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Tread carefully in the forest, my dear There are spirits among the trees. Patient, uneasy, and waiting. They stay high among the branches or low at the roots;
When you die, a lot of people believe you go live up in the sky. I think your spirit thrives and lives wherever it wants to arrive.
The smell of the wet earth in her nose How calming it was to finally be alone Her feet hit each step gracefully And her hair was pulled back tight.
The morning after always brings more satisfaction than the previous night. Feeling like gods as the sunlight illuminates our copper skin Air, thick with content
The crimson petals of the past, remind me of the colour of your lips, the rain of your weeping.   Never did you listen, when the angels warned you of my curse, all I touched went toxic,
Whips. They’re flames of hatred about his body; cutting deep into the flesh and making him bleed.  
The Saint  
i believe in our existance we travel 2 very long roads....1 road is the life you live and the life you lead....these roads are like fragile tape reals on your lifes film ..a film fill
If there are people, there are spirits. If there is a God, there is a Devil. If there are angels, there are demons.      One cannot exist without the other.
You're here, I'm here. We're both here. We're in the same room. But you're not here. You're on the other side. You're someone that I can't see. It's almost impossible to catch you.
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