Slam for Oklahoma

By now, you’ve heard that on May 20, 2013 an intense tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma and killed dozens of people. Even if you weren't directly impacted by this tragedy, it is understandable to feel a personal connection. Stand in solidarity with the victims, friends, and families by doing what you love--writing poetry.

We’ve created this slam so you can share your response to this event. Tragedies can be difficult to process, but by posting a poem for this slam you can express yourself by letting the people impacted by this tragedy know that you stand with them.

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WARNING! Some poems contain explicit language.
Everyone is so disgusted with me since I'm an Agnostic person they can see I don't believe in much
5 months 2 weeks ago
Poem I Wrote <3
10 months 5 days ago
Poem I Wrote <3
10 months 5 days ago
It's like he doesn't wanna be with me anymore, he looks at me and doesn't see what he use to see anymore all day Fighting it's like we co
10 months 3 weeks ago
Tell me, what do you see? Birds embracing the flow of the wind crystal clear blue sky trees dancing in place
1 year 1 month ago