America & the Government or Social Class system

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I’m angry. And I have a right to be. Because ain’t nobody fighting hard enough for our EQUALITY.   
My parents tell me that as a little girlI picked up paper money and yelled “Mom look at this pretty cardboard!”
People praise the participation,  But fear the loss of limbs when against discrimination.  Starving children, yet you glorify world domination.  And the money is your set clarification  Of power and dignity,
Controversial talks aren’t always what they seem Getting to talk about Donald Trump? Oh, what a joy! What a dream.   But somehow I’ve began to wonder, I’ve seen the tables turn,
Everyday I wish.  Everyday I wish that I believe. Everyday I wish that I believe America is great. Everyday I wish that I believe America is great enough to want.
We gotta make this world a better place, been looking for a better space. They looking for a place in space. We looking high even though they hit us low. Change trying to come but it's slow. In this world it's filthy.
Working hard every day in hopes of bringing home some pay.  All the bills keep piling up Will there ever be enough? Groceries, gas, rent and health care I need to find more, but where oh where?   
What have we become? What in the world has our country done? Leaving us to sit and starve, Our lives they wish to carve.   How do people stand this, The government left with nothing to miss.
A country of immigrants’ children Living on a graveyard of natives   All men are created equal Forget that if you’re not a man
I used to believe I was a strong, free spirit, but now I realize how small of a token I am in this nation. I will work until I die, making money for a government that doesn't care,
I never thought I'd slip this hard.  
I heard a song on the radio About fucked up kids I heard a speech about kids that were spoiled And kids that didn't understand the real world I heard stories about kids making mistakes
Life is a river running endlessly into the Depression Ocean.i do my best to get out, but the current always pulls me back in.
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