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I awaken   Rub my eyes Judge the size Of my shaking   Hands   Have they grown bigger?   I’m attached  
I had lost sence of reality. You were there to comfort me. Because I love you I could cope with my sanity. I had lost so much hope in humanity. Imagine waking up not knowing if you are awake.
I am a puppetcontrolled by a soul that is who I wasI feel as creaky as an old wood,covered in skinsheets of tiger like skin with endless scars that screams sin
My chest is caving in, But there's nothing besides the weight of a t-shirt Against my skin, Yet my chest is heavy. And I must have been impaled with a bullet Because there's blood draining from my heart,
A friendly face, for friends and family, naive grins, boisterous laughs, plastered across their visage.    A familiar fellow, warm, kind, and blithe, never a stranger, or visitor,
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