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I’ve never been good at starting a conversation. The idea of initiating a dialog used to seem as though it was easy . As if the books I read had all the answers, but what looks good on paper doesn’t always work once you look out into the world.
Roughly Windswept fickle hairs, Motley, many, green and fair An Intricate commodity  Blindly trampled haughtily Each so glossy, keen and thin All will fall, though none know when
Shall I compare you to the wonders of nature?You have the majesty of the tiger, You are vivid and bright as the northern lights.I find you more valuable than any other beauty;
O Here rises the morning sun!The grass sprouts for the sunrise;The trees dance as the wind howls;Primroses and Cowslips bloom with joy.  
    The sun is shining     Cloud is floating Starry and snowflakes fluttering The rotation of four seasons still goes on restlessly   Breeze and drizzle still passes across〝the manor〞  
streaks of color a droplet / a prism bold, crazy, rainbow.   the scent the earth soaked in new sunshine fresh dew   music no human can replicate. the notes
It’s flowering today on the breeze pale purple with a delicate scent; Silk petals that bruise like my skin-   The beauty of the mist is fragile,
Pitter patter of the rain on my head Sends the fears straight to bed,  In the things gone unsaid.    And the crackle of the thunder Sending all the pain asunder Taking respite in the clouds
Dear reader, it’s you. How’re you doing?Have you followed your passion? Are you living your dreamUp at college? Even if your parents first dreamed it for you,You made it your own; that takes effort to do!
You speak the language of the trees and branches of the lungs you breathe. You feel rocks with your heart and you know the best how to reach thier peaks. You have no fears, and all their paths
Summer gives way to fall, becomes winter Those old joyful days fade with the sunlight Engulfed by the distance, fade fainter May this memory fade to one more bright  
Over the mountain Over the hill Traveling this wide land Year after year   And oh, don’t you know I love you so, forever and ever And oh, don’t you know I love you so, forever and ever
A balm for hurting hearts; A peaceful dwelling for those in peril; Joy to a singing heart;  Full of rest for those who are weary; A house of friends for the wanderer; Provider for the lacking;
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