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Time. Time is such an important thing, you never realize that you have to consider.
“That smile how do you do it everyday?” “Love” was all she said. The smile that went through hell and back. The smile that has been at a breaking point.
Have you ever been scared? Felt like the blood in your body just stopped moving, Stopped circulating, make you believe you’re dead Like if you tried to step forward your leg would break on impact.
I want to create unrest in you, As those before created in me. The kind that sets your soul ablaze  And nags until it's free. It won't let you sleep without a dream, Or rest without the glimpse of a beam.
Dear you who is learning to understand, It's not about you. It never really was. True, your words (like knives) cut deep into my heart, ripping it apart when I needed it mended.
Down in the dumps, Why should I even get up? It is not like today is going to be any different, everything I do seems insignificant.   Everybody is stuck in the same cycle,
Dear Man,  
Iv'e watched desire, existence and the ripened fruit fall and clash from the disrespect of inhuman species Glided through adolescence hoping that the kinks in my curls will relapse through its stuggle 
When I was born the stars told me that I was going to be everything I wanted to be. They spoke so soft ad kind I knew that discovering myself would be hard to find.
Is it the ambitious girl dream? To wake up not knowing what the day may bring? Or is it knowing that through trials, and tribulations She will remain! Is it the ambitious girl dream?
What do I do on a rainy day When the storm clouds won't seem to go away? What is it I do to put a smile on my face? I take a step back, I slow down the pace.   I forget about all of the stress and plans,
I open my eyes , I close my eyes, I lay down, I wake up, Nothing has meaning. Everything is the same.      You mean nothing. I mean nothing. THIS. ALL. MEANS. NOTHING.  Without motivation, my world is a blur
My happiness through the storm is like a baby that is born Held in the arms of it's mothers, my happiness is there when I suffer Throught the days of the struggle, at time when my knees may buckle
At this point in my life Nothing seems to make me feel good It’s like I’m the last person In an abandoned neighborhood Friends will come Friends will go But there is one person
Monday’s are depicted as tiresome, Where the weekend of fun ends. The rest of the week then seems like a drag, lazily carrying yourself through the dull times  
[Hook] I'm so exhausted . Can ya see I'm frosted I tried too hard an' lost it Now I'm frost bit . Bitch you just crossed it Please get da flossed kit Fuck aroun' an' i tossed it
I am a god To a religion That doesn’t exist it is a fraud But the origin Of it is not Because it is about me And the wars i fought Just to be let free I am a warrior Sent to warn
My passions burn deep into my soul. I have not one, but many goals. My hunger, my ravaging hunger, for knowledge will stop at no ends. My ambition, of the stars and beyond, won't stop here, I cannot,
She walked up on stage. Her chin up, Back straight, Body leaned into the microphone.   A deep breath,
Written Expression Stuck. Brick barriers of muddy membrane. Imprisoned. Caged by my thoughts and identity. Black, young, and Christian.
When I was young, I heard the song of a caged blackbird singing, I heard happiness and vitality in his voice, like he was proud to have seen this year’s spring. What I didn’t realize at the time
I've been told my whole life that I'm hard to handle. I tried to be quieter, softer, more agreeable and likeable.  Why? Why smooth out my edges? I am sharp like a razor.
I Dreamt Of The Land, That Unbelievable Land, Where I Pay For Entitlement, With The Cut Of My Hand, Where The Rune Of Treachery,
Fifteen years old, You finally can fill a training bra.   The boy behind you in class whispers,
At the age of fifteen I lost myself in the cold of a crowded highschool. I didn't know what was cool, I didn't follow those that ruled. Halfway through my freezing freshman year I discovered I wasn't truly lost,
Saturate me. Watercolors on straphmore are never enough when I want more. More of you - of your hands on my lower back, of hiding from your dog who I affectionately dubbed "baby monster",
Bell Glass I try to cross the thresholdsI try to shovel poetry in glass bottles eaten by the seaSome BellJar note washed ashore,some ancient hand had written
Dear daughter,   I am writing this to you as I am barely just experiencing life This is so I can connect to you more as an individual Cause I know as I get older my memories of being a teen will fade
Ugly. Fat. Aren’t you ashamed to look like that? They called me such names that stuck in my head There was nothing more painful than what I just read
There is a moment, when a spark thunders down, when all I need is a glass and no sound.The first moment like it, which no one could predict, was, for me, when everything clicked.
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