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He was there in the beginning, they say He's always been there, will always be there   Those who have met him Often seem to cling on Afraid to let go Scared of what they’ll see  
The ugly truth: I wanted the world handed to me "It's not fair!" Though the world around me Is suffering through pain I'm too blind to see And if anyone else Even dared to complain, to compare
I bought a shotgun at a flea market without knowing that it was used to commit a horrible crime.The former owner used the shotgun to kill an entire family and I was about to have to do hard time.
underneath my skin exists 60,000 miles of blood vessels 206 bones a pair  
PRESENTING: "Technological Habits." Paid in part by the subliminal masses.   (OFF MIC) "We could start by listing all the reasons why we can't have this. For instance, Class.
My name is Reda It means contentment in Arabic My mother gave me my name in reverence, finding meaning in a word that she could love her entire life
My name is Reda It means contentment in Arabic My mother gave me my name in reverence, finding meaning in a word that she could love her entire life
Rojo, meaning red. It is the hue of our blood and what keeps coursing through our veins to keep us alive. On my flag it is the color to represent the union of Europe and the Americas,
Look around, what do you see? So many different shades of colors Each with a face and a different story Constantly judged by appearance and the way we look But let me tell you who I am because I'm not an open book
the Student who became a statistic   the Victim that took it’s life   she didn’t want to cut he didn’t want to overdose
You may look at me, But why do you stare? Have I grown two heads, Does this cause you despair? Did some wings just sprout upon my back? Do I look to be crazed, like I'm going to attack?  
To Whom It May Concern,   Will someone free my father? This isn’t fair! They won’t free my husband, does anyone care? I went to see him today and I saw that cold stare
Dear Neighbor. My family isn't from around here. I did not grow up in these coastal neighborhoods. It's not like your family. With your nice dog and your kind husband and your quiet sons.
dear Perception,   while human life is ephemeral, art transcends all time its everlasting infinitude, exceeding the constraints of the hour hand…  
Little eyes, Asian eyes I didn't know the window to my soul Told such lies Not on the whole These eyes of mine are small Yes, but that's not me Assumptions from all On who I must be
Destiny unfolds, souls collide Amorous fires blaze within
you embrace my tiny frame / gently, your arms are wrapped around my waist / and i trust you / they steadily inch upwards  
Dear America, You call yourself great, but you’re built on ignorance and hate. Your flag colors are red, white, and blue, but show us your real colors; don’t hide the truth.
Is this the land of the free?This is not true for all,Fortunately it has for me. Other people will agreeThat prejudice can make you bawl.Is this the land of the free? Banding together is the keyFamily does nat let you fall,Fortunately it has for m
America the For∙mi∙da∙ble: “Inspiring fear, or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense or capable.”   America is
America the free, America the brave America where I am looked down upon for the cadence of my name America where my people are slaughtered in the streets America where murderers with a badge walk free
I didn’t hear the word “black” used to describe my fellow classmate, until third grade. Kids joked innocently and said that I was “yellow.” Confused,
I am proud of America. I am proud to live in a land of rights for all. I am proud to follow in the footsteps of those who came before.  
This past year, I found myself, a lost bird, knowing little of where to flutter. Of the success of others’ my “maturity and size” , I heard.
A lone girl holds her mother’s hand “What are they doing? We have done nothing wrong.” The next things her mother said were sung in a lullaby song--
A life time of ignorance, discrimination whispered into the billowing breeze, my articulation better than those of 'my kind', the prejudice that is passed from generation to generation,
A get away from norm, the every day racial tension in Newark takes its toll, store after store I am pre-judged as a thief ,  Not knowing I am a college student who just happens to be striving for a degree.
cold hard concrete and nothing but the clothes  on your back  for a mother   your wits keep you alive because  you've outgrown  couchsurfing; the shelters are full
Forlonness and dejection tear at my heart Serrated claws ripping flesh apart Searing pain pulsates through a body so maimed Burning gaze from icy daggers aimed at my shame Are we not the same?
Back when the two pillars of freedom collapsed A people, galvanized, suited up and axed The chance to make peace by going to war Without ever asking; What are we fighting for?
