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She yearns for the freedom of being herself Spending time doing the things she loves   Her burning desire to work for herself And conquering her fears   Investing money in her dreams
One chance to change your life; to make a friend to invite someone in, before it's too late. One chance to change your life; to not hold back to tell them they're getting hurt,
painter’s jeans on and hair all tied up, it’s june and i’m told there was a gunshot on elizabeth street. babies on a dandelion wagon hit with partial bullet shell.
Transparent like rain drops, and frozen like dew on a petunia, yet as incoherent as the mud sloshing below my feet. The clouds look upon thee with a reproachful gloom, because even they see thee swinging in a tree.
When I look at you and unfold your pages you provide comfort. When the world is dark and grey you bring color, always there like no other.  When im stumped you give me answers, choices, and solutions.
I am depressed. I am depressed I am D E P R E S S E D. I wear it like a badge upon my chest that defines me!
I am depressed. I am depressed I am D E P R E S S E D. I wear it like a badge upon my chest that defines me!
With a Pen She left for me I listen to Her argument for sanity A strange argument to be Heard  From someone Driving Herself insane Pondering whether to stop, to Drop responsibility
They say that sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Not where you can see at least, they leave me silenced in the pain.   I could say something, but I don't.
You all
There's only been one time,
I am 18 years old and I fully understand that the world is so cold. I am 18 years old with a story that is not yet told. I am 18 years old and I've seen a lot of things.
  Do not try to invade my thoughts; my cross is too heavy to bear... Just listen when I need to express them, & I will make you fully aware!   Ill let you into my life, and all to me that is real; I will open up my heart and tell you how I...
Vivid pictures; envision a soul, lost in the thoughts that'd keep a grown man cold, poor kid, just 16, livin in hell, fightin demons while he deals with the swells,  of all the dangers and how cops fancy the cells,
what does one write  when ones mind is white, when the screen is blank and the words aren't right?   what can one say  at the end of the day when the scars fade metallic 
My blood sugar's high. Oh well, the cake was worth it! Time for insulin!
Hazel beneath me,  Lying on the ground Dank tunnels embedded Within me, all around   Blinding silence comes In symphony with  Clamorous black acid
It has no name No face Just a voice I' ve torn and burnt my flesh 
From the ashes I rise to be held no more from flames I am born 
I am from violence From fighting and murder I’m from felitos best bodega on union I’m from head up or shut up I’m from you stay shut, you’re scary   I’m from where finding someone real is a problem
The bombs blasting all on the dreamlike ground Everyone is in hiding from the cold fear The earth shaking by the vibrative pound The chilled screams of loved ones is all I hear.
There it began.
When I was born I became rooted, To be protected from the harm. I grew a little taller, I matured as my hairs grew. I always stare at the blue ceiling, With white puffs, I see who were just like me.
Only Liars Fear The Truth  
Standing still
Times ten, the percent I got on my first math quiz in grade school The number of scars singed into me from my father afterwards   Minus three, the number of my siblings who couldn’t crawl out to see life
My flaws are my weapon. The scars on my body distract from the scares on my mind. I have seen things.
Wake up every morning The same routine But something seems different to me So what do I see? A girl with no motivation A girl who needs vacation A girl who deep inside cries
It was once like Ebola A fear of instant death   It changed our lives forever The thought of it makes us shiver   Some still fear the name Others fear the shame   We call it AIDS
I was ten when I found out, on that coldhearted day That the only one I loved, had truly ran away He left me without notice, without warning, without a clue
I Remember My Life As...
With the sun in my mouth,  and the cloud in my heads,  Don't put your foot down in my dumping ground.    One of kind, to myself, the image you see, is not what you'll get. 
I'm...a theater kid. It happened by mistake. once just a class, i didnt want to take. Now, im obsessed, always wanting more &, i'm not the shy girl i was once before.Costumes, layerd on top of more.
I am not a genius I have wished to be Wanted to be But am left knowing I am not I have focused on what I’m not Read of those called genius Thought of how to be Yet was not born to be
  It all started with a ball and a dream, One kick and run down the field and I wanted to be part of the team. Sweat dripping and breath becoming faster, I knew that one day this was the sport I would master.
       Self respect is the key to loving yourself It means to not only be truthful  But to be confident To exceed the expectations of your nobles
this  generation really has me loosing patience. I dont know how there gonna make it. Always counting on phones , what if one day phones turn into drones and take over the world .
Dance It doesn’t just mean to move rhythmically to music. It’s artistry, bravery, endurance. I dance as though telling a story. Making each step a different word. As I drag my feet across the floor,
Sometimes I fall, I feel it's very often I imagine my failures will lead me to a coffin Remaining optimistic can be a challenge for some Especially without family, you see I have none
34,34 percent of teenage girls have at least one pregnancy before they turn 20 70,more than 70 percent of teenagers in general have at least one drink by the age of 18
You told me I reminded you of a flower.You called me beautiful,and told me I bring joy to others.However, you picked me apart,petal by petal,trying to ascertain whetherI love youor not.
You were young, but old enough to remember it all. Your eyes fillled with hope, Ideal to take as their own.
She is ready to start over  Ready for a new day
His kisses are the stains of black and blue that decorate my pale skin, like proclamations of affection shouted into the void, they forever float, a reminder of our romance a reminder that He loves me
Normality.  Let that sink in. Awaking at six o’clock to earn credits for a diploma, it’s normal. Devouring Lucky Charms praying that you won’t miss your bus,
Unstable by Tyra Blowe Sleeping at night is still the worst Hope nobody thinks I’m lying When I say I’m hurt Even when I’m awake I still feel sleep The thoughts to myself make me over think
Thoughts swimming in front of you Drawing your mind to the page Setting pen to paper is hard But somedays its the one thing That can save you.   Writing but once Can be the way to set up
  According to legend, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. She had demanded to be treated as his equal and was not given her request - so she left him. God sent three angels after her to bring her back by force, but she did not go with them.
i cannot find those words i wrote how can i when i wrote them long ago weeks years months seconds lifetimes how can we find anything in this world
Time flies by as you stare at her
Why is it a chore to stay alive, Why do we laugh when we want to cry, Why do we hide behind a mask,
  Sometimes people wonder if I’m shy And sometimes people wonder if I hate them and then why And sometimes people wonder why I never talk to them And sometimes people wonder if I even notice them
Her love for him showed through her skin His love for her showed in his heart Their love shone creating a beautiful fire A fire that does not cause destruction But can create a beautiful light
Their eyes close and the mind opens It isn't living if you're dead Their existence is superficial, it's all they know They know death, naivety, and ignorance but they don't know themselves
Dreams guid us... 
Boy or girl? Man or woman? My parents cry and say no. I am a girl, they say. I am causing my dad to have a heart attack, they say. I am a disappointment, a loser. This is a phase. Boy or girl?
Every once in a while I get lost in thought  I wonder why I got out and they did not The news tells me stories of babies left for dead  Because their mom's got scared and fled  
The sun comes up, it's been a hard night. Her eyes are red, swollen from nights of fighting her own inner demons. The ones no one even realizes exists. She drags herself from her bed, her sanctuary, 
What makes me, me? Is it the way I comb my hair, my brains and beauty, or the shoes i wear on my feet? What makes me any different from you? Is it because i'm so kind
We are only drops of water In the river that is life.   You are trapped by those around you And you try to turn and fight.   But the river pulls and pushes It bends you into shape.  
In fourth grade, a boy made me a necklace; letter beads strung between beating hearts, plastic I handled like crystal.
A while ago I was a young and naïve little girl That believed just about anything     In the past I was alive and free With no care in the world other than Trying to get mummy’s and daddy’s attention.
Will this ever end, This endless repetition and wasting of time? Will we ever see life for the wholeness it was meant to be? Will we ever see the sun rise and smile more joyfully?
  Growing up, surrounded by relatives in the medical field
Do you ever think about one situation & how one little detail could've changed everything?
Oh no
 i can feel his gaze on the back of my neck his emotionless eyes burning holes through my back i like to think he is filled with guilt and remorse that his daughter has given up on him
And I stare As you stand there But you don't see What I can be.   We are here But I do fear You will never know What I want to show.   My feelings for you
I recall a time not long ago... When I sat amongst the sand, When the waves broke on the shore, And the sun baked my hands.    I recall a time I lay, Utterly at peace. A time long before,
Blind sighted, the lines they dance to pipers unanounced, Lion's hiss, the spark and bounce, that'll traunce the transient, Posting yesterdays warnings, a dustbowel gone, wiped out with the men and mice,
Why am I nor happy? I have such a big porch for me alone. I have the life that no one else owns. I have gold that no other holds. Why am I not happy? I have all I want, But something stands.
When i was
Listening to every depressing song on the radio Praying for stregth to recover from you being gone My memory is so clear Life is supposed to be longer In an instant I watched you disapear
Deletion.  Every single one gone.  The memories are fading away.  No way of looking back into the past. No young faces nothing but a faded thought.  Deleted forever, what once was is now gone.
If a child throws a fit in the store,  If a man drinks, drives, and wrecks,  If the rainforests are being depleted, 
I am here where you are not. I am trapped in a singular frame of mind With pressing thoughts of lonliness and yearing That never seem to dissapate.  The more that I revert to leaving you behind,
                                        Stitch-1 she should have thought before she did! Stitch-10 she should have thought before she said what she did! Stitch-20 she should have thought before she turned them all!
There is always a question or two unanswered, And it's just because you're so young and naive. When you get older, I promis you will see. Just trust me, I love you.  
We all yearn for happiness
You broke my heart when you sai goodbye You made me cutt and want to die You told me you love me and that you cared You even got me a cute teady bear I gave you my heart And you tore it apart
i hear your voice and i subconciously smile and i feel your warm embrace around me as we softly giggle over the phone "did someone just call your name?" "no" "oh. maybe it was my heart. maybe it needs you"
i hear your voice and i subconciously smile and i feel your warm embrace around me as we softly giggle over the phone "did someone just call your name?" "no" "oh. maybe it was my heart. maybe it needs you"
its not the usual kind of exhausted. i dont feel heavy, like ten pound barbells are in my eye sockets or like my blood is molten steel instead. no, my arms are not limp and lifeless
Happy What Is It? They say Its money They say Its not money What is Happy? They say Its family They say its marriage What is Happy? Is it light? Is it dark?
this passion for you  melted into these meaningless words on a page no one will read and the hours and minutes i spend bleeding these feelings and dead smiles
My mind rose, my heart pose,
  I can't explain the things that I'm feeling right now   My mind, my body, my soul are being bombarded with poisenous thoughts   I'm being ripped apart into a million little pieces  
the blood on the walls
I’ve known you for a while now You and I are close friends  We’re best friends I’ve noticed how you have changed from a sad little girl into a mature young woman People made fun of you They hurt you
I remember those last words she said to me, "I love you"
Shh. They can't hear you. Shh. You can't talk about that. Shh. What will everyone think? Shh. No! Ring the alarm, bang the pots, scream out loud!
Heartbreaks Couldn’t be you all by yourself
It's always a good time for a drink.       Drank            Drunk Easy girls and wasted guys make it all the much easier to point a finger blaming a solo cup of bubbles and warm beer.
The world ahead is not yet known unwritten futures, soundless time   The world ahead is out of focus fuzzy shapes, colors blurred   The world ahead is out of reach
We all have problems So who are you to come at me Did you ever think that there could be a possibility that i understand In spite of what you have come to "know" We are the same, having a bad day
No one sees, no one speaks, no one listens to the mind of the weak. not here, not there, nor anywhere can this heart bear this pain. I cant breathe. I cant get past. This emotion, this judgment
Inspiration, that imperial feeling toward yourself, to express yourself, while addressing yourself with the things you do to the people who see only to judge, judge, judge you for your rights or w
The question that repeats in most minds that asscioate with me, tends to get rather tiring. "WHY  DO YOU LIKE TO WRITE SO MUCH?" " I like to write because it helps me." *que questionble face and they walk away and talk about me and ask others if I
  I am tired of this façade Men shouldn't have to treat the opposite sex with disrespect in order to retain their masculinity.  Girls shouldn't feel the need to starve themselves for beauty and serenity.
narcotics and razors cannot block these bullets that explode through my chest every time i think of  our last kiss
Swirling eddies down the riverside tumble and curl while I pick up a rock I throw it; watch it collide with the simmering surface of the dark world beneath   I’m taking a bath; commanding the bubbles and soap
Death is dead! Death is dead!This is what everyone cries aloud and cheer,It relieves many hearts of agony and fear,
Death is dead! Death is dead!This is what everyone cries aloud and cheer,It relieves many hearts of agony and fear,
A group of girls rule the school They always create gossip and fear They always seem to be very cruel
Believe To Achieve To Beleive You Must Achieve Over Come Fears And Regrets Stress Or Non-Stress
She looks in the mirror and sees all her 'flaws'; Eyes empty, heart broken. They told her again she wasn't good enough; Hands shaking, words unspoken. The scars on her skin are still visible;
  A writer in math class Words on my paper, don’t know what they say.
People I trust and depend on  The family on the outside
If there's one thing that disgusts me about the world today it'd be the lack of acknowledgment of wrongs This country is the biggest offender especially when its main goal is based off of legal tender
If minutes passed like hours, you'd never have gone away. 
He said yo midget but I kept on walking little did he know I went home and cried myself to sleep
My best friend is like a moon,
Likes my self not my statuses
The castle walls surround me, a magnificent beauty all around, but not a soul is to be found. I am alone in this wonderful beauty. I try to end this maddening isolation,
All I wanna do is play, But I'm watching the days pass away, And although you don't give me toys to chew, Master I will always love you,   You walk in the door and I'm happy,
Strings attached Playing puppeteer with nimble fingers and old, vivid nightmares   I'm your puppet darling   Strings attached Center with each, individual, socket
Words cannot express the emotion in my body Like the rush of water crashing into the rocks  My aspiration to talk is shadowed by humility Clinching my fists and shuttering in fear
My heart is like glass One word One action Can shatter it so easily   My heart is like glass No father Arguements everyday Sorrow and heartache   My heart is ike gass
confident yet insecure
My mind has an emotion that feeds of my heart For what I feel it expresses in words It is not scripted to what it must be But simply just wright's from what my heart tells thee It dances to life with creativity
She was getting skinnier By the day So much thinner By the week. The sickness Invading her body; Intruding, Uninvited, Fatal. Her bones Protruding. Her mother
Dear Ladies,
I come from a family that didn't have much Seems like each day the road would get tough The rain would never let up but through it all I kept my head up Because i new one day there would be a blue sky
We live in a world where society rules most of us  We create groups to isolate our selfs from larger crowds We figure that if we stay away from the people who try and change us then we cant be changed
Dear Society.
My parents bar me from anything I truly want. I can’t stay on the computer past 10 o’clock. At school, people get picked on, teachers do nothing, And many express their hate for anything and everything.
Writin' this for Power Poetry, Hopin' that they notice me, And I hope to see this scholarship, Cause man these loans, They make me sick, Emptied pockets,
Dirt on the flowers Smudges on the mirror Scars on a face Not all as they appear   Some turn and run Others point and jeer For what's on the outside Is all there is to cheer  
You're in highschool? You're in ninth grade? Tenth grade?Eleventh grade?Twelfth grade? Are you playin'? High school ain't.  You think this is a game? Well no it ain't. School is never a game and if you feel this way say hey! Some people say Ninth...
Black is a color but it's not me, its just a title they put on the crayola crayon next to the gray. But its gone far more than anything before, never has this been a subject to explore.
Looks are deceiving 
"so how was your day at school?" "fine"every singe second i felt like shit and i wanted to come home and i wanted reliefe. "everything good with friends?"
hes just misunderstood. by day hes a rebel ditching black eyed stoned reckless  sitting back in his chair with his glasses on hiding sleeping eyes and the teachers say nothing
I have the same routine when I wake up, In the morning. Put on my shirt and jeans Go to work. Typically I make coffee for breakfast, Getting two hours of sleep My body craves it.
She’s a girl like no other; elegant and bewildering.
It's 12:10am as i write this my darling insomnia fueling my abyss feeling cool and calm as music fills the air though as calm as i feel i can't ignore my thoughts the thoughts that i can't bear
The streets are filled with me, The streets are filled with you. its difficult to see, its impossible to understand. the band, the band of brothers. of whom will die and kill,
They call me 2 chairs Alls i get is deep stares Feelin like im commonly confused
Full of knowledge I received Rooted deep in earth I didn’t have to travel I am the inner cup Half full kind of tree I listen to remember Listen to the wind Who carries stories
Black and White, for some that is all there is the stark constrast of good and bad, right and wrong, rich and poor, thick and thin.  What ever happened to gray? to shade, to shadow,
Who was I?I was a little girl who went to mass every Sunday and sang “Santo Santo Santo” to the heavens as the salseros played sprightly music in the balcony of the church.
Who was I?I was a little girl who went to mass every Sunday and sang “Santo Santo Santo” to the heavens as the salseros played sprightly music in the balcony of the church.
Flowing in and out, a reflection of my surroundings, molded by my unique perspective.
Feel the rising, bursting sensation, from a gentle tingle, to a thrilling vibration.
A stranger... A feeling... True or not Days, Months, Years... Friends, Best friends, lovers... One day, eyes are on her Slowly Slowly dissapear infront... of my eyes...
