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“Ticket to Freedom”    All I want is to be free.    I don’t want to live by
You are stress because you are Seeking  freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom for self fights. You are stress because you are Trusting the process. Trusting the processes that will lead to success.
Do you think I'm weak?  I do. I am.
Do you think I'm weak?  I do. I am.
Love is a drug. It’s addicting, it's like ecstasy, morphine, dopamine, and alcohol. Once you get your first taste, you never want to stop. This makes love a dangerous thing. 
Quenching liquid font of life vibrant and vital luscious... Though at times wild, unchecked and destructive a deluge of drowning ravaging and raging angry waters
She looked great But the loneliness took on many forms Her fake feeling soon deflates Contributing to many storms
 Americans We We were the arnsenal of democracy, There, fighting on the beaches of Normandy. We felt victory at last and our enemies none, By standing together, Americans as one.  
Why I wonder As the sun warms my face A quiet cold day Where I feel a semblance of grace   Why I wonder Did he send me away? Now it wasn't his fault I knew that, anyway.
Look around at the world you see The waters so deep The sky so clean The mountains so high The trees so green  
Looking around me and seeing people struggle  That is what  inspires me You have the drug addicts The homeless
Drowned in a spot of water Rooted deep your body aches       To splice the vessels, which bring Life to your restless body Aching to disperse the spears Of crimson red which secretly
We have all come such long ways. whether near to our dear, or far from home, with each a story of our own It may be patience, trust or love, new chapters just to prove
The inhalation after the sprint. The rain after the drought. The forgiveness after the wrong. The human capacity to love and to choose love and to choose love and to choose love amidst despair,
Because I love you,  I can get up in the morning. It may be a simple thing, But the way you smile at me when you see me get out of my car Bedhead, too hot tea, and bad jokes and all? It makes it worth it.
“When it rains, it pours,” That’s what they always say, And so far, it seems to be true. Either the rain comes down in buckets, Or the sun bears down,
No matter what stage, problem, question, or wall Thats in your life, someone is always there waiting.. if only  your willing to take that step into that almost impossible concept,
Today is the beginning of the rest of your life So put down the knife Do something good Be a Robin Hood Help the poor Open doors Stand for Justice Hug and kiss Those who need your hand
Watching reflections chased down walkways As it’s cold and rainy on a day like today When normally the mood would be ruined But somehow - the reflection turns up the spirit
The morning's dawn is rising Upon the gray-blue sea That seems to be a shadow To the eyes of you and me But slowly the sun overcomes the horizon And the brightness starts to grow
He was my one hope                 I went on because of him  Now I hold him close
From the moment I wake, Brrrr Brrrr-- snooze again Soft carpet under foot Ice cold water drops kiss my face good morning Breakfast smells waft towards my nose They tantalize my feet down each
It's pouring. the pain is almost unbearable. it leaves me breathless as the salty bittersweet tears fall, like raindrops; like a calm storm, it is full of nothing but hurt. it keeps me from living.
When in college, life gets really tough. When in college, keeping up with relationships gets rough. When in college, sometimes you feel like you aren't enough.
Inspiration has to be courted,  But, like a person infatuated, I lack patience.   I am easily frustrated By the lack of her favor, but  
one more time i will fight, for one last time i'll lend my might, that pain filled days & fear stained nights, might once again cease their blight, & all might know they'll be alright.
one more time i will fight, for one last time i'll lend my might, that pain filled days & fear stained nights, might once again cease their blight, & all might now they'll be alright.
Darkness looms for miles Been down this road for awhile Walking with a single phone flashlight All that surrounds belongs to the night No light to guide my way Feeling lonely, walking astray
It feels like forever; I sure hope things are better. Miss A was quite sweet when she and I did meet. In fact, she did just fine; lucky YOU, she got to listen to me whine! >grin<  Everything is pretty much the same.
My generation As of right now We could be called Children. And I suppose That’s what we are Children of a doomed future.
Every night I look to the stars above Just barely seeing past metal bars Now consumed by rust  
Love and pain, Horror and change. A good book that tells a story, Or maybe something filled with glory.
I need you my father when i rise, prepare my heart for your path today as i walk, hold my hand so i don't stumble shake me, when i fool myself that i can march on my own  forgive me, when i cry out in remorse
Wouldn't the police be prosecuted, if these laws were real; - Btp;
You would have to love me, or make a habit of letting go. - Btp;
But hope goes up, and love goes round, like who would ever want to hit the ground. - Btp;
Upon the shores she stood, Eyes searching the deep sea And landing on a piece of driftwood That bobbed where she thought dear uncle may be  
Just when you're drunk in that sleep, they swear you'll never be sober up on your feet. - Btp;
But more than broken pieces, we are the world still breathing. - Btp;
Breathe just breathe     Open your eyes                                                                                                       Breathe for me  Take a breath
My body fatigued from another day battling social anxiety. Depression telling me I'm worthless, There is no point, it says. I believe it. I sit on my bed, look to my right, and see
There's a single lamppost The only light that you can see. It pierces through the darkness That's surrounding me.   I stand in its light, And in the glorious hope it provides.
my love, that singular beauty, is all mine touched with golden splendor of the gods sweet as honey, rich as cherry wine a lively sprite who frolics in the woods
We view our lives, Through a lens called hope. But mine is cracked, And full of holes
I booked a trip to my past. I had some things to take back. First up, Insecurities.
Tears of joy start to fade, As the tears of sorrow overflow for the years I hid you away.
To be thankful means to be grateful for what you have and to give grace, so, what am I’m thankful for?Well I’m about to tell you.
Art is subjective That's what they say They say that what some people find ugly Are seen as beautiful to someone else   My life Full of twists and turns Full of turns and twists 
I remember one night As we walked hand in hand A rose secretly clutched in your sweaty palm The wind frolicking through your locks And mine swiftly gone upon the winds of love
No one can do without hopes and dreams The only oasis in the sand dunes of chaos and frenzy The nectar of hope is our only anti dote for poison called life Luckiest are those who are blessed with hope around them
The sunflowers,   she said.   They give me hope.  
In the midst of cheerful conversation and laughter I remembered the bareness that lies ahead and it lies indeed because it fulfills my need for deeper compatibility               
Im still searching for you, In the city and crowd. waiting to meet you, And hear your sound. I'm still finding you, In my heart. Because I don't wanna , Leave you apart .
I invite you to gently feel the faint mist of dawn dust your face with dew. Feel the heavy warmth as the sun breaks the horizon and casts its shadows across the canvas of earth.   
smiling is hard i'm empty inside  falling apart   cry out for help  it couldn't heal my heart  too quiet outside   no one sees the pain she's just exaggerating  idle
Each morn awakens with glorious light, formerly set and hidden Grace is poured out, despite actions done that were forbidden A rose down-trodden, still with enough fight to arise
I fell hard I fell long It seemed so never ending It was so tiring and mind bending  A struggle like no other can understand
Memories created are stored in the colors of sky and sea, grass and kitchen counter. Feelings of music and pain are stored in the apple-scented air and sweet breeze of the place I used to be.
Do you believe in love? If you do, I have for years. And if you don't,  I've never heard the word. But I'd ask if I could change your mind, In hopes that you could change that.
It’s the day after a tragic hurricane, The town is hushed and devastating destruction lays around Hazy sights of landmarks that used to be, with a cold bitterness in the air  
Training our bodies to understand,What strength and honor embody and it’s so grand. Until we are weak and fractured,And we realize that we’re all manufactured.
The savior was never the love from another but the heart of a mother.Maybe even a father, sister, and brother and from this a tiny temple had seeded and grew.Watered by the raindrops from those tiny pebbles that we once threw.
  Be it light be it darkAll these matters in my heartTake apartThis little cart that has always failedTo turn and start. I’m looking left and then it’s rightTill there’s nothing left in sight
Everyone wants to be praised And never want to be failed If you want success Work hard and never suppress As hardwork is the key to success
A night with a shining moon Surrounded by stars all around When there was silence and everyone was sleeping No noise or any kind of whispering Suddenly a voice, I heard I was astonished and totally feared
Looking for distractions  Hiding in my absence    Tired of my actions  Feeling my inactions    Scared of my emotions  Sinking in commotion    Looking for distractions 
I'm an addict. I'm addicted to this world.  I'm stuck in a self created rut that gets deeper every single day, I sit in this chair with my head bowed, I can't control a single thing around me. 
Burn choke crack Smoking Crack  To fill the crack  Smells like crack  To just get some smack Id be alive again Feel alive again  Try again  Walking on eggshells 
Tell me who are you in the dark? Are you the devil or the little spark  Tell me who are you when I'm alone? Are you the light or the huge storm   
Trapped in the night    Can't see a sight    Far away from light    Strings around so tight    Every wrong not right    The fire ashes bite   
Bruising it with a knife  healing it with a cut    Brushing it with a sigh  breaking it with silence    Silence I hear it  so deep it could stop it   
I'm scared of letting go I'm scared to be free    What if it's not like  like what I've dreamed    Pathetic naive  that's not the least    Come on get out  get out of me 
I'm a prisoner in my own body  sweating every time you remind me    Anxiety    It held me hostage at my own party  took my hand just to throw it back at me    Anxiety   
Breaking down behind hidden walls  secrets and lies every time I fall  letters and words that silencs stole  not knowing my worth every time I loose control    Love and hate I lost them both 
I don’t understand I can’t comprehend   How happiness and sadness go hand in hand In my wildest dreams; when I am lost in thought  
If I could change times arrows course, I’d hastily retreat it many a face To sail beyond your hearts remorse In search of the pain each morn embraced.
Who am I You may wonder But listen close to my remedy: Take a deep breath And let it all out Scream and shout Until your lungs collapse Your pain does not control you
Somehow I’ve gotten lost In the hollow body I inhabit  I never thought about the cost Of such a deadly habit But now I am trapped In the hollowness I’ve built Thoughts inside my head overlapped
And Then I Met You.   I could never understand the love stories, When the love birds always thought of each other, Or how the girls' pictured everything with that one guy,
Hands clasped tightly and two become one,
I smile, I laugh and I cry, but who am I? I eat, I walk and I jump, but who am I? I dance, I sing and I sleep, but who am I? I talk, I shout and I bath, but who am I?
I have tried in a desperate manner to be all you want me to. capable of love. capable of fun. but I am not. you may dream of fun times on beaches  and bright sunny places, adventures to cities,
What shall I write tonight? The tribulations of reason, Wandering through skies, Making hardly any sense, In the heart of hearts, I see you- there, here, and now.  
Arise, all peoples of the world and take your place in society.  Be the light to those in your community who are living in the dark; the light that lights the way to the truth. 
Mirror Look at yourself in the mirror today, tell yourself how beautiful you are, don't forget to smile because smiling is your medicine.
I am never going to grow up. Similair to a Twinkie, I could last forever and live on, well-loved by everyone and never growing old, but I won't. I'll be consumed and disappear.
Warm water rushed up the bubblegum walls of a room I called home to the age of 14Ethereal creatures, niveous nothingsColubrine eyes staring soullessly forward Waiting, wading into water 
   All the world clings onto hope seeking to fullfill their desire but they grasp a feeble rope for they do not inquire if the virtue of the wish outweighs the greed.      Humans may seek to snatch
   All the world clings onto hope seeking to fullfill their desire but they grasp a feeble rope for they do not inquire if the virtue of the wish outweighs the greed.      Humans may seek to snatch
Grounding me, similar to the acts of a ship’s anchor You are my stability. Anxiously waiting to hit land,  We met,  like wave greeting beach
i got a call two summers ago that managed to strike my heart cold no air in my lungs no faith in my soul fear settled in me a voice whispered guilty angry and ashamed and stupid i shut myself away
What is the bond that binds us as one? Is it a red string among our pinkies? Or the wishes we blow through a dandelion?   Is it merely hope; to hold someone and to be held?
just add water.   i like to think of myself as one of the most unbothersome children out there. i wonder what you would be like if you spent a day in my shoots. wouldn't that be funny? if you grew like me?
Sometimes I shower in the dark. But these are not my darkest moments.
When hopes start to disappoint you Dejection drains the power out of you Motivation dies deep inside the soul When criticism shows up to console  
I’m not really much of a poet But know I can talk about a lot of crooked mess Cuz u never know what you’re really capable of Until you’re put thru the right test. 
Butterflies in my headSay I'm okay I wanna talk to youAll day Running from my fearsThey say don't play And I won't playIf you don't play
when this heart has given up then there is no more lust to achieve passionate desire when this heart has ambitions all that's left is surrender and sincerity when this heart is covered with surrender
I know it's tiring I know this hurts I know this is boring Waiting for something happiness that should be yours Apparently it requires a struggle that isn't for a moment
Hello there...how are you? Have you thinking about me? Because I'm thinking about you Hello.....can you hear me? My heart trying to call you back but the voice become mute Hello.....can you hear me?
The demon Frame in my deepest heart Trying to leave the core of me Want to cast a dark aura from me Spreading the charm of my other self The other me who is thirsty for lust
When I run in the dark night then see behind me I haven't found trace of my own shadow When fear came over me and I whispered to myself 'Am I dead?'
Thinly disguised misogyny Thirteen-year old’s agony A fallen angel Born in the wrong cradle Mistaken miracle.   Story of a girl Naked soul and half-burn “You aren’t fair,
Insecure is my default! When the caffeine has worn out,and my bravadohas been questioned...I tend to tuck tail and run Leap like a frogWho knows he’s inCajun territory
Metal rings placed chains laced around my hands, legs, feet and waist. How many times will I let this happen? How many times can I let my family be disgraced?  
And I see her everywhere Vanishing in the thin blue air A sealed letter in her hand Postmarked from a foreign land Her uniform and face are blue
When the dark nights glimmer with glitter When the storm you detest, passed quicker When the blood you shed, became the rose When it's a claustrophobic path and wind blows
Sometimes it is hard to stay positive and to believe in yourself, You think you have it all planned out but there are people around you who try to convince you to be someone else.
Rain, rain, go away.
We aren't always gloomy.
Summer is reflection. Learning about yourself
I am not given much notice.
Crashing to the ground without direction but somehow with precision,
"Raise that head up! Straighten that spine!
What strong roots you have!
They say to make it in this world you need to be bold.
The world of mine would investigate invisible lies, Only to imagine dust and flame. The heat would smother my glass heart  And pray that it's strong enough to survive.   Yet in the world of pain and demise,
I don't want to find love. I just want to be free. I only care about the people who believe in me. It's hard to find a truelove out there. Sometimes, it just ain't there.
Untangle the strands that trap and immobilize, reach into my soul and revive Give me a breath, a breath of your life   My thoughts are ruthless but your love is relentless in pursuit of me
Rain, rain, rain.... Please stop causing me so much pain. Because it's really driving me insane. The daily grind has me so drain.
Sweet sage. Tears. Hands clinched around another's as we sink, slipping below the original position. The land shifts like dreams. Massive. Mother loves and cries of her blessings eternally. Cycle Synechis.  
I looked out my window On a dark April evening And my heart lifted up.   One Yellow  Pansy Had bloomed,  
I sat with Death in the front seat of my car  Under the old rusted street lamp down the  street from my home. I found him sitting in the shadows off the 
Path to the Heart She's the wave just ere it reaches its crest That perfect moment as it picks you up, right before it breaks into a beautiful surf, Reflecting the world in her eyes.
You’re fast asleep under the covers of my bed,  I lay down next to you, lightly stroking the curls on your head.  one snore, two snores, three I’m counting your breath, hoping it never leaves. 
When I was young, I was so carefree, At least that’s how It seems to me, Ain’t it sad How things turn out to be?   Full of hope, Full of passionate dreams, A thrilling new world
Dance with me down the path of life Beautiful and tragic, I know there will be strife I don’t know how long we’ll last, maybe a song or two
  OK....This ode poem is dedicated to my bestie...JOSEPHINE... Appreciating er for being in my life. U could as well borrow a few ideas for ur bestie tooo on his or her birthday It's a rhyme actually......I do hope u have fuun reading
my feelings are getting hurt that my heart wants to break into pieces like a glass cup so lift me up in the clouds with the angels dancing with halos above their heads my feelings become mood swings that will break all the glass in my heart then I
love is only an emotion that can connect with your heart I feel that love can be a struggle because it's hard to find the right one love is not about meeting someone it's about caring about someone I feel that love can also be like dezen of roses
as I close my eyes and took a deep breath.
Will be like this:  R.I.P. Bob  and tears and probably more tears.      However, there is more than just death and mourn.  Your story won't die. 
I am a beggar, Lurking after your eyes To raise up inked mites Torn pages, our hovel Rainbow of enlightment Proliferates along fingers Shy lips, Reluctant paras Blabbering unkempt debts
Art can be a picture on your wall Art can be a song with a Melody Art is about express yourself Art is passion that's talk's to you Art is the drawing of nude of the body Art is about telling a story
Ignorance grows like apples in an orchard.  They stare into the void,  Not realizing they are walking into it.   He makes the world eat out of his palm,
It feels deep; a sea or an ocean maybe! No ground beneath; I'm drowning. I'm drowning. I feel going down with every effort, going in vain. These weights make it hard to get back up, Oh! These chains!
Why do you sit on your old damn ass Like you live in your head. Why are in your room by your self. And you can't open your mouth Why are you just sitting there like a mule
When I was a child I used to wonder why the veterans in town didn’t like the fireworks on the 4th of July. I thought that’s what they fought for, the freedom to make things go boom.
Sophia full of wisdom and grace. The sun radiates from her face. Beneath her feet the moon does lay. A crown of seven stars upon her head, resting, do they stay. In the beginning, you hovered over the face of the earth.
All of a sudden you’re falling   You’re running a marathon, free like a bird, but then all of a sudden you’re falling.  
As I fall,    I wonder if there is anyone who will catch me, love me, make me feel like I’m wanted Sometimes I ask myself, “damn am I haunted?”    Because it’s like a chain reaction… domino effect
"Girl you grown now" The weight of adulthood looms above me like a dark cloud in the midst of an ominous storm They tell me, "Girl you grown now"  
Intelligent, diligent, on top with perks People from high places wanted me in victory The letter grades, the letters of proof, accomplishments The water looked so good, too good   But my heart, mind, and soul
What am I doing here? Where am I? Who am I ? Looking at a pair of eyes in where they stare back at me in the mirror  The look she gives me She daunts me with her smile 
Do you ever just wonder just sit around and think Do you ever just imagine just let your mind free Do you want to sit just aching just absorbing your pain Do you ever just feel hopeless
Scars Still present From when My old self Died   And I began To hide  And stay away   Small scars On my legs From when Writing Couldn't keep
It is in these actions when my mind makes me realize maybe a place called heaven can exist   Lips breathe the breath of life save me from drowning  in an abyss 
Looking up I will see the Archer high above me his bow pointing at me his star eyes staring coldly fear it surrounds me   as I flee knees collapsing
dear, anxiety   it’s so weird that you have a name now  I use to always think that’s just how humans lived on 
The day I grew pessimistic of the world I knew I could longer run under my mother’s breast and curl The moment I felt the undefined shadow pierce my heart
I was raised in darkness and deceit.  For the first 6 years not a speck of love was around me. It wasn't until I was older, that's when they found me. Kindness, peace, love, gentleness, and patience. 
How I long for a love as pure as day, with kisses so sweet to dance the night away. A love so full of adventures, my heart will skip a beat, so fresh and new, never to repeat. 
   My memory is marked by a beating of the heart One beat stay alive, yet one beat to shut it down When I think back, every memory is in blue
I thought to myself I'll wait inside  wait inside for the storm to subside. He told me if I trusted him i'd shine so bright the strom would dim. I laughed and ignored Him  until behind closed bar.
Reality and I, we just don’t mix It has never been easy for me to simply face it I prefer to remain comfortable in my own fantasy world
The dark route    I had gotten out of that dammed alley way.. Finally    Freedom   I walk down for what seems forever, I hear the growling of crows, the cackling that lingers in the air 
I'm not you, For you chose the path of being everybodies stooge, Everybody knew what you did but me, And yet you still had the audacity to deny it when I can see, I can see you for your true colors,
My peers. My friends. My family. My thoughts. They scream at me.   Why do you waste your time, girl?  
By now in life you have faced some demons; Learned the corners and closets to avoid.                               You coddle your innocence In the soft and cuddly things around you.  
We don't have to worry We don't have to stress We don't need to be overwhelmed by the busyness Often we are Often it's hard Because the world is broken and falling apart There's darkness, yes
Growing up  He never had people Who would stick around  He's ashamed to say  that his own mother neglected him 
We are trapped in a small town No resources or means A family struggling to get by Holding  on at the seams You want us to stay here We are trying to leave  You think we will miss it
it started when i was little.   no one believes me, but   i remember.   i remember  the first moment i wasn't able to breathe, the first time i thought about death, 
Dear solstice, Such a long darkness Opens my soul Left unattended in the distraction of sunshine I forgot how much you can give to me
Twinkle, twinkle little star Far away, Make a wish. Twinkle, twinkle little star Please my wish, Please come true.   Little me, Oh how cute! You thought looking at the stars
"You're a man now, Step Up. C'mon, don't let life drown you. If you don't Step Up for yourself, no one will. You need to take control."   Why does it feel like I'm losing control?
