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  I set off on Voyage At two thousand one seven The mast went high My thought would have never I thought the wind came safe Smooth sailing was here Until it happened just as I had feared
A little girl Used to be so peaceful Skipping on the road
lost, spinning out of control taken over by the sound the thoughts of you the feelings left unfelt in a whirl wind of emotions hating you loving you out of my mind
Childhood friend Why do I go crazy We never talked about it I think about it daily I left before you could And the hood never betrayed me I was incarcerated I thought about it daily
i gaze into a mirror and will the glass to shatter so i can finally see the unhidden form of my soul
i've got this thing going on that makes me different from you i struggle with being happy even when i have every reason to be it's like a thick cloud that fills every inch of my lungs and soul
Bleeding hearts like broken glass The only thing left to remember the past Dripping down sidewalks like silicone tears A face made of plastic to hide all your fears  
  I have a bad habit of waiting for people  who will never come. I have a problem thinking I’m too smart. I have a problem thinking I’m too dumb.  
The fairy and the spriggan- Lone among the trees- The glittered wings of fairies- Forever out of reach- Alone you'll stay, damned spriggan- Leaf blown about by breeze- A hand outstretched kept empty-
all these monsters in my head tryna block me off,had some friends that was fake had to cut em off,all these voices in my head want me to take my life,i tell that shit to my doctor he say that aint right
Can you help me forget  All the times that I've wept  Over someone who only ever caused me pain  While I wanted his heart  To want mine. I think about him all the time.  
It is true that not all who wander are lost But it is also true that Not all who are lost want to be found  Or maybe I’m I just don’t think I deserve to be found I feel to lost to be found I am too far away from who you think I am That if you knew
It’s homecoming this week For the high school kids It’s also my anniversary Of being lonely When I was sixteen I had a date for the dance But I crashed my parent’s car And my Dad was pissed
She plays every song nice and slow  she writes every letter with everything she’s ever known she keeps her head high when she’s below  She’s learning how to grow  she sings sad songs into the night 
Whenever you get the chance, Please, Think about what we had. Not what we should have had Or could have had, But what we did have, 
those things you said what I saw that night when he was so incredibly inebriated  the sting of a cheek after a palm makes lightning-fast contact with it waking up too early falling asleep too late
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The words I say aren't of a victim, They're words that need to be shared. The tears I shed aren't of fear, They're tears that wisdom made clear. Make no mistake my intention are true,
Blackened walls Shattered halls Broken floors Unending wars This is home and there's no atune
You're acting quite strange. however I don't know what's to blame. can you please stop scaring the kids. and stop putting so much stress on your eyelids.   shes not trying to humiliate you .
Falling down a path that only seemed to get darker with time  My Hero, my mentor, my father was changed  And so was I  Finding comfort in similarilites  I rushed and attached myself to her like Koala
No one understands my demons  They don't really care They just wanna see them. Looking at the wall with a blank stare Dream up lies no one would believe in The pages of my notebook understand me 
i said no but you didnt let go holding on to me you wouldnt let me be   now im stuck with these scars metal bars beat across my skin do i deserve this, did i sin?  
The sunflowers bend. They break their own backs to shine; maybe they want more.  
  Driving down the dark road I am alone With my thoughts I always think of death   Die b*tch.  I hate you  
Im sorry  I dont want this to be about him either But if i dont write on these blank pages I'll give my skin a visit  And even though that releases some pain I'll be reminded of him  I pushed him away 
We started off strong, Pure and true, But now you’re leaving me, Feeling small and blue.   This can’t be real,
I once thought you and I were friends Upon closer inspection I've realized You're my tormentor Well jokes on you Yeah. You've changed me But it was for the better I'm better smarter stronger
 What is the true purpose of life.  We chase after materialistic things, they make us “happy”.  But do they?   They say money can’t buy you happiness, is it true?   But if it’s true why do we still chase it ?
"Hey, look this way," the deepest darkest monster of them all was whispering. Grab that knife Grab the pills Grab the razor Grab something that will take your life  
Some days our meadow is peaceful; The daisies sway with the breeze  And our river sings a tune. Some days our meadow is on fire; Burning the grass with such passion No one else could ever know.
Just know I tried To keep the pain at bay But it keeps boiling over Without me having a say I'm alone in this world, So if I end up giving up, Know I gave out Some type of Shout
There’s a phrase I heard when I was young I heard it whispered off a tongue  I don’t quite know where it came from  But it touched my soul when I was young The phrase was short but sugar sweet
There has come an end to the fun, The natural shade has gone undone. The cloud which always blocked the sun Has taken its course on the run.    All my life’s been filled with cloud,
They ask if Im fine so I nod and walk on The beasts inside they rip and roar They howl a mournful song and I just walk along
When I feel ignored by others  I usually pretend that I'm fine.  But when I give up the act  The saddest clouds linger my mind.    My emotions want to haunt me,  Something that I can't pry. 
