Slam for Civil Rights

February is Black History Month and we want to hear from you. We want to hear your version of history in these poems, so tell us what historical figure has most inspired you, or what event you believe to be the most important in the Civil Rights movement. Be honest and creative.

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WARNING! Some poems contain explicit language.
Big Virge - Propaganda & Lies
You know it seems that through life Propaganda and Lies are fed by those guys who wear corporate ties
1 day 10 hours ago
All sad stories start the same Kinda starts a while back On a bench you could be asked
3 days 9 hours ago
I hold my breath and look around, others are doing the same and nobody is making a sound,
4 days 11 hours ago
Is it because of Martin Luther King's dream of racial equality,
6 days 10 hours ago
Tale of my Raped friend  
1 week 6 days ago