I’m tired of hiding. Desperately seeking a place to fit in, to belong, to be likes All I wanted was to feel, to love and be known I’m tired of being told who to be Never being me
****Trigger Warning****     It’s like I want to tear my skin off. I take a breath and hold it. I can’t let it go.
Dear depression I wake up And I wake up more To the sun that burns With your name stuck in my throat I feel things And I feel things now That not a soul could understand Questioning
from helping hands, and kind hearts, came a cautious question:      what happened to you? but how could i explain the assault on my brain?   dying  eyes stare vacant
Why... why can't we reach for the sky? Why do we always lie? And why do we make an excuse just to strive? Is it because you have too much pride or you feel like your'e living a lie or you just wanna die?  What is it?
Childhood has begun to fade; finding your purpose is the aim. The pieces of life spread apart like trinkets of a game. Glow until you grow or until growing causes glowing. Beginning higher education challenges everything you know.Questioning the p
I once was a small girlwho took on the weight of the world,scared to speak the thoughts on her mind.walking on eggshells to avoid confrontation, not realizing that with ev
Do we ever think about the things we create? The small things and the large things that we drag with us through time, the phases that we promoted that we thought would last forever in our minds  
As a newborn baby I was obnoxious and hard to deal I was told, “Live life to the fullest & never give up” But as 5 years went by, my parents were always spanking my rear
Six years ago, two little boys invaded my home and stole my heart right from my chest. The little ginger haired devils appeared in my life out of nowhere and they took control.
The mother walked into her home, Not expecting her story to be told in a poem.   But her life took a turn that day, There was no way
Here we are You across from me You’re back is all that I see And she’s holding the trophy   The mistakes I have made are my own
A bloomed flower  stuck in the ground ,no where to be found . looking for hope , but no one is around . she sees eyes with smiles. But no one can see her smile . In a dark room beautiful and bloomed
There’s was a time When all I thought about was YOU Bottled all my sadness and anger inside Holding on to the old YOU   Told I’m ugly, told I’m worthless
You can’t do it, they will say. How are you going to succeed in the arts? Frustration, failure, hopeless 
Here I am, A “changed” person But this change didn’t come overnight , alright  See, I used to be so gullible and sweet, with little to no teeth  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still sweet with a bit of heat 
 Fear becomes the barrier that keeps me in No smoke to see, and no life of sin My life is as hard as can be, but my fear keeps me in
The lady of the first sun, Hesitates to let her first world down That’s all she relies on All her life she had dreamed of raising this world Her people look up to her, While she cares and provides her heat
To the man who says depression is fake and actually believes it. You know who you are. Hi, my name is Nate, we haven’t met or maybe we did. There’s so many of you screaming in my ears that I might not have heard you.
Each start is a chance to look into the depths of one's self in ways that we don't ever see in the day to day lives that we live only though watching what we do
Sea shell at the bottom of the wave water crashing down forcing it to be brave as the watchers sit at the beach one decides to take a leap a step into the wave to save that shell
hope is elusive, something hard to find and hard to have.   but yet we all hope for a better future and a better lover why?
  A crack resounds from the soul of the earth.  
With life comes hope, the greatest feeling man can find. a certain pain that we have to cope, makes us wish we had been rendered blind.
I became old when the honeycomb becomes too waxy to eat When the queen bee becomes a tyrant And you start to feel bad for the bees When I got tired of swimming through the land of milk and honey  So I drowned But I couldn't afford the medical bill
What does it mean to be 'all grown up'? Have a car? Job? Apartment? For me, being grown up meant self-advocacy. Age 15, depression and anxiety was at it's highest.
Each time that my mind was finally ready to end it all, I stood on the end of a bridge, ready to jump. It always seemed like it would be quick and cheap. The pain would end before I had a chance to even register it.
Like a flower bright and tall Surrounded by weeds But shines and never hides Making it through Being pulled down to doom  
I never thought I'd feel this way After the things I've seen I thought my heart hid itself away What could this mean?   I don't shake like I used to There isn't this fear anymore
Pink flowers decorate my room, but I don't feel pink inside. My dolls stare into my soul, not at the cup of invisible tea. I prefer Adult Swim than Spongebob. I throw my childhood away.
No need to be a surgeon. Open your heart wide. Rip your pain away. And if no soul can help carrying it, Put it somewhere, Anywhere, But elsewhere. Put it beneath rhymes and similes
In Dying Her body sank into the depths and embraced the sun.  
They tell us that growing up is supposed to be the best time of our lives.  We figure out who we are, what we stand for, what matters to us.  But with this growth, comes painful lessons and tears and anger and hurt. 
DO YOU SEE ME SUFFER? I’m not your damn toy just stop trying to act tougher I’m losing my mind over you boy Do you see me calling out for help?
We all want that special someone Someone to be there Someone who cares   We all want that connection Not friction Not fiction   We all need a certain touch We desire it so much
Once upon a time there was a sad little girlwho sat at the swings alonewaiting for someone to occupy the empty swing next to herso they'd swing togetherand she'd feel a little less lonely
      A storm, A wave, A serenade? Premises to start an escapade An understanding Of the hard to wind music box Of the artist’s pox
A breth of fresh air never tasted so sour, I bear the heaviness of regret on my shoulders, Again with your games of deciet and lies, Your words cascading down the mountainside, 
A breth of fresh air never tasted so sour, I bear the heaviness of regret on my shoulders, Again with your games of deciet and lies, Your words cascading down the mountainside, 
When I was a child I tried to live in a dome, I couldn’t fathom the convoluted questions of life, I placed myself inside a pretty pink bubble, Where only happiness, peace, and butterflies live,
Through the sky Death shall rise, On rotten wings will he fly. With the stench of torture on his clothes, He sends Fear into all his foes.
i use to think  suicidal thoughts was so lame  until one day I wish I had a gun to my brain  or to be hanging from a chain   shit maybe drown like that game heavy rain 
Grow up in a smalll town, seeing the world with sunshine and rainbows Few years later the color in life fades like an old tattoo You see the struggles The fights The sudden loss of hope People self medicating
  The flower is cunning, strong and deep,But he has promises to keep,Until then he shall not sleep.He lies in bed with ducts that weep.
She said she can do it but in reality she's loosing it. though life is though, she never did give up.
My father passes. With him, my world also fades. My life is broken.   All hope is now gone. What can I possibly have now? Jesus, my Saviour.   After a few years,
Stars shine brightest in the darkest of times and they were so glorious that night. I heard the soft sweet song of the chimes. The silver reflected the light.
I am realizing that I don't know how to be empty. Even at my lowest I find my throat full of words Demanding to be shouted, My chest full of pain Demanding to be felt, My fists full of hopes
I am seven, in my room, dreaming once again I'm a captain, I'm a knight, I know who I am I can be just anyone, whenever I want I'm a brave, ambitious dreamer No one tells me "Don't" Suddenly, I am eighteen,
To the girl who could memorize lines and perform them on stage in front of hundreds.  I beg of you to come back.  Come back to me, whose fears and anxiety drive me more than my passion. 
Then   he took the respect she had for Herself  and the wonders from the earth around Her he took her her kindness  and what seemed, the air from Her lungs he took Her curiousity 
Standing on your walkway gives me chills, Glowing beautifully with your astounding street flare. And the performances through the cheery nights
I am young and I have dreams, And they are bold In my mind they are vivid, With full color
These changes keep coming life is not the same as is once used to be back when I ran and played.   Now I've got chores to do and I have to decide what career to pursue
I realized I wasn’t a kid anymore When my heart sped up From the mistakes that I had made. A moment in my life, Where I realized There was a price to be paid.   A price for every action
In the middle of a forest there is a rock with moss Untouchable Inspirational the woods are a mass of needles and thorns a labyrinth of struggles
I'm better than this So why am I so sad God help me Take this pain away I hate depression I hate crying in my bed At these late hours  Gettin no sleep I'm on this path to success
Once, I thought I knew What I should have said. Once, I needed a break, From all the thoughts in my head.   Once, I thought I could
  Mirror Mirror, on the wall, What's gone wrong with it all? People crying, people screaming. The world itself is teeming, With war, pestilence, and death.
                                                 "Still.. Still.. Still.. How I wonder  How I wander Drill, Drill, Drill Stay in line Stay with time
How to get through The Bad Year   Come home from school every day and cover yourself with blankets
Grandpa turned to me and said: Nooit Gedact, you never know what to expect I hold those words to my heart But his heart stopped And I didn't expect it   I may not know what to expect
My heart was splattered blood red over drab stones gravestone inscription read: here lies the girl who lost her home Her heart and her friend
I hear the birds sing at my window, shuffling and ruffling their delicate feathers I too am delicate.   The fan is whirring by my
When I see your face there is a soft glow, As if I was looking at a sunset. Even when your face may no longer show, To me, your love acts a comfort blanket;
Allow this vigilant past eye to say thanks, where it is due Yes! Gratitude is the best attitude Nothing escapes this vigilant eye of the past, To say thank you where it is due
Once upon a time in a land too close for comfort was a woman who had lived her whole entire life trying to please EVERYONE. She placed all her energy into making her parents, brother, kids, husband and friends happy.
I’ve never been good at starting a conversation. The idea of initiating a dialog used to seem as though it was easy . As if the books I read had all the answers, but what looks good on paper doesn’t always work once you look out into the world.
Too much on the mind but not enough to say There's something magical about writing And coughing on the foam of a latte Too much to say but not enough to see Listening to the people singing
The pathway home, will take steps to places inside Death... I will carry you, for the road after, and our hearts fall closer...   As worlds away, we soar. The new darken,
Come live with me and be my love, I want to wear it like a glove; I will give you all that I am, My heart, my soul, with no exam.  
beams of light peaking from behind the clouds reaching your face warming you up it's been cold for so long you enjoy every gleam of light you get   you smile, having the feeling
Robbed of a sweet childhood, you stole my innocence. I wanted to save you and you punished me for loving you. I wanted to take your pain away, you wanted to intensify my heartache.  
Reach the sky, trust the sun  and crave its kindness. Rely on the orchestra of rain to quench your thirst. Depend on the lavish ground to stand tall.   When Winter dethrones warmth,
At a time When chill called for a coat and the youthful light was executed I watched the moon impale heaven  and stars melt on waves of the bay.   At a time when past became future
I'm scared of the manipulator I'm scared of the puppeteer I'm scared of the demon I am so scared of you From the second I saw you I knew I knew your tricks I knew how you operated
My time has come, my head just hums I knew it was time but only I knew it was mine   The stage was free, it was just me Fear controls me as I always lose,
Hope is a magical word, Happiness fluttering aghast in the wind Blowing fears and uncertainty behind me I see a world reborn Relentless to strife As if it has cut away my anxiety like a knife
Why do you fear To know their hearts? And what you are to them? What do they see as true? Whenever they look at you  
I was hanging on by a thread, Fear grasped on to me I hyperventilated, thinking of it made me sweat. I was never strong enough, Bold enough, Courageous enough, To leave the cage I was bound to.
Like a mystic, he lifted me by my flexing throat And read my blood for signs of death. Morse code against my neck told how I was to die. I saw the slides with slivers of my spirit.
Fear! Fear! Fear! Fear! I dance with it the most Dreaming so deeply that nightmares can be imagined Making aspirations turn into imaginary ghosts
I stood firm on the sands of time. Mind fresh, troubles having no rhyme. What did I have back then to lose? A new stage of life to bemuse. I speak of my first days of school. proceeding I knew not one rule.
Syllable after syllable... Love flows from a desperate heart Into the crisp, tense atmosphere. Rivers could not compare. The chains disintegrate; Ash flies to the nearest patch of crumpled soil;
Everybody always says to take the road less taken, but that roads been taken before. Everybody says be careful the choices your makin, but i swear that they made em’ too.
there's a joy in the unkown in the things that people hope to dream  there's a joy in htings that people hold dear  there's a joy in what people believe 
It all started years ago When I decided that I had to let go of my old life And leave the world of strife I had to let my life escape me I had to be free.
When I was a kid My opinion meant very little to others I was told that silence is better than to be heard This became a problem for me Because society constantly made me out to be the enemy
I remember a cold, lonely feeling, One that lingers and laughs at who I be, One that has followed me, only haunting. A heart sunken low, farther than you see.  
Detachment from sentiments It's not easy I must confess Pressures all around me everyday trying to compress I'm getting really fed up no longer trying to impress
                      When I look at that face there is nothing in. This world more clear then what I see, this is someone who’s achieved nothing. A being so afraid to change it does nothing but stare.The embodiment of sadness and anxiety.
To the life of the naked eye, both your skins are the same but to me, neither strain is the same. One call with an arrogant whisper the other with a sweet knock. The whisper quiet and simple had me working to my knuckles.
It is not that deep It will cool you off It makes my hard shell become soft The dangers of the big blue The one that cleanse you
Manic has me acting crazy Going nonstop Getting things accomplished With no desire to stop My mouth goes a mile a minute I just can't stop talking Pacing back and forth I just can't stop walking
Why do people suffer for no reason at all I try to pull myself up but I always fall Right back into this pit I can't escape Tangled up in all of the red tape I need a pair of scissors to start cutting
Some minds are full of sunshineSome minds are full of joyBut happiness doesn't comeTo every girl and boySometimes there's cloudy weatherAs far as the heart can seeStruggling through the stormIs all that's left for me It's raining in my brainThere'
Pull my strings and make me dance. Oh, puppeteer. Help me put on my mask and hide. Hide behind a smile, hide behind a frown. Just don't let them see what I really feel.
My mind is a desert, dry and barren. Any chance of hope in simply a mirage.   My mind is an ocean, calm on the surface but crashing waves in the deep end. My feelings drifting away and drowning.
Tall cliffs and whale bones, Our secret place that’s all our own. Hands held, hearts cradled. Eyes shut, fear of loss and pain. It all came to head that day. Back to the beginning,
The darkness swallowed me whole I was drowning, struggling to breathe I reached out trying to grasp onto something, anything But my hand simply went through the empty void I opened my mouth to call out
I've seen a lot of fucked up shit Nothing scares me anymore I want to be with you through thick and thin Right by your side all the way For next to you I will stay You help me be the best I can be
The tired Sun rests On waves and pale sand, as the Moon waits for his turn  
Butterfly, small, frail Wings folded, paused in thought; Peace for a moment  
the echo of strings from the busy street it rings as rosiny dust fills the air a melody, calm, slow, almost still a lone pigeon stops to stare    
Water droplets fall from the sky, flowers yell with excitment, people scream in sorrow. But little do they know what makes one grieve could make something else grow.
We see the stars not empty space When looking at the nighttime sky; Dark will not win, it won't erase.   We turn our cheek, sun on our face
Up on stage all lights and eyes on me and me alone Bare myself, my soul Choose me  my quiet heart voice whispers Thank you, next Callbacks Pitter-patter, hope List is up
The world is so beautiful when you are young Full of so many possibilities that fill your mind and fill your heart Daddy says I can do anything when I grow up,
What is failure? For me, failure is unhappiness. I want to be successful with my education to form my future. Will my future be filled with happiness? Or will it be filled of missed opportunities and regret?
I think I am happy I smile and laugh I have friends I have family but... I am sad I am stressed I am scared and I am worried but... I am strong I am independent
Love is not what I expected it's really reckless never meant this word so much  I'd put it on a necklace like if this person did me dirty then i would neglect it but everything she say is special
At thirteen my heart had never been broken I was still dreaming big dreams And I was still outspoken I sided with hope having no concept of doubt
To belong,  To be loved, To be heard,  Each desire fights.   Human, Self, Me,  I.   Unpure, Unworthy, Rejected, Cast aside.   Tears drop,
A sweaty finger slips.Glaring surface of the piano keystares like a wide open eye. 
The thoughts were swirling in my mind. Would they be funny, cruel or kind?   Would I be ready for what's ahead or wish instead that I were dead?  
The expectations set out before me 
Walk along the tight ropeThat stretches over the abyssParalyzed by possibility And impossibly conscious 
Overwhelming black White fire rim beckons hope  Pure nexus of light 
TO MYSELF     What thoughts are these that plague my mind? To no end will they ever find They are the naggings is my ear They are the voices that I fear
A poem for the days that you feel so alone the days you feel lost even when you are home A poem for nights when your tears pierce your pillow when your head hangs low like an old weeping willow
I’m sitting you down here today because we need to talk. You know what? I take that back. I need to talk. You need to listen.
Fear. The mess of tangled thoughts, mangled anxieties, strangled shouts That invades your brain On quiet nights.   Fear.
Let’s pretend there was a time where life was always easy where love never became a war, and hope would never leave me.   What does it look like?   How does it feel to never be afraid  
When I was small I would believe That Fairies surrounded me And protected me From the bad But when I grew My fairies turned to dew And formed my tears And leaked to the ground
If you were here I would give you a big sweet smile I would tell you how world is, I will teach you how to dance Even take you in my arms, everyday my sweet child
The creatures scream and shout, From the winter boondocks of my mind, Oh, the things they scream about; Their gnarly, needy hands, Desperately attempting to grip my fate and my future,
The past is immutable  They harness each theorem from my mind  
In my dreams Is the only place I can be with you Without remorse Or pain In my dreams I am full of life And love And hope Happy And home with you
The snake of life Curls around the corner Is it venomous? I won’t know Until I’m too far To turn back But I keep walking
Nerved to a breaking point, I walk alone in a field painted in black blood, spilled from my childhood. My knees shaking, and my tears lit by a full moon,
Oh my heavy heart Racing heart Defeated heart.   Knees weak Eyes bleak   And oh how desperately I seek,
Letters bleeding bodily into blank sheets Whispering wildly in her mind Flowing creatively through the ink Mind forgetting the outside world Only imagining the one within Wishing wholeheartedly to go
The jump they talk about is not literal. They tell you that you have to jump. To take that leap of faith.    I took that leap once. I put my heart on the line And I let people see my pride and joy, 
you took away two years of my life. i was locked inside the confines of your walls and weighed down by a sense of hopelessness.   i fought with every breath to be free of your chains.
ME:  I'm alone and I feel like I should feel worse but no matter how hard I cry I don't feel pain I'm alone but I feel more alive I can sit and I can breathe and I can watch
This little light in me Lost between the forgotten colours Stuck in the never ending waters Drowned with the words in the wind Cries with rays and lightining and swords This little light in me
Everyone says that change is hard However necessary to sustain life. It takes persistence when your way is barred. It takes diligence and a bit of strife.  
Holding onto my hopes Yet I'm still letting go. Keeping all of my faith, but the demons, they know.   They drive me into the darkness, and I feel so alone. My hands feel so cold
Here I am sitting under the tree Can't stop thinking about who and how I used to be I know this isn't right and yes it doesn't feel right for me And I've been drinking myself to sleep
You are indeed an awesome enchanting giftPlease stop walking in a field of griefLife's sometimes wicked and full of prejudiceBut remember you're lovely amidst these tumult and hasteOur life isn't always a happy feast
Stupid, fat, ugly That's me It's what teacher said, what mama said, what the kids on the playground said It must be so Who am I to disagree with the masses?
Layers of mixture You build them up Over and over and Bake at high temperatures. Each part merges: A chemical change that can't be undone. I learned that in school.
Springs under pressure: pushed deep, they rise up the highest. But only if they keep on pushing straight back.
you were just laughing, no, the both of us are laughing. telling stories to each other, like no one's ever shared a story.
Do you believe in miracles? he once asked me riding our bikes around the Han River
My friend, you betrayed me. What relief there is in that simple statement! Your actions so entirely obliterated Your pillar of my world that your betrayal Has lost its sting and I am left without a doubt:
how did I overcome one of my fears?/well, there were many days of failure./days of grief that destroyed me./days of sadness that buried me./days of darkness that blinded me./but, between the hurt,/the pain,/the suffering,/there were days of joy./d
You sweet wandering child  with your soft, kind smile and hope-stricken thoughts oozing out your pores and  infecting those around you-- Tell me, how have you maintained your innocence in this
You get lost in your insecurities And trample on the stressful parts in life You try to feed the desire But you have no time You are stuck in a deep pit And cant find the rope to get up
How wonderful you cannot choose The place and part you least will bruise For all the phases: yellow, green Some unsightly, some unseen You would miss out, you would not get The new from different sustance skin
One day clowns weren't scary One day the dark was an escape One day being buried was peaceful One day I clung to them I needed them
I never know what you are.  Because every time I see you, it hurts a little less.  You are everything and nothing Everywhere and no where I never know what you are.  Maybe I’m in denial
What do you believe in?Do you believe in the sky?Do you believe in the things that pass you by?Do you believe the answers they tell you, when you ask 'why'?Do you believe in truths or in lies?
 Have you ever just laid on your backFingers in the grassAnd your heart in your ears? A thumping song in your skull,The pulse and vibrationOf your hopes and your fears?
Even though the sky weeps with us today, tomorrow shares the warmth of sunshine and friendship, healing our sorrows in the light of rainbows.