She is the darkness She is the core of all that is That darkness covers her like a cloak of beauty Deep and rich, like a serendibite skin  
I was told that my friends were no good. Single parent home, shattered family values, This was no Leave It To Beaver production.   I was told that my friends were no good,
No white or black Just a well laid track And often a concerning lack Of humanity is seen Forgetting the in between Just fallowing a track To human demise A world were one another
To be racist Is to discriminate towards a race. To feel superior due to your exterior, To believe that others should feel inferior, Just for being them.   It’s being prejudice purely for pigmentation,
  Perhaps we were just hopeless dreams Of a forgotten mind. Perhaps we were just misplaced anger When we were supposed to be kind. Perhaps we were just forgotten wishes Of a younger child’s soul.
Am I white enough? Child of the people brave and true American by breed   So through scorn by those who sold our lands Propagated, fumigated and discarded the clans  
Wounding are the words Malice their intent   Damage lays strewn Glass shards, small and large   Carve, Cut and Cauterize Blood dries and wounds are ignored
My race, the color of my skin shouldn't affect how you view meWhat you should be looking at is that which you cannot see
As I grew up I always knew The subtle power of having two Differing chromosomes that is
A morning str
Fellow white people!
She stands there, in the corner.You think 'why doesn't she come socialize?'She stands there, in silence.You think 'why can't she just talk to us?'
I'm yellow, you're white,
There’s a stigma within the black community That if you’re educated, you’re acting “white”.  No longer are you associated with the “ghetto”  Or should I say your kind, If you have your pants above your waist
Why should I change..
What is it like to be white? White, in a society whose 'minorities' population count is about to take flight   What is it like to be white?
Prejudice, Discriminate, & Stereotype.
"Sometimes they come out so gay, they're
I am nothing but a toy. And I can stand up here and smile as those who know me, those who love me, stare in shock as they realize that the girl they treasure isn't worth anything more than a cheap piece of plastic.
"an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"
That Jungle Fever   We got an issue in America. . . It's called Interracial Dating/
Imagine a world with no sense of privilege, no sense of self betterment, no sense of egocentrism. If everyone were the same, then no one would feel downtrodden. Everyone would feel the obligation to help one another.
The one thing that ears at me, Is that someones looks is all they see. Beauty should be inner not outter,  And that is the one thing that I would change.   One can be beautiful with piercings and tattoos,
An image of your ebony skinis burned into the edges of my mind,a stark contrast against thetan of my own.It resides beside a deep fear of mine,a swirling void of judgmentin the eyes of those that may see
Pure, the infant is born Caught in wonder and awe not yet taught to scorn or haunted by what its saw   Children see no race Or sexual orientation All love they embrace
Prejudice There is so much prejudice in this world, I wish that I could just make it all disappear. Just because someone is different from you,
You say you know the truth, but whereAre facts in your storyJust here and there, there’s not much thereJust eyes that won’t see
  Staring into the shiny blue The shiny blue enraptures me Let it save me Distract me From the self-mutilation I impose upon myself   From the nightmares dancing above my head
They were wrapped around a bonfire
I dream of a life where media isn't idolized, Where women can love their bodies the way they are and society will no longer have ficticious expectations. I dream of a love that is PURE and true,
My brown calloused hands stare back at me, Each little groove caked with dirt, Scratches filled with muck, Blisters oozing their complaints, after a grueling day of work. They are the hands of a rancher,
Education is freedom. School is prison. Inmates march down clinical white halls in orderly lines with uniform clothes, hair, and prejudices. Students leave home hungry and thirsty
The jesters in Hades's court are the best of their trade.Cynical, yet funny,Hilarious and with great flout they speak,Words a-flamed with a venomous heat.They doth not know the hatred they speak.
  Why is it that in today’s society we are still not all looked at equally? Why is it we get judged or profiled by our age, sex, and ethnicity?
I think involuntarily upon a distant shore, That placard of choice is miles away – Sweet child, I wanted more Than tranquil hope speckled with a superfluous sea, Gaspard knew before us all of the tremulous roar
sometimes I lie alone on the grass under a grey sky in the dead heat of summer and I see before me the future stretching out as far and as gloomily as the sky and I wonder:
Paper holds no prejudice, unlike an opionionated conversation,  paper can make readers colorblind, it can recieve little abdication.   Writing can make a poor man esteemed,
I don't care you're not the same as me You don't care I'm not the same as you Why is that so hard for them to see? They always talk but never do
We all think, but never speak Our heart says one thing but our words say another. We try and try but we always conform Don’t be someone else Be yourself Be the person who stands up
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