared but wasn't sure where and I was not strong. I had little courage
I received great fortune the month of May As my high school career came to a close I had just celebrated my birthday My life was full of gumdrops and rainbows   And as the days grew short and the nights long
Be contended o' the mothers of the matyr          Dont let their absence make you forlorn The whole nation stands in assurance          They are gone but not bygone Mop your tears off your face
Acceptance is key to opening an eye With closed eyes you won’t see the light Others will judge you, Those who see the dark, But let them bark
      Sunshine and rainbows was all we saw I loved animals and she loved to draw She was going to be an artist and I’m going to be a vet We became best friends the first time we met
The girl Was all alone She cried inside  And hid behind Her tears that Blinded her
Thick lips, thick thighs, wide hips, big eyes. I knew I was growing up when my body began to change.   At first it was subtle,
Experience with someone who is a liar Will always make my heart burn like fire I can't imagine why someone would do such a thing Not understanding what kind of circumstances lying may bring
Thick lips, thick thighs, wide hips, big eyes. I knew I was growing up when my body began to change.   At first it was subtle,
We are trapped in a small town No resources or means A family struggling to get by Holding  on at the seams You want us to stay here We are trying to leave  You think we will miss it
Staring at the night sky, the stars would twinkle. The moon shone its light and my eyes would crinkle. My dreams ran wild,
Mayonnaise, lemon, fish, and avocado Scrambled eggs, sushi, kiwi, cream cheese Foods I’d eat? No!! Cookies, oranges, pizza as I please But not the nasty food,
Confidence is like an train,  It can get you anywhere. A fence is like an airplane, It won't fly without jet fuel.   A commitment is like a door, You don't know what's on the otherside.
When I was younger I had an idea about being like the big kids. Now I’ve found myself into a little bid. Growing up has many responsibilities.  You must not show any traits of puerility.
Pomp and Circumstance Rang in my ears as I slowly took one last Glance At the world around me, that would change forever.   Diploma in my hand!
Playing with my bathroom toys To learning to be poised Building a livingroom fort  To flying alone at the airport Searching for shells on the beach To giving my classroom speech 
I used to be an absent-minded fool A porky cheeked boy with the smile of a mule  This was way back in the olden days When I'd be fooled in innocent ways When I'd run through the sprinkler hose
As the sands of time fall And collect in a mound I stop and reflect On the wisdom I've found For every day is a lesson A subject to learn And by the end of the day Priceless knowledge is earned
An ever impeding question Ringing through my heart And into my mind Waiting for my ignorance to depart And the truth to emerge   Am ever impeding question That the answer will bring--
I Hear I Hear the sound of music, brisking through my ears As the melody goes around the air It’s your heart beating to the beat of the song
I Hear I Hear the sound of music, brisking through my ears As the melody goes around the air It’s your heart beating to the beat of the song
You steal the air out of the room I can't help but stare and gawk Suddenly, new feelings bloom Feelings that call for sweet talk   Your big blue eyes are puddles I trip in Causing my love to bloom
Laughing on the playgound with no regret. A life of innocence becomes one bound  to debt. A life of consequence.   Playground games to college classes. My life displayed
There are many feet on this long road, No one's quite sure, at first, where it goes.  Some of us carry a heavy load Others, on accident of course, step on toes.    At first, the end destination is in sight
In a narrow crevice  where echoes the hunting hawk's screech, a cougar asks a bear to explain
All I want to do is be quite,A place in nowhere where I want to hide.Let it be rainy, the weather is calmLet this place be the one where others can come.
I started off so timid and shy. Conformity, humility.
I try to hold on to my doll. She is so fragile still. I brushed her hair, can't let her fall.   I'm deep in dreams, then hear the call Of Mom, "The food will chill!" I try to bring along my doll.
Her love is a warm and unconditional gift, I cherish her heart, knowing it’ll never shift.  She kisses me goodnight and tells me goodbye, Her voice is my favorite lullaby.  My heart ached when I had to leave, But I yearn for the phone calls that I
Am I living a life worth sharing? You ponder this question a lot the cyclical nature of your thoughts feeling stranded you just need it to stop.   You know that feeling, right?
Cape fluttering behind me Now caught in the leaves No one to give me the third degree Nevertheless she still believes  
Over the course of some years, I’ve learned a lot of life lessons that most definitely deserve some cheer!   I used to be a big pain in the rear,
It's thanksgiving dinner the entire family gathers at my house There's all kinds of food: Turkey, stuffing, cornbread, and even Brussels sprouts
You just got your first car, but to drive is something new. Your hands are on the wheel, but they're not at 10 and 2. You haven 't had much practice and you didn't take the test,
Mothers all around us, everywhere we go. Feeding us, teaching us and watching as we grow. Beautiful young mothers, who never grow old, Who keep a smile of sunshine and a heart as pure as gold.
To be the first, What a wonderful thought. To be the first in a family, Oh how much has been fought To achieve something my family has not.  
When I was young I used to dream I would run through fields, so ever green Up so high the sun would gleam It gave me hope of possibility   
Since being grown up, I read more now. Not just for fun but,  to learn lore and how this world is run.   This all began in 2015. When Trump ran,  and I was eighteen,
She was a child that grew up poor. Thought she would never open a door. From kicking and screaming, To second and gleaming; New journies ahead, but still wants more.
muscular and black i don't fit the mold i want to turn back i wish i was more bold
Not long ago the growing pains started The pains that broke the broken-hearted The inevitable happened- I went blind   It was quite an experience at first My vision went from bad to worse
How long does one wait How long should it actually take ? A minute an hour for sakes. We sit and we wait for something to happen When in reality. It already did it just didn't wait for you.
Living in your own bubble is quite nice Everything is how is supposed to be because there is no other way There is no need for you to rise You feel comfortable and there is nothing else to say  
She left her shoes at the door Her dreams in her bed Her pride on the floor Her thoughts in her head No food in the fridge No money in the bank No magic hand or bridge Her mind is just blank
Fifthteen, growing older and coming of age, I knew that things were bound to change.  Not really knowing how to fill out an application, I sat there with a great deal of hesitation.   
Looking back when I was young Lullabies were the songs I sung   Looking back when I was naive I was careful no to be deceive    Looking back when I had no money A simple gold coin was like honey
They pose ideals of perfectionism, Which quickly became my critcism They preach of beauty of this and not yours, Yet this is what I believed as I grew
Love is tested, Lust is bested, Time will tell, Eyes will sell, What truth will behold, Ill will cant be sold, To the one who bears well ....................................
  At the age of twelve, I was in fifth grade My life wasn’t filled with a lot of shade.   Learned about the things I want and need   Just like when a plant has its seeds.  
Grateful for the shit on my shoes and the shit on my floor   for the pain the the head when you run out the door   for the ruined rugs and the ruined naps  
There I was A little girl Who did not know What life would bring   I used to wonder
Childhood has begun to fade; finding your purpose is the aim. The pieces of life spread apart like trinkets of a game. Glow until you grow or until growing causes glowing. Beginning higher education challenges everything you know.Questioning the p
There's the funny bone. And we know what our heartstrings are. Oh, and that gut feeling we have to signal danger.
I am the echo of three words sung Proclaiming that life has begun   An echo that was meant to create a wave, Asking about the path I would pave  
We not safe no more Nevermind the point that we the mother nation my people are getting killd All hard to see the pain of our mother's crying but violent has just taken over our bodys
Abruptly awoken, The sky is pure golden, My mother has spoken, and no one is scolding, “Rise and shine, It’s approaching time!” Now I just awake to the dreary chime…
Fighting the hunger Just trying to survive Rationing slivers Just biding our time Racing through my homework Then teaching my sister persistence I tried to be calm But she needed desperate assistance
Chillin’ at the lunch table with my best friend: What that over over there? “Why that’s my girlfriend!”   Who would need that?
growing up is strange when you leave to go off to college. you think you have it down, that you can do it on your own.   you think it won't really change, that you have infinite knowledge.
Stuck in the middle of optimistic and depressed I wonder if life is just one big test But what’s in between the good and the bad? I wonder if it’s the things I could have
I’m learning what it takes to be a mother I’m selfish and I need to recover With my words I don’t trip nor do I stutter So why in my mind is it a clutter?  
Ever since I was 8 I always worried about when I ate Constantly witnessing my parents struggle to put food on my plate
The psychological feel of advancement A portal to a new beginning Using darkness to create and mold my light
My dog Sweetie Pie is black and white, She sleeps curled up all cozy and nice, But wakes in a fright, When something is not right, It was just some falling dice.
Add a carrot nose and two acorn eyes Maybe a scarf too My six-year-old self thought at the time Name him Billy My snowy creation He might be small and silly
How could you Leave so unexpected Leaving me feeling lost and neglected While every father’s day I wished someone would just take it all away  
Hello Kitty smiled at me  and waved in stickers while I squealed, something simple gave me glee, and sadness when in age they peeled, Stories of heroes came along,
Once I might have thought of broccoli as trees, Or never had to worry about hidden fees. Once I might have laughed all day, With one concern of what game to play. Without a doubt,
Grow up, Stop looking at things so close up. I sat the bench all season of Field Hockey, Some said it's because I'm not too jockey. I watched my friends run and play, While I sat there feeling gray.
Hmm… something doesn’t feel quite right I closed my eyes, yet everything seemed so bright The sun is looking upon me, telling me to get up
Brush my teeth, fix my hair, off to bed. Wake up, brush my teeth, go to school, go to work. Weekends wake up get dressed go to church. The cycle repeats.
Emily Dickinson had me — Motivated to write — A poem as a summary — That helped me to grow up —   A work of art — unsettling me —
I wanna be in sublime harmony With the birds, trees, flowers and bees I mean would it be sheer blasphemy
Your presence is like medicine to my overwhelmed mind The unconditional love and faith you have in me I admire your ability to be so kind   A mother like you would never leave me behind 
Although I was born into a time of relative peace while Americans had to toil, I was never aware of the amount of time that was left, Before the ultimate incursion on American soil.
The stares, They burn. I shoot my hand up in class. Teacher staring at my ass. The beginning of a perfect liberal poem! The glares,
    They gave me the keys during the dusk of a summer day “We’ll be driving right behind you; you know the way.” I got into the car, recovering from the August heat
Bridge under my feet, Steady as I go, Bathed in colors bright, Marveling as I go. Oh...   Borealis of, Houston’s underground, Others laugh and speak, I can’t make a sound.
As a child Chocolate was delicious I prefered my salsa mild And nothing was malicious As a tween The world was my enemy I was without an iota of hope to gleen And dawn came upon my reality
Two children were born Neglected and alone. Till the age of two When you took us home.   Battles were fought And habits were changed.
Hey, make the world a better place  By looking at yourself and making a change. Make some changes at your own pace, And your internal glow-up will be in range.
In my early years, the world consisted of me, myself, and I. Later on, many considered me to be extremely shy. During my high school career I discovered various hobbies which helped me escape my fear
Little, Playful, Full of Joy; that's who I was as a little boy. Stress free, shy, but so full of glee.  Until Heaven took him away from me. I miss you, Dad. Worrying, crying, bullied for so long.
At one I slept soundly   Then at two, at three, at four   Five came the BIG MISTAKE   And my rest wasn't restful anymore       Social missteps quickly forgotten  
Boys and Girls she had. Many of them gathered round. Love she spoke, yet love we didn't feel. Love we didn't see.
In the footsteps of the trees, we grow. Propsering flowers and bees, we grow. A little sapling at birth, we grow. Looking to find our worth, we grow. Now a toddler tree, we grow.  Spark of curiosity, we grow.
Help me understand this curse Why will my last ride be in a hearse   What if I prefer immortality  Though I know it’s impossible in reality 
I didn’t know it But I was a poet  Could make a rhyme  At any time Putting graphite to a colored line My craft to polish until it shines
Find what you’re good at And practice until it’s per-fect Show them you belong Until you have earned their respect  Connect your dots and cross your stars
Your age. Changes. Your face changes. And you’re put through these different phases. You realize you changed when you’re put in these different situations. But me. How did I change? 
You remind me of art,   Your beauty truly pieces me apart,   But I remind myself beauty lies,   It is beauty like yours that breaks ties,  
i walk this dark room myself, pitch black is all i see feels like a black sea   but what you donʼt know, i know this room
all it took was seeing you once, i was in love, not with someone. instead, with an image, for the first time it did not diminish. you stay on my mind,
Maybe love is not my path, clearly we have seen the aftermath and it makes me feel like a sociopath   Should I take a break, or will I feel more heartache
Too much fun as the night begun Didnʼt think too much of it but my mind was slightly unfit I danced some reminiscing, i feel dumb
December Twenty-First Twenty Seventeen blessed I was that day to meet you, my love deep was my love, tragically unseen never thought itʼd be you I mourned of
One, Two, Three, Four ,,,, thatʼs how many came before you, youʼd think earlier i wouldʼve made a breakthrough but instead iʼve decided to push through,
You walk in, steaming water running down your sides,   Like a different world, you stand there just thinking,   It's been a rough day, one worth reflecting on,  
A girl to love, that sounds like fun but sadly they go one by one That leaves me with a whine for stability someone to bring me tranquillity
As my days go, I keep longing for you   Not only you, the feeling you’ve left   You’re leaving my sad thoughts as see through  
Too much, thatʼs what I gave you. but youʼd never see anything through my view as for every turn youʼd take, my love only grew all my promises, i always followed through
Look Down On Me, as i look up to my dreams as i begin to start planning my schemes though for you, not enough it seems.   Bring Me Down,
I remember when  Everywhere I’ve been Memories change Let me keep my age   Nothing is new  It’s still the same view
Back in the day when I was a young girl, They said my teeth should be white as a pearl. They said I needed makeup to be glam, But now I know that this is who I am.   In middle school, they said I was too fat,
On the last week of third grade, All of what we knew came to fade. Our blue sky had turned to gray. We were told that he would never see another day.
In the morning, I wake up and all these problems come about All of these problems cause me to act out Parents, parents, parents, what a pain.
I'm not a child anymore I can comb my hair and dress myself, I couldn't do that before. I'm not a child anymore, I stand tall and I speak up, I've grown inside a lot more. I'm not a child anymore,
A new place to achieve my ambition A new place to explore ny future Though I am risking with this transition My anxiety can be cut with knives  
I know I am grown when I'm alone.I know I am old when I call the doctor on the phone.I know I am getting up there when my skills start to hone.I know I am aged when money for school is on loan.I know I am ancien
I was mean to you Didn’t understand the consequences of the things I used to do I said some words I wish I could take back I really should’ve cut you some slack I tore you apart because of how you lived
Living on Linda Street and spending our days listening to beatsCatching bugs and playing in mudShort exhausting days and long rememberable nights and playing with kids whose parents took flight Bare feet on fresh dewy grass with hopes this feeling
As I was twelve years old There were issues between my parents everywhere we’d go Growing apart after every word said Until the end of the marriage when the relationship went dead
In my mind I capture A time when I was less mature. At an age Where I could barely talk on stage. With time, I learned to rhyme.
It was just a cheesy, cheesy pizza running down the street Every other pizza laughed because of all her cheese No one realized that cheesy, cheesy pizza was the one to be eaten first
A bright world which was her own, That is what she knew. Once it changed, She realized she did too.   Toys and games,
  I think about the time  My siblings and I ran outside to play Not knowing it would end someday    I think about the time  My dad and I built a fort  Not knowing that the time was short 
No more little playgrounds to play on, I'm a big girl now, At the crack of dawn, I'm up and learning who, what, when, where, why, and how.   No more silly jokes for me,
No more little playgrounds to play on, I'm a big girl now, At the crack of dawn, I'm up and learning who, what, when, where, why, and how.   No more silly jokes for me,
Fake to real I had no choice. It was stand still or project my voice. Innocent to vulnerable with decisions choose wisely or be judged. Judged on everything so choose your heart don't hold a grudge.
When, the autumn leaves lost their red, i spent more moments living inside my head, i learned to appreciate my bed, i knew i wasn't the same as i was. When, i noticed the injustice,
8,000 9,000 10,000 Feet high Alone I soared, Alone in the sky, Alone I sailed, When reaching new heights, New forces unveiled, The icy wind's bite. On the radio I hailed,
Nobody seems to care But I felt like I should share   I was at the ripe age of ten My parents were fighting again   I had to grow up fast  Even though they never asked  
I have Black Girl Magic running through my veins,  It’s a type of magic that can’t be contained,  It’s a crown that’s on my head,  It’s a crown that I wear every day, even to bed,   You see, 
You're such a vibe that's why they're riding your wave Just like the Ocean Flows, Now you got em feelin Carl Thomas They're so emotional, you can be my Summer Rain And I can be your umbrella you are the real MVP 
Choose to grow within the treacheous weather. Choose to bloom throughout the rain and grab a sweater. I cannot lie, it won't be easy. But choose to be the purple flower, not the puny seedling.