Hi Honey, I won't be home for dinner. Even though you made my favorite, I am working late at the office.   The boss was on my case today.
I look out the window snow is falling soft, fine I feel so many feelings that burn me inside Ever since I was little they taught me not to make waves They taught me to follow the rules of the game  
To the days...   I’m going to take you back many years, back to when you had very few fears. Back to the days of seeing isn’t always believing, and being promised candy is always deceiving.
ALONE.                His mind had tricked him. It convinced him that no one in his life had cared or cares.
                Hope Lives On by Janet A. Wilson                 When all is lost                Life exist                We hold on to hope                Which brings everything in                Existence to being.                
Old habits die hard, Robert Frost and dying stars, Those are the things that made me.   Cherry blossoms now in bloom begin wilting on the stem.
Her lips were red like she had been drinking all the poisonousness of this world or the blood of dead roses. Her eyes had a color of regret maybe because she had been thinking and wondering the deepest rooms of her soul,
you said i couldn’t do it but all you did was remind me that my power was from within and my flames burned from embers buried deep within the soul i have nurtured and built
Fear is easy describe Hopeless hole devour me! Sinking deep into the ink With no rope to follow me...   Fear is easy just to live Against me everything is Someone help me
I slept hard as a bear That eats so much food in a dark cave, What no one notices all the time, My ears can hear, but I have weary tears; Beyond the walls, there is so much fear,
You are happy well that´s so snappy I´m sorry but I worry don´t you think about the people who are starving now my heart starts carving without behaving my heart is not in control
I am here standing in the darkness. It is pitch black and cannot see a thing.  I stretch my hands feeling for something, anything. I hear a blood-curdling scream that sounds like a high pitched whistle. 
This is not a war story but one of victory. I can hear the freedom bells ring and my heart sings because once I was a captive now liberated by the King. But that’s just the thing I wasn’t always free.
Don´t stop Don´t drop   Keep goin on even when live tries to strive after luck don´t you see it looks like a Puck   Don´t stop Don´t drop   there is an answer
 When he made her he said she was going to be smart and funny and kind and caring and she was going to have a boyfriend that she adores, that always calls her beautiful but she will have depression and anxiety
A Big Blue World Full of Dreams Shimmers Before Me. A Wish
its always been you you've been there all along the perfect harmony to my everlasting song you took my breath away you made me proud of who i am today you helped me to see who i really am
Maybe I care too much Maybe I need more Down time True boundaries That I can’t see With my bare eyes Thrive on dreams Thrive on strings   A heart to heart A fact of life
Doors were closed  For such a long time  Before you  I locked them all  Until you came  And opened one  Wide open  Changed  Me  My life  Now I'm okay  If doors open 
Are we waiting for the day  when paper parachutes will fall from the sky?      Their wings torn like the dead jellies’ demise-Those tentacles unfolding into frosted lily cries.  
Anything that is worth it and anything that makes life great is always scary.
Just a reconnection. Please, it is all I ask. Just one spark could set ablaze our past. We could be something again. But this time, we’ll last.
In times past the ground grew nothing barren dark soil uneven beneath shoe soles not a cloud seen through hopeless eyes the fear of being burned  without a shield from scorching rays, 
Messed up dreams, Talking stranger things, Thinking about what we could be, And if you love me. Why can't you see I'm on your team, Cause now we're playing Hide 'n go seek yeah.
always follow your ambitions even if you don't know where they may lead. chase your goals and grasp them in your hand like a rope that's pulling you into the life that you want.
Working 9 to 5 on minimum wage, until old age. It's not about the money, honey. You don't fell brave, just like a slave, but you gave until you entered a maze. Confused and abused, you refuse to blow a fuse.
In the midst of all darkness, you persist to be better, you persist to overcome adversity. Your conviction in hope allows you to believe in the inevitablity of infinity.  After everything you have achieved,
I feel it begin, the drip drop of the rain, The ominous storm, soon to devour my soul, My heart screams denial, it crushes my chest, The hot rain beats down, I lose all control,
The stars in my eyes They’re fading dim The smile on my face It’s wearing thin   The weight of my heart It’s too much to hold It’s pulling me under I’m drowning in cold  
The moon is round, And ice-cream white. I sit outside, and it feels right.  Finally, I can breathe out tonight;  There are no problems Lurking in the night It feels so calm and so gentle;  This is exactly where I need to be;  Not tucked in bed, pr
Power of my description  leaves your mind defenseless,  taste into the good world wanting peace in distance, touch me here I’ll capture all the things that matter, with Power flowing through
Why bother living I have a friend who smiles brighter than any star you will see in the Milky Way galaxy and everywhere she went, she made sure to make others happy but... She wasn't happy herself and eventually became suicidal.
Do I really have someone to lean on? Or is it different when I'm gone? Do they actually treat me as a true friend? Or do they kill me when the lights go dim? The truth is a hard thing to come by
I am stuck living in a world where they try to ground us when we say we dream of flying away.
To understand why it exists, you must know its history. Having experienced the devastation it leaves in its wake, understanding its control over my life was no easy feat.
Why is my mind so blank? The colors that flash before my eyes, they mean almost nothing to me anymore I used to dance in the soft orange of a sunset wade in the blue waters of the distant ocean
Let the tears pour out of my soul For I am burdened An anchor of pain has settled in me.   Optimism far from sight Inundated by life’s sorrows Scattered anger and solid sadness  
The doorman stood lanky and tallWith a suspicious eye that watched over allHe stood only three steps from me And I thought and I asked what it's like to be free
It's my life because I had lost my sight listening to you It's my life because I am always thinking too much at night It's your life because you make me say everything is alright It's your life because
Breaking as you hit the concrete ground Cause no one to catch you was around In tired tears you tried to drown On broken shards you lay
 I fight an inner battle Time and time again. And though I don't give up fighting, I fear one day they'll win.  For they have strong armies And are growing stronger yet, And I feel I'm growing weaker
Lonely cage lonely world lonely someone  lonely girl the hunter spotted  his naive prey he lick his chops and makes his way “because I love you”, he says with a grin
Arid remarks Shrugged-off side glances Painted with painful disdains Torment and colorful disgust Intrinsically defined by nothing but Side comments and catcalls— Little girl.
I don't know where to start. You’re the downside to up. You can make a happy man frown. You’re the bad side of good.   Where sin and worry are present, you are there. I loved you,
A voice broken and in despair Now risen from the depths   The depths of a landfill A landfil of shattered ideas   He is a voice rebuilt He has become Recreated and empowered
      What if I never see her again?   What if  i never hear the sound   Of her voice again?  
I don't think i need a partner necessarily to be happy- i think if anything i need more self love.
slippery devil clash into my mind feels delicious naughty of dangerous time   so, if I stay with you I might crave a short walk on the wild side
Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul; And sings the song without the words And never stops at all. Emily Dickinson, you are a wonder. How the world could not see
I write my words on the page and watch them disappear I write them over again and again, it’s like they were never there. yet no matter how much I write and write
"50 days from now  I will graduate from college 50 days from now  I will get my dream job 50 days from now I will become my own boss 50 days from now  I will meet the love of my life 
The clock is ticking And time keeps slipping away Get your business completed That should be the goal for today Your hands should not be idle Keep yourself occupied Take back your lost momentum
Enlighten, encourage and empower Let those words be uplifting As you embark on your next adventure Look for a deeper meaning You have it all within Just reach for the sky Be the inspiration
As you read along Some stories may have a subplot There may be a connection of some sort For others to figure out This may twist the reader's mind And bring about a juxtaposition Dreams and happenings
Success is there Reach for the sky Be willing to work for it Set your sights high Nothing is easy Go through that maze Let the battle challenge you In order for you to see brighter days
Good thoughts and words Only get you so far Take action immediately So you can be that star The mind is an essential tool Utilize it accordingly Believe that you can Execute your plan efficiently
Make those adjustments To improve your skill Reach for the sky Have that strong will Get back on track Be bright as the sun You have the power Strive to be number one
The world is so loud sometimes you have to step back and listen for hope
I must be cautious in the words i say; I dream to be educated in every way. To banish opression that keep us down; To uplift whom feel submerged as if they drown.
·       When the butterflies are all around you, And the happiness in air flew.   ·       When one who dreams happiness to be own,
Sometime I feel like your hate is    more powerful than my voice. However that is only a feeling, a feeling that on my darkest days can tear me in two.
I want to genuinely smile and have real friends that make me laugh.. Even more than that - I really want to get my life back on track... But it's hard to have hope for the future - cause I just can't let go of the past....
We search with care But, sometimes there is lots of confusion Darkness rears its ugly head Along with bitter frustration We cannot give up hope We need to move towards the light The sunshine will appear
the blinds are drawn, the heavy-duty kind that when fully extended, are impenetrable against the sharp and prying rays of sun threatening to spear my long-term dilated pupils, Red. And… Black.
Before I found theatre, I was depressed,  dysphoric,  dispondent.   I began with acting. I dived in headfirst. I had finally found a place where I belonged.   
Sense of untrust and unease insanity- couldn't feel a thing and crying for help losing - Another year and nothing has changed another thought and it's all the same abusive people and abusive mind
Gitara, Thank you for your qualities. You’re kind and you see me for me.
Plug it in to drown in out Indulge the sound and dance about Stress is without a trace Momentarily, hope takes its place Feeling connected and no longer alone
  It was rarely used My excuse never felt alive Everything that I said My voice, even the look in my eyes  
I just want to be the thing   You never dream But always find.   The one who   Never makes it out From the corners of your mind.   The one with whom you never knew  
God Made Me A Better Man   the morning stars made our  heavenly skylights ignite today the colors corresponding  creating value to everything  God you have made me a better man.  
Take everything to heart Continue to do your best Always be the one who forges ahead Embark on your success Go for that gold It is all in your mind Lift your head upward Just keep everything in line
Keep walking that mile And never look back Find the motivation To get back on track You have fallen off course But, you can see the sun once again Be fierce with determination
Yes, the battle is tough But, continue to push yourself harder Do not ever give up Make your visions brighter As you move forward Show them that you have that fire Maintain your inner strength
Brighten a person's day Enlighten, uplift, and empower That is the kindred spirit Every minute and hour Build that momentum Have a positive attitude Continue to be persistent Always show your gratitude
Make your presence felt The children need you Without your guidance They would be clueless as to what to do Be their voice When they cannot speak Always show them that you care
Captain, surely they cannot expect me to lead. Surely there will be instructions left for me. This ocean is vast and will swallow you whole surely a child isn’t meant to battle it alone.
Voice"Just sing," they say But they don't know how much I pray Each morning and twice every night For courage to share what's in my mind's lightVoice One word. Too hard 
See. Cracking, crying. Reeking of  many failures Tasting the bitterness of shame and fear
i'm telling you now about a girl who lived some how she lived through death, she lived through fear, and in some way she managed to hear the sound of music, the sound of joy,
It's time I realize that now I wasn’t ready before Not like I thought I was I was only forcing the inspiration The urgency
Goodbye Mr.Funnyman. You forgot to take your bow. You left the stage in mid applause, who do we laugh at now? Was that the problem?  Our foolish eyes just didn't see
If today I die purposefully,  just know it wasn’t me.   All these voices in my head, they keep me up. At night I barely sleep.
My hair stands My body shakes from its cold breath It meets me around every corner And it makes me long to learn more from it It is fear.   Fear has made me want to learn more about my past
My Buddy. He's gone. My Pal. He's gone. My Coach. He's gone. My Example. He's gone. My Support. He's gone. Cancer, I hate you. His Pain. It's gone. His Suffering. It's gone.
Though we are convicted walking down the streets. We are not the enemy your here to protect many. Sure many were criminals but, to what intent not to harm only to fight back with no work, no intelligence, no money. We are
I like writing   Writing is the only time I like spiders Because I am one My hands turn to eight long legs  As my fingers dance along the keys And I spin a web of words Haunting Chilling
Hello, I have been seeing what you’ve been doing... I have been wanting to ask you why you’re here. I remember seeing you at arm's’ length, But now you are caped to my silhouette.
The words are there But, they only mean so much They do not say how we feel Nor, do they keep us in touch Moments will go away The scenery then drifts apart All that will remain
Moments are forever fleeting You are not always going to have time Get those important things done now Things change at the blink of an eye Take care of your business Do not procrastinate
Opportunity is there Just get at it The world is in your hands Work at boosting your spirit Put your best foot forward For the time is at hand Continue to spread good cheer That is the master plan
As you travel along the road Potential terrains will try to deter you Rise above those hazardous fires Just guide your way through The journey is never easy Darkness may rear its ugly head
Do not suffer in silence Let your voice be heard Speak your message Just be the one to spread the word When a person is alone Ambiguity may appear Rise above the mountainside
I used to hate writing. Yes, I said it.  I feel bad about it now. I think it was all the essays in literture we had to write. Every. Single. Day. I barely passed majority of them with flying colors.
  The mentor that never lives But still is always arriving With opportunities to give It depends on whether I am striving To take those chances given to me   The future is my mentor
relentless searching eye wide, hoping who am i? i'm searching for the undiscovered eyes covered by blind blinds filled with lies my cries, can no longer be heard.
there is a storm brewing, slowly like herbal tea, deep inside my ribcage.   the kiss of rain dominates my body, filling lungs with oceans of searing saltwater tears.  
Of a placid nature Soothing and peaceful Serenity personified The ability to think quietly is helpful Have a viable plan Be about your business and take action Accentuate the positive
Life is hard for us all Everyone goes through a struggle Keep fighting your way through And move on the double Darkness may appear But, we must reach towards the light Remove from those clouds
Let your imagination captivate you Let it build your spirit You have that fire Be the one who inspires Fill your heart with positivity As you walk across that bridge Continue to reach higher
Continue to surge Believe that you can Have strength and courage That is the master plan You have it in you All the knowledge is there Go forward and conquer Rise up through the air
Just live your life Take things one step at a time Obstacles do not have to deter you Continue to rise and shine Follow along the right path Stay in command Visualize greatness With the time at hand
We think we are grand, do we not? So did those bygone species I’m sure. The colossal and the modest alike, for which time inevitably granted an end. 
For all the raging seas, For all the turbulent forces, For all the doors that had no keys,
Put your heart into everything In order to prosper Promote the positive Go forward and conquer Have a strong will Focus on doing your best Fight your way through the maze
It can be done Apply yourself accordingly You have the knowledge Utilize it wisely Take center stage Uplift and empower Embark on your journey Climb towards the top of the tower
One dayA girl was flying, with wings made of dreams. She crafted these wings one day.
took a journey starting yesterday It started on the phone A car A hospital A bed And ended with “goodbye”
I stand on the edge behind you Listening to your epilogue You are one of many, not few   Another empty chasm filled I will be your witness Though I carry on, I am chilled  
Just be there The kids need your presence Be their guide and shield In order for them to make progress Stress the importance of education Be the beacon of light Show them tender-loving care
In my eyes, life is about being hurt Being hurt everywhere you go and it seems like it will never end Your family always yelling at you to stop talking and always being left out
Do not waste your life away Do something, be somebody Think large and take charge Let no one lead you astray Grab the bull by the horns Manifest your destiny Continue to forge ahead
my head is constantly telling me I am scared, I am anxiety chest hurts, nervous, taking prescriptions panic attacks, pain, and other mind numbing symptoms but through and through I try to find hope
Always remain determined Give it your best Brighten your world greatly Be the one who strives for excellence Put your heart into everything Set your sights on making history It is simply all up to you
               We don’t eat,    in fear of our hearts breaking, from the words and looks we are given.             We don’t eat,
Continue to have courage Keep it moving in a positive light Just push on through A beautiful destination is there in sight Times indeed will be tough Look inside within Your future is in your hands
You lose by default When you do not try What are you going to do? When your life passes you by Just get at it Be willing to take action Open up your mind Fulfill your obligation
You wake up tomorrow And start a brand new day Another chance to build yourself New challenges will come your way You have it in you Take things one step at a time A panoramic view is within sight
paper cuts paper thin lines across demons within. criss cross criss cross across the lines of my wrists
Attitude is everything Keep it positive and you will win Always be encouraging It all comes from within Be the beacon of light That shines greatly in every way Lift your spirits high
My life is changing fast, it seems And gone are old, familiar scenes My heart, once steady, will careen, I'm losing those on whom I lean - Why is it life can be so mean? What can I do? I want to scream!
Sorry, do I Know you?   I begged for peace  but you gave  no rest  when my soul  was weak 
My Reason for Living Every day I lay thinking of you Your smile bright as a 100-watt bulb Your hugs comfort me like a warm blanket All the tears we shed together
Just take that chance You can achieve more Spread your wings thoroughly There is much more in store Climb those stairs And provide that spark Go for that gold Make that mind sharp
19   A memoir of me and a memoir of you, For them to see me and for them to see you. Legacies shine bright, but also burn fast  
When you feel like giving up Just push a bit harder Remember to stay on point Let the challenge make you sharper Nothing will come easy Go through the hazardous fire You may suffer and struggle
Work hard towards your goals And never give up Maintain your inner focus Strive in order to reach for the top Pitfall present themselves But, you have to rise up through the air Go for the gold
Your eyebrows pinch together when you're angry. I always ask: "Are you angry?" And you say no. You always say no.   Maybe, instead, you're frustrated because you always dream too big.
Lo and behold, inside of me in a crooked corner that plays hymns of once spoken words and memories, there lies a prophecy Encased in glass to be broken in bed positioned moments of convincing
Just go for it Be prepared to take action Always move your feet And make it happen Climb that ladder Be the one who inspires Have a strong will Continue to reach higher
Image by Belinda Capol   I am terrified that one day I will wake up and you will be gone. it will all be a dream and she’ll be there, her hair tied up staring at a screen
Take care of the matter now You are going to run out of time Opportunities will go away And you will be left in a bind A whirlwind will form Along with massive confusion There will be a state of turmoil
  Memories it comes to you.   Kicking you as you remember your youth.   Bad times and good times are never the same.  
The choice is yours Try a little harder Believe that you can do it You can always be better It is all in your mind Continue to reach Envision greatness So you can make your victory speech
Be willing to embrace life Along with accepting responsibilities Fulfill your obligations Carry out the performance of your duties You have it in you Continue to be persistent Always empower yourself
Things may appear to be tough But, you have to hang in there Embrace those challenges that life throws at you Build strength in order to persevere Walk one step at a time And monitor your progress
We live in Justice, it might not seem like it but we have power Even those who rest in peace and sadly rest in Pride Houston is in a crisis Orlando didn't deserve it
You may take a tumble But, do not ever quit Rise up through the air Just keep at it Build up your strength, confidence and courage Be a resilient warrior Follow on your dreams In order to travel far
Be willing to try Continue to push harder Work towards your goals Make your world brighter The journey is never easy You may take a tumble before you rise Always think grand thoughts
Verse 1 G               Em            D                      C He gets in your head    she gets to your heart G              Em      D                        C
Always write to inspire Encourage, enlighten, and empower Be that positive motivating force Every minute and hour Teach the youths how to live Give them guidance in order to thrive
Gentle breeze gently hit me The wind caress my hair gently I let the wind blow my hair I don't care if I look weird with my hair blown by the wind I just want to feel the freedom that I feel when the wind hits me
Thank you, little girl. For hiding your shaking hands and nervous breaths And faking a façade of Smooth stability. For smiling during the storms
I am a rare and wild virgin flower in a field filled of poison ivy.  The kind of poison that's been infecting my life and trapped inside me.  And as I become wilted no longer able to get up, my family has been by me. 
Be there for her Hold her in your arms Always guide and protect her Give her those loving charms Be the one who stays dedicated Carry out your mission accordingly and reach for the goal
Always forge ahead Do not fall behind Take your schoolwork seriously Be diligent and kind It is really up to you To be a success Learn as much as you can Remember, to do your best
Stormy clouds may appear But, they do not have to hinder you Rise above those dangers And fight your way through No one said that things would be easy Let those challenges make you brighter
When I was young, You were already there in my world,  Invisible but broad in other ways, And I've always wondered why you stayed, When all you've done is give, And I'll I've done is take.  
Wisdom and knowledge are there Just reach out and grab it Never stop learning Continue to make yourself legit Have a sharp mind And lift yourself up Climb those mountains Reach for the top
The kids are off the streets There are new lessons to learn They are back at school once again To feed their brains in order to earn Another year to sharpen their skills Teach them to move towards the light
Here I go again...watching TV but my mind thinking about you..our last time..you and me reunited and released our essence together in the deep moan of love ©mynightprayerwords Selly Agtus
The episode of Full House that reminds me of you came up today, The one about the kid getting abused by his father. The part that reminded me of you was his looks,
Another morning has broken We rise to face another day Opportunity presents itself More challenges will come our way This is where we learn and grow Always enhance your mind
He was strong because he was forged in pain Today he ruled because he never stopped when it rained Even though it hurt,he was still holding on Waiting for a day when all that suffering will be gone
Your gaze exposed me My body seemed stiff and hypnotized You broke down my defenses Your eyes made me shiver Your gaze makes me missed about something sweet Making my mind floated imagine something
Always take that step forward Move towards the light Escape from the dark clouds In order to make your world bright The choice is yours Create your legacy Be all about your business
Did you cry? Yes I did Did you bleed? Yes I bleed Did you suffer? Yes I did Did you stuck? Yes I did What would you do? I cry... I bleed... I suffer.. I faint...
