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I tried to save your heart. I tried to tell you that  he wasn't worth your time.  But, you didn't listen, you rejected me.    Now your heart's all broken, 
Who am I? I honestly have no clue No image of who I am Nor who I want to be  And it terrifies me. Everyone knows who they are Who they want to be And I just sit here, An empty void,
Does he love me, like I love him? Because- He makes my heart race, At a fast pace.   Does he not know Yet- Does he not see, The type of love I have for him  
look; i'm so, so sorry  i thought i'd made you proud.  not annoyed, i'm full of misery.  because i stood out in a crowd.  wasn't normal, didn't fit in. not in the future not even now.
Tick tock  goes that clock  when will it stop? that stupid clock  well, when it stops  so does my heart  Tick tock when will it stop  that stupid clock 
It’s so hazy in my head. I don’t even care about my daily bread. With you in my arm I am ahead. As long as I get my hit, I don’t care if for a year I don’t eat.   It erases my problems in a second.
I feel like I died a million deaths How can you not feel the same? I would say my tears are just allergies but really my heart cannot be tamed   I feel  useless seeing you with your other
How much canI take? The drinksdon't drown me likeI hope they would.You killed me whenyou killed us. Youbroke me downwhen you dropped me fordiamonds.I don't shine or sparkle
I wait, stagnant like the water beside a dam, wanting to move forward, but I can't.  Not yet. I am stuck. Restricted. Where did my voice go? It used to verberate so loudly through the mountain tops,
I'm so lost. I'm so weak. Everything I thought I once knew is now gone, its all down the drain. I feel so alone. I feel forgotten. No one care for the way they make me feel anymore.
Fresh of the yawning morning  The wickedness overdrive of rays flowing  Blue skies darken with clouds  Shearing the long roads with eternity   I sat, I breathed I followed
Dear mister professor, I take notes in your lecture
The chance that a black hole will materialize on earth is so infintesimally small as to be considered 'practically' impossible   But still the quantum physics suggesting the possibility
  Regurgitating useless facts while sitting in class,  A place of memorization not learning. A test of my boredom, an abuse of my freedom. 
grey hallways, close us in, trapping our imagination ,  trained to fight, trained to win, similar to prison, I wish it weren't true, wondering about what awaits for me in the big wide blue,
A wound that can't heal A pain I always feel Like the blood won't stop flowing The chant keeps on going Not good enough Not good enough
Here's it here's that here's everything. the discovery, the rise, the fall the fall, so steep, so black, so surprising sliding on your skeleton carrying your deserved cross remember?
I've got my own issues. Not the kind of issues that girls have with their own bodies, Or the kind that are openly discussed. No. My issues are on the inside and are like secrets hidden in a box.
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