You stiff my breath Make my throat go numb I can’t say a word And you want me say a lot   Why do you have such cruel inflictions on me? Is my soul not enough for you to keep
  My hearts pounding,   Armpits sweating,   Altogether dreading,   The incoming test.     The test deciding…   one by one  
                                           stereotype both reality
There was a time when I was so quiet The silence it came from the fear of a riot Occuring so fast and caused by my blast Of words I couldn't contain For if they remained Inside me the same
Dressed head to toe in handmade, sequined suits The greatest sight anyone has ev’r seen, Like hometown sports fans the crowd loudly roots to her royal subjects, she is their 'queen'.
I no longer need my mom’s help Phone bill and food all paid off by myself Ordering at least three pairs of shoes My mom now doesn’t have a single clue  
Bees are like kamikazes and Superman probably ain’t gonna save the day today oh well let the strange hang today I’ve been feeling kinda different lately might just blow my brains away some will say oh dang that’s a crazy mang and some w
Young and free Happy as can be Drawing on walls And playing with dolls Grow a little older Things are colder Getting called names Can't play some games Because your ugly and stupid
See Mom I Am Depressed  Ik You'll Say I'm To Young And  What Could Possibly Have Me So Stressed  But The Truth Is I Cry Myself To Sleep
Every day is planned out to the minute Most of us have never had teachers that cared this much You have always taught us in spirit With a special, caring touch  
Condemned and Shunned, My mind can function no longer. Battered and bruised, Like life on the battle field It can fight no further.
We go to great measures, Just to ensure we have the right gestures. For in a world where we have to earn, Shows us how much we have to learn.
DO YOU SEE ME SUFFER? I’m not your damn toy just stop trying to act tougher I’m losing my mind over you boy Do you see me calling out for help?
What is the meaning of this? too poor to even buy a case to a disk wish i had a girlfriend to call honey but nowadays the girls only want money to be honey What is the meaning of this?
My life is full of expectations Some parts have altercations I love the loyal I hate the royal You rise to the occasion
Got them memories from old town But I ain't gonna reminisce right now I got a city to hold down  I'm Grown now I lost friends that I treated like family  But them niggas scammed me People fake
Perfection is always a goal Crushing a person's soul Trying to be worth gold Slowly crumbling under the mold Souls gathering up building a cult Trying not to get a single insult
Grow(i)n(g) Up The day I turned 18, I announced my independence from my parents. I’m a grown up, I say to them. They nod in agreement.
Grow(i)n(g) Up The day I turned 18, I announced my independence from my parents. I’m a grown up, I say to them. They nod in agreement.
  The day I turned 18, I announced my independence from my parents. I’m a grown up, I say to them. They nod in agreement.
My best friend Courtney.. She was always around- Kept everyone else happy I never guessed she was down   Her death covered our school
Am I lost?  I must have been lost,Wondering if what should be its costHave I lost my mind?Cause baby, you're always filling me inside.
Suddenly Things Change Suddenly I am not the kid I was before Suddenly it all seems strange Being an adult at 14   Who Am I if not a child Am I an old Am I young Growing up innocent and wild
I couldn’t wait to get older, for it all to be over.Always planning the future, and missing out on the present.Now that I’m here, I wish I could have a do over. If these were the best days of my life, why does it feel like a bunch of knifes? I nev
At the age of thirteen my whole life changed. I walked into the kitchen and on the table there was something strange. What I saw was a grenade lying there ready to grab. So, I walked over and held it in my hand. 
I wanted to die I wanted to cry I liked a guy That made me lie It made me feel blue   The choices I made With jade She gave me a blade
Get disappointed, It feels like happiness now How's that supposed to turn my frown  Upside down My expectations are never met Maybe I shouldn't make them for people Or persons 
I treasured you; you're all that I knew at one point in time. I gave you all of me and then some, down to my last dime.
Starting University My future filled with uncertainty High hopes for my engineering courses
Twilight Skiespassing by.Wish I could stop to say "hi,"but I travel with time.
Not smiling at smiling me from the DMV. Not watching an R without all of the PG. Not even checking the squares of democracy.  
I'm sorry I have disappointed you, mom You think it was so sudden like a bomb It wasn't for me And that I can guarantee I have taken time to know for sure That I don't need a cure Love is not a choice
Oh what I have become  growing from a child to becoming an adult  I remember all the things I have done  seeing all the accomplishments I have won  Oh what I have become 
It’s 2003 and I had just been born Of course my young parents were torn, Dear mother wanted to keep me, And father… didn’t He Couldn’t Wouldn’t
Once upon a time a young kid was handed everything he thought to himself I am the king His mother came home one day tired  the son gave her directions to what he aspired  The mother didn't think too kind of it 
Head down in a book, Hiding my braces, Fearing they may look, Always so abrasive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Head high like a rook, Not afraid of their gazes, Have them by the hook,
Faded memories of moving trucks and tire swings, a driveway filled with old Chevy's and other broken things. Simple pleasures like going to Chuck E. Cheese, It only took words to put me at ease. 
This I Pray   My life resumes yet again, In a new cold world, Where trust is pain, And love is blurred. The ones you love,
Respect My Name I don't play no games Got chicks looking at me like I'm Mary Jane But I am here and it's crystal clear I am all ears, but you sure you want to take me there?
I am Abigail Charlize Diaz I am 17 years old  I am very bold Or so I've been told I am in JROTC I am in theatre arts I am in wrestling I am aggressive , yet disciplined
She said she can do it but in reality she's loosing it. though life is though, she never did give up.
Its funny, i've been playing life like a game of rummy. Year by year i watch my days pass, as if im wathcing my life from behind a glass. Derealization is what ive got, I'm in control.. but i'm not.
i laugh and act like nothing's wrong i've never felt that I belonged when did my feelings cut so deep? the only way I know, is when he make my knees go weak   when did my innocence disappear?
“Grow up,” we’re told Whenever we act out But one day we’ll be old And there’s no alternate route   So make sure to be happy Even if that means acting like a kid and making the adults snappy
Black is beautiful Black is strong  Black is something that you just can't do wrong Black is pyramids and mathematics  Melanin and Black Girl Magic
    The big girl the root the big girl everyone saw as cute the big girl with the tude that no dude thought was cool    The power within took over the power of improvement
    The big girl the root the big girl everyone saw as cute the big girl with the tude that no dude thought was cool    The power within took over the power of improvement
Hearing you've gotten taller, was such a simple thing And being an adult had a nice ring However, as you grow you'll begin to see All the different changes around thee Your Mom and Dad begin to gray
I loved him I cried for him I comforted him when he told me he felt bad   because he cheated on me   I adored him I cuddled him I cried when he told me it was my fault
I started in a nest, My messy hair stayed a mess. My Mom always knew I could not follow rules. I tried to touch the sky Long before I could fly. I cherished giggles and fun
Go to the grass   See whats it has in store for you i see ya essence have died ii hope there’s no  cure for you
The water consumes everything around Sinking, sinking, I continue to drown Screaming, fighting, and yet there is no sound
Skipping down the sidewalks You turn, then turn again First a right Then a left Who knows where you’ll go next  
This rage of my screaming pain I writhe in my own agony of the stains The stains it has caused in my mind and oh so many fabrics The blood stains of bitterly depression
It's awful, this thought that brought it up keeps on coming. The laws, the media, the repeating cycle of what's new. It's causing poverty, and honestly, we are consciously lost.
she who has the pussy makes the cashshe who makes the cash holds the gun. she who holds the gun pulls the trigger. she who pulled the trigger had to run. and she keeps on runnin...
Step one Look up to your brother he's in your corner And has a back when you've got none, don't let him down
Wait, let's go back to freshman year when College wasn't on my brain at all I just wanted to live life and party till I fall. COLLEGE!!, what is college? That name you speak is not for me.
Wait, let's go back to freshman year when College wasn't on my brain at all I just wanted to live life and party till I fall. COLLEGE!!, what is college? That name you speak is not for me.
I am stuck in the age that you love to mock, but it wasn't my fault I couldn't stop the clock. Two thick braids have unraveled into soft curls, grinning crooked teeth turned to bright whitened pearls.  
Do you ever wish you could go back to sleep? A place where you've already achieved All your hopes and dreams? Do you ever wish you could be asleep Instead of being awake, And wanting to scream?
Students Aren't human Schools only pretend To give a shit And be prudent Because in their eyes You're only a statistic
As I wake every morning I thank God I'm alive. Because the decisions I've made shouldn't have let me survive.  As I think of the reckless strides that I've made, I know I am right in giving God praise. 
Ding Dong as the bell floats away, Acqua Di Gio surrounds you, The taste of your lips on mine, My blood boils as it touches your face, Finally my worries are lost.
I glow and I grow everyday a new way when I was young I had no filter a slip of the tongue too common
before the sun bore down on the days of sunflower yellow and make believe dreams of a pink frilly gown i’d bellow, “hello, scarecrows, hello!”  
I see her A girl, a small ignorant girl Looking back at my eyes She’s angry, she’s sad She’s crying, she’s mad Because inside her, her spirit dies
There once was a British Indian girl, Who lived in British world. Eating her fish and chips, But still loving her Indian dips One day she was told, That she would have to leave her usual mold.
He walks just as honorable as he stands He talks with intelligence and compassion He has the determination to withstand, The actions that take a toll on his passions. 
A gold mirror always hung on my wall, I've never seem to think of it at all.  It was there when I lost my first tooth,  to the years of my bloom of youth.  As the years past  And went by fast, 
Looking at couples walk down the street, I begin to ask Why are they happier than me? The way he looks at the other guy I am truly unhappy, but it's unclear why Nevertheless my wife approches my side
Roses are red, Violets are Blue- Bubbles are all the colors of the rainbow Just like me and you I lean in for a kiss Then you push me away But that's more than okay Becuase you'll love me one day
From George washington's cherry tree, to the JFK incident that we heard on the the seven o'clock news. Promised by Donald Trump to build a border wall all the way out to the sea,
I want to wake up But I don't measure up  I am not enough I don't deserve His love I should just give up These thoughts encompass my head they're just too much But stand up  I am enough 
Did you know you ruined my life ? I heard you laugh while you did it, Did you know you ruined my life ? With your words so insipid,
6am bright and early, time to start my day Up so early, teeth all pearly, wiping the crust away Not off to school, though that would be cool, but today is Saturday GO BACK TO BED, I wish I could, but I have work today.
For years I lived in the pages Of other places, of other ages. I lived alongside heroes so brave I helped countless lives be saved. I lived in the pages of books young and old And in stories not yet told.
16, Afraid of what might happen.Like the crew of a ship whose captainHas never sailed beforeTo unfamiliar shore.  
I come to the same house everyday and act like a different person And yes I said house Because a home is where love and dreams prosper and a house is made of brick, wood and dust  
I wish my pain could write a song, powerful enough to save all the broken hearts that were done wrong.   If only I could find a place, quiet enough for my mind to not give way,to chase. 
A girl always wants what she dreams. The prettiest face in the hall, The nicest clothes of all,  And always more than what she seems.   The mirror is her biggest foe. One day she is beautiful,
Everything comes to an end. Whether it be falling into the water, or hearing your heart shatter, your car of life will drive around the bend. Your heart will not beat, and you'll breathe your last breath.
When You dig a hole, where does the dirt go? And do You dig it fast or do You dig it slow? In the end, a hole is a hole But once You are in, it is time to console.   To get out of the hole, here is a clue:
She is not really brave curdles life never mind the grave like a teen fancy life she crave confined in a cocoon she feels when 'they' deny her thrills Deeply travel she seeks an outing off the shores
The underneath of my heart solely encampeth the own you, buzzing with joy,as if never leapt leaping with love,as if never to yield Love that won't just stop about seeking the clarity of,
Freshman year, with glasses sheek. She walked with tears, and an orchestra geek. She had a crush, that broke her heart. He made her blush, but not enough. Left quickly as a dart.  
Have you ever felt that you had the best of friends? That you and your friends could get past al the twists and bends? That no matter what you went through, you would still be entwined?
Bloom. Life begins to zoom. Growing up too soon. Been six years in school. Not my first crush but closest to first love. Went through things no kid ever should've. Years of off and on revealed to be
Today is the day,  I feel up and tall,  Today is the day,   I'm breaking down this wall .   I'm ready,  I hunger,  The enterprise is here,  But then I feel this urging fear.  
Innocence, purity of the heart and soul. Distant from the grasp of reality. Untouched, unharmed, unphased by philosophical question. Who are we?
isn’t it crazy— how quickly your memories become a little hazy?  how fast the tide changes?  even though you never noticed it before  isn’t it crazy  how quick the seasons go from hot to cold  and you could’ve sworn  the shirt you wore that day wa
The happiest point in my life, Is somewhere I'm supposed to be, Your youth shouldn't be filled with strife, Instead it should be carefree; But that has nothing to do with me, But I'm blessed with a family,
See, I don't need someone To tell me, How I should be or how I should react. Like when they blew up the Twin Towers or when we invaded Iraq.
I’m sitting here in the cold, damp rain I can feel the tightness in my chest My mental pain turned into physical pain They say I just need to rest  
Too much on the mind but not enough to say There's something magical about writing And coughing on the foam of a latte Too much to say but not enough to see Listening to the people singing
When the doors opened, my back was turned But the voice that came in caused my skin to go numb. I peered towards the sound that rose up from a girl With a rainbow-stripe skirt and a tone unconcerned.  
Come live with me and be my love, I want to wear it like a glove; I will give you all that I am, My heart, my soul, with no exam.  
stand up stand strong speak loud nver let others push you down never be pushed into silence got to speak up about the violence the struggles the fear and the hunger dont forget about your sisters and your brothers
always been scared about how people see me. my fear is that i wont fit in, so will my friends leave me?been told to care about how others view you since day one. i just wanna be me, i just wanna have fun.
always been scared about how people see me  my fear is that i wont fit in, so will my friends leave me?  been told to care about how others view you since day one. i just wanna be me, i just wanna have fun. 
Fear of the present, fear of the past  My brain cannot escape its evil grasp With all my heart, I try to escape The vicious claws of fear's embrace In the end, when the feelings fade
I stared below at the thousands of trees That were so small they looked like broccoli I stumbled ahead while my knees shook heavily As if laughing at my attempted bravery  
fighting writhing agony with screaming voices in my head and on and on throughout my day for evermore they say that I can’t measure up, and till i drop i’ll
MY  Mind beats with  devotion to sweep  Loves lust bittersweet Taste The lies from  Tips of tongues touched  Kissed shared Lips.   Thinking with my  heart  every beat 
MY  Mind beats with  devotion to sweep  Loves lust bittersweet Taste The lies from  Tips of tongues touched  Kissed shared Lips.   Thinking with my  heart  every beat 
MY  Mind beats with  devotion to sweep  Loves lust bittersweet Taste The lies from  Tips of tongues touched  Kissed shared Lips.   Thinking with my  heart  every beat 
My name is Judy Kariuki and it’s pronounced as Karaoke,  I love creative platforms so i’ll tell you my story.  I’ve always been quiet very reserved and so shy,  I’d let people step all over me, 
My new blanket is soft and warm, though it is a bit worn   Maybe it’s because the animal that wore it as skin, is now rotting away in a bin.
blue light ripples across the sand, everything looks the same never changing, never shifting. in a monochrome box, he holds my hand.  
The windy cities dance  The breeze sweeps through the souls of the innocent turning hearts of the righteous  Rock solid  from State to cottage  from Stony to Austin  A dance some call it 
Old, new If it’s all the same to you I’ll stay back a while To sort through the abandoned pile Of our past. If we are ever to last We must learn from our fumbles And we must stay humble.
Bubbling, rippling, boiling fears Red hot steaming ears. Anger from the little voice The one you have no choice To ignore. He can shake you to your core.   Soon you fear he is right
What did I do to have met you? Oh that's right,  an outright HI!  
I am the small voice that fades into the background, I am the cowardly dog who puts down their head, I am the thought that never gets to be expound,
All these crowds are overwhelming I can’t seem to calm down All these people have me stressing They surround me, there are strangers all around   I can’t seem to voice my thoughts
My biggest fear, A most realistic dread-- Was once the day You would move away And leave me behind.   A beloved sista,
“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
My time has come, my head just hums I knew it was time but only I knew it was mine   The stage was free, it was just me Fear controls me as I always lose,
Soggy boots stomp on crumbled lands No tears are wept for their bloody hands Legs of lead and Hearts of steel
Safety, comfortability, contentment Things we all long to feel. But we find ourselves in resentment Aching hearts we conceal.   Fear, Risk, Uncomfortability Things people fight to avoid.
