' 'losing yourself'

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A small blue butterfly Sits on the stone Staring at the skylight                    Completely alone   She stares at the stars So far away
Hello out there to the universe my guardian angel is someone out there somewhere really listening to my hearty blues to those prayers and sleepless nights that i cry myself to sleep?
Dear Raven, The naked mole-rat intentions that rashesthe film of your eyes nudges the clay whichcrumbles in a whisper, spotting a flutter,hissing into the dust I bite. Bathe under your chalky roof, sculpted fromliquor-sweet caresses that anchor yo
Dear Dumb Diary When I need someone to talk to no one listens, So I write in you. The best parts of my day And the things I can’t say You're always there. Just like little Junie B.
A smile on my face even when it hurts to make it happen A ache in my heart , not knowing why it's happening A broken mind,trying to holding on to every piece pain and anger  is the only things escaping me
I have to let go. Your words are short and few.My time is spent waiting. Always waiting. Waiting.Years of waiting. I have endured disappointment, sadness, loneliness.I have to let go…
Because I love you I don't love myself. I look to be you in every way.  I walk like you do. Talk like you do. Do you see me? Do you? I do you better than you do you. 
Because I love you I lost myself and another too I let you change me Without staying true Because I love you I let you do Whatever you want I then become blue Because I love you
The​ ​end Blow after blow Knocking me to the floor “bitch, whore, slut” As i ball up in fetal position He’s screaming out a lot more “you’ll never amount to anything”
No matter what I may say, I do not hate you, I do not hate you, I love you, And the only person I truly hate is myself Simply because I thought you were different,
I think he don't love me Cause he makes me suffer with her words. Sometimes he says that I'm a bad girl. Sometimes he says that anyone don't need to love me.
Mama says I'm beautiful But, the pod shows me some else Yellow and small you see A regular chick that's me Why can't I be the ugly duckling   Why can't I have  a beak that peaks trough the wind
Low, hollow night ready to dismember The facial expression on his face couldn't decipher. My infatuation for him was in December.
Where am I going? Where have I been? Where am I headed? Where have I stayed? Where have I grown? Where have I diminished?
Who am IIs the questionMaybe I don't knowWho am IMaybe I am youthe voice inside your brainThe sound of your penWhen you right his nameThe sound of the door when it slams
They want a story. They want gold. They don't even try To understand your soul.   What is happening? No one's listening. What am I saying?   Wait.  
They want a story. They want gold. They don't even try To understand your soul.   What is happening? No one's listening. What am I saying?   Wait.  
Sometimes I look at myself 
The truth behind Beauty and the Beast By Alex Dix  
O self, do you expect results without work?Where have you been and what have you seen of this harsh world that you would expect such a thing?
I felt my dreams die. Felt the tape on my mouth and hands tied, I couldn't fight to stop it. Just watch it. Everything dropped from a rope. At the drop of a dime, I lost all hope. Now telling white lies that I'll be fine, No way out of this dark a
Darkness, a Titan of uncertainties, holding reins of pain. He whom stifles… He whom suffocates… He whom has not a care… The beholder of lost hopes and of misconceptions. He that wishes for the broken
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