I can never seem to write a happy poem I don't know why I just can't do it When I write my hands they grow numb and sometimes I feel I'll never get through it But then came you and you gave me this
I stand at the edge of a cliff and I see nothing and no one I am holding the pieces of my life in the palms of my hand trying despretly to put myself back together again But it is difficult
It always seems like something's missingFrom my hollow lifeAnd I appreciate the kissingBut there's a hole insideI'm looking for the thing to fill itThe missing fucking pieceSomething has to fit
The Car in My Mind it zooms by  crashing, smashing I am confused, as my emotions  attack me Is that  really me My mind wants to drive  my body wants to sleep Someone tell me
  They ask if Im fine so I nod and walk on The beasts inside they rip and roar They howl a mournful song and I just walk along
The darkness envelops me. No one sees it. No one will. Only me. I feel it, I see it, And I know it.
Walking alone talking overgrown Living despite Crying at night Wishing for someone near Holding in fear Wanting a win Faking a grin Wishing I could have shown her
i promised myself this wouldn’t happen again where i wouldn’t chase after a girl, yet i let my rules bend,
Your hands, once so tender, Now touch my skin with the heat of burning coals. Scorching and radiating through out my bones. Everything has changed.Your heart chilled, hands ablaze.
That dark slowly consumes me It’s like inching closer to infinity Is this what it’s like to not be able to see? Don’t touch me Or come near me
      The dust flies up in piles, unwanted.  Coating my eyes in a layer of grit, of oblivion.  The grass is freshly cut,  just like at home.  Home. 
A chuckle left her lips as they claimed to know her. As knowing superficial facts seemingly can make up a person's whole identity. Though that's not why she was so amused.
His eyes reflected  A heart full of resentment  No longer wanted to try Even new love Could not survive
A silent drop of whispered tears A murmured glance of shadowed fears Up above infinity flying just below eternity   What I am I cannot explain I simply am I'm simply me
I am loved But cannot feel it, I can only see it, I do not touch it, No reactions, No risk. I am cared for by friends,
One cloudy morning before the millennium, I was in the back yard watching my little son, I Didn’t know Cuz she hadn’t told me yet, She didn’t know it was a day that I wouldn’t forget,
This lady holds me captive in my head in a cage shes supposed to love me but she don't She left me here to suffer to die she told me not to remember her she left "MOM" I scream "no" I cry as the memories start to fade as the cage starts to lift as
  He looked at me with his somber eyes And gave me a handful of lies. The truth sat in the shadows wearing an ugly disguise
i now walk through life as a ghost, unnoticed and invisible, another fatality of seclusion i’m not dead just melting away. L O
I am alone yet still surrounded Just like the air, I'm silent I am unseen yet here I'm standing On a road with not one sign Many times I wonder where I'm headed
Broken Harts Nineteen year old mother, Father and mother don’t love each other? Father not around, Mother crying on the ground.
Hold me close, I'm cold. Your touch burns my skin, You bran me with your fingertips. Your breath on my neck Intoxicates me with poisons Of anger and lust. You are suffocating me;
 A blank piece of paper can contain something so numb  So numb that I must succumb   It  can contain something never contained  It can explain something never explained before  And may open a whole new door 
The clenching in your chest? Honey, that's just a monster Escaping from the depth of your shattered mind, Trying to hold your heart together, For if your heart stops, what will the monsters have left to haunt?
She wasn't scared of the dark. Neither was she afraid of what or who might be in it. No.
A teenager who is misunderstood by those who think they understand.
I was always bullied since secound grade  they knew me as the girl in the braids  they said i had no hair  all i will do is sit and stare  i let them get to me 
I’m lost confused and all aspects of  romance, work, school and my mental health.. its all a big fucked up blur my heart is unsure and my head is unstable and where I go from here i have no clue  
branden, this is for you this is for you and your honeysuckle lips that spew venom from them your eyes hold the seas captive and the waves flow with rage and i fell in love with that
I thought you would be my best friend for the rest of my life, But moments in between the lines I felt the spark of your fire It was warm to the touch and thawed my frozen hands
Locked in The keys are lost Across the river The bridge is burned In the corner All painted in On the island The ship has sunk
Loneliness I sit alone in a Crowded  lunchroom, There's silence where I sit. I longing look at a group of friends I am quiet to the world I ache to be seen. Monotony That is what I am.
I started losing weight again. Because I started throwing up again, Because I started running again, Because I stopped sleeping again, Because the thought of you keeps me up.   I stopped smiling again.
I am who I am and I don't plan on changing I have blood on my hands and my storm is still raging I fought all I could, but my battle is over You took all the luck from my old four leaf clover  
Obviously I’m a burden As you said so yourself  Yet you don’t know I’m hurting Or how I cant stand myself   I can never be more Than the man that I am So I walk to the moor
As time moved onward and I was alone I had my father to guide me back home. I was scared of what was to come  I was lost stuck on a shoe like a piece of gum   I was lost  But thanks to you 
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