   If there ever was enough to give, I would give it to you. If there ever was enough ways to show I would show, I woud show you my truth. My love for you is so alive it would never die. you take my breath away, you make my heart skip a beat.
Give me hope Let me be a beautiful flower that blooms from the ashes of an un-privileged past Give me hope Let me feed from the opportune victals of a chance for higher education Give me hope
My sweet daughter,
he tells me to trust him... he holds me so close... frighteningly close... i am shaking  he insists it was the drinks but as he wraps his arms around my waist
A lady at the store once called me A Great American Beacuse I gave her an extra discount Patriotism
i have no energy to stay awake but no strength to drift to sleep im just kindof sitting here not living but just existing functioning as only a living human body while my soul shrivles and turns 
Dear Friend, Dear Friend,  I must first entertain you with an apology. 'Tis the most I can do to indemnify, Leaving so selfishly was a mistake. Now time remins perpetually on the hands of my clock.
he askes simply "why the narcotics?sleeping pills are sketchy man..." i guess i know... but one pill equals a good nights sleep plus two equals spinning rooms 
We are gathered here, you and I To study the strange nature of the unyielding sky. Spanned across our unimaginative eyes, pensively awaiting tomorrow, with all its potential for joy and sorrow.
Motivation, it's what keeps us going, How do we keep motivated in a world that's never slowing? Our goals are too important to let go of that sight, Our focus will help us reach a future so bright
      Pounding heart, beads of sweat. Obscene memories one can't forget. Uncontrollable fears, a constructed dam to hold back tears.
the first time i hated myself, i was 9 years old. groups of soulless children followed me around the schoolyard calling me diseased ridden, disgusting, fat... the laughed as my tears splashed on the table at which i sat 
carry on through the rain when the storm doesn't cease to pound  ravenously on your bare back in the middle of nowhere   carry your head high  when ropes from hell tie themselves to your chin
Go to sleep, close your eyes
Every smile is not a smile within Whether its love or hate, its never an easy sin   Tears of both pain and joy are seen as one These tears have no name, are always unknown  
  I was born From what I've been told I was a happy, strong baby.
I might not live to take in my next breath,
Dancing, swirling, threads and beads Reaching about the fragile frame. Entwined in the many strands Are my many horrible dreams. Many were caught in the never-ending web. Caught and never to escape
Another day opens with the crack of dawn, filled with so much potential. Seniors awake from groggy slumber, sometimes with a goal in mind.
It is both a curse and a blessing to feel things so deeply. To take on the gravity of a burden or the flight of a fancy.   Both within herself and from those she cares for, as they live around her.
And in fact, I'm really A poertic mastermind. It's just that, I never Really had the time To uhh, grab a pen and record these lines That just, cloud my mind with words and rhymes.
Spring, a time filled with joy,
I am told to change.   Never to my face. That would be too simple.   But in the magazines and the movies and the momentum of society carrying them forward.   You are not right. Change.  
Coming at u like a vulture By. NSKHaha------ im backAnd im black get use to it if I had a school I would teach knowledge cuz these niggas ain't use to it...Promoting all this drama like college was only for Obama...
Racism, a form of xenophobia ?  have you seen the media?  the innumerable racial discrimination 
How softly the music plays A minstrel’s tune sways I can only just feel it Brushing along my finger tips Tingling down my spine The world slowly becoming mute Yet feeling so alive
I sit here 
I sit here 
Coming to this earth, wasnt my choice Me losing my mom, wasnt my choice i came in to the world with out a voice everything in my life has been set yet im still here thinking whats next
Our world is infected. We are dying slowly. Festering in their sins, our mothers and fathers  sit and wait. and wait. Wait. Waiting for it to end, either in light, or darkness.
Helping others is my goal,  Guilding, aiding, and serving, Always offering a helping hand, And a smile to all I meet. Bettering society is a never-ending chore. Yet to some it is not a chore, 
Which road to take? They both lead in different directions Left? or Right? They twist and turn along the barren ground Which would be better? Pebbles and stones decorate the sandy paths Up? or Down?
If I could change one thing about myself Maybe I would go back to being an embryo And change how I think about men So that when I got to the seventh grade I wouldn’t fall in love With my best friend
What is a stereotype? The god fearing religious girl Who has an addiction to a razor and suicidal thoughts?  The blond blue eyed cheerleader who has an eating disorder  And a dad that beats her?
Love is a roller coaster Sharing new experiences with one another Its a experiment when two hearts are joined together There's no point in know what the outcome shall be It can easily be taken for granted
The first kiss. It was paradise An awkward teenage experience Yet it was beautiful A feeling filled with joy and happiness It was messy but satisfying it was my first time A sense of breath coming quickly
The first kiss. It was paradise An awkward teenage experience Yet it was beautiful A feeling filled with joy and happiness It was messy but satisfying it was my first time A sense of breath coming quickly
  At least, be pathological.
Many jobs can change a life. Teacher, doctor, husband, wife. In many ways large or small, A single role to benefit all. The professional I aspire to be, Has more or less chosen me.
Who can define success? What does it truly mean? Could it be something tangible that we can have? Or is it considerably unattainable, obscure, and unseen? How do I find this road to success,
There was a criminal along the pilgrimage, nicknamed the "Escapee", who had taken advantage
Bandages heal wounds Medicine cures the patients Doctors help people
I sat in class a brain ahead of me It was dissection day and time to play The teacher handed me the master key I cut around matter that is grey And discovered my new fascination
My life is in JesusYeah, a love that can't be comprehendedSharing truth, Jesus Christ's coming!
Deadlines and expectations  stress and struggle, it's here, it's time The truth comes to the light
Black sleek wings tinted with blood Death dark eyes devoid of love
It is not about the money. It is about what makes you happy. The check is appealing. But is the job base on your feeling? Boring office job or exciting danger. Simple life or adventure.
I try to forget the night. The night I heard the news.
Torn between the two. I have a friend who knows me inside and out, and another friend who is still trying to figure me out. What am I supposed to do? The best friend who I love,
I'm dreaming to fly Its all I've ever wanted I'm going to fly planes
Late at night, as I study I wonder what it is I want to be As the Bio terms become fuzzy, I decide M.D. is what I want people to call me.   I want to poke and examine and listen
One Job  One day two ways I say Experience and Education are the ways three things i must say to the people who didnt believe,refuse to help,or just dont care
  Can one job define us? Can our hunger for success, fulfillment, and adventure be satisfied with just one job. What if I told you yes! Would you believe me? Probably not!  Am I right?  
hush...be silent for the next minute or two... relax...it wont take long i promise all of the sadness will dissappeare soon  just be brave and get it done. rip off the bandaid
it is his moment i realise the true instabilliey of my inner subconcious. withdrawn from simple communication unable t contact anyone iscolated from the world washes of the thick coat of destractions
I am an ice burg
              Swayed by their emotions running to pick up others
Job programs are being created for those with exotic skins. I am white, where are my programs? There are no scholarships for being white. I am lesser, but I am told everyday I'm greater.
We consumed the young last in our neurogenic forever Grand birdcage released the blues stricken poultry It severs us together in this foundry Sundry renegade reengage..... Hope to the shames of Gomorrah
Would it be so hard to touch a heart?
The Dream Flight It's quite a sight Watching that plane soar into the night. It's quit amazing how she twists and turns, But don't think of the bad stuff like how she might BURN.
It may be fingers to keyboard or pen to paper,
She comes to meNot only listening, but living what I speak. She steps up to the plate.She swings.She succeeds. The creditall given to her,but she thanks me.
What if I could earn my degree in college? What if I could go to Japan? What if I could get paid to edit manga? Or what if I'm turned down? What if they say nay, what if, what if, WHAT IF?!
Purgatory.   The endless wait, the infinite tide of fear and anxiety washes over again. I wait to see you come in, your angelic face shining like a beacon in an ocean of despair,
I know all too well these feelings
               Somtimes in life it seem's you take two steps forward and get knock back three 
With the power to change, I would change power. The people have to struggle while our leaders just cower.  Few enjoy all the blessings of wealth,
White turns to black. Hearts began to crack. Eyes filled with salty tears, one of their biggest fears. Open casket, scared to see. A young girl staring back at me. For then I knew, the girl looking back, was me. - A.B
She came early today She said she took the long way And had something to say   She told me some lies She told me some truth She told me she tries Sometimes what’s the use  
You give me laughter and joy  hope for a better tomorw  despite your ups and downs  I still and always will love you      who could accuse of a crime  if the crime is your genuity
I am not yet grown but i do have a mind Like a canvas with a painter i am drawing my own picture let me live as i believe not as you choose  for you are like the the eraser of a line yet to be drawn 
When the only person You can run to Is not A person at all. Speaking To the toilet After one too many Bites. Painting yourself In crimson To punish your
I am Abused. I wonder what i have done wrong. I hear the slaps and hits of skin against skin. I see them coming to my room. I want them to walk on by. I am Abused. I pretend nothing is wrong. I feel the bruises and broken bones.
who do you think you are you know the extent of my volnerabillity you are aware that i am but a delecate china doll yet you expect me to allow you to hold me 
What would I change?  I would take away the hurt. the pain.  The hate we Americans still servin'  racism, sexism, all their criticisms. passed down to their child    What would I change?
If I could change one thing
What I would change about me?It’s funny that you ask,Because if there’s anything I’d change,It would be just one thing,I’d ask for a friendOne who completely understood me,Who wouldn’t hate me,
I can't chase my demons, they've tied me too far down.   God would not forgive me, I don't deserve his crown.   What if I walked into the ocean? If I mysteriously drowned.  
Dark, scary but always there Oh but there is light All you do is look up
Dark and scary but always there Oh but there is light All you do is look up
People discriminate me by my color!
Devilish deliverer of darkness Eerie establisher of ease Faithless father of fear
i was never as strong as Them She fought a long battle, where i could only last for a short time
Used like a toy for laughs, abused till' the brain stews, left as an abandoned child. Why do this to me dear?
So here it goes, the message in a bottle, the 100 year travel.
The sky weeps. Roaring at the injustice as she lay The cold creeping, leaving her with nothing to say There was nothing left Everyone knew   Again, again, again She pulled the air to her
Imagine you are in a box you cannot move the tiny space only allows you to lay awkwardly there is a tube down your throat filling your stomach with liquids you have never tasted solid food
Because i loved am able to let to because i loved i was able to close  my eyes to the noise of the world The words that shot throw my heart breaking every lungs and bones how am i still able to breath
im leaving a tattoo on my skin my heal, my hip, of how ve been a home made reminder, always there reminding me to starve beyond compare to not consume for days or weeks wait for the body that i should seek
I've always been a dreamer. i've always wanted things that were just too far out of my reach. Yesterday, I wanted to be a singer on Broadway's bright stages. I still do, and I always will.
Chance and chance again, I call upon a question where I knew a friend, Before the trials and tribulations began, We had no end,   You were there through thick and thin, High and low,
The years past way faster than I thought, I am almost an adult and childhood I fought.   Now I search for who I will be, Stiving for my dream job you see.   A nurse who flies way up high,
You will never see How much you mean to mommy Killing to save lives
I spend my days avoiding mirrors.
I have become a nobody,I am on a road to nothingness.This road is made of pills and blades,
Move on altogether  But don't forget the small ones Who loved you forever
Peer pressure is crazy! But only I control me! So you can’t make me see, anything I didn’t already see. You say “Go ‘head, try it! It’s not gone hurt!” But I’ll be the judge of that when you’re six feet in the dirt.
You hear the yells and the screams and you know what it all means. You know it will lead to the inevitable passive aggressive comments.  His failures and her sins will always go hand and hand.
People are sensative, caring and often kind People are rude, oblivious and even blind  People are people and will act as they please No suprise considering all the tempations of this world are just a tease  
At First is was all smiles and Hi's Shy looks away Trying not to get caught looking anyway Confusion, fear of rejection I’ve never felt like this before, though So how do I know how I feel?
In a house of many rooms,
Slamming doors With wildfire aggression Causes young ears to adapt To loud, coarse directions
“Depression”   I’m tired of wearing the painted grin That mocks me and all of my sin. The pain of my soul and my mind
The day seniors wait for, to finally step out the door. onto the pedestal of the world who could want more? Twelve years of prison since most were five, up to this day that ends this painful job.
One thing I would change about t
Infinite Love disables you Challenging
away he goes and he never comes back and the rose pedals they fall flat
The life I see before me, Is only a path of scrutiny. If I could change one thing, One thing only. It would be the change where Everyone is equal. No hate, no fear, no decrimination.
When we change the world, we will  twirl.  When we change the world, bombs will stop being hurled.
 Walking thruogh these streets,dirty sneakers matching concrete with so many words to speak on this world, its a brand new
Life is unfair The adults all preach it But it takes so long for you to believe it You ride the waves Until the board breaks
Walk my way and a thousand violins begin to play, or it might be the sound of your hello.
...I know tornadoes fly around by why are they in my room  this seems to be the only place that keeps my mind off of you
simply let me say two words I'm sorry And you can try me, yes try me 'Cause I promise you I'm tryin myself Tryna hid my own Identity  I am your babygirl And I know thats what I'll always be
It's completely natural to me, Like I've done it all my life, It helps to take away the pain, The way they treat me is wrong, It helps to take it all away, It helps relieve the stress,
  Happiness Its sorrow Let it be, come or go Don’t stop here Gone for now Wasted quotations
A thousand days it took to find you, To see your beautiful face A thousand things I would do, Just to feel your warm embrace.
A letter has arrived from young Yoshi Mario Brothers has been annihilated Those tiny walking dragons are the yoshi
What happened to goodbye? You left without a trace Gone for good, never to return You don’t understand, you never did
I don’t think you realized How hard it was for me To try to let you in But now that I have
You tell me you love me You show me you love me I am not good with words My actions don’t speak the truth
I thought I was a goner, dead for sure I heard them talk when they thought I couldn’t All they’d ever wanted from me was more
Time, unsure of where to go The past frail, the fire gone Life, a long time ago The world cold, death aune
How could you do that? How could you say those things? I thought we were friends Now I know I thought wrong
I was just floating Day by day, through the stages Never here, but never there Just existing
A thousand diamonds on your face, Yet your eyes demand their grace. You with me, a long embrace, To touch your diamond face,
The wind whispers dark secrets, That I should not have told; As I set free my emotions, And let go of the old.    Now I cannot capture the wind. Nor the words caught in it,
Yes. Of course I've reflected upon thisWho would have overlooked it?Metamorphosis must be taken in hasteContemplating, name-changing, eye-lifting,BeautificationYou have to be attractive to obtain
Trapped inside a box, I feel Trapped inside a box. There is no more room to feel There is no room to love.   My heart is solid like a stone It will not bend or break.
These scars tell my past
I was a kid born and raised in a country not so wealthy I was a kid  who didn't have a lot
I feel your pain. I know the reason why you rain. Taken for granted but giving life to the seed and having the ability to wipe out a flame.
 When we rise in anyway, everything around us rise as if, the sun shine around us, saying we are the ligth, which one day,  will ligth it our path to succes, just following those deligthful colors which have infinity gloriness.
When I hear music, I head record players and old cassettes. I hear Meet The Beatles! humming softly in the background.
In a nation deemed free, prosecution still reigns on a day to day basis. The “right” bash the “wrong” and the high continue to rise, while the low still fall.
    I walk in. Adrenaline, excitement, panic, and love crash into me all at once. I look up. Hundreds of lights, thousands of colors, and endless possibilities hang above me. I look out.
Such a beautiful soul Flying free Soaring over mountains Limitless as can be   No one can bring her down
Such a beautiful soul Flying free Soaring over mountains Limitless as can be   No one can bring her down
In April 2009, you left this world to me. And at the time, I didn't know who I wanted to be. The sadness crept up my leg, a snake, threatening to swallow me whole.   It was morphine
Rotten apples, please Again my friends stayed inside Old fun, such a tease Lost online, my words denied
Today and Tomorrow Not the same now Its like two sides of a coin Heaven and Hell i supposeToday's ride homeTomorrow's pollution stormYet no one seems to botherunless its the order
If an Author is a job than believe me my life will be changed. I sit and pondered on what is it I want to do for the rest of my life. It came clear to me that it would be to write.
I look and see greatness and admiration. I always have to look pass my procrastination. I would like to change that so I could get more things done.
What would I change?  world corruption  what would I change?  The way the government treats the middle class and the lower class people like we are less than nothing We are all people no matter how rich or poor
Love you I do,Love you I will,Help you I do,Help you I will.What are you going to do with your life?What are you going to do with yours?I’ve helped,
fading with age brownign, blurring suffering every day but continues stirring  mindlessly lingering mythodically fingering blades of a razor and quaint gassoline flame.
Love a shadow             Gray in vigor             Gold in prime             Gone as all             Given in gifts                         An endless friend
More than a shadow             My sweetheart             A friend, sister             Rain in tears             Tracked by the past            
My soul mate             One day             I find myself fly away             Leave this world             Above the stars               Back again
Never letting go of me                         Shifting, thinking, bending             You twist my body             Whirling me around             Glamorous  
Waving Beauty along the waterline          Proud, splendid, fantastic             Rowing among the brisk waters             Warming the bitter days
I dream in black and whiteI bleed the color of your eyes All I can see is your lipsGently glazing over mine As the sun setI saw my rose petals in the flame
How amazing it would be to work with your senses.
