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My friendship to you.Its a curious thing.We laugh and we talk.And sometimes we sing.
“If you can speak you can sing,And if you can walk you can dance,”She used to say.We all would laugh behindOur handsAnd raise our eyebrows, neverBelieving, because we wereToo clumsy,Too busy,
Sing me to sleepYes sing me a song of painSing me a song of hopeSing me to sleep dearPut hope in my mindHelp me realizeI will be fineYes sing me to sleepSing me a song of grace
I sing. Not because it makes me pretty. I sing. Not because I want to. I sing. Because it gives me Worth. I sing. And it is music to my ears.  
Let me write on your heart Let me breathe on your lips Let me tell you I love you While the sun slowly dips     Let me take your hand Paint the sky with my soul
People say you always dream impossible things but just tell them  at least I still have dreams you however have possible dreams and I would rather have impossible dreams  that I can make possible 
Listen up kids theres a story to be told, dont get caught up in the future 'fore you know it youll be old its a cold hard truth, that ya cant stop time but pay attention to the present and you just might find
Awake. What did I dream?Relief that it stays there, or sadness it's gone.Damn that alarm You'll be grateful laterThe day time you But that isn't me now!
Lost in the land of backpacks, bullying, and excuses I just can't take it any more, I'm a complex thinker in a simple, close-minded land The bland robots walk around with the same daily routine
Notes float through the air. It's unthinkable how much dots with stems can change a mood, a life, a soul.  The right chord, the right instrument, the right dynamics make the song come
Unveil yourself tonight, O diva of my heart, sing to me the rine and rune of your love. #cinquain #poetry
My fingers float,  page after page. Waves crash against the boat, they've gotten harder with age. But still I sing. When I'm lost without a map, and the world around me 
In one chord I feel my heart rising. My breast heaves with elation. In the next chord I feel my heart dropping. My sobs tighten in my chest.
She plays a love song to the waves as they gently kiss the sand; She plays a waltz to the palm trees as they dance in unison; She plays a lullaby to the setting sun
To read is to step into an alternate reality
 To write is to build one
 To act is to live outside of yourself
 To dance is sometimes just to have fun
 To sing is to let your worries flow

I am a bird.My voice holds the powerto sing you to sleep—to lull you into a dreamlike state of mind.
This beautiful music - The key to my "Someday" That is what I told myself, And it was true This beautiful music got me here This beautiful music got me through A childhood of pain 
The bustle of people, yeah classes are starting again.
Before I get as cold as stone,Before I finally die,Before I rest my weary bones,Please sing a lullaby.I've never heard one before;I don't know how they go,But 'fore I leave forevermore
To be heard like the songs of a bird filled with happy hamonies and mellow melodies
All my life I found it hard to properly express myself
Music has become, Pop culture, but to some, It is the blood Flowing through their veins. My music is, To me, Everything I am.  You see,  I need music to survive.
  We finally learn how to work out the rhyme, And we see to move on and not worry for time.
  If I could have my dream job I would use my voice Use it to make sounds Use to make a choice Use it to make art painted by my mouth Drawing the images on the canvas of your ears  
To be or n
The life of light is sweet,           The still of dark is not           As I sit here and weep,           My heart begins to rot.           My life without a smile,
The life of light is sweet,           The still of dark is not           As I sit here and weep,           My heart begins to rot.           My life without a smile,
Screaming lyrics till I’m hoarse, Till my throat bleeds, then I’ll have satisfaction, Music- I sway, dance, sing, I scream with it. Take each carefully planned note like a last sweet and sour breath.
An electric shock through your veins, steam seeping out your brains. Sound, musical bliss, nothing can compare to this soul mate.
We all have song in our hearts. Many are afraid to be heard. Some people do not sing. No, they do not sing a word.   Why would someone hold back,
As I look up in the sky,
When you ask me if I ever talk It will be because you haven't heard me yet When you hear me speak You hear the voice of a young girl A hint of a laugh And a hint of a cry When I speak
(Read in triplets, so "Tri-pl-et, Tri-pl-et; Ti-be-li; In-to-the light-comes-the ...") ~ ~ ~ Chaos, disorder, and darkness, beyond lies a great expanse of wilder and here there is naught a trace of clearness or form
Sing of the joy, sing of the light, sing of the hate, and sing of the night. The emotions you feel and the burdens you bear. Leave it all behind and sing without care. Sing about peace,
cracked rum  eyes              drum drum drum huh-umming a tune swirling like a ball in a jug a warbling happiness, tickling edge of tongue not whitman’s yawp but I’d like to think it’s similar
I am a bird within this cage but you are too rough with me so I will not sing. 
I wish that I could sing you a song A song to take away your pain Unfortunately I can’t carry a tune But if I could You would be so amazed At the melodies I would sing Your soul would smile
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