'emotional abuse'

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To the man who took the most precious thing a young girl could have... You cut me so deep inside that I may never heal properly from this.  All I wanted to do was just cry my heart out for how much pain I was in.
Dear TBD, I need some time.  But- You’ll ask why and I dont know how to tell you Its you.  Time.  That is the spell keeping me standing here.  But- I’m not sure how to fix this. 
  Wasn’t Enough I wasn’t enough
I wanted to be good, Good to see,  I wanted to meet those expectations. I hope he'd notice me.  I forgot that words could hurt so bad,   My mind so foggy and untrained. 
You gripped my chin with cold pallid fingers forced my mouth open and poured your poison inside of me. It traveled down my veins and you turned around with a frown on your face.
So you think I am a screw up. Do you know I get all A's? You told people I was a cutter. Do you know that made me insane? You'd mock the plumpness of my lips. Do you realize l felt insecure? You told people you'd never change. Do you realize your
Dear Life Problems,    Why don't you understand? I want to be me!  But, why do you try to take over my life? You don't understand. It's gone too far! It stops here, now! You cross the line.
I wake up in the morningAnd alreadyI don’t know where my day has gone.I run to the bathroom,Slap some makeup on.
Your silence makes me want to scream   Did I do something to make you mad?   Your replies make me want to cry   Did I say something to make you
It starts off with two colors Burnt orange. Brick red. They follow one another, like a dog and its tail. Black clashes,
How arrant with infatuation To one whom abhorrently loathes my desolate soul. To waken in darkness, Tormented by the enigma of loyalty and heart ache. the reminders of my past,
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