Fight the Fear Scholarship Slam


How does $1,000 for college sound? Thought so. Keep reading to find out how to win.


"Always do what you are afraid to do." This phrase popularized by the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson hits close to home with all of us as we've had to conquer our fears, big and small. Doing something you're afraid of always starts off terrifying but the experience can be rewarding in the end — the hardest part is taking the plunge and getting out of your comfort zone.

How did you overcome one of your fears, and what did you learn from the experience?

Fear can be your best friend or your worst enemy — it can motivate you to move to a better place but it can also hold you back if you let it. Have you been afraid of trying something new? Accomplishing a certain task? Or maybe your fears lie in insecurities about yourself? Tell us in a poem how you've fought your fears for your chance to win.

Note: This is a sweepstakes scholarship. That means a winner will be chosen from a random drawing.


  1. The basic requirements are this: (1) you are 25 years of age (or younger), and (2) you are a current or former high school student who will attend or is attending college within the U.S. or its territories.
  2. Add an original poem to Power Poetry by Tuesday, March 5, 2019. You'll need to register as a member of our community first. 

Got questions? Our scholarship FAQ and contest rules should have the answers. If they don't, feel free to contact us.




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WARNING! Some poems contain explicit language.
Shorts onSmiling wideDown the sidewalkStrolling, strolling
3 hours 48 min ago
out with the new and in with the old for the fear inside of my is just to bold
4 hours 6 min ago
out with the new and in with the old for the fear inside of my is just to bold
4 hours 8 min ago
My mom said patience is a virtue My dad said I needed to follow the golden rule I didn't know what that meant
8 hours 58 sec ago
I'm guilty Guilty of born in this land Guilty of hope for a dream   I'm guilty
8 hours 37 min ago