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      The dust flies up in piles, unwanted.  Coating my eyes in a layer of grit, of oblivion.  The grass is freshly cut,  just like at home.  Home. 
My heart is like a locket without a key. Will I ever find the key that’s right for me? All of the searching and looking I do. I won’t ever find one to say, I love you. 
Hi I see your confusion and Your delusions Your tears, falling, falling Without reason I see your smile, overwhelming your face Don't hide, find me, let's embrace You write the words 
Aphrodite   Goddess Aphrodite, I know you don’t have all the answers but I have a question as to whether or not it is acceptable to change myself to find love. 
I still long for us, time and time although I still have you near me, with me, by me.   It’s not enough when
   New Home,New Faces       Past  and Present, blur together       Voices echo, All is the Same yet it has changed
What is your fear? We all have fears. Some of us many, Some of us few. I'll tell you mine. You don't have to tell me yours. I'll just let loose my heart, And pray you won't crush it
(((I copied this from my previous account that was deleted, Please enjoy)))  
I lay with my lethargy under night skies,in cool, blue grass with dew settling to sleep around me.
Your name is only whispered in the dark, but I'm not lonely.   Every hello is an unfinished love letter to you, but I'm not lonely.   I spend every sunset without you, 
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