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I mourn the tides of the sea, siren’s calls that once reached my ears fall deaf, lost in a roaring mob. I reach out  to the ocean, to the blue, to love.
She calls to me Her sweet melody Sweeping through the aisles I hear her song Ringing in my ears Her voice so angelic She calls to me As she belts her tune And I am on the edge of my seat
alluring temptress  play your witching song
This is the land I walk uponEntranced by its natureI heard the rain fall
Like a siren's voice the bottle calls to him. Whispering sweet nothings in his ear he turns his back on the world.
The Siren calls us every morn,
It pulled me in like a siren It crashed into me like head on collision on the highway of life   I was hooked It became my forbidden fruit
Your call reduces my maturity, Seduces the majority, Of men who set foot in your lair, With your seductive glare, Your song sings of addicting lust, Less of a need but a must,
Her singing is like an angels song addicting and lovable with every note She weaves me into her web of songs Keeping me with every change in note enchanting me till I know of nothing except that of her
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