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June came fast June came slow June hit us both like a bus Without warning  And no time for "No" Out with highschool The crazy rides we went on Hello to even deadlier amusement
I am not perfect But I have tried to be Sometimes I still try to be There is something about being flawless that Mutes my inner voice as it pauses to bathe  In warm ecstasy That very high
Breathe One, two, three I am a happy daughter Who loves her mother Not a hint of loathing to be found Exhale That was a lie The breeze feels so much nicer Smile so much...wider
Doves fly under the sun So you too have chosen to fly  With light bouncing off of your back To be or not to be         an eye catching feather         an accomplishment The one bees fly in the rain
A black hole My own warmth A single light  May or may not be mine A distraction An object Many objects So many different objects Which should I choose NO Nevermind
I will hold you. For the sake of the rivers I swam to love you, I will hold you.   I will hold you, I know; forever. As that is the way of loving someone.   I will hold you, yes.
Even as I write them, they are faded That song brings them back
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