Suicide Awareness and Prevention

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I stand here before you Giving you my admission I'm broken beyond recognition All i ask is for your forgiveness Forgive me for the lies Sinful skin Blood dripping down my arms resting upon my hands.
Don’t tell me that you know exactly what went through my head. ‘Cause I won’t tell you “toughen up, I’m already dead!” Don’t tell me who I did it for. With that you're never gonna score
Jump, fall, land, splat.Who ever said that? Not the twisted face he sees,though it drove him to his knees. Not the voices in the dark,though they surely made their mark.
“Don’t call me ‘precious.’ Don’t be fictitious  with me. Don’t be the one to bite your thumb when I’m the one already done before everyone.
Step one: High five Step two: Lock the thumbs Step three: Slide hands so they're facing each other Step four: Make a two fingered gun Step five: Bang
Feeling that the world is closing you in to the brink of suffocation with no relief Feeling that the world has left you exposed in the open with no comfort of companionship  
Run, run, run, until your legs get tired, Until you fall down, Until you pass out,  Or until you give up.     No matter your speed or endurance or concentration, 
Her life was an abyss of cold memories  And empty promises,
That night in April was the worst night of my life. Oh here she goes again Blades weren't helping There were no more tears to cry
There was nothing left.
We were taught of depression
Slit my wrists and hope to die Not for one more second do I want to have open eyes Leave this world eternally Sleep forever, oh so blissfully No more worries to keep me up No reason to give a fuck
Wisps of dreams To win the mean
Oh say can you see The home of the brave?   I see none. I see the truth. I do see, tis true, Not by dawn’s early light. No lights springing from the sun’s rays,
Oh say can you see The home of the brave?
The tears fall from her faceLike a river that never endsThe pain that she feelsClawing its way throughThey laugh and jokeNot seeing what it's doingTearing the hole bigger
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