Prom is a time for everyone to have fun Not for people to cut and run It’s a time for people to get down and dance Not feel embarrassed and wet their pants   I remember for my prom I went stag.
When I’m afraid I tell myself This little rhyme ‘bout being strong. I tell myself to get out there And hold my head up high and long.  
if you're reading this, clearly it's too late  you made me wait, hate, and waste  time and energy, invested thoughts and feelings  but since you're reading this, you might need to understand 
When life is no longer mine save the series of smiles and know it’s been hard, these past few miles A race.. No, a chase? From what I fear most  To know that my body might inhabit such a host
If I could spell fear then I wouldn't, Given the chance, I'd scream it in its face, You would begin to stutter but you shouldn't, Fear was designed to put you in your place,
My heart races Eyes blood red Loneliness fills the spaces Were happiness fled.   You never touched me but I hugged you
It put me in my feels You broke open my seals   I wanted to speak my mind But knew I had to somehow be kind
My Name is Samantha Hurd and this is a poem about my Dad and his Drinking problem. My Dad drinks, I don't and I plan to keep it that way.  Everyday at my house it's a battle.
Roses are red Violets are blue, I was afraid to talk about sex with you.   I didn't know what to say, I didn't know how Please me why this is such hell.   Talking with trust
Scared of rejection Scared of judgement I'll stare at my reflection Every moment  
Standing, Front of the room, All eyes on you, As your sweat pours through your shirt, Shivering under the searing lights,
Run as fast as your feet can tread When you get here I may be dead Use the force that God gave at birth Please use your endless mirth  
As a child I never found poetry worthwhile  the teacher would spin a web  that I could never understand in my head    It was never easy to write things that weren't cheesy 
Taking the plunge without knowing What was waiting  When this love was done growing. It was my first time dating, And I had no idea how good it would be.
I think my biggest fear was to never measure up After everything accomplished, I still wasn’t enough
                                     Burning, breaking, hurting, taking, Could we use a little more decision-making
She’s always been there lurking In the darkest corners of my mind I never thought of searching For the voice that mimicked mine
I fear that the choices I’ve made are wrong Thus I should relax and just sing a song. I fear the rawness of the real world But I mustn’t be so torn.
Black and White  
miles are just a barrier and they only make the risk scarier but love is what drives us on and your love to someone else it is sworn your heart now locked away hoping your new love will forever stay
I’m not quiet to avoid being a target Think listen Ring What do I have to say to your conscious  No just listen Ring Is it so strange not to gossip I think I can go years without being
  Never once has a girl from dark skinned roots  Feel ashamed within all pain when surrounded by a self same Intricately designed and colored by one hand  
oh Anna, how do you look so beautiful, i've been longing to look like you, the way you look so graceful, i wish i could be too, oh Anna, please help me i want to count bones too  
I've been waitin' I've been prayin' I've been playin' the same old song for So long   All this livin' I've been missin' I've been listenin' to the same old song for So long  
Comin' up in this confusing world You're not sure if you're a boy or a girl You told me not to tell your parents But could your haircut make it any more apparent?   Somebody help me get through this
I remember it like it was seconds ago. Anxiously, Waiting in the hall for my group to be called To awe a table of discriminators And teach these other girls a thang or two as if I was an educator
My Pizazz   I was not like others. I only understood numbers. I thought I was fine, But that was poorly defined.  
I often dream that problems can go away and hide, But often times, what becomes clear, is that they just stay inside, I procrastinate the schoolwork that would take away from my day,
  4 A:M  Wide awake.Again Confused and lonely, but not alone Wondering about life
"I was just trying to be affectionate; get used to it." "Just let me do what I want and stop throwing a fit." "Why are you crying? You are only making things worse."
I hated running the 400 race, everyone was starring and giving a weird face. i knew I had to finish for my team, didn’t matter how I was feeling.   my mother was in the stands cheering and screaming,
To overcome is hard For me, the first step was just the start We were standing about twenty feet apart I started walking up to them and they put up their guard
I can't help desires. They will come from deep inside, With no way to hide. I don't wish to disgrace them, But only to keep them calm. Rudy Valle
From the time you are born to the moment you die, You’re stuck inside of your body, And the mere thought of that used to make me cry. Why do I look like this? Oh God, I hate myself,
Until now you are still burdened Sins with and without you reign Sin has caused terror in your age You are hopeless and discouraged
Progress report has arrived I may not make it out alive Mailman came too late My dad's anger bout to escalate Sitting here in fear Man I need a beer Still underaged
I'm a liar. Wish I wasn't, but I am. The desire to make her like me. My apologies, it's a scam. I don't want to sit alone at lunch so please form me into what you fancy. I'm the new kid, a clean slate, I'm a people pleaser and that's ok.
I wake up and get dressed Days pass and I am always stressed I live in a world with nothing but myself It's only me and my bookshelf   I have always wanted a friend just for me
After dusk,  The birds will tweet, The frogs will leap,  The foxes will sleep.  The day is already complete.   The children will cry,  For they are not get ready to go home, 
Aya tha kuch banne mei . Kuch toh karke jaunga . Khuli aankho se jo sapna dekha Poora mei kar dikhaunga .
Fear. Embarrassment for most, failure for me. Insecurity I’ve been diagnosed; never felt like I’d make it... success I’m an absentee.   No matter how hard I work. I just smile and smirk,
My feet pitter pattered as I walked towards the stage. My hands are starting to become clammy. I wonder, should I walk back or engage?
Walls aren’t made of bricks Words aren’t made of shit I haven’t been sick this is never-ending bliss.   tell Them thank you, please all those heads, shoulders, and knees
Oh my lady am really honest Of all I have met you are the finest Your glow engulfs,every single moment
The horizon faded. The ailerons, jaded.    The winds blew fast and through.    The comms whirred. Myself, concerned.   I clutched the yoke and heard a croak.  
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All these years I had been hoping to find the courage to achieve all of my wildest dreams. I did not realize that courage comes from within. If you could see Brown the way I see Green,
Ice through your veins Your confidence wanes A door shut tight You can't make it right You're a failure  
It is our greatest weakness, but yet such a microscopic word  It is the murderer of our capability and the voices that are left unheard Why do we let the letter F control the face we put on each day we wake
It is our greatest weakness, but yet such a microscopic word  It is the murderer of our capability and the voices that are left unheard Why do we let the letter F control the face we put on each day we wake
It is our greatest weakness, but yet such a microscopic word  It is the murderer of our capability and the voices that are left unheard Why do we let the letter F control the face we put on each day we wake
Whose razor is that? I think I know. It's owner is quite sad though. It really is a tale of woe, I watch her frown. I cry hello.   She gives her razor a shake,  And sobs until the tears make.
scoliosis of the bain nothing feels the same my issues look like humor love pleasing my consumers close my eyes pray its over can i just fast forward  
"Mirror, mirror on the wall-- who is the fairest one of all?" There stands a frail girl, unhappy about her pearl.   Yes, a pearl, from an oyster. So unique in this world,
By myself, I am so calm, But, in a group Hot sweat lingers on my palms. My heart begins to pound, I begin breathing shorter and faster I feel the anxiety all around.
Walking into the gym, The butterflies in my stomach turn. I watch a boy warm up and wish I could be as good as him. My stomach continues to churn.  
Frozen memories Lost in time Tattered corners Forever mine And in my pocket you may lay Until I need you again someday
Not much you can do about Fear, but Take the Wheel and start to steer. If you let it, Fear will steer you. Hold your Course ever so near you,  
People can be fearful of things unknown People are prone to discover on their own that what they fear is not fought alone   Their are those who fear spiders Their are others who fear beggars 
You can’t tell me, that I’ve never known loss. That I’ve never know sorrow, despite its long cost. You can’t tell me, that I’ve never been wise.
I fear a life full of resentment and regret A world that our ancestors would shame MLK taught us to never forget Our African descent, Our African name   How do I work to overcome this fear
Fear, Such a silly word. Courage, Something I never had. Living and breathing, Never doing as I pleased. Terrified to speak, Always weak in the knees. Never knew how to say,
I Have you any comprehension? No, I don’t need your attention Worth is not something I lack You
Will I ever be who I was taught to be? Will I ever grow into the mold that was created for me?   Though life is meant to be lived with free will
The itsy bitsy spider crawled up inside my brainDown came its fangs and induced all my painOut came my hand and smacked it on my veinAnd I realized that I still felt my pain the same 
Ealier in the morning we arise Just like beautiful roses To the warm radiant sunlight  Smooth just like your name Rose   The butterflies fly away happily As the melodious aves sing out loudly
I can't see in the dark.My footsteps only bring me in deep.How am I supposed to take a leap?When I'm gone, what should be my mark? My feet stumble as I go.What lies before me?A creature in the dark sea,Waiting to devour in the faint glow? The fear
Sprinting in the dark towards an ominous finish line. Don’t know whose voice to listen to, not even sure which is mine.  
I tend to say I hurdle through life   Just like on the track I never look back   I’m fast cutting through people like a knife  
I whispered with the devil and he told me what to do. He said some people might not like it, even me, and it's true. Whether it's a noose around my neck, or a bullet in my head, he said he doesn't care at all; he just needs me dead.
Here a mark on my arm that i’ve made When i felt i could do nothing else but cut with a blade As the jagged edges ripped through my skin I could feel everything dying within
Here a mark on my arm that i’ve made When i felt i could do nothing else but cut with a blade As the jagged edges ripped through my skin I could feel everything dying within
I thought I never could fight back It slowly turned my world to black Depression was a cage of bars Now all that’s left is the scars  
My mom never hesitated to talk about fear Told me it was only natural, my dear Yeah, it’s a part of us but don’t let it consume you Gotta find the willpower to pull yourself through
Way up there? I can't go there My heart will race I will feel dazed   I feel safe on the ground in place Way up high I could die   But, if I hold on tight
In this place I walk alone. Holding my instrument, the trombone. I did not know the people here, but I walked in there freshmen year. My fear was gone in not a month for with my new friends I did triumph.
In times like these I hope and pray that you find your peace On nights like this  I wish one day you will finally leave In times like these I know he will be the reason for your demise
Going first. So easy it might seem. It starts feeling like a dream. It's rattling me from within.  How bad can it be? Like the calm mellow sea. Everyone is looking at me. I feel anxiety.
Through my life, I’ve had to fight going up and down  pushed around, put down, going up and down  Cheated and lied, punished and  cried, going up and down  At the bottom, could no longer fight, going up and down 
The beauty as they tumble and fly across the air. The grace they have when stunting and the jumps they do with care!
The bell rings, My eyes sting. "Pencils out!" the teacher screams. My hands shake, I want to run from this terrible fate. But it is to late,
I waste the hours down a video spiral TIk tok tik tok tik Clocks tik by as I follow what’s viral Dying grades are making me sick
Fear is near, fear is here. What do I do? Never  go back there? No, wait! I fell from the horse, I cannot loss, I will be the boss! Straight back on the horse. Determination and stready coarse. 
I take my heart and stick it on my sleeve With my mind opened to start, I open my eyes and see That whenever they are jealous, and call me names, my heart is what matters I wont play these games.
Morning noon evening night Rise bathe feast and then I lie  Repraise with no end in sight I know the truth so i cry  Stagnation I don't want to lie here with you and die
The presence of LONELY through the expansion of NIGHT And the mood... SOLEMNLY out of MIND, out of SIGHT   Once a world... FULL OF COLOR
“He’s all around” you’d say, To which i’d turndown. I can’t see you, You don’t speak to me, So how do I know you are true?
Whenever I look in the dark I see him standing there I look around and see a spark Then can’t see anywhere Then I thought I heard a lark But it was only air Even though it’s not a shark
No one fights my demons cuz angels don't exist A scream without an echo  is an arm without a fist Must we lose the ones we love  to see inside our hearts? Aren't we all just souls with tear-away faces
Forward is all we ever know The change from inside Outward shame to hide Toward the present answer, "No." Who are they to tell me The personality That resides deep within me now?
Tell me again, your sweet sinister liesCross your heart and hope to die.Tell me again how she was only a friend,Only one kiss that's the end.Tell me again why you sneak out at night
So used to being guided in a world that never stops Another day is here and there's still a clock School's going to be over and  I can't seem to find a way through the block
I should not fear it, but it's inevitable, The image of I standing with my brand that has reached beyond my expectations The less I believe the more it becomes debatable.
Public speaking was of my greatest fears; I'd choke up and end up in tears! And then I took Speech, And now I can preach, That I'd love to make speaking a career!     
they come from far away leaving behind everything they know hoping everything will be okay some packing nothing but a photo  
I remember I was 10 when he died The lost and deaths led to stress and heart suicide   Barely made it to 17 All the the accomplishments and hopes lost in the stream
Thoughts of terrible things in my head. My loved ones might leave me behind. Or they find me in the gutter, naked and dead. Trying to relax. Need to stop thinking. Now I'm swimming in the ocean
Spent two weeks preparing this speech Never once thought I'd finally reach The stage in the auditorium What I'd give to do it all again Practice a little bit more Right now breathing is a chore
Brutal truth or beautiful lies? Why not a bittersweet compromise? Say what happened, but not who’s fault, Wounds don’t need to have added salt.   But you told the truth, spoke through the pain,
“What should you expect in your senior year of high school?” Well, a day in my senior year involves waking up, and putting on my face waking up and fixing my hair
I dreamt of a glowing blue square That seemed to look at me with an ice cold stare. It chased me in circles around my own house, But my screams were no louder than a mouse.  
  “How are you gonna pay for college?” they say. “There’s just no way.”  “But look at your cousin who’s a traveling nurse.” “She carries millions of dollars in her purse.”
Many a fear have I. Many insects have had to die. Socialization, spiders, death, and a bug. Eventually these fears shall all be swept under the rug. Fight the fear.
Silence is the real menace Cause it will weaponize our fear And one day turn back around To when my friends were all here   Billy went to fight in the war And didn’t return the same
Shrinking away from what terrifies Only to leave what could have been good Building up courage to face the fear Only to gain what experience withstood  
In a pitch black room Yet there is no fear. The thunderstorm and gloom Yet there is no fear.
In a pitch black room Yet there is no fear. The thunderstorm and gloom Yet there is no fear.
Relentless driving to another break Each rest stop another wreck at stake Driven to the gates Where the lights shown luminiously Road to all fates Take away everything painlessly  
Independance Day is a celebration Freedom and life in remembrance Fireworks blast in the distance One night filled with fustration   Reading posts of long messages Facebook turned into a pit of sorrow
Often in life, I lost my will to fear, Quivering in fright when conflict came near, But then I grew strong, And learned right from wrong, So now life is filled only with cheer.
Stress - tormentor of my dreams I stay up all night, It causes me anxiety My back begins to slouch Lack of sleep eyes become darker
I'm surrounded with darkness. All I can say is that; Help me O' father of sand Help me to stand. My eyes are full of sleep Help me,clear my weep. Fill my eyes with joy Build me again,I'm a broken toy.
The dreams of my life are crushed alive. Where have you gone, I can't see the dawn. I remember the day when there were fawns in our lawn, Where have they gone? I lost my brain and brawn,
When you are old,don't get sold. This world will sell you like a gold. What you gave them, They will forget them. They have demon inside And their soul has died. How you cared for them when they cried,
"The sky is the limit" someone once said but sometimes it's hard to get out of bed I want to excel and be the best I can be But sometimes my thoughts will not let me free I think about the zero I got on a test
You've hurt me once and you've hurt me twice, but now it's my turn to throw the dice. I play my cards and I pay the toll, who knows what fate the dice will roll.
I'm addicted to something new; It feels like a magnitude; Each day it becomes renewed; My heart is split in two; I'm beginning to get blue; But this addiction is like glue; It won't move;
What's love?
Who would have thought that it would be me one day Watching you from a distance being A-okay Laughing without a care and loving life all day While I break inside knowing it won't ever be okay
Was I a fool to fall for you As all the stupid girls do Blinded by love  Albeit misfortune Another puzzle piece Discarded and broken
When keeping the tears back is hard but crying is harder:   You hurt me every time you touch me now In the beginning, you said you’d protect me now
My love, I try to love you whole heartedly But unfortunately It's only temporary I love and dine with you with an affable smile But I keep a dish of promiscuity under the table now My kisses are full of guile
. . . right away, you’ll see it’s difficult to find: (That -- while it’s true, it’s only You able to see inside your, Mind, -- ) Lost thoughts often  become begotten
Lizzy, my dearest love story My first love full of endless symphony You and I shared a unique chemistry A jewelry that spaerkled beautifully You were, loving you was my sweetest melody
Divine life speaks Every time I hold the bic And open my book to jot these lyrics Every line conceives divinity in all my scripts And with these lips
Roses are red and violets are blue... Love is so beautiful and true... I really found this in you Since the day I met you... Sylvia, my baby boo... So sweet and loving too...
