'finding peace'

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We have all come such long ways. whether near to our dear, or far from home, with each a story of our own It may be patience, trust or love, new chapters just to prove
Counting the seconds Minutes Hours Years. A million steps ahead Pursuing the trail onwards Nothing but a clear path To life A new start A crystal path Feeling free
What is a "safe life"?  I call B.S. There is no such thing.  These two words have no connection No rhyme or validation 
Balance I go to the city to gain the knowledge and grab the tools. I deepen my practice and learn the rules.   In the city is where the people are.  Where the jobs are, 
A child sleeps in peace tonight, snuggled warmly under layers of blue blankets, smiling serenely as dreams flutter gracefully across his angelic face.
I’d like to disappear for a little while To indulge in self-exile Down a road Long overgrown To hide away From this disarray
Every emotion has been balling up I can’t even feel anymore I’m feeling…. I don’t even know what I’m feeling  
O’ man, what is peace? How is it possible in the times we live in? Is it like a promise of an dove’s kiss on the forehead? Or like an Raven's cave of repeating time?
Culture and Religion should be kept separate. 
Dear, you( I mean me), Do you know the synonyms for consistency, Do you feel the warmth of  tradition or smell home coupled with the thought of peace,
I closed my eyes,let waterfall fly;a droplet led meto my corest heart.  Nothing was there,but a cave.  
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