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Found 3 days later,  face down in the alley, dead. 16 year old boy, with 16 shots to his head.     the boy’s last words,
racism a violation of the right to e q u a l i t y in other words the color of our skin determines our lifestyle   skin is skin
"Akonadi, the people’s activist." Akonadi is an oracular goddess of justice and a guardian deity for women. Inspired by a Ghananian goddess.    
Wanna keep you alive Let's monitor the vital signs The world was never designed For the "Real nigga" to be on the rise or incline They only suggest the Ominous future The Real Nigga must maintain to remain
Black people are always getting treated like dirt Someones getting shot or ends up getting hurt We try hard and fight for justice so this can stop
I am the seed that my ancestors planted. Resilient and grounded- From the freedoms they founded I am the seed that my ancestors planted. Black and educated- Though my demise was premeditated.
I am the seed that my ancestors planted. Resilient and grounded- From the freedoms they founded I am the seed that my ancestors planted. Black and educated- Though my demise was premeditated.
IM ANGRY. And yeah I have a right to be. Cause ain’t nobody fighting hard enough for our equality. It’s like every time I look up, yet another sister or brother dead in the streets. Black lives matter! Yeah, I said it.
Heavy hearts beating, As hard footsteps slap Against the ground, In the shape of a flee.  
Part 1 inequality   Mind is full Fridge is empty But ain’t that the way it supposed to be I have less so you can have more Ironic how
Just because I am a darker skin color I am not ghetto I am not out of what's "acceptable" I am not white washed I am more intelligent than you think Just because I am nonexistent in your household
I stand behind in the abyss watching the dehumanization of my people. We are called the lesser, not considered a human being, animals. We stand in fear, frozen. We stand in sorrow, defeated.
Black Power I want to climb on a tower I want the whole world to hear This is what I fear Is this what the world has come to?
The system never understood us,  They called us gang bangers, hoodlums & more.  I never gang banged,  I never even stole but to them I was just that.  We were always more than what you seen on the surface 
I am dirty feet dancing in the jungle I shower in my mother countries water with my neighbors A naked body is my friends and I because Jesus isn't born for another century I am enjoying the heat that blackens my skin
Everyday we play danger with our lives. Smoking, drinking and partying with drugs. Tryna be a Tupac when in reality we just some low down wanna be thugs. We not shooters out here..We just should've, could've, would'ves in the hood. A NBA player to
They say black lives don’t matter cause we out here killing each other.And when they see him all they think of is a thug.Another brother who’s gonna rot in the gutter.Get his picture ready for the newspaper.Tell his mother her son ain’t coming bac
On the day my little brother begins to see race. I'd like to think he will be ready for the talk I'll give him. I'd like to think he will be ready to carry the weight of all the self-love I will place onto his shoulders.
USA Home of the free and land of the brave right? Yeah, that only applies to you if you're white.
*sirens going off*  So I surrender, I raise this white flag Because I do have a right to be black I put my hands in the air to be free But can I truly be free if its only color that you see 
Hard working father, scraping by, stares at the photo he keeps in his box Soon as it hits 5, he’s off the clock
  Welcome to my country My home and my land My pride and joy   My country The place of freedom
Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light People born to privilege deciding what is right. By the cop lights’ red glare, guns bursting through the air Gave proof through the night, that inequality is still there.
Black Lives Matter is a movementA movement that started to finish the works of our predecessors.A movement formed to let young black people know that we are important,That we are worth it,
On God's hand, We are said to be held In the palm of serenity And understanding. That smooth skin Is cracked by the cold air Spewing from hot head debonairs. Since when is God's hand not a right
Everyday a child is born, and everyday a child is taken. Whether it's from white on black, or black on black, a child is taken.   Everyday a child is taken.
Dear America the great, what is our fate? A land where we care more about the vape than the women getting raped.
Dear America,  You kidnap me from my home and family in my motherlandYou stuff me under your ships for months and set sail for a New WorldYou ruffle my feathers and force me into your fields You sell me as a slave for way less than my worth You be
America! land of the free. But why does the freedom in my hands look different than yours? The equation does not equal. One will never equal none. I look in the mirror and see myself, just like you.
America is not free, not until everyone has the same rights as you and me. We? Us? Them? Who am I to say we are the same. They fight to walk down the streets. I fight just to marry the man of my dreams.
we are america the brave   do you see us?   we are here feet pressed firmly into american soil and we will not back down these are my sisters and my brothers 
America, you lied to me I came here to grab all the opportunities It was a long wait, in that large embassy I held on my mother’s hand as we flew across the sea  
They say “make America great again” Again? As if there was ever a time in which America was great
My mother has green eyes They still call me a negro She has straight hair too But they still call me a clicker   My father has skin that’s black like cocoa
  They say we are free But I still hear the caged bird sing We may not see the strange fruit up in the trees But we sure do see them laying in our streets
  They say we are free But I still hear the caged bird sing We may not see the strange fruit up in the trees But we sure do see them laying in our streets
Roaring through the Purple Mountains Majesty Comes a thunder deeper than any ocean And from across the golden fields and valleys Comes a great people in motion
i have always been a fighter. not the "squae up, meet me afterschool" type of fight. i'm talking about the boy in my class just called me the "n word,"
See know, I want you to love me but not for the appearance that you see. The mere steam that is green but for the growth,  I have shown from the seed I once was to the roots I have grown.
When God says, “It’s time” it’s time.But the world was not ready for Trayvon’s cries and bloody eyes, as bullets struck his 17-year-old spine.Blood gurgling from his lungs as he yells for help But no one was to be found.Soon the nation roared with
1. Toss aside your signs and pick up your gait2. The line is long for those pleading for gain3. Yet grit can’t be defeated by mere hate
The girl looked up from the magazine and gazed at her own reflection.   Her skin, Bronze, Warm, Earthy, addicted to the kisses of the golden umber sun.   A St. Tropez spray tan,
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