I want more More for what More for love More for attention More for falling love More more kissing More for touch More for embrace More for everything
You drag me down into darkness Making myself fill with darkness The darkness come over me from my other side And release me from the pain The pain that you give to me so deep Crawling in my shadow remove my pain
Don't love me if you want to leave me Don't give me a sweet promise if you want to break it Don't stop loving me Although sometimes you get tired Don't change a bit Because in your love I find happiness
The demon frame in my deepest heart Trying to leave the core of me Want to cast a dark aura from me Spreading the charm of my other self The other me who is thirsty for lust
Your touch makes me shiver Feel the warmth of your skin Your kisses all over my body Your tongue tracing in every curve of my body Make me moan with pleasure The heavenly pleasure of a man
My desires is always the same Wherever life deposits me It seems impossible that desire Can sometimes transform into devotion That I carefully tended grew lust to embrace my heart
I lost myself for a few times I lost my zeal to write I feel empty either in my head or my heart I don't know for how long I'll be like this Only time will tell ©mynightprayerwords Selly Agtus
Packing your bag in the night Make me aware about something Something that I scare of Scare of about you That you will packing everything Include your heart and your love That will leave me forever
I know I have to be strong I have to be able to go through all this I know this is very heavy I know this is very difficult Even though I have to live anyway
When you are in love And you get hurt It is like a cut Sometimes you don't realize How much you care for someone Until they stop caring for you ©mynightprayerwords Selly Agtus
Hello there.. How are you? Have you thinking about me? Because I'm thinking about you Hello.. Can you hear me? My heart trying to call you back but the voice becomes mute Hello.. Can you hear me?
Utilize your words To uplift and empower Always encourage Every minute and every hour Promote the positive Be willing to give back Be that motivating force To put the students on the right track
We struggle and can hurt sometimes But, this is where we gain our strength Withered and in a state of uproar Our mettles are being put to the test We as people continue to push harder
Monster Alexis Beyers   There was a monster starving within, never satisfied with what I gave to him.
with time comes responsibilty. only those who can partake in such things such as a job are said to live happy but does money makes us "human" does being wealthy make us proud and lovable?
As a parent You must show that you care Be a mentor to that child Just always be there Be there for guidance and protection Show that child to reach greater heights Instill positive thoughts
Stop hanging around the wrong crowd All they would do is bring you down The streets are nothing but trouble Nothing but a disheartening sound Dark clouds will surround you A potential calamity is near
You think the lord for that wonderful gift I pray and ask him why in the world did he curse me like this Hurt since birth feeling worthless and shit Tryna find love got me hanging off of a cliff
I need to write, I need to fight for every breath I breathe Without poetry, Or symmetry, Creativity,
Just remember to stay on course And enhance your mind Be that inspiration Keep everything in line Believe that you can do it It is all up to you As you travel along in your journey
A hopeless romantic, a hopeless dream That’s what is real, and it’s all it will be. To crush false hope at the source of its seam.
  This New Earth The summer harvest Has been reaped To feed our souls. The last bounty gone To the dust of leaves, Clinging to the mother branch
Pray for the One   Good deeds are acts of prayer To the light, our vanguard. This is the time when Acts of love are needed To fortify the One of which We all are,
Have that energy and effort Continue to provide that spark Be willing to learn as much as you can Right from the very start All of the tools are there Utilize them wisely in every way
When we teach pur children Encourage them to give it their best Always uplift and empower Monitor their progress Be there for moral support Have patience and perseverance Guide them to the right path
Shocking scars, The past, So long ago, Hurt entrenched so deep,   No words can describe, The manner in which it resides, No tears can make The agony seap.    Ever present,
The Light offered to a dark world, the Light who has come into my heart The Light who's wounded hands that were pierced by nails has the power to move the mountains
Such clarity is in the air When those clouds disappear There is a much better feeling So pleasant and sincere One can carry on with activities With felicity and jubilation
Search high and low, no matter where I go, there will never be another.   I run, You pursue, I cannot escape a love so true. I do not believe in me,
Why I'm smiling but just pretending?Why I'm fine breathing but still suffocating?why I'm empty but feels so heavy?...Will i ever be happy??   Oh......  
Take those necessary steps In order to take charge of the day You have it in you Let nothing stand in your way Put everything into perspective And be the inspiration Lift others up
Edification is where it's at Always be willing to feed your mind Sharpen your wits Make your world shine Knowledge is there Just reach out and grab it Be willing to learn new things
In the dark Is where you will find yourself If you do not shape up And get some help Avoid hanging around bad company For they are the ones who bring you down There is a cloudy scenery
Predicaments and foresight, They say it’s possible, right? It’s weird, I’m now carefree, Did my luck change, or is it just me?
Girl, as we embark on this journey We will always have one another It is simply just you and I We're in this thing together The path may be rocky at times We may take a slip and fall
The teacher is there To help and guide you through Always pay attention In order to receive a rave review Continue to remain focused There is a lot for you to learn Climb that mountain fervently
Heart teeming with love, liver soaking in booze; rough around the edges, tender to the core: the dichotomy of you.  
I am a sound Created to be heard  I want to be heard and I want to hear so that I can learn to use my sound the right way  I am a unique and I am a blessing  I can build and I can destroy 
My dad gave me an orchid.It was kinda pink,So pretty and vivid;It made me think. My dad gave me an orchid,He said "For you, my little kid".I said "What a nice gesture!"And he replied "My pleasure".
Always step forward In order to get somewhere Have courage and strength Hopefully, these words are clear The journey will not be simple Be willing to take action Stand on your two feet
I relinquish running away, Whatever I do, I feel astray. Sensing jinxed from head to toe, Now it’s time to face my foe.   From all the undying tears I’ve shed; Though unseen, my heart has bled.
What’s the meaning of life Does anyone truly knowIs it all about finding someone Or exploring it on your own
Aretha Louise Franklin Labeled "The Queen Of Soul" She was expressive in her music There was a story waiting to be told Her voice was fierce and powerful The sound was succinct and sharp
She believed that living was a burden. Tracing every flaw, noting every mark. The world was at her fingertips, yet the world was too much.  
Have a sharp wit In order to forge ahead Focus on your studies Brighten your world instead Have that strong will Continue to aim high Always believe that you can soar Reach for the sky
Tough times will appear But, they do not have to deter you Keep pushing your feet forward There is a lot for you to do Continue on your groundbreaking path Move towards the light Find your inner strength
Science is intriguing With such reliable sources Is it the physics and chemistry? Or that of an electrostatic force? Newton's law of motion Along with kinetic energy We open our minds and learn
The soft flesh of your ashen, dirt covered cheeks. The prestine awareness of your immacute perfection. Flawless. Beauty and Grace and not a hair out of place. Must have been a deity of some sort. Or so I thought.
Put effort into everything You will go so far Have a strong work ethic Be that shining star Continue to look up Move forward and rise You have that vigor Just keep your eyes on the prize
Keep pushing yourself always Let it bring out the best in you Continue to make progress Be sage at what you do Go for it and do your best Let that be your guide Strike with that lightning force
Of a peaceful nature In a state of tranquility The calmness of waters All is quiet as can be As moments come about For everyone to see Placidity and serenity All is quiet as can be
Girl, together we can make it Our hearts have joined as one Sharing and caring for another And having so much fun With every tender moment There is nothing but pure happiness Of an ecstatic nature
You brought me into this world Instilled your hope, genes, and dreams into my soul Mom, Through these 20 years I've had many fears You've wiped away so many tears My heart is full
With each day There are new lessons to learn The edification process is there It provides the knowledge for us to earn This my friends Is where our visions become sharper
Be willing to enhance your mind Lift yourself up Continue to climb that mountain Soar to the top Enlighten yourself For there is always a way Build up that vibrant energy Take charge everyday
Always be that spark Have a nature that is good Go that extra mile Be an inspiration to the neighborhood Mentor our youth Guide and show them the way Provide words of positivity Teach them everyday
My chest rises and falls.  Rises and falls. I’m still breathing, but to him I’m nothing at all. Days and days past,  I’m forgotten and betrayed.
When the message has been spoken We need to open our ears Words are on display here Am I making myself abundantly clear? When a person is alone They tend to hide behind shadows But, together as a community
As time withers away Think about doing better You have fallen off course Make your vision brighter Always move forward Do not ever look back Pick up your feet And get back on track
Is it true? Is it true? I lost thee, but not We sail to voyage life's sea I lost me, but not Through struggles and pain I lost us, but not 'cause in this surviving heart
Just maintain that course Stay on that path in order to excel Put your best foot forward And continue to do well Uplift and empower Be that beacon of light in every way Nothing but positive vibes
The ability is there Always believe that you can do it Go forward and do good things Make yourself legitimate Broaden your horizons Be on the path to greatness Challenge yourself on a daily basis
The negligent parent Was never there How cryptic and puzzling? His heart was not sincere Just face the fact Your child really needs you You need to make your presence felt There is a lot for you to do
Show persistence and resilience Be the one who never gives in Have courage and strength to survive Always look deep within Believe that you can achieve Just keep your chin up Be fierce with determination
Another new day arises Here is your chance to start again Carry out the performance of your duties And strengthen your vision my friend Do better and be better It is all within your mind Sharpen your wits
dear depression, i’m going to be honest: this is an ode i’ve written before because i have the habit of giving life to my monsters by giving up my own.  this is an ode i’ve written before
Iram, Lost Iram Lost, alone, and wandered scars Scrutinizing time Thunders rise and soon take flight Tinted skies with essence sighs  
Always find a way to occupy yourself Do not waste precious time Get at it and go with the flow Things will change in the blink of an eye With each day that passes There is something for you to learn
I squeeze the ink in my veins to pen my pain with precision writs/ Avoiding smears for ones’ to vision the skits/
I used to know a girl sad and bare was she she cried all the time and never thought  about the bright side Hope had abandoned her her spirit destroyed her she never knew what to do
You may have taken a fall But, you can rise again Never ever lose hope You can enlighten your world my friend There will be bumps in the road Do not let them deter you Rise above those potential dangers
O Captain my Captain Sailing ships around shores in my mind Weaving in and out billowing sails Docking only rarely to impart some wisdom from sea spray Pirate conspiracies and elegant words
Moments are fleeting Change will come eventually Time never sits still Choices must be made accordingly As we deal with life We must try to make the best of the situation
I wanna float on Lighter fluid, I want to watch the fire dance around me, I want to be lighter fluid, Cause the mess I'm in is heavy.   Life doesn't slow down, Won't slow down for anyone.
If I could find a soft spot a special place that haunts my dreams I could fly without net without strings with you without you   If I could take a new allure
Spread your wings and fly Do not ever sit still Take on the arduous challenge Be that big thrill Opportunity is there Do not ever quit It is all up to you Boost your inner spirit
Continue to write In order to express yourself Be the light that inspires So that students can get help Always of a didactic nature Be there to guide and teach With words of encouragement
You have the knowledge Utilize it wisely Have strength and courage To carry on accordingly It is all in the mind What an essential tool Continue to climb towards the top Let your ambition rule
I will make love with the Ocean in front of your eyes on the edge of the fine line with my mind open and eyes closed   wet sand in my hair the sense of sea fizz
I look into my life And all I see is pain The cries, the violence The bitterness, people in vain  
You have the ability Continue to forge ahead Move towards the right track And build your world instead Be courageous Believe that you can do it Continue to make progress That is the viable spirit
Have energy and effort Go the extra mile Be willing to help others Always show class and style Uplift yourself a great deal Promote the positive Be good-natured Remember, we all have one life to live
Somewhere along the way My heart just stopped The way your eyes sparkled Seems to be dull My heart saw something  beyond the eye   From then on I wanted to say hi
Acquire a new skill Do not waste valuable time Broaden your knowledge Remember, it is all in the mind Continue to occupy yourself Visualize being a success Just put your heart into everything
Believe that you can Just take that first step All you have to do is try You just might amaze yourself With every day that passes along Find a way to be an inspiration Continue to reach even higher
I was missing something. Something promised. Something true. Something that was lost. I was missing something. Something sacred. Scarcely seen. Something that tears away stone and was acres away from me.
Open that book and read There is much information for one to find Never stop edifying yourself Continue to enrich your mind Wisdom and knowledge are there Make yourself sharper Always reach for the sky
When you are in love And you get hurt It is like a cut Sometimes you don't realize How much you care for someone Until they stop caring for you ©mynightprayerwords Selly A
Every road has a path We must be careful accordingly The journey is filled with many pitfalls Treacherous terrain appears respectfully Embrace all challenges And continue to rise above
Be the one who inspires Have that extra motivation Build strength and courage Always show good intentions As a mentor, be there for the kids Be their guide and protection Shine that beacon of light
Have the fire and passion To think large Let those good ideas roam in your mind As you thrive and take charge You are in command Success depends on you Build your world accordingly
Choose your fights wisely Choose your fights kindly Kindle a fire to see Burn it out with peace   Shallow seas Hollow trees Death inside Darkness hides  
the Corners of my life were my home. pushed into the spaces in between—unseen, side by side, shoulder to shoulder beside other shadows of Perfection.  
I remember falling in love with you. Something in your eyes. Just something… As if your eyes yearned for the depths of my love; I could see your passion and my eternal desire. It resonated something in me.  In the days of my restlessness, my going
Dream Sand Yell, fail, break out of that worry filled jailSoar, write galore, soar some morePencil, no!
Maybe it's the way we laugh, Maybe it's the way we talk, but in a way we always find The way for life's communicate.   A risk is always more when life wishes speak in publicate - 
dear poetry you strengthen my power to love  you establish a relationship for my dreams and my reality  a connection so strong that they are one
Embrace the challenge As you live your life Somedays there will be sunshine And others, filled with corruption and strife Just hang in there Go through that cryptic maze Let it bring out the best in you
i, as a little girl was doubtful Beginning, was not a fan of poetry Yet, reality sure is surprisingly thoughtful To i, who does not place fate in this century  
They say to understand someone you have to walk a mile in their shoes   Well I’m sure that’s been proven undeniably true   But it all sounds rather exhausting
The words will show me the way. They do whatever I say. So I write them all out. There's no need to shout. My poetry can save the day.   Poetry is an interesting creature. 
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine" A melody sung by mothers everywhere A song of love, adoration, and desperation
I fight the darkness of the heart The hidden and dangerous part Closed with a bolt, local and key The secret of forgotten past left to be Lost, there is no way I see out, Deepening darkness creates my doubt
At the dawn of a sun drenched summerFlowing with hope and lightThere began a decay inside of meThat injected my veins with the night
Keep on trying Eventually, you will succeed Nothing comes easily This you must believe Maintain your inner focus Stay on your mission Make your visions sharper Enhance your education
All of the tools are there Utilize them wisely Fill your world with knowledge Feed your brain accordingly The gold is within your grasp Reach out and grab it Make your parents proud
I walk on a thin line. The one that leads to nothing. On either side, a place I am scared to be. I walk in hope of something to revive me.
Remember meAs the rising sun in early morningThe palette of colors that both sootheAnd allow for a reminiscing moment. Remember me As the laughter and jokesThat will never, ever fail
Depression sulks in the basement, Shrouded in his darkened cloaks,Whispering promises of a never present end.
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
We dress up in bright costumes Dancing around on a stage for others to laugh and clap along with us We never let them see us behind the curtains When the shadows close in on us and there is nothing but silence
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
Poetry saved me for many reasons She even got me through the roughest seasons She saved me from suicide Even when I couldn't see past my foolish pride, that almost led to my demise
Let your actions speak volumes Always keep your head up It all starts with you Continue to rise towards the top Enlighten and empower Enhance your vision Believe in yourself And make it happen
 What poetry has taught me is easy to see.  It's made me actually deal with, well, me.   I have learned that it's okay to have insecurities. It's alright to acknowledge the anxiety.   
Girl, together we can make it Our hearts beat as one It is strictly about us We have so much fun We share and care about one another Moments will come and go Together, we shine bright
Sugary and sweet Heart of determination Key to prevailing As reliable as the Earth But Its magical like rapunsel Sure I and bedazzlers As sarcastic as Frilly hot fries
It all comes from within You are the total sum You have it all Knowledge and wisdom Apply yourself to everyday life Take things one step at a time Continue to forge ahead Keep everything in line
It takes a minute for the Sun to move From North to South, and Back up again to marvel in his splendor Of the motion, she grew tired   Low bronze and crisp lavender fork through her eyes
Bruises of words blue and black Pain, and disregard, and bleeding attacks So I come to Lines of words white on black Ambrosia and nectar for scars Sketched in the mind On the sky, stars
  Home... It was a typical day. The same people taking their daily walks and the same children playing. Their smiles precious, but unfortunately temporary.
A piece of writing, according to a dictionary definition That partakes of the nature of both speech and song, according to a dictionary definition
To build a home is to tear apart All the things that broke our hearts. To tie together all the strings That hung about lost as they sway with our movements like wings. To make a dream is to rise above
What persistence and tenacity And the strong will to survive The courage to go the extra mile That my friends is no jive Continuing to take flight In spite of all obstacles Shows a vital source of energy
What is poetry? Is it the art of elegantly knitting words together, for the purpose to intice or seduce. Or is it a way to finally help make sense, of the messy never ending chaos inside us?
Caterpillar oh so slow. Moving at a pace so as not to show. Your mind slowly growing and growing. Learning and being twisted as you go. Caterpillar that moves so slow.Caterpillar wise in your ways
Always spread good cheer Be the inspiration Use words of encouragement Enlighten your vision Uplift and empower Strike with a tender force Fulfill your obligation Be that power source
Enid Ibarra Human: A Lesson   When I was fourteen, I pressed my hand against A stranger’s chest and learned that a heart Has four chambers and cannot feel
Sing me to sleepYes sing me a song of painSing me a song of hopeSing me to sleep dearPut hope in my mindHelp me realizeI will be fineYes sing me to sleepSing me a song of grace
stomach flutters out of fright out of nervousness out of might butterflies churning all around waiting to burst out making a rainbow across the sky as she says "yes" to the girl she loves
Skin as white as snow Veins the color of grass Heart as broken as a flower,  Each and every petal plucked Mind as broken as a record machine Reliving memories of pain repeat-reapeat-repeating
My covers like a castle wall,Protect me from the barrage of emotions,Too much to run from,So I hide under waiting for a call.
Remain self-motivated and self-determined Do your best each day Believe that you can Have that strong will in every way It all starts with one step Put your heart into everything you do
A break from heart-acheAn escape from realityAn emotional pause,Or to set a break-down free
The narrator tells the story And everyone gives their attention They are listening accordingly In order to understand the situation Today's youth are encouraged To get a valuable education
Poetry has taught me that I have a voice. And that if I want to suffer in silence, that is my choice. It has taught me that everyone is like a walking puzzle piece. If we all speak up, we can be complete.  
As my Pen runs out of Ink, I'm forced to stare, to stop and think.    This Pen that flitters, jumps and dances; over page it skitters, prances This Pen that colors, draws, and spells: This Pen, which over wording swells.
When I look in the mirror, who do I see? The girl of my dreams or the one I wish to be? Society wants me to be perfection But I have an addiction to wanting to be intellect, So remember nobody's perfect.
Pen scratching gainst the page words whipping in her mind letters bleeding into the page as a way to be safe instead skin full of old scars tears dried up in her eyes instead of inflicting pain
Always be that sunshine Who brightens someone's day Continue to uplift and empower Be that mentor that enshrines accordingly If you can encourage others to do their best
I don't know where we are going but I hope its forever. I don't know what we see but its blinding. It's insanity. It's pain, but its so desireable. I look into your eyes and just forget what hurts the most.
We Can   We Face failure with faith and despair with determination. As long as we did not stop trying it is not called a loss.
You have the capability Just forge forward Take it one step at a time Continue to move onward Always have courage We begin a new course each day It is simply up to us
What we thought the Future would be.   Gargantuan ships Dwarfing Golden Arch bridges What we thought The future would be  
How now brown cow?   Do you wear your crown when they hate your brown? How now when no one is around? Do you still frown? Still feel down? Neglected? Unheard? Like your voice don’t sound?  
Red blotched scarred face, Clenched teeth, Mouth with a sour bitter taste, Scarlet eyes bleeding pain, Agitated menacing thoughts in the brain, Balled up fists, white bruised knuckes, Tense,alert body
I feel like I’m on the brink of something  Like I’m right on the edge Like I’m right about to get to it Like I’m right there on its tail And I only have to reach my hand out And take it...
