Everything is Awsome Scholarship Slam

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The love I have for my town is undeniable The small town feel makes me smile. The people are so reliable,  And so willing to go the extra mile.  Wether in time of happiness or in time of need, 
Most girls think beauty is number one, but in highschool natural beauty is burdensome. when greasy hair and pimples come too, 
Its awesome to have a silver lining, sometimes its hard to see it shinning, but when trouble is about I always find myself rhyming, finding an excuse to smile. Its all about the trials and tribulations, how
A fish in a big ocean thats you trying to find where you belong through money, drugs and items you search and search you search so much that you dont know who you are always down and sad
When times are tough When I feel lost My family is always there Giving me support Providing a unique comfort They are a precious part of my life. Father, Mother, and Brother They make up myself
Whispering winds wakes the wars on warm disolate nights. Even for the animals who writhe in the midst of a fight.
I am a man of integrity, A man of honor and character. I am a man who will fight for you, And with you But never against you. I am a man who will open doors, But not close them.
As the sun drips down/ Darkness covers everything/ Land is black/Flowers losing their last bit of color/There lies the fields of the plague/ skies of gray mist/ There could be nothing to see/ With an open mind/ An open soul/ You'll see this land
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