Fresh in tuxedo And am fly like an eagle My touch down needs no Heathrow Fresh to death and the spot is packed with people I can't wait to mingle Having a good time is my motto Mommy pick your bottle
Holding onto my hopes Yet I'm still letting go. Keeping all of my faith, but the demons, they know.   They drive me into the darkness, and I feel so alone. My hands feel so cold
I try to communicate verbally But my mind is against delivery Because am being held hostage mentally Subconsciously unaware of what I do physically Am spiritually lost inside this body Neglected in every city
My parents fornication Resulted in procreation In her womb began my formation But the debate of my termination Was the topic of their conversation Which led to their separation
Broken people  Are your specialty. That is why  You loved me. I was your project For a short time. Until you fixed me to the point  Where if you left, I’d be just fine. I was fine.
I have no words to say Let the silence pass me by I meditate and I pray Yet I can't  fathom the one who calls itself I   It's an empty abyss It's a one-way turn  It's a star-kept wish
If you try to change minds just by yelling, Nobody will buy what you're selling, So put down the knife, Get on with your life, 'Cause cursing folks out ain't compelling.
I'm in a room full of people Smilin' and laughin' And I can't bring my mind to joining them now or hereafter. I'm thinking about death, And I'm thinking about darkness.
Fuck Crip and Blood and gang signs,What a nigga got to do to make you invest in him with your dollar signs,Not remind him about his past crimes,I bet if you invest, you will be on the news what a headline,I guess that’s how America works New York
My dreams have long been set,  Aspirations and ideas have been forming,  College, debt, stress and other things I'm not ready for yet So many ideas inside my head swarming,  Like the sound of a million bees
Every breath that I take as the night turns bright I sit in my room as I plot and I write bout society and shit that goes bump in the night so here is the stroy so please sit tight.  
This for all them lil babies out the North you hear me? Look, gang This that d.o.l shit,fuck yo other gang bitch Better keep your gun bitch, fuck where you from bitch
It felt like I was walking on glass. Every step I took hurt even more than the last. How do you know when it’s coming to an end? How can you forget the late nights where neither of you went to bed?
Lights flicker People bicker Eyes role back Vision goes black Then theres a shake Like an earthquake The body tenses Energy only one of the expenses Head jerks forward
Where now, I pray, is Lady Jane? Now she is here on Tower Hill, She walks with grace unto the block, She stands a queen, not pale nor ill.   Come hither to this place to die!
My eyes burn when the wind hits My stomach churns when food sits I sleep through all life’s good bits And yet no one wonders why  
Fifty open tabs while trying to reduce the complexity All these algorithms landed me in a world of perplexity Sorting this life's array having so much randomness In search of an approximate solution for NP-completeness
Do you ever feel afraid of being left out?  Do you ever feel like no one sees the tears flowing out?  Do you ever feel like the third wheel in a group of twenty?  Do you ever feel like this?  Oh yes, plenty! 
  “It’s only a test. It’s only an hour.” That’s what they say. That’s what they tell me But no, it’s a clear restraint of my power. I can’t move; I can’t breathe; I can’t strive to be free.  
Sweat dripping legs shaking eyes unfocused words stuttered   Eyes piercing attention on me judging glares laughing scare   That was what I seen
she remains hidden and alone unexplored gold the color of a budding marigold aglow like a vivid citrine gemstone, then endures a metamorphosis she sheds like a sweet reptilian
You say you wish I was around But never make an effort to come down You made me my brother’s godmother But I feel the job belongs to another You say you’ll be there But all I see is the money you spare
I want you to know that even though you're away, not a minute passes that I don't think of my Bae I love every part of you and I don't just mean aesthetically, although, of course, you're gifted genetically.
I can’t tell if I’m really trying anymore I feel like every inch of my brain is just sore Or maybe it’s my heart that lacks motivation He just seems to be there in every situation
Yes i'll pick my happiness
Why is it so difficult to trust You with my life?  To hand over the keys, to physically pry my tight fingers Away from the controls midflight.  You, knowing end from the beginning, knowing which way the wind will blow, 
To the days...   I’m going to take you back many years, back to when you had very few fears. Back to the days of seeing isn’t always believing, and being promised candy is always deceiving.
You hurt me, but I still give you my all. I know I shouldn’t text you, so I decide to call. With that first venomous kiss that you placed upon my lips,
It´s forming inside my brain. The black cloud of doom takes over. Am I starting to turn insane? As the force only grows stronger.   The walls continue to shrink.  The floor beneathe me removed. 
They tormented me made me sad. But I'm gonna stand up. It's a hard life you know. Get thrown. It's a hard life you know. 
There is an annoying orange fruit, Who considers himself as quite cute. A sprite would start raving mad Then beating this funny lad With some leprechaun magic, "Hoot, hoot!"
Years from now say 2034 I stand around wanting nothing more than to be where i am a place so grand everything according to  a careful plan   The walls are soft
Experienced and at heart young , A fire burning bright behind the eyes and above the tongue.   Familiar with life's ways a veteran at making it through everyday and turning a path into a chance to convey.  
This is us, a black hole for a face.Wear too much makeup and you're a public disgrace.
"The moment has arrived. The day I've always imagined is here. I spent nights without sleeping for this. This is all you've ever wanted, but you are scared. It's now or never", I would say to myself.
This is not a war story but one of victory. I can hear the freedom bells ring and my heart sings because once I was a captive now liberated by the King. But that’s just the thing I wasn’t always free.
No more hurrying away from the deans, Frantically pulling down a grey pleated skirt. No more half-hearted games of basketball In that unwashed gym shirt.
Come ye, all young and old, To hear the story that's never told! In foregone Texas, a county dwelled- It's name: Van Zandt; and it's men rebelled. The South's creed had created their hate,
I got two brothers doing life and one in the dirt.   I got a perfect son thats never walked because his legs don't work and he shits and pisses in a bag but whatever.  
This year is a new approach  To end my part in suffering No animals will be poached  Passing on the commercial ravenous shopping blundering    The gifts this year will consist;
My friends said it would be fun To have a night out The party had begun  And all the booze has sold out   We arrived at the place
I must express my merry content for a car that’s given me so many events Through the smell of dog hair and that dirty sock we could never find Every time I see your dusty exterior
The howl of endless bullets in the dark It seems I am heading to the graveside And maybe if I don't return back Tell my mother that I have tried
                                                                           The Struggle:                                                   (Marginalised Anglophone Cameroonians) I stand corrected; Yet I am molested;
I had dream that one day we could make world peace Aint nobody else believe in et dream but me My moms told me the world will never change I said mom yes it will just wait and see
So I thought I knew everything… Growing up taught me lessons I should know A high school diploma was just nothing to show Momma was proud when I walked with a degree, I’m sure 
A cloudy mind Riddled with thoughts From demons and lies. Flowers bloom from her chest, Fed by the tears That fall from her eyes. So much love to give, Not enough To satisfy.
I see a family someday whom despite the storm and quake stay together, They stay together even I'm these harsh weather, These are people whose bonds are strong, A family everyone wish to belong,
Up, up, up. 'Round and 'round. Just by thinking about it I became nauseous. I really didn't want to do this because heights always made me a bit cautious.   In that moment I wish I wasn't such a daredevil.
It’s the most beautiful time of the yearFor each and every dudeThe temperature is damn good For each and every dude
Off lehigh go south bound down coraI street, go to where Coral & Boston meet, see that's where I originated from hargert playground with reinforced fleets, Rest Easy to my homies they was the elite, death is price playing in the streets, once
trapped in my own mind since 11 it was always just me and him  the night terrors since i was 7 my dark passenger has to win    he calls him self chaos  he’s my partner in crime 
Growing up through life, The pressure to find a job is high. It feels like a cut from a knife When you don’t know where to spend the rest of your time.  
Feeling negative Factor of causative Method of Gram-positive Crystal violet stain emerged Pessimistic purged Optimistic surge Lotion your tongue with pills Emotions fulfilled
Melanin In my life I've never seen melanin so dark Perfect and beautiful as her mind She passed by and her dark fragrance stained my white heart And it left an indelible mark
Sensitive, over thinker, emotional weak. Yet help, I do not seeek. To myself I keep. Poetry is my escape through the weak.   My emotions I do supress and I'm pretty sure i'm depressed.
The stars in my eyes They’re fading dim The smile on my face It’s wearing thin   The weight of my heart It’s too much to hold It’s pulling me under I’m drowning in cold  
See me in the blue See me acting new It's a pity for you That you couldn't come through   I see you in the light It's getting kind of bright You acted on a freight
I see it when I close my eyes, I see it right before the sunlight rise, I see it in my darkest visions, I see it when the eerie glow of my thoughts envision.   It has eyes, dark, like a black hole
It’s something so dark, Enchanting and hard to remark From the beginning to the end, Not even the brightest of humans will comprehend.   It’s something so dark, Sung with the dullest spark
Do you remember when you fell down? We were eleven years old, when we lived in that small town. You scraped your hands and bruised your knees. A soundly cry escaped your lips as you tried to withhold your painful pleas.
The cost of my pleasure is very high, It's really like that I will die My choice is between this crystal or a pistol, Either way neither is beneficial The doctors say I can only have one,
All these bitches delirious I said, “could you be serious?” They all be acting mysterious But In my bedroom, you don’t hear of this I said, “Get on the floor!” She said, “Give me some more!”
I start to get confused, To a point my brain feels abused, I have to power through, So i can find what is true, Is it worth all the pain, Is it worth the need to break the vein,
I gave you everything,  I showed you everything,   I’d give you all my love,  you gave me a diamond rings,   showed me your true sides, won’t paint a perfect picture   
He screams and kicks But nothing’s changed; He slams his fists against the bricks, He scratches them and tries to fix
Do I want It? 23, responsibility free Single? (possibly ready to mingle) Five years master (double major) Beautiful disaster, double the wager
Dont be sad beco sad opposite is             Das and das not good           Start where you are choose what you have                Do what you can            Smile is the cheapest lipstick so keep smiling
  A brilliant mind  Undefined  By works of those who captivate the mind Devine and true  A black mind that is capable  of more than a just thing or two We sit right in front of you 
I’mma a caramel covered dream, bruised from within. An educated girl, who speaks what she thinks. Mama calls me beautiful, but my enemies call me weak.
The wind howls across the plain Buffeting all the trees equally Branches sway in odd disdain Leaves flutter ceaselessly
I claim   I've been told to speak a certain way To act like I belong To change the way of my looks That's like losing base of my roots  
It started in the beginning of May When I first heard my mother say, That my father would move away To live in a different house someday.  
i have spent most of my life in unconscious apathyoften rubbing at burning eyessleepily staring at fluorescent lightsin windoless classrooms that spark anxiety and agony
Sad eyes and whimpering cries, Questioning myself all these why’s. Why do I have to abused? I didn’t do anything wrong! Why am I not loved? I just want loved! I want to tell you “I love you.”
A Tribute To Parkland By Samuel Hwang   Another shooting. That makes 18 this year and I’m starting to fear maybe I do not hear it when  it comes on on the news,
On an average day In an average mind I imagined the end of one's time Never knowing pain Never losing sane Interest surpassed disdain With the loss of sight With the loss of control
If only you could see what I have seen. If only you could hear what I have heard. Now, more than ever, we need to convene And speak out instead of being deterred. No more, will I endure negative words.
I know what you’ve been through...Its unacceptable and im left With the thought of how someone can be so bland And it disappoints me that it was caused by a man...But im not surprised...
What if I told you I wasn't okay? would you continue to stand and walk away? why is it so hard to see my point of view? you made me, I thought I needed you   Things became lies and lots of forgots
Pearl light, White sheets, Soft yawn, Cold feet. Crisp air, Pink tongue, Sun glare, Heart young. Earl grey mornings, Bring tears to my eyes. The cycle of yearning,
Created By: Yamaiyah Jones In slavery, we are oppressed Shot down by our superior We settle into this state at birth Constantly constant Breaking down, broken
If you care to look behind my eyes What you will find is one who’s wise Thoughts, words, actions that mesmerize
  Some people have it Some people don't Most people want it  Most people don't But, no matter what they say, The only ones with power are the ones we  never say.
I work hard. Stopping is not an option. The haters around me are only toxins. They try to bring me down, From sunrise to sundown. I won't let them. If I were a flower they would try to pluck my stem.
                                               The View from Below You stand up for what you believe is right, But the world looks down on you, it's alright You will face many struggles,
Breaking as you hit the concrete ground Cause no one to catch you was around In tired tears you tried to drown On broken shards you lay
Today, I am not an elegant crier. Puffy-eyed and undesirable, helpless and sympathetic at best But so quickly my eyes become drier
  Once, there was a woman dipped in gold, Raised to stop, smile, and say “hello;” She always did what she was told. Basking in fame and blinded by control,
I am vast and I am blue and more than you can see I am loud and I will be heard by everyone So with this crash I say -No- I decree That I am my own being and I cannot be undone
The haze Thats how it starts Blurry days She doesn’t know how to part The bottle in her hand is her savior She cant take back the memories of fear She couldn’t control her behavior
Note after note turning to compositions  Hoping I don’t choke  The whole team about to figure it out  Seem like times running low  Taking what is ours  Sorting through the files of life 
Verse 1 When your out in this world all lonely You don’t know what to do with yourself honestly Looking back at your life is a tragedy Your trying to move along and be strong for insanity
This bullet is just for you , specially customized  So I killed you like it wasn’t a crime But who am I to decide  If you should remain alive  Or act as if my weapon is just a permission slip
Is this the new norm?Our people mourn,they ask for reform,then nothing is done. Will this ever end?No ways to defend,situations they can't comprehend,families distraught because of a gun.
A freezing wind blows upon my upturned face. Do you feel it too when the world spins at this pace? When disaster strikes, we drag out our monsters, But through the night we wait for something softer.  
I believe that this country is at war Our children soldiers Fighting on the frontlines Since Junior High   While the students Are taking bullets These so called activists
I found my voice out of frustration All I wanted to do was show my creationI desire to be a writer, make worlds for people to get lost inMy greatest fear is that some will say it belongs in a trash binI found my voice when a teacher told me I woul
The so called, “American Dream” Is the ideology that everyone should live content and in peace With the friendly neighborhood barbecues And sewing flags out of fleece.  
Tupac once said that's just the way it is things will never be the same. AN he right police brutality happening everywhere an no one puts up a fight. Last year they had punish a Muslim day ain't no one open they mouth or have a thing to say.
"NOTHING MUCH FOR MINORS" Minors are those less than eighteen, As they don't have knowledge in keen. They don't have a driving licence, As don't have driving sense.
Broken bottles, broken dreams Broken hearts, and broken things Screaming out, to say the least Ive lost it all, un caged the beast To be a menace, isnt wanted But you left me, cold and frozen
There’s something about our world that really irks me. I get so frustrated its starting to hurt me. So, let me take a minute to speak to you personally. We don’t live in a perfect world, there is no such thing.
 We live in a society that’s really traumatizing me,the same routine that can bring an ugly side.And we refuse to change our ways, make the world a better placeIs money and weed the only thing that we will ever chase,there's gotta be something mor
                        To climb the eternal staircase Means that "enough is not enough".                                    To look into the sun.         To reach the top is bound     
To you it might not seem a lot And to you he cannot give it thought But for every little thing you do He owes his entire world to you.
Waking up everyday seems just so hard I am tired of this routine that got me off-guard I have no social life, I am like broken glass shards I been talking to myself, my only insanity ward
It all started when I was four. I never knew she had a drinkig problem before. But now its eleven years laer, and I nevr thought I could hate her, But somehow she chose alcohol over us.
Now that I am the Lord of the Castle in her mind, I instructed her to chase away the tenants, lest they be my rivals: For before I became the Lord, she did have tenants of any kind.
I wake up nights about to weep  Pray lord help me sleep, Because my mind will start racing  Racing back to a time where being a certain race was a crime,  Do I mean to strike fear no, 
Doll House September 6, 2018 ~ Thursday Winter in the heart Blue as the sea Off the windy coast of Maine A little mermaid in waiting
Before I Stay September 5, 2018 ~ Wednesday What if I put right what I got wrong And I put it into a song What if you should decide
I am born, but self consciously I always knew.
Pain is what I hear Pain is what I see Pain is how I feel When I see a black man, lying dead on a street
My play-doh set. My brown barrette. My high top shoes. My young views. My dirty shirts. My elbow hurts.                 My parents yelling. My lips never telling.  
A noble soul But not really at all He proclaims the fall
Boys will be boys. That’s something we seem to hear often. From young age to old days the adage follows. But what about girls? Can’t girls just be girls? No.