Do you see her?I promise she is thereYou can't touch herYou can't hear herBut she is there Can you feel her?She is simple covered
Never Forget   You Stained by bloody waters A past haunts your present being I see the pain in your eyes The beauty of humanity   Rests under your soul
Golden Angel   Living time lord Immersed in vast expanse of technology Ingenious beyond comprehension A man of good will   Fathering those of your own bloodlines
you are the stars i gaze at every single night you are the sun i wake to with its rays of golden light you frolic in my orangejuice and snuggle in my bread you've nestled in my heart and you've rooted in my head
I'm not trying to get you to sympathize but realize that Jesus Christ is why I'm still breathing. At seven I should of died. Mom by my side. Pool of blood on the tar. Both legs broken crying mom am I gonna die?
If I could change the world, I wouldn't change it.  For we already have the capability to rearrange it.  We are a feeling species. Full of love and of hate. Yet we cannot appretiate that fact.   
We all get up, on the days, the music plays in our earsWe have no, where to go, the music keeps us flowThere's a morning, ba ba; Where we live, ba ba
You are family Whom I have never seen The one that told me stories Whenever I was lonely I speak to you more than I do  to Him who took you             I’ve cried when you left me
Yeah you only live once That's why you got to live smart trying to get ahead in life can't be making shots in the dark But hear me clearly cant get nowhere if you don't try
If you find something you love; then you'll never work a day of your life. I was told this as a child. I was told this as a teen and now im just understanding the concept of how it can effect my life.
    The mirror before her Shows different from the view within.   Stiches sewn along her two lips I see her bloody outcry.   Black blue and purple covering her pale white flesh
I don't understand why you turn backs on friends. First you tell stories using my name,Just so you have someone to blame. Then only after you make all these harmful jokes,It's my self-confidence you've begun to choke.
Change is an easy word to say but very hard to do Change comes in all forms no matter how BIG or how 
As he sat down next to me  Casually pulled me onto his lap He didnt mean it, I couldn't see I felt my knees get weak and collapse  His smile took me away  When he whispered quietly in my ear 
What would you change behind a glass window in a small room?  What would you change with the words of someone who owns no voice?   What would you do with the power of someone else with power?  What change the world?
Everyday I give someone a warm hug I warm their spirits and make them snug But I, who gives these warm hugs Feel cold like and empty mug For although I love to see A smile made by me
My love is deep for ever and everMy love is real can survive any weatherMy love is pure something so smoothMy love is nuturing some what like foodMy Love is loyal
I am one One person who has more added to his life and gets parts of him subtracted from both left and right Im in the negatives, but i stay positive
Hope,is what gets you out of bed on the day of prom and you havent been asked. Hope, is what pushes the catapillar out of the cocoun.
Topic Gossip: I am that Hellfire & Brimstone that humans heave when they call each other heathens
A change is a simple concept, One few are able to grasp. Change is not normally accepted, And to some, it means a new you, a new life.
For Kathy, the girl who managed to break my heart. Thanks for the memories.  
One thought to change a world. One dream to fly in clouds. If only one breath could be pure. If only one ocean could be clean. If only one society could see, What they do affects one world.
Changing Forrest    All my life I have heard, run Forrest run! You can't see the Forrest for the trees!
When I look at their faces, Drenched in perfection, When I flip the pages, I look into their eyes, like they're masked in disguise, they look so ideal, This cannot be real,
The people squirming Through each other Sprinting Pacing Chuckling Weeping Briefcases in hand Lunging For the office Laptops Cellphones Watches Files
It's great to stop caring.It's nice to not cry.The people in the world,Who I have to leave behind. I'm a human grenade.A plane with no wheel.A hobo in the rain,and a no next meal.
drifting through time with no one to be why cant anybody see me? i do my best for all to see but no one notices me im in all the plays and all the pictures
in this world filled with hate you have managed to take the bait heaven in and out of hell some love is gentle and filled with sweets while others are brutal that threaten to beat
waiting for a war to begin can't get past the sin trying for a new begining in a world still blooming i always wonder what i'd be like if i hadn't met you im only looking for someone who'll say
He is my sunshine, my only sunshine, these days have been gray, since he's been away.   They say he did something bad, he is still my dad. I admit I hide my feelings away,
You? How true Are you? Are you lost? In a faraway place Where you conceal Your true face Oh what color? Do you see Yes When you see me Do you see blue?
That Earth Which proves much too long for one definition
My head spins, jumps, and slides, I feel like I have so little time!
When I first learned that no one could ever love me more than mea world of happiness previously unseen was discoveredbecause somewhere along the line of aging and scrutiny and timeI was taught to despise myself 
I rise with the air i breathe,i risei rise even though no one believes in me ,i rise
The Dark that cones, the dark that rises. The darkness that is the light, in all my wrong doing. If you protect me from myself, your protecting me from THE DARKNESS.
  Running on empty, the world cannot take the pressure forever.  Desolate wasteland, no
The first time I saw you, you were sitting at a lunch table reading the first book of the Harry Potter series alone.
We demand.We expect. We desire. We want to strive. We want to live. We abuse. We forget. We ignore. Many suffer for us. We tend to forget them. We need to stop. We need to help.
You're beautiful But I can't see you.
kiss my petal-pink lips   hold My tinny hands   stroke my porcelain cheek   if you only knew not every doll is a sweet little Girl ;  
I'm stuck in a place that is good for me, It sucks, its hell ,it's weak to me. Academics are great, and so is the school, But the people all here act like a fool. I go to a school that's a hidden gem
Why doesn't depression have a face? Like the boy sitting alone Or the girl who cries herself to sleep?
If I could change one thingIm sure what it would beI would push countries togethereleminate boarders, I would open their eyesand make them forget the colors.
Speak.Talk.Communicate. Empty phrases, for what do they accomplish but prove their own necessity? Change is not prompted by force. Yet force is prompted by change.
You have heard it said so many times Each time I hear it my determination climbs Chase your dreams don't let them get away For if you do in the end you will pay So go out in the world and make a name for yourself
Confusion is surrounded all around me There are so many things i dont understand I barely even know who im supposed to be N one hears me, And no one seems to see what i see I see light in every darkness
Why does it hurt when, I keep things bottled in? I need to let these thoughts free, I'm just afraid of people's thoughts of me. Love me for who I am, I wish they would,
He took my brother He took my father He laughed when I cried  My mother never forgave him The world hated him but he went on with the slaughter using death as his weapon I tried to stop him
I followed him desperately Did anyone see? Craving him, half-heartedly thinking till someone catches us. We who look like thieves, however nothing to take but my lustful purity.
It may be one of the scariest things to say, Your heart starts beating and your palms are sweaty, But you look over and see the most beautiful girl lying next to you,
I need faith, for i am faithless, the demons in my dreams. the darkness in my heart, there is no light in my heart. what i don't understand,
Reminisce'in in the depths Of my solitude. "Why should be dying to live If I'm living to die" Looking to the clouds for Inspiration. That's where I want My burning soul to lie For my resurrection.
missing you is easy to do every memory like water stains on the pages of my brain they have been engrained to my soul only your hands can unfold thee only your words can console me missing you is easy to do your love is my drug with every touch e
Can you hear me from where you are? Im feeling alone where I am I can't help but wonder if I'll go far I miss your helping hand I was accepted to my dream college did you see that? Are you proud?
As I wash my hands the cheerleaders change into their new uniforms    they don't know that I am washing my ring which takes more time than my hands they snicker and call me queer
O beautiful
I look around and feel all the walls closing in trapping my thoughts my feelings my voice deep within I look into this glass tracing my imperfections with my fingertips a tear drops from my eye and sails across my lips a ship containing my fears
There's an eerie emptiness when listening to a dead man sing The music seems present His voice is very much real And the moment seems so current He is dead And gone His home now burried deep in the soil
didn't make the teamlast one to be pickedkicked to the curbbefore the chance was givento be all you could bewith the support of a familynow your homeless
was i not enough did i talk too much did my breath smell or did we just not fit well   i couldve swearn i watched my words
Poetry does not require rhyme
Time is short I took the pills And now it's time for you to know what I do when I'm down, or my tank is running low         I write. I write every snowy day And every summer night.
To change or not to change that is the question. . .
It's morning as I wake I decide to write what's on my mind Sipping my tea Trying to find What I had yesterday and what I seek today Memories of events of emotions
I spent four of my years in a building Of wood walls and cement floors I spent four of my years in a building Told it was wrong to want out   I spent four of my years stuck in two dimensions
A young child was I, innocent and free, with my best of firends a boy named jack. we were young and like all, carefree only one difference he was black. At the local corrnerstore we were the same,
Letters and emails
bands and bangles
Do you remember when we used to play grown ups? Somewhere along the way when we weren’t quite teenagers but we weren’t still kids,
    You ask me what's important to me, what makes me happy,                                           
A grey spot with a glimpse of sorrow
he was mine and I was his he held the love of her and I his little hands is what I remember most, the way they fit in mine.
If I still get mad,
Sitting here alone in the darkness of the night,
I sit here, so brood imagining all the words I could blend what a dulcet way of thinking   The way you percieve things creates bubbling revelations we take for granted what we possess
Everyone wants me to change never pleased this or that as long as I'm not me Whether it's my hair or my grades my weight  or my face Everyone wants me to change But I won't
Drooping eyes Even louder sighs, Crossed arms and tapping feet. Minds like butterflies, but hearts like kittens-- Always yearning for something more,  imagining they are something more, 
It is silly how we are easily angry yet slow to forgive. Yes indeed, it is silly.
Silence is so loud, A roaring lion coud not compare. It burns through your mind and demands you to hear.
a Tree falls the way it leans, leans the way it grows, and grows the direction of sunlight. We grow the way We are planted. Trees are not We, and Trees will We never be.
When something beautiful is destroyed,  It grows back twisted and ugly.  You will find it hiding from the sun in fear,
God is a hide and seek player He's the seeker He sometimes intimidates the hiders They are afraid of what He will find   He's the seeker God would walk around a hiding place, knowing
Anger and indecision sit on my shoulders like plates of armour,but my heart seems to always find a way to smear it's shame on my sleeves- always in semicolons r
    You can't imagine what its like, inside here.
They want to get rid of me, They do.   Worn out, useless, worthless, Casting me aside they speak of me as something of the past. They tell me I have no value. Essentially, I’m nothing.
i still own a nintendo 64 mario and luigi sitting on the floor
 You see, the way I stand I present myself well 
In life, I have often found, that the answerCannot exist, in some version of "happily ever after."So, the far off stars, I have long stopped wishing upon.
My religion teacher looks at me though kind eyes 
When humans were created By whatever force it was  They were divided in two
Guys write poems about girls; girls with eyes like diamonds, girls with lips like crimson, girls with hair like silk.   No man writes poetry for me.   Instead, my pen glides smoothly;
All great leaders  see something unfair They dont just stand there  and watch  Take a step and speak  Make you think  Say the words  yours afraid to say
If there was one thing I could tell you. I wish I could say it all.
anxiety crawling at your skin and bones gnawing through muscle and fat dulling your nerves burrowing in your brain hiding waiting aching  
The bitter fires in his eyes And his voice like sinister velvet
Identified by the marks of her own fingerprints,   the places where she had gone, and where she had left,   blurred into one and became all the same.  
"So What?" you say.  "I don't care about what you want.  We don't need you. You're not qualified. "   I wanted to be in your class.  How could you turn me away?  I worked so hard!   
Time keeps slipping. Like the sun slipping over the sky Years will pass, people grow older As life begins and ends…   Time keeps slipping.
Is it dark or is it light? Has it caused so many fights? Can its influence still grow? Of course, with this new smartphone.   We cannot see nor feel it, it governs us just a bit.
Mankind and its Twist Leaking plastic roofs, trashed up sidewalks, corner gang crews, worthless talks. Growing up in a coined term of "the hood," and being thought to never hit the books.
We’re all separated apart, By one small characteristic, A silly, foolish, crazy reason, One that should not matter.   Skin color divides into many groups, Whether you’re as white as snow,
Have you ever tried rekindling a fire While another still burns? The heat of one draws you in, But the ashes on the ground Torment your heart.  Which will gain your favor? The risk and passion
What makes something pretty? I mean, what qualifies a thing to be pretty? An opinion?
“It doesn’
What matters isn’t my story It’s our Individuality There are times when we need to color outside of the lines, Because our little house on the mountain needs a sky   As we grow up,
Pirates searching for precious loot Knights battling with massive brutes Fairies dancing in the star light Silent thieves creeping in the night    Princesses trapped in their tower
One dollarThat's all it takesTo save a lifeFrom a distraught place Where the mosquitos buzzand water runs brownThe situation is poisedTo take one down
YOWO You only write once so what would you say?                          Love more. Yes I know, I know. How could I possibly say love more when the world is constantly giving you a reason not to.
Four mobile yet unmoving walls are the only thingBetween me and the grey streets and cold Houston air;The only thing between me and a rainbow of people,All searching for a way in.
Once they are out they never go back. Words once spoken can be remembered forever. Watch what you say more than you do; so very simple but with such power. In the head and heart to feel the hurt,
Recess seems so long ago now. In less than a year I move on again.
Close your mind Point to a spot in the night Lets head for a star Say good-bye We will go on a trip Lasting a lifetime At home it will last many more Because kids need a role model
  Sniffles and coughs. Shoes crunching frostbit grass and raw wind whistling its way through silence. Generations of family shed tear drops of sorrow as all gather around a six foot deep pit
The silence is a cold slap in the face, staining my cheeks with a red I can’t feel. The looks are icicles falling into the space where I hid my heart. The sneers are tiny flames dancing on my fingertips,
Softly, the leaves whisper, As they move aside to let the wind pass. Obligingly the water parts, To allow a magnificent swan to dive into the deep.   Meanwhile, a tiny frog hops across the leaves.
A breath of new life, a flower has bloomed The laughter of a child plays a beautiful tune The gardenias and jasmines stand so peaceful
“Thank You For Life”
Catching Feelings We are both fishing for each other But only one of us is willing to get caught, Up and hooked on to these feelings we have for each other
It’s not about feeling sad But rather a lack thereof. Not a mind that is toil clad But one that is naked and cold   No rain or storm dons the skies, Just clouds that mildly cover.
  Sometimes You feel empty And it is as dry as the desert inside of you. You see, the desert, as vast and beautiful as it is, Can quickly become too hot and thirsty and dry for comfort.
“Asian” used to be a thing of beauty, But now there are images of labor— Simply that is our soul duty. But we, just like all, are humble neighbors.  
An insomniac? Me? No. Never. I don’t need to TRY to sleep. That’s usually the only thing that comes easy to me I always need to TRY to accomplish greater things I have to TRY to learn, to study
The map is drawn and the lands are imagined. Nations formed out of mere thoughts. Yet the places and peoples are unreal,
Vivid poetry shows imagery of what life should be…   (hold on, deep breath, enunciate, speak louder)
I try to ignore what could have been.Playing a game that I just can't win.Picking a lock that I can't open.Where the path not taken is held within.But the path of regret is where I walk.
Holding my breath. Is this life or death? The professor smirks and hands out the test Does he understand this is theft?
Illuminated minds And related kinds Elated to find gold  In the mind that's my mind Unrefined, unaligned  With mainstream views As I daydream of good news Brighter days, righter ways
I want to have something to write about, I really do. I want to explain lifelong mysteries that have confuddled the human race for several years,
I am a person of color. Sheltered all my life before I knew the truth. My world has changed. My world has grown And you’ve opened my eyes To the reality of privilege That I do not have,
I am a bull waiting to ram. I stay calm avoiding conflicts  untill you raise the red flag. Then we discover the true hues of crimson. Don't cross me.   I've minded myself and you too, 
Just as the scintillating stars rest upon the bold chest of the deep sky, the young boy lays on the lush green grass gazing upon the creations of God.
The sun is a blood red puppet, 
If I could write a wordThat could strike a nerve,Incite the flight of a flightless bird,I'd write a verse.A single verb could inspire riots,Or silence herds,Stifle violence,Ignite defiance,
Is she wrong for lusting for love she never knew ? For the love she knew was nothing but false wishes.
I’d like to borrow your soapbox. Please. There’s something I’d like to say. Communication is born of sounds and movement, Born of ideas. Much slips through the fingers, slips away.   Brokenness.
Killing me softly with your words of hurt, The games you play, The moves you DON'T make, Why do you try to break me? Then you make me. Then you break me!
Some people say, Why are you so into this? Do you really want to realize your own insignificance? Do you really want to think about how miniscule you are amongst this gigantic sea of galaxies and stars?
Never Shall I forget that one morning, foggy and windy. The screech of the car, waking up to screams and shout.
to say who I am feels like betrayal, for I’m never the same person twice   and oh how lovely it is to know I’m never who I was before   and for each
Dezmonique A. Garris Alzheimers I walked up to an older lady and told her, “I am your lover”, I told her never to forget me and that there will be no other.
The sweet scent of mangoes, yellow andgreenJuicy sugarcanes and crisp pawpaw’s,coated with pleasurable sheenEach dotted with drops of water from themorning rain
The artist is alone, seeing as he does the horrors that surround  this world of his.   The meadows repulse him. Beneath the veneer of green, he sees only the mud.
