Long distance love

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Meeting through video games was such a craze, as I grew to know you, I was in a constant daze. Your never ending smile with a bright future, Unfortunately, our broken hearts cannot be fixed with a suture.
you are near a cliff your eyes are reaching out towards the horizonsgazing at the heart of your dreams
From the moment you said hi I knew I was hooked By the way you laughed, your eyes, and your love for books 2,244 miles to see that northern smile I'd stay up at night wondering if it would be worth my while
Firm roots hands towards the sky Apple of my eye and theres no other contender  Growing plans to keep your petals high And i know you try but you better remember    I need you here with me
One day, I'll hold your skin in the palms of my hands and breathe in time with your heartbeat.   One day, I can bask in the feeling of infinity in your arms and press promises against
Another love poem, Oh, God here we go. But what I've learned with you most will never know. My teacher my leader, you helped me like no other. The passion I hold for you, I dare not utter.
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