I have the black girl blues, I have the black girl blues, I have the black girl blues, And so do you and you and you. Every morning I wake up in my black exterior, to step out into a world where white is superior.
we are brought into this life and are expected to prosper. we are brought into this life to be a lawyer or a doctor. we desire love in order to fulfill a destiny but was that destiny really meant to be?
Is there any truth in this twisted reality Billions fated to endless hipocracy Though You gave us Jesus to clear all the boundaries Questions remain; shall I trust in what I see  
It’s been a Jan-u-weary of a good time of a year I think we’re ready to relax; it’s time to have good ‘cheers’! Feb-ru-where you at? I ain’t seen you since last year. I’m Marching on to April, yeah 
Knowing and not doing is the pain of the times my mind cannot control this world though possible I know the potential to hold is so close I fold unto my boldness and quit to start to go, oh  
He made me follow his commands And obligated me to become a housewife I didn't have this life in mind, these were not my plans He stopped me from achieving my goals. he didn't let me strife   
Old roads and new hoes, you know how this essay goes. Crime rampant on the streets. Homeless men, calloused feet.Overdoses, opiates. Young people with too much hate.Gun violence, death from crime.
Four years’ worth of opportunity and tragedy Lead to some of the craziest of dreams And I would reach these by any means Because all I needed was a practicality Accomplishment has never been my reality
Death, death, all around. Not making a peep, not making a sound. It's not death coming for me that I fear. It's death coming for the people that I hold most dear. To live a life without someone you love is scary.
My heart is racing, I don't know why it keeps beating really fast. Each day I wake up, putting on this mask. I get afraid to do certain things, very easy, simple tasks.
Going with the motion  Hiding the emotion  Fearing the end of day--   What can I say?  This is just the end I lay penned  Under your hate   I feel the weight 
Would I still stand up? Even if all are against me? Would I still help out? Even if my pockets are empty? Would I stand my ground? Even if the foundation is weak? Would I be willing to lose it all? Even if I'm at my peak?
Input the username JSP Make it easy to underestimate The unoriginal opening But this account name is just token  see, to my email. So thats the one I chose to use Whims that made me slip and choose
When someone barks at you, don't get mad; it is the nature of dog in act.
Your hands are shaking like leaves in the wind. No one knows to look inside of the soul, Or how to see these spotted hands have sinned. Never the less, swallowed words take their toll.
Burning Hate By: Isabelle Gonzalez   Burning tears stream down the woman’s face The tears reside as she is filled with grace. She is reminded of life’s constant race,
My aunt had just paid for “ski school.” If she only knew how much that meant to me.  I was placed with her and a pool of people, I excelled exponentially. We started in “1st grade”
My aunt had just paid for “ski school.” If she only knew how much that meant to me.  I was placed with her and a pool of people, I excelled exponentially. We started in “1st grade”
Since the day I was born, my father new I was special. He always poured into me and made sure I did everything right. Day in and day out he worked and worked till it was night.
To all the people I give thanks, To friends and family, Who influence my daily life, My thanks to you from me.   To special folks with gifts, Those few atop the batch. 
It was just a sunflower giving me all its hopeful power and optimism. The animism that shined through its face, and the large space
Plug it in to drown in out Indulge the sound and dance about Stress is without a trace Momentarily, hope takes its place Feeling connected and no longer alone
Stumbling in the darkness, They say that ignorance is bliss. But yet leads to becoming careless, Oh! How did mortal eyes ever miss? Such a brilliant radiance, Which was concealed behind a certain oblivion.
Rays of sunshine can be found in your heart, Spreading to everyone you meet, Your beauty is a work of art, Leaving you was bittersweet.  
Guardian Given the wings so you can fly, Out of the hood from where you came no allies. Friend by relatives but met you in the chapel
‍‍‍You're there when I'm engulfed in depression You're there when my insecurities poke You're there when my guilt is my obsession You're there when my fears begin to provoke
I have plenty of people to thank Because a lot of these people have had my flank But none of these compare to my uncles They’ve been my backbone and my knuckles
The first time we collide I was in aweI could believe this type of happiness Knowledge that if I ever did cry raw You would welcome me into your own nestWith a name just as odd as the beaches 
Our words are such a dangerous weapon History is a perfect example of current events that reigns on us from our country’s past written and spoken. We spewed out hate and now look at our nation.
Thank you for everything. Thank you for you, Thank you for support, I know this thank you is long overdue.   You have taught me the way of life. How to love, And how to live,
My God, the one who keeps me straight He protects me, he listens to me With him I will not be afraid. He teaches lessons for me to learn Harsh or saddening So when my time comes I won't burn.
Blonde hair, beachside, best smile, bright mind Strong will, steady life Something I couldn’t see when you were by my side Please just a little more time to catch your wise
O expectations, what a blessing in a curse You taught me to want more from myself   Without you, I'd be feeling so much worse No longer just a bland book on a shelf  
My father’s hands were calloused And rough, worn down from years of labor. Those hands – the tough hands I brushed As a child – they were an immigrant’s honor. They fought for us, always, when my mother
Grandma how much love I have for you you took care of me through every avenue  as much love that would fit inside a beautifuly pumping heart as much love that would make a heart restart
Talented, graceful, insightful, and smart That’s what you are to me Your choreography was a work of art  
Disco pants  Long hair Chest hair  Don’t care You three look at me  With such an inviting stare  I let my frustration be  I let it go for a song or two or three  I dance along
Man I want to hate you so bad but I can't I wish I didn't care about you but I do.... It hurts soooo bad and I don't know what to do
What is a mentor to me? What a mentor is, is a question that needs to be answered. A mentor is someone who made an impact on thee.
I am more than the secrets that lie between my legs. You taught me that they were going to beg. But if I loved myself more with a passion then they would learn to have a little more compassion. 
Practice what you preach ,keep your peace  Forgive and forget don't hold on to regret  Fight for what is right but dont fall asleep angry tonight 
I am an old soul thank god for Purple Rain! We have gone through many things we are familiar with growing pain. I have unyielding faith and ambition anything thrown at me I succeed obstacles slain.
Isn't it odd that I consider myself lucky That no unwanted man has ever put his grubby hands on me?   This is not about luck though, or the clothes I've been wearing
Oh teacher, my teacher, You were truly an inspiration to me. I am heartbroken to learn of your passing. You left us too soon, I believe.   You touched the lives of many,
Fellowman, The humans who share this space. All with a different race. A different shade, And unequally paid. We all struggle,
Encouraged by none encompassed with doubt it only took one to turn that about.    Four simple words I thought they were lies. It's kind of absurd how tears filled my eyes.   
The Giver is a good book to read. It talks about emotions and that's all you need. Observing everthing is what it taught me. Difference is special is what I learned to see.
These dreams they are always attacking me If only I had the blast of the past I keep on hearing words of blasphemy The memory I have will never last
Fourth grade is when I met him Mr. Smith, my ELAR teacher He didn't make words dim He made them a fine feature Incouraging me to write stories To use my words to send a message
 Thank you music for being from days of old where to this day, millions and millions are sold. Thank you music for being from Rock ‘n Roll to Country, Jazz to Soul
Everyone wants to stand out Especially now in this world we live in What's that all about? Why can't we be happy being normal? Nobody seems to think that's okay anymore Everyone wants to be paranormal
I want to thank the ones that taught me to never give up  I want to appreciate those who showed me how to live up They underwent pain but they rose  They kept walking the path they chose 
She was the initial experience A fright, or perhaps a hope And although wrapped in her benevolence Struggled in heading up the slope A cliche appears more as a provocation
I was told being an extrovert was better. But what they didn't know, Was that the words were a heavy blow. I didn't want to be "better"
I was calling myself a feminist by the time I was six So it’s no surprise that I’ve always been up to date on politics I can’t help but be angry at the government   Parkland happened when I was seventeen
Being a sopomore Not knowing how to work I walked through the classroom door And you gave me homework upon homework   At first it was hard But then, I learned to work hard to get it done
Mother (Poem By Sahaj Sabharwal)
When the businessman arose from slumber He marched toward the front door Unaware of his problems Focused only on his daily chores   Off to work he went
They use to call me Oreo. Said I was dark on the outside but white within. As if the way I act changes the color of my skin. Yea I’m a mixed girl, millatto, a mutt. I got the white girl hair and the black girl butt.
I come from blurry images that look back at me from the mirror I say I'm beautiful but harsh words from the past hit me like a pair of Anvils weighing down on me Bulying hurts and lays skin deep
  The man that means so much to me I have never with my own eyes seen. He died long before I was even born After a life of struggle heroically borne.   This man was a captive and then a slave
Small… little… shrimp… Growing up was tough Picked on for years because of my size Just wanted to say enough   Late to hit my growth spurt Affecting me in sports Parents so supportive
My pupper is Oliver He truly is the cutest He is soft, all over I love him
Girl Scouts is the original feminist movement. Teaching girls how to Cook Potions and concotions to prove to men That we aren’t less then
Your percussion becomes a domed playground, And I'm swept by the cacophony of your sound. The cry of the violins moves me to tears, And you soothe my fears through all the years.
You thought you could drop me down But now I'm stronger You tried to steal my crown And now I'm wiser You planned defeat for me But I'm the winner You shaped me out to be Tougher, smarter, better
Born with less, but she kept us fed. She told me knowledge is power, Went to college, so this world doesn't devour. You mean the world to me, that's a fact, A better tomorrow for us is what I ask.
O Julia, do you remember elementary school Where every one of us was a young fool Drunk on youth although we couldn't drink yet Free from the constrains of student debt Gee, Julia, elementary school ruled.  
You have strengthened me when I feel weak You have done so much for me within a blink I want to thank you for getting through some things For only you can tie me back together with strings
Light shone on me in the earliest youth I grew up and learned the truth, Crazy enough life may laugh, At the things you say, at your made up tasks.   At age 12 they started to make sense
How does one start a an ode to a figure so great A thanks to someone who puts the food on my plate An anthem of praise to a fun loving being Who stands up for me when I fell like fleeing 
The first meeting I had, I was scared but I didn't let it show. I didn't realize that the popular boys where on the team.
It's who she is that makes her beautifuland not her looks that make her glowBut her soul shines through her fleshlike the sun that beams against the iciclesUniquely designed snowflakes intricately combined
Thankful Wow look where I am now,  You raised me to do great. Now im here hearing you all say wow. Im finally doing great.  Mom you gave birth to me, So I thank you.
I give others laughter, smiles, and joy. Making all of them happy, Helps fill the void. I'm afraid I'm addicted, To the joy that I bring. To be giving to others Whats been taken from me.
I hide all my pain through this clever disguise, A mask of laughter, That doesn't cover my eyes.
A world full of sin just trying not to give in. A rose among thorns. Only few will not conform. This life is not yours to live, but at the end you must give. For judgment will come
I wake up, get ready, and leave It's the same routine but you've made it different for me You make my day and show me the way  But yet you receive minimum pay   You feed my curiosity and see the best in me
Mentally I’m falling Not physically of course. Physically I’m walking With a little bit of force.  
The gentle fall of silver flakes Within my head a image does make How can it be so cold and cruel When it is the one true rule The frost that covers these frozen lands The sting of hail as it hits my hands
Thank you Mom for tucking me in at night. You always made sure that everything was going to be alright. I never said how much I appreciated your hugs so tight. You made my dreams seem not too far out of sight.
torn away from my only family why couldn't i stay? it was my own fault nothing to give but a price to pay what did I do?  down on my knees I pray
torn away from my only family why couldn't i stay? it was my own fault nothing to give but a price to pay what did I do?  down on my knees I pray
As I Stand, I stand on the back of a man. Who inspired me to be all I could be Even when it seemed hard to be me. One who is courageous and brave, One who came to save. They call him, JESUS
What all has my mother done for me? She's read to me, cooked for me Made all my favorite food And even when she was stressed from work, to me she was never rude  
My mentor is slowly fading, cascading, 
HATE is not LOVE By: Nate' DixonHATE is the bullet that kills young lives.HATE is that thing that steals our successors’ pride.HATE is the demon that tears the world apart.HATE is the realistic deception that no one has a heart.HATE is the evidenc
For Mama   You’ve been my strength Through all of these years Through broken bones And endless tears You’ve been my strength Through tragic shows Through worthless bullies
Together we stand, the weak and the strong  To fulfill the traits that each other lacks  We ignore the crowd, who think we are wrong  To stand beside those that make their own tracks. Alone was I, before they came 
The doors begin to open, And time begins to flow, As reality is broken, A world begins as an embryo.   So much to do, So much to learn,
Wandering in the early morning of October nine,The air of beauty and nature was breathed in tor;clamoring the beauty of day as it rested the dark night,Behold! It is the birthday of a father, a boss—a mentor;
you are newfound confidence, in a mind so lost and confused  your influence is bottomless, in expression you are used. without you i wilt, like a flower in the heat 
“What can I get you on this fine day?” “Fine? Are you blind? The sky’s dark gray!” “That doesn’t matter, today can still be great! “Who put an Unhappy Meal on your breakfast plate?”
Salty tears run down my face I finished last in this long race You had vansihed without a trace. My stomach tight, my mouth tart I lost your love, your reckless heart Now someone else has a head start.
Eternal burdens, you call them That which I carry on my back. For many years, they stay with me Without purpose to stay on track. Instead I revere those mentors Who have forced me to start again,
I sit in the back of a dimly lit room Dancers swiftly move in unison in front of  me Staring at her gleaming costume I never thought I would be free   My eye met the movement inquisitively
In a land of ease, She wore her heart on her sleeves. Aware of the thieves, and how they mislead, She executed like a gentle winter breeze.
Let your light shine Jalen Nichols Jr.   Sometimes i sit with a pen & pad to reflect This is an art-form that my passion wants to perfect
High school is hard, trying to find who you are what you want to be, you could be a star you have four long years, to figure this out doing all you can, til you find your route
Finally. I'm going to tell About that Friday night I remember all to well.   You said you loved me. I believed you. But you couldn't have. How could you?  
From childhood to adulthood you’ve been with me. I can not thank you enough for the sacrifices you’ve made, for our family. Your wisdom, your guidance, your loving hand.   Has gotten me through times, unplanned.
“Love yourself before you love others. You can’t love a man Until you love what’s in the mirror” We were told this by our mothers. Few took this and ran, But the rest didn’t even consider  
I have seen you Grow as I grew You taught me much That I never knew It took me to where I am
You’re hidden inside of me You are the ice of my veins You’re the secret in my heart You flow to my brain   Pulling my oxygen from me, you make me blue
Superheros have capes Power of immortals Strength of the ribs, Protecting a torso Humans have hands Used like rubber Hard and misused But secures like a lover Thats why I love her
Pain, there is no greater thing.The fear that betrayal can bring.I always wear this mask, To hide all the cracks.I thought all the politics were gone,The tears that were brought on.I thought they had my back,But now here I stand like an empty old
PredestinationThank you “Predestination” For being the beginning of my trans presentation.Going through each slide Is a wonder itself. It’s like taking a ride With Elf on the Shelf. Jane to John and many more,Except my st
You have affected me. You make my heart skip a beat. That dimpled smile of yours has me returning your smile with glee.   What am I to do? All my mind thinks of is you,
My lovely and finely polished friend,your black and white keys put my fingers' boredom to an end.I've always loved the way that you sang,
Its been a hard day A lot of emotions going around I can't stand down I have to say it out loud DON'T SHOOT, DON'T SHOOT I know my hands are down But I would like to stay alive a little longer
With every passing moment every message that I read I often look back at them and all I feel is regret   I would have took the world and wrapped it up all nice for you
Maybe it’s ‘cuz I don’t know, What to do or where to go. Maybe ‘cuz it’s hard to see How those I knew affected me. What do I share? What do I say, About the person who helped me change?  
Morning streaks on and off, upon such day dream 's oft, phasing off in horizons vast, leaving dry memoirs of whimpering shadows.
  As she climbs the hills of desireA pigeon swoops down with eyes of fire,To give word to thy maiden of spun gold,The knight of Fenwood’s skin has gone cold.Soon the sweet maiden may cease to amendThe piteous soul she struggles to defend.Beyond th
I hate the late nights All they ever do is breed hate Not for anybody else but me, Can't you relate? Maybe I need a soothing voice, one that's confident and sure.
