Slam on Race and the NBA

By now you've heard the news: LA Clippers owner Doland Sterling was recorded making blantantly racist comments about Black NBA players. Although Sterling has been banned from the NBA for life and fined 2.5 million dollars, some say that it's still not enough. 

Think about the word racism and what it means in our society. How does racism still exist in our daily lives-language, behavior, institutional, systemically, etc.? How does racism affect you and the poeple around you?

Current events are a good first step to begin cultivating your own perspectives and to ask questions. Do not get left out--let your voice be heard! This is how we create stories and build relationships. Think about what actions can you take to "talk back" to Sterling? How can we as a society move forward?

Take this opportunity and write a poem detailing your perspective. This slam is a safe forum where you can share your opinions, and write about what it means to you.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us.


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WARNING! Some poems contain explicit language.
Im judged becouse of my skin color.. But to me it doesn't matter.. You try to kill my generation..
1 week 5 days ago
You are a painter You may choose a pallet of swirling blue ocean
1 month 4 weeks ago
In the past, it was nothing but disgust. Separating colors like a disease had spread worldwide
1 month 4 weeks ago
From the deep roots of my ancestors ... A long never ending line of family ...
2 months 2 weeks ago
Race …. All powerful things come to mind ... From all the history taught ...
2 months 2 weeks ago