You are the ache in the pit of my stomach that keeps me awake at night You are the flowers that sway In the wind at midday You are the dream that keeps me in a daze
It’s all right to shot people Go get a rifle Shoot as many rounds as you want Make holes in a common face Cause it’s all right   Ignore the cries When you don’t get that fatal shot
I wrote for the voices who were too busy to even scream
To breathe To be free Never to hide From who you are What you are How are you But to appreciate the deepest part of your soul That makes you feel whole  
Of all the memories that we share You turned your back and I walked away The crack in my heart widens, but you don't care   You putting on my make up and me fixing your hair
Dear father,
My little baby boy
Will there ever be one? Surely none are worthy. That's what mama used to tell me, Said they all play dirty. Could it be true? Saggy pants and nosey hands, That's really what they all do?
Life. Sometimes it works, and then it doesn't.
Relaxing in the gleaming green grass, I gaze into the sunny sky. The sun is a brilliant ball of bright yellow beams, As the rays reach out to warm my face.
Let's fight the environmentalists. Who do they think they are? Don't preserve nature; Don't protect wildlife. There's no need to save the planet. We have another one - right?  
Oh how I treasure my sweet Mountain Dew, Whose fluorescent liquid gleams like the sun. Providing pleasure to more than a few, Your sugar content prompts my heart to run. Like sweet Jupiter, the bringer of joy,
Your ticker your tocker, fast on the rocker, A babe in your mother's arms. Oh love, much love, as she held you close, Promising you no harm. A mother, a mother, is there true love from another?
If somebody were to ask me what I thought of the world today,  What would be the first thing that I would say? Would I quote a singer and say, 'The world is a cancer" Or say what I think, that it could be better?
He's white and tan and blond smoldering blue eyes He plays baseball, a star jock   She's black, well brown-skinned actually Her hair is jet black and shiny, Shoulder length and gloriously curly
Y.O.W.O--You only write once. For this life is like the footsteps in the sand and time is fleeting, so you must live with the rhythm of your heart’s beating.
Captivated, I could not make a sound. Entranced, I watched as my soul calmly burned; Like snow, the ashes drifted to the ground.    The smoky veil blurred my world, spun it 'round.
MIssing,Wishing,Seeking Presence.Held tight to sideWhile leaking essence.Tweeting guessesAnd holding presses.Firmly foldingRolling messes.Cascading down, made whole with tresses.
You didn't make me well enough to survive Your finger tips didn't paint me pretty enough  You left me without a repertoire that was exotic enough You didn't grace me with enough talent to be special 
me stoned i dance atmosphere hazy perfect smoky dim lights with their greasy glow stained glass lights pretty ghost diamonds dancing on the walls three minutes of radio
me stoned i dance atmosphere hazy perfect smoky dim lights with their greasy glow stained glass lights pretty ghost diamonds dancing on the walls three minutes of radio
  We are the product of egoistic ideals and rejected standards The ones who’ve witnessed downfalls and repeated mistakes We are the observers watching in silence The ones ignored  
Malaika Weliyo Villanelle Some Days   Some days I just want to scream I just want to runaway
Sometimes you only have one chance to take. Success. Failure. Both rely on your words. Made with your words, destiny becomes awake. Haters see a green light, and make like birds,
  I love the way you part ways And allow the sun to shine through you
Do you ever feel like you don’t quite belong In the body you call home? I do.   At times, or rather most times, I am so timid that I think I would be better suited
As each day goes by my name flows through whispers in the air, lingering in people's ears. The laughter from the outside echos withing my mind.
As I approach her with wide eyes and shaking arms, She comforts me, enveloping me in a soft blanket of words, Each word transcending space and time, Teaching me lessons that forever change me,
With the desire to know she is heard,
Your heart's as cold as the weather outside Mine's as hot as D.G. Fahrenheit You never bothered to try to make steam You never once thought of me in your dreams I hoped an epiphany would cause you to wake
Dear Time, 
Wrapped in warmth you stay A smile dances on your lips Your eyelashes flutter as I whisper I breathe out simple words, An image is painted. You’re weak and powerless I control you.
Blue meets Green- There's static at the fingertips.
Who am I?I know I’m SalWith a –lyI have suffered from trying to find out who I am.My family came from VietnamBut I speak ChineseWell, maybe more of EnglishBut, does my family represent me?
A voice whispers in my ear Filling me with doubt Telling me I can't do this And I definitely can't do that
I sit in the last pew-watching and listening. Everyone stops and looks at her.  Some people stand there for what seems like eternity, while some barely glimpse her.
I sit in the last pew-watching and listening. Everyone stops and looks at her.  Some people stand there for what seems like eternity, while some barely glimpse her.
when i was young,i believed i would go straightto hell for questioningthe good book and god:
the Man from the local university stood behind the podium, cracking jokes about the weather on the frigid winter night He was an admissions counselor hoping to guide prospective students to his school, money in his own pocket
I am not low, I am high, I am G but above C, but I live on a staff, what am I???             I am treble-clef.
The rumble begins
As I write this piece with a black blade, I can't stop the emotion from showing on my black face, Lots of deception hidden in black haze, Lost in the black maze, My favorite color is probably black grey,
i'm sixteen years old, and it's nothing like they said it would bethere are no wild parties and fun hangouts,only excuses for people to get fucked up and shit-faced.
How can you hold all the promise in the world,  and you can't keep a promise worth making? Why are hearts so rythmic and loud, My dear, I think yours are breaking. How can you create such beautiful things,
  “Write about anything,” they said “Write about anything in your life….”   Write about how Christmas has just passed,
     Weaping thing beside my bed,             
I walk into my kitchen looking for a morning snack. Italian bread, Indian spices, Japanese sauce.  How strange, I think to myself, to have the entire world in my kitchen  When I have never seen outside of california.
I thought... shells are entitled to being whole fish are entitled to do the "wave" in the deep blue sharks are entitled to fins sea turtles are entitled to plastic-free snacks
I get into your presence, yet I am carrying the weight of the world. I stumble, and I stagger I stumble, and I stagger because the load has grown. I have become weak, and it is starting to show. 
I wish I could kiss all the b
I killed a spider that I found near my bath Ugly and horrid, while frozen in fear But reason enough to suffer my wrath Oh, but nothing worth me shedding a tear.
  You cup your palm
Scarred Unwanted Broken   In pain Hating yourself Hating other people
The streets where I spent my formative years are wide, quiet, and plain. There is one cinema, one high school, too few ice cream parlors (four, to be precise), too many banks (again, four).
Sickness of Hormones set free Nothing felt so extraordinary Sensuality jails shame Rocket soars high to endless skys   Her waterfell It was painfully great for the first time
I'm sitting here, and asking her if she's okay, but I'm not looking at her My eyes are looking past her, and my mind is elsewhere She's so angelic ,and  I'm so powerless  
broken and confused  shaken up and abused you told me you loved me see how words can be easily misused
My memories of myself are faded like old pictures found in an attic, sticking together from the heat and the neglect of a mind not often home
People go to extraordinary lengths, just to be Beautiful. The more Glamorous you are, the more people view you as Wonderful.   But what about the girls less glamorous?
For so long I have been wondering about you. Everybody passed me by, why didn’t you? Random dreams of you and me, I picture in my head. Now that I look back; rain comes to my face.
I’m sorry that I hurt you with my words. The scars are still fresh to your flesh. I can still see the blood, When I ripped your heart from your chest.   Questions and confusion sit heavy on my mind.
His mind was racing    Moving back and forth in his room he couldn't stop pacing He occasionally looked at the screen and began hating who he was He recollected how his parents gave him pain but never hugs
Strong sometimes weak the wind blows. Some might think wind has no purpose Some might even think wind is worthless No! This premise is simply false.   Path invisible to others,
A haunt, a lilt, a stutter
I think I'm in love with you,
I’ve got ‘So it Goes’ tattooed on my rib cage after the great late Kurt Vonnegut; now retired and unstuck in time.
A dark-skined man, Watter for the crops. A non-english speaking woman, Hashbrowns for the stores. Centuries of work Piled on their back.   A young teen in school
Silver and white Embedded with rubies Shining and bright With light from the point Royal and pretty Into the chest Between the ribs Tight and breathless
There's nobody in the world that knows the real me, For all they know: I'm some sort of mystery. I keep to myself- all quiet and shy, When all I really want to do is spread my wings and fly.
I keep my daytime nightmares in an envelope - which my restraint has sealed. The key, I swallow whole, Until I gasp for air. My control, unchained, finds release as I invite the sin to tea.
I hear the forest singing as I meander through the still, familiar grove The wind-rustled leaves rise in a flurry and dance among the tangled brush The cheerily chirping songbird carelessly flits among twisted, ancient trees
Lost in the sea Sharks surrounding me Just keep sailing along And stop thinking about what you did wrong Just keep looking ahead Hoping you’re not dead  
Way back when the floor was lava
He ran through clouds of dust  Kicked up from his comrades' trampling boots And neutralizing fire- But our children sit.   Rise for The Man! Rise for The Land!  
It’s cold inside, But no one else seems to notice Except the poor boy Who lies in his room, eyes swollen.   He’s been cold the past few days now. Months, years, actually,
When at peace the soul endeavors But always slow the body rots Nobody can survive forever Matters not how strong or clever Outlive time and death you’ll not, but When at peace the soul endeavors
What shall I say of the seasons? In Autumn’s throes another limb crashes down Deceased Used for naught but the kindling of fire Even of Winter’s frigid squalls barreling through Hollow
I'm reminiscent on my memories day dreaming on the usualA cycle in my mind, what goes around come around I figureAtypical to the eb and flow of society Drunk off emotions stumbling towards sobrietyNevertheless
When you need help,
When you need help,
I let you go. Why did I let you go?   Eyes that paraded a bright blue tint Spoke words that only I could interpret.
A strand of hair  derived from my scalp  is detected by my two brown eyes, the color a reflection of both.   My vision blurs  as a sea of unwanted memories 
A few months old I watch around, Three years bold I am safe and sound, Five year leader small, mighty and loud, Eight years eager I might as well be crowned, Rebellious at ten
The house sits silently except for the hum of the heater                                                          
The house sits silently except for the hum of the heater                                                            Everyone is asleep but here I lay wide awake        
When I was five, I first met her In a thicket of minds waiting patiently to see her Projected on a sheet that smelled like sunshine   She connected us like the windows of a greenhouse
    How can I stop you from something  you are addicted to?   You leave me alone for days, and when you are home you never seem at ease I hear you at night yelling in your dreams.  
                                     Shutting the Door to the Unwanted and the Unknown                                                       I do not know why this is me.
Once upon a time All angels on earth could fly They all had wings All expect one This angel here was me   All the time they flew And they teased me! Laughed continuously at me
His eyes opened,
Venus was back to her wicked tricks; I never planned for
Contrary to popular belief, the word Phileo Means a lot more than just brotherly or sisterly love. Oh, its meaning is far deeper And far more complex than just love.   The word love, in my opinion,
I often like to think of you like 
Imagination The most cunning of human machinations Is, without some resultant flare For naught, merely spare   Flame Cannot be born without frame For the kindling that sustains
Poorest neighborhoods and liquor is at its finest. 
Music flowing through ears With notes of inspiration  Giving air to choking cells Of my minds concentration
*/ /*-->*/ Oh how you scoffed at my theories As we walked along the hall
I am a writer.I am a prophet of creativity.I am the interpreter to my own personal muse.I am a dreamer of dreams made manifest to letters that spiral in my mind and make neat and orderly lines on the paper.
I'll start the story off with, "There once was a man."  Actually that's not true.  There once was a boy of who's time to become a man was over due.  He met a girl.  Yes a real girl, not of age to be a woman.
The world is a paradox. You can see the sun shimmer off the crystal clear waters and the black spot and the broken ship. Mountains rise majestically from the ground, and you can almost see them through the smog.
These are close friend's for experiences. Rape can be prevented. Him Her Them  Me ---
“YOLO!”-- hold on sorry.......YOWO! Now what exactly can I sway, if I may? through video or paper -- which matter, which way? To release many thoughts, through frames per second, no way
  After that day. Bound to be led astray.
Morning is meant as a gentle reprieve
Finding someone Find something Once you find it  Once you find them Don't let it go Let them know You're there for them But here for you Here for you
These crowded halls seem lonely now Shadows of reminiscent faces
Maybe I loved the way her fiery pink work gloves clashed with the polished wooden counter where blue delphiniums lay, wrapped in the splendor of last week's sports page. Or maybe it was the fleeting mosaic
I love when the sun warms my face When the clouds drift slowly away When the earth produces life; The trees that fill my lungs with oxygen And give me shade on a sunny day.
Leafs leave in the winter and return in the spring. Like how the elderly pass and babies are born. we laugh, live, and learn. boys and girls play, clothes are torn. Then we feel a lovers burn
Once upon a time,I would have asked myself,What was hope?Was it needed in my life?I wandered aimlesslyThrough my school,Daydreamed through classes,Surrounded myself with pointless matters.  
         A large plain white room. Only holds buckets of paint. A blank canvas held trapped in a golden frame. No work done. No marks shown.
  Lost in the desolation of the desert, our minds create mirages from disorientation  And we just accept it and pursue it as an outlet for salvation
I worry for the worst,  Wistfuly hanging and hoping for the moment, When something will be dfferent, When something will come first, Something besides just looks and stares,
Growing Up   Growing up is never easy In fact it’s the hardest thing we’ll do We learn how to respect others And how to respect ourselves  
a quasar magnificently far from the tree outside the classroom the tree that is somehow put together from carbon and nitrogen exactly close to a quasar precisely the same as star stuff
To sense the meter lie in rhythm's beat, And hear the words that made the poet weep; Confine not lines that state clandestine thoughts. Let prosper poetry with boundless plots!
I'm a single celled human bodied organism. I'm a dead man living,
I am from chilly summers from four wheeler rides and Windex. I am from the cozy fireplace in my living room (warm, soft, and my favorite place to be)
I had little to regret No memories I'd rather forget No lives ruined by my greed No offended kind or creed I've done many foolish things Wasted precious time with friends, foes, and flings
Out of the shadwos a figure did form Ascending from ash, the pheonix reborn The clouds are sewn up and the soul is untorn.
By the last breath in me, I plan to solve inequity, After the hell of catastrophe I'll dissolve the pain that dwells in me, After all of the hypocrisy I'll lead your soul to ecstacy, But with society blinded by conformity My harmony is shackled b
Remember the day when I forgot about you and you forgot about me.
  The unbroken man says, “Emotions are easy to tell.” To which, the shattered girl replies, “You just buy what they sell.”   Says the man, “Happiness is easily shown with a smile.”
Friends, Facebook Hashtag, Twitter Instagram Moments Social networking a must   iPad, iPhone, Smartphone Internet in hand Click and search Everything Instant  
For the longest time I felt as though I didnt belong Crowds stormed right through me Never giving me a second glance. For the longest time I didn't know I was special Or beautiful
In my mind there are two side
Pill bottles spread out across the floor Bagged and marked, four hours more Anxiety, Nausea, the list goes on Moments of personality quickly gone   Infection spreads when treatment fails,
    On the edge of night's darkest skies
Look at meSilky, milky whiteBlackRedYellowIt doesn’t matterBecause I have skin that I enjoyAnd that you enjoyAnd beneath that skinI have so much to offer
Any time Any place I hear music Beneath the surface My brains jingle with Fast and Furious clips Flashbacks of my life Triggering happiness, sadness By lyrics or tempo
It’s one of those nights when all the memories take physical form.  When monsters swallow kindness to retch sadness and nostalgia. 
Hearts beat like a drum Soft and low, high and fast.   Sometimes we beat as one, And sometimes we beat alone.   LOUD! LOUD! Soft. Soft. LOUD! LOUD! Soft. Soft.
How can beauty be such a talent?
My winters are a gray burst of sky smoke moving cement hurt that peelsknees yellow teeth and sun sofar away winter is not gray it is white between split ends and in department stores things
Yes of course I'm quoting Yolo to my mirrored image Saying I woke up like this flawless and fearless This smiling will never end because I see my future          Do you see your future?
I'm walking home, mind ablazeTrying to think past a mindless hazeAll I do is "write 300 words or more"But what good is all the nonsense for?
The first time that I met you I had no idea that you would mean Absolutely nothing But curly hair and jeans.   You met me in my darkest time; Full of anger, fear, and pain.
Your eyes, filled with love. One brown, the other hazel. I can't look away. 
America is supposed to be a place of freedom for all people But the homosexuals aren't allowed to get married in some places And even still they don't get the rights they deserve
Poetry isn‘t really my thing. Phrases that make you blush? That make your heart sing? Words that fit so perfectly on a page? No, poetry isn’t really my thing.   But all the thoughts in my mind?
Gliding she came, Her fingers fragile like rose, Her arms fleshed in silk, With all love she waned, The widowed monsoon cradled her forth, To where she shed the filth, The filth of eternal forlorn,
They are falling down, Only to be abused on, Crying they come down.
My hair is a big rat's nest filled with tangles My eyes are soft geen lilypads floating on the water My legs are long and run fast My brain is a planet of fairytails and imagination
I am alone and yet I am not alone I am not surrounded by others I am not engrossed in conversation And yet I do not panic though I am by myself I am my own company Here is what matters the most to me
Fear hinders our progress towards better times where we need not be alone, it suffocates lights and welcomes darkness into our mind's own home. Fear grips the souls of men  in a way no human can,
Eyes closed,    one foot ahead of the other,       I walk into the world.
Shaped and molded to be unfolded like origamiTsunami power showering over landscapesTo re-take what was stolen away in the shadows of the nightSightlessly viewing only by faith through gates of impossibility
I wish college wasn't so expensive, looking at the bill makes me feel pensive, all I want is to expand my knowledge, if only I could easily afford college.
