toxic relationships

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i thought i did something that made you mad made you hate the way i blink or hate the way i shiver when it’s cold outside i thought i did something that just
There’s something familiar im experiencing here. Four letters, seven billion definitions. What I once thought was love turned out to be fear. It turned out to be rage.
I wish you would just hit me But you got inside my bones and split me from the inside. I hate that I’m that girl who writes poetry about a boy to feel human again. But you’re not a boy,
your touch it lingersit lingers on my skinyou were so warm I never wanted to give inas tears fall from my eyes now I can finally seeit was never you it was meI want to see youI want to feel 
***Trigger Warning***   “Boys will be boys” “Let bygones be bygones” “Forget about it” “Get over it.”
I’ll use my broken bones as a splint My black eyes will start my eye shadow You can’t keep me away with the danger of bloody noses Violence won’t wash away la vie en rose
I put the bottles to my lips hoping to drown myself from the sadness. Never realizing how toxic these bottles really are for me. Drowning myself from the toxicity of you.
You told me I was your little pearl. Glimmering and white, Pure and loved, A beauty to beat the rising sun. I was naïve and innocent,
It is bittersweet. I miss taking you to eat and I miss rubbing on your feet. I miss having someone to trust and to be vulnerable with and to lust after.. You'd eat my broccoli and I'd eat your crust.
Calm overwhelms me   Breaking and splintering the anger and painThe words you spoke to me may heal with time But scars take far longer to fade    I stand tall  
You taught me to be silent You stole my voice You told me to be small You stole my strength You pushed me down You stole the ground from underneath my feet   But today I stand back up
Our lives are inexplicably connected and I hate that   Every corner I attempt to turn your face lingers, leering with kindness and hesitation   I scrub myself
A conversation between two people about a boy she’ll never know:   what is it that you like about him? like the one key detail that separates him from the rest  
Hypnotized, brainwashed, tortured yet I never leave.  
I needed you like I needed a cigarette. Like tar to my lungs, you poisoned my life. I was only 17 and thought, "This is what love is"... It was more like drowning.  
i gave you everything and it still wasn't enough. you made me feel like i was nothing.  made me believe that i was difficult to love. and like a fool i kept trying,
    no one   saw  what you   did except           the crickets    in the        garden     who            chirped a       melody
You asked me to be honest So I told you I was fine Because I know That's what you wanted to hear   Time has moved forward since then I no longer fear your hands Even if they never
You don’t know how you plucked my heart like a rose and it skipped a beat as you                   whispered the sweetness of sonnets.
I first recognised it as an infant, becoming accustomed to this trait. Sporadic bursts of love and laughter were sure signs  this was meant to be.  Then monumental loss replaced it with a scourge of darkness
My mentor, my dear mentor, How terrible you have been to me, And yet I must thank you.
Before I learned to think in her critical voice,
Four months ago From the beginning you were mine I was yours It was perfect We were perfect You were perfect
::Build me a home of stone and dustLight up the fire with roses and lust//Lay me a bed of feathers and cloudsSing me a song of the torn and the vowed//Show me dissenters with rocks in their slings
I want to love you with all my heart, But I can’t. I want to give you everything, But I can’t. I want to care for you, And take away your pain,
I’m so scared I’mscaredI’mscaredI’mscaredI’mscared I don’t know What to do How to act What to say I’m so scared
you ignited an uncouth flame a knife to sharpen and a thing to blame but forever we were
My body has been burned Scorched and used From the times my feathers were ripped from my body In a pillow fight I will never win. My bones are fragile
I want to forget the way your words became teeth, Sharp, gnashing, unforgiving. You talk ‘pretty’ now. Your canines ground down and polished,
Last semester  I entered another scholarship contest-Because I Love You A slam against toxic teenage relationships Writing that poem made me realize that I didn't know what healthy love looks like. 
for so long you've been sinking belly full of stones i press my lips to yours with the notion that breathing outward might send you upward  but somehow accidentally i breathe in
Dear Mommy,   Let me start off with the fact that I love you And that I really appreciate everything you have ever done for me But you are not without your faults In fact, you have quite a bit of them
to you, who loved me without love:   it has been so long. three years ago You were everything. had not touched me yet
Dear My Beloved Copy, I cannot recall the day that you came into my life that well anymore (I guess I am a bad mother) But I can remember is the complete euphoria of cracking your spine for the first time
Dear Untouchable,   Proven divine, your soul glows like gold under glistening sunlight; its own halo that just doesn’t happen to gleam right.
