'love' 'in love' 'i love you' 'love is not' 'love is' 'i love' 'you love'’

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I miss holding your hand as you fell asleep. Laying on your chest, listening to your breath And the way you would adjust So your legs were always touching mine.  
Listen. There is a beat, Soft, but clear.  One, Two, Three; Listen. There is a beat.  Getting louder, faster.  Four, Five, Six; Listen.
I begin to fall for you in Autumn So I won't be cold in the Winter. But my fears and doubts bloom in Spring, Leaving me lonely in Summer.
we said we’d never go back  but can we forgive the days in black forget the days of blue all i want is you    you’ve hurt me before and i’ve hurt you too but i believe this can be restored
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