This hate fills all my viens. It brings heartache and pains. I feel like I'll drown In the hate from deep down. The smiles that you see Always given off by me are masks to hide the fray
He was the one that made me get butterflies in my stomach, the weirdest thing I had never felt before. He was the one that made my heart beat faster, and showed me that love doesnt always hurt. 
We wonder how the world revolves around us, the situations that happens in other places, but do we stop to see what happens within our lives? To see the great power and virtue in ourselves,
I guess this a poem Meant to thank you Because I would not be able to write If it was not for you.   Yet, some nights You allow me to sleep But it is never peaceful when
THE MOST UBER EPIC AWESOME SUPERB EPIC SUPER DUPER AWESOME SWEET COOL……………..EPIC, POEM. An Ode, if you will. There’s no blood in my alcohol system, I swear to drunk I’m not God.
Life is a struggle
Is there really much difference between An individual And the environment? Are we so superior That we use its fruits for our own use? Or are we just the same?
They look perfect on the outside Everyone wants their relationship Nobody know what happens behind closed doors Nobody hears her screams at night   She keeps a fake smile on her face
 A bebop roadshow, slapping and jumping Loose and direct, structured like a wire Going zip and zap, spreading its electrical seed, Feeling around the corner, hiding with the lights on Do we know what it is?
He calls out to me. I hear His voice. "My child, you are mine!"   He loves my soul. I delight in His presence. "My child, you are mine!"   The waves rise. The Earth trembles.
The best kinds of sound waves Are those made to entertain To relax, to comfort, and ease all pain To pump and excite then settle down And to simply change   They find their way, appeal to my ears
We have free will All have choice There is freedom Will you choose right   Many wrong ways All seem easy Only one correct Will you choose right?   It is hard
It began as a glowing ember,So innocent and small.
Do not give in, keep up the fight when all hope is far away gone bring the bigger dream to sight.   Press on, do not go into the light do not be wooed by the angel's song
Ironic that my daddy said the very same thing. It is all up to you now, girl. I did everything I could. Put a roof over your head
I call it situational, A situation plentiful of reciprocals,
Emile was a shepherdess, Every morning she would go outside, Skip merrily across the fields, And into the pen That held her beloved sheep.
  Love, what is it?
Why does this keep happening? The pain and depression after the joy. I always think I'm doing better, When a memory hits.   I go spiraling back down into sadness.
If I can only write once, this is what I'd say from deep within... The Pain within draws me into an abyss to deep for me to pull myself out of.
We are not perfect. We are rough drafts, a template for future experiences. We can not promise love, safety, sometimes not even basic needs. We are who we are. We are dreamers, artists,
There are those that make the most asinine of assumptions Is willful ignorance funny?   Who are those who quell their voices in the midst of rustling leaves and perceived as either mute or dumb?
 Education matters to me a lot. This is very important because it seems to be the key that opens up so many doors.
My past no longer haunts Death has lost its sting Pain can now be ignored No hate lives in my heart It is not because the pain has gone Suffering is my constant companion
Your swelling heart with r
  I tried to be soft; tried to be gentle and delicate, but I’ve got a body full of bones and sharp edges. I’ve got blood; red hot blood, pumping through my veins. I tried to be soft,
This world has a cold heart will someone warm it up? I sit at the table with no one to pick up the other cup. Inside me burns a fire that needs to be kindled
Imagine, living life to the fullest, without a care or worry in the world. Making the most of each day, using the sun to guide your way. Now imagine, out of the blue,
Why such hurtful words? Did you enjoy the first time you got a tooth pulled cause your cravings called for sweets? Did you find pleasure while falling from your bike, scraping a chunk of skin off your leg?
 If I could only escape to the world of my dreams. . .
America you are pushing me in all of the wrong directions. You have pulled saltwater rivers down my soft, child cheeks.
You sat there alone,  quiet and expressionless.  I often wondered if you had picked up a pen, but more often I wondered if it was a knife.
Love,listen to me carefully...be grateful I am here  with you today and enjoy every minute spent. Be sure about my love for you. Never doubt it, not one bit.
   If you spent all your life focusing on what everyone around you thinks of you,does this
A little queen dog waits, With other dogs she will not play, But fights for her right to stay.   Sitting atop her golden throne not too high as she fears the sky.  
It all began with a chase. A runner that dashed by me.   I cannot explain, exactly,
Wanna hear a story?good.On
  Scholarship in sight Money earned and rewarded I am ecstatic.    
I wake up, my heart beating in my head This thing, its so heavy, its weight pushing down on me It won’t budge, I’m suffocating, I cant breath It’s keeping me locked in my bed   Is it this thing on me?
All I am is a listLaundry bathroom kitchen sinkScrub scrub no time to thinkWindow paint vaccum upIs this the role in which I’m stuck?
I cannot thrive in darkness. It consumes me. Time changes, and it controls all. Darkness. In every corner; it haunts my mind, plagues my thoughts. How can I go on?
The power of my ink tells a story, Its tells you who I am without having to say sorry. Whether its the tatto on my shoulder or the one on my waist It can be the ink on my paper either way it will not be erased.
I wonder when I wont see her as my love When will I stop needing her like a drug Will I ever stop wanting a hug Its like a parasite in me, a bug I’m glad we aren’t together but I wish we weren’t apart
  My heart rate picks up, my scalp starts to tingle; the flutter in my chest pulls all my attention. My stomach turns, and I know it’s too late; I don’t have the power to stop it.  
bleak and gray
A War on the People The Government is Evil Solution, Bullets
TrappedNever was myself. Always reminded At my bare locker.Brand names were never My thing.It never seemed to work.Popped collars and Coach
When you told me about love you lied.
We might only have one last time together To walk along the halls and hold the memories forever Our last moments at the lockers between classes
Ignorance may be bliss but it’s time to risk awareness. Knowledge hurts, but nothing in this world is painless. You may have a thirst for love, but I have a thirst for wisdom.
A knight in shining armor on a white horse I hope he falls off
Men get all the chances they like, Especially if they're rich or famous, Women have to work harder, And men still try to "tame" us; Women who are leaders are "bossy", Men, however, are "strong",
Click, Clack, Bang! What is that sound? Nothing, just another African American body collapsing to the ground How could this be the norm? How can this be?
maybe I don't miss youmaybe, its the memories I mi
Warm salty yet smooth waves
Alex undresses in the bathroom Water running in the shower He glances up; In that mirror of truth Hanging; On the bathroom wall; Continuously reminding him “I won’t be accepted in a world
A smile bright
Picking at her bloody wounds There she hides inside her room Reliving that awful night Shes sinking, drowning, drenched in frieght tears stain her mournful eyes wishing what she heard were lies  
My first day of elementary school My mom woke me up and made me breakfast With a lunch box in my hand I walked to school With my white sketchers that had double knots So I wouldn’t trip over myself
I think a lot, when I'm in the shower. As I let the bullets of water hit my skin, run down my spine, and fall into the drain, I think. Sometimes of nothing, sometimes of you.
Dear Me, The world cannot change you Although it has tried Stereotypes wont cage you nor the thoughts in your mind When shores become rocky And storms head your way Keep your head up
Aching feet support my shaking legs and bruised knees. Gasping for air as though falling through space. I’ve never been the size i dreamed, Simply a tree trunk among branches.
The numbers are swarming in front of my eyes,
  She is innocent A happy and optimistic child She has self-confidence and clearly displays her spirit to the world  
I asked the world for a heart.A heart to love and healI asked that it would be of goldAnd to guide me and show me what's real.-And I met you.
I don't crave and want your love. I will push you away and make you hurt until the blood in your mouth reminds you of me. The only love I care to receive is from myself,
Caught in An Endless Breeze
Some people say living life is easyBut until you've been in my shoesYou'll see what it's like to be me
Come to think of it, I matter most
Tempting smells and sights all around, The monster in my stomach growling for food But the voice in my head whispering insults of the sort. “You’re fat, ugly, disgusting”
Winter's late afternoon. Dusting snowfall kisses my cheeks, A smile twinkles hiding within the corners of my lips. Lights glow behind the fluff of snow beside the mat that reads “Welcome Home.”
I am a new friend, a first time meeting I am excited and nervous and happy Coming over to build a snowman After weeks of being too shy To go next door and ask.  
What is infinite? The power within me is limitless, these words flow out during a rainy evening as I come with a confidence so definitive I could have told you two years ago what my mission is.
Her scars can make the blind see Her pain burns within Her words are deaf  Her voice is mute Her tears are unseen Her fears create a demonic birth Her life is her inescapable nightmare
The day I was born I was given a daisy. When they gave it to me they told me: This is no ordinary daisy, As long as it’s with you, Everyone will believe you to be innocent before guilty,
L: is for the losers who have no heart O : is for the only thing that keeps us apart V: is vivacious you look each night E: is every time I think of you it is hindsight  
Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do .
I don't have a plan B Just a plan TO BE To BE great To Be loved To Be a role To Be successful in others' eyes In God's eyes To Be indescribably wonderful That's what I want To Be
  This poem is written from the standpoint of a girl who has been raped/sexually abused in the past and is now speaking to her lover years later.
Poetry is a friend. It is a coach. It is love.  A poem is like you first time riding a horse,  It scares you, but it's fun. Poetry runs like the river flowing,  I whispers in the wind,
Poetry is a friend. It is a coach. It is love.  A poem is like you first time riding a horse,  It scares you, but it's fun. Poetry runs like the river flowing,  I whispers in the wind,
Be humble Last minute of the game  Last minute of fame, of your senior season Give it all you've got You put up 20 points a game this season   Pass the ball in Dribble coast to coast
A boy will leave Neverland today
Fate falls like the cards may landTaking off only to fake a standWhen it gets kicked down you onlyDust yourself off before things get uglyWhile you only write once may be the goal
Worthier than emerals and gold is knowledge. You may ask, "do I only obtain this in college?" You may, although is a long and treacherous process that later becomes known as  wisdom .
The road before him Is straight Raised calf high above the ground   A mountainous cloud before him So soft Wide enough to anticipate his fall But not his failure  
On the streets People hunched
I like the notion of farting Yeah, I know, “disgusting” But it’s human. Everyone in the world farts; it’s natural. Some people think it’s extremely rude, others extremely funny.
He said This is our f****n’ city A city rocked with a blast A city numbed in the aftermath A city littered with shards of deadly metal A city clinging together He said
Life too short to live the same day twice. You cant stop life, You cant rewind it, You cant skip to the future,
The day has just begun But to you, it should be done The pain is becoming worse Like a never ending curse   It continually pulls you down Until you just shutdown And once it all begins
To think that you would fall from the skies
HandsThey are taken for grantedWe use them everydayAre they what keeps us so candid?HandsThey actually define us commonersThey can be rough, soft, dry, moist, cold, warm
You told me that if I could breathe
I can feel the horizon coming across with its lit-out rays merging at the tips of my fingers, I fiddle with the bittersweet sensation of comfort, lying in the depth of millions of algae
It hits us! Always in the beginning we feel good, peaceful, warm. This will last forever… we always think that. It ends up to be cold, bitter and sour.
Wrinkled man in a coffee house, sipping coffee on his own.  People chatter all around; still he feels all alone.  Men have died of illness since, war had taken many friends. 
warped metal dives into the ripples ofvirgin natureit dips & a suspended breath laterwe feel itwe in the belly of the crunching beastthe positive G forces lift me upmolecule by molecule
Why are you lonely?You are beautiful and niceI will be your friendI am here for youWhen you feel like gray clouds andWhen you need sunshine
I wake up every morining for school, but gess  what no one cares. I go on to class thinking about everyone else.
Alone, fearful, ashamed A burden not yet named. Who would have thought that she Would end up being "we"?   Bold, beautiful, bright A future with such light. Success postponed to linger
long ago, in ages past i hear
They think it is a place of wonderI think it is a place of frightThey pose and say the issues are greyI see it simply as black and whiteThe mother is calling,Her pool is inadequately deep
Writing poems in a classroom isQuite a tiresome thing to doBecause everyone wants to know What your thoughts areThey want to ride on your train of thought
I'm 17 Yet I've seen more sleepless nights and felt more damp pillowcases from the night before than I'd like to admit
Such strange thoughts surround me The soul of the wise in this body of youth cries out in uncertain desire  The love of purity and strength is ignored by shields of ignorance, stupidity, laughs
How does one say this...That you are wonderful and In wonder I fall                        (senselessly)
Pause. Results of watching one too many dramas, Dramatically living my llama life. Play.
People running and people walking People passing and people looking People laughing and people cying But they are all the same. All the same individuals. Held together, tied together
The Reason YO! Before I begin I have to say sorry But I really do need to share this sad story A story of a man who had all the glory But by his own hand turned it to shame, fear and worry
I roll out of my warm cocoon to peer out the window. Sunlight reflects off the dazzling diamonds blanketing the earth. The snow beckons me like a warm, loving friend while Homework gives me an icy, reproachful look.
Paralyzed   I am constantly calculating I sit for an 1 hour, 59 more mintues,58, 57... running through my the maze of my mind I see tell your story:  
Tears, like rain, stream across the world.  Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters; tears of joy and of remorse; tears of fear and of sorrow.  Each speak of another language hate, love, anger, despair. 
Her first book was at the age of four When she finished she ran through the door Couldn’t wait to show you her book Starting the memory that you didn’t look In school, she scribbled notes that would rhyme
    People are like books, which we love to read. Words are actions, and illustrations are deeds.             Each person is a chapter, in our book.
The sun is shining so far above
I travel across the great plains Adrenaline is surging through my veins On a quest for the throne A quest to be eternally known   Suddenly the foe appears just over the horizon
    From the eeriness of an e
You say, "Life is good" Life says, "Just hold on" Well, my life is good So what could go wrong.?
Peace be still  That is what The Lord said To the storm  That storm they passed through All the waters calmed The sea obeyed  And nature was at rest.  
My dreams have been destroyed.Let me sleep so I can dream a new dream to replace the old.I did not dream of a new car or moving out of my home. I did not dream of war ending or peace on earth.
Your 15 so fragile in this hard world, But your coming out of it an easy girl, You throw on your Jordan's and you rock your belly shirt, And You around the block bragging about how your such a big flirt,
Pure white rose uncommon   In a vicinity of numerous flowers  
  Differences' brings alot of pain,
I woke up early in the morning When I looked out the view was boring All I saw was old homes and grey cement No more green orchards Now I was tortured Stuck looking at the rubble
One time.   One time to live, one time to breathe, One to play and be all you can be.   "One time," Mama said, and I wanted to believe,
I heard a statistic the other day on the radio About apocalypses and ends And according to the poll, 
Just breathe, in and out. Simple, not complicated. Yet, the hardest thing. 
Silly sea salmon  Swim up the stream They swim with their spine Slithering into separate seas.   Tumbling tadpoles everywhere They toss and turn Then transform into frogs.  
The gap keeps getting bigger. he rich ad poor on opposite sides of the world The poor are too lazy to get off their behinds, They are having children like chickens  
Once, a boy goaded on by his friends yelled “BORDERHOPPER” in my face. (I must have a very large stride, then, to have hopped the Pacific Ocean.) To be fair, it was middle school.
America, America Home of the free Where the justice bell rings peacfully Parents tell children of the birds and the bees Yet there are others who've never heard such a thing   Garbage litters the dusty roads
Tell me a lie
Karma starts as a neutral seed;
You asked me what I wanted.I didn’t know what you wanted to hear,So I looked at other people’s poems.And I realized that what I want is, essentially, the same as themTo be heard.   
I sit here and imagine.What would it be like?What would it be like if I born some other year,month, week, day, hour, or second?Would I be different?
This room isn't new
What do I want? I want to hold out my hand and stop your tears Did you know it’s worth it? Life, I mean
   I stand in front of this mirrorI rub my eyes to try and see clearerI stare at this reflection
A friend asked me to name a place I loved the most.
  You only write once slam
As I sit here writing, I am waiting. Waiting for my shift to end, Waiting for the sun to set, Waiting for the boy I like to text me first. Trivial things that don't really matter much in the grand scheme of things.
Cars, and toys, and rug burns I am a boy. I am a boy. Basketball, hip-hop, down the block. I am black. I am black.
I have memorized your face. Every inch is too familiar.   Your breath moves my hair As you speak in tones unheard by others.   My back presses into the wall behind.  
  Kennedy the brave and great Remembered most for his grave fate Cold wars and Cuba he conquered it all Yet one simple bullet spawned his downfall.
The automated words stream out "It's ok, it's ok, it's ok." When will anyone wonder if she herself knows the way out? The temptation of the world show no mercy.
So far, my life has been boring Everything I know could be put in a box It's silly; I live in a world worth exploring   I know there is an entire world outside my door All I need to do is go to the shore
He’s stupid, she’s ugly, they’re weird Judgments we hear and face everyday Some hide who they are, living in a facade Some ignore the voices, but slowly are dismantled
Admirable in every way A force of Goodness Making others feel so loved, Warm and welcome Your smile lights up a room
She doesn’t remember what it’s like To be able to look into another’s eyes unashamed Fixed in character, proud. She wants to be like the motivational posters pre-menstrual teens post on facebook
She doesn’t remember what it’s like To be able to look into another’s eyes unashamed Fixed in character, proud. She wants to be like the motivational posters pre-menstrual teens post on facebook
She doesn’t remember what it’s like To be able to look into another’s eyes unashamed Fixed in character, proud. She wants to be like the motivational posters pre-menstrual teens post on facebook
She doesn’t remember what it’s like To be able to look into another’s eyes unashamed Fixed in character, proud. She wants to be like the motivational posters pre-menstrual teens post on facebook
You came into my life smiling and sweet. You left my life bitter and bleak. I let you in, but you tore me apart. Now I'm left feeling empty with a broken heart. All of your love was made untrue.