When we rise each morning We face yet, another day It is another opportunity To enhance your mind greatly in every way There are more lessons to learn By the minute and hour
The answer is within you Just reach out and grab it Be bold, be brave Boost your spirit You are stronger than you think Always lift yourself up Be of good cheer Soar to the top
Here lies the ground, of one too many homes A wooden plank, some broken glass, and many shattered hearts Where is my land? Where is my love? Beneath the weeping rivers  
How am I supposed to see the light, When I am encompassed by an ever growing cloud of darkness? I have no power, I have no might  Come along on my journey, be my witness  
It was cold and we usually had the same dinner for weeks on end, but the home was a lot better. My baby sister was my best friend, my other sister my second best friend.  It felt like I got back part of the
Just keep at it And do not ever stop Maintain your level of tenacity Continue to climb towards the top The world is yours Put yourself to the test Rise up to the next level Give it your best
Keep one foot in front of the other And move towards the light Find your inner strength Continue to make your world bright Always possess the winning attitude This will take you far
Pitch black surrounds my world An ebony melody which is its own heartbeat Once bright and all about color Now lies broken in pieces at my feet   The innocence of youth so strong yet fragile
Bloodshot eyes Clear despite the rain Breaths as silent as they are translucent Dark circles
As I gaze up into the moonlight I can finally wonder if you’re alright... If you were wishing you could hold me just as tight... See my heart was in recovery From a fraudulent lovers discovery
Be willing to soar Spread your wings and fly You have one life to live Just reach for the sky Climb that mountain Put your heart into everything that you do Carry out your mission
sometimes it feels like I am screaming underwater;my words are just bubbles of gasping air.then I look around
Skin as pale as paper, Words bleeding upon its surface Spelling out red lines of bloody truths. My pen, shedding ink. My knife, dripping blood.
Time keeps slipping away Nothing will ever get done And you get that melancholy feeling You won't be able to see that sun You have fallen behind a great deal There are areas that need improvement
When I was little I wanted to work with wordsI wanted my voice to be heard Amidst the noise of all the others in the worldI wanted to construct skyscrapers built of verbs, Towering miles above the earthBut unlike babylon, my goal was never heaven 
I am a marble statue Forever youngA broken reminent of by gone times A bittersweet reminderA silent echo of times long gone
The words run into a wall blocking my throat  clogging it    (am I breathing right?)   My hands twitch the words overflowing  filling my skin ink between my fingers 
I was eight and life was simple Simple enought to ride my bike whenever I wanted I wanted to explore, find new places Places like hidden paths and back roads Roads that led me to a church that was empty
Always remember to keep your head up When you face the world alone Those hills are mighty steep As you try to find yourself on the horn Fulfill your purpose accordingly Continue to rise up
Energy is everything Utilize it wisely Moments are fleeting By the change we see accordingly Always put your best foot forward As you embark on your journey Take everything to heart
Always have an attitude of gratitude It can take you a long way Continue to be appreciative Each and every day Opportunity presents itself Make great usage of it Climb that ladder
The choice is yours Take the right path You can see the light Traveling along the tracks Just move forward And reach your destination Utilize that power source Along with visualization
Take on a new challenge In order to get to the next level Open your mind to new ideas That would be helpful Put yourself in a position To rise towards the stratosphere Believe in yourself
Poetry is the light in Darkness Poetry has taught me to express myself on my darkest days. Poetry has taught me to control my emotions and listen.
Too many roads diverged in a tense arena And I used to wonder what it would be like to travel all. Could I be Engineering? Astrophysics? Analyst? Architect? Chemist?
Just live your life You can make an impact Take things one step at a time And that is a fact Obscurity may show its face Along with travails and pitfalls Go through that hazardous fire
Quiet and unsure, Shaking and scared   With a stutter so obscure The words wouldn't come out   They asked again,
Have a strong will In order to get somewhere Sharpen your mind Be kind and sincere Do not hide in the shadows Move towards the light Let your voice be heard Make your days bright
Maintain your tenacity And do not fall apart Keep your mind sharp Right from the start Knowledge is there Just reach out and grab it Continue to learn That is the spirit
Always speak clearly In order for people to understand Use voice projection As you walk across the land Let those words enlighten and empower Positive thoughts are there for you to bring
A pleasant sound Let the music touch your soul Of a euphoric nature The rhythm is taking control Let it put the mind at ease And relieve the stress Peaceful and serene In order for you to do your best
How was your day today? I ask them everday; To make sure they're okay, and to care for their say.   She said "I'm good" one day. A facade she would play to hide her little gray,
It all starts with you Look inside your soul Challenge yourself on a daily basis In order to grow Rough roads may appear Do not let them obstruct you Rise above the trouble And guide your way through
We, the new generation, are the dream. We, dentist smiles and thin, diet bodies. Fluorescent lights, hope for a star to deem
That gentle breeze Nothing but fresh air It is crystal clear Rising up through the atmosphere When the ship sails Over the horizon You can see those nightly skies As you approach your destination
Do you remember when Forrest Gump recited a simile his mother made? Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. Poetry was like that for me when I was young girl.
Have the ability to express yourself So others can learn Give them an opportunity To gain knowledge in order to earn The world is an open book When a person can process information
As you move forward in life Take everything to heart Be cautious always Right from the start Situations come about unexpectedly Things appear on a whim Lift your chin upward And reach for the brim
Just keep it going Do not ever quit You may encounter a rough road Hang tough and be legit Build your character Rise above doubt Have that fire Show the people what you are about
  It's a very black night, Just with no light, Living with mosquitos, Sinking in cold water,
Continue to be persistent Never give up Take flight on your mission And climb to the top Always believe that you can Surge in order to do better All of the knowledge is there Make your vision sharper
I, in the current state, is not a stateThat nobody wants.My past state, is alsoA state nobody wants.I, in the past,Was like a jesterIn the king’s court.Some memories die,While some don’t.
Just live your life One day at a time Embrace each opportunity With every step in line Let the challenge build you Move towards the right direction Enlighten your world Always take action
Death creep slow So you wept Life is pointless A sharp blade of redundancy It a choice A promising voice If you die or if You live It is in your reach A touch you will Meet
Enable yourself To always step forward Have the strength And the will to continue onward Just climb that ladder Always make progress It is within you Just strive for excellence
Words They drip from my fingers like sap from a broken tree I think them and they pour, especially in high weather The weather that comes from tumultuous times.
We live in a world so corrupt, evil, and gross That countries can't help themselves, let alone the ones that need it most
Always be determined To give it your best Put your heart into everything Climb the ladder of success Believe that you can do it Be the one who achieves Just keep at it
That’s it. Enough is enough. Every single day I work my butt off to try and make a difference To try and do something with my life. But it’s hard. And today I can’t be bothered. Today I feel like it’s all a big fat waste of time. Like it’s not wor
I find solace in my wordsBecause apart from them being words, they are mineMy ideas, my thoughts, my experience, my storyMy words And my words are ones of brawn and boldness
Keep pressing on forward Even through the darkness The light will eventually shine And there will be happiness Let no one discourage you You may take a tumble before you rise
They say with pain comes art. But how can I createWithout seeing light?
Breathe. Words to tell myself to escape the struggles Trapped. Emotions clogging up my mind with no where to call home. Helpless. Struggling to find an outlet to let it all go. Quiet.
I look up at the night sky,through a windshield.The deep, indigo sky, andI look to the stars, each a person somewhere in the world.Are they lookingup at these same stars,this same sky, through
Be determined to do your best Just give it your all Put your heart into everything Learn to stand tall Let the rhythm move you Get ready to fly Have strength and courage In order to reach for the sky
  Curly haired girl with big brown eyes Always looked different And always wanted to hide   Curly hair seemed untamed Brown eyes seemed all the same   But,
Utilize your time wisely Do not waste it away It is essential As you live each day Moments are fleeting Time changes rather quickly Have everything down to a science Always manage your time efficiently
and when i saw him i just knew he was gonna be the one to break my heart and i was right -T.D. Ronk  
Always continue to inspire Teach the youth to reach higher Guide their way to the light In order to do what is right They always need positvity Be a motivational force for them to see
I was a sinking ship Headed towards the bottom Of the ocean; lost in motion Were dreams that seemed too far from reality I wasn't sure I was going to make it But the ship continued sinking...
Always take that chance Believe that you can Have the courage That is the master plan Go forward and conquer Reach for that gold It is within you Liberate your soul
She spoke in broken sentences Ones that MLA format me couldn't grasp   I laughed for the first few I cried at the last   "Explaining My Depression to My Mother"   After that
State all of the facts That way, there are zero questions Remove obscurity Let there be good intentions Nothing but bright moments Will appear ahead Waters are peaceful Things sail smoothly instead
I was a Curious Cat born in a flock of sheep Appearing to the world, an apparition They cut claws, and shaved down paws To sheild as hooves Overgrowing my fur, bleaching it wool white
A good day Joy laden all the way Tainted only by the decay Of my feeble body   Such a minute piece of my being
Just find your mark Before time withers away Make great usage of the opportunity Shine that light each day The mind is an essential tool Utilize it accordingly Continue on with your progress
You need to concentrate And raise those grades Just study your books There is always knowledge for you to gain Continue to grab education You can turn it all around Put your mind to it
I am a fucking phoenix. You can tear me down You can burn my body Leave me in the ashes of memories And even blow them across the floor
Bit by bit You can build yourself back up Never lose hope Reach for the top Continue on each day You may struggle at times Go through that hazardous fire And keep your eyes on the prize
Down on a glooomy day, Depression took contol of my ways,  The therapeutic words in poetry, Had me feeling like a bear with honey to eat,  Poetry is protein for the soul, 
They hated me for being someone else they hated me for being me. They told lies about me to the whole wide world, so a hoe is all that they see.
Hope is not a fuzzy feeling. Hope is not rainbows and butterflies and cupcakes. Hope is not soft and sweet relief.   Hope is knowing that you can survive
You have the energy Utilize it wisely Have it in your mind to achieve Go for it respectively Do not hold back For time is essential Knowledge and wisdom Are indeed vital
Through poetry, We see with more than just our eyes, We sense more than just what lies, We feel more than just with touch, As well as cry with more than just our tears much.  
Through poetry, We see with more than just our eyes, We sense more than just what lies, We feel more than just with touch, As well as cry with more than just our tears much.  
you ever get that gut feeling? achy but accurate. eyes travelling to his, bile rising in waves striking the shore of my mouth. taste as putrid as
Mother's are always there To guide and protect you They want nothing but the best To see you strive and shine through Mother's show that they really care Thoughts of you will always be in her heart
Get on course You have taken a step back Clear your cluttered mind Move towards the right track Just find yourself Remove from the darkness Rise up over those clouds In order to find your happiness
Take that chance One time is all you may get Do not waste precious moments Or else, you will surely regret Put your heart into everything As you embark on your journey You just may surprise yourself
Driving by on the sidewalks I see some broken people. Driving by on the view I see some lonely people. Driving by the sidewalks I see some crippled people. Driving by the view I see some strange people.
For every road that you face There will be a level of difficulty Take on the challenge And embrace the opportunity Let it build your inner strength Be willing to take flight
Freedom of expression isn't something everyone has Writing the way we can is a privilege We can read it and write and learn from the best Poe, Shakespeare, Frost All just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg
Moments are transient Nothing stays the same One blink of your eyes And you will see a change As you sail on the sea There may be a modification of course New sceneries will appear
Move those mountains Let nothing stand in your way Continue to make progress And inspire each day Reach for new goals Become more wiser Energy is everything Make your visions sharper
How do you love one person so much  That the world just stops That instead of a person  They're just an idea  A passion   They rule your thoughts Your stories
You have it in your mind Let your creativity flow Just let it blossom So you can grow Knowledge is there Reach out and grab it Continue to feed your brain That is the spirit
I arrive at the palace in a red, wrinkled palace. The mysterious moonlight sheds purple light upon me. I am refreshed. Your palace doors are bolted shut With chains poisoned specifically for me.
I arrive at the palace in a red, wrinkled palace. The mysterious moonlight sheds purple light upon me. I am refreshed. Your palace doors are bolted shut With chains poisoned specifically for me.
I like the words I have yet said Like poetry left unstirred The space between every line  Every letter, leaves room  For the undead Red, shred, dread, and led It doesn't make sense
You open your eyes And there is bright sunshine A new day on the horizon Another chance to keep everything in line Go forward and prosper Look towards tackling the day Let the rhythm move you
Life is hard for us all Challenges we will face each day It is a big dance Obstacles are there in every way We rise to take the matter on hand There is a lot to do Nothing is ever easy
Let the voices that you hear Always encourage you Enlighten your spirit And motivate you too You can find yourself Be the leader of the pack Empower your world In order to bring the magic back
A girl sits, head buried in hands, eyes burning with unshed tears, troubled spirit tearing at her innards. Images swim before her, memories of agonizing days gone by -  her mother's furious face,
Have a heart of gold Continue to inspire Be a mentor to the youth Show them that they can reach higher Just be there They need to hear your voice This will give them the extra motivation
As we face a new day We rise up and take on the challenge Lift your chin upward In order to find your balance Have a can-do attitude Continue on with your progress Strive for excellence
Ignite that spark And better yourself You can inspire Climb to that top shelf Give yourself a chance Make a run for that gate Fill your world with hope Be the one to elevate
Doña Rivera, the one everybody comes to when They run into unresolved situations Was sold the Moon yesterday She was very happy cause the Salesman gave her a break
How could you? Choose man over us You took a piece of me that will often leave me in disgust. How could you? Love strangers more than your children What is your excuse for choosing man over us?
Affable and friendly Courteous and kind Always willing to help others Bringing the rays of sunshine She believes in herself This demeanor will carry her far Promoting the positivity
Girl, your beauty is captivating It shows in everything that you do Your gentle heart Shines right on through A princess, that you are Stunning and radiant
some erotic escape I need with your face with the cosmos to my aid with a Fire and wild desire romantic play and zany runway the thunder of the heart beating fast
Invisible wounds from past Haunt me through the night In a secret cave of pain I still feel the fire Of our last slow dance   Swimming in circles In the endless feeling Of my false dreams
run away from you from my dreams from my fears   from the pain you might hide deep down in your heart   run away from smile and sparkle in your eyes  
a spark. In my eye, In my laugh, In my intelligent sprawl. I'm told I hold this minute catalyst in the simple moves of my frame. but no,  my life, my story. I'd know if it were so. a spark,
Have the strength and courage It is all within the heart In order to succeed You have to make that start Never lose hope Take things one step at a time Go forward and conquer Be the one who enshrines
IT GETS BETTER. It seems like such a cliche. Honestly, I know how it sounds, and how those words make you feel: annoyed, devalued, misunderstood. It seems like a lie, it feels impossible,
Be willing to forge ahead Make great usage of opportunity Have that winning attitude Be the beacon of light for all to see Have the drive and motivation Stay dedicated and do your best
Love /ləv/- an intense feeling of deep affection Love /ləv/- silence echoing outdoors as I lay eyes on you Love /ləv/- our eyes lighting up as you spin me to class Love /ləv/- handing you my heart to fix your broken one
Just try and try again Do not ever give up Believe that you can achieve it Keep going until you reach the top Continue on with your persistence Have that strong will Go for that gold
For it is another day You have a chance to excel It is all within the heart Do great things and be well Go through that hazardous fire Be willing to strive Find your purpose
All it takes is one step It all starts with you Continue to climb those stairs And guide your way through Challenge yourself on a daily basis Build your world accordingly Have strength and courage
Utilize your time wisely Do not waste it away Moments come and go accordingly Make the best of every day Have it on your mind To achieve your goal Empower yourself respectfully And emancipate your soul
Stillness unnoticed  Waves not deluding She dwells no moment  In fear of realness grim moments  Near mountain edges Fall of dull lights  Nameless old faces Call with no one  
Just give it your all Believe that you can Always study your books That should be your plan Educate your mind Build yourself immensely Have the courage and confidence To progress yourself abundantly
There's a possibility  things will get better But the memories you have - will leave never So how do you hold on to that possibility with hope that weighs  a feather
I didn't know I could fly until the paper looked back at me and I realized that the words  were telling me that I could fix myself I could smile I could be happy I could and will
There is something so innocent about the night.  Maybe it's the sound of the wind that whistles the trees  or the silence breaks as a car passes through every hour or so. 
He rose, and faught, and saved the world. But first He had to die. three days, He stayed, there in the grave and met Death eye to eye.  
Always be willing To sharpen your mind Continue to gain knowledge As you move forward in line You have the ability Make good use of the opportunity Empower your world Take control of your destiny
I'm tired. My eyelids droop low over my eyes- Is it my imagination, or is it getting hard to focus? Things and Ideas are there and then forgotten As the fading back of my mind swallows them.
Will I fall, will I win, will I gain or will I lose The darkness of my past, displays the light held in my eyes Wrapping me in a cocoon, sealed so tight, pushing away from all light
You have a purpose in life Always believe that you can Go forward and do good things As you walk across the land When there is a strong will You can always find a way to get through
To fall in love.To give your heart away.To share your passionsWith another All of these things are fantasies.Fantasies that are rapturous cords.Linked around my heart.How I have dreamed of sharing the jewels of my heart.With someone like me.Going
People all over the world are dying. Their prayers and hopes turn into crying. Turn on the news and what do we see but another catastrophe, now multiplied by three. Seeing talks of nothing but things like war.
I’m gonna start with a question That I doubt you can answer Because I’m sure it’s in you Spreading like a cancer It’s in me too, Though I’ve only just become aware
A dark abyss swallows my soulLonely and cold, out of controlI push and I pushInside, always breakingNever forgetting, Never forsakingA smile, simpleIt hides my fear
What comes before the calming stormThan chaos, unfiltered, unfettered, noiseDay by day, night after unrelenting nightI am only clear unto myselfFor the ones, them and theyCan not understand, or is it won't?
Through you I can write about her With you  I can unleash my feelings Control Is what you gave me Unleashing my emotions has  Never been so easy No one has to look at you Only me
We lift ourselves up For it is another day An opportunity to achieve greatness And provide a spark in every way We can conquer We need to give ourselves a chance In order to get to the next chapter
Always adept One to possess a good skill Such fierce and determination Along with a strong will You will go a long way Strive to be the best Put your heart into everything
It takes a team To make the dream happen Everyone working towards a goal With every mind sharpen Go for that gold Do not ever stop Keep pressing forward Until everyone reaches the top
Always forge ahead Be willing to learn and grow It is all within you That is for sure Take it to the next step You have the ability Build strength and confidence Along with durability
Every so often a child comes along. And brings to the heart a merry song,   Springing forth delightful joys Of hope and love and lots of noise.   Life passes by like a fleeting cloud,
Angels wept the night he took me, From where I lay helpless on the ground I thought I could hear them.  No one told me it would be okay, for long long after that day, Many looked but few ever stayed to see.
Lift your head up high And take in a breath of fresh air Always collect your thoughts As you climb those stairs Success is out there Reach out and grab it Set that standard for yourself
Make the best with everyday Just lift yourself up Continue to climb that ladder Until you reach the top Never give up Always have that fire Continue to empower yourself Just reach higher
Appreciate everything Have an attitude of gratitude Stay motivated and dedicated For this, will determine your latitude Be elated and upbeat That would be helpful Always maintain the good demeanor
I vanished for a while Tried to get my shit together Then came all the cloudy weather Making me decide wether or not to come back But here I am And in the end I have my friends
Don't ever hate you for being you without you there is nothing that is true This worlds in need of you and to tell you the truth I need you to  Don't you dare give up on me don't know what I would do  
Be fierce with determination Travel forward and give it your best Boost your world with confidence Be a cut above the rest Demand excellence of yourself Believe that you can do it Climb towards the top
Remain dedicated and determined Build strength and confidence Utilize your wisdom accordingly Just give yourself a chance It is all about the heart Be the one who forges ahead Believe and achieve
Stop being oblivious Show her that you care Always make time for her Just simply be there Awareness is everything Make her your top priority Carry out your mission accordingly
Go through that course In order to grow There is a lot for you to gain And that is for sure Learn those lessons Take everything in stride Empower your mind And set your sights high
Continue to be a hard charger And work towards that goal Earn everything that you get Let the good feeling liberate your soul Climb that mountain fervently All of the tools are there
Be that driving force Be willing to learn everything Wisdom and knowledge is power Think of the energy that you will bring Education is where it's at You will be able to broaden your mind
Please pay attention Get off of the cell phone Prevent disaster from happening Always stay on the horn Travels should be handled with care Move forward cautiously Manage your time wisely
I can't show you what I've been thru, I can only show you what I look like. I can't show you what its like to be me, I can only show you what I like. I can only show you.
Having a strong will Will take you many places You have the confidence to break through Along with the determination to make your case Stay dedicated as you embark on your journey
When an opportunity presents itself Take advantage of it Boost your world immensely That is the inner spirit Put yourself in a position To be a success Climb that mountain Just continue to progress
Humans are not made without flaws They are filled with love, faith, and hope They come with feelings, determination, and selflessness   Humans are not made without flaws
run. run for the hills run for the sound  run for the feel, of breath in your lungs. run for the hope  run for the joy  run for the fear  you thought to destroy. run for your love 
Surround yourself with people Who lift you up and promote the positive March on your path to greatness For you only have one life to live The time is now Forge ahead and be a success It is all in your mind
Focus on doing better Have self-motivation Always believe that you can Be fierce with determination Set your sights high And weather the storm Keep on the alert Stay on the horn
Run forward While the wind pushes you back. Raise your hands toward the sky, Soon you’ll see the stars That shyly hide behind the clouds.
