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I await the day you drown in your own sorrows Your pain will drown you and suffocate you the way you suffocated me  You will stop breathing unlike me more alive than ever without your hands,
I feel all alone Walking through the crowd  Heart is hard like stone  Everything is loud  Many is near  I scream until my chest hurt Can anyone hear? Do I have any worth? 
To wake up is pain. Divorce is not the only strain. Depression, anxiety, it hits me like a train. Bankruptcy, torture, is this all fun and games? All I see and hear is her name.
-"All the fragment pieces I had to pick up from my heart. Simply just to go back and relive the devistating pain that once tortured me.  I had to paint the picture blindly to not see any bad part os me. 
I feel like I'm losing control  I just need you to hold me  I don't want to get back with you just need you to hold me    
  Kids running around screaming and crying relationship failing when you thought you was trying sleepless nights long work hours killing you softly the strength of his powers
i tried to love you the way any daughter would i tried to do everything talk yell argue counsel hug fake smile   talk  yell argue counsel hug
He says I'm beautiful just by looking at the surface. He says I'm perfect yet close his eyes to the scars on my body. He compliments my smile yet fail to see its a disguise for my pain.
Meetig first time, Exciting, Meet halfway, Compromising.   Get there before you do, Mind starts wandering, Think what to say, Want to appear interesting.   You turn up,
I was finally starting to find myself love myself. Until you. I was planning a future for me where I could reach me where I could be me, and I wasn’t you.
I close my eyes and take a step Right, left, right, left   My hand placed gently, my hip grasped My right leg traps with the other, My mind goes to rest Right left right right  
What is love?
Find peace in the mist after it rains, his shimmering blue eyes. Find peace in your hearts aches and pains, his breath taking smile.   Find peace in the warmth of your bed, his cuddles at night.
You ripped my heart out of my chest You threw it on the ground And it shattered into a million pieces You threw the pieces into a raging fire And it turned into ash   You blew the ash into my eyes
The harsh spotlight causes my anxiety to tighten my chest; my voice waivers as I stand on stage to introduce my poem. My voice is weak, I feel as if I wanted to crumble into nothingness.
How many hearts have to break? How many steps do I gotta take? How many breaths, oh lord forsake? Until I come home to meet my maker?   You’ve watched me struggle and watched me drown.
Love /ləv/- an intense feeling of deep affection Love /ləv/- silence echoing outdoors as I lay eyes on you Love /ləv/- our eyes lighting up as you spin me to class Love /ləv/- handing you my heart to fix your broken one
I don't want to think about your huskey voice,  I don't want to think about the way you laughed, I don't want to think about everything I loved about you.  I can't sit here and pretend that it didn't hurt when you left,
You are music. You are in all things. You started as fun. Not serious. Then you got me alone and you filled my ears and now you’re in my headspace. I can’t get you out. I memorized you. Your movements, your pace, your words.
I wonder what it’s like. I wonder if I’m different. I wonder if my thoughts aren’t other people’s thoughts. I wonder if there’s a reason I couldn’t have him. I wonder if there’s a reason why I can’t seem to find another him.
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