You came into my life smiling and sweet. You left my life bitter and bleak. I let you in, but you tore me apart. Now I'm left feeling empty with a broken heart. All of your love was made untrue.
You came into my life smiling and sweet. You left my life bitter and bleak. I let you in, but you tore me apart. Now I'm left feeling empty with a broken heart. All of your love was made untrue.
Everyone cries Everyone lies Everyone moans Everyone groans Everyone aches Everyone shakes Everyone fails Everyone wails You’re not the only one You’re part of everyone  
Notes fill the air Where there was a void previously is filled with a beat Beats that resounded with the heart Boom boom boom Ba-dum Ba-dum Ba-dum Each pulse sends energy into a limb
A friend asked me to name a place I loved the most.
A hello here, A handshake there, A hug here, A greeting all around   I float amongst my piers, Socializing from clique to clique to satisfy But I am never truly satisfied  
Whimsically wishing for a life of happiness, yet constantly constrained by a monetary monster.   Reasoning roads to take or to avoid, forever weighing the pros and cons.  
Greed pulsates through our veins, bitterness sit on our lips and destruction lies behind long lashes.
Last night was just like all the others
Time has passed quickly, has it not? Another September come and gone Hopes and desires of change this time around Wondering if there is a reason beyond oneself Blue is the primary color that reaches me,
When the universe began, there was darkness....and there was Duque.There are Maxwell's equations to define the electromagnetic wave particles
She cries in silence at night, and smiles throughout the day. He plays the role of “Alpha Dog” throughout the school Walls but cringes in pain as his name
My crimson sorrows, pour onto the floors, Bathing each torn petal of my orchid, Lying in my puddle of crimson crystals, With the stained daggar of blood dripping royalty, Royal in Hell!
Eight years old. Dreams discovered.  Memories made. Boys had cooties. Laughter consumed the air. Smiles all around.   All that changed. Dreams forgotten. Memories hurt.
He helped me through everything He held my hand He walked beside me He encouraged me to be strong Just for him   When darkness took hold He brought me back Never letting go
My Purpose In Life   What is the purpose in life, for a delinquent like me? Am I to battle with my parents over our cultural diversity?
I told him, many times many times To remind me when The earth begins to jolt- Yet he smiles                               (pant, pant) Red tongue with slobber
I try to count the ceiling fan blades as they swirl around,People thought this was cute when I was
The mind is extraordinarily intricatecomplex senses yield emotions that are delicate
So your eyes are open Your heart is beating And the world is now in existence Your knowledge is innocent Your thoughts consist of       Ma-ma,
When I went to war I was On the front lines And I used my heart along with my mind   Cuz when I went to war I was Not overseas And when I went to war I did Not aim to please  
I get jealous. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. Everyday jealous, Of things concerning you.   Jealous of your friends, Jealous of your lover. Jealous of the way,
Jasai Perkins You Only Write Once 
Everyone has something they’re bad at. Something that leaves them grabbing their hair in frustration Or that makes them want to punch something   Everyone has at least one thing  
They asked me to write a poem. What for? I'm going to write a poem. Pencil? Check. Paper? Check. Wait, this is the 21st Century. Surface. Open Microsoft.
True love and betrayal The two things that keep us real With holy guns and raw sped lungs True love keeps us from fear If I loved the one that came and went but went away before time spent
What art thou that thee pierce thine heart so? Art thou thine love? I shall never know
One:   You're just gay.   Really, so how I love Is just repressed -  Like I can just come out From the darkness you seem to see In my chest.   That I'm ashamed of my heart,
I wish to leave my handprint on the earth. And in the clay, a story to relay. It may be on the greatest wall of China, The humble widow's home, The eye of the sphinx, Or a stone in the wood.
I watch you from a distance, but you don't know it.....
The waves crashed high over my soul as I flew through every nautical mile.
  Not Over You 
Life itself, Is our biggest challenge, yet our best competitor, which makes us unbalanced   As children, Were born with “life” as our Inspiration
There are two types of people in this world First those who survive only by having others to confide in
Please stop cutting -  cutting your arms, 
I drum, therefore I am  Yearning for friction Enduring the force  Keeping the honesty of sound waves   I drum, therefore I am  Tribal woes set forth Yell for the hills 
You can say that you're my f
Misunderstood, Misunderstood, I'm often times Misunderstood. I'm very smart and successful but I'm still Misunderstood. If I could change the world overnight, I'd do it if I Could.
Tell me, tell me, tell me why you look at me that way Your eyes scream everything that your lips don't wanna say 7 billion people in this world, somehow you're all alone
Th light of day gives to dark of night, How can one overlook this tribune? For even apathy has insight,
How can anyone succeed in a world where they are set up to fail? Constantly discriminated against subliminally and publicly and fed negative stereotypical phrases. Whether it is movies, music, or even satirical television shows.
With weary limbs, I collapse into the awaiting embrace of a warm bed. Enveloped by the covers, I exhale, Purging the chaos of the day. My racing heart halts, steadying to a lethargic drumbeat. 
When you start speaking to me, I listen. When you step away, I know it's wrong, But I listen anyway. You get angry and yell and complain, Only when you can't see me.
Have you ever had apple pie? If not I suggest you give it a try.
  I thought feeling alive was easy. But now only pain from the before, and of the future give me confidence in my existence. Our parents tell us pain is scary. They could have saved me so much time
We're just kids Defined-- By our apathy Subjugated wiithout sympathy But how can we care? Whenwe're stripped of our voice Left with no choice
I been called the future I been told i could make it But I'm totured by failure and by past defeats   I have a chance to take  to take power back but the quiver its empty the sword dull
What matters to me, should matter to you Being able to love someone is the best gift that can ever be given Life is all about loving someone or something other than yourself My love was towards my dog, Leah
I believe in the innocence of a child The freedom of a kid The choices of a teenager The maturity of an adult
  “Hard work beats talent,
Little Things by Dillon D. Our selfish desires can blind us when they become our god. They make us forget all of our blessings. Be thankful of the little things. A roof over your head,
    It seems that all of history revolves around wars.
Don't call me a female that's not me always told I'm wrong by society but I'm not wrong don't even try rejections sharp sting won't make me cry I am strong I am true I'm just me
  What matters to me, should matter to you. Being able to love someone is the best gift that can ever be given.
I have never met a woman who told me she thinks she's pretty I don't know if it's because they aren't confident or because they've been trained to think they shouldn't be But either way
I drag this blade across my already smooth skin Hoping to feel the roughness I see deep within and as I bleed I realize this roughness is far deeper than my body could ever reach.
Music - Happiness The singing notes saved my soul Showing me the way  
I am from a place called impossible, Where no dreams can be achieved And if they are, hold on to them I'm from different states, Packing up and moving on And leaving everything else left behind
Today was the first time I sold my soul and will be the last one. My threshold keeps tumbling in my ears trying to trap the clear air… I don’t know if I am making sense 
  One day I sat wilted On the edge of the drying pond   Reed stalks cracked under summer’s heavy Breath   Burnt earth quivered With reflected heat   Blue sky wavered
Since I've been in high school I thought I was so cool Getting straight A's Hey, it really pays Started doing college apps and took the ACT Made a good score and saw my future before me
As the years go by so fast, The days are what drag. Memories live in the past, As college approaches with a hefty price tag. Friends begin to part,  After eighteen long years.
Bullies Parents Teachers Friends They flip the switch on happiness Sometimes it's an accident Sometimes it's not But it doesn't matter, You can't do anything
Living in this "free country" is not what it's hyped up to be.
Today at 3:46 PM
If you are on this Earth,  you are free.  You. Yourself,  with your own  thoughts, beliefs,  loves,
3:04 am think, what joys are left? i'm hiding from the "real" world: of money and loans and signatures and confirmations and sighs but is that real?
“Chemistry Story” 
The words light up, emblazoned on her face. As she walks a lonely path, the only one she's ever known. She wonders if she will ever see the light, ever get the chance to stand.
A little girl, grew up so fast, so many choices. What shoes to wear, what friends to make, and who to date.
Are you afraid, are you left cold By the thought of our parting, The final separation On that lonely day Somewhere in the distance, The unknowable future that Folds the Now and the Then
Aging Lively, Scary Strangers, Family, Power Education and wealth survive Future
“FROM THE ASHES” by Thomas McClellanJanuary 30, 2014 A life so bright, yet so young,
It was in the dawn covered in dew That we begin our journey true We had no haste, no time to waste Our lives had changed years before, husbands taken by the war
Darkness falls upon the trees,
Miss you, bro:  
People say if your parents are alcoholics then you’ll be one But my mother isn’t. And people say if your parents are drugies you’ll be one, But I’m not!
There is an old saying: Love comes in many forms. But why is being gay Excluded in that love?   “It is a sin!” they shriek. They throw slurs and death threats. Souls are trapped in closets,
I am from raindrops From dreams, from sights I am from bland walls streaked with white Where you can still see the bricks [its structure] underneath
Criticism exists everywhere, We've all been criticized, or have criticized others. It's easy to criticize and say what we don't think. We become self authoritorians being said, "You're wrong and I'm right".
a self portraita passiondesire to be and live and seethat fueled her every dreamher life was simple in the big pictureliving on the outskirts of timea brain desperate to fit in
we are taught to remove our individuality because no one likes a weirdo
So there I was, awaiting joyous as the hour drew more near us When the man would come and join us, my dear love and his Lenore. I crossed the room, nervously pacing, playing with my dress’s lacing,
How could one shirt Be different from another? A name Can change the game, my naive brotha .   How could my pants Bring me such shame? An extra sharp design
She deserves all the world has to offer. How dare I not give back to the woman that gave me life. No matter the situation she was there for me.
For the first time in forever You find you are alone For the first time in forever You find your world has changed You thought you were ready You thought it a choice The independence you craved
You know there are days that I wonder If it was always meant to be like this, If imperfection was programmed into our souls to make us live- Or if it found us later,
I’ve been regected and neglected with a silent anger, That I know I shouldn’t feeel. It’s an ownership I’d wish to tamper, To make them bow down and kneel. But I know I have to hide my shadows,
You're that gleam I see in the dark,  You stand in the corner And shine in my eyes,  There's no better light To a better path... You're the answer, And you're the want Everything I desire 
A society that tells the younger generation YOLO Live for today, dont worry about tomorrow YOLO Live on the Edge YOLO But WE are not called to live for OURSELVES YOLO
Can you put a number to the             Feeling of gentle rainfall on your head? A percentile to the warmth of             Sun beaming on your skin in the spring? A visual display of my subconscious may just be a
Life isn't just a game of tic-tac-toe, it is indeed much more complex.
America, one word to decribe it: great. There is but one thing that I do hate. The freedom we falsely exhibited. Was in actuallity always prohibitted.   If you wish to go to church, then be my guest.
They tell me not believe in new beginnings,
Write. Weigh each word on the scale of perfection - Only perfection - Settle for no less. Bind each word together with a silver thread Upon which could hang the very weight of nations.
There are so many kinds of hate.  But the most insidious is the kind that hides behind a smile and an open hand. The first I knew of it was a boy in my class. 
I promise YOU this, As Life goes on days will turn brighter Pain is only temporary and this too shall pass Come along with me and you will eventually see what's it like to become free
  As I sat and I pondered, as all poets do
I remember everything you did for me. I remember when we met in 9th grade.I still remember the prank you played on me you see,
Cold cinderblocks covered in thick, distorted white paint that tries to hide the sharp, rough edge of the bare blocks.
When I see her, my heart sinks to my feet. Her sound is like a Heaven praise from 'bove. From her strength, Satan could never defeat, Her love, not like a weakish morning dove,  
In case you hadn’t realized, Being “different” is no longer acceptable, Assuming that it ever was. It seems as if people are no longer perceived as people,
Simple Simplicity
The grass is green, the maiden said. The sky is blue, responded the goose. What if I said the world was emerald?, the girl questioned. I would say it is more sapphire, replied the ancient turtle.  
Everything Matters to Me !  If I didn't have my parents  I would not have been here today I am 17 years of age and yes I been through it all but the question is  What Matters ?
A lot can
You Only Write Once, so you better write right.  Write your thoughts, right your thoughts.  Write your purpose, make your purpose right.  Graduate school deadlines are around the corner, just to the right. 
Foggy protection of light and sight, or chemicals that burn tears, into leaky eye sockets.   The water blinds creatures who walk on land, but scratched shields still provide
The words we say only mean what we make them.     A letter in itself does not carry any weight.          Combining them together allows us to communicate.
They say if you drown in the oceanYou become a mermaid   You always ate the end peice of the loafNow they sit molding in a basket. 
Dear God, I heard you're up there But I don't know you like I should, cuz it’s felt like you’re not here. And now you’re showing me what love's supposed to be,
Why is it so easy to steal a girls love and reputation in one swift movement? When a young girl loves too easily She is rejected, cast out by those around her.
The sponge scrubs the surfaceof the plate, scrubs grime,rhythmically back and forthin time to the musicplaying through the speakersin the kitchen, round and round,back and forth, round and round,
Everyone keeps asking me so what you been up to and I'm always like what do you mean? I mean what are your plans, how are things going? I guess I'm fine just you know the usual, getting ready for prom, finishing up with school.
Sometimes I look at the trees, And often, I think that they          look back at me. They seem to beckon impatiently,       Are you coming?   I sit and watch for awhile
Two fists raised tow
  I walk around in school everyday. Looking down at my feet as I say "I'm okay." It gets hard, I get weak. I look at the kids around me to see if they'll speak. 
My dreams are big - too big, I'm told.  They say I shouldn't be so bold.  But tell me why I should not try  To have the world, to touch the sky.  They say, "Don't jump so high! You'll fall." 
Gay rights.
Whether you want to be a famous basketball star or a congressman, don't let others say you can't It is your life-your dream, not theirs Don't let them make you do something you don't want
The love in one person's heart should only be judged by those who hold it in their hands The dealings of love should not be noticed by anyone else but the lover Society does not hold your heart or your soul
What happened to having fun while having a little class? What happened to those fairytale lifestyles where nothing mattered as long as you were enjoying life?
He’s so cute He’s so caring But best of all He loves sharing   From flowers To showers I spend all my hours Wanting to be with him   From thick to thin
When he tells you about their first date And about how perfect that first summer was He doesn't love you   When he explains to you in soft, hushed details How he made love to her in the back of his jeep
Slow like the morning sun rises The hourglass frozen Dawn passes a slow horizon
How can I tell The difference between reality
The moldless block of clay stares back at me,  vapid and ugly in nature, it begs to become art.  To be made into something from nothing 
My whole life I held everyhthing inside Trying to run and trying to hide Scared of what people would see Never showing the real me Until now finally feeling so alive
There is a life to the city, a vitality not found in Suburbia. Uniqueness, sprinkled in among the chain coffee shops. Food trucks with steam rising from them on cold days,
I had never seen a smile so bright, Or a laugh that sounded so sweet. Talking to someone never felt so right,  but now its impossible to meet.   Now when i visit him, its not happiness and cheers
please come out of your hiding come out and show your face, please I am watching, waiting for you to come out of your hiding   i need to know there is someone please show me,
Basic. necessary as the air we breathe: Human Rights. I multiply 365 and 100,000 and find that 36,500,000 humans suffocate to death each year
The coffee creamer of society I am what others believe It is tough not knowing your nationality For it is based on the individual and what they perceive Natives see the refined, marble white
Two Glassy Worlds, They cannot be ignored, but pass by me often They’re rare, but common here They’re unwanted, but needed.
He sat upon his throne, stoic
“Dové Papa?” I asked Mama again, at our tiny kitchen table, “I don’t know,” she recited for the millionth time, as she cleaned my mouth of pasta.
  I don’t understand why you pushed me away. I tried so hard to follow in your footsteps, To be a lamb and live by your teachings.
Sometimes in life you have to go through the pain Working so hard my minds going insane This high school experience has been pretty rough Having parents that don’t love you gets really tough
Everywhere I look, Time is passing by. I wish I could fly away, From all of it.   Pressure all around me, But does anyone really see, That I'm screaming on the inside?  
I am pain. I am calling for you to reach me, Because there’s everything to gain.   I am a kid. Young enough to not remember when you left,
Give me rest  from the test  from pressure  of not being sure if im less  if i need to be more  whats the best  who decides success i feel like just a pawn 
High School was  The best of times... and the worst of times.
Words have power--the power to uplift, the power to give back happiness or love, to shift a mindset. But they have a dark side too. A side that leaves bruises, black and blue, all over my body and mind.
There you lay, in box of the deceased.I watch as they carry you to the nest of our creator.Stiff as rock, and cold as a winter’s day.Here I am wasting away what others have achieved.
Creativity feeds on expression,It thrives on liberation,It fears oppression,And it creates affection. So let your mind free,Let your spirit be,Be your own entity,Your act is the key.
