'depression' 'Pain' 'sadness' 'despair' 'happy' 'happiness' disaster

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my self esteem has fallen out of  bed inside my head is a mess there is no fairness he still speaks silently through my words i've been told to get him out of my mind
Sitting in the corner of my dark dwelling. Lost in my thoughts. Why I’m I not being cared for? Why I’m I being rejected  By the very people I call family and friends? Is it because I’m blind?
My mind never sits still. So perhaps it’s my fault that everything we are, Morphs.  Reorganizing itself against my skull Dissected a million times over into nail-sized pieces, A lab experiment.  
Dear Happy   Let me find you in the little things   Taking naps on rainy days, and laughing until I can’t breathe Happy without reason, Happy by just purely existing
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