Poetry Writing Tips

Words are weapons. Your words can change the way people look at the world and our guides will help you improve.

Instagram poets, or "instapoets" as they are sometimes called, have been making big waves in the world of contemporary poetry.

The best artists are those who successfully merge word and sound to create a unique expression of the human soul, whether that be with l

As it in inevitable for us all, death is a universal experience that affects every single person.

If you've visited our poetry terms page before, then you know that a

Reading poetry aloud goes hand-in-hand with writing it.

Good news: You already are!

It's one of the oldest holidays in the world — starting all the way back with the famously passionate Romans in 496 AD, when the Pope se

Power Poetry is the world's first and largest poetry community for teens — there are tens of thousands of poems in our community.

Writing about unhealthy relationships can be tough.

Everybody has characteristics about themselves that they feel insecure about (physical and/or emotional) and often find them difficult t