My friends only talk about all their love.  Girlfriends, boyfriends, whatever it might be, Their partner must be a gift from above, and then there is little, ole' dateless me....  
There’s a picture In the yearbook
When I look at pictures of you I think This, is it. This is the Real Thing This is… Love!   But then, I realize I don’t know a thing about love. I only know about a four letter word
Back home I spent a lot of time in the rain.I spent hours walking around my neighborhoodNot in light sprinklings or simple showers,but in the heavy downpours that punctuated my childhood.
Much deeper than flesh Being myself is complex Everyday improving my thought process Life only gives one promise Can’t tell you where I’m going based off places that I’ve been
All I ask for is great company when I feel ALONE , because this feeling is empty &
  This Is The Day
It can take almost two years To travel around the world By sailboat.I imagine the sun looks like a Blood orange The skin peeled off by the horizon As it sinks underneath the Edge of the world
I don't want an affair; I want a wife
Write about anything I want? does it need to be in a certain font?   Your letting me choose?
The sea was on fire.   A candle burns in the waves. A match, no, a thousand matches fall from the sky into the surf. The surf rises to catch them; to extinguish the flame.
We seed We grow We bud We blossom We spread We wilt As my short, Singular life progressed, I thought not of those ‘round me I thought only of getting to the top.
A silver string,  
It’s difficult Getting over you was difficult Pushing you out of my life and allowing myself To be myself Was difficult   Too difficult It was the most difficult thing that I’ve ever done
Eyes closed and stomach churning, My horse, my partner, underneath me, Waiting for our chance to run. Through the saddle I can feel his heart beat, Matches mine, which is racing in my chest,
I’m walking down a silent path,glancing quickly at the lives I passbut as I slow, I begin to learnthat truths are buried deep behind masks.
Right on the pallet, blue, green, red, yellow. They sit in patience and await their fate; to be painted up high, not down below. The artists idea turns early, late.  
   Damn the way life could change, it’s really such a shame the thing you have became
Lush vegetation, wax jade spledor the hands work at ruby petals lacing ribbons of auburn hair a wreath of vermillion medals   Crystal dewdrops, velvet blades of grass the hands take up the rug
First came the baby carriage Then promised marriage Our own little family Little things started to build
Here lies the quintessential Moroccan night. Sky at midnight still faintly lit, a cool breeze ruffles my sweater and blows the smoke from my lips. Sounds mix and collaborate:
  Behold, faithful zealots and sinners alike, 
I saw a poster one day It said silence is golden but duct tape is silver And if silence is golden than I must be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams For my culture is rich
Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve Society tells me to be with a girl But I’m attracted to guys Some say it’s all in my mind That something inside me is wrong I’m trying to be normal
Whenever I am lost or lonely, I know that I need only to pick a book and disappear. Whenever I am hapless or unhappy, I know that I need only to find solace in these pages.
One choice decides life How should I know what to do  It stresses me out
I believed in foreverYou believed in never
Life comes in strides. Sometimes you skip merrily; sometimes you drag your feet.  But the key thing to remember is to Keep stepping.
Beyond the forest trees, beyond the ivy wall,
Dear “Mr. Christian”   Why wear a mask and hop on society’s wagon to conform? Why bite your tongue at the opportunity to share the gospel to a stranger walking next to you just because it’s not the norm?
Curiosity please do not go.
     You are never afraid to roll the dice. When it is my turn you are never fair,
See the stars The planets And the darkness alike?
My back layed against the red-wood bark. A nice breeze of air, hits my sun-kissed skin, releasing a sigh. With the sweet melody I hear through my ears, wanting to press repeat.
I remember When I was a kid I ran around
The cool mist air Covers the acres of fields.
Your aroma is so pleasingYour smell is so delightfulTo my senses you are appeasingWithout you, I can be spiteful
I was never good at poems I always tried to make it rhyme writing poems seemed to be too hard but I never gave it the time   Once my ideas started flowing The rhyming wouldn't stop
Life is what we make it out to be Whether we are wealthy, poor, warm or cold Life is like the warm breeze on a cold December day It can be cruel and it can be tough But life is a newborn childs warm smile
Sound reverbates in my diaphram, screeching out harsh melodies. I sing. Steps come down the stairs, telling me to shush. I sing louder. Again, I am scolded. I scream lyrics.
Children be kind Elders be strong Everyone tell me one thing
Before you came, I was a mirror that cannot reflect. Before you came, I was an incomplete sculpture. You came and awaken my soul. You came and planted a heart in my empty vessel. You came and tattooed me with hope.
Every rose has its thorn, you say,
Confusion An emotion so strong it hurts, Pain worse than any broken bone.   In love, the pounding heart is tangible, true,
The sun sets and night will soon fall Darkness spreads throughout the land, The shadows growing tall. They move through the wind like a grain of sand.   They move through the trees with ease
I am from lost privileges and hard workers the land of war ignominy and expansion  
She must never be confused She's smart    She must never cry She's brave
That girl who says she is perfect lies to her audience. She feels remorse behind the curtains and a burst of joy on stage. Prosaic is the exact opposite of her. Or so that's what she says.
Bitch The words bounce of the wall like after shock. Slut The words hit hard like a blow to the chest. She was just a girl at the wrong place at the wrong time. She was asking for it.
Being wanted Living day by day, just to be Forgotten Lord I pray, why am I never good Enough? I just want to be wanted
I like to rest my head on his chest and hear his heartbeat, Because I like to feel that he is still there, With me, Alive.   Because after my soldier leaves,
I remember Nov
 This is a Tribute to my absoltue favorite book of all time, The Fault in our Stars by John Green. If you haven`t read it, I Recommend it!
  A wide open field filled with bright green grass surrounded by forest, a large pond, open to adventure.  calmly walking, exploring, thinking.    The sun kisses my skin
My mind it's in havoc. My thoughs are jumbled, They confuse me so. How can I understand?
The woods are silent tonight There is not even a peep in it All of a sudden there is a light It grows larger by the minute The animals run for their lives trying not to breath in the smoke
Staring out the bared window My heart sinks with the setting sun I rest my weary head on a pillow The nightmare has already begun
Staring out the bared window My heart sinks with the setting sun I rest my weary head on a pillow The nightmare has already begun
The first time I met death, it passed me like clockwork I watched as it lingered on my aunt, as though memorizing her features Everyone had seen it coming, its apparatus drifting from room to room
Staring off a cliff, Will you take that step? Staring on to University, Will you take that step? Make every step count. Make every step worthwhile. Don’t ever look back and say,
You might walk by her The one you shall not remember, or try to forget The ordinary girl with her nose in a book And her mind in an imaginary world, a better place She reads by the light of the stars
I'm fighting through veils and curtains and the smoke and mirrors of my mind. My fears. My failure. Pulling rejection out of tophats  and vanishing self esteem under cloths.
Seasons come and seasons came. We knew the problem and its source. Vows are broken, mistakes are made. Children of the divorced.   We have no title, we have no name.
TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,        And sorry I could not travel both       And be one traveler, long I stood       And looked down one as far as I could         To where it bent in the undergrowth
A smile  A conversation A meet-cute A date A meal A walk A chat A connection A kiss A week  A month A year A home A puppy A marriage
I'm pretty She's sad I'm pimply He's presumtuous I'm indifferent She's trying to hard I'm cool He thinks I'm awkward She thinks I'm jealous I believe She feels
    Rising from the somber ash Burning brightly toward extinction Pyres pale against its shadow Exalted for its penchant for resilience  
Pain , I say i wont complain bearing the burden, words like  birds fly to verbs then contain the vains of my plain out of frame eyes
Lines that cut across in front and behind lines that we wait in, lines that we abide by, lines that we break, lines that we cross, and shatter, and tear apart, until there are
It's hard to enjoy the moment when The future is as close as an arms length
I met a man who chased his dreams By walking between the clouds After his other dreams had abandoned him. He thought that standing on a rope between poles Was the best way to be brave 
As I stood and looked at my surroundings I could see what once again had begun
What’s up with these kids in schools Why do they think it’s ok To run around toting guns And slaying in the hallways   What makes them think they’ve got the right To take someone’s life
Why is it that today  we teach our children patience by complaining that our computers don't work as fast as 100 miles a minute?   We tell our daughters  the only way she's accepted
  Look inside of yourself and what do you see?
What is culture? What is distinction?
Leaves swirling, Trees dancing, Wind blowing.   Red is the blood of our country's martyrs, Orange are the clouds of the setting sun,
I am a punk rockerRocking out to the drunken moon. I am the moon drunken on the everlasting plea for the sun's rays to shine on him. I am the super sun shining for a day that never ends.
I was only a kid when the streets took my identity.
Love in the form of family and friends cover me in a blanket of comfort and security Away from the cruel and dark world Love motivates me to be my best and nothing more Love gives me a purpose in this world
My mind in deep resolution Always searching for the solution The one that will be a revolution And give my soul true absolution.   Do I have enough constitution Or the required elocution
Sweetly sleeping on a lake A deep long breath I dared to take 
Make your words count. That’s what they tell us day in and day out. Somehow, I think I’ve taken this a little too far. I overthink what I want to say to the point where The time for saying it has passed.
Passion is a thing of dreams.
  What is it with my heart when you are close? Thou face is like a glowing light at night So much other qualities thy shall boast Although the moment is finally right
Love is a blazing fire Radiating from the bottom of the soul The flames are hungry, searching, craving They find their victims and attack The beautiful pain encircles,
 I am a woman, There is nothing to be ashamed of. I bleed once a month, sometimes twice I have breast, hips, thighs and booty. I am a woman, There is nothing to fear. I am the accused lesser sex
He stood alone, Because he was empty. His head tilted up to the path of grey sky, The roar of the river in his ears, Bouncing off of the canyon walls.
I can’t keep my feet on the ground anymore My mind is on a racetrack above the clouds My face is wind-whipped and sore And the voice of what I want echoes in the distance so loud Out of sight, out of mind they say
To the one that has gathered us all here,The understander of things that we do not,I hope that you hear when I inquire of you,The wish to fathom the years and verses that we spendon the ground of this sturdy orb.
When I trythey laugh,wanting me to failWhen I flythey bring me down,begging me to fallWhen I liethey call me out,praying for my sinsWhen I crythey make fun of me,
Don’t control the chaos and
I’m wrapped up in a world where I have no voice. My elders speak for me, yet it’s not my choice I’m entangled in a world that’s set on fire.
My bed, my bed, my very warm bed Is what matters to me the most in winter Its cuddly, its comforting, its clean always It doesnt snub me if I had a bad day Its there no matter what,
  I am from the city of bright lights & the Big Apple I am from the Brooklyn Borrow, fast cars and fast shots I am from place to place I am from that Haitian good good
What do you do when someone is hurting, And you try your best to help, but nothing is working. When you love your best friend, and you hate to see her crying, But even when you make her smile, you know inside she's dying.
Terror. Terror is the fear in my heart, the goosebumbs on my skin, The voice in my head telling me that even if I’m right or wrong I am in danger.
You walk into the store, nervously glancing at the clerk. You see your friends
Scream and shout Breathe in, breathe out
How does he construe these thoughts that make him act in heinous ways Ways that few would dare to dream for the fear of dark reality How does he acquire his weapons of greif and pain and evil
Thoughts . . . Happiness . . . who defines it? Money . . .
I've waged war against you, in my head and in my heart. If there is anything I've learned about war, it's that we always falls apart.
People are like turtles they hide in their shell, Thoughts in their mind can put them through hell. Turtles live parts of life down in the deep, If people let out their feelings, happiness they reap.
Meet me at the crossroads when the moon is good and high bring me some of that moonshine we gon' make a deal tonight   Devil's in the details watch that dust kick up and swirl such a shame
You were eighteen years old, when you received a letter beckoning you to enter into a world previously unimaginable.   You were born to tired parents as the third of six children
The tattoos on my body are words. Read me like a novel, my body tells the story. Graze your fingers over the text, you'll see what will come next. The tattoo on my body signifies loyalty.
The dark horses ride silently through the night Without fear, doubt, or sudden fright.
I am from intricate, steel-blue corridors in a big grey sailing vessel
But over-complicating the same simple emotions over and over again.
Restless. Suspended in stagnation. Reflective hibernation.
words can't explain what I feel when I am around you we glance, we stare, we imagine just us two alone in time laughing at the thoughts I have of you only wishing it could be reality 
I believe in you when all your chips are down  or no one else is around.  I believe in you no matter where you go  or when your self esteem is low. 
There is a constant ticking, a beating of time, it will groan on, my body is granite, my soul still climbs, and I will be left behind.   What's more is what's left, the sights unseen,
A whirl of feeling pours from my pencilas I write of my unrequited love.I think of struggle, I feel it. I knowwhat it is. And not just of love, of hurt.Of someone's pain that you just cannot stop.
Before I was three
I wish the education system was designed to teach me realistic life lessons
What are my poems like?Like a slow songwhen the words escape my lipsim singing the lyrics to the melody of silenceoh how that sounds like beautiful music to methe kind that makes you wanna close your eyes
Lost in a whirl of something dark Wondering around, don't know where I'm going Hold me tight Will you bring me home tonight?   I will sleep in your arms and wait to awake to another day
Visions of your faceElate my soulAll I need is his touchAnd I'm feeling wholeSometimes the rain comesIn a torrential downpour
Shining brightly and hanging between the clouds, the sun watches me with a smile. It extends its rays. A fire lights inside of me. It gives me energy. My heart
They told me all my life How, if I tried, I could be anything I wanted to be, how I Should never let anyone stop me.             Careers in creativity awaited me, I thought.
The world spins round and round
You may hate them, But you don't. You know they're right,  But you still doubt. You want to leave, But you can't resist Because they're your family. They can't lose you.
Tired of being unable to drive Makes me feel like I’m nothing inside I have the license but without the key There is no way for me to fly free   If they’d only let me go, then maybe they’d see
Knock knock.  Who's there? It's me you see, without a care.  I've worked so hard And now I see That maybe that's not working for me.  I don't need A's 
Freshman, freshman, freshman. They think they're so cool. "Yay, we're in highschool! We rule!" No, I don't think so now leave that for the seniors.
On a Sunday night
What is a plantation? Not a field with a house, Not a big white man and his lovely spouse Not a black here and here And there and there Blacks everywhere Working Sweating under the moon
The Wind is mixing with the salt it talks to me
Balancing on a cobbled walk I go,
In a time when all my hopes were dim, You were the candle that brightened my day. When my circumstances were all too grim, You were with me all the way.   When I said I lost and was ready to quit,
  I’m not quite sure if I still have lungs  I feel like I’m respirating I still smell I still feel my chest expand and deflate I’m still alive But I don’t feel like I’m breathing
Birthplace of Jazz, City of Festivals , Mardi Gras City, Paris of the South, The Queen of the Mississippi  
It’s always too cold at first Then too hot Making up your mind is hard The air is cold Soon the water’s right But not for too long Gurgle. Gurgle. Gurgle-gurgle-gurgle.  
The confederation had beliefs quite skewed They wanted all policies to be renewed But the union wishes to unite ones thoughts
The white snow flutters to the ground. The chilly air signals winter has come.  I stand on the street with no one around. Oh, the lonely season has just begun.   The days are shorter, the nights are longer.
thirteen weeks. then ten days. then some months.  that's how long he'll be away.   While he serves the country, I will wait for his return, for his love  is worth any wait.  
We start as seeds in a flower bedReady to flourish.Our excitement to be redAnd seen. Not grow out of currish.
O, Jesus, not in vein but with respect Wine appearing out of such basics What a miracle they must have witnessed Did it come with a side of swine
Poem 1: Keep Calm and Don’t Judge Me Love (Shake my head); when I was fourteen years I thought I found love, Love like: Fairy Tales, and all that Fucking Bullshit people allow.
The day I learned to love myself, was the day that I discovered how to love another. From the womb we are nurtured with the belief that
On this day, the fifth of MayWe find our anecdote in worry, livid with the gibberishMrs. Tarr had recently spoke,
Original in Spanish:
  This is the dead land             We live as we dream--alone...   We are the fighters. We are the lonely ones. Our mission binds us together,
  Dark and cold yet hot as the same time. That’s how I imagine it. One big fiery pit. Lava spewing onto the surface of the sun. Ghouls and demons.
Oh so warm is the bright hug from the sun, raining down sunshine on all the green. Warm is the touch of petals and leaves, as is the sound of chimes and wind through trees. Warm is the sunset late in the day,
This lonely Pitbull doesn't have a home,This lonely Pitbull wanders all alone.He used to wait for his owner,To come home from work every day.Then his owner would always beat him,
I spent a year in a foreign placeWandering about what truths I would learn or face...
Friends are a gift. They cannot be delivered in a one day shift. They are the ones we cry to When we feel like there is nothing else we can do. They take away our frown and make us laugh harder than a clown.
As I look in the mirror, I'm not satisfied with who I see, I see a girl that is unsure of herself, She doesn't know who she is, She allows others to define her, I see a body that isn't on the TV screen,
Take off your glasses, the world is a blur. People messed up, clothes on backwards, life is an abstract art- hard to decipher. Stand on your head, everything is flipped.
I seem to be weak. I wish to be strong. I hate who I am. I detest life and every aspect of it. Sometimes I have dark thoughts. Sometimes they seem to comfort me. How  easy it would be if I just quit.
     Broken, that's what I am.