To get away from reality I fall into a fantasy Created by my own anxiety   Fear flowing from my feet to my head I mess up relationships instead By overthinking way ahead  
In eighth grade, I was new and alone. The best part of my school day was when I got to go home. There were things about me that most teachers didn’t approve of,
  Her humane heart beat ajar, Poor child, being a false saint, Combat booted feet in tar. Searching for the dullest star,
My soul is mine       - proof isolation. They don’t know the inner me              - my name, just AnnaLee. But in the place where I grieve alone,            I live the real life that is just my own.
what a beautiful thing it is to have loved but to have lost it in time so fleeting unimaginable pain and joy it brings where two lover's hearts may still be beating
I rock my frown upside down On my head I wear a crown Open your eyes and you will see Inside of Me there lives a queen Can't let nothing keep me down 'Cause I was born to be free
Come back to the dark my love “It’s brighter than it looks down here” All alone consumed by fears I'm drowning myself in forlorn tears  
Millions of faces now unclear,  we were warned millions of times, my legs each carried a ton, Trying to find my mother, It felt as if I had walked across the globe, Searching, The heat so intense,
She stands behind me, wordlessly waiting. Such strength when needed and never abating-- A voice strong as an iron cage, but padded with light, She commands in the weakest to do what is right.
One Woman She is tough, When I don’t do my stuff.   She is kind, She also has a beautiful mind.   She cries,
One hop, two hop Three hop, Four, How many hops till I know my test score? I read and I read, Make sure it is right, But i can’t help seeing
One hop, two hop Three hop, Four, How many hops till I know my test score? I read and I read, Make sure it is right, But i can’t help seeing
Words on a page like birds on a plane just a double standard no words can explain I tried to figure out what the birds tried to say Tweet, tweet, tweet, not a social media page
The importance of knowledge to myself, Oh so important, as important as life itself, The acquiring of knowledge is one of many inspirations To keep pursuing my goals, causes, and motivations.
A/N: I wrote this when I was like 14, and I thought it was HILARIOUS, so I'm sharing it now, especially because I'm turning 18 this October.   I wish I was 18, or at least 23
Good god! What horror and destruction it must have come from our own corruption We fight, we’re selfish, and have no remorse Then a hurricane comes and takes us by force  
This sport is more than a game, For years you’ve helped me heal my pain. You’re the only sport where you’re allowed to steal,
I never was eager, To see you that early. You always seemed to smile, When I found myself nothing but idle. But I never found it annoying, rather, I found it very reassuring.  
Sometimes I wonder what is actually wrong with me. For starters I'm a stuttery mess with all consuming anxiety. I think to much and it suffocates me. It's like I get lost in myself and forget to how to breathe.
Those moments in time, when you pause in life; you stop to smell roses, but never consider the thorns that cut like knives. Perhaps on a sunny day, when a few clouds whisk by;
If only I could travel back through time, where life starts to go trough hell fire and flame. For when I finally started to aim, I lost my future's grip and could not climb. I would catch myself and all my glory,
Oh, Madre Mia the most beautiful of them all. You with your tender words and sayings Have nurtured me since I was small. You have been there to give me your blessings Even if I succeed or I fall.
An icon, but she’s not just pretty. Originally known as Norma Jeane, Marilyn Monroe proved she was witty. The fifties, you could see her in any scene.
Did grandpa ever tell you That carpets once flew through the air? Sure I know he's old, sister,
Remember when you broke your right hip? It came as a shock to me. There you were, the picture of health, And only eighty three.   Of course, you were most disgruntled.
On the first day of school I walked into a physics room Being here, I was such a fool Not aware that I will face doom   Prothro launched projectiles
  We’re expected to go to college and get an education. We’re trying to have perfected lifestyles in time for our graduation.
In the beginning, a hand touch my little head Aflamed with light and life There I see a heavenly figure, lively, not dead I see no look on his face of any strife   He watched me grow from small to big
Pesky, Worthless, Annoying, Clingy Things said about a dandelion Or are they about me? Why won't you just go away? The dandelion has no answer It didn't ask to be this way
Beside me ever perilous Stands a figure clear The wake of every morning Is outshadowed by him near He talks of nothing personal
how terrifying how exhilarating how dreadful how free: to be a lost colony, to leave your mark on the world carved into a tree and then to flee, tired of waiting for a rescue
First take a cup of passion and mix it with some pride, then shake it up the best you can and bring it right outside. Then find some inspiration
I’ve never written a poem about another man. In this strange era of forced masculinity, My father would think it's queer to show affinity towards one in which I am.
Thank you to the one that gave me life without giving birth. Thank you to the one who gave me meaning without losing worth. Your words gave me light to sky without a ceiling,
  Life is a funny thing, Filled with genuine smiles, fake smiles, and everything in between. Yet, what is behind a smile? Is it the bubbling laughter of Summer,
We were friends at then, I remember we met at ten, She said a Hi!,and asked for reply, I replied but told a lie, The lie was also unknown to me, Suddenly I made a flee,
I was obediant, but you were defiant Not a toe out of line, I'm coloring inside the lines But you took the lead, you braved your life You're windbeaten but inside you are dressed to the nines  
Tip tap Goes the maker of the map His tools Click and clack.   He’s found the world
How do you feel? I asked the man. His response was slow   He answered me though, Wise words seemed to flow
Silence can kill a game. Silence has much shame. Silence rings with pain. Silence does not end with change. Silence keeps fears locked away.
The mastery of diligence  A right amount of playful intelligence  Tales of what it must be  Peering clear into the sea    Lessons passed with fervor Influencing the curious observer 
Soaring giants of legend long, Praised in tale and praised in song: Mountains high with veins of gold, Craggy cliffs of ice and cold. Peaks like swords, rising high To win the war against the sky.
Thankyou for teaching me  Teaching me biology  Teaching me literarature  Teaching me history  Teaching me math But most importantly for teaching me reality 
Do you remember when I was small and frail And you wanted nothing more than to see me fail Remember when I was a threat Because I passed our mother's tests You must remember your anger
God, I tell myself I'm over it, When I pray to you fear is overcome. Then the news and conflicting opinions hit, And suddenly my new-found strength is gone.   I thought that I was in a fortress,
A big thank you to poetry who has taught me more about myself then anyone or anything else. I used to be  weak and insecure, my whole life was once a blur until poetry made me
Let Me first say I'm no preacher or phone But this is a message I thought should be revealed, Because it's so concealed yet always shown and rarely known,
Why assume I am always busy with work? Why assume you are bothering me? Why are you acting like everything is bright ignoring the darkness? Why can’t you confess you suck at communication?
कस्ता आतलाग्दा थिए हाम्रो बाल्यकाल सम्झनामा आउछन ति पैनिकिनाराको हिडाई याद आउछ गाउँको बासघारी जलाएको चरा मारी खादा जङ्गल खरानी बनाएको सप्तकोशिको किनारमा बनाएको हाम्रो जोडिएको घर
I say mens do cry they cry more than women they cry for the days they failed they cry for the happiness they fail to give
Bumble Bumble Bumblebee Come fly with me You're in my dreams But not in site But I promise to dream of you tonight   I'll hold you close I'll hold you tight
Dear Freddy, I just wanted to say thank you, since I never got the chance to. You might have just been my neighbor, but you were also my friend too.   When you passed I finally feared death,
i wonder where you are  i wonder how you been  i hope you aint to far  cuz i wanna feel your skin say i wanna feel your touch  yea i wanna feel your love wanna feel your energy 
My heart feels so empty whenever you're not near I wish from deep inside of me, you can always be here I know though that you would soon grow sick, glued unto my side As my aura slowly kills everything aside
I've always had my doubt, But of you, not about; Whether they're there or not,  Or if they're just a bot. But you're always there You, I could never scare If I'm happy or sad or just feeling bad
A thousand words could not bring you back... I know because I tried.   Not even a thousand tears could bring you back... I know because I tried.  
Since that rainy Monday night*, times have changed From warm days to the callous wintry days. Through years when spring blooms grew and winters panged  I learned to discern Thy redeeming ways.
People as psycho  When they are wearing those rosy lenses But they don't normally act with gestures that are micro Instead, they shock your senses    For so long I have wanted that person
    I was walking with my friend Having non-stop fun When a man asked us to mend A store bought gun As gullible as we were,
Dear Mother,
They said we wouldn't make it But I've set myself straight They told us we didn't have a chance But I'm doing just great   They said there wasn't a point In trying to live our lives
You guided me true When all I thought I had left was you How could I ever repay your kindness When you were the one to light my blindness Now I can see all the possibilities before me
My father, my father, how much you mean to me, You’ve taught me how to be mature, and good as I can be, You help me up when I fall down, and tell me I can do it,
I'm walking to my car from your beach.  When I say walking I really mean limping.   Those glass shards, hidden under the sand not seen until it's too late it's almost as if it was fate,
I Hold No question at all I Don't fear the unknown I've Known My Liquor & Gold Spirited Soul Has to Bear It Alone
I wanted to kill myself With every second feeling like hours, and hours feeling like days I cried and I cried begging Him to make it okay I thought I was alone Looking around, I saw a walk of calm and faces of tame
There goes a time in a young girls life where she is told she is not good enough. That she will never be as pretty as the next. I was told I wasn’t pretty enough or tall enough or skinny enough.
Her lyre-play adding more life to the scene, drifting across the wind, water and ground. For her: the leaves on the boughs have more green; the songs from beaks have more blending in sound;
I fell in love at a bus stop I fell in love and came out on top I fell for him and it was my fault I fell in love at a bus stop   Across the rows I crossed alone More than hope
Life is like a game of chess, You have an array of choices for your next step. You have to take it turn by turn,
What poetry has taught me is to be more creative   To write what I felt and to hear it sound right in the mind as well as out loud. To broaden my mind and be imaginative,
What I got from poetry is something I wanted to learn Thoughts in my head don't need to be burned I can go back to it and see where I been  Because I like to re read it after I win
Read between the lines, Something I have just learned, Some people try to hide, Behind powerful words.   For some it's difficult, To find the correct vocabulary, For vocal expression,
I was the shattered glass laying on the floor, until you swept me up and built me into something more. I was a hole in the knee of your favorite blue jeans,  and you stitched me up along the seams.
I was the shattered glass laying on the floor, until you swept me up and built me into something more. I was a hole in the knee of your favorite blue jeans,  and you stitched me up along the seams.
My smile shines at the sound of his name His chocolate eyes stared only at me But his reputation brought him his fame Why did his looks fill up my heart of glee?   His calm voice brought me home.
post suicide-attempt words stopped making sense depression taking hold anxiety uncontrolled mind plagued by disease  only one offer of ease prayer disguesed as poetry to set my mind free
Whisper here, Whisper there, I heard you whisper in his ear, Told him the gossiper's word, With the forbidden glare.   The hallway, a lounge, The lockers, full of the smoky words of cold hounds.
The world is dying and we don't even care We lie and cheat, making nothing fair.
A jack of all trades but a master of noneSkilled in plenty but always out doneBy those who mastered their craft and tradeLeaves this world with no legacy made
The words will show me the way. They do whatever I say. So I write them all out. There's no need to shout. My poetry can save the day.   Poetry is an interesting creature. 
I’ve heard the times are bound to bring forth changeThat our endings defeat mending to achieve great gainsAnd the newest always wins every raceEven when there’s nothing worthy left to chase
I was never lost, but always found Swallowed deep between the lines Far behind the steep wall, that confines Fresh ink spirals across the tome
I fight the darkness of the heart The hidden and dangerous part Closed with a bolt, local and key The secret of forgotten past left to be Lost, there is no way I see out, Deepening darkness creates my doubt
  Small words taught me to sympathize   with strangers and their inner tides.  
Hooray!! A big box has arrived. it is so... BIG, I wonder what must be inside?  BUT inside your mind, you know something is not right.  Your guests stare for the size. 
My mind was not quite right, my thoughts would give me a fright,  grabbed me a journal, made the thoughts external, and now I'm feeling alright.
Life is a funny lady I swear, She is always taking me to places far away. I am always following her everywhere, And when it is time to go, she wants to stay. Alas, it is not always bad however,
I could of feed my baby I could of sent her to a good school I could of avoid abortion
Growing up I thought emotions Were to be kept down inside Inside a growing ocean Where they could always hide.   I always thought them unsightly And rather unclean I used to fight
Wordsworth and Coleridge taught me some things On appreciating nature and to love what life brings. Wordsworth left his home to travel to beautiful places. He beheld the beauty and let it inspire all his poetry’s faces.
Wordsworth and Coleridge taught me some things On appreciating nature and to love what life brings. Wordsworth left his home to travel to beautiful places. He beheld the beauty and let it inspire all his poetry’s faces.
So close I could almost taste it. Yet, all along, I knew I'd be scared to face it.  The thing I'd been chasing The one I'd been craving. Yeah, I'm scared to face it. It's a paradox A pandora's box
So close I could almost taste it. Yet, all along, I knew I'd be scared to face it.  The thing I'd been chasing The one I'd been craving. Yeah, I'm scared to face it. It's a paradox A pandora's box
Poems are confusing  Their purposes disguised Seemingly blunt yet concealing  A plausibly traumatic demise Whomever shall find these creatures appealing
Sonnets are spoken for through a story.
With careful cadence, ink steps on pages And rhythmically, words stride to our minds. They serve all the troubled of the ages,
You have a beautiful smile, thats what you said. I laughed it off as just pretend. A month then passed and you were there, Right beside me combing my hair. Behind my ear in a loving way,
Bang, Bang. You Shot Me Down. You broke my heart and let me drown. You lost sight of what we had. You didnt care if it hurt so bad. We Fell In Love In A Hopeless Place.
When I’m with you I feel so brave  Like nothing around could make me cave You keep me safe in the dark  And when I’m with you I see a spark  Together we can beat them all  No one can ever make us fall 
Once I read a poem So boring and old. It consisted of rhymes  And a lesson untold. I analyzed the poem, scrutinizing it with my eyes. Yet the true meaning remained hidden, never to abide.
Words are the bridge to our thoughts; Created to convey an idea inside. When my mind is tangled in knots,
For I did not know it would be this hard, walking around with a broken hard. Hiding the pain behind a wide smile, but only being able to fake it for a while. No one knows and no one will, about the hurt that has been delt.
The Bill of Rights- our First Ten Amendments They ensure our Rights and Freedom Limiting the Control of our Government Giving us Powers when we most need them  
Glass child in a world of plastic Cat lover that’s allergic to cats, and People lover that’s allergic to people Love lover that’s ashamed of that, I Hate crowds cause that’s too much static
What do you see when you look at someone? Do you only see what’s on the outside, the skin and bone? Or do you see what is on the inside, their heart, their mind, their soul?
Arriving in Rome, awakened and upbeat  A vision of artistry, so excited to meet. Shifting through the crowds, in the distance I observe Someone is hurt, striking a nerve.
Make sure you read this more than once. Lack of pursuit results in dunce.   I have much to say and much to show. Remember you know nothing as this is the goal.
Often, it feels like I speak into a void People come and go because they get annoyed Poetry focuses on my issue And at times shows me how I misuse Relationships and people, rather they're at fault or it’s me
A piece of writing, according to a dictionary definition That partakes of the nature of both speech and song, according to a dictionary definition
It is the eyes for the blind And the ears for the deaf It pours life into my mind And kills every closeted breath.   It releases a fire of emotion And opens a floodgate of truth
Shel Silverstein could make me smile, On a good day or one bad. Just not reading his poems for a while, Would make me close to mad. Judith Viorst could have me smirk, After reading an absurd verse.
As I sit within the walls of darkness within,  poetry pours onto my page,  words ive spoken, places ive been,  offering relief from my cage,    As she sits with her hands over her ears, 
You are there beginning through end You encompass us before we are even given a soul You shout at the thought of the fears we do send
Mirrored edges slit spirited pledges That were made in boastful lie Farfetched canons stretch quandaries asunder That would have otherwise caused you to die   In this half-baked day of a summer splay 
There is a quiet power to the words bound to a page, From descriptions of the rain To lines of fiery rage.   A poem shakes your hand And weaves art inside your brain, 
Caterpillar oh so slow. Moving at a pace so as not to show. Your mind slowly growing and growing. Learning and being twisted as you go. Caterpillar that moves so slow.Caterpillar wise in your ways
I learned to forgive and escape my troubled mind I stopped just to give you a bit of my time I write and I write hoping to perfect these lines But the effort is not seen after I erase them 15 times  
When stuck inside a world of doubt When words you seem to be without When all seems like it’s doomed to fail A golden poem can prevail.  
Thales found a river running past The poetry of Earth beat fast On whim, the river’s course may change In brilliant prose, the forest strange
I don't want to fall and wonder why it has gone to nothing/ You left me out in the stormy rain, I thought you were bluffing/ Tears streaked down my face like the dirt you made me out to be/ 
Many can say that Poetry is a simple concept However, they probably don’t understand that it’s difficult  to create a piece of literature with technique, symbolism, and depth
I pursued Psychology, why? Because I felt a step closer to you. I began to write in a journal, why? Because I felt closer to you.  I never knew what  I wanted to do, besides play soccer Until I met you. 
my interior design fixes up to be my mind nerves build the walls up
The little boy slid Across a wooden floor. His mother called him over To hear near-forgotten lore.   Not too far in the future, In terrified, frozen awe, He’d soon come to understand
Deep beneath the surface, A dam held back the flow. Let it out, let it out! Writing helped me let it go.
  overloaded, overwhelmed, she is able to change her mold, get traction, grab a hold flexible, elastic, ready to change  bending, changing, shaping, rearranged
You never know who you can tell. It can make you hide behind your walls and build a shell.  It started with a drink, how did it end up like this? I didn't tell him 'yes,' so why did he give me a kiss? 