To my ex-best friend That tells everyone she doesn’t know what she did wrong; You built your confidence by standing on top of me,  Knowing that I wasn’t strong -- 
Dear Past and Present,        I write this letter in hopes that you will never write me one.        You braided my hair when I was in the seventh grade.
To you,                 You know who you are, so dare I write your name? Dare I continue writing? I dare because that is what you taught me to do.               “Dream on, dream big, never be subpar,”
bend the bruises mend the stains, go ahead and break the chains, wait outside the wrong track door, hear the voices, not good for anymore.   break the bones, like all souls show,
Jordan,   Because they were rough, and calloused The worn fingers that laced with mine matched the temperament of their owner The hands of a hard man  
2017bled out in color for me, a thousanddifferent shades tempered by jealousy andreminding me that indeed they wereghostsof somebody I used to know that Ididn't anymore and I didn't
And when you left I thought   You had taken     Everything     From me.  
Covered in a fury of flames,And subsequent smoke,I called for some water to quench myparched self.So you,My beautiful,Last signal flare,guided me to your outstretched arms.You became my oceanOf loveAnd shallow devotion.I grasped for your hand,Sear
Hello. Please, don't get your hopes up. This is NOT a love letter.  This is a letter to say goodbye. Goodbye to the days of whimpering with fear, everytime you stepped near.
I want to cry Screw up my eyes and bawl Scream into a void about the unfairness of it all But the tears refuse. They won’t come to my eyes. Won’t allow me release from the torture you brought me
Ill use the love letters you wrote me to fuel the fire I light to destroy this paper house I have been living in.    
I care, and Why by Henry Rude   You text me all day. What is going on right now? I would like to know.   He says "I love you" Beats and bruises, scars and slaps
It consumes you and becomes what you are now. Love is when you hold me dearly to your chest. (You’d do so if you loved me as much as I do you).  
Black eyes, bruised skin Just because I love you, doesn't mean I'll let you in. Love with you is fist fights, broken glass. Harsh words that cut the skin, broken plates littering the floor That's not what love is.
I felt alone, I felt betrayed I didn't leave because I was afraid When I asked for a good reason to stay, He said, "Because I love you." I watched and every day I tried To forgive him, but I still cried 
It's a crowded room, but all I see is summer rain on cobblestones, and through a rain-stained lens, something points my vision to you. Like the headlights of two cars behind red lights at a midnight
Are you willing to wait for me? I don’t know if it’s right to abuse you like this   This is my fault Retching at pictures at everything you do the moment we kiss
It's crazy what i did for love You put me in a box that kept getting smaller. and smaller. and smaller. Instead of breaking out, I curled up and made myself smaller. and smaller. and smaller.
“I do it because I love you,” He will say when he goes through your things.  “It’s not because I don’t trust you,” He will tell you, but he enjoys the fights that his actions bring.   
“goodbyes” from a list of messages never sent.   You told me it was unfair For me to get up and walk away But did you not see
Pen to Paper My words are lost Like endless black oceans. I have no words for you, I'm tired of these useless notions. I held you on a pedestal And watched it crumble. As the evil seeped through
Really, I’m not sure what exactly I was expecting, looking for answers in your fragmented breaths. I’ve spent much more time than I’m proud of trying to look at you through a rearview mirror instead of a foggy window.
She knew that loving him would be disastrous, but she was already a disaster. She knew that by holding onto his hand meant that she could be left all alone, reaching out for a hand that was never meant to touch hers.
I fell in love with his tragedy the way summer comes The retreat of the sun only breeding vulnerability coercing me, importuning me, to surmise my sole worth in this wretched world was to be enough for him
Over the course of time I’ve caught a couple knives in the back From a couple friends I thought it was kinda weird how they thought It would feel good  
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