Remove from the clouds Along with the ambiguity Rise up with the good air Find your prosperity Do not hide in those shadows For darkness is what you will find Move forward with determination
Never let your Past catch up to yourself No matter how much the past stabs your back keep your head up and run with those who give you hope   We as humans are born to endure hatred and Depression
Taking a step in the right direction Shall be considered a blessing Follow on through with your heart Captivate the audience that you are addressing Show them that they can achieve greatness
It sounds like silence like the ringing in my ears  Like the cries of pain and loneliness in the form of a song  It smells like nothing like the thing that everyone else can smell but you can’t 
Just continue on With strength, power, and resilience Progress and move forward Build your endurance Believe that you can And set your sights high Be in a state of ebuillence Spread your wings and fly
Take one look at yourself Captivate your imagination Success is out there Rise up to the occasion Have the passion and precision To climb to greater heights Excellence is within you
Depression a black dark wave of regret and sadness What did i do wrong? Why wasn't it enough? Why wasn't i enough? Some days shine bright and my future seems brighter
We gain knowledge When we open our minds Education is where it's at Everything is there on the line We learn as much as we can In order to prosper Information is then retained
Travel in flight To your destination Bumps in the road will appear Just rise above the situation Success is yours Reach out and grab it Have a strong will That is the gentle spirit
You must get started In order to be great Put your best foot forward And jump out of the gate The journey is filled With magic and adventure Rise up through the air And see the vision of nature
Get on your feet And take some action Boost your spirits Just make it happen You can be great Take things one step at a time Sail across those chartered waters Make your world shine
Always pay attention And do not fall behind Focus on doing well Keep everything in line Education is vital Enrich your brain Knowledge is power There is always more to gain
Just build your world You can go a long way Be that bright sunshine To lift the spirit each day Open your eyes Along with your mind Always remember To be gentle and kind Go forward and conquer
What a beautiful weapon she is. She's the sharpest edge and the prettiest sight, The softest, sweetest bringer of night, And all with a teasing kiss. What a beautiful, beautiful weapon she is.  
Put your heart into everything Always be willing to open your mind Use your words to inspire and motivate The sun will once again shine The students need you Be their mentor and show them the way
Embrace those challenges Let it make you a better person Go through that hazardous fire Find your range within the situation Be willing to grow Enhance your mind a great deal
And they speak of age – the elder years.   It’s always tomorrow. And tomorrow has not settled. Now, Darkness, woe, and failure stench abound.
You look through a glass I know she’s on your mind you cry tears of spite yet your heart remains kind And you keep on wondering How a girl loved as she Would keep you expectant
Be a hero Always find a way To be positive and uplifting And brighten someone's day Moments will change Nothing stays the same Possess a heart of courage Spread good cheer and be sage
There are those times Where some people may need a helping hand They may struggle a bit As they travel across the land Offer compassion and sympathy Assist one another along the way Be that beacon of light
You can always do better It is all about the heart Go forward and conquer Be enthusiastic right from the start A winning attitude will take you a long way There is a lot of knowledge for you to gain
A cryptic and puzzling path May make its appearance Do not let it deter you Continue on with your persistence You have the ability Forge ahead no matter how hard the battle may seem
You're my drug, my addiction. My pack of cigarettes, my cocaine.  The perfect sex that leaves me exhausted and wanting sleep.  I get so high off you, so drunk.  So lost, with no words to describe this feeling. 
When a door is open Make great usage of the matter Visualize being your best Enshrine your world and be sharper All of the tools are there Utilize them properly Follow through your plan
Put forward your best effort And reach for the stars Always think positive thoughts In order for you to go far Take things one day at a time Be the one who takes action Value your life a great deal
Just get at it And make things move The power is within your hands Find your groove Always take flight Build your self-confidence in any situation Lift your spirits upward
Carry out your valuable mission Be about your business and think large Success and opportunity are out there Reach for it and take charge Build yourself an empire Ensure that you have the right mindset
I may be lonely, but I'm not alone I may not be liked, but I'm loved I may not be remembered, but I am not forgotten I may be sad, but I have joy I may not have any friends, but I got Friends
Do you ever feel not good enough? like the journey’s too long and the trail is too rough? Do you ever feel like letting go? like falling through time with nothing below? Do you ever feel like the sun never shines?
You may take a tumble and fall But, you must rise up once again Put those troubled waters behind you And move those mountains my friend Be your best at all times Show them your self-dedication
Once again I've been speaking to the shadows on the wall as the moon brings light into my room of darkness. Constant thoughts of throwing away my last piece of humanity for one piece of sanity. Bipolar thoughts cloud my mind.
Cover your ears little darling, Space your fingers evenly like piano keys No scant remains of your cry Will scar your beloved brain, a pained pulp Stand feet shoulder length apart
A Beating Heart Naeha Inapanuri     last week my life was steady constant the same routine   repeating never ceasing
Everything that you need Is all within you You can achieve and accomplish Just do those things you need to do Always stay focused and determined For the time is at hand Take those necessary steps
Moments are transient and fleeting Nothing will stay the same Things change at the blink of an eye Just keep your head in the game Continue to enshrine your world And fill it with blessings
Sometimes love finds you in your darkest place and signals you hope with a sign of light at the end of the tunnel But sometimes that approaching light is a speeding truck with a fatigued driver who's responses are slowing down
Enhance your radiance Fulfill your purpose Expand your horizons Just stay on course Climb over those obstacles And reach for greatness You have the power Be the one who strives for excellence
Always willing to help others There to encourage and inspire Speaking wise words of wisdom And showing them that they can reach higher The knowledge is all there All you have to do is reach out and grab it
Every time I write I just want to find a way To tell you the same thing With words that are new Every time I write I hope this time someone will hear me differently Every time I write
Enthralled by the presence of the hero The kids now believe in themselves Everyone is willing to work together In order to brighten their future Nothing but peace and harmony
Make those necessary changes So you can be a better student Open up those books And just put your mind to it You have drifted off course But, you can gain that momentum back It is all up to you
Hope deferred makes the heart sick It beats up your soul with a big stick leaving you drained and anaemic  like a smile that’s gone sad or an small tic that’s had too much time to leave 
The baby was tucked into bed, Quietly breathing, slightly smiling The mother was laying down right beside her, Mentality breaking, silently wondering
The sounds of nature As the sun comes up We rise and shine accordingly Here is yet, another chance to climb to the top Gentle breezes are blowing As you feel the brisk of the cold air
The difficult road May lead to a beautiful destination Always keep all hope alive Move forward with determination With troubled waters on display You may have to adjust the sails
It is all in your hands Get at it and be great Do not settle for second best Take those steps and elevate You can climb that mountain Give yourself a chance Reach for further heights
A kid wakes up. He sees the sky out of the glass pane window. He starts to shiver because of the morning cold. Once the young child stands up, He started to feel confused. But then he soon realized
The children need you For guidance and protection Show them the way Just be their inspiration As a parent You must be their guiding light Be their mentor always
I hope you realize how much you mean to me, regardless of where a relationship between us stands. I hope you know that you make my day. Even when I fell like the world around me is falling apart,
Have that drive Be willing to succeed You can travel sky high Continue to do that good deed Empower your world Brighten your spirit You can be that conqueror Do not ever quit
Dear You, The reader the audience the human whose eyes have caught on these letters—yes, you—   Hello. I hope this finds you well.   Life is hard, I know,
To the one who doesn’t feel like their enough, or worth it, or accepted. Not beautiful, Or enough, Or loved. I have a secret to tell you. It isn’t whispered but shouted.
Dear Angelique,     You’ve been on my mind for quite some time. When we last spoke, I don’t recall. I anticipate your presence,
Dear Depression,  This is a notice of eviction. You will find this letter on the door When you decide to visit next It will be locked from the inside. Dear Depression,
Life. Beginning. Middle. End. The way the world works. Is what us human being tend to wonder. The beginning. As kids, we have no worry. So much creativity, passion, innocence, HOPE.
How insane must one be to love me Words on screen said one thing Your eyes said one more to me At first glance it was insufferable to digest To trembling of fingers to heat on cheeks
Dear Life,   If there's one thing you've taught me It's that insecurity is tangible. That everywhere you turn You wonder if you'll ever be enough.    You look at those around you
Silver Railroad planks History humming in the distance Laughter cascading through the air Brave fools and silver History growling a little bit closer Scared fools run back
Dear Brother and Sister,   I remain an explorer, full of optimism Left to walk among the deserted lands and feral nights
Some time ago, there was a person.Who only saw the world with no color.Yet, there was always colors around them.The colors were yet to be discovered.These colors were known as shouting colors.
Dear God, Are you real? The world is tearing itself apart Darkness grows and consumes so many Leaving broken children, bitter mothers, hardened fathers People hurt others and are hurt by them
Dear Past Me, 
At times I wonder Where I'm headed in this world.   Where is my place?   In an office, the monotony of keyboards? In a bus, a vagrant of burnt-out success?   Or among the stars above me,
Dear Eskinder Nega,     Before today your name held no meaning I did not think of you for I was still naive  I foolishly assumed that I had such great wisdom But Eskinder, that I can no longer believe 
Dear Fear,   Crippled you have made me past, and dawned with dread in every other thought. Like that which called me, plead  to be a draught that I could drink and find no rest.  
A sentence ending However sad it may be Begins another
Never say that it is impossible Believe that it can be done Continue to fight through those hurdles Until the battle is won Opportunity has presented itself Here is your chance to make history
Dear Life,
Dear God, Or Maybe not so Dear.   Where are you? Where have you been? It feels like I’ve been on “Read”             forever.   Where were you?  
  Dear Hope, Hi. It’s been a while hasn’t it?      
Dear Anxiety, A, Fuck you. B, I'm so tired of it. I just want to be free of you. The feelings of not doing enough, being enough.
To the rose with tears in her petals.   Who wilts every morning as the suns rays illuminate her wounds   Who’s roots dig deep but were grown too thin to drink in life  
Kyle,  I was sitting today, in a room full of hearts,  When the subject of music arose amid the smatterings of abstract conversations. 
Dearest Ophelia I too spend my days wallowing in sorrow Drowning in tears Like you, I've a brother that cares not for me.  Sweet Ophelia, I too am lost For I gave my heart blindly
This is.... For that little boy wondering why his parents never look at him with pride in their eyes. For that little girl who when her parent begin to yell, she starts to cry.
Dear Anxiety, Not a day goes by where I am without you Not a day goes by where I like you From holding me back To making me cry From filling my head with negatvity To making me freeze
Create your own sunshine And lift yourself up Obstacles will be present But, it is up to you to rise to the top Look for the positive That is where the power is Keep those feet moving
Why Money Why   Stop making me cry Don’t you understand I just want to say goodbye My emotions are at an all time high Why Money Why   You’re never there for me when I need you
Dear Past Me,   I'm sorry.  I'm so incredibly sorry For what you went through, For how you were treated.  You should have never accepted  What they were giving you.
To my recent heartbreak—
Do not keep yourself back You really need to wake up Just merge forward And set up your shop Go for that gold It is within your reach Believe in yourself Envision making an inspiration speech
My words do not mean anything They are just emotionless sound. The friction of my lips, The dictation of my tongue against my teeth, The spit slurring all around
I’m a Teenager.  
They calim To be your family But still They neglect you And tell you They don't want you They may claim  To be your family But my love They are not Look here
I wanted so much for you. I wanted you to learn how to walk before anything else so that you could always rely on your feet as foundation to hold you up during times of desperation.
Dear Mental Health, We talked about this. You said that if I took my head meds, You said that if I reached out, You said that if I tried,
Hey little girl why are you crying? Is the weight of the world on your shoulders? Did the stars fade out of the sky? Are you sad because he's always lying? Is it because you realized you're growing older?
I see it in the shadows,  behind me and below. It follows me everywhere,  everywhere I go.  This burden that I carry,  from every day to day,  May one day prove worthy, 
Willing and able at all times To go forward and prosper Great things are in the making Just rise above and conquer Have the strength always Enhance yourself each day All of the tools are there
Dear Depression,       it’s been a long time, hasn’t it? The past months of traveling and working have made me breathless. I’ve listened to new music, ate new foods, and 
Just think for one minute Look at yourself in the mirror Courageous and valiant You are a winner Keep pushing yourself You are bound to succeed Continue along the right path
Dear Katherine, My friend. My love. My life.   It’s was a new year.  I was starting over.  Not sure who to trust.  Not sure where to go.    Then I saw you.  Recognized your face. 
Fall to the ground,  my falling leaves  and branches that home you. You were once pretty things floating above the earth in your vibrant green. Yet devils and demons have had their way 
Dear Love,I know you will come somedayBut it's hard to wait for you.I know I will be happy somedayBut it's hard to see that now.
You came into my life unexpected You brought me truth resurrected A broken fool, I was A falling stone; lost cause You gave me hope You showed me love You never took no, wouldn't let go
Dear Failure,   The constant fear Of you looming over me; The constant terror Of the shame you will bring. I am barred in the shackles That bind me to this prison.  
Dear Mama, Everything was fine until you left I became vunerable to the world  My heart became a victim of theft Once protected, it lay curl'd  Days went dark As the pain took a mark
February 5, 2018 Dear Sophia,   Have Faith Life has ups and downs, but it still keeps going,
I tried to tell them, but no one listened They told me my personality was to blame That I was young, that I had time to learn But who will teach me? Who will cure me of the crushing insecurities
You write these words In order for your voice to be heard Others take a listen to you So that they can learn Be self-determined always To teach the children a great deal
Once I did trust, I was so foolish To be caught in lust I was caused to blush   Once I did trust, My tears fell like rain
You say you know what the world means When you never know your silent screams . The world is pretty with all to do Where everyday there is something new .   But tell me this
Dear Author,  
I write these thoughts to clear my mind from the piles of blunt ended metaphorical clutter that may, or may not have cadence. Their long winded flow,
Dear Perfect Stranger Who’s Trying to Help, I’m doing the best I can with the tools I have Just trying to make life go right In a world that seems all wrong
Show them what you are made of Always be the one to inspire Take those extra necessary steps In order to reach even higher Motivate yourself a great deal Be the one who possesses a strong will
Dear Adults,   Do you remember the feeling of standing two small steps away from the myriad of doors-- each opening to a different hallway
Dear Hope,   They say you are a winged thing, but wings are fragile as glass and   When they break they leave shards that jut out at odd angles,  
Fake a smile, force a laugh, don’t let them know you’re sad. Follow social cues, don’t give them any clues, of the weight that’s burdening you. Tell them you’re okay, convince them with what you say, your smile is too heavy to hold.
You either make it happen Or you chase a better opportunity The one thing you do not want to do Is drown in self-pity Now is the time To get it together Make something of yourself
Dear 12-Year Old Me, They said you would be a failure Do not listen You have excellence in you You challenged the criticism  You passed You found paradise
Spark up for what may be the very Last time,Raise your glass,Unaware of when your next drinkWill be.Dance with a stranger,Any way you please.Nothing more was promised to youBut this moment,So spend it with a passion,With a fire,One that only you a
Time is essential It is important to spend it wisely This is something that will not last Things will change accordingly Moments appear respectively Accomplish as much as you can Make the best of your time
I am from hope, From completely preposterous, to entirely understated... I am from where giving up does not exist,
Dear lost fox,   Blazing orange in a gray world, Paws so feeble but quick, Eyes filled with the remnants of the sky,   Little mind clouded,
Dear lost fox,   Blazing orange in a gray world, Paws so feeble but quick, Eyes filled with the remnants of the sky,  
Dear my love, I saw you today, you spoke to me and my universe turned to align with yours. I turned into the blushing bashful schoolgirl I though I would never be
Dear depression, you have thrown me around beating me Throwing darkness in my head right before I went to bed Playing with my emotions, driving me insane
I want to express what’s buried in my heart But words can be fickle things that trap and hurt I want to use them to describe something wonderful and chaotic
Always be willing To edify your mind even more Learning is a lifelong experience There is so much in store We enrich our world greatly When we take on a new challenge my friend
Best friends are those who are in the bad and the good, despite the bad. Those that make you cry in laughter and emotion at the same time for any reason. Those are the good friends, right?
Dear Hope, When you are around me I hear the whisper of demons, but in my eyes I see an angel.
Dear Younger Me, with eyes so bright Dreaming of the future all day and all night Your fantasies soaring like eagles across the blue Your imagination skipping like pebbles do If I could offer this for the days ahead
Some days the dam breaks. And the laughter you've been using as a mask turns to heaving sobs And the floodgates  open to the salty tears And you could begin to rebuild the wall
Face flat -  cold cement Strings that hold - strings that break All the things that you said- Meaningless.   Yet.We defy. Nature. The odds. Authority. We fly. We soar. We breathe. We die.
I know you don’t understand this, but my heart thinks about you literally every second when I’m not talking with you.   Don’t worry, my heart is thinking of nothing but you when talking with you too.
I know you don’t understand this, but my heart thinks about you literally every second when I’m not talking with you.  
You are a self important hero with so many complexes  that I have since lost track of my own senses while trying to count them all  I am sorry that my pain has given you so much grief but it was mine, remember? 
I can not I will not believe in your ghosts with you
I swear to myself that you..will be fine
I thank you kindly for your words but ask also that you do not pity meI have never lived my life as a victim, and I’m not planning on starting now.
Your obsession with my willingness to overcome challenge leaves me feeling like a failure Your words have power the way you use them hurts me 
Always take it to heart Get at it and be your best Be the one to do grand things Have the spirit of excellence Lift yourself upward You can achieve greatness Continue to climb towards the top
Hey,  It has been a while A while since you have sat down and took a breath. You are reading this because you feel burdened,       maybe by something self-afflicted,      maybe by a matter of circumstance.
Dear Depression, You came. Made your claim, Took my flame, my name. What a shame, It’s all the same.
Set Aside              By:SeemsPoetic   Set me aside Just set me aside Leave me behind Hung out to dry  
She was once a women, Strong and bright, With a magnetic light.A smile so electric,With words so poetic. Bright eyes that gleam,A soul of purity that steamed.  Soon darkness began to arise, demanding for silent cries,She screamed and ran for her l
Dear Colored People, Colored or not! We are people and should be treated as so. Colored or not! I still have to take on the many challenges that come within a day.
Seventeen and the phone rings at midnight, Oh dear, it’s just your dad they’ve had another fight. Mom says, “Just go back to bed. You know how this goes.” Awake I lay until the old rooster crows.
You ever want to kill yourself? Not in the way that comes to mind But instead that being that lies inside   Do you ever get tired of him?  The you that limits your personal life
You have to be willing to learn That is how you get ahead Just open your mind and obtain valuable information And take good direction instead You have an opportunity to be great
Dear Hurricane Victor,   A hailstorm commenced when I agreed to be yours And you, mine… I often wonder if it was a sign.  
Fear is my silent companion An expert in hiding It knows to hide when I am strong To wait until I weaken to strike   In the days that I face the sun Only a whisper of a doubt remains
Always be positive and uplifting Encourage one another to give it their all With a noble and regal demeanor Teach them to stand up tall Stay determined and dedicated Just put your heart into everything
  Why do you stand there throughout the wear and tear? You watch for all time committing a victimless crime.     You are bound by root
Wake up at night   all I can see is your face   ten years and still not right   I wake up and think about   if someday in the void of bright white light  
As dusk settles into the foggy night, butterflies come alive within me. Could this be the evening? The ending of my tortures? Will I find a love to bring bliss to my days. As I walk the path other in search, seem to breeze by.
Dear Susan,
Shout out to the people that goes out to all Even if you feel big, even if you feel small Shout out to the rich, can't forget about the poor God blees the greedy, who always want more
I feel cold arms wrap around me,  A possessive grip, not one of love or comfort. I've struggled for so long to get away, But now, there isn't enough energy left to fight, So I just sit apathetically,
  We hold our Hope so close inside, Laugh with those who us deride, Our true person untouchable, While evils only scratch outside.   A blended mix of Pride and Fear
We as people teach ourselves everyday Situations come about unexpectedly One never knows what will happen There is such unpredictability Through all of the madness There is joy, sadness, victory and pain
Screaming. Arguments. Anger. Depression. Crying. Regret. I’m suffocating. The voices, inside and out, strangle me. Everybody complains I don’t listen to them, they’re trying to help.
Of great tranquility Nothing but quiet and peace Not a sound can be heard A soul that is at ease Comforting and soothing What a placid sensation As moments come to pass There is deep meditation
Dear Everyone, Though the lies of your mind may chain you And judgments of society cage you Stand up.   You are yours alone. No one can own you. You are the maker of your home. Stand up
Here today, standing at the beginning of a new year, when I look back, for the first time in my life,   I don't see any regrets. I don't see any worthless pain. I don't see any failures.  
To whom it may concern,   When you’re tired and feeling low Most of your days are full of sorrow, Take a step back It’s okay to get side-tracked   Don’t lose your soul
Dear Future, There are too many words in my head, Yet I can’t get them down. They swirl, they jumble, And I begin to drown. There are too many thoughts in my head, That I can’t decipher.
