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May my words reach their intended end,   My dearest mother. I am so far away,
  healthy relationships they are really special things they can be in each new friendship that someone brings it might be hard to find one at first but once they’re found
Beneath the bark of the blackened tree A darkened seed whispered softly to me It came from nowhere and to nowhere it goes A seed that loves all that it hates From the charred ground it resonates
I sowed seeds with love and hope Scattered them on earth  Giving them lots of space And warmth by burying it in soil Nurtured it with manure and water Sunlight and air will help me I was sure
Floral prints and straw hats Sips of lemonade and a gentle scent of daisies Mix nicely with the cool spring breeze   It has just rained So grass sticks to the bottom of our feet
Flavor is found beneath where thou ist not looking cheese can cover but what money can't buy
The way we see ourselves is a very powerful thing. It not only builds or breaks the fortress around us it allows others to step into our realms and puncture our castles. It displays vulnerability and hides destruction.
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