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You're the light in my darkest hour You're the sweetness in world of sour In world of iron you've heart of gold With loves secrets not to be told You're the hope in hopeless times
Like a stick and poke tattoo, Your color has faded  From my skin over time. But, the scars you have left On my wrists and my thighs Remain. 
listen to the beat of my heart how the emotins and vibrations start howit thuds through my ribs and this is how I live. more than a thousand times a day and I have a thousand words foryou to say
Do you think of me As you turn on your fan to fall asleep? Do you hear my heartbeat And my gentle snores in the night? Do you feel me under your old blanket,
My family and friends can see the pain in my face.  The redness in my eyes that I try to erase, but my crying eyes still leaves a trace. A trace of pain, because I know what I must face.  I've got to let her go once in for all, and try to let my i
Your smile never went past your month.There was always a disconnect there. I watched you as you watched me,And it felt like we were really one.
"Centuries after centuries, maidens after maidens " Love is a poisoned medicine Perhaps dwelling in utopia Corpse, a mere metaphor Brook of tear murmurs My broken cupid!
I look into his green eyes as the moon begins to rise. The low sound of his raspy voice brings my heart joy.  The fact that I can't have him is something I despise. 
I wake up to the thought of you. I wake up with my heart in two. Last night I felt your love,  something I never feel much of.  It's time for me to walk away.  You know I want to stay.
I love you too much   I don't know what to do    My heart, it aches for you do bad   It might just break in two   You talk about the list you have   
Simon Says   As A Small Seed I Admired Daddy   Daddy Was My Heart and Joy   As My Roots Start To Spread He Saw Something Different In Me  
Hands shaking, palms sweaty You just said, “It’s over”, but I’m not ready The people and noises seem to disappear And suddenly I can’t see so clear I blink a few times and try to grasp
Your easy smiles and gentle teasings strung my heart and blinded my eyes.
Hold me But don't hurt me I'm afraid you may see what I see But we're on the same team I know you will never leave
My heart my body my mind They're growing one at a time When you touch me, I know I'm going to be fine
My feelings, they swarm Around my heart keeping it worn For you I would have sworn Your hand I will always keep warm
He cries for you in his sleep. Whimpering pleas for your return, Fingers arched for your waist, just aching for another touch. He still loves you.  He…needs you. Selfishly, I don’t want to let go.
The beauty of nature’s art is incomparable  The way she strokes the ground with green. The visual of dancing colors coming from her pores. The height of a soul full of wisdom.
We started off strong, Pure and true, But now you’re leaving me, Feeling small and blue.   This can’t be real,
  I was the girl filled with joy Who stupidly fell for the boy next door He showed me kindness, lifting my spirits up high Until the day he left, leaving his kindness and me behind
You don't visit the home I built for you In my head as frequently. I'll see you from time to time When you stop by with a quick glance Or quick smile; But those aren't as frequent anymore.
1. The left side of my face has more freckles than my right side.  2. The world I live in is different now, the colors are starting to come back. 3. I never learned your favorite color.
A beautiful bright red fan was bestowed upon me by you My face lit with amusing When things go south, I wave it high and proud When pain took its toll, I clenched it
  One smile can be deadly She’s filled with amazement and a carefree attitude Her beauty is impeccable and her jokes pierce me with laughter
Some days our meadow is peaceful; The daisies sway with the breeze  And our river sings a tune. Some days our meadow is on fire; Burning the grass with such passion No one else could ever know.
your eyeschocolate brown -like my favorite birthday cake.i could lose myself - forever -gazing into them for eternity.they have a certain sadness in them that i want to discover -
search seek within the preermise to attain through a Hollywood dream dig deeper then ever before another door bell rings monitor the swing little kids got the system
Live by water, Die by water, If the waves comes for me, I'll ask it for the love I died expecting. Die by water, Live by water, If the waves doesn't come for me, I'll hope the love I expect finds me.
Live by water, Die by water, If the waves comes for me, I'll ask it for the love I died expecting. Die by water, Live by water, If the waves doesn't come for me, I'll hope the love I expect finds me.
outside we must diss us to form a new brand of circus rejoice in us memories fade in me the coast is clear from sleeve to sleeve, the perfect melody leave come along with me you see charts of puree in the dull to sleep
radiation keeps me from drawing nearer... that inner pulse to regain the coast that innocent exposure; sever the impulse feel large take a hold of its plain' let me be the first to explain:
Pimple Popper
The hunger the heat the cold the mold We all have a narrow comfort zone ;)
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