They all said she was beautiful. Beautiful in that sort of Unconventional way, The kind that scorches your heart —fiercely, passionately— Leaving scars in its wake, But wonder in its
I can't write of love. It just is. Like wind. Like this world that turns. It goes. It flows. It's naturally beautiful and rhymic. With pattern- it fits.  It's my commitment to you. The truth.
I am a stranger, everywhere… I am unknown to no one but myself… Rain, rain…go away as they use to say… Though, the beauty I saw, no one understood me. I see relief, and serenity.
I should have never said yes before I knew it to the car we went strapped my seatbelt innocence I should have never said yes as the car's speed inclined he protested the drive letting anger decide
When waking to the dawn is within my grasp
Ya' know
Questions ponder the inquisitive. Thoughts ponder the thoughtful. But all of truth lies nowhere to be seen. The world strived to find it, but it was hidden in the shadows of all consciousness.
The people act like they know me. Act like they know what it's like to be "free". Freedom? What a fucking joke. Locked inside the bars of my own mind, rattling the cells but no one hears me.
It is dark and dreary. The sun never comes out. I feel so wet and sticky. Why won't this mud come out? I know not what it is like, to even know how to ride a bike. I'm stuck in this house,
I never thought I would come this far, It has been a struggle these past thirteen years. Finally, all I hear is cheers. This is my year.   It is the new year,  A new me, everyone can see.
I slowly reveal myself- The thick molasses starts to thin- I look to them- I expect Judgment. They just look at me with listening eyes- And that's when I know. I am Free.
Depression springs unexpectedly, Trapping me in its grasp
'Where are you?', is what he called. The sweet childs sing-song voice called over the cloud of darkness. 'Where are you?', he calls again...giggling shortly after. 
Lesser- Positive  By: Anyssa Q. E   There began balance- There began space. Empty matter far displaced. Within darkest dark, Pitch as Black, Strings suspended- Light was made.
Colors are  light.They rule the world more than God.Black is a color. Black is a color,It is all colors,A wise man said.
Oh how I love you so, yet you do not seem to know.   You know the amount of tears I weep, yet my heart you continue to reap.  I have tried to save you, but further you stray.
Second wife to the tyrant king She stole Henry’s heart from the Spanish Queen. A stunning couple in the beginning Both with beauty and power and charm.   Devoted to her family line,
To see with letters crossed,  A blur of black against white expanse, Staring, squinting, turning, shaking off,  Words of clarity often lost.   Pounding, throbbing, aching eyes
  Stay out of my life And I’ll keep from yours; Running in circles, I’m done with this chore. Chore of watching you Take my life from me; Chore of letting you Be where I should be.
I am happy for her, She has beauty and heart, She deserves it for sure, Her soul is true art, All those who disagree, Calm down and let the girl be. 
A Hero sets out to sail the seven seas and to come back a newly change man. He frees the innocent and hears the pleas
Love can tear down empiresand bring them down to their knees Love can drive men mad
Screeching Scratching Goes the door Latching its Latch through The floor The pitching So cruel To my ears After all These years The door Still leers
What would you consider calm? Maybe a tropical palm Or a vibrant butterfly on an infant’s Sprouting hair Yet even a single tulip Amidst the life that’s bare Or a teeming cub
The frustration of life. The absolute and direct pang, Like death but harsher,
If I died today,
I reply with a "REST IN PEACE" when someone brings your name up, I mean, I might as well... You've been dead to me for 18 years. Or have I been dead to you?
Her gentle polished guise reflected the nature of goodness, Always walking towards progress, but through a process. That welcoming smile tainted by the infrequent thought of desertion,
There once was a man named Phil who as a coach was quite a pill. He raised many dins in the hope of some wins but he ended up getting nil.
What made me want to go to college? I do not think anyone would believe me if I told them. Would you believe me if I told you I have a negative inspiration as well as positive inspirations? Crazy huh?
  Brave Men And Women Serve Our Country Everyday Fighting For What’s Right   Bootcamp Is The First
It's that feeling you get
Based on a set ofFibonacci cheat codes,And an almight being;We all came from oneFlower stemWhich postioned us as petals
We are a generation of inbetweeners: An undefined group of people searching for a definition
I am aware of the danger That lurks everywhere I wish not to be part of it but it follows me everywhere   It gets frustrating But I handle it  It gets depressing  But I take care of it
  I am from two hard working parents, from strong blooded Mexican roots. I am from the baths in the kitchen sink,
Thousands of ecstatic black seats in arena shape form, ready to be filled with electric fans watching their team preform. As each cold seat is being filled up one by one...
  Women are given this burden by Society, by men: Am I ‘classy’ or do I live for no tomorrow? They aren’t the same, these concepts
I woke up early that morning It was sunny, everything seemed okay. My brother wasnt home yet For some reason that worried me
Love. Sudden…unexpected. Lifting the heart Out of the dark, empty crevices of life.    
       Oh God                                                     
The pressure is on the line Our team is down by one in the bottom of the ninth Runner on third waiting to score Two outs I get in the box and wait for a pitch Ball! Roars the umpire like a lion
Happiness, a feeling an emotion Everyone can see it, yet only few can feel it. The world is forced to wear a mask of happiness To hide true emotions, Emotions that no one likes to see.
    When I was young And things got tough I’d call my mom
There are many things that make up you,
Simplicity is rich to the poor mans eyes. Why war, why rumor, why lies? A books cover is beautiful, tho torn inside. Leave out the war, rumors, and lies. A book was not meant to attract flies.
  i do not have sunken eyes nor do kitchen knives at midnight sink deep into skin only to rise sometimes my limbs shake without any breeze but never with the accompanying screams
Little Girl Lost and Found
Yes honey im flawed
So many wars,settling scores,fighting for riches,but leaving us poorThey say “believe us,”they only deceive us,if you look closely,their lies are egregious
Do not with your tongue speak, Those three words that make fools weak.   Love we say, and is that okay?
Ambiguity is stronger than us. Confusion that boggles our minds, Only to be answered in one response, fear. Fear is confusion, Pushed to the darkest parts of mind.
I always s
She is innocent and sweet A joy to everyone we meet Wish I could see the world though her eyes   When we sing and when play She brightens up my darkest days I try to see the world through her eyes
I am anchored to my love I love with all my heart, to those who may not love me back I am anchored to my hope I hope that others will see things how I see things I am anchored by my beliefs
I am not a
We're not dating, but I still love you. We're not friends but I still care. We're not enemies, but I can still hate you.
Today I argued with a Catholic about whether happiness exists. He said happiness is an illusion, a mirage upon the desert, a perfect state of being that eludes us because all we have is imperfection.
Allow me to speak of the marks you have made, of this veritable letter of inner turmoil It begins with small marks, little notes, akin to half-thoughts you have yet to verify
Overcome. Vainity was my addiction Even now it's my affliction. Rivers running Away, away, the burning Sun. Sunsets are limited, You never know which will be your last One. One burst of beauty,
What if. What if I'm not just the tight kink of a curl. What if I'm not just soft brown blends that make the hue of my skin.
From what I can remember, my fragile mind and soul was never fond of change. It was a forbidden word, kept hidden unless it had to be embraced. I liked things when they stayed the same, frozen at that state.  
We used to be so innocent, when we were little kids.
He cries alone in the hall holding himself. He wonders how kids could be so crule.he wishes he could stop the teasing. He wants to put this all behind him stuff the memory on the highest shelf. "HOW DO WE STOP THIS!?" he asks.
When I was small I thought, "La Vida es Aire" (Life is Air). What type of child thinks that? ME...
These words that I avow: I'm only here now, and only now. But, soon I'll be gone.  I wasn't born to be anything, I feel it in my bone. When I see you there I think I'm wrong Don't let this be, my swan song.
I transcribe these thoughts From my head In hopes of mental relief So that I can go to bed. But now that I’ve begun, I cannot stop or slow down. These words just keep pouring And tumbling out.
A glass house Sit inside Watch the storm outside Watch the thunder and lightning Draw the curtains And listen to the thunder Close the windows And hear nothing
Poetry is calming Poetry is smooth when the moments are bombing and your thoughts bring the Black Mood Poetry is living
            Black blood on the table,             Encased in plastic flesh             Stares at me and asks  What I want to say.             “Why are you here?” it asks.             “What do you want to do?
Just be proud of the person who I am. I try hard hoping you would understand. Just be be proud of who I want to be. Stop doubting me because my dreams aren't make believe. Just be proud of the life I live.
“Are you ok?” you ask. How am I to answer Such a small, simple question? Got a D+ on a test, I studied hard every section. My face is breaking out. I hope this proactive helps.
When you look into your reflection, what do you see? Probably the rippled mirage of your blue, glowing face.
Daddy is caring, loving, and kind. Daddy is paranoid, insane, and fading. Daddy buys me anything that comes to my mind. Daddy's actions are terrifying and degrading. Daddy snorts the white powder in lines.
Let me take part In this great art   Let me be like the great writers of the age Setting down great words and wisdom on a page   Tolkien, Chesterton, Lewis too
It’s boring, it’s all boring. That’s what I tell myself. Then I remember a quote from a source I never cared to research that says Only boring people get bored A quaint platitude for the
When in the dark I reflect on me I realize
Together: incessant the potters mold Us, clods of clay first dug from earth. A process replete with change; rebirth- Oscillate the wheel, change the world.   Their hands methodically vertical-
Oh my heart, how she does pain, But only because my eyes may never again gaze Upon your beauty, or my mind will raze My own soul, forming tears as rain. My love, how I rage to see
Poems look so fragile Like the petal of a rose Seem so easy To break SNAP! But they are STRONG They support the Weight of the words They hold
I act as the poltergeist of your thoughts I’ll run your train off the track and take you with me
She sinks below the seas. Cannons weigh her down Her hulls leak with water She has failed her captain.   She withstands the stormy waves black cluds consume the sky- all hope is going to die.
The wind in my face Around and around the track The finish line near
Farming has always been my life, I grow feasts, down to every crumb. Day after day, here lays my strife: People don't know where their food comes from!   If uneducated, agriculture is missed,
High hopes, big dreams all to extol my King. He's radiant in exhilarating splendor. His majesty fills creation. I'm caught up when I hear Him whisper I love you.
Shouts, screams Slamming doors Banging on walls Banging on floors Broken glass Scared voices Timid eyes Hard choices Send her away Or keep the anger Fix the problem
These highway lines burn designs into my focused eyes eyes focused on a sight that blankets my mind a blanket of where only comfort resides This comfort, it's meaning, drowns my perception
You and I are different  You and I are the same You and I are pieces of the same game You and I are black 
I sit and I stare at this television. Looking at all of the destruction in the world. I pay attention to everything that is going on and I sit. I watch the bombings and the wars on television. 
Suffling through the crunch of leaves
The traffic sounded like the sea, always moving,                                                                                  never changing. The sun's rays grew intense, burning the skin,
Slipping on my mask And into my new skin, I prepare to face the day. For I can never be The person inside; The world is naught But a masquerade, A frivolous façade Used to cover
1. I cannot play guitar and harmonica at the same time. I asked my grandparents for a harmonica holder for Christmas (even though it looks like some torturous dental contraption) And I waited weeks and weeks
A belonging to every person, young or old does not matter where they are from 
  Cinderella cleans away Washing, working, chores, no play Will the prince come save her day? He would rather eat fillet.   Sleeping Beauty slumbers deep By her side the faeries weep
Inertia, drifters' neccessary companion and most fearsome adversary. Inertia, she carries the car through the drift, or carries the car through the wall. Inertia, the maker or the breaker.
McChicken, McNugget, you’re so yummy,
Love Love is so new and true. Can it takes to become the new you. Love is the color of red. Can it be curl up in bed? Love is in the air. Does anyone want to care?
It only took but a moment, For those planes to crash. All those innocent lives went, And the people turned to ash.   It only took but a moment, For their wedding to occur.
Go Don't go Stop Don't go don't stop React Don't react Think Don't react don't think Decide Don't decide Feel, because as you grow
How can we look at lives And not feel passion? Why are stories of adventure All lying quietly in our past? Where is the zeal pushing Us to live before we die?   How can we ignore our
A year ago today we became Best Friends.
Finding Nemo always taught us to "just keep swimming!" To just keep going, no matter what, and nothing will stop you from winning. But it's easier to do when you're a fish with fins and gills.
After crossing a burning bridge 
My eyes, with their amber hue, Will flash back when my time is due.   They don't care for the object of the mind's worries; Instead, for the loving look from my father,
Sloggin through high school best as I can Sweatin grades, graduation and GPA Lots work to do and fees to pay Very little dough from my job each day Needin some benjamins, some dollas some clams
It ran away some time ago, or perhaps it was stolen.  Not by a man, a drug, or a mix of the two.  It was stolen by the world.
Sometimes doubt enters my mind I know these thoughts are toxic though Because I will succeed   It is hard to keep my head up all the time I have hope for my future
We are just waiting for that time when
Who's been there for me from the start? The one that most easily hurts my heart. Who is my best friend who I need when I am sad? The one that most easily makes me mad.   My sister so sweet, so kind,
It's red, staining the ground someplce I've never been and never will go. For me. It's a sacrifice, a total giving of life So I can keep mine. I can breathe
what makes us human? eyes, ears, arms, brains but there's something more.   we breathe we love we dream everyone of us   skin color money nationality
If every glistening tear I shed were to fall to the dampened soil
I know girls searching for love under the belt buckles of guys who just called them beautiful Or cute, and go mute when the pursuit of the same type of guy yields the same result Scrubbing the scent of cologne out of their pores
Whispers in the ear, voices in the head, I don't understand.
you hear it all whether  its hurtful or not it seems like you cant handle it   so it comes back to haunt you  you continue to hurt never showing any emotion  hiding it all on the inside
numbers don’t talk,
 numbers don’t laugh; 
they don’t breath, or even have a heart, 
How does the writer write as eloquently as you speak? How does the painter paint with all the colors of your spirit? How does the composer compose a piece as wistful as a shared glance with you across a room?
Vision; Touching, holding pale hands
It's like you don't see When I look into your eyes That shining sparkle That can only bring me pain The essence of my sadness
I write to show the intricacies of human life, to show the natural illogicality of humanity. I write to influence. I write to understand. I write to influence. I write to understand.
"A Line in the Sand"  
It's like you don't see When I look into your eyes That shining sparkle That can only bring me pain The essence of my sadness
You have me chained to your wall, mouth dry like desert sand  but all I can do I wish for the pleasure  you give by torture  the pressure of your thumbs  making indentations in the soft skin on my neck 
She engraved "Love is a lie" into her right forearmWith a razor duller thanHer overly stimulated pain receptors.She knew I knew,But I never brought it up.I knew too well the pain of
Writing a poem is like  a therapy session with no therapist You see You load a pen with emotion And let it spill  out onto a lifeless piece of paper And you cover it with anger and sadness
I can count on you like the sun counts on the moon.  
No sun in the winter sky when I wake No cars on the road when I ride First light breaks over empty fields Two tires zip over unused streets   Light overhead when I return
I wish I could cry properly. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror Staring deep into myself Picturing the most impossibly  Dead image Trying to push the tears out Feeling absolutely no moisture
Hank is my whole world,He makes me laugh,And sometimes he makes me cry.He keeps me in the present,He has taught me that you need to learn from your pastTo prepare for the future,But live in the moment,
I watch over the world From my throne above the clouds Watching the people pass by As if they think I'm not around   They question my existance Their words pierce my heart Why can't they see
I can tell something has changed I just can't tell what. I can see it in your face, And feel it in my gut.
Human Rights?   What can one say about human rights?   What about those who don't have a light?   A persons a person no matter how small,  
" You have sad eyes. Beautiful, but sad.  Like you've seen too much."           "They are the only windows, no?"   Neji Freed Television raised me Lifted me high enough to see
Come to me. Closer. Come as close as you can. Open up to me. Open. Open up as much as you can. Speak to me. Speak. Speak every loving word to me. Claw at me. Claw.
when i hit the field the crowd starts to scream. I sit here thinking this could only be a dream. no way, i never thought i would see this day. It all started with my tryouts in may. All the blood sweat and tears through the years.
Me, myself, and I. That's just all I am. Living a nice life, than all of a sudden BAM! I question if this is me, if this is all I really do. For what I've become, I think I'm overdue.
Typically first impressions make an impact,  But what happened to 'don't judge a book by it's cover'? Whenever we pass someone on campus, what do we see?  We see Ray Bans, Toms or Nike,
I am a tree in a forest of trees At first glance, there's nothing special about me We're worn down - some more than the rest We've stood through each storm, through every test  
Be determined to apply Stand out to receive Scholarships are much obliged I would love some money   College is expensive Oh yes, it's expensive I am wanting a degree In Apparel Studies
Snow world.  Taking Over.  Covering all that that is known.  Land being ever so still, quiet, And chill.   
Dont Call it a dream. Dreams only occur in sleep. Dreams are extraordinary treasures that not even the strongest force can grasp. Dreams are for those who embody the strength to pursue goals but choose not to.
You laugh heartily
Life before seems foreign!   A tender touch from a mother, a kind word from a father. A carefree personality. No worries I ran through the the early feilds of spring Without a fear
All life is music: tapping feet, drumming fingers, raucous beating hearts.
  Morning sunlight peers through her bedroom blinds
I come from sun-dried tomatoes and Bongolos. Majestic waves of green vegetation, Summer skys year round. I come from sandy beaches and wide rich soil with lands that have untold riches.