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What am I afraid of?                                       Heights?                                              Well    yes, but I write this in a plane and I’m not nervous at all
Within my heart, a terrible fear Has swelled and beat and filled the ears One beast I say caused all the tears: “How to Pay for College.”  
Reading, skimming, can I? No. Please, just come, you have to- No.  I'll go, alone... I'll seek a means And perhaps unfold a tangled dream. That clout, that spirit It's held so high.
Dear Mom and Dad, I love you both You've clothed me and fed me before I could do it for myself You've helped me through all of my problems You've stopped me from doing things I shouldn't You've raised me
What’s in my head?   Why can’t I be dead?   Who said I shouldn’t dread   A future that led   To bright things, they said  
Going to college isn’t a requirement Going to college is most definitely a privilege Going to college is a privilege I believe all KidsShould partake inGoing to college in our society is seen as a GrammyGoing to college is a Grammy because now you
I vaguely remember I time where it was better, A time I could use to slumber, Grades, Classes, GPA all of it now seems to matter more,
Who would've thought the girl averaging nothing but C's and B's in high school about to be a Alumni of a University within a year. So many people say oh go to the school close to home you probably won't last away from home.
Ankh No two days are the same; Life is experienced in stages, We cycle through different identifies till We find the perfect one. I haven’t found the perfect one, but
staring at your fingertipswhere've you been in line with all the innocentsyour just not them  the time is passing through your clockits only one but the fights been overand you just haven’t won
I drown in worry. Where will I be in a year? What will my plans be? Will I be happy? Is sucess all that I need? Is there more to life? Past expectations. There must be another way.Something beyond plans.  To break through bound'ries,we must accept
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