Those thoughtful words Can enlighten and empower Encourage and motivate Each minute and every hour Continue to build your world Envision yourself doing well Have the ambition and desire
Dear Dad, I look back on the days When you showed me all of your love Showed me all of your care When I thought you just acted tough   Always left your side fast
Dear Ma, The eleventh of March Nineteen seventy-nine Baby born at this time Little foot with an arch; Her dark green eyes glistened As she looked at her mom Pat held her in her palm
Dear My First Love,   Second guessing my hope in us Comes from the misguiding thoughts of others Talk of wanting better for me Goes through one ear and out of the other But I know what is best for me
Dear Lost Love, Flash back to this time last year I watched you when you were live That Colgate smile caught my eye Like a whisper in my ear The innocence in the grin But it’s not perfect to all
Dear Betrayer, Sometimes I sit around and think About how everyone has a focus One day I could just fly away And my loved ones wouldn’t even notice   Or maybe they would start to see
I feel so alone,  And I can’t seem to condone,  These feelings that rip through me,  And I can’t even flee,  I’m so afraid I’ll never have anyone, That I’ll never love someone, And I’ll never be loved,
Boost your spirit greatly Always be willing to lift someone up Encourage others to do well Show them that they can rise to the top Do not hide in the shadows Walk forward towards the light
Want to see where this shortage of discipline kicks in? Take a peek at US presidential elections Inflating white hate whome congregate behind behind racist gates like devolving apes
The body of me hangs on the edge of a cliff  hanging only  by a single thread by the name of hope  hope clings to me as if i have nothing else  as if
Girl, with every embrace We both feel the fire Such a loving tenderness Destined to take each other higher Our togetherness Shines as bright as the evening star We will grow strong
To my 18-year-old self, I know you are scared Because it took you forever To admit to yourself That you might be gay.   I know you’re confused Because you’ve liked boys before, too
Dear Future Child, Life is not easy, you are going to get kicked in every direction. You will get lost, you will get confused, and you will not know what to do.
Always stay determined Give it your very best Just go for that gold And be a cut above the rest Make the best of your time Utilize it constructively Listen to the wise words of others
To a Certain Skeletal Sickness     Dear Ana, you know your devastation on me.   When you take a physical part away, you also steal my soul  
Dear Love of My Life.   You have my heart yet not my name You have my love but not yet gained  
Hey Future. Did you know that this would happen to me? That this kind of emotional and physical hurt would slowly crash down on me On that day -
Dear Me (circa now),  
Keep taking those steps Find your way to the top Move forward in a positive light In order to make things bright Every road has a path Select one and travel carefully Be about your business and take flight
Have you ever heard the story about the rose that grew from concrete The one that everyone thought its growth would be obsolete The one everyone thought would wither and die
Be cautious and live your life carefully In the blink of an eye things can change Fickle and unpredictable You may need to stay above the range Enjoy the journey as time passes on through
Dear Society,   You analyze the outside of my body, My curvy, bodacious butt, and these hips that don't lie hunny The three layers of rolls when I bend over and the wrinkles on my forehead,
Time will continue on It is not something that you will get back Be sure that you are being constructive Just keep yourself on track Visions of greatness are in you Believe that you can
-constellations run through  my veins and galaxies in my eyes but you never much liked nighttime, did you? 
You tore her apart for your own joy,Her soul lies vacant and fragile,Yet she faces the axe for getting raped,As no case can be filed.
Youth comes with curiosity and opportunities, Age comes with knowledge and understanding, But even then there is still no age limit to find true happiness...  
The world is an open book When you continue to grab education You obtain valuable knowledge What a bright sensation The mind is an essential tool Utilize it wisely Be that sage person
Footsteps, shadows of doctors I wait in pain, punched in the face by reality   The floor, filled with imprints of visitors Fluorescent lights A pulled out couch with uncensored tears,
As we grow older, our bedroom walls seem smaller, our boundaries tighten, and our options become scarcer. With every missed opportunity and every failure within our minds,
Words of encouragement Can take a person to the stratosphere Nothing but pure inspiration Rising up in the air Always be that mentor That guides our youth endlessly Building their character
I know you probably have had millions of different people around the world seek out to you. People of different skin tones and cultures, who have been searching for you their entire life's and not to even have a glimpse of you. The real you.
Dear Brianna,    I've seen things in my life Others would never understand  I've seen alcoholism  Develop firsthand    I've seen families driven apart  All because of a broken heart 
Dear Lover, So close yet so far. What's going on? It's a maze of love that I can't escape. Where's the door? At least a window.
Just go and try it Give yourself a chance Never say that you cannot You may be the one to advance Remove self-doubt Put yourself to the test All of the knowledge is there Strive for excellence
Dearest Reflection, The sun illuminates my room. You present yourself. Once upon a time, blue and hollow, now radiant like the star light flowing in. Your smile, once seldom, rare, and far between,
At the crack of dawn The sight of the early morn We rise and start over again Another chance to brighten things my friend Through the crystal clear air There are gentle hearts that show that they care
I am afraid to love something that is so pure yet wrong To be a bird flying against a current going To Who knows where
Of a didactic nature Let those mentors teach Get a grasp of what they are telling you There are goals that you need to reach Take it all in stride Let those lessons make you better
I have dreamed of it, A warm, tender embrace with a lover I cannot see. Sweet whispers  flow from his mouth like honey, filling my soul with joy beyond measure.
I forgot who I was after I first shattered. When grasping for some desperate way to connect was all that mattered. Before I lost hope and spent years floating face down in the water,
Hold me brother of my fate Push me still till ache cries in me Show me deeds that only make me sudate I prithee thee let out no pity For I must needs be trudge in my plight
The path that you are on May indeed be filled with pitfalls But, you must be strong Learn to stand up tall Rise up to the challenge And embrace the journey Go through those dark clouds
Just keep on climbing You have a lot of knowledge to gain Do not allow anyone to obstruct you Continue to produce and be sane Go forward my friend Always accentuate the positive Boost your inner spirit
Dear Ana, There is something out there for you, you can't hear it or see it, but it's there Like a flower growing, or a caterpillar unknowing You will grow, you will bloom, transform, and fly
They say that the war between good and evil is a war that can never be won, that where there is light, darkness must come. I’m not saying that shadows are bad, that darkness is wrong,  orshould be exiled, I’m saying that darkness is not the name t
You can always do better It is all within the heart Have the courage to expand your horizons Right from the start Go forward and conquer Continue to grow Be willing to travel the extra mile
Hey little me, How is 9th grade treating you? Still scared of talking to boys? Still terrified to admit you like girls? I know your grades are slipping. And no, it's not because you're stupid
Always give yourself a chance You just may be the one to be amazed Never say that you cannot do this Take that risk, be bold and brave Think outside of the box You just may open the door to success
A letter to those who are like me. If you've ever felt you're someone you didn't want to be, Who make resolutions every global revolution Just to fail miserably. If you've ever lost a friend
As red falls, I can’t help but cry for days. The five stages, a sign of hope, seems fake.How can you be happy when all decays?
To her I had clung, Haunted by the melody she’d sung. Only bitter pieces remained, And the numbness waned.   “Don’t cry,” she’d say,
Here in the moment No one clearly knows what to expect We live life carefully In order to avoid sorrow and regret The world will keep spinning We must adapt accordingly Things occur unexpectedly
Dear 2017, Thank you. Thank you for the pain. Thank you for the hurt. Thank you for the tears. Thank you for the hardships.
To the high school girls I know, And the ones I do not, You are so much more than you think, In case you have forgot.   You are more than the boy who broke your heart,
We can always achieve If we move forward in a positive light Open the doors to good air And make things bright Have a strong will Along with a can-do attitude Fulfill your purpose Show your gratitude
Dear Me:   You’re finding steps where steps didn’t used to be I admire that, I really do Days have gotten harder and you’re still Finding smiles where you couldn’t There isn’t a rhyme scheme anymore
Those lips could start a revolution, Those eyes could start a fire, That smile could cure me, His touch could awaken me, His voice could soothe me,
To the person I have been:  You were a young girl who carried the weight of the world on your shoulders. You were a sea of consciousness,
A brand new year Another chance to set your sights high Fulfill new goals Reach towards the sky Here is an opportunity to reinvent yourself And get off to a fresh start Take charge and inspire
i scream and shout  finally letting my anger out hurting everyone around me  this isnt how i want to be   standing here  shaking like a leaf  i put my anger away like a sword in a sheath 
Well, another year is gone As we continue along with life There will be more opportunities To be in the crusade of light Always step forward And rise to the challenge We broaden our horizons
  At 14 I explored ever corner of my soul , I memorized every milestone, heartbreak and path that lead me to my being,  At 15 my world was overruled by the truth,  I knew nothing, 
The more clarity that is there One can always understand Paths are more smooth Obscurity disappears my friend Communication is vital For it opens all of the doors Good times and great feelings
Each day will be different Moments are not going to last Cherish the good times For they too will be a thing of the past Live your life Meaningfully and carefully Take caution to the wind
Dear Luck, You know I am always thinking— hoping— for you. Everyone is.
Do not let anything hold you back Always believe that you can Go forward and prosper That my friends is the plan Continue to take flight Nothing but pure inspiration Just go for the gold
I had a dream last night, and it got me thinking about you, You're crying right next to the windowsill, and you say that I don't know how you feel.
You are here living Now just find yourself If you ever need a boost You can always ask for help It is simply up to you To make things bright Just keep your chin upward All through the night
The black bird with a golden patch Flew away unable to hatch Her feet sore from the search She needed only a touch
Christmas is a time To spend with loved ones Families assemble together And have so much fun We gather around the tree To sing carols all night long Nothing but joy and gratitude
Nothing but sound silence The need for serenity Of a peaceful nature Placid and tranquility You have the ability To think more clearly It is all in the rim Move forward carefully
Always find your rhythm And stay on course Carry on with your mission Be there in full force Have the strength and vitality In order to go far You can do it Just reach for that shining star
Rise up and face the world Continue to live your life Days will come and go Some moments are filled with corruption and strife But, you have to keep going Do not drown in sorrow
You are intelligent Yet you know nothing You are full of ideas Yet you don’t know how to express them well You are full of wisdom
Dear any and all, It starts with a search. “I think I might be sick,” you type, fingers hesitant because each word, each letter you feel like, is crying out to the world, with the quietest of voices. Look at me. Look at me.
Dear Depression,   I beg of you to leave this soul of mine to grieve for I cannot take this pain no more for it is difficult to restore the happiness of before.   This pain is killing me
Dear Nanami,
And the scars from the blade that remain on the wrists of an elderly Mrs. Strange have faded... She smiles knowingly as if reading my thoughts The distactions of  youth abated... The eyes alone tell the tale.
When you run down the wrong road You are bound to run into a dead end It is not too late to turn it all around Find your way back towards the light my friend Do not hide in the shadows
Dear Destroyer of Me, You think the world's bleak  and your glasses, tinted gray. You engulf me, make me weak so there's naught I can do but stay. You consume the joy I find
Words have the power To enlighten and inspire Just lift yourself up And continue to reach higher Take those necessary steps In order to cross that bridge Build your foundation
Chances and opportunities Will not always be there Get at it and do your thing Just making my voice clear Moments will come and go It is important to make lasting memories Sometimes, later means never
In the beginning there was us That’s the only thing that I’m sure of I may not know what  tomorrow holds But I know I’ll be holding you
To the person I will share my first kiss with:   When I have my first kiss, I hope it’s gentle and passionate all at once.
Dear Love, What’s been on my mind? An eternal pain. A constant pain.   It's a movement of anxiety and worry that slowly quivers through my body.
Have you ever felt like you can’t get out of bed? You feel you literally cannot get dressed? Like you have no energy to pick up a fork? Or put on a shirt? No interest or ability to concentrate on anything?
Work hard towards the goal Stay on your mission Continue to be driven Put yourself in the position Rise towards the top Reach for that gold Never stop believing in yourself It is all within the soul
I hear them whisper               just outside my door. They say I am not likely         to last another day.   I know this all too well.          My fate, I have accepted.  
My Daughter Dearest,   I hope your life has been different than mine Without worry, misfortune, or grief I hope love, joy, and you are entwined
“ I don’t know man, she just didn’t seem like the type of girl to do that. I swear she was always happy ” “maybe she was faking it ”
The teardrops on my face Keep dripping The tables turn and somehow  Keep flipping
Man, her smile is so big, why is she so happy? Why is she always smiling? She sits alone, always looking in her phone But what they didn't know is that there is a battle going on
Wide smile Bright eyes Loud laugh Ready joke A joyful girl: Unafraid, Unfazed Ready to lend an ear, Ready to give a hand
A toe balanced on a wire as thin as reality, a fine veneer set over something we can’t bear to imagine The universe swirls around, unknowing and uncaring, infinite
Situations are there Some will amuse you Strange, eccentric, and peculiar Then there are others that will confuse you too Particular matters will make you think About what you should do, or where to turn
  Wings with lift to soar When you can't take any more What you never saw before Wings with lift to soar   I blinked and this week's been
Dear K.S.,I love you.I know sometimes I act weirdAnd my hands shakeAnd my teeth chatterAnd my eyes clench shut.But you deal with it.I know sometimes I get angryWith the world we live in
I’m from a small town, lonely and lost, my dysfunctional family, with a lost hope in humanity, growing up with so little, so little to love,
i stared into broken mirror with the pieces all scattered about blood all over my wrist i fought back tears as darkness gnawed at me its the fifth time i tried taking my life when its not even mine to take
Dear Matthew, I often wondered about you. How you'd laughThe color of your hair, If you were strong, If you were scared.  I often wondered about you. My sweet little boy,My playful kin, My eldest brother, My might have been.  I often wondered abou
Dear one,  In the hush of the morning light I write a letter to you withthe fragrance of violetsand hope sunk into white stainedpaper. I have a view of fledgling winter hanging off the pine
You can go as far as you can Just step up to the plate Utilize your time wisely In order to seal your fate The world is an open book Your mind is an essential tool Fill it with knowledge
From the first day i ever cried without reason, i was told to be stone cold, never show 'em how you feel, because emotions are bad bad bad don't use those dirty words.
It all starts with you Take the world by storm Keep yourself occupied Always be on the horn Envision greatness And be one of the best Captivate your mind Build on your success
There is a boy who always smiles as long as he's not home his friends all think he's happy and no one really knows he goes to school happy just to get away
The power and electricity In order to turn things on Have the determination To make your mind strong Continue to edify yourself Soar to the sky Be driven from within You can do it, just aim high
Dear Depression,
Dear future,   Life is beautiful, brilliant and glorious, To be able to look outside and see the plants shake and the moon glow, To breathe and watch nature's luxuriance,
Just live your life One day at a time Savor those precious moments And make your world shine Greatness is within you Just strike with a tender force Set the standard of excellence
Nothing is impossible Continue to be persistent Stay determined and dedicated Do not ever quit Have a strong mind And build your inner strength Go forward and conquer In order to fulfill your happiness
Dear depression I don't want you anymore These gloomy dark days you give me were never fun Yet you continue scarring me  so now I don't know if it's you or me in my bathroom mirror
Always step forward There is more for you to gain Do not hide in the shadows And be stuck in the rain Get a hold of yourself Be the beacon of light Continue to inspire Right through the night
Away I run, To the land of the free, Where doors can be opened without sacrificing yourself for keys, Dirty knees, My girl back home cannot make money, Yet she is sold off and people think it's funny,
It is quite possible For you to do well Continue to study Be the one who excels It is simply up to you Reach for that shining star Believe and achieve You can go really far
With every road There often leaves a trail Some are led to darkness Whereas, others prevail We as people, must put ourselves In the right frame of mind If we are not cautious We may be left in a bind
She whispers into the darkness, to find light.   I do not understand.   If she is trying to find light, why look in the dark?  
There’s a new you in town In my neighborhood On my street Too close for comfort   'Registered Sex Offender'  
Life may be fleeting but, it is worth it Live it day by day Let the journey challenge you In every step of the way Tough moments will make their appearance Just jump over the obstacle
Time will not always be there This you will soon find out Take care of the matter the best that you can As moments come about Opportunity fades Then you will be left with nothing Just get on your feet
Do you know how it feels to not feel good enough For another woman to enter the room and your afraid that it's her instead of you that they want to cuff How in the mirror you feel like a sapphire, emerald, pearl; but get in a room full of diamonds
Hey,I think that I needed to tell you one last thing before I really get over all of this. I guess the biggest takeaway from all of this is goodbye aren't terrible, always...
To Whom It May Concern,   Now or never: In the O four hundredth hour. It seems: dark shadows like ghosts Running away where we drive ahead Engines roaring in the lonely atmosphere
Let your steps Lead you to the right path Continue on your journey You can get your strength back Do not be discouraged If you take a tumble and fall Just regain that fire And learn to stand up tall
i'm an architect of dreams structures built of hope speckle the skyline blueprints of fantasies litter my thoughts  the top floor of every skyscraper is designed to reach the atmosphere
dear misery, i’m writing this letter to ask you to leave. i can no longer take the constant torment. i can no longer take the constant pain.
365 days ago the roof over my head was secure, paid for with my own money.  365 days ago I had 1 tiny window in a basement and I felt great pride because  365 days before that I was on the verge of homelessness. 
To pepper, you had to be so spicy. so tasty Small doses turned into numbness My sister ate so much salt in her meals that she forgot what salt tasted like
In the warmth of the brilliant, early morning sun, comes a shadow only I can see marinating in its holy scent the delicate gradations in between. It is a virus, a pathogen particular to you, but, as well,
In a jubilant demeanor And striving for greatness Making her parents proud With the report card of excellence The student has done well She is about her business Greater strides will be taken
Dear Destiny,   With words unspoken, you decide our fate From the things we love to the things we hate  Who we fall in love with, and who we can't stand Our every last wish, our every last demand
I know that now.  I knew that then.  I was hoping we could be more than just friends. I'd rather go blind than to see you two together again. I'd rather lose sight than to see her with your last name.
Continue to learn It is all in the mind Believe that you can do it Keep everything in line It is simply up to you Move towards the right track Fill your world with knowledge In order to know the facts
Reach for the sky Always look up You have it all within Continue to rise to the top Stay motivated And be about your business Keep yourself occupied Always do your best
5 Senses Have you ever heard of men's differnt smells? Some got Degree Some got Old Spice  But I've got secrets. The day your sweat aroused my hand, I felt a certain stench around you.
  Bleeding cries pulled tight with worn out laces Black-white-brown-grey hands weep red against the noise; Malice wears down buckled knees, thrashed faces
This transcendental sea Stretched in miles destiny, Precincts an outline of hope- Moreover, anguish. As all horizons seem to be Dense in fate of sky and sea.
Always be the one who is thankful You have lots to live for Take it all in stride There is much more in store Empower yourself greatly Manifest your destiny Take things one step at a time
Dear Depression,  It's hard to know when you want to hit It scares me that today may be my last, because you control my mind, Day after day I have a smile on my face, Yet inside my world is a mess,
Hope is always there Just continue at it Believe that you can And make yourself legit As you climb that ladder Troubled waters may appear Always think pleasant thoughts Your victory is near
Dear you,   If you haven't heard it today I believe in you, even though we've never met. I believe in you because I know it is hard to believe in yourself,
Learn to appreciate what you have Things change right before our eyes What you currently have may disappear And that my friends is no jive Do not take things for granted Live life more carefully
Dear Mom,   Mom, my depression is a shape shifter. One day it is as small as a firefly in the palm of a bear,
Sometimes we take a breath, Breathe in the clean, crisp air of possibilities, Sometimes we breathe in deep, Lungs full of water, six feet deep.
Continue to travel along your path Do not let anyone deter you Think pleasant thoughts As there is lots to do No one ever said that this would be easy There are lots of obstacles in your way
Dear Love,  I never thought, That I could be visited by you, For many times I was scorned, The hope that I could feel your warmth, Had faded in the storms, But the light of the sweet embrace,
As moments continue Another story comes to the light With proper encouragement We have it in us to make matters bright No one knows what the future holds Things will be taken one step at a time
To my future child,   I know your mind is somewhere dark as the whole world can be a twisted place where people seemingly enter your life just to knock you down
Always find a way Be determined to excel Keep your mind occupied In order to do well Have a sharp mind Take courage and be a force Intelligence is power Strike with an igniting source
My whole life was like a constant match.      I managed to win them all with a either a bruise or a scratch. I was a child who couldn’t speak, read, or write.         
Keep those feet moving And be willing to try Have a positive outlook on matters Do not let opportunity pass you by When a chance is there Assert yourself accordingly Have that strong will
        Dear Depression,   Your waves rushed over me The pain was comparable to the sting of your biggest bee Your words
Dear God,   Are you there? Are you really there? Mass shootings, floods, and fires abound… yet selfies, self-promotion, and “self” are all around…  
Always take a stand Continue to rise through the air Embrace life always And show that you care Situations may not always seem favorable But, you have to keep going Never ever give up hope
  Dear Hope, Before, it was walking a long, dark hall, never knowing where the end was. Or being locked in a room alone, with no windows or doors, left to wonder how and when you will leave. It was lonely, scary, dark, confusing, forever lasting.