Life as I knew it was not fair I was thrown from here to there. Never knowing where I might sleep  My poetry was all I had to keep.   I would write for days upon end
Hazel eyes. Blue skies. Many looks. "Got any books?" I'd travel many miles, To be with you. Sit and wait. Sanity still at stake. Lost for you. So, so lost for you.  
In poetry I recognize an everlasting peace Where my heartfelt emotions are released.   I express my current feelings from within, For in poetry I know just where to begin.  
As The Days Go By, Children laugh and play, later grow up to run and hide away The ghetto streets are the gateway to hell, soon they will grow only to hear the prison bells.
I look past the trees and into the marvelous ocean Back to the water resembling a sweet potion.  There I find peace within my heart, Surely a calm approach and start For the journey that lies ahead Held together like a loaf of bread.  I close my e
Mother Poetry, Lend me your ears, So I can tell you my darkest fears. Help me grow as tall as a tree. Mother Poetry, Lend me your helping hands, So I can be the one who understands.
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As I read a poem about life, I realize that other people go through like me, Some people have  pain and strife, Yet a few have so much hapiness which they can see, Still others fight for what they think is right,
As I read a poem about life, I realize that other people go through like me, Some people have  pain and strife, Yet a few have so much hapiness which they can see, Still others fight for what they think is right,
You sit and stare out at the fieldYou shut your eyes and form a shield.Where did you go wrong?The words and insults form a song.You’re such a fake friend!
The words in my head keep me laid down in bed They are overbearing, I am always wary My laptop, the shiny bright light I press the keys and begin to write  
What poetry has taught me is how to be true, Even though sometimes I haven't a clue. When I feel upset or mad, I pick up my pencil and paper pad. I write down my worries, my future, my fears,
My emotions belong in a cage, Eventually, slowly, hesitantly plotting a war to wage. If I ever let them show, let them out, they’ll raise hell, For the vultures, they ring the dinner bell,
Do you know me? Do you know what it's like to be me? Have you taken a walk in my shoes? Oh! I'm just a little black girl in this America we live in. I just have to work a little harder...
live in the moment and have some fun you're blind, you're naive, you never listen get crazy and wild; worry when you're done mind's empty, heart's dull, but your soul glistens  
we all got thoughts but how do we get them across if everything that's said is taken out of porportion, and in your head you don't understand what's spoken? that's where rhymes come in and words become art,
Every line has a meaning.  Emotions always flooding threw.  All heart is let out knowing what is really true no matter how long or short it is it always related to something that someone cares 
The world is a maze of good and bad. There are times when we are happy and times when we are sad.
It’s the devil in DISGUISE, When you look into its eyes, You become mesmerized. An eater of souls and a dark cloud above, At one point you thought it was LOVE. You’d give up your LIFE just to have a TASTE.
Light-Up the way for me, I'm scared of the dark. Illuminate the blackest road, with the brightest spark. Light-Up my mind,
Would it be OK if I took some of your time? Would it be OK if I wrote you a rhyme? Would it be OK if I opened your heart?
Thoughts of you surround me, You're The beating of my heart. The love you give defines me, My life no longer in the dark. I am lost if you're away, You have me so completely,
Much like in someone's infancy, we are let to roam free in a sea of joy and being naive. Perhaps they may try to sieve through our thoughts, but in growth it's important to have hope, despite any slippery slope.
Tears are rolling down the audience's cheeks and the sound of laughter continously bounces off the many walls in the theatre. Spirits are uplifted and beliefs are questioned.
I’m in with  love Kehlani lani lani can’t wait to see your face ohhh I’m in with love Kehlani lani lani miss you so much in my life ohhh every time I go to sleep ohh I I I think about you ohh when I go to the store ohh I’m in love with Kehlani lan
When you see something you know to your assumptions you go funny are limericks steady are red bricks But sometimes that is a no
Shakespeare this, Shakespeare that. From Hamlet to the tragicomdey King Lear, Our AP Literature teacher held in high regard.   The enthusiam of learning ancient literature,
Gaze into the Laver there you shall see the Saviour. Buried beneath the deep. Where sin goes down to sleep. Water rushes: Consuming. As new life rises: Blooming.  
"High School turned me into a Zombie.Poetry turned me into a Monster..."  
To attempt to meet the expectations of others was nearly the death of me.   I thought too much and ended up doubting my own beauty.   They drained me of all that I had like ravenous parasites,  
What did poetry do? Poetry was the thing that picked me up, kept me going. Here is my poem.
As I play with your tiny toes and teeny hands, I can’t help but think of the future at hand.   These little toes will soon walk, In lands where all kinds of people talk.  
Breathless from hiccups, I slowly mouthed the words I wrote, the words that housed my weary soul that was far too weak and the tears along my cheek Lovely creation from my trepidation
I used to sit in my room on my phone all of the time, even when my parents weren't home. I always knew I needed something more, as I was tired of feeling so alone. I then got out a paper and pen and poetry started to flow.
What stories would old bones tell us? What stories would they sing? I can feel my soul screaming But my head won't let it in   I wonder if it felt like this, Rome falling way back when.  
There are extreme chance to flow Or best way jump against high to low But the possibility to win Is a good idea or sin We Don't Know? Then just stand on the sand Let's everything to go
Poetry has taught me that everyone has something to say No matter what walk of life you came from Or how you think of yourself in a different way Poetry isn't some random words on a page
It deepened my soul, opened my eyes, pulled me out of my dark and internal demise. It captures my heart, describes how I feel, showing me everything that’s sugarcoated in this life of ours, is not at always real. But what exactly is real?
me and my demons, inseparable teammates, deep inside they are, waiting to be triggered.   their boss, called depression, calls them at night, tells them it's time to ruin my life.
Pencil number one is stained with blood Because innocent kids were taken by drugs.  Penicl number two has been sharped to the tip  Because kids without homes stir my stomach sick.
  The sun lights the dark, the dark scares the people, the people scream light, the sun lights the dark again, people cheered the sun, stars are bright tonight, stars are sparks, the moon shines the night, jupiter is far away, saturn rings are bri
Fingers to keys: A familiar click-clacking symphony that warms my heart and feeds my soul. I’m throwing words to my thoughts, my emotions, my trials and tribulations out into the abyss. For once I’m not silent.
There was once a week in December, from a book, I clearly remember. that I had to read with a serious look. I analyzed the written talks, of Sebastian Faulks.  
Happiness was a foreign language  Cheek tops stained with tears of anguish    The games she played ate her away  Stripped her of every moral vow she ever made   
I have a secret that has a bigger secret And for so long until now I can't keep it It’s my foil to the tragic story of my history It is neither a he nor she It keeps me up and alert through the lonely nights
What is failure? Well failure can be defined Is an evil possession Which one takes as an option For it comes before succession So no one can repress against it
When you are on your own, When you are all alone, ... Sitting in your room, and starring at the light's gloom. ... Emotions will find their way, To signalize that it is gone, the day. ...
Wheel of Choice In a world full of hate, anger and despair, Are the foolish never aware. The danger of Mother Nature,
I never want to lose that part of me. The part of me that asks “why”, not just “how” The part of me that’s willing to believe anything that’s good
Why do you have to ruin my life? Why ask about pie when I can cut it with a knife? X equals, well you can finish the rest. Even though I hate it, I’m forced to do my best.
    Just as a pianist shows great care, in stroking his fingers across every key. And just as a swordsmith will hone his blade until it brings your enemy to his knee,
Poetry, poetry, poetry. You are far different from a tale. You are the only thing stopping me from telling this world "Farewell". Although I typically talk to very few,  you my friend, have made me anew.
Poetry, Poetry, you drive me crazy and so knowingly, Do I rhyme or do I free verse, That is the question high school students ask supposedly,  
She crys as the tears fill her eyes she's afraid and doesn't know why , she can look at him and see hes a good guy her heart feels num she doesn't know why .
Worst of all. Better than the best. Feels like I'm flying when I fall. Will I rise to the test?   Super highs. Deadly lows. White lines. White smoke.
Poetry saved me.   Letters across a sheet Formulating into words, Evaluating an issue that is quite absurd. No other way to express the pain, Of my friends and teachers
Poetry has taught me to open up my feelings Giving your heart to someone in words is appealing I use poetry to show how I feel Because the emotions I feel are real With my mind jumbled everywhere
Poetry has taught me how to look at things in different point of view  When poetry is the teacher you learn why some might like the lesson and why some might want to sue
We sit in straight rows and raise our hand to speak with a system like this is it really greatness they seek 12 years a slave to this educational society  and then 4 more just so they can take our souls propriety 
I wish this wasn’t something in my life But when someone else does it, it becomes my strife. You crack another can open; I feel it cut into my soul. I won’t keep the sorrow unspoken; dying must be your goal.
Working to support ourselves living in safe neighborhoods  fighting to protect our rights  there's no way a dystopian society shines bright  while all we do is cuss and fuss let this be a warning 
Heartfelt enlightenment woven through handwritten miracles.  Fables. Observation. Recollection.  A compilation of words that reminded us that we are good enough. 
When I was broken I felt  no one understood me All alone in pieces I could never learn to be Then I discovered poems A way to provide release Letting my emotions show Finally brought me peace
I am Jackie Le I live in a large household and this house holds me; nurtures me. It is where important events have taken place and at this pace, with my family, I find myself in this castle where they've
Beauty is everywhere In the seas, in the skies. Just stand infront of a mirror And open your eyes. Beauty is right there evertime.       
We live in a world so corrupt, evil, and gross That countries can't help themselves, let alone the ones that need it most
fuck this. you're looking for a circle in the sea. poor old ketty me.   okay, only some of what i said was true. poor old ketty you.
 Homophobia- Bryant Valenzuela   I can’t stand the way people have decisions I can’t stand the way people act This is not the world I had in vision
The strings vibrate violently over the frets, Making the people collect. The drum stick cracks over the skin, Letting the beat begin.
Flashing lights Everything bright So you can bring your one and only and just dance the whole night Or maybe you're just friends, in between or another
It taught me to write It taught me to read It taught me to want It taught me to need It taught me to rhyme It taught me to see It taught me to help It taught me to be  
My emotions are in Marvin's Room, love. Soft like a dove and I hope you take care I'm surely no Drake, but I think that's fair Like the Bible, you're a gift from above Hate sleeping alone but like to shove
  We are not living under the third Reich,I march in stride with cogent sign in hand. This is what a Democracy looks like.  We finger through causes, plug holes in the dike,
Frozen and Tight  My Legs are bloody, I can see the stains on my old Hoody.
Phantom hands grasp When never severed Reaching, Tearing, Pressing Few hold long Many falter Each leave marks of passing Which burn
A picture can say a thousand words but the words in my head cant be explained by an image Haiku and free-verse and Elegy Ok,supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,their, exasperating,gone
Red is fear, Flashing through your eyes as it grows near. Orange is enthusiasm, Delightfully returning the witts of sarcasm . Yellow is happiness,
There’s a storm growing inside of me A storm I can not explain, It’s whirling and growing vastly It’s going to explode my brain.  
Your phone broke you say So I lend you mine for a day ...It's O.K.   I come over to you to chat But you keep saying I'm fat ...It's O.K.   You cheat on me with my buddy
  Maybe you run away from love because of imperfections Shortly to realize love isn't a word, it's more of a depiction Put on your glasses see the world of fiction.
There's a Union in coming together as one kin, Holding one another and lifting each other up Helping each other and continuing to care within, Remembering to show love, and hate will never build-up
War is coming upon us now, A female, they will not allow   I cut my hair with a knife, No longer am I just a wife   I am a woman of war  
Through poetry, We see with more than just our eyes, We sense more than just what lies, We feel more than just with touch, As well as cry with more than just our tears much.  
Through poetry, We see with more than just our eyes, We sense more than just what lies, We feel more than just with touch, As well as cry with more than just our tears much.  
Poetry taught me a lot of things. It taught me how to write wonderfully.  Poetry taught me to appreciate the joys it brings. It taught me how to express my feelings.  Lastly, poetry taught me to spread my wings. 
I miss the old days The times spent with you But friends finally told me To find someone new. 'Cuz you sure have changed now But I haven't left My heart aches so much as  I hope for the best. 
  A jumbled, hurt feeling A word, a sentence Hope to bring healing A heart filled with repentance   You bring me relief
Don’t tell me I’m not gay. The “phases” are phrases you like to throw out When you’re angry face goes to the riots to shout. How dare you call me out on a “fault” Like there’s somebody I am going to assault.
Rain, Rain don’t go away, Please stay for another day. Your voice is calming, Your air is taunting. The sleep you bring is blissful,
Awoken I was as I start the day,  Hands pressed together as I sat and prayed,  Navy tux lay across my bed,  Top hat rests atop my head, 
Every second, every minute, all day and night I told you how I felt, but I guess it ain't worth it right? these are just feelings they are mutual looking back in my past its so unusual
For the screens illuminate themselves brighter than street lights blinking at yellow to let you know you must speed up, but only if you choose to Life is a road full of opportunities and advances
For the screens illuminate themselves brighter than street lights blinking at yellow to let you know you must speed up, but only if you choose to Life is a road full of opportunities and advances
Drops of crystals slide down my window, I watch it closely from my pillow.   The billowing wind sends creaks through the house,
He’s caged and left with no way out,His house, not home, a place of fear;Leaving would be the best, no doubt,But he can’t do it, that is clear.  
Scattered whispers all around, Stains of crimson on the ground; Countless faces looking down At the woman in a gown.   As the white turns into red From the blood the woman shed,
The darkness set upon the town, And cold engulfed the lonely streets. No trace of humans left around For they were sleeping 'neath their sheets.   So unaware about the danger
My eyes are met with a thousand worlds And I marvel in front of many possibilities, But I can't choose. I cannot find my words. And so the strings are pulled by other entities.  
He's once again there, waiting, And hoping that somehow The fate would deem it worthy For them to make a vow.   And though it seems unsightly, And it is frowned upon,
Time passed by quickly. The days flew by followed by weeks and months and years; Some people died and some were born instead, Some were joyful and other plagued by dread.  
An endless sea of crooked trees, Spreads widely over the horizon With coal-black branches, crimson leaves, That rustle in the eerie silence.   A narrow path slithers between
In a state of grief I was in complete disbelief,  How could someone hurt me so deep? How did I cope feeling as if there was no hope? I'm telling you it's no joke.
My heart began to ache I felt my limbs shake I wanted to run I wanted to hide I sobbed And cried Then I began to write I knew it would be quite all right Poems taught me to grow
Stolen gentle kiss In Synchronicity of love Art of getting lost   April 29, 2018
A friend once came to me in need; She didn't know who to believe in a fight between her friend and me. She said, "Why are you pretending? Everyone knows, stop being condescending."
A surge of fear goes through her heart; She's all alone and torn apart. Just weeping softly in the dark Without a single light or spark.  
In the face of every single trial, The girl had smiled, for she was not afraid, And with each and every agonizing passing hour, Her smile grew larger and her eyes shone brighter;
Oh, fuck you, you shitty fucking bitch. When you needed me I was always there. But now, you've discarded me like  A loose piece of hair. Like a used tissue, nothing more to gain.
Someone wins and someone loses Someone punches and someone gets the bruises  Someone smiles and someone cries Someone lives and someone dies   It's a zero-sum game It's a fight for fortune and fame
Poetry has allowed me to spill my confessions, as though they were the ink of healing and creation, to combat the saboteur.   The one who forced
We may say libraries are disappearingBut they will always be with usThey have been regineeringUsing them is a must
I will never know for sure where the falling stars fall, Or where the black hole ends; I can never be for sure if magic exists Or if our lives are all pretend.  
I will never know for sure where the falling stars fall, Or where the black hole ends; I can never be for sure if magic exists Or if our lives are all pretend.  
                                                        On my wrist are scars                                                      That you can't see from afar
  Books put together a powerful message                                     You can find words that make you sound impressive
“But the Second Amendment!” they say, Moments before their children are killed by a right to bare arms, “It's because the lack of bigger guns that it ended up this way!”
Poetry. Why do we like it so much? Is it because they can be so easy to relate too and understand? Or because they can be so complicated which can make them so grand? Is it the way it can be oh so short?