  Let it be True Let it be Real Let the rain wash away and Let the Sun bring a New Day
Where would a student go? If there was no education The predicament would not be pretty Nothing but pure frustration The doors will be closed And opportunity passes you by One cannot function accordingly
Of a whimsical nature Moments are fickle Situations can be altered Life can be totally unpredictable Things that seem certain May blow up in your face Always be on the alert
The scenery can be cloudy Whenever a person falls off course Help one another out And be in full force Everyday, we as people deal with life Everything is taken into stride Time will continue on
Use your words To encourage and enlighten Be the one who provides a valuable spark Promote a positive trend Inspire a great deal Show them that they can reach new heights Be a mentor always
darling, you are broken and your ruins are the worst i have ever seen
The answers are there Right before your eyes Put more of an effort into things So you can receive the prize Believe that you can do it Always study harder Learn lesson by lesson
I wish someone had told me how hard this life was going to get. I wish someone had told me all the memories I should have been making,
Always take flight And lift yourself up Do not be discouraged Reach for the top With a valiant effort Along with drive and ambition Just go for the gold Focus and put yourself in a favorable position
Take those necessary steps To get better and better Be an inspiration to the youth Continue to reach higher Greatness is in you Find it within your heart Have the confidence to build yourself up
A shaky breath Silence hangs in the air The word “yes” stumbles from your mouth Because I’m falling in love with you   We are inches apart
Before I loved you, I felt alone Before I loved you, I knew it was me against the world Before I loved you, I knew I could never be enough
Because I love you I will never hurt you My hand shall not raise  Or meet your skin with a "thwap"    Becuase I love you I will never stray Nor will I even look their way  
I'm gonna start working on me, myself and I Gonna stop all this just tryin to get by telling me to "get better", "stop crying", "you're fine"
There stand some marks upon her arm, Voluntary strikes in black and blue, Words that comfort, words that declare In simple script, “Because I love you.”
Be that winner And rise to the top Continue on your voyage Do not ever stop Inspire others Just be your best Fight your way through obstacles Strive for excellence
Love ambitiously flowing through my veins; All of the qualities you possess allow my heart to never rest; As relationships are always put to the test;
For I Exist II
We are in need of peace Senseless acts of corruption sadly appear everywhere Lives are sadly lost That my friends is clear Families are in a state of uncertainty As they stand near the gate
with you there’s no need for explanations and no misinterpreted expectations   with you there are no fears
The Teller   I looked in your eyes, but I just couldn’t see A glimmer of hope reflect back to me The hours we spent the laughs we cashed in But the bank closed at 5 and it’s a quarter till 10  
I count the stars, splattered across the black marble counter, waiting for something. Waiting for the light of morning, waiting for some meaning, waiting to see something more.
When i first looked into your eyes they reminded me of the warmth i felt every time I took a sip of coffee with my favorite hazelnut creamer   But I,
Sensing change in the breeze, Hearing music in rustling leaves, Finding hope in the strength of the trees, Seeing beauty in the birds flying free, That feeling of wonder when you stop to believe,
Look upwards Continue to head towards the light You have the drive within you Make your world bright The mind is an essential tool Strike with a tender force Be eager to learn something new
Age spots your hands and veins line your wrists, and your crow-feet’d eyes lie smooth against silk. I smile ‘round teeth that have slumped and have stained,
A smile on my face even when it hurts to make it happen A ache in my heart , not knowing why it's happening A broken mind,trying to holding on to every piece pain and anger  is the only things escaping me
Get on your feet And take action Success is bound to come your way When you make things happen Always be persistent Have a positive attitude Be that beacon of light Show your gratitude
Anything is possible If you put your mind to it Life will throw you challenges Just open your eyes a bit Continue to rise And thrive on doing well Believe that you can do it Be the one who excels
I am thankful for the breath in my lungs. The fact that I am alive. I have lived 17 years and still have many left.  I am thankful that I am still living...that the suicide attempts were failures. 
Love is the way the sun sets each day to reveal the moon. The way the ocean unforgivingly clashes against rocks is not love. Passion is the way leaves dance calmly in the crisp autumn air.
Shall I not enjoy life’s generous gift,   Bouquets of roses and of birds and trees,   When in God’s  glory does my spirit lift,   To hear the quiet music in the breeze?  
You were beautiful You could have followed your Dream You could have kept it cool Kept your balance on the balance beam Those tears in your eyes You never should have hid I guess no one relaized
Text me when you're home Safely Did you eat? I can buy you something Gave you all my love All I could give But what I couldn't do was Forgive
Always prepare yourself So you can do well Continue to study harder In order for you to excel All of the tools are there Reach out and continue to grab education Take the world by storm
I only want the best for you For you to be at ease Call me in the midnight hour Or when you just need Someone to talk to, To love or to hold Clutch one end of the phone I'll clutch mine
It was here, that I found myself close to the edge And I almost thought, with you, I could find a pledge, To destroy this part of me that wanted to commit my own death
Be careful of the steps you take Ensure that you are on the right path If you are not cautious You might fall of track Always be on the alert Of everything that you do Just open those eyes widely
It's crazy what i did for love You put me in a box that kept getting smaller. and smaller. and smaller. Instead of breaking out, I curled up and made myself smaller. and smaller. and smaller.
Closing my eyes, Fingers shaking,  Ready for a surprise, To be accepted, wanted Please let me in here, Can't you hear me? Knocking on your door, Striving to help the world?
Reach for your purpose in life And take things one step at a time Live it carefully The scene can change in the blink of an eye The journey will be tough Rise to the challenge Empower your world
I know what's wrong.  I'm so afraid to jump and fall My heart wants to jump She thinks it's worth it, she's been hurt but not enough. My mind sees the hurt and warns of the danger
I tried it. I will try anything once. I tried to trust you, believe your promises. I tried to follow you even if you were wrong. I tried to love you, trust me this time.
I'm talking about the metaphorical kind (but not really). You can die from stress. My teacher once told me if you got sick enough your brain melts and you drown. To put it bluntly,
 A subject in a million stories  /The catalyst to a thousand wars /A man and a woman deep in love /But I don't call that love. /Love is not at first sight /Lust is /Love is not a shot through the heart /Desire is /Love is not on and off /Not hot a
The student that has a strong will Continues to thrive Heart is put into everything Along with ambition and drive Never stop improving Strive for excellence Edify yourself greatly Always do your best
Oblivious and in awe, this is all so new There's a whole world out here, who knew? My poor ass, depressed ass, suicidal ass, A university student determined to pass,
Here we are, you and I you think our time means nothing but I know how much it really is the laughs we share are priceless and there's no more musical sound in the world than your voice when happy
I wish you took his hand in yours and I hope you guide him to your shining light he is not saved and he needs to be because he is too important to lose
A mother's voice Will always be there She wants the best for you And shows you that she cares Uplifting and inspiring Whenever you fall off track She loves you unconditionally
As I closed my eyes I could hear the raindrops sing, I could hear the wind whistling “it’s going to be okay” “it’s all over now” “it’s going to be okay”  
we look inside to dig deeper then ever before a willingness by which to explore so much more love is all around us as if hope springs a new many have bitten off far more then they could ever chew
I am from oppression hate, judgment, and fear The years of pain of my people great-grandparents And shame lasting a lifetime  
You have the ability Along with the proper education Just take the world by storm Continue to be the inspiration Expand your horizons Climb towards the stratosphere Have that strong will
Be of great character Shine that light Encourage others to do well Teach them to make their world bright The kids need a hero Be a voice of positivity Spread the word of greatness
Afraid of being alone, but you always feel alone. So are you always afraid? You create a bubble to bury yourself inside. You can't keep calm during class. You drag yourself down all day. Even while you're encircled, you feel emotional empty.
I awake to my alarm another day of work lies ahead I begin to creep out of bed and hear your quiet morning voice Asking me for coffee half asleep, I don’t hesitate
Be dedicated and determined Always shine that light Speak words of inspiration All through the night It is all in the mind Continue to grow Learning is a lifelong experience Just go with the flow
So much heart so much love so much need Janis Joplin I cry to watch your heart bleed What a talent you brought to the world Time has seen your legend unfold How sad that your life was lost to the abyss
dark fades as she shines a knight of silver empty vessel made by uncaring hands who fights forever  
Shattered,  Into millions of glittering fragments,  The last remnants of the dream I held onto so fiercely   I watched it fall, Even before it happened, That wobbling self-fulfilling prophecy  
Ignite and enlight Be the one who inspires Never give up hope Climb so you can reach even higher Be in a state of felicity Have self-determination Let nothing stand in your way
Focus on your books And be a better student Raise those grades Just put your mind to it Time is slowly drifting away Move towards the right track Put your best foot forward That my friends is a fact
I do not have the time of day to play your silly games. There is so much more that I can live for. So, I will just get up and go. Your humor is bone-dry and you try too hard to be the nice guy.
Focus on positive thoughts That will take you far Be about your business In order to be that stellar star Spread the cheer of elation Have an affable demeanor Possess a great heart
The one you love should touch your soul Calm the storm that riots within you  Bring out the wholesome you  Love is a risk It exposes you Your vulernibility Your trust Your patience
Because I Love You, Please Eat. it's been three days and you are so shakey it's like you could crumble at any second. Breathe. in and out, it seems impossible in the moment
Just go for it Utilize your mind Reach for the gold Remember to be gentle and kind It is all in you You have the knowledge Apply yourself accordingly Have strength and courage
Because I love(d) youI’ve swallowedbonesand emptied oceansand painted crimson on the floorwe’ve tasted regretforfartoolongand loneliness has become our bitter companion
When I first looked at you It was as if the earth stopped My heart raced The speed of light does not compare to how fast you captivated my eyes Your smile Your laugh Your jokes You
We lift and inspire Teach the kids to reach higher Be the one who empowers With every passing hour Give them words of encouragement Along with moral support Encourage them to do their best
You may have fallen But, you can rise again Just dust yourself off Continue on my friend Let the battle build your strength Have a great heart Move forward in a positive light
She brings comfort Hard patches made soft by her fur  But when you find yourself near her She hops further  Away. Always. 
Have a strong mind As nature takes its course Times will be tough Be a positive motivating force You can get through the maze Learn to stand up tall Find your inner strength And do not ever fall
A healthy relationship should be one of agape, or selfless love. Trying your hardest to keep a smile on the person's face. Doing anything you can to hear that person laugh just one more time.
  Dear future me, Your mind so bright Your heart so fragile and light I have hopes for you Oh future me, And so many do
There's so much I want to say So much I want to do. But hey my mind and heart isn't made of clay. There is a pulse, An impulse To reach out
Just study harder Believe that you can Apply yourself better That is the master plan Raise those marks Take good direction You can achieve And be the best reflection
Because I love you I put your feelings before mine Because I love you I pretend like I’m okay so you’ll never see me cry Because I love you
You whispered in my ear "I love you Han" I melted a little He never called me Han He only called me Bitch I fell in love with you right then and there You made me feel so safe I was finally home
Take my hand don't be afraid   Your life is so grand don't let your meaning fade away   Put up a fight don't ever loose hope   Even if your stomach is tight
We were fine, My mother had money, Built a new house, We lived in a good, thriving neighborhood. We didn't know what we escaped would slowly creep up on us. Gunshots echoed across our community 
Just pick yourself up It is all in your mind Always believe that you can Make your world shine Fight through the challenge Be the one who empowers Guide your way to the light
I dont romanticize the rainstorms anymore I dont romanticize those damned nights Where im crying on my dirty floor And im shaking from panic As the monsters in my mind Run around seeming manic
We as people face the big dance of life There are many lessons Some of them come as a curse Others appear as a blessing As situations unfold We must live and learn Be an inspiration to others
Accept the challenge And build your strength It is simply up to you Set the standard and be excellent Always have a heart Success is yours Maintain a positive demeanor Be the one with the top score
The universe doesn't care about us. We are nothing but specs of dirt on it's cosmic shoe. So we sit, we wait, we hold on for a day the universe decides to be kind. But what if we didn't have to?
Just keep on trying Do not ever give up Continue to have faith Reach for the top Believe that you can do it Let the battle challenge you Show them that you have the fire
As I sit here, I begin to wonder, "How can this world so easily cast me asunder?" Falling Victim to all of the pressure, and a pain so deep that none could measure.
Have a heart Show that you really care Lift the children up Just always be there They need your guidance Along with moral support Encourage them to do their best Right from the start
To be seen through the thickest glass. To know you are heard by not one but two ears. To lean on someone who you think of as your other half.  To look in their eyes and see your whole life ahead of you.
Circumstance by Angela Brown   Why am I a product of circumstance? I’m not red, yellow or brown!
Dear Mom, We've been through alot together, When you and Dad broke up a was still a baby, All I know was my blanket and pacifier,
The girl in the mirror looks at me with sunscreen still on her nose, A smile plastered across her face as she realizes her mistake, I turn away from the mirror and try to rub the sunscreen in,
"Why do we, Ja'Qaylin?"  they ask."Do you know yourself?" I ask the barbarians of today's societyThe biased and unsureWonder why....
Just give it your everything And do your best You have it all going for you Set the standard of excellence Move those feet forward Do not ever hesitate Always climb that mountain
I can die, for I've seen heaven I've even said her name.  From one to ten, she's an eleven She's sweet, and she won't be tamed  Fortune favors the bold This girl sure knows how to be She's a lion, she's a wolf She knows just what to say to me  I f
If This is what would be described as Love, Let me know that you see It. Only, see not only roses and a glass of champagne, instead Velvet-soft flickers of a name from time to time throughout the day,
Be the one who motivates Do not settle for less Always walk in a positive light Be the person who commands excellence Never take anything for granted Keep yourself dedicated and light the torch
Have you ever seen the mist roll past, and have you ever smelled the hilltop breeze that washes over you in dawn's peace, with morning thoughts that shine like bright brass shining light polished by last day's eve?
Just keep things going Be that power source Stay determined and dedicated Strike with a tender force Lift your spirits Continue to work harder You have it all in you Make your visions sharper
I don’t know where we go on our first date, Or why I say yes in the first place, Or how I ask to do it again.   But I do because I think you are special.    
Staring out the window, my mind in blank. I felt numb, hollow, crushed, and heavy. At school, my smile was too cheerful. No one noticed. I started to lose my appetite. No one noticed. 
You are good enough Have a winning attitude Possess a strong will As you reach for the altitude Always believe in yourself Go forward with the time at hand Show them that you have the fire
It is not about, "Oh, there there...it- it'll be alright." When something goes wrong. It is about being strong when there is weakness, "We will get through this together." You are there I am there
Words that touch the heart Moments that soothe the soul Carry out the mission And go for the gold Nothing but a peaceful nature In a state of serenity You can see things clearly
Trapped, feeling of emotions that you cannot express. Time breaks down. You see yourself as unwanted flesh that's slowly decomposing into nothingness. If I were to disappear would anyone truly notice?
Always build strength Stand up tall Continue to be persistent And do not ever fall Have a heart Along with self-motivation See the positive in everything Rise to the occasion
What can I say. Pain is one thing, depression is another. I hide my feelings from my mother, While I test my father's temper. They want me to be like them
Continue to open that book Read for understanding Educate your mind Always be inspiring Be willing to learn Rise to the challenge Brighten your world Feed your brain with knowledge
Always be determined To give it one hundred percent Rise to the occasion Be great, be excellent Never stop believing Possess a winning attitude Lift yourself upward And show your gratitude
Every morning we wake up It is another opportunity to shine Another chance to configure the moment And keep everything in line Life is nothing but a struggle Obstacles will test you
What do you desire above all? What is it that you need the most of all my love? My great love for you has caused me to fall My adoration as fragile as a your spirit
I want to walk upon the waters, but it seems so inviting. I may just tumble down to the depths and feel my last breath. I want to lay on the ocean floor. I want to watch as my last breath rises to the surface without me.
Orange clouds Lazily rolling across summer skies Cousin’s laughter chases away The darkness of another year gone Reminds me that this isn’t the end of one age
I am not what I am meant to be I’m aware Yes, I know- A girl’s nails are meant To be colorful and sleek Not bitten down by anxiety and picked half to death
They say Shoot for the moon Even if you miss, You’ll land amongst the stars But I’ve seen the glow of dreams fulfilled In the crook of your smile
Just continue on And find your way Lift yourself up Be your best each day Reach for new heights You can go far Keep on studying So you can be that shining star
You say I'm a bitch. A stuck up, self-absorbed, chin-up-so-high-it's-a-wonder-it-doesn't-interfere-with-airplane-travel bitch. 
We are freespirited. Kind.  Compassionate. Hopeful. Loving. But we are hurt. Tired of hearing about the do's and do not's. The can's and can not's.
How is it that I am still alive? How is it that today I am awake and maintaining hope that things will get better when I can feel myself spiraling out of control? There have been days...
I feel the earth under my back, pressing against me as I am pressed against it, equal so that there is no tremble. The world is still. I let my fingers lie loosely, the apple that had rolled out of my hand still only a foot or so away.
The larking of the crows, Dawn: The dark days  The tree's  splitting shadow, obscure,  silent   Whips of black, crack the dull morning daze   The breaking light crimson, almost violent   
Now is the time To show everyone that you can achieve Remove all self-doubt Be the one to believe Take those steps forward Promote the positive You have it all in you
Now I understand the reasons why  I can't destroy my existence  Since it is only made up of  Pure rages and happiness. He sees the side of me  No one ever gets to feel.
You need to be confident Have the will to carry on Continue to build on what you have Lift your head up and be strong Look at yourself in the mirror What do you see? A courageous person
Utilize those tools wisely For they are a precious gift Moments will come and go Before you know it, the time will drift Just get after it Rise to the challenge Always believe that you can
When I think clouds, I see dreams unending A world worth exploring Goodness simply existing   When I think clouds, I know that even when they aren't large enough to see
"Why?" you ask  when you don't see.    "because," he says  before he makes you believe.    I, the word  to show who my brain hates.    
The words have the message That my friends is clear Read them for understanding Shift yourself into gear They are words that encourage and uplift Just continue to inspire Climb that mountain
You can still find your way Remove yourself from those dark clouds Get it all together So you can shout it out loud Rise above those obstacles That appear to deter you Continue to lift yourself upward
Thoughts can be hurtful.  Thoughts can be dangerous. Thoughts can be killing. Distract me from my terrible thoughts.   
Almost like paper. So easy to tear up and Throw away. Cut into small pices, Color it and Permantly damage it.    
An Ode to Rainbows By: Hannah Beasley Dear rainbows, Thank you.
  Because I love you, because I do, Please tell me what love means to you. Make me feel beautiful, make me feel wise, But don’t do it just to be kind.  
Find your groove Just keep it moving You can reach your full potential Open those books and continue studying Opportunities will open up And you will be blessed Enrich and empower
I won't be happy when there's a frown on her face I won't fully rest when she's not by my side I won't relax if I'm not sure that she's safe   I love those quirks she calls flaws
We are all searching Searching for that special someone Someone who will be there and stick with us Stick with us when times are tough Stick with us when times are great. I met that someone.
They wonder why, why we can't sleep at night, tell us such pretty lies, why we can't sleep at night, the anti depressants are too tight, acid and synthetics wearing off, haze of something crimson,
Learning to swim..I was taught by fearbeing pushed in the deep endif we swim in the air around uswe learned to survive even then pulled out of our mothers' wombs into a new element
Be that igniting force To lift someone up Encourage the students to do their best So they can climb towards the top Teach them to always work hard In order to reach their goals Zero in on your target
Someday sincere lips will brush against yours And he won't leave  Someday you'll feel strength in your heart mind and body You won't feel fatigue Someday your mind will be clear
Am I ready for you?The love you want to giveThe patience you have that's real.The touches I can already feel.Getting myself prepared for the thrillMakes me wanna already sign the deal. 
Wondering if I'll ever find you And the serenity you're bring. As I close my eyesI shut off my mindAnd go back and time 
I Am Not My Skin But why I can't I be, if being black is my reality I take it with pride and just let it be.  We don't get to choose our complexion, but we still need affection. 
Dear Sapphire Angel   Our lives changed so quickly With that hateful, horrible disease. The cancer struck you hard and fast, Mom, why did you have to leave us?   You were gone, and we were left,
He was toxic
When a child, crawls up to youTry to reach, even if he has toCrawl for miles and milesAnd I can't imagineHow it feels, when a child smilesTo see you smile.
Through those dark moments We need to move towards the light Remove ourselves from the shadows In order to make things bright Everyday is a new day We are the beginning We let our voices be heard
When moods would come and go And you could never really know What was happening, why you were crying Why it felt like you were slowly dying Inside you felt empty, your heart decayed
You can take flight Be the one who forges ahead Just edify yourself And prosper instead Be that stellar student That thrives on excellence Continue on with your progress Learning is a lifelong process
No matter what I may say, I do not hate you, I do not hate you, I love you, And the only person I truly hate is myself Simply because I thought you were different,
Yes, the love is nakedNaked enough that You can look through itTo the soul and body It is like a naked babyA baby, when it is bornEven if it is nakedIt is beautifulAnd as pure as a baby soul