It’s finally the day to come, blood mixing in, flows like a river through oceans of sin.   Long past the point
No more tears left Your on your own Sleepless nights All alone It shouldn't be this way Love isn't cold. Wasted hours Day and night Hand on your heart  And all was right  
A Venetian house, surrounded by vines. An Italian dock, created with pines. A nearby cafe, a table for two, I sat there alone, just waiting for you.  
You hear me?   Stay to my left cuz I am right with you, I see the light in you, Bared witness to the might but as well as the spite in you, Felt blood and tears that were lead by the fight in you. 
Forced to the back, Crammed against the wall like a tack, Pushed out of View Treated like I have the flu.   It's been happening for years, I speak and no one hears, Never told anything,
Yesterday was once a dream, A memory of you,  just foreign gleam. When looking into your eyes after all this time, Like nothing has passed us by.
In a poem you should see me, Or atleast the person I long to be. My own personal hideaway,  Where my thoughts can play; Among the stars, Or in fast cars.
Reopening this hidden treasure chest Treasure not of riches but of rareness Holding all my worst and bits of my best
Calling us aliens, undocumented freaks,  drug dealing mexicans and child molesting creeps, he's stereotyping and making us look bad, this new world we live in, it's just plain sad,
Idiotic, that is the word, My life is nothing, not even heard, To be or not to be, When there is no fee.   Words on paper, They can make a crater, A way to let go, Where we can grow.
It's much too hard cleaning up these glass shardsoff the asphalt street.I was picking uptiny pieces that got stuck,now my frail hands bleed.And then a midnight wander I began to pondernow a paradoxical memory.Never again will I seek the thrill of
Is love enough Love cannot stop a man from moving It cannot change a person, place or thing Love cannot build a ladder for escape It cannot kiss away my broken brain   Love is merely a chance, if that 
The sweet embrace That gently calms me Until my dying days It adores me A pale skin, lacking color Has such a beautiful, silver luster The dreary look in my eyes Reflects the crying autumn skies
Speechless, words do not flow about how I feel Lost like ashes in the wind nothing I see appeals  Heart ripped, battered and sore with the sledgehammer I trusted you once, twice, but not again with your disruptive manners
Silent Lies By Ember C Tupelo   A darkening sunrise A beautiful, young girl cries Betrayed by the knife and its horrible disguise
Mon cher, my dear, the one I hold The one whose love is always shown But my arms are weak and yours are strong And more often than not, I am wrong So it goes the other way And often like that it will stay
you see, music is the key to world peace. instead of all these youngsters dying on the streets  just sit down and listen to some dope shit become one with the beat and youll prolly start to spit
Sitting in class, and my tummy's rumbling Trying to listen to my teacher, but it sounds like she's mumbling All the students are quiet, but my tummy sounds like a boiling pot when it's bubbling
Im stressed Im depressed Trying to get more rest I have no where to go as the birds fly to their nest Tired of wearing the same clothes Im all dirty and lazy knowing that im a poor old lady
I feel so sad nowadays, I can't even cry. So I sit in my bed, And wish I would die. And I think to myself, 'Would they care if I left?' Then a voice reminds me, 'People get over death.'
*NOTE* I wrote this when I was sad. Right now i'm in the best place possible so don't worry about me
I walked upstairs feeling bad about myself. But then I remembered the razors on the top shelf. The urge became too powerful, I just had to fulfil. And leave red stains across my wrist,
If words were weapons, I'd be dead. I know what I did was wrong; My shattered conscious is not entirely gone, But you rub it in my face, Like a person who just beat me in the race, Of life.
I have a little blade box, It's hidden by my bed. It hides all the secrets,  I can't keep in my head. So if I'm feeling bad, or want to sink into the dew, I grab my little blade box,
My mind is a ferocious beast That feeds off of dismal and harrowing memories. Oh no, is it time for the feast?   It feels as if I am deceased. The monster putting my mental state in jeopardy,
Now it’s 124 lost, no more we can cost. We need to teach the youth about respect, not give them neglect. The fear is rising,  it should be minimizing. The school should teach,
Sometimes I think I'm not good enough. Sometimes I know it for a fact. Sometimes I can stare the world 'til it backs down, Sometimes the opposite enacts. Somehow, I never seem to fit in,
I'm your pretty standard emo, I have cuts all down my arms. I wear all black a lot, And my writing's pretty dark. People don't appreciate, My negative attitude. The way I wear my beanie,
if people were the same, the world would be still, our differences make a change, they give us our will, so stop testing us on problems with only one answer, stop shoving us in classes with only one man there,
Driving up the mountain just to see the sunrise I saw something that really caught my eye  I saw the trees that stand proudly in the summer And I couldn´t help but say they reminded me of her 
Time embraces the world with light, And sets the sun for an inky black night,  It can be the stitch for a broken heart, Or a sharp steel blade that cuts life apart.  
I want to know why the sky is blueAnd why Death must come so soonWithout warning, life is dueBut not ever knowing why the sky is blue.   I want to know where the willows lie--Why their hearts can never dieAnd Mother Earth will always denyWe're sea
The eyes grew larger at the sightThat could, a grown man, fill with fright.The eyes nearly bulged out their headWhile spying upon the walking dead.
You may look at me, But why do you stare? Have I grown two heads, Does this cause you despair? Did some wings just sprout upon my back? Do I look to be crazed, like I'm going to attack?  
I died to sleep Perchance to dream To escape this old world With its horrors yet untold.   But, alas, I stirred For a frightful air Disturbed my slumber Causing me great despair.  
'How have you been? How is your family?' I asked the shell of a woman From my knowledge of hospitality.
Cheese is really great I only eat it if it’s fake It is for the cow’s sake There is no debate: To love it is my fate Without it, I would break
I've felt nothing for all my life I want to feel human so I use a knife Crimson rivers pour from my skin Every time I slice I can't help but grin Pain is the only thing I can feel
Just a burn No concern Just a flare No care   Why are you worried about me? I'm overjoyed, I'm fine I'm so filled with glee It's like I just chugged a glass of wine  
Red, blue, green The colours flood my mind Screeching, screaming It's too loud for me
See this... All things wet... Like it's first shower of rain... Sun is on its way... And This rainbow coming out of nowhere... That's the beauty, hidden in all of us...
I keep my heart locked up in a box Guarded by a dextrous black fox   But with a glance from you the fox was slain My heart thrown into a hurricane   Round and round it tumbled and swept
Plug it in Breathe in deep Let it flow Warm and clear   I burn my skin As I quietly weep No one will know Life's end draws near   It burns but I grin
I remember your singing, my favorite sound When suddenly my heart started to pound Something different, something strange Was the reason for my mind's craze     It was you.    
One text. One reply. Two texts. Two replies. Three texts. No replies. No response; which was so unorthodox. I thought this was so uncool, to be in school.
Life in silence is indeed no lifeLife in silence is constant strifeLife in silence, suffering is rife
He tells you love takes time, There’s beauty in those words But why is beauty in the most vicious crime?   You spend every day looking for that one true love, give yourself to so many men.
(This is a Persona Poem for Min Yoon-Gi)   An inspiration, that’s what we’ll call my life path. The melody still rings in my ear when I hear their claps. The melody that plays now,
I hide within my own soul Draw back the truth you thought you did know Why do you try to keep me apart From the only person who holds my heart I thought that I would never know love
When life be pressing, I am confessing that it can be quite depressing. I'm guessing, this is addressing my constant digressing...
Rooms capture nothing Without wallpaper Coverless books Dangle bare Eroding the roots Of cotton-bound truths
You didn’t even see her pain Her tears Well they fell like the rain She lives in fear Her feelings were like a hurricane
I lay here Upon my bed Thinking Staring up ahead Why am I so fascinated with death?
A combat units living hell Roger that, over, out, that smell Don't mean nothin', monsoon rain, Red mud, Kilo Mike Alpha, plane And simple, Foxtrot Yankee, well,   It's every day in a Vets cell
What is good? What is pleasant? What is kind? In the truest meaning of the words no Thing is good, pleasant, or kind that I find. On any one thing, I could ne'er bestow Such a word as good or pleasant or kind.
Hast thou been to Paradise? He asked me as I rolled the dice In a small game of chance. That word does not suit my fanc'. Nothing is certain, I say, Nor Heaven, nor Hell, nor Purgatory.
 Sitting on the bed in her embrace, I can see the love all over her face. Her light blue eyes shine like gems Behind her thick, squared glasses lens, Her mouth is in a beautiful smile;
There once lived a mermaid named Zhavia She spent her life swimming the seas She had the gift to control all forms of water But she wanted a chance to feel the trees  
Was I the last to say before you pulled the trigger?? you had a gun back up all I had was scissors I guess you had the last word it ended with a bang shot 5 times isn’t that strange
My feet hurt whenever I walk Even with my orthotics on And any time I try to run Tears pool as my bunions flare up Turning the pain to 60 from 1  
The heart of a lover, eyes of a cheater. Stomach of the deprived, longing for a taste that is sweeter.   The smile of a friend,
Have I ever told youHow much it means to beSomebody who cares for you and meI love you just the way you areTo be with you, I'd give the stars 
a thought cannot be cultivated. if, it is not planted first in the mind - which, unsedated, remains awake with conscious thirst. a thought cannot grow or sprout if, the mind does not quench it
You broke me. Or did I break you? Here I am thinking I need to be free.  But there you are hoping we can make do.   Honestly, it really is love I feel. But things get really tough
no stopping me now got a green light free pass only because he fucked chicks from my past But knew what would happen they didn last gotta give it to the guys he did ring me up and ask
Attracted to your glimmering mirage, blind to the consequences. Sweet poison dripping from your lips, numbing my senses.  
I see red rivers of blood not merely puddles You would think that this is a horror story But this a contiguous continuous struggle   America you are a bully
A mind of gold so I said,I sit here writing centuries ahead,Many fell sick in the hospital bed,Self healing could have helped,That's why I spoke centuries ahead,
I hope you’re ok,   Not much happened today.   I haven’t got anything to say.   Things aren’t happening my way.   And you?  
My flower is so wonderful and sweet, She will never leave my side. She will always be planted in my heart we would never ever be apart. My flower is my friend, and our friendship will never end.
The rhythm of music rolls against my ears, Taking away all my fears. I listen quietly, ignoring my pain,
His hands are sweaty, and he hasn't ate, He is nervous as he enters the school gate. But he knows it is to late to turn back.
Embedded on my skin, a gift from the universe. Signatures of woomanhood carved on every curve. Pure artwork, designed with love yet misunerstood. Perfect as they are, beautiful as they should.
What a wonderful day, just another day in May. The weather is nice, but I ran out of rice. What else can I eat? I went to the kitchen to take a seat, staring at the painting of Mona Lisa,
"I can’t do homework.Now, you probably think I’m wrong, right? You want to make right this wrong in my mind that makes me say… “can’t”. Can’t do this Can’t do that
  To whom it may concern:   There is a danger of which I am sure you have not learned.   There is a creature that defies all earthly description!
Dear, Father Figure, Staff Sergeant, Rowdy Randy. Before we R.I.P. I need to wear my heart externally I, grew up empty because my daddy wasn’t with me True, walking blindly, I’d follow any male figure   You
To those who need a little extra motivation,   You can be what you want to be You can do what you want to do Always try to have an optimistic view   Nothing can stop you from achieving
The silent tears roll down my face Soon a fire takes their place My eyes look up with murder and hate My skin a cold and pale slate Your hand that reaches out for mine And gently coaxes the angry cat
Dear William Shakespeare,   Through the noblest of eyes, regarded as a prophet, Keeping the answer of sanity ever close by,
Dear Roselande,     I wish it had been different between us I wish we had the relationship that daughters have with their mothers
Dear Younger Me, You do not need your friends' approval to qualify as beautiful. Just be you, that is really all that we are able to do.
It has been a few years since I’ve last talked to you. You’ve slipped my mind as I lived and grew. I write to you this poem of mine. I hope that it’ll make it to you just fine.
Dear Younger Sister,   You have yet to learn  what life has to bring. It is not just a song in which you can sing. There is rough roads ahead,  but they are short lived,
Dear friend,   You saved me all those years ago Back when I thought it was the end... Every pain became easier to mend. And you're the reason why. Why I'm still here.  
I hear people say that Jesus is dead.  I know He is alive, He is stored in my heart. My faith is strong and by him I am led. I always wish to do what is my part,   Sometimes it is hard to follow His word.
Dear Anxiety,  Why're you like this? Better yet, why do you make me like this? So many friendships torn apart It truly breaks my heart. I want to live stress free,
2018…   Why are some folks left without mothers or fathers? Why are others in the streets having to face the icy cold and brutal heat?
Dear Sister, I see you in a bind. I see you trying to make up your mind. I know you feel like you're running out of time. If you decide that it's the end...
Dear Teacher,   I always try to do my homework well I organize, plan, and even set goals But away from work Netflix does compel
I don't think you know what I want, You've only ever known what I need.   I keep looking over at you every day, With each glance I do I feel this greed.   Why do you make me want to play, 
Dear Mom, Dad, Sis, and Brother, And my dear beloved other, Dear the squish of soft, wet clay, And an overdue Good Day, Ukulele indie bands, Graphite smudged across my hands,
I am 18 years of age I have been very vague in my past days In school, I have been called many names but I won't let it phase me in any way. I am still here today I don't care about what you got to say
I cannot ignore you no matter how hard I try. I cannot be rid of you and you don't cease to make me cry. The way you talked to me, the way you said you cared,I was the bird and you the tree-your branches you did bear.
To Life, Pardon my French, But you’re tawdry trash. An unforgiving wench, Cruel, full of balderdash. Sorrow and glee,
Dear Mom, You left too soon No one was to know Unexpectedly terminal But your happiness was terminated long ago By a horrible disease
Dear Deer,   My deepest apologies for stopping you here. I simply noticed something simple
Dear Deer,   My deepest apologies for stopping you here. I simply noticed something simple
Dear numb feeling,  I'm just sitting on the front porch, hanging the legs off. Trying to control where my head is, but it's causing a head drop. Not many understand the feeling of being lost,
Dear the future me,   I know you think You're in a dark place, But this is nothing Compared to the incoming Brace yourself, Whatever is happening to you, They are not going to 
Dear Mom, Have I told you recently? That there is no one who treats me decently? I've been feeling so overwhelmed with school And I could really use a stress relieving tool. You tell me I am loved every day,
Daddy,    You’ve gone far too soon... Leaving me with a crumbling world which mockingly mimics the earth that rained over top of your eternal bed.    
                                                      Dear Fear,               I'm writing this letter because it's never been easy to face you,                               I was told that in order to conquer you
Dear You,   It's July, and I arrive before the sun with my friend in the shotgun of my 2004 Honda Pilot. We receive unwelcomed looks
Stranger,              These thoughts have been bugging me for days,       arrays of worries and unanswered questions,       expressions I need to exclaim,       the space is to blame.
dear distraction,   don't show your shoulders don't wear low shirts no open-toed shoes   don't wear tank tops don't wear skirts no sandals, that's only for dudes  
Dear Purpose,   You have been hidden You have been malleable You have been questionable But tonight, you have been unearthed  
Dear Future Love,
Dear Caged Bird, I see the sadness in your eyes, When you look out the window, Hearing the soft, seductive sighs, Of the beautiful wind mid-flow.   The Sun kisses your cheek,
Dear odds,   What are the odds that in a whole year so much can go right but also so wrong? What are the odds my person had come along after I've been searching for so long?
Dear Whom It May Concern,
Dear Regret,   My old friend, a shadow that I claim as me, In your dark shroud and embrace I sought refuge For too long, trying to find the answers to destiny,
Dearest Depression,  You make me feel empty inside My organs full of air The closest thing to weightlessness I'll ever know.  And it's funny sometimes too How all you ever do
Dear You, The world is your home and you treat it as such, but your ambition, the damage continues to disrupt. Why is the world never enough to satiate
Dear Emily Dickinson, Reading your poetry has inspired me to write some of my own. In particular, I've noticed your proclivity for using a certain punctuation mark in your work. Please enjoy:   More Dashes
Your good becomes fuzzy, As headlines define the day: A hundred dead in Syria, Nuclear war on its way. Your average member’s tendency
Dear Ocean,    You are vast and unending Your color reflects the sky The life you hold is dependent  On the mercy above the tide.   The power you posses And the heights your waves reach
Dear Anxiety, I guess I didn’t know what was down or up the road All I knew was as I got older my happiness started to corrode As the masses started asking
Dear Insecurity,   An incessant whisper in my ear, Constantly reminding me of everything I fear. ​ In your unyielding cage I am kept,
She doesn't seem to care About things said behind her back, She always seems to laugh Because of the fear she lacks.   Her momma taught her to be strong, Gave her something to look up to,
Ask not what I’ve done for through love I go Unperturbed by discord. But voices rise, And nuptial accords turned insultful cries, For some reason, truly I do not know?